Who Lu'ka, Sephany
What Sephany and Lu'ka chat on the beach.
When Spring-Summer - Month 5 of Turn 2715
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's a bright sunny day at Fort. Normally a rare occurance, but it's almost Summer now, so there will be a few more nice days like today before the ice creeps back in. The water is still on the cool side, but perfect enough tofr dragons to play in. Lu'ka has just finished giving Roth a thorough scrubbing and now the young dragon is swimming about with other dragons in the lake. The Harper weyrling is gathering all the bathing supplies and hauling them well away from the water's edge so they don't get swept away. Basically, Lu'ka doesn't wanna ave to go diving for buckets and brushes later.

There is no more ice to skate upon, but Sephany comes to the lake anyways. It is cool enough that she's drawn a cloak around her shoulders, but it hangs open and she walks with a freedom of stride that clearly says she's comfortable and not cold. There is a blanket over one arm, and a book cradled in the nook of her arm, easily discernable as she nears the weyrling pair. A flash of grey eyes to the bronze dragon first (he's bigger, and so easier to spot) before she glances around for the weyrling attached to him. "Good afternoon, Lu'ka," she offers when she's near enough to make conversation possible.

No doubt, Thimble and Harper are likely tucked up there around Sephany's neck, little bodies pressed in against their human pet and all but hidden amongst copious amounts of loose, blond hair. They're snuggled up, unwilling to leave their makeshift nest of hair-and-cloak to play games, even if Thimble keeps her green head out to watch Scribe. The human's eyes are on the bronze again, a faint smile playing along her mouth before her attention returns to Lu'ka. "It is as if I never left," she admits. "Although the other apprentices appear a little taller, and a bit wiser, and my Journeyman has a new wrinkle or two… otherwise, it is the same." A little glance for Roth as she asks, "How are you? Is weyrlinghood as you expected?"

Lu'ka nods to Sephany's reply, a little grin playing over his features at the changes she notes about her fellow Apprentices and even her Journeyman. "Sorta like how I'am has stretched a few inches and packed on a bit of muscle in the last few months." He finishes packing the scrubbing gear away before standing and brushing sand from his hands. "I didn't really notice it day by day. But then one day I noticed that my apprentice was getting quite tall from the little skinny kid he used to be." Pretty much all the Weyrlings have gone through changes. And while R'hra and Lu'ka haven't exactly grown any taller, they both have put more muscle on their frames from all the work and training they have been doing. "Glad you are settling back in with no problems." He cracks a grin and peers back to the Weaver "Well, it's not as messy as it used to be. Still cutting up meat, but the chunks don't have to be as small as before. And they are able to go relieve themselves outside of the barracks now. So yea, much better than before." He smirks a bit on that. "They'll be getting used to wearing straps soon."

"Yes," agrees Sephany with a slow nod of her head, now with a sad sort of smile in place. "It is exactly like that." For I'am and his changes. For changes in general. She adjusts how she's holding her book, allowing her to spread her blanket upon the sand and settle herself down atop it, getting comfortable. "I'm sure that is a relief," for them relieving themselves out of the barracks. "And soon enough, they will be hunting for themselves, as well," she observes. The bronze at play is given another glance as Sephany idly lifts one hand to scratch at Thimble's chin. "Just wait until you start flying. And going Between."

Lu'ka gives a little snort and nods "I'm not sure which of us is more relieved, the young dragons or the weyrlings, for not having to clean thoses messes anymore." He glances back towards the water as Sepahyn spreads out her blanket and settled down "Thankfully his growing has slowed though. Since we're cutting straps for them now. Otherwise, he'd be outgrowing them faster than I could get them cut out. Much less put together properly." He glances back to the Weaver and nods "Roth and the others are looking forward to it. IF we don't get grounded first. That's the trickiest part right now. Not getting grounded." He steps over to where Sephany is seated to continue explaining and crouches down to be more eye level "Roth has nearly gotten us pregrounded a few times. We were told they were not to leave the ground at all. But with sometimes he gets a bit over eager with his wing excercises and almost left the ground."

"You can sit," offers Sephany, scooting to the side to provide a space on the blanket for him. "Why would he…" but Lu'ka is already explaining. Pale eyebrows pull down, and she frowns in mild concern as he continues. "Oh dear," she murmurs, curling arms around her legs as she draws them up. "I hope he doesn't hurt himself," but there's a hesitation to saying that. Because she really has no idea when it comes to dragons, or weyrlings, or exercises involving them. "That doesn't sound so bad, though…" she notes in a positive tone. "Sev used to tell me all about the antics Aedeluth would pull. He was downright troublesome. After what he told me, I was hocked they graduated on time, honestly."

