Who Jaicoureth, Jeltje, Rulayn, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
What An impromptu meeting of candidates by the lake shore goes horribly awry for one of them
When Spring-summer, Turn 2711
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rock-slide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's a beautiful mid-afternoon here in Fort, with clear skies and warm enough with the spring weather to keep people from needing to bundle up. The lake sports a few lazily drifting fowl grazing on the fresh green plants that have begun to flourish just beneath the still chilly surface. Xhanfyr is here, slumps backwards on one of the benches with his arms stretched out along the back, the back of his head resting there as well with eyes closed. It appears as if he'd tossed himself there, a little off center and probably hasn't moved since. Rukbat shines down with a gentle warmth, which certainly helps along with the lack of breeze in keep his almost painfully thin body from being chilled.

With the arrival of spring a certain blue dragon has begun to emerge from his laconic days of thinking and pondering as he feels life and warmth return to the world. Jaicoureth wheels in the sky overhead as he surveys the ground beneath him. There is the lake! He hadn't forgotten where it was. He turns in lazy circles lower and lower in the sky. Once he gets low enough he pulls his wings tight against his body as he angles his nose downward and dives into the lake with a slight splash. Eh! He'll have to work on his dives. After a moment under the water he surfaces and searches the shore of the lake for other beings, both human and dragon.

Also sharing in the warmth of the afternoon, Rulayn is here in the company of a very quiet green firelizard. The little creature is curled up within the collar of the girl's tunic and content to stare at each individual the Dragonhealer passes by. Rulayn, however, isn't paying as much attention. That is, until she sights a familiar (and beautiful) person slouched on a bench. Without hesitation, Rulayn practically glides acroaa the ground towards Xhanfyr, parking herself behind the bench and slowly leaning against the backrest. "Hey there."

Since keeling over not so long off the Sands, Jeltje has attempted to keep something of a low profile, too humiliated to stand making much of idle conversation. It hasn't kept her from her chores, nor her craft, but silence has defined her these past few days, and this afternoon she brings her late lunch outside in search of peace and quiet. Evidently, she is not quite so humiliated as to eschew company entirely, for long strides carry her to sit at the foot of the bench that Xhanfyr has chosen, her nod of greeting perhaps not so obvious as the gentle tap that she delivers to one of his feet, hoping to encourage him to inch it over a little. Rulayn, she gives a glance, soon redirected to her knees, but then she offers up two of the cookies she's taken as her dessert. One for each of them, presumably.

Xhanfyr must be out of it, because despite the dragon diving the beastcrafter doesn't even twitch. As Rulayn comes over where he is sitting on the bench with his arms stretched out along the back and head tipped back presumably sleeping, the deep rise and fall of his chest even goes so far as to confirm it. Her soft greeting at least gets him to stir despite the sunlight streaming down to warm him on this clear spring afternoon, "Hmm.." he mutters, twitching some. It's Jeltje's tap to his foot and maybe even her proximity that finally brings his head up and quickly at that. Relaxed to uptight in all of two seconds as hands grasp the top of the back rest which he holds onto for dear life. Brown eyes wide, muscles tenses he he blinks all of two times, "Wait, what? What I miss?" he asks quickly, sounding still a bit drowsy despite his wakefulness. Disoriented, it takes him a while to realize that the world was in fact not coming to an end, he was surrounded by pretty girls, there was a dragon apparently circling the lake edge for people and there was cookies. Not all bad at all. Still, the boy quickly flushes as he comes to some sort of realization, even as his stomach promptly growls. "Oh um…uh…" Brows crease and furrow, and he very timidly reaches forth to pluck up the cookies. One of which is handed over his shoulder towards Rulayn. "…thank you…" he says quieter, and edges over to the farthest side to allow Jeltje all of the room because obviously that is what a gentleman should do.

Rulayn returns Jeltje's glance with a small reassuring smile. She hadn't seen the girl topple over on the sands but relax, no judging here. "Feeling better?" Rulayn softly asks, taking the cookie with brows raised in surprise. "Ah.. Thanks." She adds. Before biting in, her gaze is momentarily drawn to the Blue splashing around in the lake and she chuckles softly in amusement. She doesn't attempt to sit down yet. this angle is better for staring at the pretty boy anyway. So cute when he's sleepy, no? "I heard you were out on the sands."

