Who Kassala, Inri, Nyalle
What Xerosaeth wants a weyr. Kouzevelth is a terrible enabler.
When Season and turn. Or handwave as needed. Or shrug.
Where Admin Complex, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Administration Complex
A long and narrow staircase leads the way up the mountainside, pausing at the large weyrs of several golds, passing by the one that used to be Moreta's so many Turns ago, before leading up to the Senior Queen's weyr, and finally ending at the Weyrleader's weyr. This is one of the more frequently travelled areas of the weyr, with messengers running back and forth as well as the occasional visiting dignitary.

It's afternoon, and Fort is seeing the beginnings of Spring hit with slightly warmer temps. While the sun shines above, a young gold might be seen circling above before landing on a ledge to one of the empty queen's weyrs. Down below, one might find Kassala hurrying along the stairs, "Xero! " As if her lifemate is listening to the softly hissed call. "You're not supposed to be up there! We're going to go visit the weyrlings.." But, lifemates will do what lifemates will do at times, right? With cheeks already warming with a blush - and she's not even been caught yet! - she tries to hurry along to figure out just which of the empty weyrs the gold went into.

Kouzevelth is out on her ledge, and lets out a polite little trill of welcome for Xerosaeth; she recognizes that Inri knows the dragon's rider, and that this means everything is fine and of course she can be up there. Why wouldn't she be supposed to be up there? No one else lives there. Hearing noise, Inri stands from her desk and pulls off her glasses, coming out onto the ledge and peeking to see what's going on. "She can be in there," she calls out to the familiar head of red hair, brighter than her own reddish-brown. "It's fine. No one lives there."

Kayeth is up on the Star Stones, and trumpets a greeting to the other queen when she arrives. Nyalle emerges from the office with hides in her hands, spying Inri and making a straight line for the Junior. "Inri, I have those reports that you'd asked for. Oh, hello."

Xerosaeth would trumpet to the queens in answer before ducking into one of the empty weyrs. Jumping in surprise, Kassala turns to offer Inri a lift of a hand in greeting, extending it towards Nyalle as well, "Igen's duties to you both. I'm sorry.. she's curious." Laughing a little, she explains, "She's been poking her nose everywhere's we go. She's not found one she likes at Igen which is…" A little embarrassing to say the least! "We came to visit R'hra and Wiliyeth and the others. She is fascinated with the size of the dragonets, and wants to ask them questions. She doesn't remember being so small herself."

"I doubt they will soon either," Inri admits with a grin, though she's holding an arm out to take whatever Nyalle has to offer. "I think if she wants to look around that weyr, she's welcome to. No one's lived there in quite a long time." Had that been Dtirae's weyr? Inri can't even remember anymore; she knows where she's always been, where Jajen is, and Nyalle. The comings and goings of others are less clear. "Though you'll either have to be firm with her or find another solution eventually," is offered as advice over Xerosaeth's displeasure with the weyrs. Igen can't possibly have that many options. Kouzevelth's mental touch is disapproving, washing the desert away with her jungle rains. « Fort, » she intones, « has better weyrs. » It sounds arrogant, in a way, but there's a layer of invitation behind it, as if she wants Xerosaeth to agree with her rather than think she's stand-offish.

Nyalle smiles warmly at the young goldrider. "And Fort's duties as well," she replies. "She's welcome to explore, the weyrs are pretty empty these days. Certainly not as full as they have been in the past." The distant past. Above, Kayeth rumbles a salty agreement about the weyrs, her mindtouch cool.

Xerosaeth is busy deep within one weyr, though at the other gold's conversation, those colorful tones of hers come out, marbling excited reds, pinks and purples, «This one is perfect! Fort does have better weyrs!» Her sunny golden snout soon appears upon the ledge from way above to peer down, «The couch is just right. There's plenty of room for you. I can see the sunrise and set, perfectly. Not too cold, not too warm. » There's a pause before the gold adds, still broadcasting loud enough the other golds can hear, «You know you would rather be here with R'hra anyway…»

Kassala just peers up at her lifemate for a moment before shaking her head, "But we don't live here, Xerosaeth.." Rubbing at her temples, she looks to Inri and Nyalle, blushing far more, "She.. yeah… firm with her.." How exactly does that work?

"You did live here," Inri points out. Super practical, as always, even if she's shooting a quick bright grin at Nyalle. They're so used to having four goldriders, after all, and if Kassala hadn't been searched by Igen … The grin morphs into a polite smile as she turns back to Kassala all the way. "I don't know that you couldn't live here again, especially if she's finally found the right one. No, it's best to not let the dragon make all the decisions but … her couch does have to be comfortable …" Kouzevelth, smug, sits up on her haunches and lets her greens and flashes of lightning blend in with Xerosaeth's. Do stay. Iaverulth is weird and it'd be nice to have someone else around.

Nyalle looks a bit startled at the sudden shift in conversation, and Inri can no doubt see the 'wait…wait what?' look on the Senior's face. She doesn't say anything though, quickly schooling her expression into something more polite and welcoming. "It /is/ a nice weyr…"

And now Inri's done it, for Xerosaeth heard that! «Yes, you did live here. So that means we can live here now.» Makes perfect sense to the gold! Who doesn't have to worry about all the problems it could cause. Sitting back from the ledge, she spreads her wings to test that out. «It's big enough that my wings can fit!» Perfect weyr.

Kassala is left a little speechless and unsure, though finally asks of Inri, "What would I have to do to see about transferring? Can I do that?" Worrying her bottom lip a little, she adds, "I was thinking I wouldn't be able to do something like that till later.."