Lu'ka looks to the blanket at the offer, then scans himself before nodding and brushing off some clinging sand from his legs. "Thanks." He drops onto a corner, keeping his boots of the blanket. Smiling at her concern, "He's fine really. Better than even. I think the problem is he doesn't realize just how strong he is. That's why I have to always keep on him about staying on the ground when he starts doing his chest and wing workouts." Grinning at her recollections from her brother's weyrlinghood, he cants his head curiously "Oh, like what?" Curious about mischief he should be on the look out for. "So far, the only problems I've had are missing being able to play whenever I want. Well, mostly at least."

"Mmm… well," starts Sephany, "He wouldn't give me a lot of specifics, but he'd get this weird look on his face, like he was really uncomfortable at the memory. I imagine whatever Aedeluth did was rather ruthless and embarrassing. But he did tell me," she continues, grinning a bit, "That he once went off on the Weyrlingmaster. Well… Aedeluth went off on her dragon, Sev went off on the Weyrlingmaster herself… And he said that he — Aedeluth — would pick fights with Baylee's green, Myrakath." Grey eyes roll with some amount of mirth. "To hear S'van describe him, Aedeluth's brand of mischief is more… um. Mean than funny…" which has her looking a touch chastised for talking about her brother's dragon in such a way. "It will be over before you know it," she offers reassuringly. "And your cello will be back in your hands, and your dog will be back at your feet, and you will have a new and rather impressive knot on your shoulder."

Lu'ka frowns at hearing about how mean Sephany's brother's dragon can be and gives his head a little shake. "It's good that they are so far away then. None of the young dragons seem to be mean spirited. Thankfully for Roth it's quite the opposite." He looks back to the water to see his dragonmate diving below the surface a moment before shooting back up with a huge spray of water. He cracks a small grin. "We still got alot to learn. Which is strange really. I'd gotten so used to being in front of the classroom, now I'm back on the other side of the teaching and being taught part of a lesson." Shoulders lift briefly as he shrugs and seems to relax a bit more "It will be nice to resume some of my old routine again. Hmm, and not that the barracks aren't as messy as they were, I could probably chance bringing my cello in there." He cants his head to Sephany thoughtfully "Think there is any chance they would let me bring Fizgig in for some visits? So he and Roth can start getting used to each oher?"

A shallow nod of her head as Sephany agrees somewhat absentmindedly with her brother's dragon being far away. "Dragons are complicated," is all she can contribute, really. "And I have not really met any of the other weyrlings… just Roth," and she smiles fondly toward the bronze. "And Toskavat. From afar," which clearly does not count. She sets the book she brought down on the blanket beside her, ensuring it's safety before she ignores it for conversation. "Are you sure you would want to risk that?" she hesitates of the cello. "It may not be… dirty… but I cannot imagine that young dragons are the most, um… graceful of creatures…" Big. Clumsy babies. Limbs and tails and wings, all growing faster than they can keep up. Clearly, the weaver is picturing disasters of epic proportions. "Doubtful," for Fizgig. "You're supposed to be focused on your dragon, and on learning how to be a good dragonrider. Not puppies and visitors. But I don't see why he can't visit while you are out and about."

Lu'ka sighs a little "Yea, you've got a good point. I've already had to right my cot a few times from when Roth accidently sent it flipping over and half way across the barracks. Plus repairing the trunk a few times." He murmurs that last bit softer so his voice doesn't carry too far across the water. Not really much point in going on about Fizgig, since there isn't much he can do to change the current situation over his canine. He watches Roth playing with some of the other young dragons a moment and enjoys the quiet for a time before he breaks it. "I've been wondering about something you said the other day." His attention goes back to Sephany "You mentioned the Healers didn't want you having any sweets?" Pausing a moment to se if she corrects his assumption, since she wasn't very clear before going on "Why would they do that?"

Silence is a-OK with the weaver, who settles into it comfortably. A nod of her head, a glance of her eyes, a silent acknowledgement with Lu'ka as he ponders the state of things with a baby dragon and a baby canine, and the complications of trying to raise both. A twitch to the corner of her mouth, for Fizgig. A smile for Roth. A general sort of contentment. Sephany is relaxed, and it shows. Until Lu'ka asks about healers and sweets. Then there is a tension across her shoulders, and a little shift as muscles constrict. "Oh, well… It's not really… the sweets so much as…" A deep breath is taken, and she looks mildly uncomfortable when she proceeds. "It's a combination of things," she says at last. "But one of them is the Healers in Igen were concerned… they want me eat more. To get proper nutrition…" A shrug of her shoulders. "Any food is better than no food though, right?" she murmurs, more to herself than Lu'ka.

Lu'ka seems less concerned after Sephany explains some of what the healers were concerned about and nods thoughtfully, a little smile easing onto his face. "Good. Glad they were concerned about it, and that you are following their advice. Did they have any other advice?" He gives the Weaver a flickering once over. "You're fine other than needing to eat more right?" Roth starts swimming closer to the shore, after a moment, lumbering out of the water. Remembering how many times Lu'ka has reminded him, the bronzling holds his wings up and at an angle so they can drip dry quicker. Scribe croons softly and wings up to settle between a couple of Roth's branchlike knobs.

