Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Duties these days are simple and fairly mundane and boring for the pregnant Greenrider. Showing a bit though she's still got several months to go her Between travel is severally restricted. The avalanche at Fort Hold had her stuck here to help as people were brought back here and it was supplies duties for her only. Now today it's simply helping move stuff around the weyr and some deliveries to individual riders. So with plenty of time to get them done she's decided to take a moment for a bit of food for herself. Typriaeth is sprawls out in the bowl amongst a large drift of snow that causes her bright hide to stand out even more so. She certainly knows how to angle herself to be on display for the males of the weyr.

Near the hearths Anique has settled with a plate of bits and pieces of food and a small bowl of scraps for a young and still unnamed brown fire lizard sprawled across her lap.

And for others, duties are intensely busy and filled with a variety of tasks that never seem to end. Not that they're any more glorious either. In fact, some could say they're a bit dull too but certainly more on the grim side of things. The Weyrleaders and staff had had their hands full since the avalanche and dealing with all the little aftershocks. Handling refugees and seeing them returned to Harper and Healer Hall and some of the smaller minor holds out of the path of the avalanche or any danger has been a focus over the last few days. So has tallying up the number of injured, dead and the cost of damages which surprisingly is not as high as it could have been.

Needless to say, Th'ero's absence has not been an unusual thing and today he enters the living caverns with his arms emptied of any hides or paperwork. He's here to grab some food and some peace and quiet, something he assures himself is possible as his dark eyes scan the caverns and find them relatively quiet. Velokraeth is likely with Kayeth on the sands and there are whispers of him riding Varmiroth with Kimmila in order to travel outside of the Weyr. Turning to the serving tables, he'll fix himself a quick plate of food and grab some hot, fortifying klah before turning towards the hearths. That is when he spies Anique and a slow smile curves his lips. "Good day, Anique. Mind if I join you?"

Another scrap is fed to the hungry brown. "Slowly now!" Anique scolds though her tone is light. A hungry creel escapes him as he lays sprawled upon her lap. "Shh…" looking up as Th'ero approaches Anique flashes a welcoming and warm smile to the Weyrleader as well as a quick salute with her free hand once she sets the plate of her own food down a moment. "Good day Weyrleader." she greets. "Of course you may join. A moment of quiet today must be enjoyed before a warm fire." she notes the lack of hides or paperwork within his vicinity.

Th'ero returns the salute once he's seated himself and set the plate and mug down on a nearby sidetable. Taking a sip of his klah, he gives the hungry creeling brown firelizard a curious glance. "Thanks. Is he recently hatched?" he asks Anique with a warm yet still reserved smile. As for her remark about enjoying the warm fire, he snorts softly and takes a few bites of his food. His reply is a little slow in coming, his eyes thoughtful and distracted before he can shake it off and focus again. "Indeed it should be. Not sure how long this quiet will last but I may as well have some enjoyment of it." What precious little he can take! "How have you been, Anique? You've been placed on restricted duty now, haven't you?"

Anique mms faintly in response to the question regarding the young brown. "Indeed he is and Typriaeth is completely unpleased with him." she notes wryly. "So far she's tried to get him to hide on the beach. On the Star Stones and even tried to get him to visit the eggs!" her head shakes and her tone is full of amusement. "I am thankful that she won't be able to do such things to the baby when he or she is born." course she could do /other/ things. Luckily she's not harmful by nature. "Restricted duties yes. Not much Between work so I'm doing what I can within the Weyr." now she sounds disgruntled at this. "I wanted to be at Fort hold helping there!"

"Typriaeth does not approve of firelizards?" Th'ero asks with a dry chuckle, "Sounds a touch frustrating but I hope she comes to accept the little fellow. Velokraeth never seemed to mind me Impressing a firelizard. Granted, I had my green and brown bound to me prior to Impressing him. My bronze is my most recent firelizard and Velokraeth seemed hardly ruffled by it." he admits quietly, taking a few more small bites of food between. He gives Anique a long look when she mentions her pregnancy. "How far along are you? And have you decided on fostering or not once the child is born?" Her disgruntled look has the Weyrleader giving her a sympathetic and understanding smile. "You've done what you could, Anique and to be honest, once the snows were cleared and… everyone recovered there was not much else for us to do. Fort Hold came together and with the Halls and neighbouring Holds banding together, we were back to being mostly in the background of things. Even the refugees are gone. We've done what we could but we will continue to offer support when needed."

