Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

The festival continues, with people from all across Pern coming and going, visiting the trader caravans, eating, drinking, dancing, and enjoying spring. (And mud wrestling). This afternoon the weather is warm and clear, and while Harpers play a merry tune and folks spin around the dance floor, Kimmila stands off to the side sipping a mug of cider and watching, the bluerider relaxed. Until…"Kyzen! Stop…" *bang* The child bumps into a drudge carrying a tray of drinks and both go down to the ground. Now Kyzen smells like wine. Sigh.

"I told you he might still need his harness and leash. A bigger harness…" Th'ero can be heard grumbling from behind Kimmila. The Weyrleader has just managed to escape his "duties" in leading some of the formal dances and now he's in the mood for something a little less… proper. So of course he ventured towards the pits. "Did they close the signing yet?" he asks before ambling over to collect their wayward son. If Kyzen hasn't taken off again.

After helping a few carts stuck in the mud leading up to Fort, as predicted with such a high traffic on spring roads, some of Thunderbird's riders have been released to join the madness. S'ai is among them. Zeruth may be content to loiter about white-hot sands and listen to the madness from afar but his rider is not. He's seen headed into the square in the company of one of his firelizards, brown Sirocco, who's got his tail twined about his master's neck and swinging his head one way and then the other to take in all the activity.

C'rus likes a good party and would never miss out. Especially when it is one that is at home. Yesteray has seen the triumph of his weyrmate in mudwrestling (go Kera) and of course some wandering around after she got herself cleaned up and a new set of clothes. All in all a sucessful day! Day two is looking like it will be just as much fun. He has just gotten done wandering through all the caravans looking at all the shopping and perhaps even more important than the shopping some of the various food choices that are available.

Kera spent the last candlemark going from one wagon to another, handing over marks at a few before finishing her little shopping spree. Slinging two satchels over her shoulder, one containing her recent purchases, Kera stops at one last vender, coming away with a couple of cool fruity drinks inhand. While looking around the crowd for someone specific, she hears the commotion and clattering of a tray falling. Thankfully, it's not a mess she'll have to clean up. "Bad luck that." Is offered to Kimilla after overhearing Th'ero's 'leash comment, which still have her snickering. Sign up? "Afternoon everyone." polite nods and smiles offered around.

Kimmila just shoots Th'ero a 'you're not helping' look as she hastens forward to stand up their child, help the drudge to her feet, gather up the tray… What a mess. At least the little curly haired boy is polite enough to apologize before he's trying to suck the wine out of his tunic. Kimmila lets him, and is rewarded by a "GROSS!" when he actually tastes it. "See?" she drawls, letting him dart off again before moving to Th'ero's side. "Then why didn't you get him a bigger harness?" Her eyes scan the area, and she lifts a hand to wave towards S'ai, C'rus, and then Kera. "I don't know if they've closed it or not, but those pits have gotten a lot of participants." She grins coyly at the Weyrleader. "Going to take a turn?"

Th'ero was helping! He had begun to walk over to Kyzen but Kimmila beats him to it and so he just stands there and shakes his head. There's a snort for when Kyzen sucks the wine from his tunic and maybe the Weyrleader is doing his best not to laugh — and almost fails. A slight twitch of his mouth and that's it! Watching as the boy takes off, he sighs. "Because we'd be charged enormously for that much leather. If he hasn't learned by now, Wingmate, he never will." Smiling to Kera, he dips his head politely to her. "Afternoon. Good to see you again, Wingrider Kera. Enjoying your time in Fort? Is C'rus with you today?" he asks and then chuckles to Kimmila's coy grin. "Maybe? Depends if the right competitor challenges me." Oh look! There's S'ai! At least Th'ero just doesn't point at him and go 'you!'? "Afternoon, S'ai!"

S'ai looks up at the sound of his name from where it was straying towards a cart of skewered unknown meats roasting over open coals being served on large flatbreads with an equally unknown sauce. "Hey!" He calls out as he recognizes the caller and, perhaps with some regret, abandons the food and heads for the Wingleader and company. "Hello to you too, Kimmila. And Kera! I heard you were visiting for the event. What all's on the list today anyway?"