Jaicoureth spots on the shore people! Specifically people that he does not know. It seems Fort has gained a few people while he was off adventuring in Xanadu. Using his tail as a motor he pushes through the water as he approaches the shore where these young people are gathered wanting to get a closer look. As he nears the shore he finds that he begins to run out of lake as it gets progressively more and more shallow causing more and more of him to show out of the lake. Once he deems himself sufficiently close enough he peers at each of them. These are candidates if he ever saw them. Interesting!

Skritch, skritch, skritch goes Vossrik's big ole feet on the sand that cradles the lake. Crunch crunch goes the toast that he carries as he breaks his fast as he walks. Words travel well in the morning air, though, and their speakers get the Smith's notice and have him adjusting his walkabout trajectory. "Mmph. Morning, y'guyfs," he greets around a spray of crumbs. "S'up."

The only indications that Xhanfyr might be even remotely aware of the continued attention coming from Rulayn is the fact that his blush was lingering long after it should have started fading, and he was peeking over at her now and then past the fringe of his bangs. The cookie is currently lodged between his lips, nibbling upon it like a small furry rodent of some sort. He ducks his head a little though beneath her gaze, letting his eyes wander off to the blessed distraction that is Jaicoureth. Brown eyes round out again, fattening their almond shape completely with the addition of dragon snout to the scene. He remains perfctly still, not out of fear as he had come to relax considerably since his awakening, but some of the tension in his limbs yet remains. Treat extracted, he brushes his mouth on the back of the sleeve of his tunic and offers a soft smile to the beast. "Hello there." he says, quietly, but keeps his hands to himself. Vossrik's arrival earns the boy a bob of hs head and a wider grin enough to show a bit of the teeth behind them. "Hey Voss." comes the quiet response before shyer still he looks to Rulayn and nods his head once. "Yeah." So informative!

Jeltje bites into the cookie that she has left, eyeing Xhanfyr as he edges over, though she silently attempts to stop him from giving up too much space by touching her free hand to his ankle. It's nothing, really, there and gone, the gesture better than any polite insistence that she might be able to provide. "You're welcome," she murmurs low, to him and Rulayn both, once she can maintain manners and speak at the same time. "…Yes, thank you. It was… rather unexpected." Wry to say the least, though she can't maintain eye-contact as she speaks. Jaicoureth receives a wary stare, yet she's good at staring past and through things (dragons) that she doesn't want to study too intently for too long, making Vossrik's arrival a welcome distraction. "I don't have a cookie left," she tells him, out of nowhere, with absolutely no context.

A swallow and Vossrik is able to reply: "It's cool. I don't have any toast left. Didn't get to eat until just now. Got dragged out of my cot at crapthirty in the morning to help in the infirmary. Got to nap, though." Snakelike, he coils on himself until he's cross-legged in situ on the sand, his head tipping back to enjoy the touch of sun. One eye creaks open and he gives Jeltje a quick glance. "Were you the one who took a header on the hatching sands the other day?"

Rulayn to the rescue! Even if Xhanfyr should be distracted, it's Vossrik's turn for some Roo. Straightening up as Vossrik joins them, the young woman tuts the same way a mother would. "It's the afternoon." She corrects him, moving over to the Smith and breaking her cookie in two. One piece is offered to Vossrik. "By the way, thanks Vossy." she adds. While he distracts himself with Jeltje, Roo turns to warily eye the approaching Dragon.
The wary stares tell him that these people are INDEED candidates. My goodness what fun! He overhears the conversation about eggs and huffs out a breath. He'll have to go take a peek at them later, for now though these young humans have his attention. He comes forward to fully remove himself from the water and proceeds to shake himself off sending water droplets everywhere. With all the dour stares it seems that this group is in dire need of having a good time and that is something he can provide…probably.

Xhanfyr does pause in his scooting motion towards the edge of the bench when his ankle is lightly grasped. The action forces even more color into his cheeks and another round of unintelligible stammering with a pointedly unhelpful thrust of his cookie towards the other far end of the bench. This is quickly followed by something that might of been an apology, but regardless off he goes to perch on the end opposite anyway. He's at least not so antisocial as to turn himself away at least, angling his body so that he can quietly watch those who've so suddenly gathered around the simple lakeside bench. He goes back to eating in relative silence though, his gaze flickering from one person to the next as they speak with about as much rapt attention as the quiet ones can manage. Taking everything in, but saying and doing little in a crowd. Well, this might very well constitute a crowd for him at least. So many more people here than runners! As attention is focused off of him and onto Vossrik, Xhan's color starts to return to normal and any remaining tension eventually leaks out of him until its gone completely. Always one eye wandering back to the dragon, once again eyes widen as he emerges and then begins to shake. The cookie, sadly, is lost to him as it falls half-eaten to the ground in his effort to shield his head. A soft laugh escapes him though, soon brushing himself off with a blink and stare for Vossrik, "Voss!" he chides, perhaps just a little disapproving of the wording of that question as he side glances to poor Jeltje to gauge her reaction, then shakes his head at the older boy. "That's not a nice way to ask that."

