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When Spring. Turn 2711.
Where Fort Weyr - Library Archives

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Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort. Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex. As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

With Spring arriving in Fort and the egg-heavy Kayeth looking ready to lay at any time, Rulayn's mentor in the Healer Craft had promptly instructed her to study - in particular - the biology of a pregnant Gold and the eggs once they arrive. While not expecting to actually help with such an affair, the young woman had taken her teacher's words to heart and had buried herself in a stack of books in the library. Although a slow reader, she had already managed to get through two books before starting on a third, heavy tome. The evening was drawing in though, and after sipping on a mug of klah, the girl couldn't help but yawn.

It's Spring? How can one tell in this land of icy cold? Doktah clearly has yet to fully acclimate to the chillier weather of Fort, judging by the scarf she has on even indoors. But no chill can keep her from her daily studies! Carrying a large stack of books on a variety of esoteric subjects, almost entriely technical works, she slowly lumbers through the stacks trying not to stumble into anything or anyone.

Rulayn paused in her second mouthful of klah as her brows furrow over a particularly long word. Scrutinizing the page closely, Rulayn eventually decides to just skip that part and moves to turn the page when, from the corner of her eye, she glimpses Doktah wandering by. "Hey Doktah." The girl speaks softly, obviously not wishing to cause a disturbance for the few other folk with their noses buried in various volumes. "Getting in some late night reading too?"

Doktah is a little surprised by that particular familiar voice. She carefully shifts the books in her arms so that she can tug her scarf down from her mouth and reply properly. "Rulayn?" She asks, a little surprised. She settles into the nearest chair, eager to put her books down. "Yes." She answers the question simply. "I often think best at night."

Rulayn nods as she pauses in her reading, clutching the warm mug of klah in both hands to keep them warm. Why were libraries so cold? As soon as Doktah sits, another pair of eyes fixate on the woman - Petite crawls out from the warm confines of Rulayn's tunic and stares at the Techcrafter silently. Noticing this, Rulayn reaches up to idly scratch the top of Petite's skinny head. "What are you reading?"

Doktah has her own little menagerie going now. Theorem and Postulate, curious about the presence of another little lizard, poke their heads out from their warm hiding spots in the folds of Doktah's scarf, chirping quiet little greetings. Doktah idly scritches each in turn, then looks to her books. "Mostly, they're about various heating systems." Of course. "Still need to sell the Weyrleader and Weyrwomen on the idea, but it'll be easier with a firm plan prepared… what about you?"

Petite is far more silent with her greeting, just staring at the two other little firelizards with an eerie look. Rulayn doesn't seem too bothered though, and she eyes the book that Doktah is reading with a confused look. "Heating-.. Oh." Recalling one of their first conversations since Doktah had arrived, Rulayn nodded and gestures to her own book. "I'm reading about the golds who lay such large clutches in the past, when Thread was still a threat." She runs a thumb down the page she's reading, pausing at a particular paragraph and frowning at the words. "I don't understand some of these big words though."

"I can't possibly be the only one bothered by the cold here." Doktah says with a little bit of a frown. "I think everyone else has just sort of resigned themselves to it, haven't they?" Theorem and Postulate, the little firelizard pair living in her scarf, just peer curiously at Rulayn's Petite. It's a staring contest! Doktah leans forward, looking at Rulayn's book curiously. "Would you like some help?" She offers.

Not everyone's bothered by the cold in Fort! Am'ry looks dressed for a temperature far warmer than the spring weather outside, with a pair of light leathers and a loose shirt that's half-laced at the front. His books clack-clack-clack against the archives' floor as he strides the aisles of shelves, with the row that he wants close to where Doktah and Rulayn are. "Hello, girls," he says with a tip of his head to them, while he begins scanning the shelf in front of him for something in particular.

