Cavern of Streams
The actual entrance to this cavern is a tunnel, with the sides blocking off views of everything but what is in front. Light apparently was provided by glow baskets that have long since vanished from the nooks created for them. The tunnel doesn't lead far, but when the bulging sides give way, the sight is awesome. The cavern widens to all sides, the walls left natural, not at all smooth or even. The sound of dripping water creates an echo off the walls of the cavern, as small streams of water have eaten away at the rock over thousands of Turns. The streams are more common around this room than the ground proper, where dry areas begin to take on a stepping stone appearance.
The overwhelming wonder of this cavern is further created by the rock in which the walls were formed, for they sparkle and shine when illuminated due to the mineral deposits within the stone. The ceiling is also adorned with stalactites, which are numerous and large. At the east side, where there seems to be a dead end, is a vast pool with water that appears black for the unknown depth truly there within. Yet, the water is actually flowing toward the pool and seemingly underneath rock that hangs inches above the water.

Ha'ze leads the way into the cavern of springs, his hand outstretched behind him for Abigail. Not that she particularly needs the help, but he'll offer it anyway. Other than the sound of water it is quiet here.

Abigail lets her hand settles within Ha'ze's while they walk along into the cavern. Her gaze drifs over the area with a soft smile seen. "I haven't been here in a while." A rather long while but none the less a while. While it might be nice spring weather outside she still has a jacket on that is for the moment unzipped, which does indeed show off that she is for certain pregnant, clothing can only hide it so well, and in fact there has been plenty of whisperings from the Aunties that she was furher along then she should be.

"Someone said it was nic here in the spring." And it's true, the water is running a bit higher than normal. There'll be no walking out into the water, it is rushing much too fast. Several of the streams have combined to make one large one. Once in the canyon Ha'ze takes his hand back again and folds it into his pockets again. "You doin' okay?"

Abigail wont be thinking about wandering out into the water that is for sure. A slight nod is seen while she glances over to him. "Aye, they was right." This said while she smiles a touch. She lets his hand go and glances back towards the streams. "Aye, I be doing alright. Tired and sore.." Grumpy and moody but she doesn't comment on that. "How are ye?"

"You need anything move… or rearranged…" That's what Jajen had him doing anyway. Ha'ze is more at a loss when it comes to Abigail. Anything she could possibly need was already here and available here at the weyr already. "Anything?"

Abigail isn't one to actually ask for help, even when she needs it she hasn't been known to ask. Though unlike Jajen, the Wingleader is indeed at the Weyr. She glances over to him curiously. "No.. I don't think so." There is a slight pause. "Just yer company is good for me." A smile is seen as she says this.

Makes this difficult, her being so self sufficient. Maybe if she lost it on him some time he'd feel more at home. "Not real good at that, huh?" A bit of self-deprecation there. Ha'ze's time at the weyr is spotty at best.

"Ye have yer reasons." Abigail offers while she shifts so she can sit down for the moment. A soft breath escaping her while letting her hand lightly press upon her belly. "Though.. if yer around maybe you could help with the crib?" There she'll make him feel a bit useful perhaps? She's just use to doing things on her own in all honesty.

"I could be doin' that. I mean, don't have much experience buildin, but I could be doin' that." There's a hint of relief in Ha'ze's words as he moves forward. The streams have split again, and so the bronzerider leads the way between them and deeper into the caverns. Because nothing bad can come of that, right? "Are you goin' to foster the baby?"

Abigail nods at that while she glances an soon follows after him, careful of course. "That's alright. Shouldn't be that hard. I can help." Which means helping holds the pieces and the like. "To some degree.. I want to be more around if able.." She feels like she lost to much with Breeana, the girl lives with her father in another Weyr after all and has very little to do with her.

Ha'ze falls silent again as he leads the way into the cavern. Hopefully she's just as quick on her feet as always. "Abbey," Ha'ze doesn't like to show this side of himself. "I want to be there. When the baby is born." And how he'll wait for her to tell him no.

Abigail is a bit slower, but still able to keep up. A curious look is sent his way and she lifts a brow pondering for a moment before nodding. "Course.. I figured ye would be there if'nn ye could after all." She has no reason to say no.

"I'm serious Abigail, I mean, I do'nt know what you'd neeed me to be doin' there, but…." Wait, she already said yes. Ha'ze grinds to a halt again as he reaches upwards at brush his hand through his hair. Unbeknown to the two of them the water level is slowly rising, and the first thing that'll go away? Their path back to the entrance of course.