C'rus is indeed in the crowd! And soon enough appears when he spots his weyrmate wandering with her satchels full of things she has bought, "Hi you." he sasy with a grin on his face, "And hi to al the things you've bought too." he adds with a chuckle, "Do I dare even ask what you all got this time around." He still hasn't figured out what all she got from Igen the last time she was there. The others too get a greeting, "Hello and good evening to you all." he says to S'ai, Kimm, and Th'ero.

Kera smiles and takes a sip from one of the drinks she has, gaze flicking about through the crowd from time to time. Expecially after Th'ero's question, which gets a nod from her. "He's around here some where." Talk resumes about the put and she glances over it briefly, shrugging to S'ai "Not sure if I'll get back in there if they do have more matches. Took me forever to de-mud." A little grin added before C'rus when he arrives and she hands over the second drink she bought. Smirking at his question "Just a few more presents." Kera gestures to the pit "You gonna sign up?"

Kimmila huffs softly, watching their boy run off and shaking her head. But it's time for a subject change, like, "You and S'ai should compete!" How convenient! Sorry, S'ai. "Who did you go up against, Kera?"

Th'ero shoots Kimmila a sharp look when she all but volunteers him to compete against S'ai. Maybe the bronzerider should have had something to eat! He chuckles dryly, "Kimm, you don't even know if the man wants to mud wrestle." he scolds her teasingly, only to glance sidelong to S'ai. "Do you? And are you sure you're wanting me to be the first you challenge?" He's got Turns of experience! Turning his head, he'll look over the still empty ring and seems thoughtful. Hmm. "Wasn't so bad though, was it Kera?" he muses as he overhears the greenrider and then nods a greeting to C'rus. "Ah, there you are!"

S'ai blinks to Kimmila before he regards Th'ero. His arms come up to cross over his chest, brows raising as his oh so well known grin comes onto his face - the one that usually preludes something loony. "Oooh-hoh, Weyrleader, think I can't take the game? The challenge is laid out now. To say no would mean I'd be admitting defeat and I don't do that. Besides, don't think I don't see that look on your face. I know that look - same as mine. You wanna give it a try." And he says it like the devil himself trying to goad someone to lay a wager of a soul.

C'rus takes the drink from his weyrmate and grins, "Thank you." he says as he takes a sip of it. Mmm. It's good. "I thought you looked lovely even covered in all that mud." he says with a grin on his face, "And to answer your question. No I think I will be passing tonight as well. After all with you already winning we don't have anything to prove." he winks. He then can turn his attention back outward to the others, "Yep. Here I am. Reporting for fun duty Sir!" he says with a quick salute. He then glances between S'ai and Th'ero, "I have to see that…" he says with a smile. Oh dear.

Kera smirks and rolls her eyes skyward briefly at C'rus reasoning for not joining in and nods to Kimmila and Th'ero, "I was paired with Praela, she's fellow Xanadian who a rides blue..poor guy." That last bit is muttered but she goes on. "I was a bit worried for a moment there, I slipped and she flopped down like a wherry, and was sitting on me. I managed to lever her off me eventually though." Shrugging, She sips again and grins at the taunts and challanges between the bronzers and nudges C'rus "Oh come on C'rus. Our Hall has no representation today. Get in there and show them the Hall can get dirty too." Trying to refrain from laughing she gestures to S'ai and Th'ero "Maybe take on the winner of their match?"

Kimmila winces at Kera's description, shaking her head. "Shards. Glad you weren't squished flat. And yes, C'rus! You should take on someone! I'd volunteer except there aren't any mixed-gender matches. And that's a great idea! C'rus plays winner!" That's called to the person currently holding the list and making the matches. He nods and scribbles it down. Peer pressure FTW. Then she's grinning toothily at S'ai, and giving Th'ero a triumphant look. "He seems fine with it," she drawls innocently.

"That's usually how it goes," Th'ero chuckles to Kera before his attention is drawn back to S'ai. Well now, if the bronzerider is going to so openly challenge him then the Weyrleader has no choice! You know… male honour and all that. "If you insist, S'ai then I'll accept your challenge!" And there's no need to check the listings. Th'ero's name is likely on there and maybe he gets to chose at least once who gets to try a hand at wrestling with him. He gives Kimmila another sidelong look, "Of course." Supsicious he is! Kera's description of her opponent has Th'ero grimacing, "Well, at least you didn't draw my sister's name? Though… why don't you and Kimmila have at it?" HA! Take that Kimmila! How's it feel? As he begins to kick off his boots and strip off his tunic and unbuckle his knife belt, he'll glance to S'ai. "First time?" he almost grunts at the other bronzerider. With his clothes safely set aside, he'll pull up on the ropes and gesture for the younger bronzerider to duck inside first before he'll follow and promptly get his footing and distance.

