Who Rulayn, Q'll
What The weather is miserable, and some moods match it.
When Winter-turning-spring, Turn 2711
Where Centre Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's a miserable late-winter afternoon in Fort Weyr, with permanent drizzle falling from steely grey skies and showing no signs of letting up any time soon. All that water's only adding to that which has already caused the ground to be churned into a veritable bog, with thick mud squelching underfoot - or attempting to suck boots off feet, as would seem to be the case with one young bronzerider. Q'll seems to have got himself into a sticky situation in the centre of the bowl where he's just dismounted from a very displeased-looking dragon, dropping right into ankle-deep mud that requires some serious leg-hauling to escape from. Qhynnveslacth, in all his glory, offers no help to his rider at all, merely huffing hot breath towards him in steaming plumes as Q'll manages to battle his way free onto more solid footing. He's still got his flight googles down, his helmet and other gear on and looks like he's keeping it that way, as he tries to squint through the drizzling gloom, as if looking for something, perhaps someone.

Rain, drizzle, snow. The gloomy weather of Winter was a perfect reflection of Rulayn's mood as of late. With a heavy heart and heavy mind full of doubt and questions, the girl's attempts at being relatively cheerful today had been worn out by the stress of running between the Stables and the Infirmary. If it wasn't one thing here, it was at the other! Her appearance reflected this all too well also, with mud caking her hide pants and tunic, her hair sodden with rain and muck and her face smeared in grime. She fared no better in the mud either, and struggled to make her way across the bowl too, having to literally pull on each leg to free it from the mud as she made the heavy trek towards shelter. Sparing a glance to the nearby Bronze, Rulayn sighed enviously. Lucky dragons - no doubt this wasn't an issue for them!

If only Rulayn knew what was going on in Qhynnveslacth's head, then she'd understand just how big an issue rain is! Q'll gives up on his attempts to search by standing still, and Rulayn catches his attention with her similar stuck-foot march. "Hey!" He calls out to her, squelching his way towards her and waving to try and get her to look at him. As he approaches he pulls up his goggles to rest them on his forehead, giving her a smile that might even be award-winning, if Pern had such things. "Hey there! Would you — will you just shut up already?" That last bit is shouted, the young rider clenching his fists and his face screwing up in frustration.

Accustomed to being shouted at today, Rulayn heaves a sigh when a voice singles her out. It had to, of course - most people were being sensible and staying out of the rain. With matted brunette locks sticking to her face, the young woman slowly turned her head in the direction of the approaching Rider, and seemed to frown. Of course it was the Bronze's rider. Why always Bronze? "Can I help you?" She speaks with little enthusiasm in her voice, and rightly so when practically yelled at to shut up. Strangely though, her expression hasn't changed. Maybe she's heard that line too many times already as well, even if this time it might not actually have been directed at herself. The girl just sighs and continues to stare at Q'll, not bothering to discern what he might look like under all that flight gear. Normally it was fun to guess what someone looked like, but not today.

Qhynnveslacth lets out a complaining rumble, picking his way through the mud towards Q'll and Rulayn as if his life was dependant upon him staying as mud-free as possible. "Sorry, not you, chick," Q'll says as a hasty apology, before turning to glower up at his dragon in a silent battle of minds. With an irritated huff of breath, the big bronze eventually extends a wing, offering the two beneath it a little shelter from the drizzle. Q'll nods his head at his lifemate in thanks, then looks at Rulayn, giving her that megawatt smile once more. "He hates getting dirty, he hates getting wet, he says the rain is making him look streaky, of all things…" Brown eyes get rolled in exasperation, before Q'll rubs a gloved hand over his face to wipe away some of the dampness. "Do you live here? Do you know your way around the Weyr?"

Rulayn winces as the Bronze begins to move, almost feeling sorry for the big dragon as he moves over to join them. She isn't too keen on suddenly being covered by a wing either, but she's grateful enough to be out of the rain - not that it didn't matter now. Giving a mere nod to Q'll's explaination of Qhynnveslacth's vanity, Rulayn shifted uncomfortably and looks around towards the Living Caverns. She just wanted to be out of this miserable weather and into a hot bath right now. ".. I do. What are you looking for?" She answers, turning her gaze back to the goggled rider. Sure, he had a nice smile, but it would take more than that to cheer this girl up today.

It's not just a nice smile, it's a nice smile and dimples. And curls too, if they weren't hidden beneath his flight helmet. "I'm here on Minecraft business, I was looking for wherever it is they're all holed up, since I don't see anyone out here working right now." Qhynnveslacth makes another whiny sort of noise, until Q'll reaches out and puts a hand on his dragon's leg to hush him. "I'm a demolitions expert." Q'll's got such pride in saying that out loud that he may as well be puffing out his chest ten times more than he actually is. "And I'm here to look at possibly blowing some things up." He plants his hands on his hips, and gives Rulayn a 'don't you think that's hot?' smirk. "I'm also Quill. And this gorgeously whiny lump is Qhynnveslacth."

Sadly, dimples have no effect on Rulayn, nor does the smile. And thankfully the curls aren't visible, otherwise she'd be reminded of another certain Bronzerider! As for his request, Rulayn just looks out of her element quite literally. "I don't know where they are." She shrugs. Maybe she'd have suggested something, if she were actually in a good mood and not in a hurry to just be rid of the rider. "If you're here to blow up the Living Caverns a second time, can it wait until after I've had a bath?" Rulayn sighs, her attempt at a joke coming off more as sarcasm. With a glance to both rider and dragon as they're introduced, the girl shrugs and wipes her muddy hands against her pants. "Rulayn. Well met." So enthusiastic! Or not.

"Faranth's arse, but you're clearly not on the welcoming committee, are you?" Q'll laughs, then slips his hands into the pockets of his jacket and shrugs. "I'm just here to see if there's a need for demolition, not to blow stuff up right now. You can take a bath for a sevenday and you'd still be done before they let us in." He scans the bowl, brows raised over his dark eyes. "Alright. I'll go ask in the living caverns, someone's bound to know in there. And by the way," he looks back down at Rulayn, amping up his smile once more. "You might want to drop a little citrus oil in your bathwater. It might sweeten your smile a little."

Rulayn is clearly not going to smile now! Being told to cheer up is as counter productive as anything, and it earns Q'll no favours from the stable girl. In fact, her expression only becomes more miserable. Before the end of this Turn, she was almost certain that every Bronzerider on Pern would find a way to wrong her, upset her, or just downright act like a jerk! "Don't slip." She mutters, trudging her way past the cheery man and his Bronze and back out into the rain, adamant to reach the caverns before he did. She'd rather be out of sight and somewhere dry where she didn't have to listen to all these annoying riders today.

Q'll and Qhynn hold back, allowing her to forge on ahead while they share a conversation that leaves the bronzerider laughing, if Rulayn can hear it over the distance and the drizzle. They follow, eventually, with Qhynnveslacth slipping off to find somewhere dry, and Q'll finally freeing those curls of his from their helmet prison once he's indoors, where he'll inevitably meet up with the Miners… at some point.

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