Abigail looks confused for a few moments while she peers at him. "Which is fine.. Just being there keeping me from smashing a Healer in the face might be a good idea?" This questioned with an amused tone while she smiles a touch. "Though honestly.. Ye being there will be nice." Has no idea about that rising water, nope.

"Then I'll be there. If I'm at, if I'm elsewhere Kainaesyth can be gettin' me back in seconds. I won't be leavin' him too far behind." He runs his hands though his hair again, this time scratching lightly before he allows his hands to drop down to his side. "Jajen said I had to be outside."

Abigail nods at this and looks to him, a brow lifting and she frowns a moment. "Why would she say that?" This questioned softly at the thought. "I'm sorry Ha'ze." She could say a few things about that gold rider but she keeps it to herself. "Niumdreoth will make sure to let Kainaesyth know when its time."

Slowly, oh so slowly, the water has risen, cutting them off. Only once the water licks against Ha'ze's boots does he distract himself from the talk of baby to look downwards in confusion. "Oh shit."

Abigail hasn't given much a thought to the water, up until there is that comment from Ha'ze. Her gaze had drifted off down the streams and she glances back with an confused glance before she is eyeing the water. There is a pause and she turns to glance behind them and she frowns. "This… Could be a problem.."

And there it goes, the water rising slow… slow… okay, so maybe it's going a bit faster now. And it's running faster. "F*king spring." He turns slowly to look around the whole of the cavern as the water rises. "Come on," he holds out his hand again, there's a ledge further in that looks like it isn't going to be covered in water soon.

Abigail seems a bit unsure, stress levels rising? Pretty much. She swallows a bit while glancing back while the water is starting to get higher. "Maybe we could make it back?" Well its an idea, not a great one. She looks back to him, taking hold of his hand and follows him towards that ledge. "I don't know if I can go climbing up to a ledge."

"The water is runnin' pretty fast." Ha'ze glances backwards again, then over at Abigail's stomach. A few more swear words roll of his lips. "I'm gonna have to carry you." It's a snap decision. How much could Abigail possibly weigh?

Abigail just blinks and eyes him at that bit. "Yer going to do what..?" Yeah she heard that, and she doesn't look too happy with the idea to say the least. As for how much she weighs, if he ever wants to have fun in the bed with her again he better never ask that question.

"Carry you." Abrupt and Ha'ze steps forward to sweep Abigail into his arms. It's an awkward sweep since her stomach makes it so that he can't hold her quite as he wants. But with her weight, there's a good chance they can get across the racing water. "Hold on."

Abigail is about to object this, though before she know it he is sweeping her up into his arms. Her arms curl around his neck while che lean close to him and she bites down against her lip a moment as she gets nervous. Mostly thanks to the fact that she she pregnant more then anything at the moment. "Becareful Ha'ze." This said with a soft murmur while he going towards that water. She is at least carryable!.

"I won't drop you." Ha'ze holds her tightly and even turns slightly to place an almost kiss to her forehead. "Don't worry." Which he probably shouldn't say as he stumbles in the water and feels like he's going to fall over into that swiftly flowing water. Please don't jerk Abigail, that would suck.

Abigail knows he won't drop her, still there is the fear that rolls across her none the less, the bit if fear linger. She smiles just a touch at that kiss, her fingers gripping at him slightly as she feels him stumbling and she jerks a bit but hopefully not enough to send them off kilter.. It was a natural response, honesty! Somewhere Niumdreoth is not being a very happy dragon..

Ha'ze stumbles more than a bit in the swift moving stream. But his arms do not lose their grip and after a few shaky steps Ha'ze manages to set himself to rights. He's now wet all the way up to his knees and has to take in a deep breath before he can step forward. The ice of fear has settled in his hearth, and not even Kainaesyth's warm thoughts can help dethaw it. He manages the way across the ever growing streams slow and deliberately. The water makes it up to his thighs before they are through and in the doorway again. "Someone should tell Th'ero there's a flash flood happenin' somewhere."

"Niumdreoth is.. Not very approcable at the moment.." Abigail says with a faint murmur. No in fact the brown is as close to that cavern as he possible can with deep bellows escaping him as his eyes are swirling with anger. It is taking a bit of effort for Abbey to try and keep him calm, along with the fact that she is trying to keep herself calm seeing what they are dealing with at the moment. Her fingers slide against his neck and she bites down against her lip slightly.

Kainaesyth's warmth reaches out to the brown calm and soothing. « Danger is a part of the story. They will be fine. The babies will be fine. » His belief is unshakable and carries the ring of truth as Ha'ze makes it out of the water and steps further up from the room of streams, now, stream. "We're out Abigail." The icy fear hasn't left his soul, but for the moment he buries it.

