Who Rulayn, Tiye
What Tiye is testing Rulayn's memory. Naisanith has other ideas.
When Spring, Turn 2711
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr

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Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep. Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

It normally doesn't come off as ominous when Tiye asks Rulayn to meet her in the infirmary; it's just that she felt like teaching at that moment, and hoped that the newest and youngest dragonhealer was interested. Now, though, it might seem a little more formal — she has a clipboard! And her dragon is standing on her feet, rather than laying down lazily, in the posture that one might expect a show dog on a table to take. Tiye, when the trainee comes in, is jumping down from the dragon's neck and pulling her hair back up. She looks the same. Naisanith looks like she's trying to look important and official.

Having returned from a quick lunch and with a rather noticeable klah stain on her attire, Rulayn hurries into the infirmary with a look of panic, as if having been asked to attend an emergency rather than a lesson! Almost tripping as she stumbles in from the Bowl, the young woman hurridly ties her hair back and comes skidding to a stop in front of Tiye with a slight huff. "I'm.. Here.. Ma'am!" There's formality where formality is due, and it's clear that in the classroom, all that the greenrider is going to get from the girl is the utmost respect. "I came as quick as I could."

"Nonononono," the greenrider corrects quickly, urgently. "No ma'ams. Makes me feel old. I'm not even 30. Just Tiye." Considering Rulayn has heard her name, odds are she can't spell it effectively, and if she'd seen it written down first she'd be confused … but it's not something that's yet come up. "I appreciate that your regard for me is way more positive and stuff than a lot of other people's, but no need to worry so much about that. You look like you're in a hurry, too. It's not a big deal. Just want to go over some anatomy stuff." A twinkle in those eyes.

"Right, sorry ma-.. Tiye." Rulayn even looks awkward just switching to a first name basis. She's so accustomed to addressing the weyr authorities in such a way! "I'm just.. Honoured you'd teach me. This is a big opportunity and I really do owe it to the weyrwoman.." It's probably a rhetoric that Tiye has heard countless times before since Rulayn started visiting the infirmary, and probably not soon to stop. With a quick bow to Naisanith, the young woman moves to stand appropriately in front of the pair with her hands clasped together in front of her. She nods, and looks nervously back to Tiye. "O-Okay. I can do that.." Or so she hopes. Just the idea of a test is already causing facts to scramble in her brains!

Tiye doesn't know Thys that well, so she isn't going to expound on how said weyrwoman probably doesn't want too many more thanks. She seems to at least accept Rulayn's continued need to thank her, though, even if it is more than she's used to! "You'll be fine, I just would love it if you could point out some parts on the dragon, there." She waves a hand at Naisanith, who seems to realize suddenly that she's big and lowers herself onto her haunches. "Start wherever you want." It's a weird test. It doesn't even have points and it doesn't appear to have that many rules.

Rulayn swallows nervously. Tiye might love it, but Rulayn is shaking at the prospect of a wrong answer before she's even started. With a nod to the rider's request, Rulayn awkwardly shuffles closer and looks over the Green, trying to determine where to start. The most prominent part, right? "The, uh.. head.." The young woman stammers, slowly pointing up towards Naisanith, ".. is comprised of two multi-faceted eyes which change colour depending on mood. They sit beneath the eye ridges, and are forward-facing.. um.." Pausing for a moment, the girl shuffles around to point towards one of the Green's eyes. ".. They also have two sets of eyelids. One set is good for defending against the elements." Pausing there, Rulayn looks to Tiye for an assessment of what would probably be the easiest part of a dragon to identify. Hopefully the time spent in the library has paid off!

At least Tiye isn't mean. She doesn't like making people nervous. She's just very … nontraditional and laid back. Some of the teachers at Ierne couldn't tolerate her, either. "Oh, wow, very good. I was really not expecting so much detail!" That's pride. Pride and giving her dragon a dirty look as Naisanith apparently interrupts withs omething. "You hush and let her keep working," she says firmly, and then back to Rulayn: "Most people are just all, well, that's a snout and those are eyes and those are headknobs and I guess she has a tail."

Rulayn blinks at the response. "R-Really? It's just what I've read.." And she looks back to Naisanith with a slight blush. Hopefully she wasn't being offensive! ".. Um. I know all dragons have the knobs on their heads, but I'm not really sure why. A-and the tail.." Rulayn shudders slightly. ".. The tail is where they, er.. defecate from. I've heard dragons that overeat tend to get.. blocked up." She awkwardly scratches her neck, having jumped from one part of the body right to the very opposite. She pauses, waiting further on Tiye for more input.

An opportunity to teach: Tiye seizes upon it. "They're like ears," she explains simply. "They take in and proliferate," that's a really long word for Tiye, "sound. You'll get used to the thicktail when you get a chance to work with weyrlings, so many of them get it. Nais didn't but she had to get convinced to eat half the time, she was picky. Believe it or not, picky dragons do exist." No offense to the dragon: Naisanith is actually choosing to be unhelpful by angling to get a snout rub out of Rulayn.

