Who I'am, Lu'ka, Sephany
What Sephany returns to Fort and gets to meet up with some weyrlings and their dragons.
When Spring - Month 4 of Turn 2715
Where Northeast Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl

The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

It's an early spring morning at Fort. VERY early. The other weyrling pairs are still sacked out back at the barracks. But Roth was restless and Lu'ka thought all his rustling about would wake the others so off they went. And that's why he's now pacing back and forth, as if doing guard duty to his sleeping dragon. The growing guy decided /this/ was a fine place for a snooze when he curled up suddenly and dropped his muzzle to paws. The Harper glances off in the direction of the living caverns, as if contemplating a quick jog to get a pitcher of klah and bringing it back. He doesn't though, simply resigning himself to waiting out the young dragon's nap and doing more pacing as the sky starts to lighten bit by bit.

Sephany may not have a pitcher of Klah, but she does have a full plate of food. At least, it can assumed to be food; it's covered at the moment, contents hidden from view. She is moving easily, sliding through the mud and the muck of early Fort Spring with a graceful glide that denies the fact that she just gave birth to another human being not even a sevenday ago. One may wonder what the HECK she is doing in Fort so soon after this life altering achievement (it's been five days. FIVE), but here she is nonetheless. And moving toward the sleeping Roth because he is easily discernable even before the pacing Lu'ka is. Her steps hesitate only slightly when she recognizes the weyrling, for although she had acknowledged the bronze as being a baby dragon, she was not familiar enough with him to have connected him as being LU'KA's baby dragon. But though her steps do falter briefly, a jut of her chin follows quickly, shoulders squared as she refuses to back down and just… keeps on trucking. "Good morning," she calls, in a voice that is only a little hoarse for whatever reason. It's so innocuous, that greeting. As if she hasn't been gone for MONTHS and is suddenly turning up out of the blue, plate of food in hand, as though she never left. "Hungry?"

Lu'ka gets to the end of the line he was /marching/ and stops, staring out at the brightening horizon. Roth gets his attention a moment when the snoozing bronze does a rumbling snort and twitches a bit in his sleep. Lu'ka chuckles and steps over to give his dragonmate an affectionate rub along his neck. His feet begin to get cold from standing in place though so he eventually continues on with his placing and keeping his blood flowing. The greeting has him peering tossing out a "Good morning." before he even looks around to see who is greeting him. When h does, he stops suddenly, and stares at the approaching Weaver. He doesn't bother forcing the smile from his face, but he does blink and gives his head a shake. Perhaps it's lack of sleep, or the lack of proper light to see by that has his eyes playing tricks on him. But no, closer she gets and speaks up again, it's most definitely Sephany. Her question gets a goofy nod and a silly grin "Yea." Finally he snaps out of his daze. "Good to see you again."

It was certainly not her intention to startle or distract him; Sephany merely meant to announce her presence. There's a fleeting, amused smile that pulls at the corners of her mouth, for the brief moment during which Lu'ka does not recognize her. It is gone, though, by the time he turns a smile her direction; schooled into something pleasant but neutral. "I brought several things," she explains, closing the distance until the plate can be handed off, free hand going to the scarf that has been draped over it to preserve warmth. "Sweetrolls and bread, some sausage… bacon." Of course there is bacon, "Eggs… um… fruit…" she's peering at the plate, as if trying to see through the multiple levels of food to remember what else she grabbed. "I took just about one (or two, or three) of everything," she admits. A dart of her tongue over her lips, a flit of her eyes to the side, a long sigh, and then a glance from Roth to Lu'ka before she offers a sincere, "It's nice to see you, too." Another look to the sleeping bronze gives her the opportunity to change the subject. "He's huge, already!"

Lu'ka drags his attention down to the plate of food, his stomach betraying him with a few rumbles as Sephany starts naming off things. A chuckle slips out as his secret is out, he was indeed hungry. "It all looks so good right now." Accepting the plate, he smiles "Share it with me?" He'll pluck up a bit of bacon and tosses it in his mouth, nodding agreeably as he peers back to the sleeping bronze "Yea, at times I would swear I can actually /see/ him growing. He was a bit restless anad I thought he'd wake everyone in the barracks, so we came for a walk. Got about this far when he decided it was nap time." Lu'ka can't help but laugh a bit at the situation. "Growing like crazy, but still young enough to be able to sleep anywhere anytime." He looks to the growing bronze, and seems distracted a moment, as if trying to wake Roth up without resorting to shaking him or smacking his shouldr a few times. Looking back to Sephany, his feet shift a bit. While he's watching the weaver with a very pleased smile, Roth indeed wakes up, but remains still, faceted gaze peering curiously to his weyrling and the plate bearing woman.

