Fort Weyr and Fort Hold

Ah winter. Yes, food may be in shorter supply than Fortians would like. And yes, relations with the holds aren't what they once were. And perhaps, too, grumbles abound regarding any great number of complaints the shortages have spurred. But on a lovely day like this one, those concerns don't seem quite so…concerning. For though winter still holds Fort in its icy grip, today those frosty talons have loosened, allowing sunshine and some warmer air to move in. Visiting for the first time in a while are So'l and Sharuth, who've been spending most of their days at Xanadu now that Luraloth's clutched her eggs and Search is well underway. But today the pair has decided to return home just long enough to check in and thus So'l slides down from the large bronze's back, his feet dusting up the snow as he lands. "Nishka first, then we'll look in on Abigail and Nium if they're around?" Sharuth whuffles back with agreement and settles himself down to wait.

Even though it is still cold, K'drozen trudges though the snow, the sun having brought him outside today. The brown rider seeming relaxed and unconcerned. Spotting So'l he smiles a bit and turns in his path to make his way towards his wingmate, "Hey there So'l…" as he nears.

Winter is still clinging to Fort, like always it seems to last longer here then some of the other weyr's, at least that is what many feel that it does. Niumdreoth is settled a good dozen yards off, the large brown bugling out a greeting to Sharuth once the bronze has landed. « Good day Sharuth! It is a true pleasure to see you and your rider once more. » The brown and his rider has been kept rather busy around the weyr as of late, winter tends to bring plenty of problems, along with the fact that they have been scraping up enough food to keep everyone fed through the cold months. Abigail is making her way out from the caverns, flight jacket getting pulled closed while her pale gaze drifts over the bowl, Niumdreoth had already informed her that both So'l and Sharuth was at the bowl, so of course she had to come and greet them. Once she has caught sight of them there is a warm smile and wave sent to the bronze and rider, along with K'drozen. "Afternoon!"

Light duty. That's what Anique's been on recently and it is clearly starting to wear thin. Winter or not she's decide she's doing something outside. So Typriaeth wings down with Anique aboard and the green settles down lightly so that her rider can dismount. "Shh…I'll do a bit of a run. No I don't think that you should toss this poor little brown off the ledge." she is evidently speaking to the green about a young hatchling that is clinging to Anique's shoulder with his head buried in her hair. "Shhh." she says soothingly to it. Her attention shifts to scan the bowl and she spies the long missed bronze rider first. "So'l!" she waves excitedly over towards him. Despite the jacket she wears it's hard to completely disguise the baby bump that's quite evident now. K'drozen is spied next and a special smile cast his way before Abigail gets a wave too.

"K'drozen!" So'l grins back, offering a wave. "It's really good to see you! Things going alright here?" It has, indeed, been quite some time since he's seen his Search and Rescue wingmates and it's a welcome thing, clearly. Movement catches the bronzerider's eyes and he turns, smiling wide to Typriaeth and Anique before a puzzling look cocks his head a bit to the side. Pregnant? Anique? "Good morning, Anique! You're looking well," So'l smiles genuinely. « Niumdreoth is already here. Abigail comes,» Sharuth notes to So'l before replying to the brown. « We are very pleased to return! Though it is a short visit only, » he explains, his thoughts somewhat distant. He does not like to leave the eggs long, you see… As Abigail approaches, the bronze bugles a hello to her before offering one to Typriaeth as well. So'l, meanwhile, chuckles and moves towards the woman, reaching out to enfold her in a hug if she'll have it. "Abigail…hey," he beams, taking off his goggles and stowing them in a pocket.

Rumble. Rumble? Rumble! It's a sound almost like distant thunder but the skies are clear and rarely does it thunderstorm in winter anyway. So where does it come from?

K'drozen smiles to S'ol and says, "Oh you know things go pretty much the same as allways." the brown rider smiles, "It is good to see you. How are things going over at Xanadu for you?" He glances over his shoulds and returns Aniques smiles, "Hey…" he says softly to her. The rumbling though has him looking up to the sky and frowning slightly..

Abigail casts a glance towards Anique and the same thought rolls though her mind as So'l, she's been out of loop as of late with things, rumors and the like but she doesn't linger on that and offers a wave back to her. "Hello Anique." Is offered as she continues onwards to where So'l is, as for hugs of course she'll have it, hugs are good after all. She leans close to So'l, a warm smile offered to him. "I'm glad ta see ye, been missing ye." She offers with a soft tone mostly for him to hear. Niumdreoth rumbles out softly and looks amused while he slowly shifts, large wings stretching before he is up on his paws and moving towards Sharuth. « That is alright, we are happy to have you home even if it is for a short while. How is everything at Xanadu? Hopefully not /that/ well as we don't want you and So'l to stay there after all. » The distance thunder is picked up by the brown, his head twisting to send a look to the sky and off towards the distance while he is already bespeaking a few of the wing that is out on sweeps.

Anique offers no remarks or anything if she notices the looks directed towards her baby bump. She smiles pleasantly at K'drozen and seems content to sidle up to his side and lean against him lightly. Her attention shifts quickly though with a questioning look around at the sound of thunder.

Another rumble and then? With a loud, thunderous crack, the mountains nestling Fort Hold at their base unexpectedly unleash. With a dull roaring audible from the weyrbowl, a great rush of snow and ice breaks away, thundering down the mountainside in a swift moving torrent of devastation. The warnings come in all at once, many of the dragons passing them on as appropriate to scramble the wings into action: Avalanche! And it's headed directly for Fort Hold. With gravity-fueled momentum, the rushing sea of snow gathers more and more into itself as the billowing cloud slides down the mountain, threatening to soon bury the hold…the hold /and/ its unsuspecting residents.

"Avalanche," So'l hisses, though Anique, Abigail, and K'drozen likely already know what's happening. "Orders?" he asks the Thunderbird Wingsecond, moving to quickly clamber atop Sharuth and buckle himself into the straps. "What do we do?" All remnants of that pleasant conversation from moments ago flee, replaced with rising concern and an adrenaline-fueled push to /do/ something.