Continuing to do her best to ignore the approaching blue dragon, Jeltje finds that even providing humiliating answers about her 'trip' on the Sands is preferable to watching him too closely. "I was the one who catapulted myself to the ground with alarming swiftness, yes," she drawls to Vossrik. "They tell me most of my mind is still intact, but I guess we'll never know," she adds, deadpan. For Xhanfyr's attempt to have the question rephrased or deflected, she gives a one-shouldered shrug and supposes, "It's fine. If a person makes a fool of themselves, they ought to accept the consequences, whatever form they take." She's matter of fact about it, bordering on dry. "Even if it was entirely inadvertent." It seems she'll stick to that much.

"Thanks for what? — oh and thank you, hey. Cookie." It gets crammed into Vossrik's mouth forthwith. "Whuhfph?" Vossrik blinks at Xhanfyr a few times. "At leaftsh mh afskedf." Look! A seafood cookie! He dabs at the corners of his mouth with his sleeve and shrugs. "Didn't look at a clock. Just napped. Surprised nobody came to ask me to lift something, or whatever. And uh… do we get, uh, followed or what now by the uh," He sticks a thumb towards the blue that lurks. "Eeeesh, Jelts. Glad you're okay. Those egg touchings are somethin', eh? Almost ran out of the cavern at one point, m'self."

The beastcrafter continues to stare as if complete bewilderment as to the contents of Vossrik's head before he seems to notice that he had in fact dropped his cookie in all the hullabaloo. There is a furrow of brow before he sighs and bends to pick it up, attempting to brush off the dirt and such that clings to the confection. Xhanfyr just shakes his head again, pointedly not looking at the seafood, "I don't think so." he answers the older boy, while breaking the remaining half of his fallen treat into small peices quite methodically. "I think he just wanted to swim, and see what was going on." This is murmured much quieter than the last statement, "Could be wrong." Quieter still with a little bob of shoulders in a smallest shrug in history. He's begun to color again, pink rising to his cheeks as easily as a redfruit bobs on water. "Still not very nice." he mumbles with a peek towards Jeltje which is there and gone as if it never happened, finding the breaking of his cookie into tiny pieces so fascinating it's the end all be all from the looks of it. Or maybe it was Rulayn's continued appreciation of his genetics.

Jaicoureth does the best he can to memorize the faces of this group. He'll have to track them down again later and the fun will have to wait. He looks up back toward his weyr as if receiving a summons because that is exactly what happened! He back away from the group so as not to worry about hitting them as he unfurls his wings as takes back to the sky. Dragons are so gosh darn unpredictable sometimes. With that he is gone.

Rulayn to the rescue again! As the broken cookie slips from Xhanfyr's grip, the young woman comes darting forward, offering her own half as a compromise. "Here." She smiles, not hesitating to literally try and shove her remaining cookie piece into the young man's grip. She then turns herself around to watch the Blue take off, even giving a small wave even if unseen. Well, that was interesting. And speaking of interesting, she finally chooses to sit herself beside Xhanfyr. Closely, too. Hi there.

"What? It didn't bother her!" Vossrik notes, a small dune appearing at his hip as he shifts to jut his chin at Jeltje herself. Instead, he ends up watching the blue buzz overhead with no small amount of wonderment etched across his soft features. "I will never, ever get sick of seeing that. Can you even imagine? Ey eyeeyeyeyey. Down, Roo. You're going to terrify the poor guy. Not that we all have any secrets from each other any more. SOME PEOPLE could stand to sleep wearin' pants."

