Fort Weyr - Mountain Pass /^^ - Glacier Babbling Brook
The overflow from the waterfall has long since carved a path through the rocks and cliffs, creating a steady descent down toward the forest below, were it snakes and disappears from view. Rocks in the chilly water tend to be smooth and slippery, although there are certainly a fair share of sharp pointed ones as well as the mountain constantly shifts. Stone bridges, obviously made by those travelling by, pile in the shallow places, making it easy to negotiate the brook. The lull of the water is never ending, it babbles all Turn round, even during winter. The current is modest and certainly makes for a good time for those who want to float on down it - deep enough in parts to encourage such behaviour. Often found dotting the rocky shore banks of this brook are the tracks of the animals drawn up from the forest to use it. It's a peaceful little place, good for fishing as some of the ocean bound fish migrate all the way up this little brook to spawn.

Spring is here, and that means mud. Lots and lots of mud. Out here near the brook though, things are less-so, perhaps counterintuitively, because of so much bare stone. There are a few groups of folks out here today, enjoying the warm(ish) temperatures and the reappearance of the sun and the beginnings of new growth on the deciduous trees. Nyalle is one such person, sitting on a carved stone bench along the edge of the brook, reading a book in the sunlight.

Spring usually means better hunting, but today? The huntress is not out for such activities. Dtirae, instead, is favoring the mountain for her walk. Dressed in a warmish, but transitioning with the seasons, outfit suited for walking, she approaches Nyalle as she sits near the brook, reading. There's a pause where she considers before settling down beside the Senior. "What're you reading?"

Though Zeruth is one of the minority of Fortian dragons who enjoy the winter, the bronze has no complaints about the warmth of the spring sun. He can be seen swooping through the skies from the direction of Fort and coming to a landing in one of the clearings near the brook a short way downstream. Not long after, two voices can be heard coming through the trees. "…glacier is one of the best sights around. Awesome place to climb and not even bad for a swim when it's warmer."

"It's so pretty here!" Comes Katrina's voice out from the trees as she clutches the bronze rider's hand, swinging it back and forth with each step they take. She is wearing a happy looking spring dress of a boring white egg shell color with a hint of yellow trim, and thick mud stomping about in boots. "We could have a picnic here and I can bake cookies."

Nyalle looks up at the approach of others, placing her finger into the book as she closes it, in order to hold her place. "A book of poetry," she answers Dtirae with a smile. "Hunting this afternoon?" she asks, even though a quick look of the Junior shows no signs of weaponry. "S'ai, Katrina," she greets the approaching pair with a warm smile, noticing their hand holding. "How are you both?"

Dtirae looks up at the sound of other voices, her gaze settling upon S'ai and Katrinaas they make their way closer. "Hello S'ai." She greets, though there's a smile for Katrina — name unknown until Nyalle mentions it. There's an incline of her head in greeting after a moment before looking back at Nyalle. "Not one for poetry. Is it good?" As for hunting, she shakes her head. "Not really. Mostly scouting. Some patterns change after spring rolls around as they try to find ways to avoid us. Saw a few nests, figure I'll let others know where they are, so not to disturb the young or accidentally kill their mother."

"Nyalle, Dtirae!" S'ai greets the two goldriders with a wide, cheery grin. "Figured we'd get some fresh air and catch the scenery while the day is nice. Seems like it's the popular thing to do today. What was that I heard, poetry and nests?" There's a tick before he looks aside to Katrina, "Ah. I know've met Nyalle and this is Dtirae, gold Zuvaleyuth's rider. Dtirae, this is Katrina, Baker apprentice. She just got to Fort this winter."

Sliding her hand out of S'ai's almost too quickly once the others come into view, Katrina slips them in front of her. "Hello Weyrwoman, ma'am, and Dtirae, ma'am." She says politely to them, scuffing her boot against the ground. "It's nice to meet you. I.. uh.. bake desserts. The best part of the meal."

