Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It's later into the spring month now and the lands around Fort and the Weyr itself are just beginning to bud and bloom again. With Zuvaleyuth's clutch hardening and the looming eve of the festival just around the corner the Weyr is in good spirits. Very good spirits and a rarity some would say (and mutter) in Fort. Evening see's Shenanigan's packed. Located just off the stairwell leading to the lower tunnels, it serves both as a inner lounge/tavern and rec room all in one. There's food and drink, plenty of drink and always some form of entertainment.

Tonight sees the lounge filled primarily with off duty dragon riders, but a few non-riders fill the gaps and Crafters too. Most are gathered around tables in various conversations, while others pursue games of dragon poker or darts but overall the atmosphere is a lively one filled with laughter and a easy going nature — for now. It's called Shenanigan's for a reason! Rayathess is seated off to the side and in the least 'noisiest' corner he can find and currently is quietly tuning the guitar in his lap. He's just finished playing, though that doesn't stop a few of the more inebriated patrons from calling out requests, to which the Journeyman Harper just smirks and promises: "Perhaps in a moment?" Which really isn't a promise at all. He wasn't intending to get roped into being the entertainment!

Kera spends a few minutes meandering back and forth the lower caverns, absentmindedly moving around while casting a glance as if she's expecting to meet someone. Finding herself by the pub's entrance as the door opens, music drifts out a bit louder than the previous muffle. Gaze narrows suddenly and she starts inside, probably spotting one of the people she was meeting.

It is not uncommon that Dtirae is in Shenanigan's, even with her lifemate on the Sands. She's not a prisoner there, the gold manages well on her own and doesn't feel the need to keep her rider close. She'll leave, when called, of course but for now? The woman is swept up in the crowds, being dragged from one conversation to the next with a bright smile and cheerful answers. The betting folk know her well, considering she's been known to place a mark or two. But she simply can't tell them the colors that will Hatch, that's not fair. (Does she even truly know?) But once she manages to free herself of yet another cluster, the Harper being called to draws her attention. And her mood does brighten a touch more as she makes her way over. "Rayathess!" She is positively beaming, her mood certainly in higher spirits than her normal highs? How odd! "Did you come to see our eggs? Have you seen them yet?"

C'rus is not inside the pub, but instead is coming throught he living caverns on his way to where he expects to find Kera. Not finding her in the living cavern he passes down on the way toward a spot that seems to be a hotbed of activity this evening. He sees her standing there at the door and comes up behind her with a smile, "Hi you…" he says loudly enough to be sure that he is heard over the din coming from inside, "How are you doing?"

Freedom! Perhaps that is what drives Ka'ro to Fort, or perhaps it was an insistant Wensith who suddenly got the urge to taste Fortian herdbeasts. Or perhaps it is because he happens to be meeting Kera here, regardless, Ka'ro strolls into the lounge and sniffs at the various scents. "Doesn't seem to bad here…" He decides, tilting his head to the side, and that's when his gaze lands upon Kera, beaming as he makes his way over towards the greenrider. And there's C'rus, the bluerider makes his way over and offers a friendly smile to the both of them. "Ah, here you guys here. I fully expect there to be good eats here."

In a sea of folks familiar to one another perhaps it is fitting that Imre seems to stick out more than most. He seems to be considerably older than most in the crowd, but he has an easy warm smile and an affable manner. He moves, as best he can, through the throng of people, apologizing when his large frame bumps into someone he doesn't notice in time. He emerges into a small clearing and looks around, perhaps foolishly looking for someone he might recognize from his youth spent here

Rayathess's relief comes in to forms: one, in spotting Dtirae approaching him and second in seeing fellow Harpers approaching to reclaim their previous positions. Glad to be done his role as musical entertainment, he'll sling his guitar over his shoulder and dip his head politely to his Craft fellows before stepping to join the weyrwoman. "Evening, Dtirae!" he greets her, only to check himself and add slightly sheepishly, "Weyrwoman… No, I've not had the chance though I'll do my best to see them before I return to the Hall. How've you been? Zuvaleyuth is resting?" He'll gesture to one of the empty chairs by an empty table, one of the few left in the lounge but large enough to seat several folk.

