Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Western Coastline
Forest falls away from the craggy edge of the coast, leaving dark rock bare of any greenery save the odd burst of lichens and whatever strange plants are purged onto the shore by the sea. This is no sandy shoreline by any means, but a rather pebble- and rock-choked region with the odd fragment of a boulder here and there. This is also where the dragon tail river finally ends, flowing into the sea — fresh water colliding with its salty cousin to create a place where no fish can be found.
The coastline continues onward into pebbled beaches and rocky tidepools, with the periodic flaring of beach grasses here and there. The waters themselves are blue-gray, flecked in the distance with white caps of foam and waves. Sea avians and the odd firelizard can also be spotted in the air and distance, fishing in those places where fish can presumably be found.

Here at the edge of the world, or at least, it feels like it, there is much to be seen and much to do. But Ha'ze is doing none of it. While Kainaesyth watches small creatures in the brine Ha'ze lays at the edge of a cliff with a pad of paper in front of him and a charcoal stick. He's drawing, though most of his time is spent looking over the edge.

C'rus doesn't do much extra travel these days apart from going back and forth between Fort and Xanadu, though tonight finds he and Jaicoureth out and about. They had spotted Kai and Ha'ze from the skies and had circled ever lower before landing. C'rus hops down off of Jaicoureth's neck and waves to Ha'ze, "Hi Ha'ze." he says. Jaicoureth bobs his head in greeting his brother, « Hello Kai. How have you been? » he asks. His brother has obviously been rather busy with life things and so he hasn't bumped into him all that much.

Rynn has managed to coax Mazz from his dozing den- a task all its own, and by the looks of it, it seems as though they're 'practicing' flying after a long winter. He's not quite back at Weyrling level, but turns and loops are not nearly as smooth as usual and wing sails bat more intently than the summer ease they had gained before the cold set in. Seeing a group forming off in the distance, Mazz projects their familiarity and they lazily float towards the cliff for a slightly bumpy landing. Good thing they were a good distance away! Rynn dismounts and approaches with a smirk "Fancy meetin' you four out here!" Mazz grumbles a dark cave of a greeting « Brothers! It's been too long of a winter, but Rukbat shines again! »

Watersoaked deserts, the river flowing high with spring's melt, twists about the mind of his siblings. Joy is writ in every flick of air against waxy greenery. « My brothers, come and see. The life here is as vivacious as that which clings to our forests of home. Will you not swim with it and listen to the tales they tell?» For his part, Ha'ze just glances up for a second then shifts himself so that the bad of paper is tucked closed and placed into his belt. "C'rus, Rynn."

Jaicoureth has grown more awake and alive with the passing days. His attention has shifted outward once more, turning away from the thoughts and ideas that he ponders all winter. He trots closer to Kai and whatever he is looking at, « Everything is springing to life again. » he projects with a swirl of colored fabric, « Though I'm not sure the little creatures in there have stories to tell. » They are after all so very small and the rest of the world is so much bigger than they are. He turns his focus to his brown brother as well, « You seem to have awakened as well Mazz. It's good to see you out. » Now there is a face that C'rus hasn't seen in a good long while, "Hi Rynn. Good to see you. It's been far to long." He then turns his gaze back on Ha'ze, "I'd have thought you'd be out with Jajen or Abby." Not that he probably doens't deserve a quiet break every now and again.

Rynn is nearly whisked away by the images passed from Kainaesyth's projections to Mazz and the grumbly bear begins to step in to the forest light, sharing sunbeams through the canopy and the scents of fresh evergreens. The bulky brown lumbers over, stretching his legs as he does and extending snout for a nosebumped greeting « Is it not glorious Kainaesyth? The warmth of spring thawing the frigid soils and unveiling refreshed lands. I will swim with you any day! Let the tales be endless would you please? » Images of the lands and creatures awakening to spring's dew pass on towards Jaicoureth « After sleepiness like that I'm sure Rynn would agree that it's good to be out… and good to see you my brother. How is Yours? » He thinks there might be some lady in the picture too, but can't quite remember. Rynn is all smirks and suppressed giggles, seeing Mazz invigorated like this is a relief after the metaphorical teeth pulling that happened all winter. Arms extend to give C'rus a squeeze if he will "Much much too long gents. S'really good to see you both!" Post impending hug a hand may rest on Ha'ze's shoulder briefly if he doesn't not pull away too abruptly.

Good call on not hugging him. Ha'ze allows the shoulder squeeze as he shrugs slightly at both of their cheery greetings. "Jajen's dragon will reach out the moment she goes into labour." Which should be any day now. Kainaesyth wraps a tail around the brown for a moment before he undulates deeper in the waves. « Come, the gray ones even tell stories of their own. »

Why not join in! Jaicoureth moves to join his brother in the water. He'll give a chance for Kai to tell his stories, « Everything is lovely. We have mates now. It is a wonderful thing. » So sayeth the dragon of love. Because naturally relationships are the most important thing in the universe. He cranes his neck to look at his brother, « So. What is it that we are looking for here?" he asks. C'rus lets Rynn hug him and smiles, "Yes too long, but you are back and thats what matters." he says. He ahhhs softly to Ha'ze, who apparently has a system set up, "Good luck with that. I hope everything comes out well and that the baby and the mother are both healthy."

