Fort Weyr - Nursery
Where do Fort's littl'uns go? To the nursery, of course! Whether they're here for sleeping, for learning or for playing, the facility is large enough to cater to all the Weyr's children, and staffed by a small army of nannies.
There are several sections to the nursery: one part, curtained off from the rest of the room, is clearly for sleeping - it's filled with cribs and cots for the littlest ones, and bunkbeds at the back for the older children who aren't quite ready yet to move into the main dorms. Another part is the Harper area, where desks and chairs can be rearranged as needed, either in a classroom format or more casually for storytimes, instrument learning and so on. And then there's the very best bit - the play area! Filled with all sorts of fun things, from painting areas through to water troughs with toys and Pernese playdough, this is the best place to be… unless it's tidy-up time, of course.

A warmer spring day sees the caretakers bringing the younger children outside to play. Why not make good use of the warmer winds and sun? It leaves the nursery all but empty, save for the too young babies who, at the moment, are sleeping in the curtained area and those old enough to be in Harper lessons are still dutifully learning their teaching songs and ballads and other necessary bits and odds for their education. What's odd is that the Weyrleader is there and currently… awkwardly leaning against a wall. His head is tilted as though he's just casually waiting and maybe he is? Only… Th'ero isn't moving. Nor would he linger in a nursery! Elladyr and Aranthi are out with the caretakers and Kyzen is within in lessons. So — why is he there and looking a touch uncomfortable?

C'rus pokes his head into the nursery to take a peak around. All this talk about babies of late has got him wondering, and when C'rus wonders he begins to plan ahead. Despite the fact that he fully intends to raise any children he has himself, there is no reason he can't poke into the nursery and look at what sort of care the children are recieving. It might be fine? Right? He takes a quick peek around and spots Th'ero? What is the weyrleader doing here. He offers him a salute and a smile, "Hello Sir."

Abigail is around for one reason or another, and why not be here of all places? She is going to have a young child on her own soon enough after all. She peeks around for a moment as her gaze takes in the few here, a soft smile sent to the few along with what looks like an amused glance sent to Th'ero. "Hello C'rus." She offers with a soft tone to the bluerider, she does not want to intrupt anything going on after all.
Thys has arrived.

"Good day, C'rus. Abigail," Th'ero greets them both equally as they arrive. He does not salute either of them, which is not overly surprising but the Weyrleader continues to stand there with his arms folded over his chest and seemingly casually leaning against the wall. "What brings you two here?" he asks, as if nothing is unusual about his current behaviour (or the location). It's a nice early spring day and most of the young children are outside enjoying a warmer day with the caretakers. A few nannies remain behind but are busy tending to the sleeping infants and too young babies in a curtained area and out of sight. The older children are in the room for Harper lessons, leaving the play area all but deserted.

C'rus offers a smile to Abigail, "Hello Abby. Good to see you. Hope all is going well?" he asks. The healer in him can't help but ask. She's pregnant after all. Though his attention is swiftly brought back to Th'ero. He gives a slight shrug, "I'd not seen the nursery before, and figured why not? No time like the present. All this talk of babies and such made me curious. That and Jai wanted to take a peek as well." The blue has always been rather partial to the young humans, "Are you waiting for someone?" he asks the weyrleader.

Abigail smiles to C'rus, it is a tired thing but still a smile. There is a pause as she looks over to Th'ero a nod seen to him. "Just, came in for a peek. Been a while since I was here." Well, close to six turns actually. The question that C'rus asked though isn't forgotten. "I'm alright, just tired." Which isn't a surprize given that she is pregnant. "How are ye both?"

Not typically somewhere Thys can be found, and yet here she is - and surprised to run into so many unexpectedly adult nursery occupants when she pokes her head in. "Oh. Weyrleader, Wingleader, Cy - hello." Each is given a nod of her head as she says their name, just as they're all settled with a curious look. "Scoping digs for the little one, Abbey?"

"Not really," Th'ero replies cryptically to C'rus and grimaces. "I was in earlier seeing Elladyr and Aranthi off and Kyzen to his lessons. They were all rambunctious this morning." So, is he just leaning against the wall because he's tired? Not quite. He'll begin to answer Abigail but stops midway as Thys arrives and now the Weyrleader is starting to look a touch uncomfortable — and maybe beyond just having a growing audience? "Good day, Thys. What brings you to the nursery?" he murmurs and goes to shift, only to grunt. Feline's out of the bag? Th'ero sighs. "Guess there's no way around it but to answer you Abigail I'm alright save for being stuck." He lifts a hand to point a finger to indicate his hair. "Dunno on what." But man, does it smart!

