Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

It is a lovely warm spring afternoon at Fort, and for the third day the festival continues. There has been mud wrestling! There has been food! There has been drink! There has been an inordinant amount of marks spent on stuff from the vendors! And now for something completely different…Word has gone out far and wide that this afternoon there would be a rabbit round up. Ever since that cart overturned there have been bunnies all over Fort, and those bunnies have made more bunnies and now that spring is in full swing the rabbits are more visible than ever. The bunny business must be controlled and so the children of the weyr have been gathered to begin the endevor of freeing Fort from the clutches of the bunnies. C'rus is here as well, because there is no way that he would miss watching this. He is leaning against one of the caravans as he waits for the excitment to go into full swing.

A rabbit roundup? You bet Kyzen is going to be ON that! Never mind any talk of prizes or goodies for their help in this. The boy is likely just itching for the chance to try and catch as many of the creatures as possible (and probably try to sneak just as many home). So it should come as no surprise that he arrives in a rush of energy and giddy excitement, waiting to see who's (brave enough?) to oversee such a daunting task. Who'd be insane enough to not only try to catch rabbits but try to control the weyrbrats into doing the work?

Nyalle isn't the one who came up with this idea, but she is here to watch, nonetheless. Dressed in a light blue gown, the Senior is casual (as casual as she can be) as she meanders closer to watch the event. "They're looking for babies, right? Not the adults that will bite them?" She's already fretting.

Kera steps out from between two wagons and chuckles at a couple of brats that rush by, each claiming how many rabbits they are gonna catch. Kera is lizardless today, but she's got a closed basket tucked under her arm as she approaches C'rus with a grin. "Quite a turnout….did you offer marks for rabbits or something? I've seen alot of little ones gathering and boasting to each other." Kera chuckles and dips a polite nod to Nyalle when the woman is heard. Babies will be watched over by big teeth mama and papa rabbits right? She doesn't say that though, simply smiling "I'm sure they will be fine Weyrwoman."

Who is crazy enough to attempt something like this? Does a person realy have to ask? It's C'rus of course! Where there is crazy there should be a mindhealer. They are drawn to it like moths to flames. He steps forward toward the group of gathered children, "So who is ready to go and catch some bunnies?" he says loud enough to be heard over the din that always accompanies a large group of young children. He grins to Kera as she responds to Nyalle. He'd wondered the same thing, but the children are probably already doing something liket his anyway, at least this way its supervised…more or less.

At least Kyzen isn't in his festival best clothing wise! Someone was smart and let him wear his more rugged clothing but he'll make sure C'rus knows he's ready for action by raising his hand and waving it madly. "I am! I am! Let's catch some rabbits!" he exclaims, which only further riles up the rest of the children his age. Some at least seem to be a bit more subdued? "Good day Weyrwoman Nyalle!" Kyzen calls and as lead, that means the others chime in too. Yay? Kera gets the same treatment, though it's more along the lines of "Good Day, Wingrider!" Tsk.

Nyalle clasps her hands, but she clearly seems apprehensive at the idea of children chasing wild, feral rabbits. "We have thick gloves for them, right?" There's a pause, and then a small smile. "Good day to you, Kyzen," she returns politely.

Kera grins as C'rus starts working the children into a loud frenzy, which might help with her hunting tactics. Returning Kyzen's and the group's enthusiastic greetings, she laughs and wiggles her fingers at the group. "Good day everyone." When C'rus tries to focus the group's attention to their task, Kera edges back to watch with a smug grin, shifting her basket to the other arm.

There is indeed a wheel barrel full of leather work gloves nearby. C'rus motions over to the place where each child can grab a pair, "Remember everyone that you wear your gloves at all times and don't take them off. We want to be a gentle with the bunnies as we can and we don't want to hurt them or scare them too much because they may bite, and we wouldn't want that." he says. He glances over to Kera and smiles before looking back to the weyrwoman, "Yep we do. And I think that they will be thick enough to divert any bites." Course that all depends on how sharp the teeth are.