Rulayn seemed comfortable herself - she had grown up used to the temperatures inside the weyr at least. Outside? Different matter. "I've never really heard anyone complain about how hot or cold it is here." She shrugs, shifting the book towards Doktah as she leans in and pointing to a particularly long word written beneath a sketch of a dragon egg. As Am'ry passes by, Rulayn briefly looks up from her book and grants the rider a friendly smile. "Eve-.. Hey, you look familiar. Have we met before?"

Doktah leans over Rulayn's book to get a look at the word in question. "Oviparous." She says. "It's just a fancy word for animals that lay eggs instead of birthing live young." She frowns and adjusts her glasses. "If this book is intended as an introduction, they really should have just said 'egg laying' or defined the term. Sloppy writing." She then looks up at the fellow in the unlaced shirt, blinking with confusion. "How are you not freezing?" She's dressed in layers, complete with scarf.

Am'ry turns around from scanning book spines to look at Rulayn. He squints at her, then shrugs and shakes his head. "Can't say you look familiar?" He's about to turn back to the books, but then Doktah pipes up with a question too. "How am I not freezing? It's spring! Winter's gone, Rukbat's out again, all those layers…" Well, except the ones she's wearing. "… aren't needed any more. Are you from Igen, or something?" The bluerider smirks at Rulayn, tilting his head at Doktah as if to say 'get a load of her'.

Unable to place the face, Rulayn lets the man's comment slide and she cracks a slight grin at his remark and gesture, looking back to Doktah. Now that he mentioned it.. "You do look a bit silly." She chuckles to the other girl, pointing to the scarf in particular. "Nights in the desert are colder than this! It can't be that bad." Tugging the tomb back into her lap, Rulayn paused for another sip of klah and looked down again to the firelizard still nestled within her own clothes. Petite, the little green, had slipped her head out of the girl's tunic once more and was now staring at Am'ry with big adorable eyes.

"Yes." Doktah replies flatly at Am'ry. "I am from Igen. Is that a problem?" Uh-oh! She looks at Rulayn as if expecting backup here, but ends up frowning as Rulayn joins the interloper's side. "… This is why I spend so much time in the bathing caverns here. They're the one nice warm place. But fine. If everyone else does it…" Heavy sigh.

He actually got her place of origin right? Am'ry gives himself a mental self-five. "Thought you looked Igenite," he grins, winking at her to show there's no harm done. "This one's got a point, though." 'This one' being Rulayn, who he jerks his head at. "The deserts in Igen get pretty sharding cold at night. Anyway, if you're sticking around you'll get used to it. I did." And now he's almost bare-chested when it's not even full summer outside. "What're you two doing in here, anyway?"

Of course, being partly bare-chested is reason enough for the man to get an eyeful from Rulayn, who has momentarily forgotten her book in the company of something far more interesting: a rider! And a good-looking one at that, too. With both a firelizard and a girl now staring at Am'ry, Rulayn snaps her book shut and lifts it up for the bluerider to read the cover. "Reading about dragon biology. I'm training with the Healers." She states with just a hint of pride in her voice. No more shovelling runner muck!

"That's why you stay indoors when the sun is down." Doktah says a little icily. Maybe all this weather talk just has her feeling icy in general! "And I'm studying ways to fix this whole chilliness problem." A problem only she seems to have. She glances to Rulayn, spotting the way she's eyeing the rider. She knows that look. Time to tone it down, be a good wingwoman. "… What did you say your name was?"

Am'ry's used to having eyes on him. Perks of being handsome, and a component of his job, too. So, it doesn't bother him. "Training with the dragonhealers, huh? Maybe that's where you've seen me." Another aspect of his job: polishing up on all things to do with fixing broken weyrling dragons. Doktah's cold tone is grinned at, as he settles his behind on the edge of a handy table. "Unless you're working with geothermal heat or minimal electricity, you may struggle there, Igen. Fort's not exactly hooked up to the grid. I'm from Ierne, and they're a bunch of technophobes here in comparison to home." He rests a hand on the table to lean against it, giving each girl a dimpled grin. "Assistant Weyrlingmaster Am'ry. And you two are…?"

