Who Am'ry, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
(the roles of the eggs played by Thys and Th'ero)
What Eggs are touched!
When Spring-summer, Turn 2711
Where Hatching Sands, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

M'icha and his crew have gathered together a small group of candidates to come out onto th Sands. It's relatively early in the day, not long after breakfast is over, and those lucky few who've been selected have been released from their typical duties for the joyous event of egg touching! Yay! Kayeth lies on the Sands, calm but watchful for now, and Velokraeth is eagle-eying the Sands from one of the upper ledges. Am'ry stands at the edge of the Sands, ready to lead the candidates in. "Ok, candidates. Take it slowly. No running, no loud noises, no sudden movements. Be gentle with the eggs, touch them softly, and try not to react too strongly to whatever you may feel. If we tell you to leave, you leave quickly and calming so as not to upset Kayeth. Go ahead - one egg per person, one person per egg. And for Faranth's sake if you feel like you're going to faint, at least try and get back here to the entryway like Jeltje did?" He turns, indicating they should follow him. Let the touching begin!

Straggling behind the group of candidates is none other than Xhanfyr, a rather small statured young man assigned to Fort by Beastcraft Hall. He's busy you see, staring with wide almond-shaped eyes at the entire cavern, perhaps giving the impression that this would be his first time in such a place. Mouth hanging agape, he stops just inside the doorway to gawk, only snapped out of his reverie by the words currently being spken by M'icha. Flushing noticibly, the boy scurries to catch up to the other lads and lasses already gathering up, even if it's along the thinner edge in order too peer past the bodies towards the sands and the eggs upon it. That look of utter wonder and awe doesn't leave his face for a second, and it's entirely possible that he's not paying any attention at all to the poor Weyrlingmaster there. He's even the last to step onto the sands once the group has started to move out towards the collection of unassuming ovids, edging towards AGHGETITOFF egg only once it's clear no one else was headed that way. Quietly he stands, admiring, before with a twitch of a furrow to his brow does he reach out with one slender fingered hand in order to brush just the tips over the warm smooth surface.

Vossrik is TER-RI-FIED. He's looking around, scrutinizing the shadows of the cavern with wide blue eyes. Whatever he's looking at, though, seems to terrify him much less than the dragons because his attentions snap over and his bows practically smash his head into the surface of the sand. "Ma'am. Sir. Other sir. Other other sir. Uh." Is it a surprise to anyone that he looks like an even bigger dork than usual when he backs up and lands on his butt? Still, this lands him near to the Amok! Amok Amok Amok Amok Egg and, gamely, he straight up pokes it before laying a shaky hand on its surface.

AGHGETITOFF Egg to Xhanfyr> « Creepy Crawling Curse scuttles into your mind like a crawler from the light, nestling multi-leggedly amongst your thoughts. It's sticky, wrapping you in its web and squeezing - not tight enough to choke, but tight enough for you to know it's there. Rifling through your thoughts, spider-toes slightly pricking and scratchy, it clings to something. Your father. Rebellion? Are you a rebel too, Xhanfyr? The web tightens, clinging and sticky, squeezing more closely to find its answers. It won't squeeze tight enough to strangle you… will it? Do you want to break the rules, Xhanfyr? Tighter, tighter, tighter… testing, testing, testing your resolve. Just scream. Run. Break the rules. »

Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg to Vossrik> « I Put a Spell on You knows you're scared. And that's what makes it even more gleeful as it curls a finger of green smoke out into your mind, Vossrik, latching on and drawing you in. Come, little child, let me take you away… into its land of enchantment. When was the last happy moment you had? It flicks through your recent memories, clutching to one moment in particular - a room, full and dusty, filled with ancient things and wonderous items and delicious tasty tidbits. Don't you want to just stay in here forever? It's cosy. Warm. There's everything you could need. All you have to do is dance, Vossrik. Dance, dance, dance… until you die. »

While the touch that was applied to the shell of AGHGETITOFF egg might have been on the timid side, Xhanfyr's eyes once again widen. From the rounding, likely as wide as they could possibly go. Instandly the boy's entire diminitive figure stiffens and tightens before he pales. Try as he might to lean away, he seems unable despite his struggle, brows sinking lower and lower until he swallows thickly amongst a sudden shallow and rapid exchange of breath. Managing to shake his head just a fraction, whatever spell had been cast is suddenly broken as Xhan quickly pulls his hand away as if he had been burned and takes very purposeful steps backwards and away. Unfortunately, he comes rump to shell with Firelight Egg, and perhaps unthinking turns quickly with a pressing of his palm to the side. Eyes still transfixed upon the one he'd just left.

"Wha-aaaat…" Vossrik pushes himself to standing, shaking off the cobwebs of reverie. "The crap…" He looks around, back and forth, swaying on his feet, almost dancing as he picks up his feet from the hot ground. "Was… oh, sorry. Sorry, guys. I didn't mean it. The crap.. the stuff thing. Y'know what? I'm just gonna do the thing." And he puts his hand on The Commemoration of Egg.