Most of the children seem to be well mannered and behaved, Kyzen included. They'll stand and listen to the bluerider but the moment those gloves are mention? They're off like a shot! "I got the best ones!" Kyzen's triumphant cry rings out, as he slips them on and promptly weaves his way back to C'rus and the others. "Now what? Do we just chase 'em? I don't see any rabbits. Can we go anywhere in the Weyr?" he asks and is the start of a whole deluge of questions from not only him but the other kids.

Nyalle looks relieved, giving C'rus a warm and grateful smile. Looking to Kera then, the weyrwoman drifts a bit closer. "And how have you been, Kera? How fares Xanadu?"

Kera leans a shoulder against the nearest wagon, well out of the way when the stampede to get gloves thunders by. Amused by their enthusiasm, she gives C'rus a thumbs up from and peers around to the aproaching queenrider. Her smile falters just a bit but remains in place after the Weyrwoman's question. "Xanadu is going through some transitions, but we're still flying. Mid-winter so many are staying cozied up to the hearths and mugs." A little chuckle added and she gestures towards the commotion with the weyrbrats. "I've been enjoying your Festival this sevenday." Glancing around she lowers her voice to a near conspiratory tone. "Wanna 'catch' rabbits with me?" She winks and pats her closed basket pointedly. "I've got a surefire plan to catch rabbits….without all that running about."

"You all can go anywhere in the weyr that you would normally be allowed to go. No running into private areas or way down into the deep tunnels. There should be loads of rabbits to catch in those places. No need to go lurking about where you shouldn't be, and if someone asks you to leave you are going to be polite and do so." C'rus explains some of the rules, "Because if you start misbehaving you will have to stop trying to catch them and you'll miss out on all the fun." And no child wants that right? And C'rus certainly doesn't want the headache of misbehaving children.

Nope! No child wants that and so C'rus' rules and warnings are met with a mixture of agreements and promises to behave. Then they scatter into the crowds, some calling for the rabbits to come out from hiding and others just using it as an excuse to run wild. Kyzen and a few are drawn to Kera though and they peer at her curiously. "What is it?" Kyzen asks with a hopeful grin.

Nyalle looks a bit concerned regarding the news of Xanadu, but the faltering smile is a clue and Nyalle does not press for more information. "That's my favorite thing to do, mid-winter," she says gently, with a warm smile. "Oh good! I'm so glad. We've had a lovely turnout and it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves." Then she blinks in surprise, giving the basket a curious look. "I…" How undignified! And yet, she is /curious/. "What is your plan?" She'll ask that first, before saying yes.

Kera glances towards C'rus as he gives his rabbit wrangling army a few guidelines to go by, unless they want the fun to stop, and gives the bluerider a wave from where she leans. She must having been speaking too loudly to the Weyrwoman, since some of the young ones overheard. She gives Kyzen a wink when he edges closer and curiosly inquires. Looking between them "Let everyone run around and cause a ruckus, and we'll find a nice quieter spot.." She points out a few likely locations near bushy tree clusters "And then set out a banquet that no rabbit worthy their poofy tail would miss." Lifting her basket lid, it's full of lettuce, carrots and a couple other rooty beggies for her rabbit gourmet. Peering between C'rus Nyalle "Yea I know, I'm feeling lazy." Each is flashed and amused wink before she looks to Kyzen. "Where shall we have our picnic?"

Now that the bunny buster's have been unleashed both metaphorically and literally C'rus is free to wander a bit. And so he wanders over toward Nyalle and Kera, who seem to be scheming together. Oh my goodness. Can that be a good idea? He comes a bit closer and in time to hear more of his weyrmates plan, "That might not be a bad idea. Let them come to you." Certainly easier than chasing bunnies around and falling down and tripping all over the place.