K'drozen slips his arm about Anique for just a moment before nodding to So'l his gaze looking to the distance and says, "I could fly out and check out the damage Ma'am…" he frowns just a bit, "Make sure no one was caught in it…" as he speaks Rhyrith glides in to land nearby in the bowl.

Abigail does already get the message that is sent to Niumdreoth as one of the riders is sweeping across the area near For Hold. Her fingers grip slightly at So'l's arm before she has to let him go as she is quickly moving to Niumdreoth. "The wing is getting the message to move out, get to Fort Hold as quickly as possible." A glance is sent to K'drozen and she nods slightly. "That's the plan. Niumdreoth is informing the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman via their dragons." Hopefully everything will work out; maybe it won't make it to the hold? Niumdreoth crouches down and Abigail is clambering up into place, the large brown is jumping into the air before the buckles are even place. There is a bit of urgency it seems to get there, her family is there after all, along with plenty of other innocent people to worry about on top of everything.

Typriaeth turns her head at the sound, no doubt hearing the words of warning that are being passed between the dragons. Avalanche! The normally tanned Anique turns a little pale as she hears the news from her green and she tenses in K'drozen's arms with worry. Without thought she is halfway towards Typriaeth to mount up with she stops suddenly with one hand on her stomach. Fear of going Between is clearly etched in her expression and she stands there, torn on what to do.

"Got it," So'l nods as Sharuth rears back, not even bothering to take a hop or two before launching into the sky. With a great pumping of wings, the bronze climbs to a safe elevation before slipping /between/. Three heartbeats later and the pair bursts back into view, this time directly over Fort Hold. Staring up the mountain, the churning avalanche is ever thundering down towards the hold, the residents below having received warning and — many of them at least — scrambling to safety if it's available. But is it? Is it really? With the kind of snow rushing down at them, it's virtually /certain/ that that the avalanche is going to crash down on Fort Hold with little regard for human life. « We must help the people get to safety! » Sharuth bugles with alarm, his thoughts including Niumdreoth, Typriaeth, Rhyrith, and others. Swooping down, So'l and Sharuth land in the middle of the square and begin helping fleeing residents up into the straps. Once fully loaded, the bronze leaps back into the sky — a harder feat this time — and /betweens/ back to the bowl to drop them off before heading out for more.

K'drozen gives Anique a light squeeze about the middle before turning to leap up onto Rhyriths foreleg before leveling himself up ont his back. He calls out to Anique, "Fly strait, be safe, don't take any chances." Rhyrith also leaps into the air before he is even secure, winging over to pull up onto Niumdreath wing.

« You and your rider are to stay, no betweening understand? It is an order. » Niumdreoth sends to Typriaeth. Abigail made the mistakes of between more then she should when she was expecting and she would not expect anyone else to do anything as foolish as that. With that passed on the large brown is going between and winding up over at Fort Hold. Abigail is taking in the area and already making orders pass between drgons.

That settles that dilemma in Anique's head as she now stands at Typriaeth's head. The green rumbles unhappily but Anique stays firm. "We'll help here!" she says in agreement to staying. While they are gone she slips into the storage caverns for blankets and other supplies that might be needed

Sharuth and So'l have returned to Fort Hold, landing in the square and taking on more passengers. At his rider's behest, the bronze looks up at Niumdreoth and asks, « Should we continue ferrying them? Or is there something else we can do? To try and stop it? » For above them on the looming mountain, the avalanche continues to gather strength as it rushes down towards them. So'l, meanwhile, is reaching down to help people up and getting them swiftly strapped in for the ride to the weyr. Good thing Anique is back there prepping supplies for the refugees; unfortunately, this may mean that foodstuffs already in short supply could become even more so. If Fort Hold is buried under a mountain of snow, that is…

Niumdreoth shifts and dives down low, landing in a spot to give plenty of room for other dragons while Abigail undoes her straps and is quick to jump down. People are running, gathering items, herding kids and the like to try and get them moving. The wingsecond is able to get a few strapped in before they can try to go and grab other things. « Continue to ferry them to the Weyr. Nishka and her group are trying to deal with the avalanche. If it does not work there will be other problems to deal with! » Avalanches are hard to deal with, some say they have a life of their own and are an unstoppable force. The group with the Wingleader try their best, flame, working out areas that perhaps they could use as a place to send it if they could make it move off course Though nothing comes to mind that actually works, which means it /is/ heading right for Fort Hold and everyone needs to get out of there as soon as can be, yesterday would have been a grand time to leave actually.

Rhyrith stays onto Niumdreoths wing drop down next to him, K'drozen is off and moving almost immediately trying to assist in dirrecting the children, thinking quick he calls out to the group, "How about a ride on the brown dragon." attempting to get there attention as he starts helping the first up and on to get them strapped in."

Anique may be disappointed that she can't go with the others to help at the Hold but she's certainly throwing herself into her tasks here to ensure everything is ready as can be. Typriaeth is stationed on the Star Stones now to bugle upon anyone's entry back to the Weyr.

"Look mama! A bwown!" a little boy — no more than four — exclaims, tugging his already-harried-looking mother's arm towards Rhyrith. Not that color really matters when it comes to dragon evacuation, as long as there's room of course. "C'mon Jayvid, up," the woman says, tears welling in her eyes as she passes the boy up to K'drozen. "I'm going back for your father." The little boy begins crying, tears draining from his eyes. "No mama, no! Don't leave me!" But it's too late; she's running off, wiping the tears from her own eyes as she hurries back /in/ the direction of the falling snows. Where's her husband? And why wasn't he with them? No one knows. Others are clamoring to mount Rhyrith now and Sharuth too, the great bronze easily accommodating of several more people as So'l and Sharuth work in unison to help them load up. The bronzerider calls out to Abigail, "Another trip or two before that snow gets here, I'd say." And looking up at the falling torrent, he may be right. So /much/ snow and ice have joined the initial breakoff and now it's all slushing ever closer with great clouds of frozen moisture puffing up as it falls. Fort Hold /will/ be hit, it seems — despite the efforts of Nishka and the others to subvert the flow with flame and such. There's just too /much/ snow to avoid it.

