Who Rulayn, Xhanfyr
What Rulayn tries to cheer Xhanfyr up.
When Spring-summer, Turn 2711
Where Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Cavern

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Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Cavern
To get to this room first you must walk up a long and perilous staircase, and move through a sturdy wooden door. Once you do that, however…
Distinct bands of deep brown and black work their way across the low ceiling, and act almost like columns along the sides of this room. The stone has been polished to a high sheen, perfectly smooth as it follows the natural contours of this cavern. Thin gauzy panels of fabric have been hung from ceiling to floor in cascading complementary colors. The fabrics roll and flutter beneath the invisible air currents which occasionally push their way into the cavern. Nestled coves of curving benches and pillow piles can be found stashed in the semi-private coves between the waving fabrics. Light filters through the thin fabrics, creating a surreal if peaceful daytime scene while lit from a few spots unobtrusive along the ceiling at night. At the back of the cavern are two heavy wooden doors while farther forward it looks like there is a larger opening.

This log is a follow-up from Fifty Shades of Red

In all actuality, there isn't that many places to run and hide in Fort without, you know, people. Xhanfyr sure tries real hard though, having darted off from the lake to this perilous spire. Those stairs that carried him up were no small task and he couldn't just take them two at time either. His flee, ended in a methodical crawl. Out of breath and every muscle in his legs aching, he reaches the top and pauses to take in the room. Even when he's alone his eyes widen, taking in the little alcoves and pillow piles provided for apparently anyone to use. With a blink, it's almost as if a tangible checkmark lights up over his head as he files away this location for later. There is absolutely no one else around, its quite, and rather isolated with a very discouraging entry point. A perfect hideaway. Brows furrow quickly as he realizes that he's still just standing there and staring, which is kinda weird. Even for him. Lips pursed, he chooses one of the pillow nooks at random and crawls himself right on in, drawing his legs to his chest and resting his forehead on his knees. It serves as making him as small as possible, which isn't all that difficult given his size. "I want to go home." he says softly to no one at all, followed by a bit of a sniffle.

If Xhanfyr thought he could flee, well.. He's partly right. He'd gained a pretty good headstart on Rulayn before she took to chasing after the lad, faring no better in terms of endurance or speed either. Unfortunately for the Beastcrafter though, Rulayn had a secret weapon. A small, green weapon, that she had been carrying all day. A green weapon that, with a sudden *POP*, blinks in from Between without warning in the cavern, right above Xhanfyr's head. Immediately, Petite glides down, silent, slow and harmless until her tiny claws patter against the floor and she crawls into the young man's vision. From here, she raises her head, eyes whirling slowly as they stare at the teenager and accompanied by a slow and steady crooning noise. There there, Xhanfyr. She inches closer, until her tiny, angular head can rest itself against one of the cushions the young man is burrowed inside. Won't you come out and say hello?

Does coming out of *between* make an audible sound? Xhanfyr doesn't even flinch even if it does, remaining as still and tiny in his little cubby hole of self-exclusion. He could be ignoring the dimunitive green invader, or possibly isn't even aware of her arrival. Regardless, he does at some point lift his head upwards, just enough to allow his eyes to peek up and over his own knees but nothing else. He simply watches in complete silence as the creature makes her way inside and begins to croon at him. Untangling a hand from the tight embrace he's encircled his calves with, he reaches out and strokes just the very tup of one long, slim finger along the mid-line of her back if she allows it, "I'm okay." he reassures her, any unmanly displays having been resolved and leave his face unmoistened. You see, he doesn't speak firelizard and it looks like coming out was the last thing he was considering at the moment. Nope, gunna stay right where he is.

A hand? No, a finger! Petite is such a sweetheart that she almost purrs as a content kitten would, highly receptive to the touch along her slender little body. The contact doesn't last for long though, as it seems the green has something else in mind. Her body twists around and suddenly with a flap of her wings she's airborne, gliding out of the exit to the cavern and descending down the long stairs. Where is she going? The answer is obvious soon enough as, in a few minutes, Rulayn comes jogging up to the doorway, pausing at the entrance to gasp for air. Face red, hair all askew, she leans against the cavern wall as she looks around. "In.. here?" She asks, seemingly to noone at first, until Petite suddenly appears once more, landing elegantly upon the young woman's shoulder. Looking around, the Dragonhealer slowly makes her way inside, peering at each alcove she passes. "Xhanfyr? Are you here?"

