Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

Light fluffy clouds drift across the sky above, and the temperature lingers just on the cool side of pleasant. In other words, it's the perfect day for selling and buying things. Well, if you're in to that kind of thing. For his part, Ha'ze isn't particularly interested, but a trader has managed to plant himself in the front of the sometimes surly bronzerider and is doing his best pitch. "Do you have a lady in your life? Someone you're trying to attract maybe?" The Trader is just a touch shorter than Ha'ze, and doesn't seem to pick up on the bronzerider's crossed arms and scowl as a hint the isn't interested.

Nyalle is out as well, taking advantage of the first caravans to make their way up the muddy, melting passes. Her skirts brush the top of muddy boots as she wanders through the few wagons, and upon spying Ha'ze, walks in that direction with a warm smile. For now she's silent, since the bronzerider is obviously busy. "Jajen, perhaps?" she offers softly.

C'rus is also there and milling around. It's shopping day and there is always stuff to be bought for the weyr. He overhears the man talking to Ha'ze and literally cannot help himself. He pivots on his feet to turn in that direction, "Sir. I dare say you have found yourself a customer. My friend here.." he indicates Ha'ze, "Definitely wants to attract women…" Apparently C'rus is having a rare playful moment.

Ha'ze wasn't going to scowl at Nyalle, but her quiet words change that intention abruptly. And then C'rus is helping. He opens his mouth when the trader sees his chance. Smoothly the man slips into the conversation, "So you do have a lady you want to be paying attention. Guaranteed to attract the most cute of attentions any time." From a pocket the trader pulls a spray bottle and proceeds to spritz down the bronzerider with it. For a moment… nothing. But stay a few seconds and a foul odor drifts away from the bronzerider.

Nyalle can't help but giggle softly. Sorry, Ha'ze. Taking a smooth step back when the trader sprays him down, her nose wrinkles and then she adopts the perfectly practiced expression of polite curiosity. "Oh! That…would certainly get someone's attention, yes…" Then she bites her lower lip, glancing to C'rus and back to Ha'ze.

C'rus just cannot help himself, "Yes…" he says with a cough, both trying to supress the laughter bubbling up inside of him and also because well…smell, "…this will certainly solve all of Ha'ze's problems with women." Because seriously no women would want to be near that. He grins widely looking very much like the cat that ate the canary, "Sir. How much does that cost?" he asks as he glances sidelong at Nyalle.

"What the fuck did you just do?" Ha'ze waves a hand over his face to try to get rid of the smell that is assaulting his nose. "It smells like wherry piss mixed with rotten fruit." If his eyes weren't watering right now Ha'ze might even take a swing at the trader for spraying that junk. At least now the trader gets the 'not going to make a sale' vibe and instead turns to someone who seems MUCH more interested- a particular bluerider. "It's my most popular smell, made from an extract of Southern flowers. I only have one bottle left- how would four marks sound?" Bright smile as he turns the spray on C'rus, aiming, and ready to spritz the bluerider too.

Nyalle takes another step back, and clears her throat. "Ah…" Language. "Perhaps…a walk is in order, Ha'ze?" The trader gets a smile and a nod of her head. "Thank you for visiting Fort. I wish you luck in your sales." Cough, cough.

Schadenfreude. This situation totally applies. C'rus lifts his hand to stop the man from actually spraying, "No need. I can smell it just fine." he says with a giggle as he reaches into his pockets and produces the four marks and quickly takes the bottle. Never let it be said that C'rus has no sense of humor. It's just a bit warped. He quickly turns around and takes a few steps away before he really begins to laugh, "Ha'ze. I'm going to solve all of your problems." There is a gleam in the man's eye.

The trader is quick to pocket those marks before he turns to the goldrider. "If you are looking for something special Weyrwoman," thank goodness for knots! "I might have a light floral that would work wonderfully to accentuate your beautiful face." He says this brightly while he reaches into his coat again for another bottle. Ha'ze is busy working on getting his worn coat off so that he can get away from some of that smell. "C'rus. You are goin' to be givin' me that." Holding his jacket away from him the bronzerider advances on C'rus.

Nyalle blushes at the trader's compliment but shakes her head. "No, thank you, I'll admit I'm not a fan of the floral scents…"

C'rus turns around quickly when he hears the footsteps approaching, "Nope. I bought it. It's mine. And I'm not afraid to use it." he giggles gleefully as he brandishes it like a weapon, because really with a smell like that it totally could be, "If you come a step closer I'll get you with it again. You'll stink forever." It's like the cologne of eternal stench. Mwahhahah.