"First time that wasn't outside of a bar at an inappropriate hour?" S'ai asks aside to the Weyrleader as he shucks out of unnecessary layers and boots and knife to set them aside. "Eh. Same principle, less hangover. I totally agree, ladies should match! C'rus can still take the winner. I'd bet on Kimmila or Kera beating him." He teases his clutchsibling, because they do seem to enjoy taking jabs, and heads into the ring. He seeks out a suitable place to start, getting a feel for the ground and prepping for the match.

Ahh peer pressure indeed! They tell you from the time that you are small that you don't have to listen to it, but you do. As much as C'rus dislikes contests of physical skill he still has some conception of manly honor. And when your weyrmate is goading you on you don't have much choice. He gives his head a slight shake, "You are such a wild woman…" he says with a chuckle to her, "Mud wrestling…encouraging me to lay the smack down on people…" he grins. He looks between S'ai, Th'ero, Kimm and Kera, "If you all insist. I still don't think it will be fair. My physical prowess is well known if not often demonstrated. If you are ready for the whooping of your life then…" he says in a tone that could either be serious or mock serious. Sometimes with C'rus it is hard to tell. He does have an odd sense of humor.

Kera gives up trying to hold in her humor when Kimmila makes sure C'rus gets signed up for a match, whether he wants to or not it seems. Snickering, she flashes a wink to her weyrmate and shakes her head gently to the Fortian Weyrleader "I think maybe she had an earlier match. Besides, worked out for the best." Kera grins a bit smugly, apparently having throughly enjoyed tromping the 'lazy annoying one' otherwise known as Praela. C'rus's boasting challege joins the others and she leans against the railing to watch the match, murmurings all around as wages are quickly made among the watchers. "Go Th'ero!" She claps and cheers loudly… "Go S'ai!" …for both.

Kimmila smirks, offering to hold Th'ero's items while he wrestles. She never tires of watching this, for whatever reason. Putting two fingers to her lips she whistles for both men as they move into the ring. "Better get stripped down now, C'rus, since you're wrestling winner of this match."

Th'ero rolls his shoulders and lowers himself into a readied stance as he keeps his eyes and focus on S'ai. Watching him, observing him. "Bar brawls as experience won't help you here," he calls to the other bronzerider with a faint and crooked grin. "Do your best, bronzerider!" he taunts and will wait either for S'ai to give him an opening or be the first to charge. The Weyrleader is an experienced wrestler but on top of that? He was a Guard before and spent Turns training in close combat fighting. While experience can be an advantage, he's not practicing every day these days (too busy) so he's bound to be rusty. S'ai is also taller so this ought to prove to be entertaining! Th'ero will pull out all the stops and tricks he knows if the younger bronzerider proves to be a worthwhile challenger.

"I'll do better than me best!" S'ai taunts back, loud and brash with that same wide grin on his face. There's a fair amount of bets placed for both sides, the luck of the young bronzerider with his dragon's successes probably playing a part. He's also younger and of course taller, but Th'ero is no weakling man. It's hard to tell who moves first but it's like a clashing of bulls, each trying to get a better footing and lower center of gravity to avoid being overturned. In this, Th'ero ultimately finds the better position. The taller man finds a quickly lunged grapple attempt aborted, as he's caught and rolled with a well-placed shove from the Weyrleader's shoulder. Down the younger man goes, finding defeat in mud faceplant.

C'rus isn't quite ready to prepare himself for the match. After all he's got to give the Weyrleader a few minutes to rest himself, "No need to be so fast. I want to give Th'ero a fair chance to rest. If he is going to face off against this…" he points to himself, "Then he is going to have to have to be at his absolute best." he grins a rather wicked grin. C'rus can indeed be very silly when he wants too, "Don't worry Kera. The hall will be well represented. The healers shall one day rule over all. Mwhahhahahha." he laughs. He gives a shake of his head to poor S'ai, "It's alright man. You did good."

