Who Doktah, Rulayn, Sygni
What Further talks regarding the upcoming party yield Sygni's contribution.
When Spring-Summer. Turn 2711
Where Hatching Galleries, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

The sun is finally setting and although the climate of Fort has finally been growing warmer, evenings still held that usual chill which would make any person favour the comforts of indoors. Rather than going inside tonight, though, Rulayn had opted to follow on a helpful lesson from the Weyrwoman and chosen to visit the Sands at this particular hour. With the heating from below the cavern keeping the sands themselves quite cosy, the heat had gradually risen enough to make the lower seats of the galleries an enjoyable temperature too. It was here where the Dragonhealer sat, admiring the Gold basking there. In her lap, a silent and skinny green firelizard lay curled up, asleep.

Doktah certainly isn't complaining about the warming weather. She's finally able to move around in less than three heavy layers and all her scarves. This will not stop her from complaining about her chores, though. Still, she seems in reasonably good spirits despite once again looking damp from dragon washing. She enters with a notebook held in hand, a little surprised to see a familiar face already in the galleries. "Evening, Roo." She looks… proud?

If Sygni's evening wanderings possess motivation, it doesn't show as the young woman enters the galleries, far enough behind Doktah for it to be simple coincidence. Hands are stuffed into pockets, an overlong but heavy-looking sweater her only acknowledgment of weather less clement than that which she'd left - Ista, perhaps, judging by a heavy drawl when she nods to fellow candidates. "Hey. Nice in here for once, yeah?" She stops nearby, chin jerking towards the gold and the egg-mounds on the sands. "Either of you see them on clutching day? What're we looking at?"

Rulayn is gradually able to tear her gaze from Kayeth when a friendly voice rings out, and Rulayn grants Doktah with her usual cheery smile. "Hey." She grants a small wave to the woman, before the same hand drops back down to Petite nestled in her lap. Trailing her fingertips gently along the green's back, Rulayn's gaze moves beyond the Techcrafter to Sygni - not an unfamiliar face since they now shared the barracks, but someone who she'd been yet to properly meet. "Yeah, it's nice." The young woman agrees, nodding back to the Sands. "I was just admiring the sight, really. I wonder if they've changed much since the clutching?" After a brief pause, Rulayn looks back to Sygni and Doktah, gesturing for them both to join her at her seat. "I'm Rulayn, by the way. I don't think we properly introduced ourselves?"

"The shells have hardened since then, at least. I've heard we'll be able to touch them soon." Doktah remarks, eyeing the eggs for a moment before she looks back to Sygni, regarding her in the same curious and semi-familiar way as Rulayn. "I'm Doktah. TechCraft Journeyman and candidate." She offers her own introduction. "You might have gotten a letter from me recently?" Hint hint.

"Mmm." Sygni draws out the noise contemplatively on the topic of eggs changing, head tipping to one side. "My daddy's a Dragonhealer, never once said anything about eggs changing as they develop, but could be I just wasn't listening." Her hand lifts to mime a mouth opening and shutting in a classic 'blahblah' gesture. "I suppose we'll have to see, yeah?" There's a twinkle in her eye as she says it, eyes flicking back out to the clutch. "Heard they're pretty dark, though. Wonder what kind of omen that is." Taking the offered seat, Sygni leans elbows on knees and rests her chin between her hands, the better to peer between both girls. "We haven't, no. We haven't had the time to breathe, nevertheless introduce ourselves. They've been keeping us busy," she says with a smirk, as though she thought it was a good idea. "I'm Sygni. Well met." Blue eyes flick up to Doktah, and subsequently light up. "Ah, Party Girl! Excellent, good to put a face to a name. We have much to discuss." Conspiratorial lean. "I have fireworks." Because that's a sane thing to breathe while grinning like a cheshire. Bless.

Brushing her shoulder-length hair back, Rulayn carefully lifts the sleeping firelizard up in her other hand and gently tucks her into the collar of her loose-fitted tunic. While Sygni and Doktah speak, the young woman takes her time to look over Sygni's appearance curiously. It was, after all, one of the few times she'd seen the girl up-close. Like a rare and beautiful creature, or something. "Yeah they were all pretty dark when they came out. I wonder if they'll grow lighter when they're closer to hatching." She comments. As for omens? Who knows. Fort had its share of good and bad luck. "It's a pleasure, Sygni." Rulayn replies after the girl takes her seat, looking back to Doktah as the mention of fireworks came up. That certainly wasn't anticipated! "Fireworks? Really? Those would be a perfect addition!" Nevermind the evil grin on Sygni's face. Nothing bad could happen from this, right?