"Maybe something a bit more sharp then?" The trader isn't interested in being dissuaded and moves his hand to pull out another perfume. Maybe if he's just persistent enough? Ha'ze continues to step deliberately forward, looking like he might just murder the bluerider. "I am going to smash that bottle."

Nyalle shakes her head. "No, I don't think so. I prefer more natural scents. Citrus, mostly. Things that are very, very subtle…" Damn, she's caught. As long as he doesn't spray her though…

The poor Weyrwoman is on her own. The bottle of the horrid stink remains in C'rus's possession for the present anyway. He continues to move away as Ha'ze persues, "Nope. I bought it, and it's going to stay mine. Besides…I think it really works for you. And it will solve your problem with women. No more unexpected expecting for you." he giggles. Yes. He is having far to much fun with this. He even depresses his finger on the bottle sending a spritz of warning in the direction of Ha'ze.

The trader looks a bit crestfallen. "Perhaps I have something in my wagon, let me just go look and I will be back." Ducking out of sight the trader disappears into wagon. Ha'ze is going to escalate this moment and after flinching back from that spritz dives right onto C'rus to try to wrestle the bottle out of his hands.

Nyalle sighs when the trader leaves, but there's no way to get out of it. She'll just wait. And watch Ha'ze dive for C'rus with another low sigh. "Gentlemen…" Please don't embarrass her in front of visitors.

C'rus has no intention of willingly releasing the bottle. He bought it after all and it is his. He closes his hands tightly around the bottle as Ha'ze tackles him, "Hey…cut it out." he says to him.

Is that an order weyrwoman? Hopefully not, because Ha'ze is focused on GETTING THAT BOTTLE AWAY. So focused in fact that after he wrestles with C'rus for a bit it spins out of BOTH their hands to crash downwards onto the ground. Like a stink bomb the smell explodes upwards as drops get all over the three riders. Concentrated STINK SPOTS. "What happened?!" The trader exits the wagon to look aghast at the broken bottle as if he's actually smelling the perfume for the first time.

Nyalle sighs again and takes a step away. Well, at least they purchased it first. "My apologies," she murmurs to the trader. "They were having a disagreement…it seems your perfume bore the brunt of it." But at least it's broken now, right?

Could C'rus be considered happy to have been splashed with the noxious stuff? Not really, but there is no small joy in the fact that Ha'ze has also been splashed with it. He separates himself from Ha'ze and continues to laugh, "You are in some serious trouble now." he says to him. Of course he is too, but ehh. It's worth it. There are levels of survival a person has to be willing to accept.

"What a shame… it was…" but even the trader at this point can't seem to say that the perfume was worth tears over. "Such a shame. But, maybe I have found what you were looking for!" He has a small vial in his hands, "Redfruit, would you like to try?" He beams. Ha'ze swears under his breath as more of the smell gets on him. "C'rus. I'm going to beat the crap out of you soon." But not in front of Nyalle. "Once I wash this s*it off." Shaking his head he kicks at the pieces of the bottle and turns towards the weyr… only to realize that the trader's runner has moved around the group and is looking VERY interested in what is going on. He lowers his head and moves towards Ha'ze to nudge him. "HEY NOW." Not in the balls man.

Nyalle reaches out her hand, wrist up, in a silent request for a /small/ spritz onto her skin. She glances over to the boys and laughs. "Your runner seems to like that scent…"

If C'rus is at all concerned about Ha'ze's threat it certainly doesn't show, "I doubt it." is his only response as he moves away from the broken bottle, and Ha'ze to boot. Especially since Ha'ze seems to have made a new friend. The smell is not going to dampen his sense of humor one bit. Nope.

Oh Ha'ze, this new friend of his likes him a LOT. Even when the bronzerider shoves at his head the creature will NOT be defined and shoves his nose right back into Ha'ze's crotch and gives a HUFF of contentment. But wait, he's not alone. A few other runners have caught the smell and have ambled over. One to Nyalle, and one going to C'rus. Nyalle's runner is polite, reaching down to sniff at the spots at the bottom of the Weyrwoman's clothing. C'rus is a bit younger, more baby, and rushes right into the bluerider, intent on LOVING him. "Oh dear." The trader stands frozen, ready to spritz that wrist.

Nyalle giggles quietly at the runner's attentions, stroking its neck and mane and trying to take a step away. "Well aren't you friendly…

There are unique situations that pop up in a person's life that you can't be entirely prepared for. This seems to be one of them. C'rus has never been all that good with animals. He was never allowed pets when he was growing up and getting used to firelizards was something else, but Aegnor and Gonzo more or less behave themselves. C'rus does the only thing that he can do. He sidesteps the animal as best as he can and wraps his arms around its neck in some sort of crazy headlock and as calmly and with as much dignity as he can muster says, "Who does this animal belong too?" Of course it's not too dignified since most of his effort is now focused on keeping the hold on the animal.