Kera glances to C'rus after Kimmila's prompting to get ready for his coming match, hands already lifting to hold what ever is skimmed off. But hurrying doesn't seem to be an issue and she watches the muddy match. A couple of winces and headshakes before the Xanadian claps for over the outcome "Good match! Congrats Weyrleader…..better luck next time S'ai." After a moment she glances to her weyrmate, voice lowering just a bit but she can still be overheard. "Hope you were paying attention. He looked quick and scrappy."

Kimmila snorts a laugh at C'rus' remarks. "C'rus, if you never /use/ it, you lose it, and I have never, ever seen you use that so-called strength of yours." Her green eyes twinkle with mischief and amusement. "Nice try, S'ai, but he's got turns of experience on you in the ring… Get in there, C'rus. Let's see you prove your manliness."

S'ai hoists himself out of the mud and has zero shame in just shaking his head, hair sending mud splattering like a dog. Pausing to thump Th'ero on the back and give the Weyrleader a, "Next time!" he retreats outside of the ring to be offered a tub and a pair of towels to get the worst of the heavy mud free of face and most of his skin, though in short time he'll probably be dried to a delightful dusty brown regardless and his hair like the upright branches of a winter tree. "…hey, wouldn't be fair to beat him on his own turf." He says with as much dignity as he can muster as he walks over to C'rus.

Th'ero is a nice enough opponent that when S'ai does go down… he doesn't rub his face in it (literally). There will be just a hand gripped to the shoulder, enough to keep him "pinned" until the match is called and then in good showmanship he'll let the younger bronzerider up to his feet and weather that thump to the back with a grin. "Next time. You put up a good fight though!" Which he can appreciate. He won't exit the ring but he will approach the ropes, hoping to grab a towel to at least clear the mud off his face and hands. It'll be to his advantage, in some ways, to be mud covered. Less of a chance C'rus can grip him. "I don't need to rest. Get in here, C'rus and start. There's many more behind you who want their turn!" Not at challenging Th'ero but at getting to their matches too!

C'rus begins to ready himself for the match. He removes his spring jacket and then removes his tunic. Both items get handed to his weyrmate, and then he proceeds to remove his shoes as well. Ok. He's as ready as he is going to be, "Thats because I'm incredibly modest and discrete. After all we can't make everyone else feel bad now can we? I promise though I'll go easy on Th'ero." Apparently Kera has created a monster because he just waves away her concerns, "Yeah…he's good, but I'm better." Somewhere out in the weyr somewhere Jaicoureth groans a dragon groan and projects to Moncerath, « I've learned it's best to not encourage him. His ego sometimes outstrips his ability…in some things. » Which is as far as the dragon would ever go in that particular line of thought. C'rus then makes his way into the ring. He is no stranger to wrestling having grown up in Rubicon where it is a staple activity…which he was forced to participate in as a child rather unwillingly. Still it has been some time since he made use of it. He just grins to Th'ero, "Good luck Sir." he says poltely.

Kera looks off towards the bowl distractedly before chuckling to herself and shaking her head. Attention turns back to C'rus as she drapes his clothes across an arm and starts into the ring. Winking to Kimmila. "No offense intended to your weyrmate, but…" She turns to the pit and yells out "TAKE HIM DOWN C'RUS!" She claps and cheers as wagers are made all around the very large mud puddle.

Kimmila winks back at Kera. "Beat his ass, Th'ero!" Two can play at the weyrmate-cheering-on-game. No hard feelings whatever the outcome, though!

"Don't win, C'rus! I need to keep my honor intact!" S'ai yells, because of course he can't actually cheer either on - lest his manliness be put into more question. He does inch over towards his jacket and works free his marks pouch, tossing a few over to join the pile of wagers.

As before, Th'ero will wait for C'rus to step inside the ring before dropping to a readied stance, eyes watching the bluerider closely. "Don't go easy on me now," he taunts with a faint grin as he begins to circle. Waiting for that moment for C'rus to make the first move or for Th'ero to feel he can edge in. Regardless, the match will start and the Weyrleader does not go lightly on the Healer. Height and weight may factor in but so does experience and probably just a whole lot of luck. If he happens to go down, he'll try to take C'rus down with him. Even if the bluerider is to fall first, Th'ero will dive right in and make sure he doesn't have the opportunity to get up. He won't stop until one of them is called the winner!