The look Jeltje favors Vossrik with is a little odd, surprise warring with something else not quite discernible. "Thank you," is her slightly slow, yet no less genuine response when he expresses that he's glad she's okay, whether a matter of politeness or not. Much of the tension in her appears to ease when Jaicoureth eases off, but perhaps not enough that she can bring herself to do more than nibble at the edge of that cookie. Of the sandwiches she brought from the living cavern, she offers one up to Vossrik, then perches the cloth-wrapped bread up on the bench for anyone else to investigate, should they so choose. Apparently, her self-appointed role today is to be the bringer of food. "How long… is it before they can fly?" she asks, a touch too carefully. "After they've hatched."

With bits of cookie in one hand and now a full half in the other, Xhanfyr doesn't seem to understand exactly how that happened for a second. He simply stares as apparently any memory of physical contact that would have lead to this result was instantaneously erased from his memory. He simply blinks and stares for possibly far longer than is necessary before Rulayn drops down practically on top of him. Turning on the color-shift, Xhan's face goes a distinct shade of red all way up to the tips of his ears and he simply sits there frozen in place. Slowly, oh so slowly, brown eyes slide towards the corners in the direction of the girl, but his neck doesn't seem to want to cooperate in any sort of movement. Vossrik's 'help' doesn't in fact help, at all, with the situation. Instead, it only serves to darken the color already present as he sits there unable to speak or move. His only saving grace is the dragon heading off and then taking to the clear skies above; the action allowing him to track the progress away and up, until he disappears. With another blink, Xhan looks instantly to Vossrik, glad perhaps for the further distraction from Rulayn's attentions. "Who doesn't wear pants?" he asks quickly, even as his blushing lingers nice and noticeably dark. Jeltje's question raises his brows, and only then does he finally allow himself to look (albeit briefly) at the girl parked practically on his lap. "You know that stuff, right?" Yes, he was still holding the cookie half in one hand and palm up with bits in the other, likely having forgotten all about it.

"Who do you think? Doktah." Vossrik resettles in the sand, stretching his long legs in front of him and leaning back on his hands. "She apparently gets 'overheated'. Wait, hey yeah, how long will we have to wait to start zooming around Pern and getting to see things? I mean, if we all get dragons. Do you think we will?" A few more dragons go buzzing overhead, kicking up a small breeze thar riffles Voss's hair as he contemplates.

"If you're talking about me, -I- wear my underwear when I sleep." Rulayn is quick to jump to her own defence, almost scowling at Vossrik. "The only time I don't is if I'm sharing the bed." That's totally not a blunt explanation, nope! "Anyway, whose nightgown are you looking under when we're supposed to be asleep?" And this time, Vossrik is given quite the accusing stare as he mentions Doktah. Pervert! She looks back to Jeltje and then motions with a shrug at Xhanfyr's question. "They can fly when they're young, but I don't think they let us. They have to strengthen their wings and stuff before that. They can strain muscles easily."

Okay, things just got real! Xhanfyr is very nearly purple by the time that Vossrik answers his direct question and Rulayn interjects in her own defense. He stares at her wide eyed quite openly, and if it were possible for one's head to literally explode it'd probably be doing it right now. He gapes at her a bit, like a fish out of water before pressing his lips into a classic thin white line. Nope, not going to comment. At all. No questions, no inquiry, no queries. Just a very slow and almost audible creak to the bones of his neck as he turns his face back towards the water. Not. A. Word. After sitting there in relative silence for a while he sets his cookie half on his lap and starts to feed the water fowl with the bits from the half that had dropped. It was just another quiet afternoon, nothing to see here folks. Move along. Try as he may, those bits don't last long and soon even the avians are bored of waiting for more and wander off as well, leaving Xhanfyr to consider the half he was given before forcing himself to lift it to his mouth and bite into it. "Thank you." he murmurs at last, purposely not looking at Rulayn at all even if it was for her that the thanks was given. Growly belly makes short work of the edible and all too soon he's brushing crumbs off himself.

"I know the forest and my craft and how to Hold. I don't know dragons." Jeltje admits that without shame or embarrassment. "This is the first Weyr I've ever set foot in." Slowly, she eases herself back to her feet and brushes stray grains of sand from her trousers, mindful not to cast them over anyone else. "Maybe I ought to be assigned extra reading," she considers, so seriously that she cannot possibly actually be serious. "…If it means I never have wings…" She eases her shoulders back in a semblance of a shrug, unsettled through it is. "So be it." The bob of her head is sharp and exact. "If you'll excuse me, I've a commission to finish." And so she's off, having eaten precisely three bites of her own lunch.

