Who Lu'ka, Sephany
What Sephany and Lu'ka catch up and talk dragons, gloves, and being bored on bedrest.
When Sprint - Month 4 of Turn 2715
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's a chilly, blustery, Fortian Spring afternoon that sees the Sephany in the Living Caverns. She's just secured a plate of food (a modest amount by most people's standards, though quite a lot, but the weaver's standards) and a mug of Klah and is peeking around the cavern to find a spot to settle. In the end, she tucks herself at a table near the hearth, seeking the warmth of the fire. Her cloak and scarf are removed, draped over the back of her chair before she settles down for her lunch.

Lu'ka isn't quite as bundled up as normal, bu still wears his heavy coat when outside. Making his way into the cavern, he heads right for the food line, nodding and offering a greeting here and there to people he knows. Soon, plate is full and he's meandering among the tables. He's about to take as eat when a glimpse of a a certain golden haired weaver makes him rethink his seat choice. Continuing on he nods to Sephany "Mind if I sit?"

Sephany is people watching, while nibbling on a slice of red fruit, and it doesn't take her long to recognize Lu'ka among the crowd. Especially when he starts heading her direction. Grey eyes fix on the approaching weyrling, and she's just popped the last bite of fruit into her mouth when he's reached her table and is asking his question. Pale brows lift, and she bobs her head towards the empty chair as if to say 'feel free' as she rapidly chews away at that mouthful. Swallow. "Hello Lu'ka," she offers congenially, reaching for her mug of Klah. "How are you? How is Roth?"

Lu'ka nods and offers a smile as he drops onto the seat "Thanks." Settling his plate and mug, after a couple of sips, he nudges a couple of veggies around in sauce before stabbing with a fork. "Roth is good. Just fed him a little bit ago and he's freshly bathed and oiled. Sleeping at the moment." He smirks a little "When I left the barracks. Scribe was perched on his head." Taking a bite, he chewsa moment before adding "You're looking well."

"Still a baby, even if he's the size of a house," notes Sephany with a grin, about Roth. She curls her fingers around her mug, lifting it for a long and lingering sip. "Mm," for Scribe being on the young dragon's head. "And he doesn't mind? Or is it just that he doesn't know?" she wonders curiously. Mug set down, food picked up, but she pauses before taking another bite in order to consider his statement. "I…" and then a curious little frown as if she's debating how best to respond. "Thank you," she says eventually, sounding honest enough. "I feel well, at least."

Lu'ka grins and glances back down to his plate "More like two." He looks back to Sephany with amusement clear in his gaze over Roth being as big a a couple of houses. Taking another bite and then a sip of warm cider, a quick headshake is given. "Not at all. He seems to enjoy all the firelizards that visit the barracks. Scribe seems to adore him quite a bit. She 'helps' me scrub him up some." As much as a little flitter can with a huge growing dragon at least "It's amusing to watch when she perches on him though. Looks like a tiny leaf sprouting."

Bite-bite, chew-chew. Swallow. "At least it's some help," offers Sephany, for Scribe's scrubbing. "I can't imagine bathing a baby dragon every day is much fun, in this weather. Although, it is starting to warm up," she notes, as if speaking her thoughts aloud. "I missed all of the good winter weather," is the next lamentation, a wistful glance for the exit to the bowl. "I barely got to skate at all." She doesn't quite pout, but it's almost there; as if she's fighting back the urge. But back to sprouting green leaves… "I think she's cute." And she is definitely talking about Scribe. "And rather reliable, for a green… at least, I am assuming all the letters you sent have been delivered…"

Lu'ka snorts at the understatement and shrugs "I won't say that I really enjoy that part. But I wouldn't deny Roth being clean and feeling good just cause I might freeze a bit." He pauses and is quiet a moment as if he's just put something together in his head. He seems a little surprised by the new thought thought, but seems to shrugs it off to think more on later. Looking back to Sephany, he feigns hurt "Aww, it's just gotten to where I cn stand to be in the water a minute. You wouldn't deny me some warm water to swim in would ya? Afterall, it'll be solid ice again in what…a couple of sevendays?" The Harper's exaggerating a little obviously. Grinning as the mention of Scrib, he nods "She is. Hmm, as far as I know she did, she didn't return with them at least."

