Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Spring brings warmer waters to Fort's Lake, though not as warm as summer because there's still a bit of bite behind the chill. Despite this, though, Dtirae is out in the lake for a morning swim — it beats a morning jog. Zuvaleyuth is settled on the shore, freshly bathed and oiled the day before, sunning prettily though her eyes are lidded as if she is napping. It is a quiet morning at the lake, with only the sounds of water and nature though sounds from the Weyr do filter in.

Kainaesyth's flute-like greeting to the weyr is echoing the moment he and Ha'ze blink in from between, the not-quite-musical-but-almost-there tones falling like feathers downwards onto the lake. They circle slowly downwards till they can land lightly at the edge and Ha'ze can slip off. In contrast to the beautiful Zuvaleyuth, Kainaesyth is a bit of a mess. Fresh dirt clings to him and that ever present dryness makes it seem like he hasn't been oiled in ages.

The trumpet of greeting has Zuvaleyuth tilting her head towards the sky, giving a small trill of welcome back to the bronze before she is stretching out rather lazily. Dtirae makes her way to more shallow water, watching the pair curiously from where she stands before making her way out of the water. Wet black hair is pushed from her face before she's drawing up the rest of it to wring her braid of water. "Hello Ha'ze and Kainaesyth." A grin is given to the pair, and a touch of amusement settles in at the sight of dirt on the bronze.

« Today is a day of rebirth my lady, » Born on the sweetest of warm breezes, Kainaesyth's voice is a caress against Zuvaleyuth's mind. It bares hints of desert jasmine and the unmistakable taste of sage. Ha'ze is well on his way to divesting Kainaesyth of his straps when the goldrider comes from the water. "Goldrider," Ha'ze is more formal in his reply, "Zuvaleyuth."

« Rebirth — nay, such a term does not apply when one doth covers thyself in the essence of this planet before wishing to rid thyself of it in cleansing life essence. That, dear youth, is called a bath. » Zuvaleyuth replies, her voice soft in the glaciers of her mind, the chilling breeze a touch colder with her words. Dtirae gives a light shake of her head for his greeting. "You don't need to call me goldrider… How was your… Trip?" She can only assume, with appearances the way they are.

Gently Kainaesyth disagrees with those chilled winds. They're banished from thought and are replaces instead with the images of where he has spent the last morning. Wide fields stretch outwards. Their deep brown dirt just waiting for life to burst forth. A sense of comradeship comes from those on the field who carefully tend the fields. « Rebirth. »

The shared images make much more sense, and the gold rumbles her approval. The words are far less chilled, but still have a cold touch — glaciers are always cold. « It is a time of rebirth. » Images of the forest drift in, creatures returning or waking and the images of their young. Life flourishes. Dtirae nods, taking a step away from the man to watch him work for a moment before considering her lifemate. "I see. Did you go help out the Holds? Or, the minor holds? That's nice of you to help."

Warm approval meets those images. Spring is beautiful. All is right in the world. "Kainaesyth helped." Take that image for a moment, the bronze dragon seriously attempting to have a conversation with a farmer so as to tell him that the number of seeds he is trying to plant simply isn't right. It works better when there is someone to pass the message along, but Ha'ze rarely sticks around for that. "Get in Kai, start gettin' some of the mud off." Willingly the bronze takes himself into the cool water of the lake to help wash off some of the dirt.

"He seems as if he would help. Zuvaleyuth shared. And… He's covered in mud." Dtirae grins towards the bronzerider before her gaze is following the bronze into the water. There's a curious glance towards Ha'ze next before she begins to unravel her braid. "You don't seem as pleased as he is?"

The bronzerider shrugs a bit as he stands with arms crossed on his chest. "It's Kai's gig, not mine. He goes to be helpin' plant, and I go find somethin' useful to be doin'. Don't care much for plants." He's more of a hunt-animals type. Or use a hammer. "What has you bathin' out in the cold? Ain't she close to be layin' down her eggs?" A nod towards the gold.

Dtirae hums and then nods in understanding. "I see. Well, it's nice that you're supportive of what he does." As the braid comes undone, she twists out the remaining water before setting on braiding it again. "I don't like the bathing caverns. Too closed off… It's not that cold." Compared to winter. "Mm. She'll be laying her eggs soon, yeah. Doesn't mean I shouldn't be out in the lake." Grin.
"Gets me out and about." Ha'ze shrugs his corner again as he tilts a look at the gold dragon again. As if expecting her to get up right then and go lay down the eggs. "Didn't say you shouln't be. Just asked why in the cold. You answered that."

"Do you not like being out and about?" Dtirae wonders of the man, lifting a brow. Zuvaleyuth doesn't budge from her spot, nope. No eggs, yet. There's a soft chuff that comes from her, though, before she's laying her head down once again and ignoring the two riders. "Ah… Well… People think there are things one shouldn't do when their lifemate's going to be on the Sands or is on the Sands. The only thing she doesn't want me to do is hunt. Says I'll be out too long."

"I don't like not bein' out and about. Have to stay a bit closer to the weyr then I'm likin' right now, or to Drake's lake. Don't know how much longer Jajen or Abigail have." And Ha'ze will be there when those two women go into labor. Zuvaleyuth's disinterest in the pair of riders has Ha'ze shifting his eyes back to the bronze playing in the water. Even in the middle of water Kainaesyth seems just a bit… dry. Like the water just slicks off of him. "I don't care what goldriders do or don't do on the sands."