K'drozen puts on the smile for the little one and says, "It is ok be brave, she will be ok.." as he helps another couple up and onto the giant browns back and looks to the other, "We will be right back, keep his ground clear other dragons will be landing to get you out." as he mounts up and gets Rhyrith to leap skyward blinking out into between almost immediately.

Abigail is picking up a boy and handing him up to his father that is already settled within the straps upon Niumdreoth. The large brown is carrying quite a few people, and Abbey struggles to get the straps in place. She hears So'l and looks back towards him and Sharuth. "Right, get going! Others are coming to give aid and help." All the while the wingsecond is looking for her parents, so far though she hasn't seen them, or caught word that others have gotten them out. With another person strapped down Abigail settles in the straps and Niumdreoth is taking to the air with a quick up and disappearing between to head back to Fort Hold to drop off the ones he is carrying. The snow is moving quickly, taking anything in its path and turning it into rubble along with turning rather innocent objects into things that could cause damage and in the end possible lead to many deaths and injuries in the long run. Warnings are sent out among the Search wing, along to the other wings that have jumped in to help with pulling people out of the hold, the avalanche is gaining in speed, and there is little left for the wing to do other then join in evacuation at the hold with everyone else.

Another joins or likely already has joined for some time. A familiar blue was likely among the first to respond and join Thunderbird as a volunteer in aiding in the evacuation. Back in Fort Weyr, Kayeth and Velokraeth remain on the sands, while the Weyrwoman along with the juniors and the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond are busily organizing things on that side in preparation for the evacuees. No doubt a few older riders have been sent for supplies and extra food, as the Weyr will now be supporting far more in capacity than it's meagre stores can handle. Once assured that all is well underway, Th'ero speaks hastily to D'ani and Nyalle before rushing off when Varmiroth returns. Velokraeth will not leave the sands with Kayeth bound to their clutch as well but it is not the first time (or the last) that the Weyrleader will ride another's dragon to get where he needs to be. Which is apparently the square of Fort Hold and once the blue has landed, he will dismount and then order Kimmila to join the others in the effort from the air. Th'ero will help on the ground as best as he can, for what precious time remains to them.

Following the wingsecond's orders, So'l and Sharuth go airborne, laden down with an overly full load of passengers that are shortly winked /between/ and dropped off in the weyrbowl. Rising back into the sky, So'l directs the bronze back to Fort Hold and a heartbeat later, they emerge over the hold. Though Sharuth angles down towards the square once more, So'l's eyes are focused up on the mountain. The snow wave's leading edge is /almost/ to the hold now…won't be long at all. Maybe one final pick up? They'll be lucky to get off the ground in time. Landing hard — for the sake of time — Sharuth lowers himself into position while So'l reaches down to take a child handed up his way. It's a young girl — probably only two or so — but the father refuses to mount with her. "My wife…she must have went back for me. Please, keep Ziyell safe. I'll catch the next dragon! Got to find her," he mutters, his eyes ablaze with worry. "There isn't time," So'l shakes his head. "You have to go now. Climb up," he says, knowing it's a lost cause but trying anyway. "No!" the man shouts, running headlong back into the path of the snows. "No time to wait," So'l sighs to himself, helping others up until they're full. And then…just as Sharuth is taking wing, the leading edge hits. A thunderous wall of snow comes careening down towards the hold, slushing around the buildings with enough force to quickly sweep people along and pull them under the sheer weight of the ice and snow.

Rhyrith lands in Forts center bowl and K'drozen quickly works at getting the survivers down and off before the brown is rapidly in the Air once more blinking between. AS the arive above Fort hold once more he looks down on the wall of snow rushing at the weyr and curses, swooping down just above looking for a place to land .

Niumdreoth appear back and sweeps downwards heading back to a spot and lands, Abigail jumps down once more and is back to getting people up on her dragon. Questions are asked, mothers screaming for their children, husband's asking if their wives have been seen, enough to wear one everyone emotionally at the moment with the treat of death looming. "I don't know.. I'm sure other's have gotten them out, now is not the time to question or wait we must go!" Abbey states with a firm tone while pushing a man up onto the large brown and getting him into the straps. Niumdreoth rumbles out with a low worried tone, his swirling gaze turning towards the thundering that is getting closer and closer. Abigail pushes another woman into a set of straps and with her buckled down she is grabbing hold of another's arm which yanks free and when the wingsecond turns to see whom it is it turns out to be her mother. "Your father, his trapped" The rest is lost as Abigail just blinks and looks around before looking to see where about her mother is pointing. "Get on Niumdreoth, now." This said with a thin tone from Abbey, which her mother does and once the straps are in place Abigail turns and is running into the building that was pointed out. The thundering is there, like an eerie echo of some forbidding doom, and it's heading right towards the building in which Abigail was running into. Niumdreoth refuses to move from his spot for a few moments, though his wings snap open and he takes the air right as the snow slams into a wall and takes over the space where he was it. Screams are head, yelling of names and it is soon masked over from the sound of the roaring snow.

Th'ero has dived right into the chaos and no stranger to such high tension moments, the Weyrleader immediately begins to bark out orders and commands to the Holders. If there's no time to get to a dragon, then the last option is the only one: to get everyone moving as far away from the avalanche of snow as possible. No more time for air lifted evacuation, concentration goes to just getting people out of the path. Once all has settled, the next stage of rescue will begin. Th'ero begins to direct as many of the panicked folk as he can, herding them but time has run out. That roaring sound is growing louder and just as he peers up with a look of shock, he catches a glimpse of a familiar face rushing back to the Hold. "Abigail, NO!" he yells, but his voice is drowned out by other cries and screams and the sound of rushing snow. Th'ero will attempt to give chase, gesturing wildly for those still escaping to keep going but in the end he is too late. The snow will come crashing down and just as the shadow of it grows over their heads, Th'ero will try to grab the nearest holder to him - a young boy - trying to shield him even as he shoves him forwards before they're enveloped in snow, ice and whatever else came crashing down. When most of it has settled, there is a faint tremor and then the Weyrleader can be seen scrabbling to the surface, coughing and sputtering as he writhes and squirms his way free and has barely escaped himself when he's turning to attempt to dig out the boy, who's arm is the only thing poking above the snow.