"It could be worse, Lu'ka," offers Sephany. "It could still be the middle of winter, with months yet to go. At least things are starting to thaw out. It is spring," even if Spring at Fort Weyr still comes with early morning frost, freak snow-storms and mud up to the knees. He gets a bit of a look for the exaggeration on when Winter is Coming (back) to Fort. Half amused, with a roll of her eyes. "Once Roth is grown, you can always put in for a transfer to Ista, or Igen, or Half Moon Bay, or Monaco, if it bothers you that much," she teases. "I'm pretty sure they would welcome a cello-rocking Harper and his bronze."

Lu'ka smirks and takes another few sips of cider before seting his mug downa nd attacking his plate again. "When Roth is grown, heading off to a hot beach and warm water is first on my todo list!" He grins on that and nods agreeably over the idea. He eyes Sephany a moment before turning his attention back to his food and seem thoughtful as he makes a few bites of roasted meat vanish then shakes his head. "No, don't think I would do that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not still not a huge fan of being surrounding by ice most of a Turn. But this is where the Hall thought we needed to be." We including Thautseruck. "Being so cold most of the Turn, the Weyr needs the extra outlet for being couped up inside alot." He shrugs and seems to be observing his meal while stabbing more food "Besides, things aren't quite as bad as they were at first. Something sorta..odd happened acually."

"It will be easier to escape, once you learn Between," agrees the weaver, offering a slight nod, a thoughtful tilt of her head as she considers this. "And it's only half the turn," she argues. "That there's any real snow. And summer is beautiful," as if she's defending the Weyr, even though she basically told him he was free to leave. "I grew up in Igen; I am over the heat," she decides. "I'd rather snow down my dress than sand." Something green and crunchy is snapped up by her fingers, considered briefly, and then nibbled on. "The Hall is in Fort territory," she notes. "Didn't you have cold winters there?" she wonders. But she dismisses the subject at the mention of odd happenings, eyebrows lifting and grey eyes lighting up in clear curiosity. "What happened?" she asks, not even shy about it.

Lu'ka listens to Sephany and grins as she defends her home fiercely. "Good to know." He remarks cryptically about something she says, then nods. "It is, the Hall isn't /this/ far north. And I did have several short postings other places. Learning trips basically with senior Harpers." He cracks a little grin. "But even I always spend so much time working and practicing that I never really ventured out much during cold months." When Sephany questions his comment, he observes her a moment before loweringher fork and taking hsi mug back up with both hands. A casual glance around before he sighs nd turns his attention back to his favorite Fortian. Yes, Sephany is STILL is favorite Fortian. "You'll think I'm crazy. Well, crazier than usual probably." A slurping sip from the mug before he goes on, "But I noticed something about a sevenday after the hatching. It doesn't feel as cold anymore. Even standing outside with the snow and ice piled up, it felt…warmer. I mean before Spring even got close. Almost like Roth was blocking some of the cold from me."

There is an ever so slight (but totally obvious) narrowing of grey eyes toward the harper-turned-weyrling. "If you put snow down the back of my dress…" DEATH! DOOM! RETALIATION! That is what her expression and tone of voice imply, if he should get the idea to try anything funny. But threats aside, she's munching lazily through her lunch as she listens and offers her two-cents when the opportunity presents itself. But even the green stalk she's munching on gets ignored when he starts leaning in and lowering his voice; grey eyes bright when comments on 'crazy' start rolling out. As he starts explaining, there is definitely a comment that wants to be made (probably something about spring) until he explains more thoroughly where the lack of cold seems to be coming from. "Really?" Her tone is surprised, definitely intrigued, but not at all skeptical. "Did you ask him? If that was what he was doing?"

Lu'ka bites down on his lower lip to keep the smartass in him quiet at her unspoken threat. But 'you'll what?' soooo wants to come out. When he's confident is inner smartass is held at bay, he'll sip from his mug some more then shake his head to Sephany's questions "No, not yet at least. He didn't recall things we has talked about just the day before, none of the young dragons did. So I thought I would wait til he's older and ask him about it. At first, I thought I was simply losing it. Or many I should be visiting the infirmary to have them check me over. But since it's not something extreme or painful, decided to just keep it to myself. Til now at least." Lu'ka shrugs a little and takes his fork back up.