Very clearly, this is not a topic that Sephany is comfortable discussing; there's a pervasive tension to her body, and her eyes are resolutely looking toward the lake and the dragons within it, without actually seeing them. A soft 'mm' answers him, coupled with a quick shake of her head, for additional advice. Either they gave her none, or she prefers not to discuss it. She will voice a quick, "I am fine," that is perhaps a touch firmer than it really ought to be. "There is nothing wrong with my health." Her grey gaze fixes on Roth as he lumbers out of the water, as if fascinated by the flare of wings and the drip-dripping that commences. "I imagine you're glad the weather has changed," she offers, a deft change of subject. "No more freezing your toes off, hm?"

Lu'ka nods at Sephany's assurance that she's fine and doesn't bother to hide a little grin at her subject not very subtle subject change. There is a soft snort at her topic though as he peers back to Roth with a couple of agreeable dips of his head "I'm enjoying it while it last, that's for sure. In another sevenday or so I'll be able to swim around with him for more than a couple of minutes." He smiles to his dragonmate, not missing the fact that the young bronze isn't dragging the edges of his wings across the sand again. He glances to Sephany then gestures with his fingers, assuming her gaze will follow where he points "See what I mean about Scribe perching on his head?" He seems rather amused by it himself. Roth waddles over in that awkward land bound dragon gait.

"It must be nice," agrees Sephany, "to be able to bathe Roth without imminent threat of frostebite or hypothermia." She's teasing, even if her face is carefully schooled and tries to look serious But the glint in her eyes gives her away, as does the twitch to the corner of her mouth. "Mm. Swimming," and there's a wrinkle of her nose. "I think I prefer the lake frozen. But I won't begrudge you the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather while you can. There will be plenty of winter for me. And this time, I am determined to enjoy it!" A stretch of her legs as she unwraps her legs, and she leans back on her hands to peer over at Roth and Scribe, watching the green settle onto her perch. "Hm. Yes, I do," she tells him. "Perhaps it is convenient? Or maybe, she just likes him?"

Lu'ka grins as the young dragon waddles closer and stops well before he can drip into Sephany's blanket. His attention drifting back to the Weaver with a chuckle and nods "Well what can I say, still prefer being in the water than on it." he gets to his feet, hand reaching out to run along Roth's jaw. His gaze sweeps over the dragon's hide, doing a visial check for any obvious extremely dry spots. Not that it matters since he'll be doing a thorough oiling anyway when they return to the barracks. Another nod to Sephany and he chuckles at her enthusiasm for being on the ice "and plenty of time to teach me to look like I actually 'know' how to ice skate." He gives a mock sad look that he can't hold long before cracking into a grin before he finishes speaking again. "I don't envy you that task." Peering back up to his dainty Scribe up on a perch. "I'm certain that she likes him. But I also think she likes the high vantage point when there aren't any rafters or trees around."

Roth's approach is watched with curiosity, and Sephany offers the young bronze a fond smile as he reaches them. "Hello, Roth," she offers pleasantly. As Lu'ka stands, Sephany falls back, curling an arm behind her head as she stares up at the sky. A tip of her chin, craning her neck, allows her to somewhat watch the pair at an awkward angle. There's a mischievous curl of her lips at the prospect of teaching him how to skate, and a shrug of her shoulders that is altogether lost in her current position. "I won't force you," because that was never the intention. The intention had been to share something she enjoyed. "She probably does," she agrees of Scribe's perch, relaxing her neck so that she is looking at the clear sky once again. Her free hand reaches for her book, groping along the blanket until she finds it, drawing it towards her as she unwinds the arm from behind her head so that both hands can be employed at opening the book. Very clearly, she is going to be reading; fingers flipping through pages to find where she last left off. "If you see I'am and R'hra, please tell them hi for me?" she murmurs, clearly assuming that he is about to head off for weyrling-related activities, simply because he stood up and Roth was dripping.

Lu'ka rubs across Roth's jaw, pausing at one spot to give a few vigorious scratches that he bronze cants his head into. Roth warbles a soft return greeting to Sephany « I am Roth ». A gentle couple of smacks to the bronze's hide before Lu'ka steps back and tilts his gaze up and along the dragon's body. He doesn't see any obvious signs on cracking hide on this side, and the wings looks in excellant shape. He grins back to Sephany nad gives his head a shake "Of course not." About her forcing him to learn to skate. He'll most likely enjoy it more once he gets better at it. Plus, it's a perfect excuse to be in her company. Win/win for him in his book. He cants his head a moent "I won't force you to hold up t our wager either. But I still think you would enjoy learning to play an instrument." Not to mention, the more eople that can play, the wilder things they can entertain the Weyr with. He'll nod after a few seconds , when it sounds as if he's being dismissed. "I will." He cracks a mischevious grin. "I'll fill them on on all the sweetcakes and candy they missed out on too." Lu'ka chuckles at his joking and waves to the Weaver. "See you later Sephany, enjoy your reading."

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