"I already ate," says Sephany quickly, though she does reach out to nip something sweet from the plate to nibble on. Grey eyes settle on the slumbering dragon, mildly curious and a bit fond. "He's a baby," she says simply, for the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, a bit of amusement in her tone, "It's what they do." Grow. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. With a few unsavory tasks thrown in, because what goes in must come out, eventually. But the weaver is not thinking of such things right now; she is simply nibbling at the sweetroll she nicked from his plate and pretending she doesn't know that Lu'ka is watching her. And so it is that she notices the shift as the growing bronze begins to wake, chewing paused as she focuses her attention on him. Her hand with the roll is slowly lowered from her mouth, and she simply stands still for a moment. "Hello Roth," she offers once those whirling eyes are opened. To Lu'ka she offers, "I only saw him the once… when you Impressed. And it was from such a distance." Certainly not up close and personal, as she is now.

Roth lifts his head from his paws once he is greeted, doing a feline-like stretches as he rises. But being as big as he is, it seems like much more of a production. Lu'ka eyes the splotches of mud covering Roth's hide and sighs knowing he'll be doing some scrubbing again in a little bit. The dragon could care less about muddy hides though as he lowers his head to peer more closely at the Weaver. « /I/ am……Roth » The draon's mind is like an entire band playing a song that could have been something that would have had all Lu'ka's Hall masters running for cover. The Harper smiles and shoves another bite in his mouth as Roth 'seems' to introduce himself right to Sephany, drawing a nod from the weyrling. "Yes um, I've told him all about you." Well, not /all/ about hr but Lu'ka did talk to Roth alot about Sephany. But he didn't think the young dragon would remember much of those conversations. « I am Roth. » The young bronze dips his head a bit in a happy little greeting.

Sephany grew up in a Weyr, and while she did not have any family with dragons, until S'van managed to Impress Aedeluth, she is not uncomfortable around the giant winged beasts. So Roth's lift, his stretch, the twist and pull of muscles beneath bronze hide that speaks to power and strength, does not frighten her in the least. There's a smile, something warm and genuine, for the bronze that lowers his head and peers at her a bit more closely, even if he is already big enough to chomp her down in two bites if he wanted too. But she knows dragons do no such things, so she is fearless in the face of massive jaws and giant teeth. His mind may be a wild thing, of crashing drums and strumming guitars and harsh application of skills that makes even the tamest Master wince, but Sephany's is like a wall. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is like air; intangible. She cannot hear him. Lacks the ability to even do so; like trying to shake hands with someone who lacks hands at all. She cannot even sense that an attempt was made, though perhaps she guesses as much based solely upon Lu'ka's response, grey eyes flashing his direction before her smile sort of wobbles and fades; becomes something that is a shadow of its former self as resignation and grim acceptance takes its place. She cannot hear Roth, and she knows it. "I don't mind," she responds to his admission of speaking to Roth about her.

Lu'ka smiles as Roth and Sephany actually meet in person, well, person to dragon that is. It's very early morning, Roth woke when it was the middle of the night and Lu'ka thought the dragon's rustling about the barracks would wake the toher pairs so out they went for a walk. The pair made it to the bowl when Roth decided he wanted to snooze, and snooze he did. Lu'ka paced back and forth a while, waiting for his dragonmate to wake back up as the sky started brighten. Imagine his happy surprise when Sephany arrived. His stomach really appreciated the plate of food she has and is sharing with him. Roth woke back up a moment ago and just greeted Sephany, but she didn't hear that part. Lu'ka seems to be refraining from appearing too happy at seeing his favorite Fortian, even if Roth is making a very pleased rumbling sound as he headbutts his weyrling's back, as if trying to nudge the man forward for some reason. Lu'ka manages to keep on his feet, even if he almost stumbles from the his dragon's action "Okayokay." he murmurs to Roth before peering back to the Weaver. "We got news that you had your baby last sevenday. But I didn't think you'ld be coming back this soon." Soon being relative since Lu'ka would say she's been gone way too long for his liking. But he won't come out and say that.