"What!" Vossrik exclaims, his head upside-down and tipped back to give Rulayn a frown. "Like it's my fault she wanders around in the buff and kicks her blankets off! Yesterday she asked me to look at a couple dresses for the, um, the Inri thing, the turnday! Forgot to put one ON!" His eyes blink rapidly against the too quick righting of his head. "And I got Leimna leaving rocks in my bed when she's not under hers. Xhan, my dude, chicks are cuh-ra-zy."

Why is poor Xhanfyr turning purple? Is he suffocating!? "Hey.. You okay?" Her concern for the cuter (yeah I said it!) of the two boys causes her to practically disregard Jeltje's departure as she hones in on the Candidate trying to feed the birds. She's a little pink on her own cheeks, but she's able to control her own desire to pounce the lad out of genuine concern. She extends a hand too, reaching to grip Xhanfyr's shoulder, but her motions are halted halfway by Vossrik's comment. Thin brows furrow as the girl casts the Smith a disapproving look. "We're not all crazy." She huffs. "I just try to keep my nose in line and get on with the work. I'm not building shrines or leaving rocks around the place." She narrows her eyes just a little more. "I'm not advocating underwear theft either. Unlike SOMEONE I know." Oh yes, she's looking at you Vossy-boy.

As Jeltje takes her leave, Xhanfyr does look her way, proving for a fact that he does pay attention despite appearances, "It was nice to meet you." he says quietly, most of the color gained still lingering and affecting the force behind his words, making it rather closer to a murmur than anything worthy of response. Pursing his lips, brown-hued gaze flickering to Vossrik and Rulayn and then back again, brows lifting upwards above them. "Uh, I…" he colors, wetting lips back into place with a quick darting of his tongue. The flusteredness continues as his attention instantly hones in on the hand that lifts to actually fully touch him on utter purpose. Now he's frozen in place again, and nothing else in the world exists except that hand until Rulayn is distracted. Then, and only then, can Xhan breath, drawing in a sharp breath through his nostrils and letting out slowly past parted lips. Close one. "They aren't…all…bad…" he manages to tell Vossrik before he shuts up right quick at mention of underwear which clams him back up again. Closing his eyes, he takes measured breaths, his discomfort with the topic as clear as the sky this afternoon.

Pop and lock! Vossrik is practically breakdancing in the way he turns on his tailbone, the ending flourish a cross of arms across his chest. "I didn't… I didn't ADVOCATE it. I just didn't, y'know. Stop it. Oh man, Xhan, did you hear about the 'JUICY' boxers? And the Th'ero shrine? They live there now. And I'll have ya know I was happy not knowing you guys had made that thing." Jeltje's exit nearly gets missed, but a wave is flapped her way curtly when she's about two dragonlengths away. "Seriously. WE don't do stuff like that!"

Fortunate for the youngest Candidate, Rulayn seems to forget her original intention and her hand drops. She rolls her eyes at Vossrik. "Yeah, yeah. I didn't ask you to make anything." With arms folded she nods to Xhanfyr. "Why can't you be more like him? He knows how to behave and.. He keeps his hair nice." Pause. Maybe Rulayn is admiring the poor Beastcrafter a little too much again. ".. The only thing he's missing is your thick fingers." And no sooner does her sentence finish does a wriggling, forgotten mass stir beneath Rulayn's tunic. Specifically in the chest area. Suddenly a little green head pops out of the collar of Rulayn's vest, and a pair of slow, whirling green eyes fixate upon the two young men.

Xhanfyr glances, to his misfortune, at Vossrik when his name is mentioned. The continued topic of underwear certainly not favoring a return to a normal shade of skin-tone and likely would not for some time to come. Eyes widen, yet again, and its unlikely that anyone could blush any darker than that without passing out. Seriously. His mouth drops open and he looks like he tries to form words but no sound is he able to conjurer for a goodly while before he pinches the bridge of his nose between two fingers. "I don't want to know. Don't explain it to me." Juicy boxers and Shrines to the almighty Weyrleader aside, he just lets that subject drop like it's ice cold. Done. Never happened. Whichever dares not speak of it again. Ever. With that hand dropping away, Xhan visibly relaxes even if he consciously isn't even aware it even happened. With no way to scoot further away from Rulayn without leaving the bench entirely physically, he just lets his hand fall away from his face and rests his elbows on his thighs, hunching over himself a bit. He does blink once and look to the girl though when she compares Vossrik's behavior to his own, mouth opening and then closing again with a wince. "We're two different people though." he squeaks out in that so very manly way that teenage boys are prone. Of course, then Rulayn drops her comment about his fingers and he buries his face in his hands as his scalp now turns brilliantly red. A somewhat strangled whimper rises up from him, thankfully allowing him to miss the rustle at front of her blouse which undoubtedly would have drawn his attention.

