Fort Weyr - Nursery
Where do Fort's littl'uns go? To the nursery, of course! Whether they're here for sleeping, for learning or for playing, the facility is large enough to cater to all the Weyr's children, and staffed by a small army of nannies. There are several sections to the nursery: one part, curtained off from the rest of the room, is clearly for sleeping - it's filled with cribs and cots for the littlest ones, and bunkbeds at the back for the older children who aren't quite ready yet to move into the main dorms. Another part is the Harper area, where desks and chairs can be rearranged as needed, either in a classroom format or more casually for storytimes, instrument learning and so on. And then there's the very best bit - the play area! Filled with all sorts of fun things, from painting areas through to water troughs with toys and Pernese playdough, this is the best place to be… unless it's tidy-up time, of course.

For all Ha'ze isn't the most daddy-figure the caretakers of the nursery have accepted him into their ranks as he begins to acclimate his twins to his presence again. The two barely remember their father and are wary. Slowly they're coming around, especially when they see how freely Jaze place with the muscled bronzer. Today he's managed to get them all involved in a game of stack-blocks, making sure each of the three children get a chance to pile rocks. Jaze is squirming under it, and currently refusing to give up her block. HERS okay?!

Th'ero has his reasons for being here. Honest. Even though his two youngest have long since been picked up by their foster parents. So why is he here, really? Could be the tunnel walkways suddenly weren't the best place to be and the former Weyrleader needed somewhere to 'hide', so to speak, that he couldn't be so easily tailed. Whatever the reason, he's there in the nursery and feeling all the more the intruder. Not that he goes and interrupts Ha'ze's time with his children. No, he'll just… linger there by the entrance. Don't mind him.

The side-by-side nice play wasn't going to last long. And Jaze? She really is her mother's daughter and being raised as one of the most-important children in an isolated area has fed into that. "DON'T. THAT IS MINE." REaching out the dark haired girl snatchs the toy from Aleoa's hands as she yells. This causes the soft hearted girl to tear up and begin to cry. "Jaze, you can't be doin' that." Reaching out Ha'ze plucks the toy from one girl's hand, and then before Jaze can start to yell pushes her in the direction of another toy. Which is probably good, because Galeon was about to take his sister's side with his fists. (Any doubt on who's son HE is no long doubted…). A nurse comes to sweep up Aleoa and Galeon follows.

Th'ero will watch the drama unfold between the siblings, knowing all too well how such scenarios play out. Though Kyzen was always fairly decent with his younger twin siblings. Probably helped with the age gap. He goes to say something then, once the twins are gathered up by the nursery aid but he decides against it. Instead he just quietly clears his throat. Yeah, he's still not about to barge on Ha'ze's father-time.

There is probaby all sorts of therapy the kids will have to go through at some point to get over feelings of resentment for one another, even when they get older and don't exactly remember why they resent one another. (Alas for Ha'ze's desire that they all be friends…) Yes, Ha'ze feels Th'ero's presence, and once all of the children are hustled off he'll finally push himself to his feet and face the former weyrleader. "You look like shit." Hi, Th'ero, how are you? Great evening isn't it?

Th'ero wouldn't expect anything less from Ha'ze by way of greetings. So he just smirks and goes along with it… for now. "I've had better days." Weeks. Months. Does it matter? "You're looking well." Ha! So take… that? He remains where he is by the entrance, as though he's an unwelcomed sight even here. "Didn't mean to intrude."

"You don't have kids here." Ha'ze hikes an eyebrow up and stares at Th'ero. There might be just a HINT of a smirk behind that gaze, like he's pulled one over on the other Bronzerider just by being there. "Come to look at job opportunities?"

Th'ero doesn't rise to that bait. Sorry, Ha'ze, try again? "Elladyr and Aranthi are here during most of the day. I happen to be too late." he explains dryly. "If it bothers you that I'm here, I'll leave shortly." Not right that moment, apparently. He does add with a faint smile that isn't quite sincere: "They've grown, your children." Yeah, he totally saw Ha'ze playing father. How adorable!

ONLY because one of the nannies is looking his drection (SWEARING HA'ZE STOP IT), does Ha'ze refrain from flipping Th'ero off. But it's a close thing. "No thanks to you. And if shit," oops, yes, nanny, walking away from the children… "keeps going they won't have much to grow up to."

Th'ero frowns but not in annoyance. It's more a look of intrigue, but seeing that the nannies are about to get tired of Ha'ze's slipping up with swearing, the bronzerider motions for him to follow. Not that they go far. Just outside the door that can be closed and thus a barrier. Kind of. "That almost sounded like you cared about what's happening," he mutters, not skimping on the sarcasm.

"No thanks to you," okay, so some bitterness works its way into Ha'ze's tone, "But all of my kids live here now. Jaze could up and move easily enough, but Aleoa? Galeon?" Ha'ze glances backwards to the light pouring out from the nursery, "They have to live with the shitstorm that Mr'az is kicking up. You know he's insane right?"

"His insanity was brought on by the knot he wears," Th'ero points out though he isn't disagreeing with Ha'ze either. For once. "Few are capable of handling the stress. I always knew he wasn't ready." Too bad, so sad. He spreads his hands, "But he has me backed into a corner. I've my own children here too." So yeah, he gets it. "So why are you here then, if you don't like him? He overturned your exile. You could go anywhere, away from this." Is it JUST his children he stays for?

