Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.
Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.
Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

Settled in a bench in the lonely rec room is Briari. While the other candidates are hanging out together and conversing, she has decided to sneak away. Her guitar is on her lap, strumming gently along the strings as she scribbles a few lyrics down at times. Her hair has been chopped up quite a bit shorter, as if it was hacked off with a blade, and she is wearing something far more tame than her usual expensive clothing.

Tyani is flushed and excited from her first dragonride and trip between, almost bouncing on the balls of her feet as she sticks her head, then shoulders and then her whole body into the rec cavern. "Briari!" she calls brightly, bounding over with a wide smile. "Hi! Remember me?"

The voice of Briari can be heard mumbling to herself, "And through the darkness we do ride, from our pain and fire we try to hide. Up on wings of shadow and blade.." She pauses and shakes her head, scribbling it out. "No, that's.. so stupid.." Pausing at the sound of her voice, her chin tilts upwards and she gives a quick smile. "Oh, hey, Tyani. How are you doing? What brings you out to Half Moon?"

Tyani slides into a seat close to Briari, peeking at what she's working on. "I'm good! Kind of. Eh, it's complicated but I think it's mostly good. How are you? Heard you got Searched again, congratulations! Oh, there was a rider at the Hall who said he was coming here and when I said I knew a Candidate he offered to bring me. Between is awful." She shivers. For a girl who hates winter…yeah, between is no fun.

"Oh, it's not that bad. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and it's over in like seven or eight seconds." Briari says with a smile on her face as she relaxes backwards against the wall she settles into. "Thanks, I guess. Not sure if I'm all that excited. I think I left all of my excitement on the sands in Xanadu. I guess I just have to get through this and make it through the day. How are things back home?"

Tyani shivers again, and then looks a bit, well…confused. "You're not excited? So…why are you doing it then?" She smiles, a slightly goofy smile, and blushes a bit. "Things are…good…"

Briari squints her eyes at her for a moment at the last statement, then shrugs her shoulders. "I guess because the dragons requested me. Can't turn them down."

Tyani kicks her legs a bit sheepishly, but refocuses on the Harper. "I thought you could. I mean, I don't know much about how it all works but I thought you could say no and it was fine, no harm done. Being a rider isn't for everyone. I wouldn't want to do it."

"I'm sure I could say No, but.. then.. I'd be saying No to my lifemate if he or she is out there." Briari says with a shift of her jaw. "And.. I don't know." Her shoulders lift upwards again in a shrug.

Tyani tilts her head a bit. "Are you excited about maybe being a dragonrider? Or is it just…being a Candidate that's tough?"

"Just being a candidate, I guess. I'm not very well liked here, and.. surprise, surprise, everyone who doesn't like me, happened to have got searched." Briari says glumly. "So, it's a lot of stern looks and side whispers in the halllways. So, I just try to hang out here by myself."

Tyani frowns. "Why aren't you liked? You were nice to me when we first met…" She looks around the empty - or mostly empty - room, and looks back at the Harper with concern. "That's their problem, not yours. Just try to enjoy it."

"I'm self-centered and only care about myself. I'm loud and brash. I'm too much of a flirt. The list goes on and on." Briari strums the guitar again gently a few more times before she wrinkles up her nose. "Whatever, it is what it is."

Tyani considers the Harper for a long moment, before biting her lip. "Well…are you?" she asks as kindly as she's able to ask such a question.

"Sure, probably." Briari says as she writes down again in her notebook. "So, enough about how much of a loser I am. What about you? What's new in your world?"

Tyani shifts a bit in her chair, and she at least /is/ self-centered enough to be thrilled the conversation has turned to her. "Have you ever had a boyfriend? 'cuz I've got one now but I'm not sure really…what to do…about it."

"Yeah, I had one for a minute, then he impressed to a bronze at Xanadu and promptly broke up with me in a letter." Briari says with a roll of her eyes.

Tyani ohs, going silent again for a moment. "That…really sucks, I'm sorry…"

"Doesn't suck that much, wasn't like we were clicking that well if he bailed on me the moment he got a dragon. Sides', there is a guy back home that I have pined for awhile now." Briari says with a small smile on her face. "Sorta, kinda. I'm thinking maybe after I fail again on the sands, I'll head back and ask him out proper if he was interested."

Tyani brightens again. "Oh yeah? Who is that?" She's always eager for some new gossip.

"Oh, uh.. Rayathess." Briari says with a shrug of her shoulders. "We wrote a few times during my first round of candidacy. He kept my spirits up. Always thought he was really nice, even if he's a bit stuffy."