C'rus goes into the match of high hopes and no small amount of ego, "You can rest assured that I won't." he says to his weyrleader wtih a grin on his face. The match progresses in a manner that you would expect. C'rus does make an effort to knock the weyrleader of balance and there are a few moments here and there where it looks like he might have actually had a chance, but in the end Th'ero's skill and experience overwhealm the healer and he too, just like his clutchsibling before him ends up down in the mud.

Kera glances around as cheers and wagers are called out quickly. She laughs good naturedly to Kimmila but cant resist a little scolding to S'ai. "Quiet you!" is delivered with a smirk as her attention goes back to the match. Shaking her head as it goes back and forth then finally ends with Th'ero winning. "Well shards and shells." Kera sighs and huffs, but doesn't even attempt to trip the Weyrleader when he steps out of the pit. "Well played Weyrleader. One of these times though…" She taunts with a grin and steps over to C'rus, "I thought ya almost had him for a moment. Let's go get ya cleaned up and find some food. I saw some tasty looking snacks floating around earlier."

Kimmila whoops loud for her weyrmate when he takes another win. She's made some good marks today! "Nice try, C'rus." And that is genuine! She's not rubbing it in, as she offers Th'ero a towel and a grin. "Nice job, wingmate. I've got some marks to spend now."

As the round ends, S'ai is clapping muddy hands for the other two combatants. He collects up his own winnings (for all he's fond of C'rus, he knews where this was going) and fetches up a towel to toss over to the mindhealer. "Pretty sure we are not allowed in the baths looking like this. Guess I got a good excuse to hit the lake." The young bronzerider remarks as he scrubs fingers through his hair to try and shake out some of the stiffening mud.

Th'ero will offer his hand to C'rus and once the Healer is on his feet again, will thump his back, "Good try, C'rus. Another time, perhaps? I won't be young forever." he muses. Neither will the bluerider but hopefully someone topples the Weyrleader from his esteemed mud wrestling rank someday. "Why bother with the lake, S'ai? They've buckets here. Dump enough of them over your head and you'll be fine." Th'ero shakes off the worst of the mud before ducking under the ropes of the mud pit and taking one of the towels Kimmila offers with a snort, "And you didn't have enough marks before?"

C'rus takes Th'ero's hand and gets himself to his feet. Bah! He lost. He looks almost surprised, but he's too good of a sport to go around throwing a childish tantrum. Jaicoureth also had a really good guess how this was going to end and consequently sends C'rus some happy thoughts, "I'm sure we will have another time." he agrees with the weyrleader as he steps out of the pit and begins to towel himself off, "How do you get this off?" he asks Kera since she is the expert here, then Th'ero directs the to the buckets and ahhhs.

"And waste a good workout opportunity?" S'ai says over to Th'ero before looking down to sodden, mud-stiffening pants. "…course I gotta get there." And so he heads over to the bucket station and gathers up one of the to dump it over himself, taking a second to begin hand scrubbing the worse from his legs. "Good thing we live in caves. Rock, hide, and scissors for second place, C'rus?"

Kimmila grins crookedly at Th'ero. "Now I have /extra/, free marks to spend on whatever I want." Snickering, she looks at the other mud covered boys and grins. "I'll buy you all a drink with my winnings, how about?"

"The lake is still ice cold! Unless you want to go for a dip and give C'rus some work to do when you come down with the chills?" Th'ero fires back at S'ai with a grin, joining him and the bluerider to begin scrubbing the worst of the mud off. Skin first, clothes next and maybe someone was smart enough to leave some sweetsand too to scour off the stubborn stuff. Already a crowd is milling about the pit, anxious to see who will go in next and bartering can be heard. Betting too! "I'm all for drinks. Some food wouldn't hurt either, since Kimmila's feeling generous," he teases.

C'rus has been covered in worse than mud before, so all in all it could be worse, "Mud comes off more easily than blood." he says as he continues to try to get the mud out of his hair, "And it smells better than some other things." Ahh the joys of having gone through weyrlinghood. After getting the mud out of his hair he begin to try to get the mud off his body and pants, "I could probably handle a drink and some food."

S'ai gets the worst of the muck off of him with some work, though buckets do not a proper bath make. "Sounds like a plan!" He says at mention of food and drink. "There's enough of both around, that's for sure. I never turn either down." Once he's mostly clean, his undershirt follows and his jacket is slung over his shoulder and then the towel to catch sodden hair drippings. "So who's got the best around here? Haven't had a chance to check it out myself."

