Fort Weyr - Records Room
This windowless room is brightly illuminated with electric lights and glow baskets alike. Shelf upon shelf of books and hides, carefully catalogued, line this room. A few small desks are in the middle of the room, for studying, and the room boasts a pair of computer terminals for electronically archived research as well.

It's evening, sometime post-dinner, which means that the records room is pretty much dead. Who'd want to spend their time amongst dusty records and books when there is drinking and other entertainment to be had? Thys, that's who. The young goldrider is sitting casually as she flips through a book, leaning back on one chair with her feet up on another - something she'd likely not do if there were people around to see. She's clearly not too deeply absorbed in what she's reading as she quickly scans each page, occasionally scribbling something on her notepad.

Ha'ze isn't much of a reader himself, but Kainaesyth loves the stories. With Spring in force though, the bronze has less time for sitting and listening, and so the books Ha'ze has taken from the records room are on their way back. He has three, one large, and two small thin tomes stuck under his arm as he wanders in. "Thys." Delivered in his low voice, it's his version of a greeting.

Thys is startled when someone says her name - sitting up straight and kicking her feet down so quickly from the chair they're propped upon that she whacks herself on the table leg. "Ow - I mean, hi. Hi, Ha'ze. Hello." She leans down to rub her sore spot as she looks up at the bronzerider, smiling softly. "It's a little late to be studying, isn't it?"

Ha'ze lays the books on the table revealing their contents- the large book Perneese legends, the other two those that look like they came from a computer print out of more mythical legends. "Just puttin' some books back. But I'd be sayin' the same to you. Ain't it a little late to be studyin'?"

"I suppose it is," Thys replies with a gentle shrug of her shoulders, but Ralik's staying at the Hall tonight, and I needed more details for a project we're working on, so…" Another shrug, one-sided this time. She leans over to look at the book he sets down, smiling approvingly. "You've been reading to Kainaesyth."

"Winter." Ha'ze says it like that one word explains everything as he settles himself down into the chair that Thys' feet have recently abandoned. He leans back and looks her over, top to bottom like she might have changed since he saw her last. "What're you workin' on?"

A look like that doesn't go unnoticed, and Thys returns it with a slight frown, one brow raised questioningly. "A project for the galleries, which I suppose we're going to have to speed up since Zuvaleyuth will be on the sands soon. I wouldn't want to disturb her with construction going on up there if it doesn't have to happen…" She drums her fingers off her notepad, then sighs. "Kainaesyth should be waking up now that winter's passed?"

He doesn't say what prompted that particular look as he folds his arms across his chest. "Aye. Spring has him actin' a little like a baby again. Weren't here when Zuvaleyuth went up." He seems… mildly disgruntled about that fact.

"That's a shame; if any dragon's due his time on the Sands…" Thys continues drumming her fingers against the open pages of her notepad. "He'll have his chance, though. There's plenty of turns for him to catch, and plenty of golds too, if you're considering looking beyond Fort's?" Now it's her turn to give him a look, which he can decipher as he will.

Ha'ze taps his fingers as they sit crossed on his chest as his gaze settles just above and beyond Thys' head. "I'm no lookin' to be gettin' stuck on sands." Anything that sticks Ha'ze somewhere he can't escape from is more or less unthinkable. But that disgruntled tone hasn't left. "But Kainaesyth would love to be there."

"Rhenesath isn't especially clingy; Loxiath was with V'ric in Half Moon after the earthquake struck. I can't say anything for the other golds, but she certainly doesn't mind tending the clutch on her own." In other words, Ha'ze wouldn't be stuck with Thys if they ended up in that situation. "Thankfully we won't be there again any time soon. It's not the most exciting of pastimes."

"Kainaesyth loves eggs. Was a bit sad when the lot of you had to be goin' back to the sands." Ha'ze shakes his head as if dashing off a thought for another time. Uncrossing his arms he leans forward to try to snag Thys' notes to get a look at them. "What are you doin' in the galleries?"