Xhanfyr should have expected this outcome, considering who Petite belonged to. Yet, he still freezes in alarm when the sweet little green turns on her bitsy paws and takes to the air. "Wait!" he cries out, ignored of course, reaching out futility into the now empty air space that the beastie once occupied. He's given her a petting she enjoyed and everything! Betrayed! He groans and drops his ineffectual hand to his side, forehead returning to his knees and giving himself a tight hug. A sigh soon follows and then he waits, but not for too long. Footsteps coming up the stairs herald the inevitable and he is hardly surprised when the doors at the top open and a familiar voice is carried to his ears. There is no response to the question, because it's not like he was one with the night or anything. His clothing tended to be light colors, and those alcoves weren't exactly that deep. Fourth one in, the curled up form of the Beastcrafter is revealed tucked off in the back against a large tasseled cushion bigger than he currently was. At least he was comfortable in his misery.

Rulayn seems to bear no ill-intent, as she passes by each alcove in turn, trying to seek out her fellow Candidate. It's only when Petite suddenly sweeps back down to the floor directly in front of the pillow-covered boy that the young woman does approach. Her expression is soft and genuine, clearly filled with concern for the lad. A small smile touches at the corner of her lips as she quietly steps forwards, then crouches into a squatting position in front of him. "Hey.. You okay?" She tilts her head slightly, as Petite tries to slide her way into Xhanfyr's company. The little firelizard is crooning again so quietly, and her large doll-eyes are just staring at the boy. "Look.. I'm sorry if I said or did anything to upset you.." Rulayn speaks quietly, eventually sitting herself down on the floor. ".. Can we talk? Please? Or.. I'll go if you'd prefer that.."

Perhaps that ball of human thing is just a really well made construction from the plastic's craft or something because even as Rulayn crouches down and speaks so kindly the figure remains unmoving and unspeaking. It's the sensation of Petite rubbing up against the back of his leg that brings his head up, decidedly keeping his gaze down and away from the welcoming and friendly expression he likely can hear in the young woman's voice. He doesn't look upset or angry, perhaps a little sad but that's a stretch at best. For all of a second, those brown eyes of his dart Roo's way and then go right back to being fixed to some point along the wall beside him that couldn't be anymore interesting to him than anyone else surely. Well, perhaps a mason. The stone was rather well polished and had a nice color even in the gloom of the dimly lit cavern. He has no response for her inquiry as to his current state, or even her apology. The betrayer is even ignored for now, though how long that might last is anyone's guess. It wasn't like Xhan was actually made of stone. Bringing his chin now down to rest upon the apex of his knees, he just shakes his head, but only when Rulayn suggests he might prefer her to go.

Smile turns to a steady frown when no reply comes her way, and Rulayn is quite literally left with few things to say. He's even ignoring Petite? He must really be upset! Petite seems to agree with that conclusion too, as she perches in a most noticeable spot within Xhanfyr's sights. Look over here! You're ignoring me! Rulayn, on the other hand, isn't as subtle. If words weren't going to bring the boy around then perhaps actions would? She shuffles closer along the ground until she's seated -right there- in front of the Beastcrafter, and then extends a hand to lightly rest it upon his knee. It's a friendly, sincere touch, with no devious intent.. Yet. "If you don't want me to leave.." She concludes from the head-shake, ".. Then at least talk to me? What do I need to do to make you see I'm sorry?" She doesn't sound mad in the slightest, but genuinely concerned. Perhaps the same level of worry befitting anyone who'd think they were on the cusp of losing a friend.

Being quiet wasn't exactly anything new from Xhanfyr, but ignoring a small cute beast very well might be. He wasn't kicking at her or telling her to bugger off at least, nor was that happening with Rulayn either. The boy wasn't looking as upset as he seemed to be acting either. Even as Petite works her away around his boots to the side of him closest to where his eyes appear to be drawn, there is no change in his demeanor. Again, he might not be aware she is even there, mind perhaps wandered off again or contemplating what words should be used in such a situation. It wasn't like his facial expression, or rather lack of one, was at all telling of exactly what was going on in that pretty little head of his. Then the girl is moving, which makes his brows twitch, tensing as she seats herself even closer and then puts a hand on his knee. Instantly his cheeks flush dark red and he attempts to withdraw even if there is no escape. All exits offically blocked! Eyes dart to Roo's, and he looks soul searching deep into them. Frustratingly, he still isn't talking and now he might very well be just pain creepy with all the staring. Suddenly, he draws a sharp breath in through his nostrils, and simply holds it. Nope, no words. Maybe he misplaced them in his panicked run up those awful steep stairs. His jaw sets quite visibly, visage shifting to one of determination and he's all at once a flurry of action. Hand comes up, slides into the hair at the back of Rulayn's head with a surprising strength, pulling her forward as he leans in. What comes next is a very light pressure of his lips to hers. It's certainly chaste, and whatever confidence he'd managed to muster is wavering with each passing second because already his grasp there was easing. Speaking of, situations, this one just got… complicated.

