Fort Weyr - Infirmary

It wasn't that long after the two were talking that it was rather apparent to Abigail that all that moving from the babe was not normal, in fact she started down a path that she recall before when Breeana wanting to make her way into the world. Trip to the Infirmary was indeed called for, and once there and getting a Healer join in it was commented that it was time, indeed time as the child was not going to wait much longer before joining the world, or so the healer thought. As Abbey said she would not chase Ha'ze away, if he wished to be there she saw no reason but to allow it. It's been several to many hours now since the brownrider got to the Infirmary, births can take a long time but even with her she didn't think it would be /this/ long. The healer says it should be any moment now before the child is born, though Abbey is to the point that is worn out, attempting to get a few breaths in while able.

And Ha'ze has been there every second. Well, except for an hour when the healers got fed up with him and sent him out of the room on a made up errand that end up taking up SO MUCH TIME. But he's back for this moment, when the baby is going to be born. He sips right up beside Abigail and slips his fingers through hers and squeezes gently. "Common, Abbey, you can do thsi."

Abigail isn't too sure where the healers sent Ha'ze off to, nor was she happy about it either mind you. Though she can't really argue with a healer while there is the whole baby trying to escape from her at the moment. She lets her fingers squeeze back against Ha'ze hand, a tired glance sent his way as she takes in another shaky breath. "Trying.." Totally trying here, she doesn't have the option of giving up either. Her fingers clench down against Ha'ze hand as there is another wave of pain and her eyes close tight, when the healers say push she does just that to the point she is unable to breath it feels like, which honestly doesn't take that long, though it is just enough for said baby to be born. Healers are busy, tending to the child, which lets out a good cry as cold air hits it. Abbey recalls the need to breath, her fingers relaxing against Ha'ze hand as she leans back slightly against the pillows that are keeping her pushed upwards. Though is it a boy or a girl? Have to love the healers taking their sweet time, though soon enough it is heard that they have a son.

Ha'ze holds his breath in sympathy for Abigail as she pushes the last few times. His hand is there to be crushed as much as the brownrider wanted to do it. He has a cloth and smooths away sweat from her face when she is finally able to relax, though his eyes are on the healers and their burden. "Abbey, it's a boy," he doesn't let go, waiting for the healers to bring the child over.

Abigail does hear that is a boy, a boy which she was leaning towards the whole time honestly. "Is he alright?" Worried mommy already, even as the boy is crying proving he had a good pair of lungs on him. Abbey lets her hand relax within Ha'ze as she works on relaxing, which is taking a few moments after all that. The Healer has the little boy all wrapped up in a blanket and is offering up for Ha'ze to take hold of it seems with a warm smile. "Go on and hold your son, his fine and healthy. Nice strong lungs on him!" The healer says happily. Hearing the healer is enough to get Abbey to relax somewhat, her head leaning back upon the pillow while a soft relieved breath escapes her. She still feels off to say the least, some worried murmurs escape one of the healers that is tending to the brownrider, something about a lot of extra bleeding that is abnormal.

This time at least Ha'ze knows how to hold a baby, thanks to practice with little Jaze. The boy is cradled in his arms and Ha'ze is lost for long moments in the baby's face- so different from Jaze's chubby cheeks. They're thinner, and the baby himself seems lighter. That's a concern for Ha'ze and he looks up to catch the worry expressed by the healer. A frown crosses his face and he leaves off the question about the baby's weight, - "What is wrong?" It's a good thing Ha'ze has the baby, he can't grab at a healer.

Indeed the little boy is smaller than Jaze, good reason her was sharing space with his twin, still he is healthy from the looks and is a bit quieter since getting wrapped up in that blanket to make him all snuggly warm. Abigail hears those murmurings, she can't help but worry herself, the question is asked by Ha'ze before she can do it herself, though she can't talk of a moment as she feels another contraction much like before and is gasping out at the feeling that catches her fully off guard. The Healer is surprised for a moment though that is it. "There is another baby, twins perhaps.." Well one never knows! Abbey looks surprised at the ideas. "Twins..?" Is questioned softly, well what other reason is there for that contraction? The healer nods slightly. "But, there is also extra blood loss, possibility of a problem if they take too long to graces us with their presence." So nothing like a bit of worry along with the idea of and extra baby on the way.

"Another?" Ha'ze looks a little bit like someone just hit him over the head with a board. He doesn't even have contractions to distract him as he just stares at the healer's pronoucement. "So, but, wait?" But there is no waiting. Instead Ha'ze steps back to Abigail's side and while he cradles the boy with one arm, he reaches his hand back out to Abigail. "How bad is the bleedin'?" Real worry there.