Thys plants her hand atop her notebook so it can't be taken, but all Ha'ze will see anyway is notes on Fort's historic events. She leans just slightly towards him, smirking. "Top secret," she says with a grin, looking over him now, from his feet up. "Why do you want to know?" There's a hint of teasing in the way she asks, suggesting it's not all as secret as she's letting on.

Oh that's just a challenge. Ha'ze curves his fingers around the edge of the book so he can pull more firmly as a single eyebrow lifts upwards. "You could be lettin' me see, or mayhap we'll just have to be strugglin' over it. Between you and me, I think I'll be winnin'." His smile is small and dark, full of irony and sarcasm, but very firmly there.

"Don't be so sure. Do you know how many boys I grew up with?" Thys curls her fingers around the edge of the book closest to Ha'ze, tugging it back towards her. "I like to win, Ha'ze." She's grinning as she fixes him with a playful, challenging look. "Surely you don't think I'll just fold and give it to you?"

"Rather than risk it rippin', I think you might be givin' it up." Ha'ze shifts himself to the edge of his chair so he can reach out with one hand to grab the other side of the book, his hand crossing over hers. "Less you got somethin' else that'll keep me from yankin'." A gentle tug seems to hint that he'll try it if she isn't careful.

And that move only prompts Thys to put a second hand on the notepad, leaning forward so she's near enough on the edge of her chair, but stiff and braced, ready to fight. "Ha'ze. Would you really try and hurt me just to read my notes?" She gives the pad a strong tug towards her, attempting to use surprise to get it away from him.

"Hurt you?" The fight doesn't last night over the notebook as Ha'ze abruptly lets it go just as Thys tugs back hard. If she jerks back as badly as he anticipates that smile on his face will twitch larger and form into a rather self satisfied smirk. "You're safe from me Thys."

Thys does end up thumping back into her chair with an oomph, notepad in hand - but she's also smirking. "I know I'm safe, which is why I knew I'd win." She flips the notepad closed, pushing it along the table to a spot behind her. "The question is, bronzerider… would you be safe from me?"

"Do I have a reason to be protectin' myself from you goldrider?" Ha'ze's gaze flicks to that notebook again, the temptation of it lingering at the edge of his curiosity. But he doesn't make another move for it just yet as he turns the intensity of his dark gaze back to the goldrider.

"Maybe, if you give reason for it." Thys's grin grows, and she leans forward, elbows resting on her thighs and hands clasped together. "Would you give cause for the need, Ha'ze? I can't imagine you as the antagonistic type." And that latter sentence is spoken with playful sarcasm, ended with a slanted smile and a brow quirked up, inviting his response.

Oh, so it'll be like that. Ha'ze leans forward again and lifts a hand up to trace the curve of her chin. "Kainaesyth's the pacifist between us. I can be livin' with a little… antagonism." He continues to brush backwards, his fingers moving through her hair gently.

Thys catches his wrist, holding it tightly - there's even a little digging-in of her short nails. "Ah-ah-ah," she says, tutting softly as she tries, albeit only half-heartedly, to draw his hand away. "I do believe, bronzerider Ha'ze, that you're attempting to gain an advantage by trying to seduce me."

"Is it workin?" Ha'ze doesn't allow her to pull his hand away as it slips down to the curve of her neck. He'll even press, just a litttle by leaning forward to close the distance between them as his other hand reaches out to try to see if he can pull her just a touch closer.

"No." Though while her words say one thing, everything about Thys's body language says another. Her grip on his wrist tightens, and she meets his gaze steadily with her own. "That would be cheating." If she leans any futher she'll fall off her chair - as it is, the two back legs of it are up off the floor.

"Shame. Well. I'll just have to be tryin' harder." Which is just what he's going to do. Rather than stay perched on his chair he moves forward to curl his arm around her and pull her upwards and tight against him.

"Dear Faranth, Ha'ze -" Thys blinks up at him, her smile fading a touch as she looks quickly around them, to see if there's anyone there. "What if someone sees?" She keeps her hands between her torso and his - hello, abs - biting down nervously on her lip. "This is definitely cheating."