Still no response? Petite is positively offended at this point, although the little gem of a green honestly doesn't seem to show it. Instead, with no reaction given, the firelizard simply seems to lose interest, and instead slithers away to one of the nearest pillows propped up just enough to serve as a makeshift hiding/napping spot. She'll come out again when it's time to leave. Or when there are no longer interesting foodthings around. Rulayn, however, no longer has intentions on leaving anytime soon. As soon as their eyes lock, the dragonhealer's complexion changes and a familiar pink colour seems to light up her pale cheeks. It's hard to hold a stare with someone so cute! Someone who, apparently, -does- have a boldness to all that shy exterior, it would seem! Rulayn, at first, doesn't seem to react to the touch of his fingers as they tangle through her locks, but as she's suddenly drawn closer, a soft gasp passes her soft lips, barely audible before being met by his own. Words would come later, it seemed, for the kiss is gladly received and, as indicated by the young woman's desire to close the distance between them, eagerly returned. Who wouldn't want to be kissed by the most beautiful person on Pern?

The heat coming up off of Xhanfyr was difficult to miss considering their current lack of personal space, indicating that his flushing level had risen considerably and was continuing to do so especially since Rulayn was kissing him back. It wasn't more than the pressing of closed lips, though it does linger for a while before it seems to get awkward, at least on the Beastcrafter's side of things. Tension was building, making his limbs stiff and this results in him finally pulling back. He doesn't go far though, now trembling fingers idly stroking he soft silky hair beneath them. He might meet her gaze for a few precious moments, before he lowers it into the small space he'd put between them. Redfruit red in the face, he moistens his lips with his tongue and his brows furrow. Eyes shift off to the side as he draws in another swift take of air, letting it out again in a breathy reemergence of actual verbal communication, "I uh…I've never…" he murmurs barely above a whisper, but considering their proximity, Roo'd have to be deaf not to hear it in the silence of the solitary cavern. His shoulder's tighten, trying again to form a coherent sentence, "With..anyone. Anything." Then he exhales, apparently no longer in need of the air that was required for speech.

There's no pressure from Rulayn's side, at least. She's happy to just take a moment and enjoy the close contact until Xhanfyr is ready to pull away, at which point she does the same. Drawing back, her entire face is glowing like a bright pink beacon as she re-positions herself on the floor, sat back once again with crossed legs and hands folded in her lap. Of course, there's no limit to the amount of awkward fidgeting she does as Xhanfyr tries to explain himself, brushing her hair back and clearing her throat too. Although still carrying a slight look of surprise at what had just transpired, Rulayn's brows furrow slightly at his words, and she tilts her head to try and maintain eye-contact. He's so good at staring at the wall though! "Well.. uh.. Now you have." Is the rather blunt answer the young woman offers, scratching at the back of her neck awkwardly. "Um.. Was it okay?" What else is she supposed to ask? She knows they're limited by the white knots on their shoulders, but she can't just act as if what had happened was nothing.

Color was certainly not something that Xhanfyr was lacking, and he does his very best to make sure he's not looking at the girl he'd just given his first kiss to. No way, no how. Fingers tangled in her hair comb through and out as she moves away to stretch herself out and sit there fidgeting infused with red. Yeah, so not looking over there, try as she may to keep eyes locked. That was there, superb! He stiffens and nods when she speaks again, tightening up as far as he can go without folding in on himself and disappearing into a vacuum. There is another nod for the following question, managing to darken in hue even further which is actually quite impressive. Not everyone can turn purple so frequently and live to tell about it. He shifts the weight distribution bestowed upon his backside and coughs into the crook of one elbow. Okay, now things were really awkward. He remains there in his ball 'o silence for a good long while before finally murmuring into it, "Shouldn't happen again." he says, eyes darting off to some other part of the wall higher up.

If Xhanfyr didn't want to look her way, that was fine. The girl sits there, now steadily chewing on her bottom lip in thought as her gaze wandered from his face to the rest of his curled up form. He'd been so bold, but now he was afraid? She couldn't understand it. Maybe he just needed some time alone. "It's fine.. I liked it. Maybe after this candidacy we can.. Y'know?" Hopefully he knows what she means, since she doesn't try to elaborate further. After sitting there silently for a few more moments she eventually breathes out a long sigh and picks herself up. "I'll.. Be in the Barracks." She smiles at the lad, turning and briskly taking her leave. Petite, however, stays curled up right there beside Xhanfyr, ready to keep him company for the rest of the day.

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