"Typriaeth gets a bit jealous on my attention towards others." Anique clarifies with a small smile. "She's scared off two that I had before Impression though my bronze has not left. And now this little guy." the scraps are gone and the little one is contented with his bulging stomach. "I'm nearly 5 months and going to the healers weekly to ensure all is well." which so far, all is well! "I've not yet decided." she admits ruefully. "To be honest I never expected this. Not really." a hand goes to her stomach, an action she's hardly aware of. "I've never been too found of younger kids but…" she trails off. Now that she's going to have one of her own it seems her opinion is now uncertain. "It is good to hear of so much help being available for the Hold." she remarks lightly before reaching to nibble on a bit of dried fruit.

Th'ero brows lift in mild surprise, "Did she really? I hadn't though Typriaeth to be such a strong jealous type. Though I do know she enjoys attention." Oh, he would know that! Velokraeth has made sure of it. "Well, I hope you can keep the brown. I used to think firelizards as nothing but over glorified pets but mine have been invaluable to me. Many, many times." he murmurs and with his plate of food now picked clean, he takes his mug of klah in his hands while listening to Anique. Leaning forwards, he rests his elbows on his legs, the mug still braced between his hands though his head is tilted up to look across to the greenrider. The Weyrleader's expression is gentle but serious. "I don't think anyone truly does expect it," Th'ero admits with another small smile. "But if you want my opinion? Fostering was the best thing Kimmila and I could have done. We were both like you. Unsure and unprepared. Both of us knew we'd not be able to tend to Kyzen without major sacrifices, none of which either of us wished to make. We wanted him to have the best and not go wanting… so we fostered. I never thought I'd be much of a father, as young children often baffle me but I've learned… still am learning!" As for Fort Hold, Th'ero only chuckles dryly again as he leans back in his chair. "Fortians are a hardy bunch but we come together in time of need. We'll be certain that something like this does not happen again either."

"Ah.." Anique makes a soft sound. "Then you do foster the little tyke." it's more of a statement mingled with a question. "I've seen him so often with you both. Is the harness still working or has he figured out the trick to that." a wry grin appears at that before it changes to complete amusement as he seems surprised that Typriaeth is the strong jealous type. "That's just it. She loves the attention on her and feels put out if my attention wanders from her." explains the rider with a simple shrug as if to say it is what is is. One hand lightly strokes along the head knobs the sleeping 'lizard. "I've some time to decide on fostering or not." though clearly she's leaning towards fostering. "I hope A'dar will be able to visit often. He's not comfortable staying around in a busy weyr with so many people for long but he was really nice. I've not been able yet to get a message to him to inform him of his impending fatherhood." at least she's hoping that the kid comes out looking like A'dar.

Th'ero nods his head, "We do foster Kyzen but try to visit with him regularly. Most of the time he has breakfast with us before his lessons, but of late we've been so busy. Otherwise he is with Kimmila's brother, Tlazio. They moved here strictly to foster him." he explains and from his tone it's obvious the Weyrleader is forever in their debt for such generosity. He laughs, "Oh, he figured it out long ago. He'll be four Turns soon. Old enough to be taught to behave and listen." Question is is if Kyzen choses to behave. Sipping at his klah, he frowns slightly and gives Anique a long look. "Is A'dar an independent rider then? If he is not comfortable with the Weyr, he is always welcomed to rent space up at the cottage by the glacier lake. It's there for that intended purpose. And he's… unaware of your pregnancy? Can Typriaeth not bespeak his lifemate?" he asks gently and with some curiosity.

Anique nods at that, perhaps storing that tidbit of information in her head in regards to fostering. "He is an independent rider and often far away. I'm not sure where he stays at regularly and.." she blushes. "I'm not even sure how to tell him. She could bespeak him but really I'd rather inform him in person."

Th'ero finishes the last of his klah and sets the empty mug on his plate, nudging both to the edge of the table to signal their readiness for pickup for the cavern workers. "Ahh, I see. That would make it difficult to contact him then. And I wasn't meaning to imply that Typriaeth inform him entirely. It is rather impersonal but… she could just ask for him to come visit? Even if briefly?" he suggests and when she blushes, he only shakes his head faintly. "It's not an easy topic to broach but… he should know." The Weyrleader will know all too well what it's like to receive such news. Yet their conversation will come to a hasty close, as he cocks his head a bit to the side and then sighs heavily. "I looks like I am needed elsewhere. My apologies, Anique. Perhaps we will have more time to talk another day. I do wish you and Typriaeth well and best of luck with your new firelizard and the pregnancy. If you are ever looking for more light duty, come and speak to myself or Nyalle. I am sure we could arrange something." Pushing to his feet, he will dip his head politely in farewell to the greenrider and then stride briskly from the caverns.

Anique smiles after the Weyrleader as he strides out, a thoughtful look on her expression. She just may take him up on that offer!