"Your Ralik ain't here, and no one else is goin' to be sayin' nothin'." He keeps his arms curled around her but doesn't press so she has to fight back against him. "How am I doin' protectin' myself from you?" He at least is still smiling, low, dark, and holding more than a bit of ironic humor.

"He's not here, but… that doesn't mean I should be…" Thys turns her dark-eyed gaze down, looking to where she's pinned so close to Ha'ze. "I've done nothing for you to protect against. Yet. Though you have put me in a prime position to -" She raises her knee, butting it (gently!) against his inner thigh, clearly hinting at being able to drive it higher, should she wish to.

"Harsh goldrider. But if you were lookin' to be goin' for my jewels, tellin' me what you were lookin' to do ain't exactly the best choice." In one smooth movement Ha'ze releases her and leans sideways to snap up her notebook and hold it high in the air. "There we go. Now, what does a junior weyrwoman do with her time?" The notebook flips open above him.

Fooled! Thys shoves at Ha'ze's chest when he's got what he wants."Sneaky bastard." She then laughs, shaking her head as she crosses her arms over her chest. What is in her notepad? Sketches and notes written in her scrawling handwriting. It's not the easiest to read, but it is legible toa degree. "There's nothing of interest in there, Ha'ze."

Her shove doesn't move him a single bit, but does cause him to chuckle as he looks upwards at the scrawled writing. He can't quite read the words at this angle, but he can see the pictures at least. "You two plannin' on redoin' the walls?" It's a guess, based off the pictures.

"Yes." No point in lying, now, is there? Thys crosses her arms over her chest, looking at Ha'ze with a frown. "Now give it back, before I make you." One arm remains crossed, fingers hooked over her inner elbow as she holds her hand out towards her clutchmate. "You're awful, Ha'ze. Teasing like that, just to take my book?" She tuts, shaking her head… and yet her cheeks are still flushed from the little encounter.

Ha'ze misses her frown as he's still trying to catch a glance of other pictures in the book. Can't lower it, or he's sure that Thys is going to snatch it back from him. "Guess you'll have to be makin' me." His head tilts at a rather awkward angle to catch a very detailed sketch that keeps flopping out of sight.

It's perhaps a lucky thing that they're so close in height - lucky for Thys, anyway. She jumps, catching the edge of the notepad with her fingers and yanking it towards her. "You'll see it when it's done, same as everyone else. Patience, bronzerider, is a virtue."

"Patience." Ha'ze allows his hand to fall at her tug, though he doesn't let the notepad go. "I think I'm done bein' patient. A little bit of wantin' things now ain't gonnna hurt anyone." Just ignore the fact that it was just that mentality that probably left both Jajen and Abigail pregnant.

"And what, exactly, do you want now, Ha'ze? What will you gain from knowing what my project for the galleries is?" Since he's still holding the notepad, Thys tugs it away from him again, curling her hand over his to try and worm his fingers free. "Tell me what you'll gain from getting what you want now, and I'll consider telling you - though it's not even that exciting. Why do you need to know?"

"You know, people keep askin' me that question. Ha'ze, what do you want?" Even after all this time Ha'ze hasn't quite wrapped his mind around it. He shakes his head slightly as he looks downwards to help him shift his fingers as much as possible. He's not going to give up without a fight! "The answer ain't changed though. I don't know."

Thys is totally going to get into a finger-fight with Ha'ze over who gets to grip the notepad more. "You don't have to know what you want in life. I'm not asking you that. I'm asking what you want now, why you're done with being patient. What are you being patient for?"

If someone was to walk in right now Thys and Ha'ze would look like siblings fighting over a toy. Ha'ze refusing to let go, and Thys doing everything in her power to try to get it away. "Right now I'm not bein' patient about wantin' to see what you're craftin'. Come on Thys, what's the harm?"

