Fort Weyr - Blueberry Barrens
There are some places that seem to defy all conventional understanding: the blueberry barrens might be one such place. It's a vast field of blueberry bushes that pushes the forest back as far as the eye can see, broken only by the improbable existence of a hill in the middle of it all that bears a single, strange tree. The rest is a sea of lush green foliage and branches, of blue fruits and a narrow warren of paths that changes every couple of turns or so. The air is alive with the sights, sounds and smells of nature at its finest, from the bejeweled trundlebugs making their rounds and the sing-song calls of unseen avians to the sweet aroma of berries.
Mid-spring heralds the onset of harvesting season and, with it, the arrival of avians, wherries, and other wildlife. In fall, after the last of the berries has been harvested, the barrens are rife with wildfire-bright foliage, the blueberry bushes taking on a lurid red-yellow-orange coloration that lingers until the onset of winter. It is, in all, a place of restoration and renewal, where one might seek a snack and a place to relax; indeed, the gentle whispering of a creek can be heard from time to time, although finding it might be an adventure in and of itself.

With winter still lingering over Fort and everywhere around it things are only getting harder for some people. Abigail was gone from the Weyr for several days, all anyone could figure out is that she was at Irene visting a friend, if asked thta it the story she kept and unless asked stright forward she refused to say. The Wingleader grows weary of things at the Weyr, mostly thanks to the change that has been in her thoughts slowly tearing it apart. With sweeps done Abigail has not returned to the Weyr, instead Niumdreoth can be found within the clearing where the blueberry bushes are normally found, though now it seems rather empty. Abigail is off towards the forest, hunting it would seem, bow in hand while she quietly follows a set of tracks she picked up near the edge of the forest itself.

It's been turns, but some things don't take much effort to fall back into. Like being able to find Abigail even when she's not in a place to be found. Ha'ze has his own bow over a shoulder, one all too familiar to the Wingleader (since… like… she made it.) He's waiting here in the clearing, having taken a guess at where she'll pop up. And there she is. His voice shatters the silence. "Lookin' real focused there Abigail."

Abigail has not attempted to see Ha'ze since the last conversation they had all those turns ago. If there is one thing she is good at is cutting out people from her life that don't want to be in it. Her steps take her further along following the wild boar's tracks quietly, though there is that pause once the voice does indeed catch her attention. Of course she knows who it is, and for a moment there is a frown as she lifts her gaze towards Ha'ze watching him quietly for a few moments. "I tend to do that when I go hunting." A faint breath escapes her while she lifts her head a touch. "I guess Mr'az let ye return as well then?" It is clearly heard that she has no care of Mr'az just by the way she says his name.

Jajen coming back was much more advertised than Ha'ze's. In fact, it's gotten exactly no fanfare. And he's so often not here that it is mostly a moot point. "Been a little while." There's a few beats and Ha'ze will step closer. Eyes look downwards to trace those rabbit tracks. "Aleoa and Galeon don't recognize me."
btw. That was totally an accusation.

Abigail says nothing to his comments about how long he has been back. "Hard to know someone when they are not around." There is a slight pause. "Ye never wrote me, or acted as if ye wished to see them. I had no reason to bring them there then." She honestly did not atempt to keep him from the twins, he ony had to reach out to her, as he did not she stayed away. It doesn't seem that she is worried that her children know him or not.

"Not like I had much of a choice Abigail, remember?" Something about Ha'ze being exiled and Iaverulth being ordered to keep Kainaesyth grounded. Not really his choice. "They're my kids." He takes off after the tracks. They probably won't have much success hunting like talking, but the movement keeps it going.

Abigail doesn't look to him now while she moves along after the tracks. "Right, because that would be the only way to get out a message to anyone." Her fingers grip slightly at her bow and she pauses to glance towards him quietly for only a moment. "The only reason they are yer children is because I'm stupid for attempted to see something in ye that wasn't ever there." There is some hate it seems, and more she wishes to say but she stops herself at that. "Yer welcome to see them whenever ye wish Ha'ze as I said before. Ye only had to reach out to me, but seems ye had other things keeping ye busy. Which I'm sure thrilled Jajen to no end."

"Shit Abigail. When have you ever known me to write a letter?" Ha'ze stomps forward, leaving her behind him for a moment. "I was never anything but straight with you. Never." There's a firmness and self assurance in his voice. But then she brings Jajen in and Ha'ze turns on her. For the first time hints of anger flicks in there. "If you have something to say just say it."

"Aye, perhaps… But even ye couldn't follow a simple rule that ye yerself made about the Weyr. Ye not writing a letter only proved ye didn't want to try and fix anything." Abigail says with a shake of her head while she watches him. A slight smirk is seen. "Rather protective of her? Why am I not surprized." She deosn't seem to care that she upset Ha'ze. "I do have something ta say since ye are here. Did ye set me up for a murder and attempt to pin it on me?" More so she has something to ask then say but that isn't the point.

"I didn't have a choice. Th'ero ordered Jajen to ground Kainaesyth to the island. We couldn't have left if we wanted to." It sounds like an excuse, so Ha'ze is going to move past it. He plants himself right in his direction. "The rest of you are ready to crucify her without even seeing if maybe something has changed in the last two turns." Ha'ze isn't going to make that excuse for himself though. When she makes her accusation Ha'ze levels a gaze. "Why the fuck would I do something to screw over the mother of ''my'' children?"

Abigail watches him a moment. "Ye have a firelizard Ha'ze. I would have brought them there." Though this is pointless. "Honestly?" A faint chuckle escapes her. "Cause ye changed so much in the whole time I've known ye Ha'ze. People only change if they want to." She smirks while eyeing him. "Ye screw over everyone else, why would that leave me out of the picture? For all I know ye was getting back at me for not bringing the twins to see ye." She has a very short list of people she trusts anymore, even shorter then when Ha'ze and her were close.

Ha'ze stares at Abigail. "I never once lied to you. Ever. I trusted you beyond anyone else. And you didn't even try to back me when Th'ero cut us out - not even for Kainaesyth." He raises a hand to her, and turns away. "I guess Mr'az was right, I was prepared to think he was just an insane fucker. Good luck Abigail." And with that parting comment Ha'ze is just going to tromp towards he edge of the meadow.

Abigail watches Ha'ze quietly for a moent. "Actually I did… Ye just never wanted to hear my side of it." She did speak with Th'ero on the matter, more then once. "Ye made it very clear that ye wanted nothing to do with anyone dealing with the Weyr, where I live and have lived nearly all my life." It is hard for one to just up and turn there back on something like that. A half laugh escapes her. "Of course ye would follow Mr'az… His leading this Weyr into the ground, right up yer ally." All the more reason for her to leave this place.

Little does Abigail know, but right now? Ha'ze isn't quite in the sharing mood. Obviously she doesn't want his help, or a chance to get back at the man. No more words from the bronzerider, he's gone. And here Ha'ze wondered if Jaze would be his child with issues - apparently it would be Aleoa and Galeon.

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