Firelight Egg to Xhanfyr> « Guide in the Darkness gently draws you away from the sands and into a forest of darkness. Night has fallen and a chill creeps slowly up your spine but not menacing. No, it's almost playful and cheeky, a little finger trail-tickle up and up your back to the nape of your neck. You've got a quirky sense of humour, you'd understand, right? What about clever? And cunning? Each question is prompted by a flicker of light in that darkness, a brief illumination of light on an otherwise invisible pathway. Carved shapes, leading forwards, taking on vague shapes or comical representations of expressions. It tugs at you, welcoming you to explore as it likewise does without shame to rifle through your memories. For each one it finds, your reactions will fuel it and so are reflected in those firelit and carved imagery. Do you like what you see or does it force you to flee from the path? No judgment, just a smug sort of humour that lingers heavily in the back of your mind. »

The Commemoration of Egg to Vossrik> « A Light in the Darkness envelopes you in a blanket of black, a warm yet sombre sort of black that says welcome. Hello. There's calm and tranquility here, and a delicate touch reaches out into your mind to discover who you are. It's gentle, methodically working its way through the things that make a Vossrik, storing each component aside and then going back over them to select the one it likes the most - the passion for knowledge. It shares its own desires in return - a need to explore, to learn about the world, to go beyond the Weyr's walls and to search every corner of the world for its hidden treasures. Would you like that, Vossrik? Will you join it on its adventures? »

Xhanfyr finally blinks, turning his head slowly away from AGHGETITOFF egg and letting his eyes settle on Firelight Egg. Initially the stiffness earned him remains, but little by little that is eased as the boy visibly relaxed enough to take a shuddering breath which is slowly let out rather than all at once past puckered lips. Tilting his head to the side, Xhan seems to be admring the play of color just beyond the overall darkness that the shell appears to represent. A twitch upwards at one corner of his lips and a soft little snort through his nostrils that dips more towards humor than sarcasm or irony. Eventually a soft chuckle can be heard as Xhan caresses his palm up and over the very top of the blackened egg before him, giving a nod of his head in silence, befor removing his touch comletely. Seeming more settled and less shocked, brown eyes scan the eggs that are unoccupied and makes his way towards Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg, careful not to jostle anyone else in communion before placing his head along its side.

This time, Vossrik relaxes visibly. "Huh… cool!" he murmurs, offering the egg one last little caressing pat and turning, his fingers trailing off of its mottled surface. There's a long minute where he's lost in his own thoughts, forehead drawn in as he processes information (though the hint of a smile he bears remains soft and silly) though his feet still pop up and down just in case he had stopped looking ridiculous for a half minute. Finally, he shrugs, sighs, and turns to lay a hand on Last-Second Tiger Costume Egg.

Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg to Xhanfyr> « I Put a Spell on You is so glad you're here, Xhanfyr. It nestles into your mind, picking through your thoughts, getting to know you with silvery-blonde wisps of curiosity. Oh. Oh my, you're a pretty one, aren't you? A welling up of rosiness - like a blush - suggests this egg approves. I am beautiful, too! The boys will love me! … and the girls? Wait… was that a flicker in your thoughts that it latches onto? We prefer boys. You. It. Boys, boys, boys! A gleeful spinning around, the whooshing and rustling of skirts spinning and fabric tickling at your being. A golden hug curls itself around you, clinging fondly, leaning up against you like a flirtatious lover. I am beautiful. The boys will love me. You will love me. »

Last-Second Tiger Costume Egg to Vossrik> « Aggravatingly Indecisive Adolescent Ingrate has drawn you into a complete mess! Clothes everywhere, fabrics strewn all around - bright reds, oranges, pinks, purples, blacks, greens, satins, tulle, velvet and more! Everything, all over the place - just like the thoughts that bombard you with questions. Do you have it? Do you have the thing I'm looking for? I KNOW IT WAS RIGHT HERE! Where's the one from last time? Oh, you weren't here before? It pauses, prodding, poking, a little rough in its adolescent angst and anxiousness to find what it's looking for. It picks up on the last time you panicked, the last time you were worried things weren't going to go right, and it amplifies that TIMES A BAJILLIONSQUILLIONZILLION OMG I'M NEVER GOING TO FIND IT VOSSRIK AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. WHERE IS IT? HELP MEEEEE. »

Spine straightening, Xhanfyr's brows knit as he stares at the peak of the egg before him. Suddenly those brows shoot upwards towards to almost disappear behind the fringe of his wispy bangs. A second later? Xhan is flushed as dark as a redfruit as he presses his lips together so tightly that it forms a thin white line. Perhaps not so pretty now and awkwardly he glances about to as if to see if anyone else heard that. With a soft clearing of throat, the boy wets his lips back into place and lifts his hand up and off the shell. Still blushing like an idiot, he very quietly slinks away from Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg and heads off towards Not Your Typical Jack-O-Egg instead. Looking this way and that, he carefully applies but a single digit somewhere off to the side there.