"It's a mural, alright? A glass mural. Ralik's working on it. I wanted it to be a surprise because every damned thing I try and plan ends up going wrong somehow, ok? But now you know. And now something's probably going to go wrong again." Thys gives one last tug on the notepad, then lets go with a hrumph.

"Well, if it was goin' to go wrong, it was goin' to do that if I was knowin' or not." Ha'ze isn't very reassuring as he claims his victory over the notepad. Reaching backwards with his foot he tugs his chair a little closer and sits down so he can read the words. It's not effortless for him, and he has to puzzle some of the scrawl out. "You think you could be gettin' it done before Zuvaleyuth clutches?"

Thys stands in front of him, arms folded tightly across her chest. "I don't know. Maybe. It's a lot to get done, and I'm still working on panels." She doesn't sound too hopeful for its completion. "Why is it of such interest to you, Ha'ze? Why fight to know what I'm doing?"

"People seem to be the forgivin' sort, I doubt Dtirae would care if there was some bangin'." Ha'ze tone is a bit far away as he puzzles through some of the more complicated vocabulary. Children's stories are one thing, but Ha'ze's education was choppy at best, with most of it coming in the last turn and half and so Thys' notebook rises a little above his easy reading level. "I wanted to know. And so I decided to be. Turned out," and finally he snaps the notebook closed, and looking up, offers it back to her. "Was fun, wasn't it?"

"No." Thys's lips purse, and she takes the notepad back to return it to the table. "You're a tease." Which made it not-fun? Maybe. She bites down on her bottom lip, and sighs, dropping her arms from crossing her chest to clasp her hands together in front if her. "What inspired your change in attitude towards me, Ha'ze? You've never been interested in me before, and then in the Gemstone…"

"I'll be leavin' you be then." Her disavowal of having any fun erases the smile that has lingered on Ha'ze's lips since he walked into the records room. Standing he pushes back the chair carefully and without anger. "Good night goldrider."

"Wait, Ha'ze. I didn't mean it like that. I meant… shards. Can't you see how confused you're making me?" And such feelings frustrate Thys, as is evident in her expression. "Can you at least tell me why you're doing this?"

"Doin' what?" Ha'ze spins on his heel as his own frustration breaks into his voice. "Are we friends are not? I thought mayhap we'd gotten to that point- but I'm still new at this tryin' thing. So mayhap I read things wrong. If so I'll be takin' myself away."

"Of course we're friends." Thys dismisses that with a wave of her hand, as if it were obvious. "But you keep kissing me! Or trying to kiss me. I keep letting you." She shakes her head softly, not understanding that bit. "Generally I don't go around kissing my friends, Ha'ze." Which makes him a confusing exception. "I'm just trying to work out why."

Ha'ze reaches up to brush a hand through his dark black hair, though it falls back in place quick enough. "I enjoy teasin' you, and watchin' you blush. I enjoy kissin." There's a period there. Ha'ze just likes kissing. "Does it need to be more complicated then that?" He doesn't even give her a chance to answer, "And I wasn't tryin' to kiss you. If I had, I would've kissed you."

Thys's expression is conflicted and still confused, even though she tries to make it as neutral as possible. "And that's… it? You just like kissing, so… you kissed me?" Her arms cross over her chest again, and she drums her fingers against her sleeve. "You just kissed me because you wanted to kiss someone, not because it was me?"

"Faranth Thys, stop makin' this more complicated! I like kissin'. I like you. I like seein' you react to me tryin' to kiss you. Soon enough you'll get use to it and it'll stop. I thought we was havin' fun." Maybe Ha'ze is taking this freedom thing a little too far. He shakes his head sharply and turns away again. AS he walks towards the door he continues to mouth words to himself in irritation.

That's what she was fishing for. Thys relaxes a little, then follows after Ha'ze, trotting to catch up to him. She reaches out, catches his arm to stop him, and then goes up on her toes to kiss his cheek. After studying his face for a few seconds she smiles and steps back, clearing the way if he's still going to leave.

