Harper Hall - Kitchens
Accessed from the stairs above in the Entrance Foyer and through smaller, narrower staircases throughout the Hall, the lower levels house many rooms, each with it's own purpose and function. The largest are the kitchens, which are carved from caves nestled below the Dining Hall. Spacious and well equipped, all food preparation is done there, while storerooms and coldrooms have been situated further down the tunnels on either side of the kitchen itself, allowing quick and easy access.

By now word of the festival being planned and prepared at the Weyr has spread. How could it not? Especially when Harpers will likely be needed for the event. Usually for these occasions, Rayathess has always opted to be one of those who goes to perform. It's good marks and better practice even if his studies are primarily law and history. When he's certain that his lot hasn't been drawn, he'll go on the hunt for a certain Journeyman Baker and starts with the likeliest of spots to find her: the kitchens.

Tyani is, surprise! In the kitchens. The busy kitchens, where even the store rooms don't offer privacy. Not at this time of day, anyhow, as they prepare for the dinner rush. She's currently elbow deep in breaking down a hind quarter of what looks like a goat. How romantic.

Nothing says sexy like your girlfriend wielding a meat cleaver? Rayathess will carefully edge his way into the kitchens and be mindful to keep his hands close to his sides at all time. He'll wait too until Tyani is done and not startle her mid stroke or slice. "Tyani?" he calls after clearing his throat. "Do you have a moment?" Because this isn't horribly awkward. "A quick moment." Duh.

Tyani pauses in her cutting to look over at Rayathess, and her smile is quick and genuine. "Rayathess! I…kind of. As long as you can talk here? I have to get this done." And she looks back to the leg, making another deft cut along the bone.

"Oh…" Nope, Rayathess hadn't planned for that and he frowns. Does he want to talk here? Does he want to wait? He grimaces and then steels himself, focusing only on Tyani and trying not to fidget nervously. "Want to go to the Spring Festival?" With him. That much is obvious but his words falter when a few Apprentices pause and then scatter under the sharp look he gives them. Bugger off! Ahem. "… if you can get the time to go?"

Tyani pauses again to beam at him, color rising in her cheeks. "As a date?" Yes, he's going to have to elaborate here. Not because she's confused, but because she wants to /hear/ it.

Rayathess flushes a bit too and he looks away, sheepish and clearing his throat a bit as he rubs at the back of his neck. "Ah… yeah. As a date. Since I did promise I'd court you?" And what a better way to start than a festival!

Tyani beams and (keeping her hands on the table, with the blood and guts and knife!) twists her body a bit and leans her face up to try and give him a swift kiss. "Yes," she says, settling back and grinning widely. "I would love to go with you. What's the attire? When? How would we get there?"

Rayathess will carefully lean forwards and down to give her that kiss, mindful to stay away from her workstation. He does not need blood on him! Or to be stabbed by a knife. "Great!" he grins as he straightens, looking relieved and more at ease. "Semi-casual but remember it'll be mostly outdoors. In a few days. Runnerback?"

Tyani nods a few times, grinning ear to ear with her excitement and pleasure. "Okay!" She will need something /new/. A new dress. She already has a good cloak and gloves, and a hat and a scarf. "This is so exciting. Thank you for asking me!" On a /date/. Her cheeks color again.

Just ignore the looks, Tyani! Which… may be ones of jealousy now and envy and awe. She's being asked by a Harper Journeyman to go to the Weyr! "I'm… so glad you're excited." he murmurs, his grin widening and more at ease. He did something right for once! Eyeing her workstation, he looks sheepish again and leans in to try and kiss her cheek chastely. "Of course. You're welcome, Tyani and now I'll leave you to your duties?"

Tyani is /special/. He did something very right. She is thrilled, leaning into the kiss with another smile and blush. "I'll see you tonight?" she whispers.

"Tonight," Rayathess promises in a low whisper, not wanting to divulge too much as he's feeling there's a few too many ears about right now. He flashes her a quick, almost shy smile and then backs away to duck out of the kitchens, not caring about the looks he receives. Why? Because folks see him grinning.

Tyani is grinning too, and giggling softly as she goes back to her duties. Happily! She has things to look forward to.