"Ahh. You're Abigail's baby's father." Dtirae notes, giving the man a curious look over once again. She won't say anything about Jajen. "Congratulations." Her gaze shifts, briefly, to the water in idle consideration. "Good. People care far too much about those things." Though, sometimes for good reason. "Ah well…"

"I talk when there's somethin' to be talked about. USually there ain't." Ha'ze catches that sideline look and shifts himself so he can examine the goldrider from tip to bottom. Eyes pauses on the braid for a split second longer. "I've no interest in what others are doin'." Kainaesyth pops his head above the water for just a moment, then undulates right back down. When Dtirae sways Ha'ze steps forward and reaches out with a hand. "You okay?"

Ha'ze is closer in reach than Zuvaleyuth, so when he's reaching out, she's making contact with his arm for a moment until she's fully rooted again. "Yes… Just felt ill, suddenly…" Dtirae releases him and gives a thankful smile before her gaze settles on Zuvaleyuth. Their conversation is silent, but the gold settles again after a moment but watches with a wary gaze. "Anyway…" The woman returns her gaze towards him, her hand lightly coming to press against her stomach as if that will ease it. "I think I've asked most, but, I'm curious how you came to Fort, if you feel like sharing?" She still doesn't look well, and the question serves as a distraction.

Ha'ze doesn't let go of that arm, even when the woman is steady again. He's too much of a watcher to pass over those small cues that not all is well with the goldrider. "Was one of the Laris kids." Six words barely scratches the surface of Ha'ze's story, but it's all he's willing to give before he knows the woman better. "Want me to be walkin' you back to the weyr?"

Dtirae doesn't attempt to pull away, at least. "One of…" She's trailing off, quietly considering. "Oh! From that group." She remembers, all too well. "Glad to see you're doing well." At least, she assumes he's well. Cheeks flush at the offer and she gives a slight shake of her head. "No. Thank you… For the help. And the offer. I'll be fine. Probably just a passing illness. I'll be fine."

Haze's expression doesn't flicker when she makes the connection. He'll even leave alone the comment of doing well. Comparatively, she is quite right. He is doing well. He allows his hand to fall away and sends a thought out to Kainaesyth. That translates into warm breezes washing about the mind of the green dancing to the echo of flute music. « Does yours lie when she says she is fine? »

As his hand falls away, Dtirae gives him a thankful smile and allows her gaze to travel skywards. She has no objections to lingering in silence. Zuvaleyuth, however, remains watchful. The warm breezes are wrapped into cold and drawn in. « She lies. Not even the kind twisted betwixt sweet words, blunt and entirely full of deceit. » Displeasure comes forth as freezing winds, chilling her mindscape into nothing but frost and ice. « The flu, she tells me, but yours? She tells nothing. Stubborn is mine fool. »

"Don't bull*it me goldrider." Ha'ze doesn't mince words when he chooses to speak. "Your Zuvaleyuth says you are sick, and last I checked swimmin' in the gold isn't the best to be gettin' healed. " He doesn't force the issue of getting her back to the weyr. He just stands there with his arms at his side and his dark eyes hiding whatever emotion goes along with those words.

Dtirae jumps, slightly, at the sudden swearing and giving the man a look. "It's passing." She retaliates while folding her arms across her chest. "The cold feels better than the heat, I'll be fine. I don't get sick often." Excuses, really. "It isn't anything to be concerned—" Her arms unfold and a hand covers her mouth, the other waves at Ha'ze if trying to send him away as she hunches over.

Ha'ze knows stubborn and he sees it in the form of the woman before him. Other riders would jump to her aid, would curl an arm around her shoulders in reassurance. But not Ha'ze. He stands with his arms still crossed on his chest and a single toe tapping. Hopefully she doesn't collapse in front of him. Then he'd have to pick her up and carry her back to the weyr.

He's definitely better off not offering reassurance! Dtirae's remaining hunched over, and it's not too serious as Zuvaleyuth is only watching and not alerting everyone to the trouble. She remains this way a moment before coughing softly and then slowly righting herself. Cheeks are colored a deep shade of red and she gives the man a look. "I'm fine." She's turning from him, because the embarrassment is too great and her towel is right over there.

Ha'ze taps his toe again, considering the goldrider. "If you say so." Now, if she was Abigail or Jajen, Ha'ze might feel some compulsion to push, but… she's not carrying one of his kids. Her gold isn't freaking out and Kainaesyth still requires a bath. He turns away and lets out a whistle- common out Kainaesyth, time for cleaning!

Once she acquires her towel, Dtirae wraps it around herself. There's a pause before she offers a soft: "Thank you for your concern." Before she's striding back to the Weyr. Enough embarrassment for the day! Zuvaleyuth rises then, shifting and stretching out before reaching out towards Kainaesyth, trickles of the glacier trailing inwards. The touch is cool, but not as much as before. « Your rider has my gratitude. » Her voice is full of soft laughter from within the droplets before she quietly retreats. The gold is following her rider after that, rumbling the whole way.