Kouzevelth is delighted. Good job, Inri. She likes this other gold and is glad they get to keep her now, because it has to be that easy. Inri, though, has to actually think now and squints slightly, giving Nyalle a guilty look. "Er. I assume you — mostly just have to ask Kayeth? I don't think we've had it happen before as long as either of us," that being herself and Nyalle, in this case, "have been riding here. But if Kayeth's all right with it, I don't see that we couldn't just let you have that weyr …" pleasedon'tkillhernyalle.

Nyalle blinks a little bit. "Well, we'd have to talk to your current Senior about it. And yes, Kayeth would have to approve…" She looks up towards the Star Stones, where her queen sits, staring at Xerosaeth. Her thoughts extend to the young gold, seeking and curious. Hi, can we live together? Pushing a little bit, and testing in subtle ways. A bit obtrusive. "And the Juniors here would also have to agree. It's another queen, it's a big shift for a weyr…"

Xerosaeth is all about just staying, reaching out towards Kousevelth and Kayeth both, those excited colors blooming, marbling together as she speaks with both, not seeming to mind the slight push that comes from the Sr. «I am Xerosaeth. I am young, but eager to help. My lifemate is a dragonhealer, and I find her work quite fascinating. I have been measuring the weyrlings every time we've come to visit.. they are growing fast.» She rambles on about this one who is falling behind a little, or that one who's all about exercising and preparing for the days when they might get to start flying. «Too soon for now, but eventually..» Of course.

Kassala nods slowly, "If it is possible then.. I will speak with Neyuni myself when we return to Igen, and then let you all discuss it." She's still a little surprised by the idea, her lifemate rambling on in her head about just how much the weyr suits her, and KAss as well.

Oh, right, there's another Senior involved; Inri probably should have remembered that, especially since Neyuni had been Senior when she first moved to Fort Weyr. "I think Kouzevelth started this," Inri admits, though she doesn't seem disappointed by her dragon's actions at all. "So she clearly doesn't object — " A glance over her shoulder, where Kouzevelth has gone back to lying down, tail tip twitching every now and then. "Jajen …" Yeah, better not to finish that sentence. Inri shrugs.
Nyalle shrugs a little bit. "You can meet with Jajen later. She's down south right now." But at least she can come and go as she pleases, instead of being in exile anymore. Kayeth continues to poke and prod, curious about this new young queen. "I will send a letter to Neyuni with you, expressing our interest in having you transfer here. If…if this is truly what you want, of course. I don't want you to feel pressured. This is a big decision."

Curiously does Xerosaeth respond to those pushes from the Sr. Queen, her mind opening as she talks to Kayeth. She's so new, so young, there's not much to go on, though there's strength beneath and a nurturing mentality that will deepen the older she gets.

Kassala smiles and nods, "Igen is nice, but even though I only lived here in Fort for a little while, it has always felt like home. I missed it while in Igen." And perhaps missed a certain hunter-turned-weyrling as well. "If Fort would not mind me transferring, and Igen releases me, then yes, I would like to come home again." No pressure at all. Xero isn't doing mental cartwheels at ALL.

Definitely no pressure! Inri isn't pressuring anyone either! Or else she didn't mean to — "Er, yeah. I'm — sorry, I probably shouldn't have just let Zel run with that? Like, it's entirely your choice, don't feel as if our total lack of argument with your dragon's weyr choice means you have to stay here." But it's a bright and welcoming smile nonetheless. "If you want to come, though, I think we're happy to have you." She's getting that vibe from Nyalle and Kayeth, anyway, and is sure on her own part.
Nyalle smiles warmly. "I didn't think I'd be welcoming a new Junior today, but… Assuming Neyuni agrees as well, of course." She looks up at Kayeth as her queen rumbles and then settles back down again, surveying the war as a whole.

It would be settled then, at least for Xerosaeth. She's more than happy to stay here, even as her lifemate reminds her that they have to return to Igen until Neyuni gives her permission. Kassala lets out a breath of air, "Thank you both. I'll take the note and speak with Neyuni then.." She certainly didn't think sh'ed be making a move back to Fort this soon, but hey, she's not going to argue with her lifemate either!

Provided she expected it eventually, why wait? Inri just looks delighted; maybe she's really, really looking forward to having another younger goldrider around to take a load off her shoulders, or maybe she's looking forward to having more friends. It's likely both. "Want me to write it up?" she offers Nyalle, totally willing to word generate and only leave a spot for a signature. And just as willing not to. "Or I can go let Talica and Zhirayr know to have that weyr set for occupancy."

Nyalle shakes her head with a smile. "No, no. I'll do it, but thank you. Yes, let's start cleaning it out, just in case."

Kassala smiles then, catching her lifemate's excitement herself then. "I thank you both. I… yes.. thank you." Now Xero will leave her alone about finding a weyr, right? And she'll stop having nightmares about still being in the barracks when the next round of weyrlings need the room!

With a GIANT dragon, which means the next group of weyrlings probably wouldn't even fit, which would be awkward … "I'd say no need, but that's awkward, so — you're welcome," Inri offers instead. She's gotten so good at not being awkward. Kouzevelth keeps just a little bit of that warm rain on Xerosaeth, letting it linger even when they get back to Igen: don't forget.

Nyalle dips her head and smiles again. "You're welcome," she says graciously. "I'll go write that letter, and I'm sure there's a Weyrling you'd like to go visit."

Very akward. Don't even start with questions of why she'd still be there! Kassala smiles even more, even blushing a little as Nyalle calls attention to the weyrling she's there to see. "He'll be surprised to learn about the move. I think he was preparing for the day when he might move to Igen, even though I know he much prefers Fort.." Yep, she's going to have fun surprising R'hra with the news! "Thank you.. just let me know when you're done and I'll come get the letter before I leave.. in an hour or so." She doesn't overstay her welcome, or bother the weyrlings too much while they're training. Even if she's come and gone every other week since the hatching.

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