Rulayn shook her head. No.. That's not where she'd seen him. Where was it? Although it nagged at the back of her head, Rulayn was willing to get it slide for now. Although completely befuddled by the conversation between the Ierne and Igen folk, she takes another drink from her klah and lets the pair debate the great facts of electricity and geo-whateverthatwas. Only when introductions arrive does Rulayn lower her mug and give a polite bow of her head. "Rulayn, sir. Nice to meet you." She replies, that charming smile earning him a blush from the pale, rather skinny-looking girl.

"Oh, I am all too aware of the weyr's technophobia." Doktah replies with more bitterness. "I'm the posted TechCrafter here now. Believe me, it is a struggle to get anything done. Before anything else, we'd at least need a proper generator, and that…" Oops. She's babbling again. Upon seeing Rulayn's expression, she remembers to rein it in. "… Doktah." She provides by way of introduction.

"Pleasure, Rulayn," Am'ry says with a wink and a grin, which grows into a chortle as he listens to Doktah's dilemma. "Yeah, I don't envy you one bit. Fort's pretty set in its ways, you're going to have an uphill battle all the way if you're trying to change things." He unleans from the table, going back to the shelf that he was skimming before. "Actually, come to think of it, we need someone to look at the electrics in the barracks. There'll be weyrlings in there soon enough, and the last thing we want is for any of them to get electrocuted thanks to faulty wiring…"

A wink! Oh, her heart's fluttering! Or maybe that's Petite just flapping about beneath Rulayn's tunic in an effort to get comfortable. Either way, the young woman, still blushing, clears her throat and turns her eyes back to her book, leaving the pair to continue with their chatting. She listens in though, half-skimming through paragraphs on the ideal incubating temperatures of the Sands. It's an interesting read, but hearing about folk being electrocuted is too!

"Well, that would certainly be one way to cull the group. Only the best make it through, right?" Doktah jokes. Hopefully she's joking, anyways. "I'll take a look. If it's anything like the rest of this place, it's probably badly in need of some maintenance." She glances over Rulayn's way, a little surprised by the other girl's sudden silence. Wait. Was she being shy? How un-Rulayn-esque! But this is a problem Doktah knows well. Time to help! "So. Am'ry. What brings you to the library. Did you have any plans for later? Rulayn was just telling me she was looking for something fun to do after her studies tonight." A blatant lie, but hopefully helpful enough to be worth it.

Unfortunately Rulayn is behind Am'ry's back, so he can't see her reading. Doktah's behind him too, but at least she's talking to him, and the bluerider listens in as he continues skimming the books, running a finger along each as he reads the spines. "Just give me or M'icha a yell when you want to go in, we'll be around somewhere." The shift in conversation makes him look over his shoulder questioningly, eying Doktah, then reading Rulayn, then back to Doktah. "Uh… research, and yes. I have plans." His blue eyes squint a little, then he turns back to the books. "I've heard there's a band playing at the Gemstone tonight, though. Might be worth checking out?"

Rulayn is still listening, but the indication of her embarrassment might hit a new peak at Doktah's sudden question. The girl's ears go bright pink and she suddenly sits upright, giving Doktah a long stare. What was she doing!? "I.. er.." Time to play along? ".. I'm fine, Doktah. I'll find something to do." Like throttling the Techcrafter for being so helpful! Not that Rulayn didn't -mind- the 'help', but it was probably a far better idea not to go flirting with every single man she found appealing. "In fact, I need some help training my firelizard." She announces, looking between the pair. "I could use a hand with that." That's an offer to both of them!

Doktah looks absolutely puzzled by the fact that her little ploy didn't work, and even more puzzled by Rulayn's reaction. She was only trying to be helpful. But it seems like this is the sort of situation where it is best to cut one's losses and move on. "I see. That's a shame. Well, I'll have to see about checking out those barracks next chance I get." Then she looks to Rulayn, nodding a little. "There must be books on that around here." Books are always the best.