The atmosphere remains much the same, with more laughter ringing out though now some of it sounds almost too boisterous as a few riders get well into their drinks. Even so, not much comes of it, save for a slightly slurred "Hey, watch it, will ya?" from one as Imre bumps into him but the apology is enough to smooth ruffled feathers. The food here is like any tavern: hearty and local. Maybe a bit sparse thanks to the winter but it's savoury and enough to warm and fill. Again, the music picks up, not too loud as to overwhelm the lounge but soon enough some of the voices devoted to conversation are now joining in. Seems tonight is the night for tavern songs!

Kera edges around a woman carrying a tray of empty mugs and stops when she realizes she didn't actually see who she thought she did and huffs quietly. Oh well. While taking in the general feel of the room, Kera smiles a bit when C'rus's voice raises loud enough to hear. "Hi you. I'm good, some of the new riders are meeting me here." She'll hug the bluerider and spot Ka'ro among the arriving crowd. Waving him over and flashing a grin quick. "And speaking of….Hi 'Rider' Ka'ro. Congratulations." Looking past him for some of the other new riders, she shrugs. Perhaps they'll be along shortly. "We need to find a table." The Xanadu greeny peers back around, eyeing the dart boards, poker tables, and the little area where a harper is strumming.

"Call me Dtirae, it's fine." A grin settles on the woman's lips, "most people do, anyway." So, it's likely he'll be forgiven in dropping formalities with her. "Let me know when you're free before you go and I'll talk Zuvaleyuth in letting you see them?" Not from the galleries, that is. "I'm doing well enough. Weird 'bouts of… Stuff. But, great otherwise. Zuvaleyuth's resting, she'll probably get up soon and shift the eggs, again." At the gesture, she's nodding before taking one of the seats. "How are you, though? We haven't talked much."

C'rus gives Kera a hug in return, "Oh really?" he asks before he too turns his attention to the new rider, "Oh my goodness. They have have let you all loose I see…" he says with a grin on his face, "You must be pleased as punch to be able to get out and about. I remember that feeling of being able to cut loose after I graduated." What a wonderful future they all have in store for themselves now that they are free! "Yeah we do. Place seems extra busy tonight. Must be all the folks gathering for the festival. That or there was some memo that I didn't get, but yeah..the food is pretty good usually."

Ka'ro beams cheerfully, "Hey, thanks, it's good to have freedom. I was so tired of having lessons all the time, I thought I'd never survive weyrlinghood." He laughs loudly, glancing around the crowd with a tilt of his head. "Well, luckilly we don't need too many seats. Is this place always this crowded? It must have some decent enough food." He grins over towards C'rus, "Yeah, I'm super excited. I got my own place and everything. I managed to seize up an old weyr that had a nice kitchen, too. It needs a bit of cleaning and some tidying up, but it'll do in a pinch."

The Master smiles as he moves along and bows his head at the others before he moves over and seats himself in a rather small area. He looks decidedly uncomfortable, but he smiles none the less. He reaches out to snag a waitress and orders something to drink before he glances around, still not seeing anyone he recognizes from when he was younger.

The songs all seem to favour drinking types and most have many of the patrons singing along or laughing. There's a good deal of foot stomping and hands clapping or tapping the tables to keep the rhythm. For a moment it does become overwhelming, drowning out most conversation until the last chorus and most just let it finish with easy smiles or a slightly exasperated look for the more enthusiastic folks (or drunk, most likely). There's a lull in the music, which allows for the servers to go back to taking orders and for conversation to pick up again. One group however is becoming a bit rowdier, noticeable mostly for the overly loud voices and drunken laughter and the fact that the bartenders are eyeing that party warily.