Abigail isn't sure what to think on that, twins.. well there was a chance in all honesty she has a twin after all and they do run in her family.. But now..? "No chance in waiting." Is heard from the healer as the process starts once more, though this time with a bit more urgency. Abbey lets her hand slide against Ha'ze a moment, her fingers gripping though not as before as she is tired and weak to some degree. The healer doesn't comment on how bad the bleeding is. "Enough that we need to worry if the other baby doesn't come soon." The healer doesn't wish to say more, seeing how that could bring up bad thoughts; everyone needs to stay positive after all. Babies being born tend to be rather straight forward until issues happen. Some time does pass, though not anywhere near a close as before with the first baby. "You must push hard now, nearly there." Abbey is a bit quieter then before, and would good reason, she's tired and feeling light headed but her hand clenches down against Ha'ze while she goes about following what the healer has said, which is just enough to allow the second baby to be born. There is an immediate difference with this baby though, no crying is heard at first, the healer is calling for another while they work on the baby.

"What's wrong, why isn't the baby crying?" An icy knot of fear curls in Ha'ze's stomach as he looks over to the healers and the baby. His grip tightens and the little boy in his arms begins to fuss. While fear holds him, the noises of the boy bring him back to the moment. "Abbey, do you want to hold him?" A good distraction, baby, and it needs to eat right? Unless Abigail is going to pass out from blood loss.

Abigail is a bit lightheaded but not to the point of passing out, at least not yet. "What's wrong?" Is finally questioned when she gets the chance to catch her breath. She isn't hearing the baby crying either and there is a cold chill hat runs across her with fear. "Ha'ze.." Is started while her gaze lingers on the healers. The boy offered to her is taken; yes it will help with the distraction but still worried mom here. With the boy settled close to her and getting to nurse he stops fussing and Abbey is left looking over him, fingers sliding across his face. Soon enough there is a soft cry heard, the healer had to give the baby a slight smack across the back though which was enough of a jolt to let her, yes a girl take her first breath. "It is a girl, she should be alright, just give us a moment more to make sure." Of course when healers say that Abbey just worries more, not that she can do much about it.

That's what Ha'ze is for, right? Abigail can't move just yet, so Ha'ze'll step away to make sure that everything is okay. He gets as far as that clump of healers before one is stepping out and putting a hand on the bronzerider's chest. "Go back to Abigail, we'll bring her over in just a moment." Ha'ze's teeth grind for a moment and he considers forcing his way to his daughter, but a glance at Abigail's white face changes his mind. He goes back and picks up the rag that he had washed her face with through the labor, and goes to do it one more time.

Abigail wants to see her, daughter it seems, wants to make sure she is alright but she can't do more then hold her boy to her, her fingers gripping at him a bit with worry up until she hears the cry from her daughter. "Is she alright..?" Her pale gaze drift up to Ha'ze once he is near her again, and yes she is pale, tired, weak all of the above really. Though the healer not with the new baby is happy to report the bleeding has stopped, though plenty of worry still in the air for mother and baby girl. That moment does pass, which might seem longer but the healer brings the girl over all wrapped up as well. "I must warn you both first she is small, weaker than her brother but she has a strong heart beat, and is breathing well now." The healer will wait for Ha'ze to take hold of his daughter before going on. "All three of them will need to stay in the infirmary until otherwise." A pointed look is sent to Abigail to make sure that point is taken in. As if Abbey could or would even think about leaving right now.

Ha'ze takes the baby in his hands, unable to answer any of Abigail's questions. His brows knit closer when he feels how very light she is in his arms. It seems as if the chubby little Jaze was the weight of these two combined- though surely that is just Ha'ze's misconception and worry speaking. The girl in his arms is tiny and rather than hand her to Abigail, Ha'ze settles himself on her bed next to her. Soon enough the healers will move in again, to help Abigail push the afterbirth out. One last ordeal before she can really relax. "Aleoa." It was one of the few names they had spoken about the night before- and agreeded on. Ha'ze lifts his gaze to see if Abigail still agrees with the name for the tiny baby.

Healers will be healers, fussing and making sure the blooding has indeed stopped, along with everything is in order for what 'extra' would come out so Abigail and the rest of the new family could get in some peace and quiet. "Twins can be smaller than normal babies, so do not fret over this either of you." One of the healers is offering while bring some clean blankets back, perhaps then look from Ha'ze was enough to bring the answer. Still the twins are small, born earlier then expected but giving who they have for parents this isn't a surprise for them being fighters. Abbey can agree to twins being smaller, still that won't help her worrying over them none the less. She looks to Ha'ze as she settles a bit more on her side, their son seems to have dozed off pressed close to her now that his full, the name makes her smile a moment. "Aleoa, aye." Is murmured out softly as she agrees to it.