Kimmila snorts, elbowing Th'ero in the side. "That's going to cost you a gift," she mutters under her breath. "I like the cider from Nabol, personally. Got a smooth finish but a good kick to it. Food…it's all good." She's not a picky eater.

"Or maybe that is the gift?" Th'ero muses after grunting from Kimmila's elbow to his side. A gift shared with comrades and friends is the best of all, right? "I thought I heard some muttering that someone had imported in some Nabolese drinks. Their cider is good," he agrees and grins when S'ai and C'rus agree on joining in for drinks and food. "For the best, well… there's been mixed word. I heard the kabobs one of the Trader's offers are fantastic."

C'rus is as clean as he is going to get until he can go home and get his clothes super clean, but for the mometn it will do. He takes his clothing from Kera and replaces them on his body and turns his attention back toward food and drink, "I'm open to trying anything. Non alcoholic of course." After all he has stepped out of his comfort zone enough today and it probably wouldn't be good to go to much farther out of it.

"Two votes for cider? Sounds like a good place to head for." S'ai says, the man wet and lingerly dirty. "They might have some non-alcoholic versions for ya, C'rus." He heads towards the food and beverage stalls after tugging his boots back on. "I was passing past some of the kebab stands on my way over. You can never go wrong with grilled meats. Unless they're burnt."

Kimmila mmmmms. "Even burnt they're still good, S'ai. Adds a real depth of flavor." Though it's hard to tell if she's kidding or not, as she steps up to the drink stall and orders them all some cider, and then on to the meat-on-a-stick-stall. And, as promised, the bluerider pays. "Delicious. Especially without that muddy flavor…"

Ilyse walks up on the commotion, having heard the cheering, jeering and overall roughhousing sounds. She notices that S'ai, Th'ero, and C'rus are all muddy and she looks around and laughs out loud. "Mud huh?" She wonders aloud as her eyes flick around at the stalls, her stomach rumbling a bit.

Th'ero chuckles dryly, "I'll have to agree with Kimmila on that. It can add flavour but there's truth in S'ai's point. Too much charring and well… you taste char." Delicious! Or not. The Weyrleader is as clean as he's going to get and at this point, so long as his hands are mud free? It's all good. He's hardly boasting of his double victory too over S'ai and C'rus, letting the moment pass and leaving the mud pit behind in favour of rustling up some grub — out of Kimmila's pocket. Next time maybe she won't tease Th'ero about having more marks? "Thank you, Wingmate." he says with a grin, settling himself on the edge of one of the benches (which is really nothing more than a log) and digging into one of the kabobs. As Ilyse approaches with laughter, Th'ero will smile crookedly. "Traditional mud wrestling. Good exercise and good for the skin too." He peers at her curiously, likely trying to glimpse her knot and upon seeing white, goes on to ask politely. "From Half Moon Bay, are you?"

Heading down towards the gathered is Briari, trailing a bit after Ilyse. She is wearing a new, stunning blue dress with a pair of heavy work boots beneath it. As always, her guitar follows her along as it is strapped upon her back. "Hey!" She calls out at the sight of her brother as she waves frantically towards S'ai. "Big bro! Did I just watch you get your butt whooped in mud wrestling? I'm telling dad. He's going to be mad at you." She says with a rising grin upon her face.

C'rus turns his head and spots the candidate approaching. He'd heard that they were going to be here, but this is the first one that he has actually bumped into, "Welcome to Fort." he says as he also spots Briari, "Welcome back to Fort." Because she has certainly been around before, "I'm all for char. The more the meat is chared the better it is." he says as he steps over to grab one of the kabobs. There is no way he would ever turn down food. Especially when someone else is paying. Once that is safely in hand he can turn back to the conversation.

There's a drink in one hand, meat-on-a-stick in the other, and mud still in his pants and hair. S'ai doesn't look like he could be happier, but then he's a man of simple needs. "Thanks, Kimmila!" The presence of Ilyse as she arrives is given a welcoming grin, but then he hears an all too familiar voice. "BRI!" He bellows, arms wide as he heads for her - still sopping wet and partly filthy. Oh he saw that fancy new dress and heard that insult to his manhood. This will not do! "Give your brother a hug!"