« Set the firelizards and dragons to digging! » Velokraeth's voice can be heard as the pale bronze's mind brushes up against the others. Sharuth, Niumdreoth, Typriaeth, Rhyrith, as well as the Wingleaders present. « Mine says we need to split resources now. Groups to dig, others for evacuation, unless someone has a better plan? » Forgive Velokraeth's moment of sharpness as the bronze likely does not mean to be so abrupt, stress and anxiety making his usual calm demeanour now roughened.

In the instant before Sharuth slips them /between/, So'l hears Th'ero's exclamation of "Abigail! NO!" But it's too late to do anything about it. The heat-sucking space of /between/ enfolds them and a moment later, they're hovering over the weyrbowl. "Down Sharuth!" the rider calls, panic driving his actions now as he begins helping the others down once they've landed. "Bespeak Niumdreoth. What's going on?" Handing Ziyell off to one of the many people now helping out in the bowl, So'l climbs up Sharuth's foreleg and then scrambles up the straps, swing his leg over and settling into his saddle. "Up!" he orders, feeling his stomach drop beneath him as Sharuth rises so quickly. The next order isn't necessary as the black of /between/ greets them once more. As they come out, the sight that waits for them is truly stunning. Fort Hold — at least the parts of it closest to the mountain — is partially buried, the snow having filled the streets and rising above some of the buildings. While the avalanche peters out now — the structures having absorbed most of force and momentum — it's clear that it's going to take quite a while to dig the hold out of this. And who is to say how many have died? « Niumdreoth, where is yours? » Sharuth asks, his keen eyes sweeping the buried structures in search of signs of Abigail. So'l directs him down to the ground and once they've landed, he begins searching for her. An arm above the snow /there/! Is it her? He stoops to help, hands digging at the snows before he pulls the woman out. It's the one who went back for her husband — the husband who went back for /her/ — but she is alone. "Never found him," she gasps, her skin burning red from the cold. "Here," So'l waves another over, who in turns takes to helping the woman while the bronzerider searches for Abigail.

The snow slams into builds, taking many out, only the strongest ones are able to take /some/ of the brunt that the avalanche has with them at the moment. People are trapped not only within the snow, but also in these buildings that have managed to stay standing to some degree. Niumdreoth lets out a roaring bellow as he lands back down upon the now snow covered ground. This sends many that he was carrying off his back as quickly as possible while the large brown stays put just long enough before he is bounding forward towards the spot where he knows his rider is to be found. The simple fact that the brown is still there should prove that Abigail is still alive. The voice from Velokraeth is caught on Niumdreoth, though his mind is cleaning not there enough for offering answers at the moment as he is searching and then speaking with his rider when able. The link is there at least even though it isn't doing a whole lot to make Niumdreoth happy at the moment. The questions from Sharuth do reach him enough to offer up answers. « She is trapped! Here in a building with others! » A gold firelizard appear from between and flutters about before zipping towards where So'l is and lands upon his shoulder, sharp warbles and screeches escaping her while tugging at him with sharp claws.

Th'ero digs and digs at the thick packed snow, swearing under his breath and only relaxing a small fraction when he uncovers the young boy's head. Eyes close briefly too in relief when the boy gasps audibly for air and begins to cough. Working as fast as he can, he helps free him and then passes him off to those who have stepped forwards to help now that the snow has settled and the immediate threat has arrived. "We need blankets and other materials for those trapped as we recover them. Build shelter or find stable shelter, make a safe zone." he calls out gruffly to the riders and holders closest to him, while Velokraeth echoes much of the same through the other dragons. "Those who are able bodied and capable, start digging! Use any firelizards to help! Where are the specialized teams?" Th'ero barks, already scanning the sky for Nishka and her specialized riders and no doubt for a glimpse of a certain bluerider before his gaze focuses in concern on where Niumdreoth lands and the building where Abigail last disappeared. Seeing to the first groups organized, the Weyrleader then rushes over to join So'l.

"Weyrleader," So'l nods to Th'ero, all business and determination. It's a mask; something to hide his incredible concern for Abigail as he runs with the weyrleader at his side to where Niumdreoth has landed. A great shadow moves over them as Sharuth flies overhead, coming to rest near the structure as well. He begins digging with great haste, hoping to expose the building's egresses before the two riders arrive. And with Niumdreoth's help, it's something they're able to do quickly enough. With a sweep of the tail, the bronze removes much of the snow they've dug up and pushes it aside, clearing the way for So'l and Th'ero to enter. And enter, So'l does. "Abigail?" he calls out, his eyes sweeping the room. Some of the snow has seeped in here, having broken shutters and windows and spilling inside. Not enough to bury anyone, though.

Niumdreoth continues to work, digging up the snow that are covered the building and by the time Sharuth get's there a good amount of it is out of the way. Muffled shouts and yells are caught from under the snow, with more snow out of the way the voices sound louder, so they are getting closer. Other areas more dragons, riders, ones that live in the hold are working at digging people up. Many will be found, helped and saved, but there will be deaths from this that is a given. The building is soon unsnowed enough to allow entrance within, part of the roof has caved in, there are a few people trying to pull of the debris that is resting over a man that is still alive but looking to be seriously hurt. A few other people are thrilled to see the opening, people coming to help and just plan luckily to be alive, thanks are given while they are helped out from the building. Abigail isn't one of the people here it seem but there is more places to look for certain. The golden firelizard jumps down from So'l shoulder and zips off to another part of the building, near the back that has been overtaken with snow. The gold settles upon the edge of a bookcase that is sticking out from the snow and is soon digging at the snow there. Niumdreoth rumbles out while tilting his head, swirling eye looking into where So'l and Th'ero are to be found, his claws scraping against the ground. « She is there, with her father and another. Her father is hurt… Badly. They are save in a slight cave of sorts. » They got lucky.