"'How to Train Your Firelizard'. Fortuitous, no?" How serendipitous that Am'ry should come across that exact book at that precise time! He pulls it off the shelf, turning around to hand it to Rulayn. "There you go, Laynie. Though personally? I don't see the point in training the little buggers. Mine shows up for food and that's about it." As for Doktah's disappointment? "Any reason you girls can't go to the tavern together?"

Rulayn looks at the book being offered to her and, although she takes it, she gives a head of her head. "Rulayn." She corrects the man. "It's down to practical experience really. I'm training her to deliver messages but I haven't got anyone to send messages to." She places the book atop of the current one in her lap and gives it a quick skim, grimacing at a particularly gruesome passage which tells the tale of a rider losing their fingers to a hungry hatchling. Quickly closing it, she looks back at Doktah and then shrugs. "Why go to the Gemstone? Shenanigan's is better and.. It's not as far away."

Doktah continues to frown at the rider. Was her attempt too subtle? It must have been. Yet for some reason Rulayn's reactions make her think the better of making another, more blatant attempt. She shrugs at Am'ry's question and again at Rulayn's response. "Shenanigan's is fine. They serve strong drinks." Which seems to be Doktah's primary requirement for a good tavern.

Am'ry raises a brow at Rulayn. "I prefer Laynie. And, as I said, the Gemstone is supposed to have a good band playing tonight." He leans back against the shelf, crossing arms over his chest as he looks from one girl to the other. "Nothing wrong with Shenanigan's, of course, but have you even tried the spirits selection at the Gemstone? They've got a bigger selection. Stuff from all over Pern."

"Laynie?" And there's another blush. A nickname, already! "My mother is a Harper so I hear plenty of music anyway.. And I don't really drink." Shock! Horror! Or maybe Roo just can't handle her beverages at all. Whatever the reason, she flashes another smile and motions to Petite, who is still staring at Am'ry from the confines of her hide tunic. "Besides. I'd really like to train my little green here. Sending messages will be helpful if the Healers want to send me someplace else to study."

"I might have to try it sometime." Doktah replies to Am'ry's endorsement of the Gemstone. "I'm not much for music myself, but… well, there is something to be said for trying new things from time to time." She does eye Rulayn a little at the claim that she doesn't drink. Then again, she does seem like a literal lightweight.

"Life's too short to not drink, if you've got no reason no to." And there you have it, Am'ry's philosophy on life. "But it's your choice. And I don't trust firelizards to deliver messages. They're too flighty. I've seen one chew the message cannister right off his leg before." The bluerider cants his head at Doktah, and nods. "Exactly. There's always something better out there, and you'll never find it if you're scared of trying new things."

Rulayn looks down at herself. Sure enough, the girl was skinny enough to be a lightweight in all senses of the word. And she still seemed to be losing it too. "I'm not scared." She blurts out in response, frowning just a little at the accusation. "I've drank before. I just.. Don't see why I need to be drunk to have a good time?" She shrugs, resigning with a slight sigh. "Maybe I'll go check it out though. With a friend." She adds as an afterthought, giving Doktah a -look-. You're coming with me!

"Of course." Doktah says with a quick nod. "Drinking is hardly essential to recreation." Not that it hurts. "You are under no obligation. I… I suppose I don't have any plans myself." Though Doktah seems to have her own reservations about the notion, she knows better than to argue with that look from Rulayn.

Am'ry, the match-maker! "Well then, sounds like you ladies are sorted for the evening." He nods approvingly, looking from one to the other, before going back to his book search. "Have either of you seen 'M'rel's Weyrling Training Methods' near here? It's a big book, blue cover, stupid painting of a weyrling blue on the cover that looks nothing like it should…"

Sorted for the evening -without- a male escort, Rulayn thought to herself, squinting at Am'ry. Did he really have plans, or did he really just wriggle his way out of an evening in the company of two perfectly normal(?) girls? With the mug of klah in her hand empty she frowns into the bottom of it, and hooks the two books under her arm, rising up to stand. "Can't say I have. I'm not a weyrling, not my type of book." She smiles, looking over at Doktah. "I'm going to get some fresh klah and head off to a bath. You staying here?" She asks.