It didn't really take Roth to wake up Toskavath and I'am. Whether the weyrling wishes to be a morning person or not is no longer up for discussion. I'am and Toska are up each morning for morning sprints, puships, situps and the like. So I'am and Toskavath are out running today, going further distances then just the weyrling bowl. The last few months of this routine have shown on the young man who at least is not quite the spindly thing he was before. A little broader of chest perhaps, more gently muscled and maybe an inch or so taller. The blue for his part is showing to be a large beast, not too far behind in size to his bronze brothers. «You can go faster than that!» A mental chiding from the blue to his rider. Whether its the chide or seeing Sephany, the boy does put on a burst of speed, "Sephany!" He calls out as he changes trajectory to her and Lu'ka. There is a mental sigh from Toska as he slows his waddle and follows behind.

It is in the pause, as Roth attempts to speak and Sephany remains deaf to it, that the sweetroll she stole from the plate in Lu'ka's hand (admittedly, it was previously HER plate and she willingly gave it over. Brought it FOR THEM in fact. The weyrlings) is lifted to once more be nibbled upon. And while she did not hear, she guessed correctly, a glance of grey eyes from dragon to weyrling to dragon again before her smile solidifies once more into something recognizable. "It's wonderful to finally meet you, Roth," she continues, knowing full well she will not get a response, by genetic design of her brain. She can still speak to HIM, even if he cannot speak to her. Eyes back to Lu'ka, settling there as Roth shoves him forward, answering his implied question with a smile and a quick, "I did," have the baby. "A boy. And I am only here to visit for a day or so, before I have to go back. He… well. Once he is weaned I will be back permanently, but right now…" a shadow crosses her face, something that troubles her vaguely but won't be spoken of. She is spared from having to explain herself by I'am's call and rapid approach. A bright smile is turned his direction, full force joy at his approach. A furrow of pale eyebrows makes that expression wobble, and her gaze flashes over her approaching friend, taking in the changes; a very clear indication of how long she has been gone. However, it is a bright and delighted "Hello!" that greets him as the distance is eliminated. He will definitely be getting a hug if he comes within arm's reach, Toskavath briefly ignored (FORGIVE HER!) during the reunion.

Lu'ka reaches up to place a calming hand on Roth's muzzle before he the bronze takes it in his head to shove him forward again. A couple of gentle pats on the smooth hide and he's smiling back to Sephany. "He's glad to meet you too." Lu'ka gives an amused wink "But don't be surprised if you 'meet' him again tomorrow like it's the first time." He's smiles fades after Sephany explains she is just visiting "Oh, well, whenever you decide to come back then." He shrugs it off and peers around as he hears I'am calling out excitedly and hurrying over. He'll grab a sausage from the plate and tear into it since it is sorta breakfast time now that the sky isn't nearly pitch black.

I'am returns the embrace as enthusiastically, "Did you bring him?" He asks once he steps from the hug and looks Sephany over for a moment. Well Toskavath seems to ignore Sephany as well as he stands back and works on wing lifts. There seems to be aloofness as he stands apart and works on his own excercises though he keeps his head high and looks down on the humans and over to his brother on occasion. At least he hasn't managed to curb I'am's enthusiasm too much. "Just visiting?" He asks a little down as he picks up on Lu'ka's words, "Well I can't wait to meet the little guy." There is a glance back at his blue and back to Sephany with a shrug, "Don't take it personally, about the only thing he pays attention to are the greens and golds right now. Everyone else is beneath notice." He rolls his eyes at that though he smiles again, "It is so good to see ya Seph." He says before looking over the plate of food, "Don't suppose have a spare roll for me?" He asks ever so hopefully looking between Sephany and Lu'ka. Puppy dog eyes are still the same at least.