Rulayn listens and nods, absorbing every word. Whether it'd stick in her head was another matter. "Do older dragons suffer from it too?" She asks, almost stumbling when the green lowers her head. With a meek smile the young woman extends a hand and gently rubs the end of Naisanith's snout. "I.. Didn't know they could be fussy eaters either. Is that a common thing too?" She delicately avoids the word 'problem' around the dragon, again not wishing to offend. "Like.. Some only eat herdbeasts but some only eat wherries?"

"They can, but it's rarer," Tiye explains, giving Naisanith another Look. The dragon does not pay any attention, and whuffles curiously. It isn't as if she hasn't whuffled Rulayn before, but she's a nosy dragon. Literally. "And yeah, I mean, it's not common but it's definitely something that happens. Some dragons love fish or hate fish or think herdbeasts have to be a certain age. Nais, really?" Naisanith hasn't done anything outwardly, so it must be something she said! Which is getting a headshake-eyeroll from her rider. "Weyrlings are more inclined toward being picky and more inclined toward getting thicktail, so's I've noticed."

With a nod as it's explained, Rulayn frowns slightly. "Weyrlings? There's going to be a few of them arriving soon. It's going to be busy here, I bet." Although such experience in handling dragons is welcomed by the girl, it's evident she's also nervous by the prospect. "Are dragons more.. sensitive in certain areas? Like standing on someone's foot. I know that.." And for a moment Rulayn pauses, point up towards Naisanith's eyes. ".. That their eye ridges are a good place to scratch. I see a lot of riders doing that."

Tiye laughs softly. "We've had a steady stream, actually," she says. "We do have weyrlings, right now, senior ones, and for a bit the current senior class, Kouzevelth's, were juniors while Rhenesath's last were the senior weyrlings, and I'm surprised the weyrlingstaff hasn't gone — " Wait, no. Tiye thinks about this again, considers the pair of blueriders. "Never mind, they were already a little insane. Anyway, yes, there will definitely be more." Naisanith, snorting. Tiye, ignoring. "You can go ahead and scratch hers, yeah. Most dragons really like it. That's a sensitive spot; so is the tip of the tail, something you definitely would not want to step on."

Rulayn happily obliges and carefully reaches up to scratch at Naisanith's left eyeridge, blushing slightly at the idea of being right in the Green's field of view. "W-Well, what I meant is young weyrlings.. Do the senior ones still have lots of accidents?" She isn't quite sure of the threshold between clumsy baby dragon and graceful adult dragon, after all. "I think I met one of the weyrlingmasters. His name was.. Am'ry?" Rulayn notes, looking back to the rider.

"That you did," Tiye confirms, re: Am'ry. "He's the younger one, the assistant. Still kind of nuts. Not as nuts. They're both good at their jobs." Clearly Tiye's opinions of Am'ry and M'icha are a little big … mixed. "And also both super attractive, but that's beside the point. Younger baby dragons are bigger little-disasters, and they need physical assessments, but all of them are requiring more attention than older — you're not very used to being close to dragons, are you?" she interrupts herself, watching Rulayn's responses as Naisanith does her snorting and nudging I'm-being-petted routine.

Rulayn is quick to shake her head. "N-not from this side. I've sat on their backs before." She keeps her gaze from staring Naisanith right in the eye, but continues to scratch and rub as best she can when she realises the Green is clearly in favour. "Am'ry is kinda good-looking, yeah. My friend tried to convince him out for drinks but.. He was more interested in books with bad art cover." Rulayn clears her throat and slowly lowers her arm, unless Naisanith opposes it. ".. How often do the babies come in for checks? Do they have to be assessed every day?"

"Shards. No. We'd go insane. It's weekly at first and then monthly, or when there's actually a problem. They get trained in enough rudimentary dragon health stuff that the human half can tell us when there's a problem, and the golds … our current group of golds, they check in." Tiye has apparently met golds that do not. And she's not sure if Iaverulth does, either. "You'll definitely learn. But you also need more experience getting close to dragons and being around them, if making eye contact, for instance, makes you nervous. Maybe we should consider a trial by fire there after all." Now her dragon's getting a more conspiratory, less annoyed glance.

"It's.. well.. I just don't want to be rude." Rulayn mutters, slowly stepping back from Naisanith's head and giving her arm a rest. Having reached up for so long had left her arm feeling rather numb. Rubbing it with her other hand, she stepped back around to face Tiye again, so that they wouldn't have to be talking to each other over the top of a dragon's head. "You can't tell what a dragon is thinking if you're not a rider, after all.. I don't want any dragon to think bad of me. Especially if it means I'm responsible for their health." She adds, noting that glance Tiye is giving to the Green. Uh oh. "A.. trial by fire? With.. Firestone?"