C'rus is just about to reply to Abby and say hello to Thys when he hears Th'ero say that he is stuck. He just stands there for a moment as he considers, "Oh…" he says softly, "Thats….unpleasant." he says almost by reflex. The next obvious question comes out easily enough, "Would you like some help?" After all the weyrleader can't be stuck standing in the nursery all day long. He does offer a small salute to Thys and a smile to Abby, "Looks like we have a misson here…"

Abigail glances to Thys, a soft smile is offered to her. "Perhaps." This said with an amused tone while she is peeking over to Th'ero and a brow is lifted. "Sticky something it seems?" She is a touch amused and is doing her best to try and not show it as well. "Very unpleasant indeed.."
Thys quirks a half-smile at Abbey in response to her reply, but her focus, just like that of the others, shifts to Th'ero when he says he's… stuck. "Oh dear," she says curiously, stepping properly into the nursery and meandering up to the Weyrleader to have a closer look. "You are stuck, aren't you? Would you like me to go fetch some scissors to cut you free?"

Th'ero grunts for C'rus and Abigail stating the obvious. "Very unpleasant." he drawls. He can't even seem to turn his head or try to reach up and around to see how he's caught! What's a Weyrleader to do but swallow his pride and… ask for help. Though it's clear it doesn't sit well with him and the look he gives all three is one that reads 'don't you DARE speak of this!'. As Thys approaches, he holds extra still (not that he was moving much to begin with) and sighs for her confirmation. He is indeed stuck! Somehow on a small hook on the wall. Someone ought to point that out to the nannies! At least it's adult height? "Scissors?" He gives the goldrider a sharp look, then to C'rus and Abigail. "Must… it be? Can't try other methods?"

C'rus offers Th'ero as comforting a look as he can muster. He doesn't come out and say anything, but he certainly wouldn't say a word. Confidentiality and all that. He'd expect the same should the situation be reversed. He moves a bit closer to try to take a peek at this hook that he's managed to get himself stuck on, "Scissors would be the quickest way." he muses, "Probably just a little snip or two and you'd be free." he says as he looks back to Thys and Abby.

Abigail lifts her head slightly, peeking at the wall and noting said hook in question with a soft ah escaping her. "How long have ye been standing here?" As if she would spread the rumors of such things! Weyrleader caught in hook on nursary wall.. Oh the rummors would indeed spread like crazy. "I have ta agree, a few snips an yer be off. Unless ye rather give it a good yank?" Which could spell many problems, including more pain..

"I think we all agree that scissors are the way to go," Thys replies to Th'ero, with a nod to C'rus and Abigail. "Honestly, sir, with the way your hair is you'll hardly notice a little bit that's shorter… and perhaps it'll stop you from getting tangled again in the future?" She starts fiddling with his hair as she can, teasing at it to see if it can be loosened by hand. "Abbey, Cy - do either of you have a pair of scissors, perhaps even a small knife on you? Don't worry, sir, I'm good at handling tools in tight places."

"Not long," Th'ero tells Abigail and whether or not that's the truth is difficult to pinpoint and it would be daring of the Wingleader to challenge him. He frowns a bit at C'rus when the bluerider assures that scissors are the only way and when Thys tries to free him and earns a growled, hissed like curse… he may have to give in. Not that he won't go down easily. He's a stubborn man! "It's not that I doubt your skill with tools, Thys, it's just that I'd rather not have my hair cut at all. IF you all insist it will have to be then fine…" Because this is awkward and embarrassing. "… but as little as you can. Trust me, you don't want to shorten my hair. Maybe you're right but Kimmila's particular…" He smirks.

C'rus catches the frown and shrugs, "Or you could stay here and hope it works itself out?" he suggests for the sake of suggesting something other than the course of treatment that would be easiest and quickest, "Snarls do work themselves out…eventually." Probably anyway. He gives a quick shake of his head to Thys, "Fraid not. Don't like to carry sharp things in my pockets." He's always had an aversion to knives of any kind anyway, expect when he's working with them in a healing context, "I'm sure she'll understand. She probably won't even notice." says the man that has zero fashion sense, as is evidenced by most of the outfits that he chooses for himself. Were it not for the fact that Kera has since 'helped' him it would probably be worse.

Abigail just peeks back at Th'ero, will she press the matter? Not likely, no energy to do such things in all honesty. A soft breath escapes her as she ponders a touch and a faint huff escapes her as she hears C'rus. "It is Kimmila.. I'm rather sure she will indeed notice it." She glances to the wall a touch. "Perhaps there is a way to unscrew the hook from the wall?" Then they could just work the hook out from dear Th'ero's long flowing locks.

