Who Jajen, Jeltje
What Jeltje is just trying to work on some pretty jewelry but she unfortunately lures Jajen's attention.
When Spring-Summer, Turn 2711
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Some people might take a day off as something that is just that - a day to take time away from chores and assignments and work in general. Perhaps Jeltje did not get the memo, for she's adopted one of the small tables in one corner of the living cavern as a workspace, her back to the main space of the room so as to try and lend her greater focus. She's had the time to gather together a mug of tea and a slice of cake (that's been cut up into near identical squares), so at least she isn't working herself into the ground. Along the middle of the table, sets of earrings - or what are going to be earrings - are lined up, hooks and clasps and bolts being added to complete each one.

Some might have wished that they could find a reason to leave the caverns the moment one person decides to sweep in. A few folks do abruptly leave, but Jajen is far from caring at this point. The youngest of the goldriders but the longest Impressed, she's built quite the reputation about herself and it wouldn't be entirely out of the question that the Candidates were WELL warned in advance of her. She's not as wicked as she used to be, some of her personality has tempered over the Turns (exile will do that to a person) but she's can still be abrasive and unpredictable. Today she seems in one of her more tolerable moods and without her usual escort of chromatic maleriders. She is, however, dressed exotically compared to most of Fort's weyrfolk. All soft fabrics and close, form fitting cuts and vibrant colors. In she sweeps and her strides take her first to that shrine built in "honour" of the Weyrleader and there's a delightfully icy laugh for that. It amuses her every time! But what's this? Jajen had scanned the cavern, only to glimpse Jeltje's work — or work in progress. No matter. It's shiny! Potentially jewelry. And that's how the Candidate will manage to snare herself a goldrider. "Afternoon!" she almost purrs in sweetness so fake it's, well… glaringly obvious. "What are we up to here?"

That Jeltje does not take well to that tone is just as glaringly obvious, her expression hardening as she looks up from her work, yet she manages to hold her tongue and not snap anything particularly condescending in response. Pliers that were being employed to close a silver link pause, but don't yet unhook from that link, the whole affair held steady until she can afford it her full attention again. "Predominantly fine silver, wire-wrapped pieces," is what she allows herself to answer, crisp and clear. "Earrings. Some belong to a set that includes a necklace and bracelet, whereas others are to be sold alone." Though she thinks to add, a moment later, "Obviously as a pair." Glancing down again, she ensures that link is secure, then carefully extracts the pliers. "Not all are commissions or bound for homes yet, if you've an interest."

Very wise of Jeltje to hold her tongue, though Jajen can clearly see the effect she's had and it only amuses her rather than annoys. She's terrible, really, knowing full well that a Candidate cannot push too far when it comes to rank. She makes a little clucking noise with her tongue, settling into one of the chairs across from where the Candidate sits. Delicate hands steeple themselves as she rests her elbows and arms on the table and likely too close to Jet's work. "Usually prefer gold myself," Cue a huge, false smirk. "But if the work is exceptional, I could be swayed. May I see?" At least she's polite enough to actually ask before snatching something to inspect it. "Smith then, hmm? Apprentice or Journeyman?"

One thing that Jeltje isn't afraid to do is protect her work. Setting the pliers down, she reaches out to draw each set of earrings back a few inches, until they're all in that neat line again, done in such a manner as she could oh so deferentially making more room for the goldrider, rather than attempting to keep pieces from the danger of being damaged. "Gold is generally only worth working with when a client requests it, for it significantly increases the price of most pieces. Some say gold will always sell, but it's foolish to take a risk when people might not always have the funds to look twice at it." Gently, she repositions a set of earrings yet to have hooks or clasps added before Jajen, their silver twirls bearing red stones too dark to be rubies, and so more likely garnet. A chain and small, adjustable cuff leads from each one, designed to be attached to the ear's helix, while the twirls themselves hang from the lobe. "Journeyman," she clarifies.

"What's life worth but taking risks?" Jajen purrs in that two sweet voice of hers again, giving Jeltje a grin that is nearing predatory as she'll take a moment to study the other woman. Just a quick glance over and already the goldrider is forming her opinion; it reads openly on her face as she has no masks and, like almost everyone she meets, Jet doesn't quite measure up. She'll be nasty enough too to nudge one of those earrings just-so and just out of alignment with the edge of one finger that it could easily have been an accident. "Ahh, Journeyman, right. Silly of me to ask, an Apprentice wouldn't be working on their own, would they?" There's a little laugh and then she's examining the set given to her. It works to draw her attention wholly to it and now she does appear genuinely intrigued. "My my… These are lovely. Even if silver."

"I think a professional can tell the difference between life and business," Jeltje declares, nudging that earring back into place as though it's simply a matter of course. She doesn't appear the least bit phased by that predatory grin, nor the fact that she might not measure up at all, both taken in an accepted as though she is perfectly accustomed to each of them - or perfectly trained in the art of appearing impassive when she must. "If it's the design that pleases you, it can be replicated in materials of your choosing, on the understanding that the finished product would never be quite identical to another. Some Journeyman rely on staples of the same item to sell repeatedly, but I feel pieces are more worth purchasing if you can be secure that you will not see the next woman you meet at a Gather wearing the same design."