Sephany grew up with six older sisters and an older brother. She's practically got ESP for unspoken 'or what' comments, even if they are bit back and unspoken. So she'll just match it with a 'you don't want to know' lift of her eyebrows, which is very similar to the 'do it and you'll find out' twitch to the corner of her mouth that she's tossing out there. SO SUBTLE. So dangerous. "Is that… normal?" comes on the heels of his explaining why he hasn't asked Roth. "I understand that dragons in general have a terrible memory, and maybe baby dragons are even worse? But…" She bites down on her lower lip, and quickly reaches for her Klah so that she can create a pause in the sipping of its contents. "The theory seems sound," she offers, as if to move the topic away from possible dragon mental-health-concerns and toward the initial subject. "He does share your mental… space now. But I really don't know anything about dragons…" apologetically. At least she doesn't think he's crazy? "Just be careful… even if you feel warmer, doesn't mean you are. You could still get frost bite, if you're not careful."

Lu'ka catches the subtle variations in Sephany's expressions. His brow lifts and a hint of a smirk that creeps onto his face seems to say 'challenge accepted'. He's not supid enough actually say it though. Time will tell how that plays out. When she questions whether Roth is normal or not, he flicks a glance around to the other cavern dwellers then takes another bite. Taking the chewing time to think how he should answer. He finally shrugs a little "I think he's just fine. We communicate between 'ourselves' with no problems." Not his fault if the other dragons aren't smart enough to understand his dragonmate. He nods though, a little smile slipping over his face at her at her warning to be careful "I have been. Those gloves you fixed for me have come in very handy." He lowers his fork a bit and peers at Sephany curiously "Were you able to work on the other pairs I gave you? Was thinking Hauser might aprpeciate one of them."

He shall see, indeed; come next winter. If he's brave enough. But there's definitely a glint in Sephany's grey eyes that says she is not joking, even if there's a mischievous curl to the corner of her mouth. But about Roth now… "Well… I meant… his length of memory. He doesn't remember your conversation from the day before…" but shrugs a bit. "But as I said, I don't really know anything about dragons. I don't have one, and I'm not a dragonhealer, so…" moving right along then. Her green veggie is grabbed up and bit into, consumed quickly through tiny little nips and bites until it's vanished. "I was," she informs him with a bit of a smile. "I had not found a way to get them to you, but I brought them along with me… they're in my room. I will make sure I get them to you. Unless you wanted me to hand them out or leave them somewhere? I was able to make seven pairs, in total."

Lu'ka looks up and shakes his head. "Don't get me wrong. He remembers more now than he did months ago. But with the weather starting to warm, I sorta didn't see the point of bringing it up now. Thought I'd wait til it's deep Winter again. Perhaps it was just all in my head. Wouldn't be the first time." Lu'ka laughs at himself then and takes a few last bites from his meal before pushing the plate away and taking mug back up. He'll swirl the last bit of cider around drining it and holding he mug still. Blinking up to Sephany in surprise "Seven? But, I only gave you two pairs before you left. Wow, um thanks for those. I'll be sure to pay you back for all the trouble and materials." He grins at a thought "At least they helped keep you busy. I'll stop by and get them from you later. Gonna see if I can't spend some time with Fizgig during Roth's 'next' nap. He's gotten huge by the way."

"I wonder if he's doing it on purpose, or if it's unconscious…" wonders Sephany, gaze going a bit distant as she thinks private thoughts. Or just muses on the possibilities. "When you do ask him," she continues a moment later, "please tell me what he says? I'm very curious." Mug lifted, sipped, and then her cheeks are coloring a little bit when he mentions the gloves. "Oh, yeah… I was very bored," she explains, biting at her lip a bit. "I had already read through all of my books, and when they put me on bedrest the last few sevendays they wouldn't let me go down to the library again, so… I worked on gloves instead. You'd be surprised how many Igen has in storage, considering it's //Igen/," meaning, the /desert/. "I figured you wouldn't mind a few more."