Tyani blinks, and then she blanches, slinking down in her chair and looking very guilty. Jee, wonder why? "Uh. That's…um. He's…we're…" Look at her blush. "Sorry?" she offers sheepishly.

Briari glances up for a moment and over towards her, then wrinkles up her nose slightly. "Eh, whatever, congrats." She says as she plucks up her book again, starting to scribble a bit more furiously into her book.

Tyani shifts uncomfortably again. "Sorry," she murmurs, kicking her feet against the floor a bit. Then she stands. "I'll…uh. I'm sorry to have bothered you…" This didn't turn out how she'd intended at all. So much for happy, giggly girl time?

"It's not a big deal, Tyani. Not like he was really interested in me anyways. He's just a guy." Briari says as she turns the page in her book, scribbling along the paperwork a few more times, then closes it with a thud.

Tyani shifts her weight again, hands clasping in front of her. "Yeah, but, you seem upset. I don't - didn't want - to upset you at all."

"I seemed upset before you came in the room, Tyani." Briari says glumly as she gives a twitch of her cheek. "It is what it is. I'm not going to get upset over some guy who didn't even know I liked him anyways."

Tyani nods slowly. "You…seem not at all happy to be here," she says quietly. "Why don't you just turn in the knot and come home? You were happy at the Hall…right?"

"Tyani, I haven't been happy in a long time. I'm just tired of faking it." Briari says with a shrug of her shoulders. "And if I turn around and go back home, it will be a lot worse when my mother gets ahold of me."

Tyani purses her lips. "So…there's nothing to do but be miserable? That seems like an awful…not…good way to live." This is why she's a Baker and not a Harper. Words are hard.

"I'm just being a broody doofbag. Don't mind me." Briari says with a sigh as she continues to play her guitar in a slow strum, rocking side to side as she does. "I'm glad you're happy. You came all the way out here to tell me you got a boyfriend?"

Tyani tilts her head a little bit. "There's a lot of sadness mixed in, but I'm choosing to focus on the happy. And not completely. I was offered a ride so I took it, and wanted to see how you were doing, what it's like being a candidate, what it's like in a weyr…"

"Well, I grew up in a Weyr for the most part. It's business as usual here. Candidate is essentially do chores all day, get a lesson once in awhile about proper etiquette, then I sit around and write songs." Briari says with a slight grin on her face.

Tyani nods. "So…at least you're getting a lot of time to write?" That's a silver lining, isn't it?

"Oh yeah, I've wrote enough songs to fill a few concerts if I choose to decide to continue to sing publicly." Briari says as she lets her fingers pick up the pace of her guitar, strumming more freely now.

Tyani grins. "That's great! Why wouldn't you want to continue to sing?" She sits down again, but slowly, since Briari seems happier with her company now.

"Because, I'm self-centered and only care about myself." Briari says with another snort. "So I don't want to draw attention to myself anymore than what everyone already thinks. So, if I don't end up impressing here, I'll just go back to Monaco and go back to my history."

Tyani ohs, biting her lip again. "Well…that sounds like a good plan too. I mean whatever makes you happy, right?"

"Yup." Briari says as she shifts her jaw a bit to the side. "Right after mother disowns me and tells me she'll never want to see her embarrassment of a daughter again."

Tyani scuffs her feet again. "Being disowned…can be a good thing," she finally says quietly. "There's freedom in it, right? No longer have to play by their rules or live up to their expectations. Plus. No one can /expect/ someone to impress."

"Yeah, well, my mother is a whack job gold rider who is used to running things her way and blah blah blah. She was just born in the wrong timeline. Soon as S'ai got a bronze, and now have caught /two/ golds, the expectations are even higher. She can't have a 'mistake' as a child. It's not in her DNA." Briari says with a snuffle under her breath. "After I was left standing on the sands for my own brother's clutch, she tore me a new one, said it was my fault, that I didn't try hard enough."

Tyani glances over at Briari, and then across the room. She's silent for a long few moments before she finally says, "Well…wouldn't you rather be /away/ from all that? I mean you're a grown up. You can just…not see her again."

"She's my mother, Tyani. She's not a ex boyfriend or a pet that bit me. She's my mother. We're stuck together until she decides she doesn't want me anymore." Briari says as she chews on her bottom lip a bit harder as her fingers begin to strum harder along the guitar, angrily.

Tyani taps her foot a bit and then shrugs. "Alright." She won't argue about it.

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