"So'l," Th'ero greets in return with a curt nod. No time for socialization or their usual formalities. There is still chaos around them, the calls of the injured and trapped echoing all too clear in the Weyrleader's head. Other dragons join in with Niumdreoth to help dig away and clear the snow under the command of the Thunderbird Wingleader and her team of avalanche trained riders. Again, Th'ero's eyes scan for a glimpse of Varmiroth and Kimmila and something must catch his attention to at least assure his nerves that they're alright. No doubt they've gone do help where needed too. The Weyrleader is needed here and now and alongside So'l he will step into the building. Dark eyes scan the structure with wariness, noting the damage and immediately going to reassure those well enough to hold out on their own. "Get everyone out as calmly but as quickly as possible," he murmurs to the first he greets. "Those who can on their own, tell them to join the rest in the safe zones. The injured…" Th'ero's gaze travels to that man with a concerned grimace. "… we'll need to assist in moving out, if they can be moved. Understood?" Once he gets some nods of understanding, Th'ero will move on and seeing where the gold firelizard has begun to dig, he shoots So'l a sharp look. "She's in there?" he asks, confirming what he already assumes is correct. His trio of firelizards zip in and begin to aid in digging, while he steps forwards to examine the bookcase and see if there is a way to get it up or steady it in case it poses a risk.

So'l follows Annika into the back of the building, hearing Th'ero issuing orders but laser-focused on Abigail. Information from Sharuth — via Niumdreoth — tells him the woman is alright but her father is not. And when Annika swoops down to begin digging, two other firelizards pop out of /between/ to join her. And then Th'ero's firelizards come, too, and So'l lowers to his knees to aid them in the effort. A nod is given to Th'ero as the weyrleader investigates the bookcase and while he's no woodcrafter, So'l's confident he knows what he is doing. A cave of sorts? The bronzerider digs carefully but quickly, using a broken board — no doubt part of a busted table or something — to aid in the snow removal. And finally, at last, Abigail is reached. The hollow they were in kept them from being crushed but obviously, the woman's father is very injured. "Abbey," So'l breathes, thankful she's alright. "Let me take him. We'll fly straight to the Infirmary, let the healers get to work." And of course, he'll be ginger in moving the man.

The slight cave that was made was by pure luck, newer building, bookcases made from thick wood offered up some support to the weight of the snow that made its way into the building. Abigail is in one piece, hurt which could be picked up from Niumdreoth if he was so included to share (which he isn't unless pushed on the matter). Her father on the other hand isn't well, even though the wood was thick on the bookcase one of them splintered in two and he was stabbed by a rather sharp piece of wood into his side as a result. Abbey has hold of his hand along with holding onto a boy that got rugged into the area as well. It takes a few moments for Abigail to look at So'l, she is glad to see him as well but there is also a pained look seen but she isn't in any shape to get her father out of her, a nod is soon seen as she works on pushing some snow out of the way to make it easier. The young gold firelizard is there, along with a bronze and brown that goes about digging at more snow which will help get the fallen man out easier. It takes a few moments to do this and thus Bragen (Abbey's father) is soon free from the snow, and with help is taken out from the building. He needs healers help that is for certain.

Th'ero's three firelizards, a bronze, a brown and a green are working alongside Abigail's gold and So'ls firelizards too. The Weyrleader has his mind focused on the bookcases and when more of the snow begins to clear, he will call on the help of a few others to get the cumbersome things pushed aside enough to allow more room but not put either Abigail or her father Bragen in danger. "Hold on!" he encourages them both, gritting his teeth as he helps shove the solid wood over and then making triple sure it's secure and stable before So'l and Abigail work on moving the injured man. "Healers are already gathering outside and are readied," he instructs, reaching in to help the Abigail with the boy she's also dragged in. "I'll take the boy now, Abigail. You can help So'l here with this man," he murmurs as he crouches down and levels his eyes with the Wingsecond. Th'ero is no fool, he can see the change in the young woman and while he does not pry or ask questions, he will help where he can.

It doesn't look good, that's for sure. But at least Bragen can be moved. It's a ginger thing, the way So'l bends down to lift the man gently into his arms. With a supportive look to Abigail, he says, "I'll take him to the healers before Sharuth and I get to work on the digging. You're alright?" he asks, nodding when confirmation is given and offering her the slightest of smiles. The relief he feels, however, floods through Sharuth, who relays it to Niumdreoth on his rider's behalf. « So'l was very, very scared. He is so happy Abigail is alright. We dug well, Great Niumdreoth, » Sharuth comments. So'l, meanwhile, nods to Th'ero and is about to say something until one of the other men interrupts.

"Was that damned mating flight! That bronze flew right into the mountain!" The old man wheezes as he's helped to his feet. "Probably loosened the snow and with all the warm ups and freezing, set this whole damn thing in motion. Blasted riders!" He allows himself to be led away for treatment outside.

"Better get him outside," So'l nods to Th'ero. "But if an avalanche weren't enough, comments like that one are going to cause problems." Like Th'ero doesn't know that? "Let me know how I can help," So'l offers, glancing back to Abigail with a nod before carrying her injured father outside.