It's now Vossrik's turn to match Xhanfyr blush-for-blush, his own eyes sliding up to scrutinize the sky very VERY closely. "My hair is great and enough about my fingFIRELIZARD!" The movement that catches his attention. "Oh man oh man bring her out! Where did you GET her? Xhan! It's a BABY FIRELIZARD!" Okay, the excited seal clapping might be a bit much of a reaction, but even so, he does it. "Duuuuude lookit the headknoooobs!"

Petite, as she's so aptly named, seems genuinely curious about the foodthings who had woken her from such a pleasant nap! The lithe and skinny green practically slithers out from her hiding place and into Rulayn's waiting hand, incredibly silent. "This is Petite. You haven't met?" Rulayn raises a brow as she extends her hand holding the firelizard out for both to see better. The firelizard in question, however, almost doesn't seem real. She's so silent and still, save for the whirling of eyes. "She's my messenger. Been communicating with a friend in Igen with her." She looks to Xhanfyr, then Vossrik again. "You want to hold her?"

Finally! Change of topic! In fact, Xhanfyr nearly jumps out of his skin when Vossrik exclaims so loudly the presence of a firelizard, almost landing him off the bench he was practically not sitting on anyway considering how close to the edge he was already was. At least it serves to get his hands off his face, poised as if in offering to the heavens, before coming to rest upon his lap. "You've never seen a firelizard before?" he asks the older boy, eyes selecting to linger on him a bit longer than a glance this time with intention specifically on hair and fingers now that no one was looking at him. Tilting his head to the side, he contemplates in silence at his leisure, and only when satisfied does his attention waver to allow him to bestow it upon Petite. He takes the time here as well, in quite observation, before offering a soft and subtle smile to Rulayn with a shake his head. Only the slightest hint of pink is left, easily blamed on the season.

"Nah, I've seen but never held one so oh maan!" Both of Vossrik's hands reach out, big ole fingers a'flex in a beckoning gesture. "Can I? Can I really hold her? Will she bite? Does she smell weird? Hrm, do I?" Quickly, he ducks his head down to do a pit sniff. At first he frowns. Then, shrugs. "It's been worse. Do you think she'll care?" A twin pair of furrows follow Voss's buttcheeks as he scootches closer to the bench, looking for all the world like a kid presented with Santa's promise to give him a diamond encrusted pony rocket.

It doesn't seem to matter what either of the responses are, as Petite clearly has a mind of her own. Soft as a whisper and with the most gentle of crooning sounds, the little green extends her wings and sweeps down to try and land on Xhanfyr's lap. "She doesn't bite, don't worry." She pauses, eyeing Petite warily as the firelizard in turn tries to gaze straight into the Beastcrafter's eyes. "She doesn't smell either. In fact, she doesn't really.. Do much. She just sits there most of the time and watches people."

Xhanfyr can't help but laugh at how excited Vossrik gets at the prospect of holding a firelizard hatchling, all remnants of his earlier and persistent embarrassment completely gone as a result. Of course, those antics aside, he does seem a little taken aback when Petite chooses to flutter over and seems privy to landing on his leg. Without much of lap to speak of, given his current c-shape, brows lift as he looks into her eyes and simply melts. "Who can say no to that face?" he asks no one in particular, leaning away from her in order to give as much room as possible along his long, thin legs. He doesn't even notice that his shoulder brushes up against Rulayn's in the process.

"Awww, maaaan." The entirety of Vossrik goes limp and dejected as the firelizard (being at least part cat, we are sure of this) completely ignores his willful pleas for love and lands on Xhanfyr's lap. "Weak." Nevertheless, he's leaning in wayyyy too close to the other dude's junk in order to scrutinize the wee green more closely. "So how does she carry messages? She's so teensy!"