Jajen's simply smiles that too-sweet, too-kind smile of hers at Jeltje's declaration and goes back to inspecting the earrings. It doesn't mean she's paying less attention though and she will scoff in dry amusement for the direct way the Candidate works. This, at least, seems to please the goldrider. "I like the way you think, Journeyman …?" The look she gives is an expectant one. Name, please? And while she used Jet's Craft rank, she's well aware of her current position but decides not to bring the obvious to light. They're discussing business, after all!

"Jeltje," is promptly supplied, as much to do with manners as anything else. Having decided that havoc is not about to break loose and her work is not going to suffer, she selects the matching item to go with the earring she just formed the loop for and begins to bring together hook and decoration with another slim link of silver. "All connections are soldered closed to be secure, naturally," she states, only as the thought strikes her. "And if anything were to break within a year of use, repairs are free of charge. If the work is my own." She must be pretty confident to offer that as a part of any purchase.

Jajen's nose wrinkles a bit. "Bit of a mouthful, that? Not that I'm one to talk, my full name is Jajenelja." She gives a long suffering sigh. "Which is why I much prefer Jajen. Much easier to speak, hmm? So what to shorten you to? Jel? Jele? Jet?" Anytime, she can be told to stop, but from that grin she gives it's as though she expects not to be. Ahh, to have rank and power! Jajen loves it so… and abuses it whenever she can get away with it. If anyone else had been here? She'd be all prim and proper (not that anyone buys it) and probably save poor Jeltje the headache. "Is that so? Confident too. Proud of you work. I like that." she admits with that grin still in place. Satisfied at last with inspecting her work, Jajen will lean back in her seat and fold her arms across her chest. "So how much would I be looking to spend for work like that? But in gold?"

"Parents all too often pick what they like and don't think what might impact their child." Jeltje doesn't sound particularly judgemental, but matter of fact about what has most likely affected her and the weyrwoman she converses with. Whether it does her any good or not, she pretends to be terribly interested in making sure the loop that she's working on is absolutely secure and ready to be soldered with minimum adjustments, buying time before she might have to deliver a response on the subject of her name. It is inevitable, she must conclude, whether she answers Jajen or eventually tells another, that she will say, "I used to go by Jet," murmured low. It settles on her, sharpening her focus, her jaw set. "In solid gold, and presumably with ruby, rather than garnet…" The price she names is not unreasonable, and not too steep, given that she is early in her Journeyman years, yet it is more than one would pay for selecting from a standard, staple design from another Smith.

Jajen seems to mull that over, "Then my parents had an awful sense of humour for both myself and my siblings," she admits. "Almost all our names sound like they just took letters and jumbled them until they were half-decent." Sorry Jeltje, but the goldrider isn't so easily fooled or deterred. She'll be stuck with her until she grows bored or finds something else (or someone else) to which to focus her attentions to. "Used to?" Spoken in that purred tone again but lower, it's obvious what she's implying: do tell? Her gaze has sharpened, watching Jeltje a little closer now. The given price does not shock Jajen and she'll tilt her head as if to consider it. "Let me think on that awhile…" Which makes one wonder if there will ever be further interest. One never knows with Jajen. "So then, Jet?" She doesn't even ask or wait to see if she'd prefer to be called by that. "How are you enjoying the wonders of Candidacy so far? Is it everything you've ever dreamed of?" Sarcasm drips from those words and heavily at that.

Jeltje can do sarcasm. She could do sarcasm, but rather than fight fire with fire, she opts not to riled and stick to the plain, flat truth, as entertaining as it might not be. At least it allows her to avoid the question for which she does not have an answer - even for herself. "I never dreamed of Candidacy even for an instant, so I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I'm not sure I'm dreaming of Impression, even now, so I'll be a disappointment there too. What I can do is my craft, and what I will do is the other work assigned to me because we have to earn our room and board." She tilts her head slightly. "For I can't see how it benefits us - though it's plain how it benefits others." Perhaps, maybe, possibly, she should be slightly less truthful in future. "I look forward to working on your commission - or not, as the case may be. Ma'am." If one can dismiss a weyrwoman, she certainly tries to do so.

While not exactly dismissed, Jajen IS growing rather bored of Jet as her target for the afternoon. She's both mildly impressed and quite disappointed that the Candidate never fights back but it makes for a very one sided game. "Oh, it's not me you'll be disappointing," she remarks in a rather flippant tone and cryptic message. There's even a little wave of one of her hands. "If you ask me, there's not much to look forwards to and anyone who does think Candidacy is a glorious honour needs a good does of reality!" There's a lurking bitterness to her tone there but all too soon that too-sweet smile is back and she'll beam to Jeltje. "Then I'll be seeing you again soon. It's been a pleasure, Jet… Until next time." Won't that just be her lucky day? For now though, the goldrider slides from her seat and, with a little wriggle of her fingers in a mocking sort of wave, she'll take her leave and go to prey on someone else.

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