"Um. I." But the trader is at a loss for words as he stares at the trio of runners that now surround the riders. So… he's not much help. Ha'ze is NOT happy as he shoves at the runner's head again and retreats from the creature. Of course, the runner follows. C'rus' runner seems content to frolic in the bluerider's arms, while Nyalle's goes to bite the edge of her pants. Yum clothing.

Nyalle tugs her skirt hem out of the way of the runner and takes a step back. "No," she says quietly but firmly to the runner.

C'rus has never been the sort of let a situation go on indefinitely. Especially not a situation like this. He can't really point at the present moment but he can fix his gaze on the trader as he continues to wrestle with the animal, "Go find who they belong too." is the order that he issues.

But, uh, okay. The trader finally scrams to go see if he can find the owner of the animals. Nyalle's runner just looks SO SAD as it's head swings up to look at the weyrwoman. No? Is she sure? What if it licked her face? That's acceptable right? Here, it's going to try it. C'rus' animal finaly quiets but he's still trying to sniff the bluerider's clothing. Ha'ze's… well. Ha'ze is attractive?

Nyalle pushes the runner's muzzle away at the attempted lick, laughing. "I think they like this smell," she hisses to the other two riders. "Attracts animals more than women…" Since people seem to be steering clear of them right now.

C'rus is content with the creature sniffing his clothes, just so long as it remains just that. C'rus has never been an overly touchy feely person, "So it would seem Weyrwoman." he says as he looks over to Ha'ze and just shakes his head. Yep..he blames him for this.

"Zell! Leave her alone!" The voice of a trader woman snaps out as she comes up to reclaim the head of the runner who is interested in the Weyrwoman, as another moves to take C'rus runner. That leaves just Ha'ze whose runner is getting more and more agressive and shoves the bronzerider down to the ground and steps carefully over him so that he can start to nibble on Ha'ze's belt. "My son is a bit of an idiot, oh my." The woman looks at the bronzerider in the dust.

"Oh!" Nyalle says when the runner knocks Ha'ze down. With her runner reclaimed, Nyalle darts forward to try and push the runner back, leaning against its shoulder and shoving. "Go on now, go on," she murmurs to the beast. "No gelding my bronzeriders…"

C'rus isn't going to let a clutchsibling suffer a horrible fate. After his runner is taken he moves to help Nyalle push against the runnger shoulder, "Maybe this is why Kera hates these things." he says as he continues to shove, "If she only knew…" No doubt his weyrmate would be running in terror at this point.

Cue a really sad runner as it is shoved off of Ha'ze by the combined weight of Nyalle and C'rus. Ha'ze rolls in the dust and staggers to his feet, a hand protecting his jewels from further attack. He's too angry to speak right now, and stomps away to reclaim his jacket where it has dropped into the dust. "I am so sorry weyrwoman." The trader woman's eyes travel down to the broken bottle and this time, the first trader gets a glare. "Why is there a bottle of runner scent on the ground?"

Nyalle looks down at the bottle, and then back to the woman. And /then/ around for that trader. "He was selling it as perfume and sprayed Bronzerider Ha'ze with it. Then it fell and smashed." She pauses. "That was runner scent?" They'd better leave the caravan grounds then…and quickly…and go bathe.

That makes so much more sense now. C'rus stands away from the runner and looks over to Ha'ze, "You alright Ha'ze?" he asks. The healer in him has to make sure he hasn't actually been bitten.

From the look on the trader woman's face, her son is going to be in a world of hurt. "I am so sorry." She's repeating herself now. It doesn't even occur to her that someone would have paid for THAT smell, so no offer is given of a refund. Ha'ze shakes his head. "Fine. Just PEACHY."

Nyalle dips her head down with a small smile. "Enjoy the rest of your day." Then she turns to look at the other riders. "Let's go back into the weyr." She can already see runners at the next wagon standing, ears perked, tails swishing. "To the baths."

C'rus nods his head in agreement with Nyalle, "I think getting out of here would be a good idea…" he says as he glances over to the other runners, "Clean would be nice." he says. C'rus nods to Ha'ze. No injuries. Excellent.

Ha'ze points at C'rus. He's going to get it later, it's a silent promise. One thing is for sure, Ha'ze is not getting laid tonight for any reason. Unless someone is REALLY drunk. Maybe then he'll get lucky. Just watch, he'll make Abigail throw up.

Or unless that someone is a runner. With a low sigh, Nyalle begins to walk back towards the weyr, careful to steer well clear of any runners they may pass.

C'rus follows after the weyrwoman. Ha'ze's look is largely ignored, "Interesting shopping trip…"