Rulayn really isn't going to complain if there's a bit of shoulder-touching here and there. In fact, she leans back on Xhanfyr in order to keep a watchful eye over her creepy, troublemaking companion. But, with large doll-eyes and a form so small and delicate, there's no way Petite could be bad, right? She doesn't seem to think so, as she croons and crawls along Xhanfyr's leg to instead perch on his knee. From there, she becomes as still as a statue, her angular head twisting to make eye-contact with Vossrik this time. And again, she just -stares-. "I tie it to her leg. I have to roll up some pretty small pieces of parchment."

With his entire attention focused on Petite, Xhanfyr doesn't notice the fact that Rulayn is leaning into him and Vossrik is leaning in rather closer to his person. It might very well be a more comfortable person wet dream to have such attractive people so close, if receptive of course, but the blissful ignorance surely doesn't last long. All relaxed and watching the green firelizard infant, a smile soon parts the fleshy curtain of the beastcrafter's lips to expose the straight white teeth hidden behind them. All those tiny croons and little bits are enough to convert the raven-haired lad into a quivering puddle of goo. However, as there is more talking along with the admiring and careful watching, Xhan becomes all too aware of proximity. Handsome boy down below, beautiful girl nestled up beside him. Brows drift downwards and knit towards their middle as this realization very steadily tenses every muscle that he possesses into a statue-like version of himself. Last to go is breath, as he inhales quite sharply and goes immobile. As if Petite was the Medusa of legend, Xhan was now stone. Quickly reddening stone. "Um…" he exhales breathy, rolling his eyes skywards and now begins to move back and away which quickly lands him on the ground via his rump. To this, he blinks and sits there. Surprised. How did that happen?

"But it's so small! How can it get anything useful done? Does it get bigger?" Let's just hope Voss is talking to Petite and not Xhanfyr's groin. Nope, it's the firelizard. As Vossrik leans forward, so, too, does the firelizard, and both individuals cross their eyes as their noses touch in the middle, much like curious cats. They even flinch back before going nose to nose again, and the young man breathes out a "Wwwooowwwwww." And down goes both Xhanfyr and the firelizard, Vossrik himself falling onto his back in the sand in surprise. He doesn't even make a peep, though, as he's quite suddenly beset with a teensy green Petite that is dead set on getting into a staring contest.

What's this? Her perch has slipped! No time for nose-bumping, Vossrik, you're going to have to serve as Petite's next resting spot! As Xhanfyr slides down from his seat the little green silently takes wing, not giving so much as a peep for the alarm caused by his accident. Without effort she perches upon Vossrik's arm, cocking her head to regard the Beastcrafter now seated on the floor, before crawling around to a position where she can resume staring into the Smith's eyes. It's almost like something out of a romance movie. Or a horror. Rulayn, on the other hand, gasps as Xhanfyr hits the ground and she leans over, offering him both hands to help him up. "You okay!?"

Honestly, Vossrik. The smithcrafter's innocently meant line of questioning undoubtedly directed towards Rulayn's knowledge of firelizard physiology and not the contents of his pants, still has Xhanfyr aghast. He simply stares long and hard at the older boy as he leans away. This may very well have been the reason he went sailing off the side of the bench at last from his precarious perch and ended up bewildered and alone on the cold ground rather than snuggled up between three bodies where it was nice and warm. At least he was safer over there. He blinks a few more times before he seems to put one and two together, which only serves to darken him up again completely. He looks helplessly at the offered hands up as if they were being offered to him by some strange creature from another plant rather than a lovely young lady. "I…I got to go." he says, barely above a whisper, struggling some to push himself up, but managing in the end. He doesn't excuse himself, or make apologies. He just goes, as fast as possible, with some odd leg movements that alter his gait until he's about half a dragon length away to which point it's a dead run. FLEE!

Rulayn is still concerned for the poor lad, even moreso when he doesn't reply. Was the fall that traumatizing? "Xhan.." She speaks softly, as any nurse would to an injured patient, but is instead rewarded with the Beastcrafter darting off at light-speed. Uh oh. That red face was all the clue Rulayn needed, teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she watched him depart. For a moment she considered chasing, but then decided against it. "I think he's having.. um.. Man problems." Rulayn looks back to Vossrik sprawled over the ground, approaching him with an extended arm. It's not to grab him though, as Petite sweeps back over to land on the girl's arm. ".. I should go see if he's alright." And so, off she goes in a hurry after the Beastcrafter, leaving Vossrik on his arse in the mud.

Vossrik? He doesn't get up. Just lies there. "Well," he notes to the suddenly empty area. "That happened."

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