Niumdreoth doesn't like the idea of his rider being in any sort of danger. He is a bit protective to say the least, especially now. Though with Kainaesyth's help he does calm somewhat. Abigail presses that bit closer to Ha'ze once they are 'free' from the springs and she swallows a touch while her gaze flicks around a touch and a faint shakey breath esacpes her. Any other time and she wouldn't have given it much thought, any other time and she could just escape honestly. Though now, not things are different, and what are those tears? Perhaps.. Everyone should fear, seems Abbey does indeed have the ability to cry!

She's not letting go. And Abigail is hardly the clingy sort. Ha'ze shifts her in his arms and swears quietly. "Abbey, don't be cryin'. You ain't never cried." Even when she was stabbed with an arrow. Ha'ze doesn't set her down till he can find a friendly neighborhood bench that is there because the RP demands it is there and he can sit down with her on his lap. "It was nothin'."

Abigail wasn't pregnant when she was stabbed with that arrow either. Have to love hormones running rampent through a tough strong rider like her. Niumdreoth is following every step of the way once the pair is out, soft croons and worried warbles escaping him. "Sorry.." This finally said once they are sitting down and she swallows while looking around and lifts a hand to wipe across her eyes. "It was nothing."

"No, it's fine," except Ha'ze is feeling as unsettled as he has ever felt. There has been a fundimental shift in the way that he views Abigail, and it probably won't ever go away again. "No, it's fine. You okay Abigail?"

Abigail would be wondering the thought he has on her now, hopefully there not awful, or something like that. Her arms losen from around his neck as she figured out that she didn't do that yet. She gives his shirt a slight tug to get the wrinkles out. "Aye.. I'm fine.." There is a slight pause. "Pregancy hormones.." Why else would she cry? She glances to him a moment. "Thanks for carrying me outa there."

"I think I'll take the flood again." Ha'ze slides that ice down under a smooth veneer of okay. He'll go and have a moment on Kainaesyth later. "Why don't we go get some juice or somethin. Um, whatever you want."

Abigail looks a touch amused as she hears him. "I can understand why ye'd wish to." She says with a soft murmur. "Are ye ok..?" There is a moment and she leans close to give his cheek a kiss, she didn't forget the one he gave her, a faint nuzzle to his cheek even before she slowly move to get herself up so she is standing. "Sure, juice sounds good." There is a slight pause her hand settling against the side of her belly and she is taking in a breath. "Babies awake.." Better be after all that crazy.

With Abigail standing and Ha'ze sitting his head is right at baby bump size. And so he stares at that bump. "Abigail, could I….?" He holds up his hand as if he wants to touch her belly.

Abigail the question makes her smile and she nods while taking hold of his hand and places it to her belly. As if she would say no. There is some wiggling felt for certain back against his hand. "Ye didn't get a chance to… With Jajen?"

"Jajen… won't let me touch her. Let alone the baby." His eyes are fixed on her belly and the flickers of movement, of life, under his fingers. "If she had her way I'd never see the baby or her again."

Abigail is quiet at that and sit there next to him on that bench, letting his hand stay upon her belly. She swallows a touch at a few of those kicks, very ouchie to mommy. "I'm sorry Ha'ze.." This said softly while she frowns at the idea. "I'd never keep ye from the baby. Nor would I ever want ye to stay away." Oh she has a few choice words for Jajen anymore, at some point they will be said too.

"It's just," but Ha'ze stops himself, and shakes his head. "No. Come on." His hand leavs her belly almost reluctantly but leave it he does eventually. He stands ans shakes off whatever thought he isn't voicing. "I got to get dry. I'll come by later?"

Abigail makes a move to take hold of his hand, nope she isn't letting him get away that quickly. "It's just what?" She questions, leave it to her to push the matter. As for the rest there is a slight nod seen. "Of course."

"No." It has the tone of confidence. Ha'ze isn't speaking about his self doubts. Tonight has uncovered enough of them. He needs to go find his dragon and find somewhere quiet for a while- but after Abigail is taken care of. Or asleep. That would probably be best. He won't speak again, no mater how hard she tries, unless it involves dry clothes, juice, or meeting up later.

Abigail watches him a moment, she wants to push the matter but doesn't. Perhaps she is more tired then she'll ever admit for she isn't one to give up without a fight. There is something clearly on his mind that is troublesome and she nods slightly. "Yer welcome to come by when ye get some dry clothing? I'll have some juice for us." Her fingers lightly slide across his arm as she turns moving off after that juice, Niumdreoth following behind her.