Rayathess chuckles dryly, "Dtirae it is, then. Didn't want folks to think I was a Harper with no manners," he murmurs with a smirk. He's enough of a reputation as it is! "Weird about… stuff? You're not coming down with one of the spring illnesses, are you?" Cue a slightly concerned look but he doesn't otherwise push it with Dtirae. "I'd enjoy that, if she'll allow it. And I've been… well." In a nutshell. "Busy." Guilty! Setting his guitar down carefully, he'll slouch in his seat, giving the nearby Imre a polite nod. "Master Smith." he greets, before his eyes do a cursory glance about the room and linger a moment on that too-loud group.

Kera starts to weave through the tables when she spots a waitress cleaning up a couple of tables together. Pointing them out to the others "How bout over there? Room for some of the others that might arrive later." Shrugging at one of the questions "Don't know, my first time here, ask C'rus. Spring may have something to do with it." Her attention is behind her mostly as she tries to talk and walk at the same time. She stumbles and jerks to the side a bit before coming to a quick stop. Her satchel snags one of the chairs. Quick to appologize to the large man, master smith by the knots her eyes take in quickly "Sorry bout that Mastersmith." A nod and smile offered as she tugs the offending satchel out of the way and continues to the table, dropping it on the corner. Taking a seat she looks between the bluerider, chuckling to Ka'ro. "OH no, with no new lessons, he'll never come away from his cookfires."

"You are permitted." Her tone is official-like, even, entirely teasing. "I think it's a spring illness. I'm pretty much over it." Dtirae promises easily. "And, I'll ask her. I'm sure she'll say yes. She's fond of you. No touching, but, it's better to see them when you're closer." As for his business she nods, "must be hard, being such a wanted Harper. Good for you, though. I'm glad to see you, today. I'll try to find more time to write." The smith that settles nearby draws the woman's attention, and then she's shifting as if to look at him better. "Master Smith." She greets, as well, "I feel like I should know you from somewhere?"

"Journeyman Harper." Imre says, nodding in turn to Rayathess, giving him a gentle smile as he looks up at the tug to his chair. "No worries, love." He tells her, nodding his head and taking his large mug from the passing waitress. "It's crowded." he hears his title yet again before he turns and looks to the woman speaking "Ah, Weyrwoman, a pleasure." A frown forms at her words, writ of concentration. "Perhaps? You look far too young to have known me. My father was Master Smith here when I was a lad. Until his death."

It seems that Kera has at least two people in tow behind her. C'rus follows along, weaving through the people making sure to keep an eye on where Kera is headed. It would be easy to get lost in a crowd like this. He offers a nod to the Master as he passes, "Hello…" the Healer says with a smile, before he sneaks off past to where Kera has plunked herself, and he plunks himself down beside her. He briefly glances toward the growing rowdy nature of the crowd, but shrugs it off for the present, "People are having good time apparently." He can then turn his attention back to Ka'ro, "Good. Glad to hear it and yes the food is decent enough here."

As Kera moves off into the crowd, Ka'ro is soon following behind, doing his best not to bump into anyone as he makes his way through the massive ammount of people gathered around. He frowns as he finall slides into a chair, huffing a quiet sigh as he relaxes into the seat. "Oh come on, I'm not going to spend /all/ my time cooking, after all, there's a whole world to explore now that we are free to do what we want." He glances around, sniffing at the air and eyeing the various food that is carried throughout the place, "I'll have to try some, might give me some ideas next time I fire up the stove. How are the two of you doing?

"Glad to hear you're feeling better," Rayathess is honest in his words to Dtirae and he'll still look a touch concerned but won't heckle his friend. If she says she's fine, she's fine! He blinks in surprise, "She is? And no… No, I know better than to touch." He smirks at her teasing, "Don't stress yourself over it. Figured we were both busy with our duties. I'll be here again for the festival. Not on duty, for once." To which he's immensely relieved. While Imre speaks with Dtirae, he'll try to flag down one of the servers but with mixed luck.