Not Your Typical Jack-O-Egg to Xhanfyr> « Trick or Treat knocks on the door of your main, waiting for you to answer. Knock-knock-knock. Trick or treat! A bombardment of thoughts mesh with yours, seeking a common thread. You like to have fun, Xhanfyr? Well, so does this egg! White streamers shoot up and over your mind - toilet paper. You've just been toilet papered. It giggles, thrusting out mental hands for you to give something good to eat. Er, play with. What's your best thought, Xhan? What treat can you share so it won't trick you again? »

Haha Vossrik? Relaxed? How long can THAT last! As he continues fondling the egg, his hands take on a frenetic, twitchy sort of energy, ending with a dramatic leap backwards. Now he's touching nothing but his pants legs to rub his palms against the rough fabric, and cringing once more as he looks at the walls of the cavern, flinching even more as his eyes skip over the golden queen. He ducks his head and mutters something to himself before he presents his back to the riders and reaches to touch Wrappers EVERYWHERE Egg.

"Eh?" Xhanfyr says, maybe a little too loud, before he ssuddenly tartles and not too shortly there after shakes himself loose from Not Your Typical Jack-O-Egg and steps away from it. He's looking around again, this way and that, softly apologizing to anyone that he may have disturbed with his outburst as he once again creeps off elsewhere. He takes his time to select another. Spotting Favored Familiar Egg, he makes a b-line for it, shoulders a little hunched with a wary glance over his shoulder back towards the egg he'd just been on. Another shake of thick-black locks and he gives his full attention to his current selection, taking a deep breath before placing his hand along the top. He was so ready. Bring it on.

Wrappers EVERYWHERE Egg to Vossrik> « Noise Covered in Sugar SQUEALS in excitement! Oh HI THERE! You picked me! You picked me! I'm the best! Aren't I the best? A confetti shower of shiny, bright and rustling papers falls down atop your head, while a sugar rush whirlwing whisks around you like certain cartoon Tasmanian devil. It's so so SO SO SO happy you're touching it! It doesn't even bother trying to learn something about you - just the fact that you're HERE AND OMG TOUCHING ME! is more than enough for this egg. Don't ever go! Don't leave me! Can't you stay a little longer? Stay with me, Vossrik! I'm the best! I'm the sweetest! »

Favored Familiar Egg to Xhanfyr> « Nine Times Lucky purrs beneath your touch. It's easy to imagine the shell itself is vibrating, though that can't be right… can it? Your mind fills with darkness, a warm, velvety soft darkness that's like snuggling your favourite feline. Forget what you know about black eggs, Xhanfyr, because this one is here to dispel all the myths, all the superstitions you've ever heard. This egg's nothing but a big warm hug, wrapped around your thoughts and content to bask in their warmth. You're a good guy, and it likes that. »

The emotional whiplash is just going to kill the poor Smithly candidate here. Or, at the very least, he's going to sprain a face muscle with the contortions he's been doing. All these expressions he's starting to use can't be good for him. Still, if he's not going to go back to hiding behind his mask of stoicism, at least now he's grinning wildly. "Dude, Xhan. Try this one." Yeah, take a nice big hit of Egg. "Seriously, give it a shot." For his part, he'll touch AGHGETITOFF Egg.

AGHGETITOFF Egg to Vossrik> « Creepy Crawling Curse draws you into its web, silken spider tendrils wrapping themselves around you and squeezing. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Sticky silk clings to your skin - you know you won't be able to brush it off easily, especially not with it growing tighter and tighter around you - will you ever be able to break free? Spider-toes tip-tip-tap through your thoughts, picking and choosing, selecting one… you're not telling the truth about who you are, Vossrik. You're lying to them all. Why don't you tell them? The clinging gets even tighter, on the verge of a chokehold, and now? Now there's heat. Not just the heat under your feet from the Sands… no, no, no. The Sands are on fire, Vossrik, and it's all your fault because you didn't tell them. //»

Again, Xhanfyr gets to relax and he almost lets out a soft sound of relief for it, which he promptly swallows back down before it got too out of hand. A smile soon arrives on his lips as pink tints his cheeks a nice warm rosy color. The embarressment this time may very well be founded in shyness rather than embarressment, but it was difficult to tell for sure. "Thanks." he breathes, sounding relieved for some strange reason. Of note, he does cast a glance back towards the first egg that he touched once his feet hit the sands, gaze lingering there for just a few precious heartbeats before he's shaking his head and withdrawnng from Favored Familiar Egg. Seeming a bit on the drained side, he does look to Vossrik when he hears his name though, and those brows of his lift some about halfway up his forehead. "Which?" he asks, glancing between the other lad and the eggs around him. Making his way that direction, he puts his finger on The Commemoration of Egg instead as he indicates it. "This one?" he asks, still expecting the smith to answer despite his unknowing mistake.