Rynn knows Ha'ze well enough by now to know that 'hug' is not in his vocabulary and would not be a welcomed gesture either. She's content with the shoulder squeeze, but doesn't linger long there either. "Congratulations Ha'ze. I heard that you may be expecting, didn't realize it was coming up so soon." Someone was getting busy last fall! Post C'rus-squeezin, a twinkle in her eye pairs with the inquiry of "How's Kera? You two have any plans for minions in the near future?" As for Mazz he's easily coaxed down for some swimming and creature viewing as he croons « Mates. That is lovely! Yours is so deserving of a great love! » A question reaches towards Kai and asks curiously « What stories do they tell? »

Hug no, sleep with others? Sure. Hopefully Rynn doesn't try to make that brain connection, it'll break her. "Yeah." Such a fount of conversation he is! He stands looking between them and then back at the ocean. "I'm not mated with either one of them." If they needed that distinction made. Because Ha'ze can hear the dragons. Out in the ocean the dragons will get further away as a pod of dolphins come to slip between them. They chatter at the dragons, one of the older ones telling a story of waves and sea as if he can hear Kainaesyth's urging. (Or maybe Ha'ze told them.)

Rynn couldn't even contemplate the subtext of it all, so she doesn't even try and instead just maintains a pleasant smile. "Yeah…" she says back almost robotically before shrugging at the next part. "S'all the same to most in the Weyr Ha'ze." Not that he cares, but she adds "No judgement here." C'rus is just a particularly special one when it comes to romance and the formerly androgynous tomboy (aka Rynn) just hasn't looked back since Br'enn. She stifles a giggle in to a paired cough grumble at C'rus' Abby like antics and just head shakes before jutting an elbow gently in to C'rus' side. "That's really endearing. You two really got it all figured out." For what's right for them at least. The brownrider plops down for a little sit and asks Ha'ze "Anything else exciting in your Pern?" before gazing out on to the ocean where she tunes in to the sensation of water rippling over her lifemate's hide and listens in on the stories he so fervently listens to while swimming with the 'phins.

With his two clutchsiblings settling around him Ha'ze is just going to have to admit that they're here for the time and aren't about to leave. "No." He sits a foot or so away from the other two, but he's not leaving and not being particularly surly. Instead his dark gaze is settled on the sea and the waves as they crash against the rocks. He'll listen with one ear and pop in on the others when his brief phrases are needed.

C'rus has pleanty of judgement! Loads even! But he's in the business of being 'nice' now, so he keeps his mouth mostly shut, "I think we do anyway." he says to Rynn with a chuckle, "Not that I think you ever really figure it out. I mostly make things up as I go along." Because this is the first 'relationship' he's ever been in. There is no point of reference to go on here. Nope. "You and Br'enn doing alright?" he asks her. "Not having any sympathetic pregnancy symptoms are you Ha'ze?" Because that is not uncommon and also it would be funny…really funny, "Any strange cravings or the like?"

Rynn gives C'rus a 'look' and then shrugs about the lackluster bluntness of Ha'ze's 'no'. She should be used to his mannerisms by now, but secretly always hopes that some day she'll butter him up enough to where he actually converses her. Then! It hits her! HE IS HAVING A BABY? This means Ha'ze is capable of intimacy- or at least being physical with another being. /Mind blown!/ And so, Rynn will sit, staring, perplexed and blocking this thought process from streamlining straight through dragons to riders. Looking to C'rus she'll nod in consideration of these concepts and mumble "You have a point…" without much relationship experience herself either. There's a nod "Yes. I mean mostly. Sweeps have been kind of brutal on our schedules, but we're still pretty solid when it comes down to it."

Ha'ze would say that with exactly one relationship, C'rus has exactly zero inches of room to talk. JUST SAYING. "No. Who'd I have them for? Abbey or Jajen?" He raises an eyebrow as dryness simply FLAKES off of his words. Rynn's brain can break there- not one woman, TWO. It wasn't an accident. Or it was. Well, once was, both were? He's a little confused even these nine months later.

C'rus had a similar reaction when he found out, but that was a little while ago and he's had time to let things really sink in. Of course he has no room to talk, but thats not ever stopped him before and it certainly isn't likely to stop him in the future. Besides Jaicoureth is even more obtrusive and nosey than he is, "Yeah…work gets in the way of too much sometimes. Some day we should just say shove it and do as we please…" Half the weyr not showing up for work would be amusing, "Don't know…which one would you want?" he asks with a grin. Is there method to the madness? Who knows.

Rynn raises a brow "Wait… you're responsible for Abby too?" What on Pern?! Those women must have some mystical Ha'ze unlocking powers or something. Rynn just doesn't know what to think now, but she doth conclude that Ha'ze must either hate her, or just treats all people so despondently and Abby/Jajen just have a thing for guys like that. More staring, more confusion. She concludes there is no sorting of such concepts and gives in to a complete and udder lack of understanding. "I like that idea C'rus… doing as we please." A head nod. "I'll have to convince Br'enn of that this sevenday, we could use a little us time." It isn't long before the lumbering brown tired of dragon-paddling. His loamy mindvoice reaches to his brothers and the story tellers « Kind sirs the time has come to rest again so that tomorrow may allow for more play. Thank you for the swim and the stories. Looking forward to these wondrous seasons of warmth. » He bolts in to the sky and heads for the ledge to pick up Rynn. "Guess that's my cue." She pushes to a stand and grabs her leathers from a nearby rock. "Always nice to see you both…" yes both of ya! "Until our paths cross again." A bow of the head flick of the wrist and she's mounted Mazz and headed for the skies.

Ha'ze didn't particularly say 'shove it', but his arrangement with Th'ero almost amounts to the same bit. Those who pay close attention to Thunderbird will notice that Ha'ze rarely partakes in their work, but still wears the patch. When Rynn rises Ha'ze does too, "Be well Rynn." Off in the distance the dolphins break away from the dragons still there and Kainaesyth takes to the sky, allowing glittering droplets of water to rain downwards behind him. Time to dry off on the beach in the dying sunlight.