People are having a good time! Maybe… too much of a good time? That group are now rapidly growing out of hand and what were once voices full of drunken laughter and mirth are turning sour. Still, some music pipes up, a gentler tune than before and perhaps in hope of stemming the change in mood. It works… but for a moment… until someone decides that some "offence" or another needs to be answered — with food. Or maybe it's the bronzerider who ends up tossed onto someone's table that starts it all? Why fight with fists when there's plenty of good food to let fly! The skirmish seems to be isolated to one part of the lounge, with people scattering to either evade it or create a milling barrier as some folks egg the would be brawlers. Others call for it to stop, even so much as shouting that such stupidity will likely bring the Weyrleader down on all their heads as surely as a wherry will come to the scent of blood.

Kera grins at the new rider and "What are ya talking about, ya just proved my point." Hand raises to get a server's attention before her gaze once more drifts mainly between C'rus and Ka'ro. "He'll be popping all over Pern sampling all the tasties and then hurrying home to try and make it just a little bit better." The greeny holds her fingers just about an inch apart to help demonstrate her point. A sudden commotion on the other side of the pub has her looking that way briefly before shrugging it off with a headshake. She's found herself in the middle of a tavern brawl herself, but plans to avoid such things tonight. Ah, the server has arrived. "Order whatever ya want to eat Ka'ro. We're celebrating your graduation afterall." Kera gives a cheery wink and orders a few differant large table platters to be shared and something to drink before the server leaves. "Thinks are going well." a quick smile to C'rus before peering back across the table. "Been keeping very busy with duties."

"Thank you. I have to say, you're the first who isn't scolding me for not resting." Being in bed all day is horribly boring! Dtirae gives her friend a thankful smile before nodding. "She is. She'd be happy to let you see them. I won't stress over a letter, but, I'll be sure to send one when I'm able." As her attention shifts back towards Imre, she's looking him over yet again. "Oh! Yes, you look related to him… Used to get my knives from him. A pleasure to meet you, but what brings you to Fort, if I may ask?" However, she may not get the answer as there's commotion rising. While the merriment was easy to allow to blend into the background, the fighting is not. She's rising from her seat, looking to find the source. Gone is the happy, cheerful expression as her brows are drawn into a frown.

"Oh, I thought I'd visit home after being at the hall for turns and turns." Imre inclines his head to Dtirae "I'm Imre, by the way." A large hand is held out to her as he nods and looks around. "Although you may want to move to get way from the food fight breaking out over there." He points across the way.

"You are going to definitely want to get some food to celebrate…" C'rus says to Ka'ro, "You only graduate once after all. Traveling is the best part of things. You'll still be busy but at least it will be stuff you want to do. What are you going to do for a wing?" he asks. C'rus too glances over to those getting out of control enough to start throwing food, "Looks like the night is getting of to something of an interesting start…" he comments before looking to Kera, "Good…glad to hear it." Though he keeps half his attention on the crowd on the opposite side of the place.

Ka'ro laughs quietly and glances outside, letting out a quiet sigh, "I'll come back later and get some food. Apparently someone's decided that he wants to go elsewhere. You know how dragons can be." Ka'ro laughs and stands to his feet, "Perhaps I'll be back and try the lovely food. Faranth knows I could use some new recipes. And I promise I won't spend /all/ my time cooking, I do have wing duties now, after all!"

Rayathess mutters what sounds to be an oath under his breath and any conversation he had goes on pause as the commotion breaks out. "Never a dull moment, huh?" he grumbles and then frowns, not at the brawlers, but at Dtirae. "Probably best to just leave it," he suggests. Didn't she just say she was getting over something? He starts to stand, but hesitates. It's not his place to put a stop to things, though he might step in if they get too close for comfort. A brawl between riders stays between riders as far as the Harper is concerned. "No doubt they'll break it up…" Right? Or did he just jinx it?

Sure enough, the well intentioned comrades of those first initial riders set to brawling are now caught up in the whole affair and with the food around them cleared they do resort to wrestling and grappling. No punches yet but it's getting there! Some have returned to their interrupted games and conversations, though largely the once peaceful atmosphere is disrupted and continues to be despite the bartenders threatening the whole lot of them now.