Doktah looks back at the eggs for a moment, adjusting her glasses. "Eggshell coloration is largely determined by random distribution of various pigmentations. I'm not sure one can attribute any of it to omens." Of course the TechCrafter wouldn't be the superstituous type. When she looks back she almost looks a little surprised to see how much closer Sygni has gotten. She settles into her seat, leaning back a little bit. "I don't know if I am a… 'party girl'. But I have been tasked with organizing this party." She takes a moment to ponder the next suggestion. "Fireworks… well. We were thinking Shenanigans' for most of the festivities, but we could end the evening with fireworks at the bowl. Yes, I like the sound of that." She looks to Rulayn for her thoughts, then spots the other girl looking closely at Sygni. Then she looks back at Sygni to take another look herself. For whatever reason she turns a little red, then looks back to Rulayn with a brief expression that is almost accusatory. She shakes it off. "Yes. Fireworks."

To be fair, Sygni doesn't mind the glancing over, and even goes so far as to return the favor, surveying Rulayn just as boldly before flashing a dimpled smile before her attention shifts to Doktah for her assessment. "Very well-put. I suppose it can be simple random happenstance that a whole clutch is dark where others are so varied, it just always mystifies me how different they can be, even from flight to flight. So many variables, I suppose." A beat, then: "Don't let the aunties know I agree with you, though. They do so love their omens." Another grin, and then she's shrugging over at Rulayn with a, "Perhaps. We should ask the local Dragonhealer. I'm sure they'd know, unless you like a mystery." Blue eyes sparkle with amusement, but she leans back finally, hands dropping if only to clap together once, twice, a giddy set of motions. "Excellent. I've been working on a new one, courtesy of our assistant weyrlingmaster. If I speed up production, I bet I can have it done in time." She's way too enthused. "Fair point, though. Ouside. They do rather frown upon you setting them off indoors," she says as though she knows. NOPE. Definitely NOTHING AMISS here in with that devilish gleam in her eyes. This is not the crazypants pyromaniac you are looking for, move along!

It's no secret what Doktah's blushing about. At least, not to Rulayn. As the Dragonhealer takes note of the pink cheeks on the Techcrafter's face, the young woman smirks and holds her tongue - for now. "Yeah, we'd probably have to clear it with the Weyrleader or something first. We don't want to upset anyone with the noise and lights." Rulayn interjects, running her hand across the bulge in her tunic where Petite was nestled and still happily asleep. Well, that's Sygni's contribution sorted, right? And speaking of Sygni.. "You're really pretty. You the daughter of some rich Hold-bred trader?" She asks, giving Doktah a nudge. "It's a shame we're all wearing white knots. I think my friend here likes you." And while Doktah stews over that little remark from the Dragonhealer, Rulayn returns her attention to the notion of eggs. "I spoke to one of them just after the hatching and she pretty much rejected all of my theories. Colours mean nothing, patterns don't indicate anything. Nothing. It's all pot luck." And with a shrug, Rulayn, looks back to the mounds of sand below them. "Omens are pretty silly, but you can't deny Fort's history."

Doktah narrows her eyes just a little at that smirking from Rulayn, but she's back to being carefully composed in fairly short order. She returns her gaze to Sygni with a little bit of worry. "… Don't indoor fireworks tend to cause fires and explosions?" Once again, Doktah masters the obvious. "But a new pyrotechnic device? That sounds perfect for the celebration. You must be a skilled chemist to come up with such things." She's about to go on when she gets nudged and Rulayn offers her thoughts on the matter. She turns redder. "Rulayn!" She almost hisses, sort of squirming uncomfortably for a moment. "… I apologize. My friend likes to embarass me."

"Weyrleader, schmeyrleader," is Sygni's immediate, vastly-mature response, hand waving back and forth through the air dismissively. "Where I come from, it isn't a party unless the sky is on fire and a weyrwoman's puking up her guts." Colorful. Thank you, Sygni. But then they're talking about fireworks and Sygni is in her element, shrugging through Doktah's worry. "I mean. A little. And people tend not to like the smoke, and the debris, and the injuries, but." Twinkle. As for being a chemist: "Me? Good grief, no. I just put the stuff that gets lit on fire into the tube, wire it up, and boom." And if you believe that, she has a bridge in Ruatha she'll sell you, but Syg keeps the intelligence card close to her chest, and besides, Rulayn is calling her pretty and blonde brows fly up, surprise wiping smugness right off her face before she laughs, head shaking. "Faranth, no. Where'd you ever get an idea like that? No, my daddy was a Weyrleader once but that's as exciting as my family gets." Which perhaps explains her earlier lack of respect for leadership. Regardless, bright blue eyes focus unerringly on Doktah, playing along with the joke long enough to survey the Techcrafter with the same long look she gave Rulayn, chin going back onto one hand. "Does she? How flattering." She offers a playful wink, though, dropping the act even as she gets to her feet. "What're friends for, right? Making fools of us whether we like it or not. No need to apologize. I'm usually that friend." Oh good, two of them! A shoulder pat is offered if Doktah will take it, and then she's making her way back towards the aisle. "But alas, if I'm to get the Explosion off the ground, I'd better get to work. Enjoy your evening, and tell that Dragonhealer friend of yours that she's a stick in the mud. No fun at all."

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