To be fair, they will get used to talking to each other above dragon's heads, since that comes from infirmary work a lot — but Tiye is shaking hers. "You can't tell what most dragons are thinking even when you are a rider. And you have to get 'em to tell yours things if it isn't super obvious, and then believe they're telling the whole thing. Which they don't always do, since some like to hold back. And like I said, you'll learn." She's grinning, now, even if it took her a while to come around to Naisanith's pushing. "Nah, I was thinking more like with hatchling dragons running around everywhere. And a lot of dragon bathing and rider assisting chores beforehand."

Rulayn smiles awkwardly, looking back at the Green. Of course, Roo is curious about what such a dragon could possibly be thinking, but it's better to let sleeping dogs lie, lest it drive her mad with curiosity. Looking back at Tiye, the young woman smiles eagerly and nods. "I'd love to help! The most I've done is help with a Bronze who strained himself when the Queen rose. Even then it was just holding a warm blanket." Rulayn grins wider then, noting what Tiye had said. "I think it'd be better than rider bathing and dragon assisting chores." She allows herself the luxury of a small giggle at her own terrible joke.

"That's definitely true." It makes Tiye laugh, too — it's sure a lot better than having to bathe humans, and imagining dragon chores … "Was that Zekath? Cute, but stupid." Weyrleader's kid's dragon chasing the senior queen? Nutty as M'icha, or something like. "See, you can do those things, but the thing is, those are candidate things. I normally disagree with making people candidates when they're not already used to dragons, but Nais thinks it's a good idea and has decided to ruin my lesson by making me Search you. If you want to do those jobs, though, I mean, you'd be missing out on working with this upcoming weyrling class as a dragonhealer, your training would be put on hold. But. You'd be part of the weyrling class, and definitely understand weyrlings better. Whatcha think? Your choice. "

Rulayn flushes again, although this time it's for a rather different reason. "N-no.. It wasn't Zekath." She quickly stammers, quick to hop to the defence of the Igen bronzerider and his companion. She rubs her cheek (as if that's going to make a difference!) and it seems only to get worse when the girl's pale complexion darkens further at the prospect of candidacy. "S-Search.. ? Are.. You sure?" Eyes go wide, and this time Rulayn is staring at the one who made the decision: Naisanith! "I-I mean.. It'd be an honour and-.. I guess I don't have anything to lose, right? I-I can come back here if.. If it doesn't work out?" And again her eyes dart back to Tiye. The poor girl is practically shaking on the spot with all the pressure!

"You'll come back here either way, I'd assume." Tiye definitely does not approve of dragonhealers quitting once they get dragons. "I was actually a human healer, before, and I switched, but most dragonhealers who impress just keep being dragonhealers. Naisanith's definitely sure, though. She has a good record." Tiye doesn't elaborate on what the record is. "If you hate it, you're also allowed to quit, you don't have to stay a candidate if you don't want to. Saying yes isn't permanently binding, you're just … feeling it out."

"O-of course I'd come back! You're a great teacher!" Rulayn weakly smiles at Tiye. She even approaches to try and hug the taller woman before catching herself mid-step. No need to look like an idiot, after all! "The Weyrwoman told me I could be a good healer without a dragon but.. Maybe with one I could become as skilled as you two are?" There's a hint of uncertainty. Clearly dragons don't always make the healer stronger, but Roo is just happy to try and flatter Tiye as a form of gratitude. "I'll.. I'll accept but.. Promise me you won't find a better student while I'm gone?" That last question is probably a joke. Probably.

Tiye doesn't jump and force Rulayn to hug her, even though the idea must definitely cross her mind. "You could be just as good as me without a dragon, too, but it doesn't hurt to try. Give yourself and the eggs a shot, see how you get along. And I highly doubt I'll get any more students in the length of the candidacy period — I'm almost definitely sure it'd be impossible to find a more studious one." So definitely forget about better. She pulls a knot out of her boot (yes, there was plenty of room) and tosses it at Rulayn's face. "Should show you to the barracks." Naisanith noses in again for a last pat, head low so nobody has to reach up.

Clumsy Rulayn! The knot tossed at her promptly smacks the girl on the end of the nose and she scrambles to catch it just before it hits the ground. Whew! No sooner is it pinned to the girl's attire does she launch herself at Tiye. This time, there will be hug for the taller woman! Even if she's rejected, Rulayn still seems delighted and turns back to Naisanith, hurrying over to give the Green an affectionate pat, scratch, or whatever she would desire. "Thankyou.." She murmurs slightly, eyes fixated on the spot she rubs. ".. I'm glad you think I can do this. I'll do my best and make you proud." Of course, that last bit is to Tiye. Not that she's her mother or anything, but the girl had quite come to admire the dragonhealer in the few sessions spent together. Once Naisanith is satisfied, Rulayn nods to Tiye, ready to leave.

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