"He is a dragon," says Sephany for 'meeting' Roth again tomorrow. She says it with a fond smile for the bronze, clearly not perturbed by the notion. "I would not mind meeting him again. But why is he shoving at you?" Unless it is simply affection, though there's a bit of a furrow to her eyebrows. "Don't fall," she warns. But then… I'am. And grinning. And hugging. That smile wavers again, becomes a little more forced, and she answers the question with a hesitant, "No… I don't think it would be good for him to travel… he's so little." Apparently, discussing this is uncomfortable; there's even a little shift-shift of her position, and her gaze goes darting off to the distance as though to avoid eye contact. "Once he is weaned," she repeats. "Well. Weaned from me," she amends. Her lips press into a thin line, and it's clearly not comfortable for her, what she is discussion. But her voice is confident and does not hesitate when she tells I'am and Lu'ka both, "He is staying in Igen, with my mother." And then, as though to explain, "I can't raise a baby and be an apprentice weaver…"

Lu'ka sorta shrugs off Sephany's question about Roth nudging him "Nothing worth boring you over." And then I'am's getting a hug and using his old big eye tricks. That just gets an eyeroll from Lu'ka and the plate shoved towards the blue weyrling "Here, just take it." While Sephany and I'am do some catching up, Lu'ka ambles over to Roth's side, and he starts looking the dragon's hide over. Shaking his head at all the mud covering the young bronze's belly "What were you trying to do, plant yourself in the bowl?" He's mostly muttering to himself since Roth probably doesn't realize how dirty he has gotten during his nap. The dragon peers to his clutch sibling « I am Roth. » "No, he's not covered in mud too, look at your belly Roth." When the young bronze bends his head down and peers at himself he seems sorta surprised « I am…Roth » "See, told you."

"But he is ok?" I'am asks as he notes the uncomfortable stance of the Sephany and the odd looks. The other reasurances are met with a nod, "I was fostered by family as well and I turned out alright, I am sure he will be fine too." He says trying to reasure her in turn. "It is really good to see you again and I can't wait to have ya back full time." Then there is food and down comes the blue head, «None of those sweets, you can have the meet pie.» He declares and looks over to his brother. «You are Roth and you are Muddy.» He gives in such a serious tone, but not mocking. I'am looks up at the blue and grabs up the meatpie and holds it up for the dragon to see as he swipes a cookie from the plate with his other hand and stuffs in his shirt.

Sephany is not entirely convinced by Lu'ka's answer, and her expression definitely says so. There's a lingering look for the weyrling, and then an even longer one for the bronze, before she turns away. She is not going to push the subject, it seems. The handing off of breakfast-filled plates seems to remind her of her own breakfast-y item, and the roll is brought up to be polished off in a few more hastily taken bites. She does her best to wipe the crumbs and bits of sugar from her fingers, though it's really a failed attempt (gonna need water for that one). "He's fine," she assures I'am of the baby. "Truly." As for fostering? There's a curl to the corner of her mouth, and a nod of her head. "It is common practice; fostering. I am not worried about him. My mother raised me and seven other children; I think she's got the hang of it," she says dryly, a bit of her old humor coming back. And she TOTALLY CAUGHT THAT cookie swipe (even if she has no idea that such a thing had just been forbidden by bossy blue dragons) which makes her laugh and roll her eyes. "I will be back before you know it," she says, for the third time reassuring them that her presence would become permanent soon enough, "but right now, I should go back. I came to grab a few things and… to say hi. But I need to return to Igen before the end of the day." Which means there is another hug coming I'am's way (tight and lingering, with a murmur in his ear) before she moves off. And though she hesitates briefly, there's a hug for Lu'ka too (a bit hesitant, a bit stiff, but genuine in sentiment). "Write me…" she demands, though her tone makes it more of a pleading request, before turning and heading back to the Weyr's caverns.

Roth peers to Toskavath and bobs his head agreeably « I AM Roth. » But doesn't seem very upset over it though. Knowing Lu'ka will have him cleaned up quick enough. The Harper, having gotten used to I'am and R'hra's dragons sorta bullying them a bit, just smirks at the interaction over food and shakes his head as if amused by it. Lu'ka is still close enough to hear the conversation, even if he isn't joining in about fostering babies. But all too soon Sehpany is leaving and he seems more than a little surprised that he's getting a hug. He returns it happily enough, giving her a snug squeeze and murmuring "Was good seeing you again." before letting her go and stepping back. Chuckling at the mention of writing "I'll finish the short story I've started and have Scribe too you by the end of the day." Well, the end of Fort's day that is. "

Whatever is whispered to him, has I'am grinning, "Yeah, I know. Blame Toska.." Modest as always. There is a nod to the command from the weaver, "I will write Seph. By time you are back we should have more freedom to hang out." He assures her as he steps back to stand by Lu'ka. "Keep safe Seph and we will see you soon."

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