Thys pouts, stepping back from the Weyrleader to lean against the wall with her arms crossed thoughtfully over her chest - her short hair's not likely to get snagged anytime soon! "How could she possibly be sharp-eyed enough to notice a tiny bit cut?" She's baffled by such powers of observation! "I only intended to run the blade across the snarled bit, just to slit the strands, but if you think your way might work, Abbey" - and that it might save them from the wrath of Kimmila! - "then give it a go? Though… maybe twisting the hook will entangle it more? I'm not sure." But she's backed up to give the woman enough space to come in and try.

Th'ero can still see C'rus and he'll level the bluerider with a narrowed look and a thin smirk. "Very funny," he drawls with a hint of sarcasm. "Would you like to try it after I'm freed? Not exactly comfortable." There's a snort that follows and a ghost of a crooked smile to Abigail when the Wingleader speaks up about Kimmila. "She's got great skills of observation and unfortunately for all of us, does enjoy my hair as it is." Though he DOES keep it trimmed… just very lightly. After a moment (and another painful twinge), Th'ero just mutters another oath and looks to Thys. "Skip unscrewing it. Just get it done if you think you can with minimal damage! If Kimmila notices, I'll just… make something up." They'll be spared the blame!

"I'll pass thanks." is C'rus's response, "I have considerably less up there to work with anyway." His own hair being rather straight, short and well…thin. There are apparently small blessings involved in not being blessed with long flowing locks of hair, "They've got to have scissors around here somewhere." he says as he turns away from the group,"You know the stuff the kids can use for art projects and stuff." Not exactly the sharpest blades in the world, but they are here.

Abigail chuckles softly while she shifts and glances to Thys. "I think ye got the blade, aye? Go on for it then Thys." She offers with a soft smile. "Kimmila does indeed have great skills when it comes to observaing things for certain." A soft ah escapes her as she hears C'rus. "Oh I'm sure that they do, but the scissors will be much too dull for such things I would imagen."

"I have just the thing, but it's in the workroom," in the Crafter's area, Thys means. "Hang on a moment." She holds up one finger, asking the little group to be patient - and then boomf, out of between pops her tubby brown firelizard. Clasped in his paws is a delicate-looking blade. "Here we go. We'll get you sorted in no time - just stay still, sir." Thys gets in as close as she can to Th'ero, reaching up on her tiptoes to delicately work him free of the hook. "And you're free!"

Th'ero smirks again to C'rus. "You sure?" he can't resist taking one last poke at the bluerider before chuckling dryly to Abigail. "I'm sure she'd have been touched for your compliments, Abigail. Let's just count our blessings she hasn't walked down here yet." Is he worried she might? Possibly. Or maybe to lighten the mood he's playing on his weyrmate's love of his hair to make the others 'sweat' a little and it's all just fun and games. Kimmila would probably just laugh at him if she saw him now! "Oh, you don't have to tell me twice…" Th'ero mutters to Thys after watching her brown firelizard dutifully bring her her knife. He won't budge and inch until she's worked him free and with an exhaled breath of relief, he will quickly put space between himself and that blasted wall. He rubs at his head, feeling for the nicked lock of hair. "So I am and my thanks… Now. Not a word of this?" Promise? He'll wait until he has their words before dipping his head to them. "And I need to be off…" Yeah, sure he does. "Good day to you all. Clear skies!" And mind those hidden hooks on the wall!

"Fairly sure yes…" he says as he continues to mill about looking for scissors. He abandon's his search for kids scissors when Thys apparently has already solved the problem, "Excellent" he says as he watches her cut him free from the wall, "I promise." he says with a smile, "And I'll stick to it." Just like the weyrleader was stuck to the wall, "Have a nice day.." he says as he watches him stroll off. Busy day.

Abigail chuckles softly with a soft smile seen while she nods to Th'ero. "No worries.. I won't tell anyone sir." This said with a polite tone. She smiles to C'rus and then Thys before a nod is seen. "I do hope ye all have a good night." This offered as she is soon moving off herself it seems.

"Lips are sealed, Weyrleader," Thys replies to Th'ero, giving him a farewell as he walks out. Abbey is saluted when she, too, leaves, and Thys looks almost like she's about to say something to C'rus when it's just the two of them left… only she's interrupted by a baby that starts squalling. "Oh dear Faranth - I need to be… anywhere else. See you around, Cy?" She'll at least give him a friendly smile and an arm-squeeze before bolting away from the baby-racket and into the lower caverns.