Lu'ka gives an uncertain shake of his head "I'll find out when eventually and let you know." He smiles at the coloring of her cheeks, been a long time since he's been able to admired that pretty shade. Nodding at how she quickly read through all her books and how the boredem of bedrest effected her, "Had I known, I would have tried to write to you more. Fill you in on some of the craziness that was happening around here. You seem to have survived well enough though. And when you come back, I'm sure your favorite spot in the library will still be there just as you left it." His smile falters a little when he mentions the dreaded place but he pushes on with a curious tilt of his head "Hmm, that is sorta odd. Perhaps they others were bored at one time or another and made a huge stockpile of gloves." The Harper shakes his head quicck enough "Oh, I won't mind one bit. I sorta put the pair you made through the wringer." Figuratively speaking of course. Eyieng his mug he sighs and pushes up from the table "I'm going to grab some more cider. Be right back." As he rises, he leans forward some to peek in Sephany's mug before grabbing his plate and heading towards the food. He's gone a couple of minutes, but returns with two mugs and a plate of sweets. He'll offer the fresh mug and set the plate on the table between them.

"It wasn't really something I wanted to talk about," Sephany admits, of her situation. "I didn't want anyone to be worried. They said… well. It doesn't matter what they said, because it's over. I'm healthy, the baby is healthy," and there's ever-so-slightly a grimace when she says 'the baby', "and I am back. I just want my old life again…" but she knows that's not a possibility, wistful as that voice might be. Puffed up cheeks and rolled eyes happen a moment later, and she sort of pushes herself more upright even though she was already sitting rather straight. Straighter. Shoulders back. "I am back," she repeats, confidently. "And I have already ensured that my spot is just as I left it." She finishes the rest of her Klah as he goes to get more, gladly accepting the offered mug upon his return, a quiet "Thank you," murmured as she curls her fingers around it. The plate of sweets though… that gets a little shake of her head as she reaches for another veggie on her plate. But about those gloves now… "Or perhaps they were abandoned by transferring riders? I would imagine High Reaches sees a lot of requests to move," but she's mostly joking. "Regardless, they were satisfactory for what I needed, and now they are much improved."

Lu'ka settles back in his seat, waving off the thanks for the fresh mug and watches her curiously when she refuses the sweets between them. He'll shrug and take one himself "It's not a gift, just a snack." He shrugs "I'll see if I can sneak the leftovers to I'am when his blue is sleeping. Considering her thoughts on the stockpile of gloves he nods "You may have a be right. Igen should consider donating them to Fort or Reaches. If they need the room they take up or something." Taking a couple bites from a frosted little cake, he makes an appreciative noise before he can stop himself. Swiping some of the frosting from his lip, he licks it off before going on. "You're back? I mean back as in no going back and forth anymore?" That seems to brighten the Harper's mood a bit, but he manages to tampen it down some. "That's good to hear. I'am and R'hra will be thrilled." He sips fromthe cider a moment and nods "Yea, your improvements to the gloves certainly made playing in by the lake better in the middle of a frozen night." Lu'ka laughs and rolls his eyes over that.

"It's not that," Sephany clarifies, one hand reaching out to wave dismissively at the sweets. "I'm just… I've been advised… Oh nevermind," and she reaches over and snags a cookie (the smallest on the plate) to bite into sullenly, apparently deciding that giving in is less effort than trying to explain. She chews in silence, angry (but not at Lu'ka) before chasing it down with a long sip of her Klah. "There weren't in the best condition," she admits of the gloves. "But they were good enough for what I needed. But they would not have been a very good donation…" she puts her mug down and scoots her chair out. "I'm going to go grab them while I'm thinking about it. Stay here, OK? Well… I mean… if Roth calls you, obviously you should go… ugh. Nevermind. Look. I'm going to go grab the gloves, if you're still here when I get back, great. If not, then I will simply find someone else to deliver them to the barracks, alright? I just don't want to forget. Again." And with that thought in her head, she snatches up her scarf and cloak, turns and heads down the caverns to do just what she said she would.

Lu'ka eyes Sephany with a growing frown at her non explantion over the sweets and what she was told. He starts to question her about it but she's quickly onto anther topic. Rather than interrupt her, he simply puts it on the back burner for now, since she did grab up a litlte cookie and start nibbling. He nods about the gloves. "Yea, I guess sitting around a storeroom isn't the best thing for leather in a hot dry climate." Shrugging a bit, he nods when she decides to go get the gloves and smiles "Alright. I'll wait here." Lu'ka waves to the departing woman and watches her go a moment before turnig back to the plate of sweets. He grabs one of the cookies and contemplates what is she wasn't saying about the sweets while he waits.

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