Kimmila looks up, smiling warmly at Ilyse. "Welcome! And yeah, mud wrestling is traditional at Fort…now." Hasn't always been. But now it certainly is! "You should try it!" She's always pushing folks to wrestle. "I'm Kimmila," she adds. "Hey, Briari…nice of you to be supportive of your brother," she says with a crooked smirk. Then she's quiet, because S'ai can /totally/ handle his own. New dress + muddy brother? Awesome. Chase her down, S'ai!

"More or less. I'm a candidate there." Ilyse looks dubious about the helping it to the skin. She reaches out and tries to scoop some of the mud off of Th'ero and rubbing it between her fingers. "Mud is good for hiding." She looks over at Bri and grins "Don't, run, run fast!" She laughs and waves at C'rus and then turns her attention back to Th'ero. "Ilyse, sir. Candidate." She looks to Kimmila. "Hiya!"

"What? Hey, no way! You are not hugging me like that!" Briari says as she points the lower end of her guitar at him to ward him off, jabbing it in his direction. "This is a /new/ dress and I had to haggle really hard for it. You aren't getting your yucky mud on it. Gah. I will hug you after you clean up, maybe." She says with a smirk on her face to her brother. "Hi guys!" She calls over to the familiar Th'ero, C'rus and Kimmila. "It's great to be 'home' and to see you guys again, even for a short time. "Ilyse and I are here to show you guys how, uh.. Half Moon Candidates get down?"

Th'ero chuckles, "Even so you're a guest and a welcomed one at that. Welcome to Fort Weyr! Have you just arrived?" When she reaches for some of the mud still clinging to him, he grimaces. "Must've missed a spot. It would be good for hiding, wouldn't it?" Several spots, actually but the Weyrleader doesn't seem to mind. "Well met, Ilyse. I'm Weyrleader Th'ero, rider of bronze Velokraeth. If you're hungry, they're serving fresh kabobs." And maybe Candidates don't get charged for food. Seems only fair? Given they're not likely to have much in the way of marks. As S'ai rushes off to greet Briari with a muddy hug, Th'ero chuckles and shakes his head. "S'ai! At least let her enjoy a few seconds without mud on her clothes?" he calls to the bronzerider, before dipping his head politely to Briari.

"Oh.. I don't have any marks." Ilyse says, her stomach rumbling again and she looks over towards Briari. "We.. wait what?" She says, laughing at her. "Get down how?" She rubs the back of her head before she turns and blushes. "Sorry Weyrleader, I didn't pay mind to your knot. Need to do a better job of that."

"You will love me!" S'ai says as he makes a few moves as if he was going to tackle her, but he's got drink and food in hand and she's got a stringed weapon. He yields to her in the end with a laugh and rejoins the bulk of the group, biting off a chunk of stick-meat as he goes. "Fine, you owe me a hug later. We gotta chat anyway while you're here. Pah, she's used to it, Th'ero! She grew up with /me/ as a big brother."

Kimmila finally gets a good look at Briari's dress, and there's a moment of open /staring/ from the bluerider. Not good staring either. Nose wrinkling, brows furrowing, confusion and perplexity. Kimmila and Briari clearly have vastly different tastes in clothing. Then it's back to her food and drink. "Half Moon Candidates are more than welcome," she says with a smile and a toast-lift of her mug of cider. "Here, this cider is amazing, let me buy you both a mug. Non-alcoholic," she reassures, less they think she's trying to get them to break the rules. "And I'll get you both kabobs too, no one goes hungry at a Fortian party!"

"I'm C'rus. I'm a healer here at Fort, and my lifemate's name is Jaicoureth." he says to introduce himself to the new candidate. He then takes a few bites of his new kabob. MMmm that is pretty good too. All the food and drink so far has been absolutely excellent, "We need to get kabobs in the cavern more often." he says to throw a suggestion out there. He does grab one for Kera too. You can't very well leave yoru weyrmate out of the picture, especially not after she did such a good job cheering for him in the mud pit. He can't help but chuckle as he watches S'ai go after his sister. Ahh siblings.

"Of course I'll hug you later, just not like that." Briari says with a smirk on her face as she moves after him, chin tilted upwards proudly as she strides. She, likes her new dress. It gives her confidence and she could use some of it after the nightmare of social issues she has had lately. "Ilyse, I can spot you for food and drink if you want." She pats her hip pouch that dangles off it. "S'ai, I brought my guitar so I can play music for everyone. I got some new material I wrote which I think you in particular will really like, since you're now a soon to be daddy."