Bragen can be moved though So'l will need some help, the man is not that small after all. Though with help he is moveable, and hopefully with the healers he will be helped. Abigail shifts slowly, letting the boy go, she winces at the movement of her right arm but doesn't comment on it, or what is going on. The boy is in tears but goes to Th'ero eagerly if it means getting him out of this mess. "She pulled me out of the way, the bookcase would have crushed me!" This is what the boy is mumbling while he half clings to Th'ero no knowing just whom it is he is clinging to actually. "I'll be alright" Abigail murmurs out as she hears So'l and she is slowly to follow after out from the little cave that saved the three that was there from it all. At the comment from the man at the front of the building is caught she glowers slightly, at least it wasn't her father! The gold firelizard zips over to Abbey once seeing her and land upon her right shoulder which causes the brownrider to cry out slightly and makes the lizard move. Well so much for her keeping that to herself until later. Niumdreoth rumbles out to Sharuth as he shifts out of the way while people are being brought out from the building. « Mine was sacred as well, but she had to find her father She is glad to know that So'l is safe and unhurt. » More will have to be spoken on later between the pair when they are face to face perhaps.

The scene is a mess, most of Fort Hold has been covered in a sea of ice, snow, trees and anything else the avalanche was able to take within its path. Everyone is at work trying to dig people out from the snow, dragons, riders, and hold folk alike. Needless to say there is plenty of people injured, scared and yes some that did not make it when the 'sea' of snow crashed into the hold's walls.

Oh, Th'ero is all too aware of what comments like that will stir up and the Weyrleader shoots the old man a narrowed look. His mouth is set into a tight line and for a moment he is silent as he wrestles with his temper and emotions, already so on edge with his nerves from the avalanche. His clothes are clotted and matted with snow and ice, so is his hair and there is a faint line of blood trailing one cheek from a shallow cut. "I'll see to that, thank you So'l." he murmurs stiffly and then nods to a few other holders. "Can you all help this man here to the Healers and safe zone?" He does not even so much as acknowledge the man's comments, which could be a huge blunder on his part. But the words trouble him worse than some of the screams from earlier and he has to swiftly shove it all aside in order to function. Something he'll need to do when Abigail does allow him to take the boy she had grabbed to safety. Holding him as easily as though he were carrying Kyzen, Th'ero reassures the child with low spoken assurances that all is well. "What is your name?" he'll ask the boy and then is distracted by Abigail's cry of pain. Frowning heavily, he will step closer to the brownrider but cannot bend to her aid with his charge. "Are you alright, Abigail? Shells. Where's Kimmila? Velokraeth is too overwhelmed to bespeak… Electricus." Suddenly a tunnel snake like brown firelizard slithers his way up with a low hissed like chirp. Ugh. "Find her." Off the brown goes, slipping out the open door and causing a few people exiting to flinch away.

Outside, Varmiroth touches down with a tired grunt, his wings limp as he slowly tucks them to his sides. Dismounting, Kimmila spends a moment touching the joints and feeling for injuries before she orders her blue to go rest. With a soft rumble, the dragon does as he's ordered, moving clear of the working area to find a spot to curl up for a quick nap while Kimmila goes in search of Th'ero. She probably should have had Varmiroth ask Velokraeth where Th'ero is, but since the exhausted blue is already asleep, she does it the old fashioned way - walking around looking for him. And then, Electricus finds her, and the bluerider is thrilled, grabbing him and putting him on her shoulder beneath her hair, following his directions to Th'ero. "Are you okay?" she asks when she sees him, frowning deeply. "Who is that? Abigail, are you okay? Where is So'l?" Catch her up, she's worried.

The boy is quiet once he is peering up at Th'ero, oh wait That's the Weyrleader, the boys eyes get wide and he pales slightly as he ponders what to say or do now it seems! A voice calls out, someone is searching for someone. "Richen?… Richen?!" It sounds like a woman and onc hearing this name the boy turns to look towards the approach of his mother. "It's Richen" This is murmured out to Th'ero before he is eyeing that brown firelizard a few moments. "His ugly." Aww, leave it to children to state the obvious. Once the questions are back to Abigail, Richen opens up a bit and points to the brownrider. "When the bookcase was falling she was hit with it, but it is what saved me from getting /smooshed/." Also leave it to children for telling everything. Abigail smirks just a touch while she looks to the boy, a faint glance sent to Th'ero and she clears her throat slowly as she finds herself in a position that isn't that easy to stand with one good arm. "Might be a dislocated shoulder." If she's lucky that is all it is. Hearing Kimmila she glances to the bluerider. "So'l took my father to the healers." As for herself, she'll live at the moment so doesn't comment on it.

Electricus is one content ugly as sin brown firelizard the moment Kimmila tucks him at the nape of her neck and under her hair. Who needs a food tidbit when he gets that instead? He'll slither away though once she's reunited with Th'ero and the others. Hearing Kimmila's voice, Th'ero turns to face her and for a moment his expression is etched in pure relief to see her whole and safe. "I'm fine. Cold and a bit roughed up but fine. This young boy here?" Is Richen apparently! The answer comes for all to hear when the voice is calling and the boy confirms his identity. The Weyrleader sets him down, "Is that your mother? Go to her," he tells him, nodding when he goes on to speak the honest truth. "Yes, Electricus is ugly and you're a very lucky boy today. Go on, now. Go to your mother so she does not need to fret over you." Th'ero has other business to attend to as well. "We need to get you out of here then too, Abigail. Get that checked." Weyrleader's orders! "Can you move on your own? Or do you require assistance?" he asks, while glancing sidelong to Kimmila. "How're you? Anything to report? I'm sorry word wasn't sent to Varmiroth. Velokraeth is swamped and with me being here our bond…" Isn't as strong.

Kimmila shakes her head as she steps up to Th'ero, pulling out a handkerchief to dab at the blood on his face, frowning deeply. "I'm fine. Varmiroth is exhausted, I sent him to nap. Not too much to report that you don't already know. Deaths, broken things, a hold in panic and disarray. But I'm pleased to report the wings are doing well, keeping the peace and helping however they can. Abigail, we need to get that looked at," she says, nodding to the brownrider's shoulder. Backing up Th'ero's orders.

Richen is happy to be placed down and soon nods with a curious look sent from Th'ero to Kimmila and then back to Abigail, whom is gifted a slight smile. "Thank you lady!" This offered to the part on her saving him so to speak before he is running off to meet up with his mother, whom is beyond happy to see that her son is safe, to the point that she is in tears. Abigail takes in a soft breath, a faint smile seen as she watches the child go before she looks to both Th'ero and Kimmila and nods slowly. "Aye If'nn I could just get a hand up?" She would really rather not fall for some miss step at the moment that is for certain. Her right arm is held close to her while offering up her left hand to whomever might wish to give her a hand up.