"Twins. This somethin' in your family?" Not that Haze would know if it ran in his- that knowledge died withe downfall of Laris' camp. Ha'ze holds the little girl close, not able to not make the comparison between her and Jaze. Aleoa seems too easily broken, where Jaze was so solid. "And him?" Ha'ze nods at the boy, for Abigail to choose her favorite name.

Abigail pauses at the question while she looks over the boy for a few moments more. "Galeon." This said softly at the question to his name, which makes her smile a moment and she looks up to Ha'ze. "Aye.. me brother and I are twins. Me mother was a twin, a few others to name." She looks over to Aleoa. "I didn't think I would have twins I suppose." The thought never once crossed her mind for some reason, maybe it should have she could have been better prepared.

Haze shakes his head slowly, but there is a smile growing on his face as he looks between the two babies. "You okay? Jajen fell asleep after Jaze ate…." Which raises the second question of how both the babies will eat

Abigail catches that smile from Ha'ze, a smile which she counts as good, and it makes her smile a bit herself. "I'm tired.." Very tired actually, struggling to keep herself awake sort of tired, and sore and other things but she will not complain. "Will ye hold Galeon?" She watches to see Aleoa, give her a chance to nurse as well, if able to steal her away from her father that is.

Haze does give up Aleoa more than a little reluctantly, but he cannot really fault Abigail for wanting to hold her. Ha'ze wants to hold her. But give her over he does when she fusses to take up Galeon. "Oh shit." A thought finally occurs to Ha'ze.

Abigail lets him take hold of Galeon, and curls her arm loosely around Aleoa once the girl is getting a turn to eat. She smiles while watching her, still worried as she is so small. Could it have been something she did? What mother doesn't think about such things? A glance lifts to Ha'ze hearing him and there is a pause. "What?" Is questioned and looks confused as well.

Twins, early born, it's a wonder that the pair aren't even SMALLER. (Which in a world like Pern could very well end in heartbreak.) "I made a crib." Emphasis on A chrib. Singular. Individual. But now there are TWO of them.

Abigail doesn't want to think about the thought of IF they were smaller than this. The healers will be constantly buzzing around them to say the least to check on the twins, and Abbey herself throughout the night. The comment of a crib makes Abbey chuckle a touch. "It's alright. I think they can share it for now." There is a slight pause. "If I let them out of me sight long enough for it."

Forget buzzing, the healers might try some of the more technological work on the babies, and THAT Ha'ze would object to. He learned the bit of tech that Fort has reluctantly, and was very ABSENT for when the candidates went up to the placethingintheskythattheplayercannotrmemberthenameof. So, all good all around. "I'll stay up with them tonight."

Oh the healers will try any trick they can to check on the babies, especially Aleoa, whom they mostly fret over. Abigail lets her free hand slip free to lightly slide across Ha'ze arm, finger gripping a touch. "Ye make cute kids Ha'ze." She says with a tired smile seen as she relaxes more hearing him say that he will watch them during the night.

The healers are only going to leave the new family alone for so long before they make their demands. Ha'ze is made to hand over Galeon, and eventually Aleoa will be pried from Abigail's arms. "Let's get you cleaned up rider," one of them says kindly to Abigail, and if she'll comply, the healer will help her with clothes not stained by blood.

Abigail the healers are looked at while they ask for the children to be handed over, some worry is seen clearly while she watches them none the less. Anything to make mommy mad though and Pern help the healers. As for herself she'll move along, just slowly through the movements of sitting herself up and agreeing to the help it seems to change clothing. Once that is all done her hand rubs across her eyes a few times as if attempting to fight of the worry and sleep that is creeping in. "You should sleep Abigail, they will not be taken far. You need your rest to care for them." Abbey isn't that sure on the matter, though Ha'ze willl be with them as well so that does help ease her a bit.

"Sleep Abbey," Ha'ze moves to Abigail's side to help her lay down, and bends to kiss her forehead. "They'll be here in a few hours." Lesson 1 Ha'ze learned from Jajen and Jaze, babies eat FREQUENTLY. Leaving Abigail behind Ha'ze takes the few steps towards where their twins are laying, peacefully asleep. He doesn't sit himself, but instead stands solidly looking down at the pair, his eyes getting the slightly far away look that shows that even though he isn't here in body, Kainaesyth is still well and truly here.