Who Am'ry, Xhanfyr
What Am'ry tells McBendyXhanfyr how to go up 10 points in the world. Oh, and he searches him, too.
When Spring, Turn 2711.
Where Northeast Bowl, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Struggling with a rather large and assorted bundle of goods, a boy of smaller stature peeks around from behind his burden as best he can to make sure he isn't going to collide with anything, careful foot placement making his progress slow at best. The tip of one boot catches on something, or perhaps nothing at all, and he stumbles; nearly dropping everything right then and there. It's only a few very measured corrections in his movements that save him from this, but it does not stop the top most item from sliding off the thick blankets and falling to the ground. Instantly Xhanfyr stops, very slowly turns and looks down with a groan. "Great." he sighs, letting hs head come to rest upon the side of his pile and simply stares at the leather straps and metal contraption that could be identified as a led and bridle. A second later he starts to carefully lower the large handled box in his hands to the ground, letting his legs do all the work.

Poor Xhanfyr. What a sucky situation to be in! Perhaps made all the more sucky by a bluerider and his dragon watching it all happening. Am'ry and Beauxth aren't too far away from the scene of incident, and it's the latter who spots the struggling stablehand first, prompting the assistant weyrlingmaster to turn around and look - just in time for the falling of the bridle. By the time Xhanfyr's practicing some weird sort of blanket balancing-yoga (aka, lowering a large box) to try and retrieve the dropped item, blue and bluerider and practically on top of him. "Whoa, McBendy," Am'ry says in his chill tones, swooping on in and picking up the bridle. "Pretty strong for a whippet, aren't you?" Beauxth hovers, his eyes whirling blue-green and his head low enough for Xhanfyr to possibly even see himself in the blue's big, swirling gaze.

Despite the suddenness of bluerider and mount, Xhanfyr laughs at his new nickname, brown eyes darting to the source before he just continues to lower himself down and set box and that which is stacked upon it gentle down with a soft clunk. "That's a new one," he muses, his voice betraying his age even if his youth is readily apparent given his features and frame. Fifteen, maybe sixteen turns of age. The boy's knot depicts him as an apprentice beastcrafter, but certainly the runner blankets and bridle assembly indicate work focused on that one would find in a stable. "It's not as heavy as it looks." A rakish grin soon pulls his lips taunt across straight, white teeth. Brows lift as his attention is shifted to the dragon now peering at him so closely, offering Beauxth a somewhat wary wiggle of fingers in greeting. "Why, hello there."

Beauxth is a pretty good-looking blue, and that hello there is all it takes for green sparks to flash through his already happy-whirling eyes. He lowers his head even more, bringing it right in so that he can look more closely at Xhanfyr. Or so that Xhanfyr can look more closely at him? Win-win either way, it would seem, as while the runner-lover gets the best blue view ever, Beauxth's eyes whirl faster and he snorts out a hot breath over the teen, suggesting he's pretty pleased with what he's seen, too. Also, he holds out his nose, just so, gently nudging at Xhanfyr's lower arm. "He's asking you to pet him." Am'ry sounds amused, stepping around the blue lump that is his lifemate's head so that he can actually see the kid he's talking to. "Scratch him just so, just around the nostril, or under the chin. Runners like that, right? You work with them, right?" Who else would be carrying a bridle and gear across the bowl?

Whether or not Xhan was a good judge of what makes a dragon good or bad looking remains unsaid, but the blue's actions were making him rather hard to ignore even if that was something the lad would even do in the first place. Still, Beauxth was considerably larger than even the biggest runner on record and so some apprehension on the apprentice's behalf may not be entirely uncalled for. The further lowering of that head causes Xhanfyr to take the smallest step backwards, notably sidestepping the rut in the ground that had caused him to drop that bridle still clutched in Am'ry's hand without even looking for it. "Pet him?" he asks with a blink, glancing at the rider as he appears from behind the big blue wall of dragon flesh. Eyes flick back with another blink just in time to get a facefull of dragon breath in the face, causing the boy to momentarily grimace. Not a lovely smell, no. "Oh! Yeah. Have ever since I was a little." Xhanfyr nods, reaching out with less trepidation than he had showed initially, letting long slim fingers do the work of scritching Beauxth between his nostrils and then along the line of his jaw. "Awww, you're a sweetheart aren't you?" he chuckles softly, lowering the pitch and volume of his voice making it sound much more affectionate somehow, without sounding like he was speaking to an infant or an imbecile.