"I'm alright," Th'ero protests when Kimmila advances on him with a handkerchief but he's a good sport about it and allows her to wipe away the blood. Already the cut has scabbed over, so shallow that it's more or less healed on its own. The only other concern is that the Weyrleader's clothes and hair are still caked in ice, snow and slush. He's soaked and probably quite cold, though with the adrenaline coursing through him he's no doubt oblivious to it. Right now he feels very heated and brimming with energy. Go, go go! "Good that Varmiroth is okay." he murmurs, only to grimace and sigh. "And I expected as much." Deaths and injuries. More for him to brood over when the official reports come in. With Richen safe with his mother, his focus turns back to Abigail and he steps forwards to offer her his hand. "Kimmila, you mind going to her other side? We'll help you up Abigail."

Kimmila glances at Abigail again, and then back to Th'ero with that lingering frown. "Yeah," she says, shoving the handkerchief back into her pocket and moving forward to Abigail's uninjured side, crouching down to get an arm around the other rider's, pulling her gently to her feet once she and Th'ero are ready. "Back to the weyr I assume, for you."

Abigail didn't think they would both help her, but really she isn't about to not take the help and she shifts moving and slowly standing with their aid. "Thank ye." She offers with a soft tone and swallows slightly at the movement of her shoulder, darn things that are painful. There is a soft breath that escapes her and she glances to Kimmila nodding a moment. "I would like to check on my father first." See where about So'l has managed to take him for help it seems. Niumdreoth settles there near the building, eyeing it and seems nervous, tail flicking about, he wants to see his rider it would seem.

Th'ero grimaces when he realizes that despite his and Kimmila's efforts, Abigail is still pained by the movement. "I don't think Abigail is cleared for flight quite yet, but will have to return to Fort Weyr by ground…" he murmurs. "But we will see what the Healer's think. Wingmate, will you be able to help support her?" he asks, with a slightly apologetic look to the brownrider. He figures she's a touch prideful, but with so much snow and ice out there he does not want to risk her stumbling and falling. He nods, glancing towards the doorway. "We can bring you to your father. So'l has no doubt brought him to the makeshift shelters where the Healers are organized for the injured. Come on, follow me." Apparently some updates have finally filtered through to him via Velokraeth and after one last cursory check to be sure no one is left behind in the building the will step outside and wait for the other two to move ahead of him. "All's clear!" The Weyrleader will call out and is answered by a chorus of voices confirming that it's been noted. No sense wasting resources searching an empty building!

Kimmila helps support Abigail as they exit the building and move back into the slowly organizing chaos of the avalanche's aftermath. Silent, the bluerider looks around with a frown, shaking her head ever so slightly. This is bad. Very, very bad.

Abigail is indeed prideful, though even she knows that the ice is well slippery and she isn't going to push away the help at the moment. A slight nod is seen while she glances over the area once they make their way out from the building. "Thank ye Th'ero, Kimmila." She offers with a soft tone. She takes in the area looking at how much damage has happened and just frowns. She was in the building when everything happened and didn't get to see the effect it had and she shakes her head. "This is awful" Well that is one word for it that is for sure.

Th'ero is grimly silent too as his eyes scan the damage done and the work underway, trying not to focus on the covered lumps on the snow. No, lets not focus on that. Walking carefully alongside Abigail and Kimmila, he sighs heavily. "It is and it will be a very long day ahead of us. I hope your father is alright, Abigail. When we get to the Healers, do you think you can manage? So'l should still be around, but I need to be getting back to Fort Weyr after I set a few more orders and people in charge here." he murmurs and it sounds almost like an apology too. A Weyrleader's work is never finished and no doubt there are demands for his attention everywhere right now. From the pinched look to his face, it's true and despite needing a hot bath, some hot food and dry clothes he looks readied to battle it out. "Have Niumdreoth and Sharuth keep Velokraeth updated on your status here. Kimmila, is Varmiroth still too exhausted to fly?"

Kimmila glances at the covered lumps, grimacing and having to look away. "A long day indeed," she agrees, looking to Th'ero for a long moment. "I can wake him and he can get us back tot he weyr I'm sure," she murmurs quietly. "If that is where we need to go." She's guessing that it is.

Abigail is thankful for the help, though her mind is everywhere at the moment as her gaze takes in the scenes around them. "Aye… I'll be fine. Ye both have much to deal with at the moment after all." At the talk of waking Varimiroth she sends a glance towards where the blue may be before glancing to both Th'ero and Kimmila. "If ye both wish, Niumdreoth and take ye back to the Weyr." The brown would take them back rather quickly that is for certain, he doesn't want to be far from his rider's side but the offer is there on the table. Niumdreoth has follows along behind the three and at the offer from his rider a soft warm rumble escaping him showing that he is more than willing to help if the pair would like it.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a long and concerned look when she mentions waking Varmiroth and it's clear that the Weyrleader is not in favour of that. Neither does he seem keen on the offer from Abigail, though he does give Niumdreoth a grateful look. "I can't do that to you, Abigail. It's best if Niumdreoth stays here with you right now." he says with a subtle shake of his head. He cannot deprive them of each other, not while the brownrider is injured. Which leaves the option of Varmiroth, though the Weyrleader is hesitant there too. "No, Wingmate. Let him rest, he deserves it for all the work he has done." And the work that will no doubt follow. He chews at his lower lip, frowning heavily and at last his answer comes upon spying the Healers themselves. He looks up sharply and then straightens his posture a bit. "Only Fort Hold is affected right now, but not the Halls. Harper or Healer." And he glances in that very direction with a look that may tell that he is no doubt kicking himself inwardly. Why did they just not evacuate the holders there? Too much concern that the snows would drown them too? Th'ero's shoulders suddenly sag, "Do either of you know if the Halls are or have been evacuated too as precaution? They're part of the same mountain chain."