"Don't worry about marks, Ilyse. At least not with food and drink!" Th'ero reassures her in the same breath that Kimmila offers to pay. See? It's all good. He chuckles and waves off her apology. "No offence caused. It's a festival and minds are distracted, it's to be expected! And I know she's your sister, S'ai, but you got to let her win sometimes." he teases. Though honestly if Kiena had been here? He'd probably have done the same thing, Weyrleader or not. Nyalle would probably not approve. Glancing sidelong to Kimmila, he'll shakes his head and quietly murmur something to her before lifting his drink up and offering a toast. "To welcomed guests and old friends and comrades!" Not his most eloquent of speeches but those were said last night.

Ilyse looks a bit ashamed by Briari's offer. "I can't pay you…" She ohs and smiles towards Kimmila. "Thank you so much!" The gratitude is evident in her voice as she nods to C'rus. "Nice to meet you C'rus." She tells him, giving him a gentle and warm smile. "Thank you both, so much!" Ilyse says.

S'ai smirks as he looks from Th'ero over towards Briari. "Ooh, she can hold her own." He holds up his own drink to join the toast before taking a drink. "And.. Ilyse, yeah? Sure Briari's mentioned me. S'ai, bronze Zeruth's, who's over on the sands as we speak." Briari's mention of playing music brings a wide grin to his face, "Oh yah? Well I'll definitely be around to hear it. I should finish eating though and go get cleaned up. Mud is getting kinda itchy in places I don't wanna be itchy. Sooo, I will catcha in a bit!" He sounds out a whistle, to which the brown firelizard Sirocco answers, swooping down to perch on the man's jacket slung over his arm and cheeping in demand for some kebab.

Kimmila chuckles with a warm smile for the Candidates. "Enjoy yourselves," she says brightly. Then she's moving off, no doubt to spread the news that Candidates eat free, and whatever they consume will be paid for by Fort.

Taking the drink and food from Kim, Briari flashes a winning smile. "Thank you so much! I really appreciate it." Her shoulder bumps into Ilyse a bit playfully. "We're buds, don't worry about it. I don't mind helping you out in anything if it comes to it. It's what friends are for." Lifting up her own mug to Th'ero's quick speech, she says, "To new friends, new family and the journey we all travel together on!" With a quick sip, she lets out a loud huff to her brother. "Fine, but clean up quick, I've missed you a lot and I want to spend every minute with you now that I'm here to see you again."

Kera returns from her task and chuckles as she sidles up to C'rus again, nodding and greeting the newly arrived visiting candidate at the pit. "Hello." Smiles offered around and she spots a face she knows "Hey there Briari." Taking the treat C'rus snagged for her, she gives the bluerider a hug "Thanks." After a quick nibble she gestures towards the pit with the kebob "Any of you candies gonna give it a go?"

C'rus grins to his weyrmate, "You are just encouraging everyone to get in there today." he says with a slight shake of his head, "Probably wouldn't be best for candidates because they could hurt themselves and then not be able to stand." He'd imagine that Half Moon wouldn't like Fort sending back injured candidates, "Probably would create some kind of huge diplomatic incident." he chuckles.

"Most women can hold their own," Th'ero chuckles to S'ai and will fall silent as he enjoys the rest of his meal and cider. He'll speak up on hearing Kera offering the mud wrestling and the Weyrleader nods his head, "C'rus is right. We don't allow the Candidates to mud wrestle though I'm considering a variation and something that'll still test strength, be it one-on-one or in teams." His plan, simply put, is to do what would be known as Tug-of-War on Earth. "And, yes… it would be a diplomatic mess. So on that note… Ilyse, Briari… have fun but don't get into too much trouble?" He finishes with just enough of a smile to keep the worst of the warning from stinging and then he's pushing to his feet and trying not to grimace for the feel of caked mud where it shouldn't be. "I should see where Kyzen has gone off to and also change. Enjoy your time here!" he says, dipping his head in farewell to the assembled group before slipping away.

"Ah, no mud wrestling? I think I could beat you sir." Ilyse points to the Weyrleader as she takes a bite out of the meat and munches on it happily. She washes it down with a drink from her mug. "Or are you too scared?" She asks, snickering.