She'll feel the swell of muscle under his clothes, the tenseness in him where before there was only relaxation. "What Thys? My turn this time- What do you want?" He doesn't turn towards her, just casts the question out between almost gritted teeth.

"To know what you want." Thys clasps her hands in front of her again, standing at ease. Since she's got the information she was fishing for, she seems pretty content, and can smile softly at Ha'ze.

She's lost Ha'ze completely now. "I don't understand." Well, at least he's honest?

"I wanted to know what you wanted," Thys explains. "Whether you were kissing me just because, or if you were doing it because you actually liked me. I just wanted to know your motives." She smiles, warmly. "I don't not like you in that way, Ha'ze. If that were the case, I would never have let you kiss me, or do any of the other little flirty things. But you have to understand my position. Not only am I already with someone, but you already have two women expecting your children… and that makes it a little more complicated when trying to work out what I'm feeling."

"I was drunk when I slept with Jajen." Ha'ze will deny any emotional attachment to Jajen beyond the tie of the baby and some guilt over the way the goldrider has been banished. "Abigail…" he can't say much about that. "She's special. She was the only one before I impressed Kainaesyth who saw somethin' worth somethin' in me. I care about her." But… that's as far as Ha'ze goes. "I'm not askin' you to sleep with me Thys."

"I didn't realise you felt that way about Abbey." It's news to Thys - though not necessarily bad news, as it makes her smile. "I don't dislike kissing you, Ha'ze, but it makes a huge swell of guilt bubble up inside of me, no matter how nice it is. There'll be more guilt now, knowing how you feel towards Abbey, because that's one more person who could be hurt by us fooling around. Even if it is just kissing. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

"Aye. I understand. It's why I talked to Abigail. I don't like bein' tied down. I've been given a chance to be makin' somethin' new for myself. And that's what I'm doin. Mayhap not here. I promised at the Weyr I'd be hers." But even that small tie is an issue for Ha'ze and after his ramble grinds to a stop he shakes his head. "Damn it Thys, why you got to make this complicated? We was havin' fun."

"It is fun, but wouldn't you feel bad if Abbey knew, and was hurt by it?" Thys slips her hands into her pockets, looking down at her toes. "I'd hate myself if I hurt Ralik. He loves me, Ha'ze, and while I've not worked out what my love might feel like, I do care for him. A lot. I care for you, too, but I'm with him. And you've got your thing with Abbey. And that makes everything complicated."

His teeth grind more than a little as he has to admit that she has a point. "Fine. Then It's complicated." It's like pulling teeth to get him to admit it. This whole time he's stood sideways to her but finally he spins and reaches out to turn her gaze upwards. The darkness that lurks in his eyes is back full force as he looks in her eyes. "But when Kainaesyth flies Rhenesath," no if, Ha'ze is sure that Kainaesyth is going to win, "there will be no complicated."

"When he does," because Thys is also quite sure of it, "it won't be complicated. Difficult, perhaps, but no complications. It is what it is when it comes to flights." She looks up at him, her own dark eyes meeting his. "Is there any point making it worse for ourselves in the meantime?"

"You want me to not be teasin' you. Gettin' close." He allows his hand to drop and hooks his thumbs through his belt loops. "I hate restrictions. But you put what you want and I'll dance the line."

Thys sighs, softly. "I do and I don't. I like it. Part of me hopes we'll bump into each other when there's no-one around. Part of me hopes you'll do it where everyone can see. Part of me wants to tell you to meet me on that beach again in Nerat, just so we can be away from everything and not have to care. And then there's part of me that's being sensible, not wanting to hurt anyone. Don't you feel anything like that?"

"Then meet me on that beach. Three sevens. Make up your mind by then. I'm goin' back to Drake's Lake in the mornin'. Kainesyth had an idea for one of the fields he wants me to be sharin', and I've got some supplies for Jajen." His eyes caress her face for just a moment before this time he turns and he's finally going to actually leave unless she stops him again.

Thys doesn't stop him, but she does nod to confirm that she'll be there. "Good night, Ha'ze." She watches him leave, then returns to her work.