Most of the children who followed Kyzen don't look so certain as to where to go, but Kyzen does! He'll even be so brazen in his excitement to reach for Kera's hand and grip firm. "I know where to go!! Follow me, Wingrider! I'll show you the bestest picnic spot for this!" And off he goes! Even if the greenrider doesn't let him lead her, he'll dart ahead and if they move too slow, he'll boldly tell them to hurry up! Never mind that one is the Weyrwoman. His spot? Is actually a pretty decent one by some trees and far enough away from the main crowds. Plenty of spots for rabbits to dig warrens!

Nyalle giggles softly, smiling at the Xanadu rider. "That's a very smart plan, Kera. Much easier to lure them to you. They'll be happier to be caught, as well…" A little last meal for them! She laughs when Kyzen tries to lead them on, and with a smile and a shrug, she at least will follow the curly haired boy.

Kera grins at Kyzen's enthusiasm, buts holds up a cautioning finger against her lips "Shhh. Don't scare them away before we get there." Chuckling good-naturedly as C'rus slips up next to her, smiling that no one seems to think her plan too silly. A hint of a self conscious shrug to Nyalle "Thanks Weyrwoman. The rambunctious kids should do a good job of herding the rabbits to quieter locations for us." Turning her attention to Kyzen, she lets herself be drug along by the kid on a mission. "Oh, maybe we can catch a hole bunch of fluffy little furballs. I wanna give a few as presents." She glances down to her basket then to C'rus "Too bad I only brought the one."

C'rus watches his weyrmate be dragged off by Kyzen and chuckles softly to himself, "That boy has a great deal of energy. Th'ero and Kimm must have grand fun." he says to Nyalle as he sets off to follow the pair of them as they move away. He isn't going to stop now. He wants to see where all this ends, "Presents?" he asks when his steps bring him close enough to not have to shout, "For who?" After all who would be a good candidate to recieve a feral bunny for a present? There might be a few out there that could domesticate them and train them up a bit.

"Can I bring one home as a present?" Kyzen asks hopefully as he flops down on the ground to peer up at Kera, C'rus and Nyalle with an impish grin. Won't that just make Th'ero and Kimmila SO HAPPY? Never mind that any rabbit coming into their weyr is likely to be eaten by Kyzen's pet domesticated feline Boo. The boy, however, doesn't think of that. Instead he sits… and sits… and looks about and then frowns. "How long do we have to wait…?" Uh oh. Bored already is he?

Nyalle pauses briefly to look at Kera. "I thought we were catching these for the stew pots?" To C'rus, she chuckles. "They foster." So they don't have to deal with his energy /all/ the time. "I think that's up to your father, Kyzen." Yup, totally not going to say no to that one.

Kera shrugs good naturedly to C'rus, "I think Skylor would enjoy one as a pet. He'll be three turns soon. And Kiena and Mur'dah's children. Well, the twins mainly with them being a little older." Her eyes flicking to Nyalle as she questions the purpose the caught rabbits. "Many probably will meet the stewpot sooner than later." basket opens and and she reaches in for a handful of the leafy lettuce and carrot chunks, flinging them staight up in the air to fall where the bits will. Gotta have something to start drawing the little fluffballs in. "Um.." she blinks to Kyzen and has no response at first. Kera nods agreeably with the Weyrwoman. "Yea, might wanna ask your parents about that…..everyone grab some rabbit food and lets think leafy thoughts." The green smirks around the group and starts picking and choosing a little bouqet to offer.

C'rus had considered this more of a way to decrease the rabbit population around the weyr, but if a few get to be pets that's alright too. He ahhhs softly to Kera as she explains who are going to be the lucky beneficiaries rabbits, "Where did they move to again?" he asks. He's kept up a bit on the news but is fuzzy on the specifics. He too peers into the box and begins to take out some of the leafy greens, "So do we just put them on the ground and sit quietly and hope for the best?" he asks. Nyalle gets a nod of agreement. He'd never want to foster personally, but can see how having a child with that energy level could make it appealing. When the young man declares his boredom all he can say is, "I think we might have to be really realy patient for a long time before we catch one. Like fishing."