Kera looks up from the conversation again to observe the drunken riders as they get louder by the minute. Ka'ro is called away and gets a wave before she peers back to C'rus with a hint of a frown, "Maybe we should get all that food to go. I wouldn't want to get caught up in another tavern incedent." Kera chuckles good naturedly and peeks back through the milling crowd around the rowdy riders.

"That is great that you came to visit… A shame that you're not staying? And, I apologize that our… Manners can't seem to be decent, today." The brawling certainly doesn't display good manners. "Dtirae, formerly Deitra, rider of gold Zuvaleyuth." The hand is, briefly, squeezed before she's drawing her attention back to Rayathess. Both men are given a look, "never dull, no. And, I'm not going to leave it." As the situation gets worse, the woman's lips press into a thin line of her displeasure. "I'm going to deal with this." Grumble grumble. The woman doesn't hesitate to push through the crowds to get to the brawlers. "Enough." She yells, reaching for the closet one and attempting to haul him away from whomever he's grappling with. Poor man. Why? Because the goldrider clearly isn't over whatever illness has come over her because she's puking. Right there. How lovely~

"Yeah. I think that might be a good idea…." C'rus says as Kera speaks up about taking the food to go. Such a good idea in fact that he quickly convinces her to head up to the weyr and that he'll stick around to get the food so that he can bring it up. He gets up from the table to walk her throught he crowd out the door to make sure that she gets safely on her way and then turns back just in time to see Dtirae begin to jump into the dispute and also see her puke. The healer in him can't let him pass that by, nor can the friend in him either. He moves back across the space toward the Weyrwoman, "Are you alright?" he asks.

Nothing like one of the junior weyrwomen puking on your buddies to break up a brawl! Th'ero would have used cold spoken threats and furious glaring but… this'll do the trick too! The bronzerider at fault for all of this gets the brunt of Dtirae's stomach contents, while his opponent escapes almost unscathed. All seem frozen for a moment, save for those too drunk to even stay steady on their feet but they're certainly looking at her in a mixed range of emotions. Then the bronzerider begins to grumble in slurred disgust, which just has his more sober comrades shushing him and trying to usher him out before he starts another brawl. Others are sympathetic to Dtirae but what's for certain is that the brawl is done and the music kicks up again in hopes of drawing attention away.

Rayathess swears, not caring if it's not proper for a Journeyman Harper to do so and hurries to Dtirae's side not long after C'rus joins her. "Is this what you were telling me about?" he asks her, before offer her his arm and calling for someone to get her a glass of water. "Want us to take you to the Infirmary?" That's the logical place to go, right?

Dtirae turns a horrible shade of red, mostly from embarrassment. She's not answering C'rus, not right away, as she's more or less attempting to simply disappear — which isn't possible. "No." She does finally answer C'rus as she's taking Rayathess' arm and attempting to hide from the crowd, using him as a shield. Sorry Raya! "Yes. And, yes… Please." Anywhere but here.

It seems that for once C'rus isn't going to have to argue someone into the infirmary. What a wondeful change of pace. Worry is clear on his face. There are lots of reasons people could be ill in that way. Some are minor and others are considerably more serious, "Yes. Lets get you out of here." he says to her softly, "The infirmary it is." He can only offer her a small smile, "We are going to take good care of you." He also gives Raya a nod, happy that he is there to assist as well.

Rayathess looks grim but tries his best to mask it as he's used as a shield. Not that he minds and he'll support Dtirae as much as she needs and all the way to the Infirmary before he'll allow C'rus to step in and do his work. He's a Harper, not a Healer! "Don't worry about it." he murmurs quietly, meaning the mess she made. It was effective and already the lounge is slowly creeping back to its original easy going, laid back state. Maybe this isn't out of the norm? Already drudges are shuffling in to clear out the mess. As for the gossip? Well… that can't be helped.