Nyalle smiles down at the book, briefly, and nods. "My brother sent it to me. I am enjoying it." Her gaze scans the brook and the forests beyond, and she smiles. "A good plan. No sense in hunting the creatures that are reproducing to make us more food." She lifts her book, letting her finger slip free of the pages. "My brother sent me a book of poetry that I was enjoying." She'll let Dtirae speak to the nests.

As S'ai introduces Katrina, there's another nod towards the baker. "Well met, Katrina. Winter's a rather hard time to move somewhere. Our spring and summers are rather nice, though." Dtirae beams a bright smile, "just deserts?" She tilts her head to consider that book a moment longer before her gaze lifts to Nyalle. "Exactly so. Best to let some of them replenish their numbers before continuing to hunt." A grin, before she extends the conversation towards S'ai and Katrina. "I found some nests on my walk to share with the other hunters to be mindful in those areas. Killing the young and their mothers aren't good for our populations. So, if we can help it, it is better to leave those areas untouched until next Turn, at the very least."

"She means to say amazing desserts." S'ai says with a grin to Katrina as she speaks. "Makes sense, about the nests. Been rough enough around with the fires. Poor wildlife is probably happier for spring and rain than we are. So far, though, looks like some things in the worst hit areas may be coming back through. I'm sure they'll come back stronger than ever in time. Probably a good time to turn some into fresh farmlands if any of the local Holds needed more."

Cheeks flushing slightly, Katrina shifts her shoulders upwards in a shrug. "That seems to be the rumor about my desserts. But, I do make other things as well as part of my apprenticing, but I have been baking desserts since I was a little weyrbrat." As she listens about the nests, she nods her head in understanding.

Nyalle nods her agreement. "The forests are regrowing. Fire is even good for them, in the long run. It clears out the dead brush, lets things grow again, leaves space for new things. It will be good to see the growth through the spring and summer. Animals, too, returning. We should probably not hunt much this turn. Let things return…" But she looks to Dtirae for her thoughts on that. She is not a hunter, after all, and doesn't know too much about such things. "Our kitchens are a fine place to train, in all areas of cooking."

"Amazing deserts?" Dtirae asks S'ai with a grin, "that's a good recommendation, then." As for the talk on the forests, she nods. "They probably are. The burned areas have had some growth, but… It could be better." A furrow of her brows in consideration, "we could, potentially, convert some into farmland… But, it may be better to plant new seedlings in the areas. Or, wait for them to regrow naturally, which will take a lot longer." Either way, it's a long process. She gives another smile towards Katrina, "I'll have to try something you make, sometime? I don't particularly enjoy sweets." But, she's certainly willing to try other baked goods! "I agree, Nyalle. Hunting should be kept limited… At least, in our forests. We could see if our beholden areas would allow us to hunt a little more on their grounds, considering… But, we should have enough to manage with light hunting. Just limiting the meat dishes."

"We'll survive." S'ai says to the goldriders. "There's still fish so we wouln't all turn vegetarian. Heh, we still got anymore of those rabbits that made it through?" He asks with a chuckle before looking over to Katrina, "Oh, you missed it. The Weyr was overrun with them for awhile. In some places you about tripped over them. The tunnelsnakes were probably too fat to fit through their tunnels."

"I can make sugar free desserts too. Pudding is always a good fallback dessert." Katrina giggles as she rocks a bit on the heels of her boots. Leaning in to bump gently against S'ai's shoulder, she says, "He's a pie guy though. Loves his redfruit cobbler." Listening to the topic of hunting, she tilts her head a bit curiously in interest.

Nyalle nods. "I'll speak with Th'ero about it," she promises. "We still have our herds, both here and down South. We won't lack for meat even if we cut back on our hunting. As for the rabbits…I'm sure there are still some around, yes. Those that managed to find safe places away from the tunnelsnakes. And there are several pairs in the barns…" Doing their thing and multiplying, providing the weyr with meat for stews. "Redfruit cobbler is delicious in the autumn…very cozy."