The children laugh and giggle when Kera just tosses out the rabbit bait food and they'll proceed to scatter it further. Kyzen is in on it until two familiar names are mentioned and he comes wandering back. "You know my aunt?" he asks with youthful curiosity and then all-knowingly sniffs. "Ellie would be best for a rabbit. Ezzie is too mean." Mainly because Ezzie's capable of playing just as rough and touch as Kyzen in most of their cousin spats and he doesn't like that. Girls are gross. "Fishing is fun! Can we set things like that too to catch rabbits?" No one tell him about hunting snares and the like quite yet! His attention wanders and he's off to join the other children again. When someone calls out about spotting one, Kyzen leaps into the chaos and gets right down and dirty in trying to catch it. Of course, it ends up getting cornered under a raised and gnarled root of a large tree and the boy, in his eagerness, has all but wriggled himself in there too. Gloves do little with a squirming, petrified half-feral rabbit and it'll evade Kyzen's grasp only to squeeze past his shoulder and head and kick itself to freedom. POP goes the rabbit? And Kyzen's reward are little claws to his face and some good scratches to his cheek. While the other children resume their chase, Kyzen's yelp of surprise has him sitting on his heels and pressing a hand to his face. It's not that bad, more shocking than anything and he seems more insulted than upset. "Sharding thing kicked me!" Uh oh. Someone's picked up a cuss word (yeah, blame Th'ero for that).

Nyalle takes some of the food and settles down a short distance away, thinking leafy thoughts. She listens to Kyzen though, chuckling under her breath. And then watching the boy, gasping at his swear word. "Kyzen!" she corrects the youth sternly. "Language! Are you alright?"

Kera thinks for a moment and cants her head to C'rus "Somewhere near Ierne is all I know. Kiena said the place wasn't quite finished, so they aren't ready for visitors to be popping in yet." She nods and holds her rabbit offerings low to the ground hoping to coax some of the bunnies closer. Kyzen's returning inquiry gets a grinning nod "Sure do." Giving his advice thought, she smiles "Thank you Kyzen. I'll keep that in mind." Too bad she doesn't have an idea of what Ezzie would like if not a rabbit. Tucking that away to ponder later, Kera watches the kids chase about trying to catch a rabbit. Grinning for Kyzen til his catch proves too wily and gets away after a bit of scrambling. Luckily, there are two healers right on the scene. Coughing to cover a little chuckle at the young one's wording, her gaze flicks to Nyalle when the weyrwoman, scolds him. Kera herself is quick to pull a few things from her satchel and have them ready when she crouches down in front of the scratched boy "May I take a little peek?"

C'rus ponders that little bit of information, "Ahhhhh." What else can a man say really? It's Kyzen that gets his attention next with the story of his relatives and their ability to properly care for a rabbit. And then with a typical buzz of energy the young man is off in his effort to catch one of the fuzzy tailed animals, and it seems this effort ends in failure, injury, and…cursing. C'rus is pretty thick skinned when it comes to these things. He's certainly said a good deal worse than that, especially if he's on a tear about something. And since Nyalle already scolded he'll stay silent about it. Kera seems to have the incident well in hand so he stays as still as he is able waited for the mischevious little bunnies to get close enough to pounce.

Someone might want to keep an eye on the other children, as they're bound to end up in just as much mischief. Though from their delighted cries, one rabbit has apparently been caught and has submitted to being manhandled by so many hands (for now). Kyzen ducks his head sheepishly when Nyalle calls him on his use of a cuss word. "Sorry, Weyrwoman Nyalle…" he mumbles, properly put in his place. "'M fine." And he'll allow Kera to look at the scratches, which are red and irritated looking and have bled just a bit. Really, a minor wound and no worse than the usual scrapes a young boy his age gathers in a day of play. A bit of redwort, some numbweed and he's good as new! Kyzen makes a good (if slightly squirmy) patient and once he's given the okay, he'll rejoin his fellows and do his best on rounding up some rabbits — with a healthier respect for those clawed feet!