"Runners are cool," Am'ry says with a shrug, affectionately stroking his lifemate's headknob. "But dragons are far, far better. A league of their own. When runners can one day talk back to us and fly, then they'll be as good, but… shardit. Why take my word for it?" He slips a hand into his pocket, pulling out a white knot and holding it out towards Xhanfyr. "I know I've not even asked you your name yet, but will you be an egg's date at it's Hatching?" Beauxth gives Xhanfyr an enthusiastic nudge. Sorrynotsorry if it knocks him off-balance.

The hand that was doing the scratching there, now under Beauxth's chin, drops away when Am'ry pulls something from his pocket and offers it. The boy simply looks long and hard at the simple white knot, before brown eyes shift upwards to meet the rider's gaze. "Uh…" is said intelligently, mouth left hung open just until Xhan is nudged by the still very close dragon snout. He does lean with the action, patting said snout gently before rubbing his hand over it. "I haven't asked yours or his name either so, I guess that's fair. Uh…" Scratching the back of his own head, the beastcrafter's brows furrow with apparent concentration, knitting themselves there upon his forehead before he worries his bottom lip between his teeth. "If I say yes, can I still tend to my runners? They're sadly understaffed at the moment and I would hate to leave them hanging a man down…" There is a pause before he looks down at himself and then back up at the rider with a half-shrug of one shoulder and a mischievious grin. "So to speak."

Beauxth gives Xhanfyr another nudge and makes a wuffling sound when he doesn't instantly say yes. "Am'ry, and this is Beauxth," the bluerider introduces himself and his dragon. "Can you still spend time in the stables? Well. I mean, candidates have things they have to do. There's excursions, classes, all sorts of things to prepare you for the possibility of becoming a Fort rider. But I mean… maybe you can? You won't be busy all the time, but you'll probably be too busy to sneak into the stalls and shovel shit every morning, if that's what you mean?"

"Xhanfyr, or Xhan, or Xee…" Xhanfyr says, soon chuckling at the nudgy dragon and giving him a couple more pats. The amusement fades though shortly there after, the boy appearing to struggle with making his decision for a few more precious moments before he sighs, "I should say no, I really should." There is another long deep sigh, giving Beauxth one last scritch before he reaches out and carefully takes the candidate knot from the rider's hand, slipping it into the pocket of his well-fitted tunic. "I have to get this stuff to the stable master before I go collect my stuff." He looks to the blue, "That okay with you?"

"Alright, Xhanfyr, or Xhan, or Xee. I'm going to go with McBendy. Easier to remember." Am'ry grins when the knot is accepted (no rejections here, boss!), and Beauxth waffles warm air all over the pair of them when he makes happy sounds. They're rumbling-growly-rough sounds, but happy, nonetheless! "You want me to help you carry that stuff? I feel a bit daft carrying this bridle when there's clearly a box, and I'm like," he flexes, showing off muscular arms, "when you're like…" And then he holds up his index finger, suggesting… skinny? "Then we'll get you to the barracks and settled in, and whatever."

Brows shoot upwards in unison, but Xhanfyr doesn't look as if he's anything other than amused with the antics of both rider and his lifemate. "People might get the wrong idea of our relationship if you do that." he teases with a laugh, which only becomes louder as his lack of big bulging muscles are suddenly brought into question. "I'm stronger than I look, but hey, if you're offering I'm definetly not going to say no." He goes ahead and takes the bridle now and tucks it between two of the runner blankets where it might be more secure than sliding about on the top where it had been previously. The reintroduction of dragon breath in all its disgusting glory gives the newly knotted candidate pause, shifting a glance back Beauxth's way, "I'm glad you're happy, Beauxth. I'll try to make you proud."

Am'ry nudgenudgewinkwinks Xhanfyr. "Hey, if you weren't a candidate, you'd go up 10 points in the world if people think you're hooking up with me." He takes the box, pulling a face when he realises it actually is as light as McBendy said it was, but that just makes it all the easier to carry. "But since you are a candidate, don't go point-seeking by telling folks we're getting jiggy with it. You'll lose your knot, and I'll get a bollocking from M'icha. Cool? Cool. Let's go." Happy Beauxth will shadow them as they cross the bowl to the stables, before taking off to settle somewhere in the Weyr's upper levels.

Xhanfyr's almond shaped eyes widen considerably with all that Am'ry has to say for his little comment, perhaps made as much in jest as it was in passing. "I…uh…well…" he flounders, turning the color of a redfruit before he straightens himself out and coughs against the curl of his right hand, shifting his gaze off to the side. "…don't think…that will be a problem?" Shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other, it takes him a couple of seconds to recover from all that before jerking his head towards the passage of rock that will take them off towards the stables. "Right, so…this way and thank you." Awkward is as awkward does and for the rest of the walk to and from the stables the kid is fairly quiet and decidedly doesn't look the poor rider in the eye again if he can help it.

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