It all depends on how generously one defines the word 'normal'. Doktah considers the question from Rulayn, shrugging a little. "I'll come join you in a little while, if that's alright." She says. "I still have to get these sorted." She says, tapping her books. She considers Am'ry's question, shrugging. "It does not sound familiar, I am afraid."

Whether Am'ry really has plans or not is his business, and his business alone… and it is very secret business. "Oh well. I thought you might have come across it while picking out your other— oh hey, here it is." Bingo! The assistant weyrlingmaster withdraws the book from the shelf, drumming his fingers atop the cover before holding it up for the girls to see. "Dumb painting, right? Looks more like a wher than a weyrling." He rolls his eyes at the abysmal artwork, the dips his head to Rulayn. "You enjoy your bath, Laynie."

Rulayn admires the book and the work of art displayed on its front cover. "It looks like a child drew it. We're not all artists though!" She remarks with a nod, looking back to Doktah in anticipation of the Techcrafter's answer. She nods, and begins to make her way to the exit. "I'll see you later then! We can talk about things!" Things? What things? Girly things? Maybe. Whatever it is, Rulayn gives a cheerful wave to the pair before vanishing upstairs, taking her little green staring firelizard with her.

"Sure." Doktah says with a little wave to the departing Rulayn. She frowns just a little, looking back at the cover with the questionable art. "We aren't all artists, yes. Which is why they should bother to get actual artists for this sort of thing." She shakes her head disapprovingly.

Am'ry finger-guns at Doktah. "My thinking exactly. Why go through all the trouble of writing a book, and it is a damned good book, too, and then skimp out on the cover art? Makes me wish I could jump back in time and ask him myself." Only he can't, and he won't, so that's that. "So how long have you been here in Fort, Techie? Can't be that long if you're still not acclimatised."

Well, he probably could. It would just be an extraordinarially bad idea, so it's almost certainly for the best that he doesn't. Doktah certainly wouldn't suggest otherwise. "A few sevendays." She answers, slumping in her chair a little. "I… needed to get away from Igen. So I put in a request to transfer… well, anywhere, really. Here's where they put me."

"Oh yeah, you're still new. And you didn't even get the worst of winter." Am'ry tucks his book under his arm, then crosses his arms over his chest. "You do get used to the weather, eventually. You'll even start to like snow when you don't have to be out in it doing drills with stubborn baby dragons and their even more stubborn riders."

"I don't mind the snow." Doktah insists. "I just mind how cold it has to be for you to get snow." An important distinction in her mind. "I miss the heat at Igen. Didn't have to bundle up like this just to go outside." Not that she really has to now, but it doesn't stop her complaining.

"Why don't you ask one of the Haast riders for a lift next time they're going to somewhere warm? Spend a day there, put some heat back in your bones." That will probably be stripped away when she betweens back, but oh well! Am'ry grins, then dips his head to Doktah. "It's been a pleasure, but I'm going to have to cut our conversation short. There's studying to be done." He pats his book. "And lesson plans to be drawn up… that clutch'll be here sooner than we knot it." Which will mean things get hectic and busy again. "Keep your fingers crossed that it'll be another with just four eggs, for my sake, hrm?" Am'ry winks and clicks his tongue at Doktah, touching fingers to his temple in a cheeky salute as he saunters away.

"Seems like that would just make it take longer for me to acclimate, doesn't it?" Doktah replies pessimistically. "And I'm not going back to Igen. But… I'll consider it." She raises a hand to wave lazily as he gets ready to go. "Best of luck. Enjoy whatever your plans are." Then it's back to her books.

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