"Of course," Dtirae says in agreement to S'ai, "and there is fish." A chuckle for the mention of the rabbits. "Over gorged tunnelsnakes are easier to hunt." Though, multiplying doesn't help. "That's good to know. I normally just stay away from the sweetened things. Or things that look sweet, because there's usually sweetner in it…" Not a diet, just a dislike. Her nose is wrinkling just a touch. "Thank you, Nyalle. I'll probably mention something to the other hunters as well."

"More for me!" S'ai says gleefully as Dtirae expresses her disinterest in sweets. "Pie and a good ale, I'm set for life. Good steak is nice once in awhile too. And at least pies aren't gonna go extinct and you just gotta wait for them to bake, not breed back up. They don't bite either. Perfect food."

"Pie and a good ale. Sounds like my kind of night." Katrina says as she gives the trio a smile on her face, warm and inviting. She lifts up a hand and slowly slips it back into his hand, giving it a squeeze and shuffles in closer to lean into his shoulder. "Now that it's getting warmer and fruit will be more available, I can get back into making fruit pies. I have been itching to get my hands back into the dough."

Nyalle laughs lightly, shaking her head at S'ai. "More for you, then. How is Zeruth, knowing he's sired yet another clutch?" There is pride in her voice and her expression when talking about the bronze. "We should have our first shipments of spring fruit in a month or so, Katrina, though now might be a good time to practice with winter vegetables? I've had some pastries with greens in them that were delicious. Different, but good just the same. Spinach and cheese, for example…"

"Oh the smugness." S'ai says as he rubs fingers against his temple. "Guess the first catch wasn't just a fluke. Like I told Dtirae, though, I'm glad it's here in Fort. It'll be good to enjoy a new clutch here at home with friends and my own bed. I can actually see these hatchlings grow up too." Mention of the pies does bring a considering squint. "Veggies in a pie? Hm. Suppose that might make them taste a little better."

"Indeed. I'll not fight you for the sweets." Dtirae laughs and gives the bronzerider a teasing look. "You often test to see which things bite before you eat them?" Her grin grows a touch wider before she's giving Nyalle a curious look for the talk of Zeruth, her curious look extends towards S'ai next to hear that answer. "I continue to agree." Her eyes are going distant after a moment before she's pushing up to her feet. "Speaking of clutches… The soon-to-be dam demands that I see to an issue she's having." She gives a polite nod to all gathered. "It was nice talking with you. And, well met again, Katrina. Welcome to Fort." Because she didn't officially say that, earlier. Then, she is heading back down the path she came, and back towards the Weyr.

"It was nice to meet you as well. Have a good day." Katrina says as she gives a wave to her with her free hand. "I can make a veggie and cheese dessert. That sounds fun. I have a few recipes in my cookbook. I'll make you something tomorrow." She gives another squeeze to S'ai's hand, then leans in against his arm comfortably.

Nyalle waves to Dtirae and then smiles at Katrina. "It wasn't a dessert, it was savory. A flaky crust though…I'm not good at explaining it, apparently. But please, if you try it out I'd love a taste." Her smile is warm for S'ai. "I'm glad it was in Fort too, so we don't have to lose you again for another period of time while you're stuck on the sands."

"Catcha later, Dtirae." S'ai says to her with a smile, "Zeruth and I's best to Zuvaleyuth." He gives Nyalle a relieved grin and an agreeing nod of his head. "I'll be glad to be here. This is home. I'm not keen to leave it again, much as I'm surprised to ever say that. Now, if you'll excuse us, I promise Katrina a close up view of a glacier and a walk before my shift tonight. New guy still gets stuck with the late sweep."

"It just means you get to sleep in." Katrina says with a smile to S'ai before looking back to the Weyrwoman with a nod of her head. "I will try a few things in the kitchen though for you tomorrow. Have a nice night."

Nyalle opens her book of poetry as the others depart, with a smile. "Enjoy your evening, you two."