Kayeth moves, wings rustling, eyes on the candidates. "Last egg, all," Am'ry calls out, eyes on the gold dragon and not on the young men and women touching her eggs. He's tensed and ready to get them out of there, should things suddenly change.

The Commemoration of Egg to Xhanfyr> « A Light in the Darkness is a welcoming sort of darkness, solid and staid, sombre and soft. It draws you in while shuffling through your thoughts, separating them out and reorganising them in line with its own special system. Methodical, that's what it is. Methodical, calming, soothing, just like the little flicker of candlelight that glows at its heart. When it finds a memory it likes, that candlelight glows more brightly. That's you, being Searched. The memory is brought to light - literally - and replayed for you. It approves of your decision. You made the right choice. This has all been an adventure, but wouldn't an even bigger adventure be more exciting? Wouldn't you like to see what the rest of the world has to offer, Xhanfyr? Perhaps we could see it together, one day. »

Vossrik's the one who looks like he's going to faint this time. Somehow, he stays on his feet as another egg has him snatching back his hands as if its surface were covered in fire. There's a LOT of fire fear going on here. His shoulders draw in again, as does his head in a turtle-like thing. No words. He just touches Favored Familiar Egg.

Favored Familiar Egg to Vossrik> « Nine Times Lucky curls up warmly in your thoughts, purring happily and batting away all the worries and stresses the other eggs have caused. The darkness this egg brings with it is more like a hug than anything else - it's warm and soft, like a cloak of the finest feline fur. It kneads soft paws at your memories, searching through them but not settling on any one in particular… it's just looking. Curiosity may have killed the feline, but it's not going to get this one - curiosity just makes this one whisker-tickle your mind as it settles in for as long as you linger. »

Am'ry - or perhaps Beauxth - reads Kayeth before she sits upright and makes a gutterally unpleasant noise; the bluerider's quick into action. "Everyone off! Now! Make your way to the entrance, calmly but quickly, please!" M'icha is already there waiting for them, and the other assistant weyrlingmasters are quick to step in and usher the candidates away. "Stupid kid," Am'ry grunts at one younger candidate who goes by Phisby. "You can all blame him," Phisby! "for being a dolt and upsetting Kayeth." What'd he do? Who knows. But as soon as he's off the Sands, Kayeth seems a little calmer.

Whatever response that his question might of prompted from Vossrik was probably cut short by the fact Am'ry speaks, bringing Xhanfyr's eyes his way. One might start to wonder if the boy had some sort of issue regulating the circulation in his face because he's flushing once more, gaze darting to the egg he had inadvertedly touched. It's only for a second that he peeks back, decidedly past the bluerider and towards the wig-rustling queen. Back to the egg, and this time those brown-hued irises remain on The Commemoration of Egg. The rush of color to his face threatens to set his entire head ablaze as it creeps up to the tips of his ears and he hunches just slightly. He mutters something, inaudible, before he nods to the shelled creature hidden from sight. Then there is sudden motion and ugency which pulls him back to the sands, bringing his head up and wide alarmed eyes to those now followng instruction. "What?" he asks, rather ineffectally to no one in particular but at least has the ability to follow the leader as it were. Obviously without a clue as to what was really going on, feet still carry Xhan off the sands as he dares a single wide-eyed and concerned look towards the source of the voice that initiated operation 'Let's Not Get Eaten'. A knitting of brows, a glance towards Phisby, and he presses his lips together before filing out with the rest.

Vossrik… is kinda all over the place. And very, very delighted that Am'ry wants to get out. "Uh. Uh huh." There's one more touch to the Favored Familiar egg, as if to reassure (though what or who is reassuring what or whom is up in the air. "Um… thank you. Dragon. Lady." He bows clumsily and says a silent thank-you to Phisby as he crowds next to Xhanfyr and whatever panflutes he might be mastering. "Whaaat was thaaaat, Xhan."

Still sporting that very manly flush, Xhanfyr's shoulder bumps against Vossrik's as the older lad comes to stand beside him in group. He quickly looks over his shuolder and then back to the smithcrafter with a wide-eyed look of bewilderment, his face even darker red than before. He really needs to stop looking at whatever it is that's causing that, otherwise he may pass out from blood loss to the rest of his body. Or maybe in this care, too much in once place. "Were we supposed to bow?" he asks first and foremost, keeping his attention on his fellow candidate rather than whatever it was. "What was what?" Either he's clueless or doing it on purpose, but regardless the raven-haired boy is almost completely red from clavicle to scalp.

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