Kimmila shakes her head. "I don't know," she says quietly. "And I will rouse Varmiroth. He will not like being left behind." And that's true enough, and Th'ero should know that as she gives him a pointed look. "Thanks for the offer though, Abigail," she adds. "I hope your arm, shoulder…whatever is okay. And your father."

Abigail wouldn't offer to let Niumdreoth jut take anyone anywhere, and at the moment she would rather have him at her side though this is a struggling time for everyone. There is a nod seen as she moves to settle against a crate that is being pointed at for her to sit on by a healer. "Yer welcome. He was the one to offer it in all honesty seeing how Varmiroth is tired." Niumdreoth settles down as close to his rider as possible, a soft rumble of a purr escaping him while his swirling gaze drifts off over the area. "I'm not sure how far the warning went out. I caught word that this was happening and got out here with the ones that was with me as quickly as possible."

"It was a generous and kind offer," Th'ero assures Abigail, though says it mostly for Niumdreoth as well if it was the brown who offered to start. When it is uncertain if the Halls are unaffected, the Weyrleader calls on his firelizards again though this time only his bronze. "Scout. Harper Hall." he commands him and the firelizard lowers his head in understanding and in a flurry of wings he vanishes Between. "Varmiroth can fly to the Halls, do you think?" he asks of Kimmila, knowing that Harper hall is all but a stone throw away by flight. Not too long by walking but he will only attempt that as a very last resort. His energy is draining rapidly now as the adrenaline is wearing off and the chill is beginning to set in. He needs to get warm and warm soon. "I'll have D'ani continue to kept the Weyr organized. Nyalle and Inri are no doubt seeing to the comfort of the holders we relocated there. Wingleader Nishka and Yhri can oversee the work here. Simurgh will keep to the Healers. If they've not evacuated the Halls, that will be where they will move the more critically injured and no doubt try to house some of the victims." Which means? "My presence may be needed there."

Kimmila lets Abigail's arm go when she settles, and Kimmila steps back, reaching for Th'ero's hand without thinking about it. "He can take us to the Hall," she agrees with a small nod, giving him a worried look. Yes, she sees his clothes, and she knows he needs to be warmed, else risk hypothermia or pneumonia, or worse. "I think that's a good plan, wingmate." Then her eyes unfocus as she reaches out to rouse Varmiroth, and it doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do.

Abigail smiles a bit and nods while glancing to Th'ero as the rest of the conversation is picked up. "I hope i doesn't continue along he rest of the mountain." That would be a very bad hing after all. She frowns a bit at the thought and shakes her head slightly as she wishes she could help more at the moment. Her gaze drifts back towards the healers as she has caught sight of her father whom at least seems stable at the moment. She can only guss what all happened, he was trapped before the crazyness started after all. A soft breath escapes her and she looks back to Th'ero and Kimmila. "If I can help any please let me know." Though even she knows she'll have to wait to get her shoulder and arm dealt with first. There is a moment when a healer moves over to see what can be done with Abigail, other's are more seriously hurt so she will be waiting for some time. "Safe flying for ye both." This is offered to them while she leans back to wait for her turn, half listening in on the conversations around her at the moment.

Th'ero grimaces and almost seems to flinch at Abigail's comment. "Faranth help us all if the whole chain is affected. Perhaps we should have some experienced riders check the other snow packs…" he mutters and then sighs again, reaching up to press the heel of his hand against his brow. Too much to do and so little time! "My head is throbbing," he says in soft admittance. No surprise there, he DID have an awful lot of snow dumped on him and with the added pressure on his shoulders as Weyrleader, it's a wonder he's not feeling overwhelmed. "Safe flying to you too, Abigail. Be well and I'll have Velokraeth inform Niumdreoth of anything, provided you are cleared to fly." he murmurs and when a Healer begins to examine the Wingsecond he will turn and with his hand in Kimmila's he will step forwards. Squeezing, he will start to drift towards where Varmiroth is resting. "Are you certain about this?" he asks her privately, concern in his tone and the way he frowns as he gazes down at her.

Kimmila nods, "I am. He would not want to be left behind." Varmiroth is indeed rousing with a soft, determined rumble as he pushes to his feet and extends his wings, taking a long stretch with a grunt. Rumbling, he dips his muzzle to peer at Th'ero in concern, wuffling hot air over him. "Up, wingmate, you need care," Kimmila orders softly, no longer hiding her own worry for him.

Th'ero will watch as Varmiroth rouses and it's clear he is concerned for the blue's state and in turn Kimmila as well. Yes, he needs care too but the Weyrleader has always put others ahead of him. "I'll be fine, Wingmate. Just some warmth is needed, that's all." he reassures her in a gentled tone. "Just a moment." He won't move to mount up and instead extends his arm. Boromir returns and settles there, looking pleased. "The Halls are opened. There is no threat and apparently the Lord Holder and his family are already there." Which means Th'ero is overdue for an appearance there as well, even if he should be resting.

Kimmila frowns at that, but she doesn't say anything. Not yet. She just gives the bronzerider a nudge towards Varmiroth's offered foreleg. Then she'll follow, buckling them in before the slightly greyed blue pushes himself to his feet with a groan. Wings spread, he surges into the sky, clearly tired, but stable enough to get them to the holds unscathed.

Varmiroth's landing is heavier than usual, the blue settling with a soft grunt, and Kimmila is quick to dismount and rub his muzzle. "He will after he's slept more," she promises, helping Th'ero down. "Excuse me," she says, reaching out to literally grab the elbow of a passing Healer, "but Th'ero needs a warm bath before he catches hypothermia or pneumonia. He was caught in the avalanche." The Healer takes one look at Th'ero and his brows lift in surprise, and he nods. "Yes, of course, sir, please. Right this way." Kimmila is playing dirty but she doesn't care as she reaches for Th'ero's hand, intending to pull him after the Healer if he resists.