"What does he have over you?" Reference to the children gets Ha'ze shaking his head. "Bull shit. Kimmila could take them somewhere else. They'd have her. Shit, Abigial could take the twins." So that negates some of Ha'ze's own argument. But what about Jajen? It's UNLIKELY (and against PW rules…) for her to go elsewhere. "They're my reasons. Maybe I'm slightly amused by how stupid Mr'az is."

Jajen COULD go to Ierne if she really wanted to. Home of all the unwanted (and often broken) golds. There's Honshu too but no, the goldrider came back to Fort too, despite her claiming she hates it here. Th'ero, however, has no idea. He just frowns again at Ha'ze and smirks, "He has enough." he answers cryptically. Sorry Ha'ze, you're not enough of a buddy yet to hear why. "I'd not say Mr'az is stupid," Th'ero goes on to warn, levelling the younger bronzerider with a look. Shall they go with dangerous?

"No, stupid." Ha'ze doubles down on his words. "See, the idiot," at least Ha'ze is being quiet about his insults, "Wants me to watch you. Abigail, Kimmila," and some others the player can't remember the names of. "I may be pretty good at lying, but I wouldn't do anything that would shit on my kids. Like screw over their mother." Well. At least not too bad.

Th'ero listens and keeps his mouth shut until Ha'ze has finished, though it doesn't keep him from showing a brief moment of surprise before he's tucked that under his usual mask. His brows knit and he seems troubled — or is it doubtful? "Why are you telling me this?" Ha'ze just played his best card for revenge! At least against him and Kimmila and the others. "We figured he'd been putting riders on our tails…"

Well, only if Th'ero doesn't assume that Ha'ze has Jajen's help in being sneaky. So now he can play Th'ero and Mr'az against each other! Satisfying. "Yeah, me. Because he figures I hate you enough to want nothing to do with you. That's why he broke the exile - so he could come up with reasons to kick your asses out of the weyr using me." A slight smirk grows on his lips and Ha'ze leans against the rock walls. "Too badd he included Abigail in it."

Th'ero is only aware of Jajen and Ha'ze's little romps together (and wholly not surprised at all and could care less). As far as working together? It might have crossed his mind, but he's so much on his plate now that it's easily dismissed. Doubly so now that Ha'ze is warning him of just how bad the situation has become. "I was wondering why he did. Freedom for the price of loyalty… Smart." He snorts. But as Ha'ze put it… stupid. "He's looking to overthrow the entire structure," Th'ero explains. "D'ani he considers mine. Abigail has been too vocal against Mr'az though I warned her not to be." What? "Find a reason to remove us, put his own people in place and he thinks he can secure his position."

Ha'ze taps his nose as Th'ero gets what Ha'ze figures Mr'az' plans are. "Strange though - seems like I'm the only one he trusts." Yes, if it wasn't so serious there could be some amusement to be found there. The closest Ha'ze ever was to loyal was to Abigail… and now that she's turned against him? Yeah, now he's only loyal to himself. Maybe Jajen, but only so far as his limited ability to trst DOES extend.

Th'ero grimaces, "Be careful he doesn't just use you as a convenient pawn." he drawls again. He's not about to trust Ha'ze anytime soon but… this has been the longest they've talked before trying to beat each other senseless. "So you're going to play him, then? Even with the risk?"

"Abigil's the mother of my child. So yeah. I'm going to play him." Not try, Ha'ze is going to. "It's not like I haven't had dealings with the power-mad before." That comes out deadly serious. "And I'll deal with Mr'az the same way if I have to." Poor Nyalle.

Th'ero would never have thought that Ha'ze would be so protective over his own children… or anyone, for that matter. Funny how quick he forgot of the sort-of friendship Kyzen had even formed with the young bronzerider. As for the reference to the power-mad, Th'ero understands all too well. His expression says enough. "I hope it doesn't come to that." Yet he won't hear a 'don't do it' from his lips.

"Wouldn't be the first time I've killed someone." And it probably won't be the last. Good thing for dragon memory, aye? Kainaesyth probably only has the vaguest recollection of the last time Ha'ze killed someone. It would probably bother him more if he did remember. "Keep an eye on your back." Er, Ha'ze is talking about Mr'az, right?

Th'ero is likely thinking Ha'ze means Mr'az. Why else suspect the bronzerider, who so far hasn't given off any warning signs? "Already am," he explains with a smirk that is almost amused. Aww, look at them! Getting along. He sighs, "Speaking of that. I best be going or you'll be caught here." Perish the thought.

"I think they heard me swearing at you enough to cover my ass." There's a nod towards the nursery that is starting to get quiet as young children get settled down (with various hints of success) into naps. "Tell Abigail to watch hers. She won't listen to me." And then Ha'ze will make this simple, and brush his way past Th'ero and out of sight. Step 2: Tell Mr'az all sorts of lies. Yay!

Th'ero snorts softly at that and he agrees, nodding his head. Before Ha'ze can fully escape though, he has one last parting word (when doesn't he?): "She regrets what she said to you, Ha'ze." Just some more food for thought, as they part ways for now. Enjoy!

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