Who Rulayn, Xhanfyr
What Two candidates head out for their chores.
When Spring-Summer, Turn 2711
Where Fort Weyr - Center Bowl

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Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Another bright morning greets the Weyr on this particularly warm day, and Rulayn is making her usual trek across the Bowl to her duties. She's been partnered with one of the Candidates whom she'd worked alongside in the stables a few times, but never had they spoken or really communicated until now. "So, how long were you at the Beasthold for before you were given the knot?" The young woman asks, pausing for a moment to lace up one of her loose boots. "I was going on four turns, myself." It's pretty much been casual conversation this entire way - just to break the ice and to distract Rulayn from staring at the younger teen. He is, after all, very pretty to look at.

Yes, morning, and surely warm by Fortian standards. This makes leaving one's coat behind a welcomed loss of weight, to which Xhanfyr seems most pleased by. The boy takes the moment given in the lacing of boots to breath in deeply the air, brown eyes disappearing behind their double lids. The conversation was nice, but Xhan was rather on the quiet side it seems, perhaps explaining why in the two turns that he' lived in Fort, that they had never spoken before. Oh, but with runners it was far easier, heard laughing and talking sweetly in soft tones as he stroked their velveteen noses. "Ten." he gently replies, his warm brown-hued gaze coming back to settle on the older girl, with a tilt of his head. "Family lived in Keroon that long anyway, or so I'm told. I was three, and I don't have a lot of memories from back then." Brows lift and he looks around the area they've stopped in, a touch of concern etching itself on his features. "What exactly is…maintenance duty?"

Rulayn has to appreciate the dedication given by the young man, even if he's quiet. No doubt there's been times where she's witnessed this affection towards runners in person, but never acted upon it. Nimble fingers deftly lace and tighten the boot around Rulayn's ankle and then, once done, she rises back up and brushes herself off. "Keroon? Never been there." A moment is given to pause, as Rulayn then takes the time to sort out her hair, as any girl would. Her brown-blonde locks are swept up into a ponytail, and secured with a tight band. All the while her own blue eyes scan across the Bowl, intentionally avoiding eye-contact. "We're just supposed to help with some repairs, I think. We're meant to meet one of the Crafters down in the lower caverns." Once the hair is sorted, Rulayn's arms drop down and fold themselves against her chest. "How are you finding all the work so far, anyway?"

Xhan's brows lift higher, "No? Beastcraft hall is just outside of Keroon." This is soon dropped in favor of watching boot lacing as if it was the most fascinating thing on the whole planet before their intended path becomes the full holder of his attention. His own hair had the tendency to fall into his eyes given it's style, but either not in possession of a tie or not the kind to use one, his own raven-locks remain unbound. "Uh, repairs?" Those eyebrows of his might not ever go back to resting comfortably ever again at this rate, turning to glance sideways at the girl who was so blatantly avoiding his eyes. Lips are pursed, and then his gaze drops away to the ground before them. "I don't know how helpful I'm going to be repairing things. Never done much outside of tending to runners." The tone of his voice is distant, distracted as if his mind were wandering elsewhere as he spoke but then he perks up quite suddenly and flashes a wide and toothy grin at Rulayn, "I'm no stranger to hard work. Builds character." he says with a laugh, eyes sparkling. "You?"

"Oh.. I think we're getting mixed up. I meant the Beasthold just outside Fort." Rulayn is soon finished with the matter of hair and for once her gaze finally does turn, settling quite curiously upon the lad. "Does that mean you originally came from Keroon?" Rulayn genuinely seems interested in the prospect of hearing about -the- Beastmasterhold, and her sights linger upon Xhanfyr as he talks. His concern about repairs grants him a small, reassuring smile from the woman though. "Hey, don't worry about it! Think of it as learning new skills. They might come in handy when you're a Rider." She grins, gesturing to herself. "I mean, look at me. I'm hardly built for carrying weight myself.. I expect it'll all count towards it in the end." Indeed, Rulayn was rather skinny for her height, which probably would cause more trouble than it was worth if they had to drag heavy loads around later on. "By the way, have you been onto the Sands yet?"

Poor eyebrows, "Oh!" Xhanfyr exclaims, suddenly flushing in a vibrant shade of pink almost up to the tips of his ears. "Sorry, two turns here." Pressing his lips back together, the smile that he had shown instantly disappears and he shifts his weight from one foot to the other almost uncomfortably. "I don't think so. My ma and sisters never talk about where we're from." His eyes fall to the ground at their feet, and he gets that far and away look on his youthful features once again. "All I know is that we moved from wherever we were to Keroon, and then again to here two turns ago." He draws in a quick breath, and gives Rulayn a thinner smile along with a slight shrug. It fades though, if only for a moment when she informs him it was a chance to acquire new skills, quickly turning into soft burst of laughter. It sounded full of life and hope for the future and certainly didn't help with that whole 'pretty' thing he had going on. "Eh, not going to count my runners before their foaled." he says with a wink. He does look at the girl's body as is offered, and again those brows shoot upwards. "I'm afraid I'm not much better off myself." He holds out his arms, showing with this simple gesture that his clothing had clearly been designed to disguise just how slender and trim his own figure was. There was no profound attachment of bulging muscle, making him look rather scrawny in comparison with those that rode dragons. Dropping his arms to his sides, he shakes his head at the final question asked of him. "No. I take it you have?"

If it was a competition between who was the most slender, it was probably an even tie. Rulayn doesn't hesitate to raise her own brows at Xhanfyr's figure and she is indeed reminded of how different in build he was to the rider's she'd seen. At least, the ones with their shirts off. "They'll probably turn us all into muscular heavyweights with these chores." Rulayn chuckles, flexing one of her skinny arms to try and define the muscle there. Alas, there's little aside from skin and the outline of bone beneath. Dropping her arms, she begins slowly walking off towards the Caverns again, hopefully with Xhanfyr still in tow. "Yeah, I was on the Sands. It's.. Well, you'll see." She smiles, looking back to the young man. "Some of the things you'll feel will make you sick, or.. embarrassed." She shrugs, recounting her own experience with the eggs. "If there's any pretty hatchlings amongst the bunch, I think you'll be a perfect fit to them." And that comment is given an added wink, as the girl heads inside.

Other than when offered, Xhanfyr didn't appear to be the type that let his eyes linger for too long on a girl's body, at least not when they were aware of it anyway, because once he had he was polite enough to drop his gaze to meet those blue eyes with his brown instead of standing there and ogling her as others might. "Ugh, I hope not." he says with a crinkle of his nose, "I'm not very tall, being all puffy like that wouldn't be very attractive on a frame like mine." There is a pause, "Or at least so I'm told." There's that laugh again, though its accompanied this time by a certain measure of mischievousness. "Ma's a master weaver." His eyes flick to the arm as Rulayn lifts it though, "I don't know. Girls should be softer I think." The moment those words leave his mouth he colors darkly, clearing his throat and looking decidedly elsewhere all of a sudden. Aloft in surprise with a twist of confusion is the only response that the girl gets for her experience on the sands and cryptic description. However, "Oh! I uh…um…" Xhan stammers, brows then creasing as they furrow down low giving them a break from the height they'd established for most of the conversation. He lingers behind for a spell, perhaps trying to get his color under control after that sideways comment given to him, but eventually breaks free in order to jog on after his work partner.

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