Who Gerazal, Rulayn, Kimmila, Th'ero, Thys
What Socialising in the Living Caverns. Rulayn meets the parents, Thys offers advice.
When Winter-Spring. Turn 2711.
Where Fort Weyr, Living Caverns

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Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Gerazal is sitting at one of the tables and he's having lunch. He's by himself and he's looking over a notebook reading though it as he eats a sandwich. It's a late lunch as the living cavern is just a quarter of the way full. There are other people coming and going either leaving to head out to do afternoon activities or coming in to get a late lunch as well.

Passing through to the Caverns on her usual routine, Rulayn is carrying with her a green firelizard which is perched happily on the woman's shoulder. The fresh smell of klah and food coming from the caverns is enough to entice anyone, and it causes the little green to chirp with excitement. "Hold on, hold on. I'll get you something!" Roo chuckles as she collects a small plate of assorted meats and a few pieces of baked flatbreads. She carries them to a table near Gerazal's and sets everything down, letting the firelizard hop down to the table whilst sitting herself. As the firelizard begins to help itself to the meat, Roo takes a few pieces of her own, rolling them into one of the flatbreads and beginning to eat as well.

Gerazal hears a familiar voice and he turns to see who it is. He spots Rulayn and he waves to her, "Hello there Rulayn how are you doing?" He asks as he puts down the notebook, "Nice firelizard you have there." He says before he reaches to take a drink of his klah.

Rulayn looks across to Gerazal, picking up on his voice as he greets her. She smiles awkwardly, remembering their last conversation. "Er.. Hi." She nods, taking a moment to bite out of her lunch. She chews for a few moments and then looks back to the little green firelizard, which is tucking in happily to her scraps of meat. "Thanks."

Gerazal smiles, "You are welcome. I have a trio of firelizards myself, although they are all grown so they don't cling to me like they did when they were babies." He pauses to take a drink from his klah. "I'm just at Fort Weyr for the day, picking one of the journeymen weavers brains here about how to better make cold weather clothing. We just stopped for a short lunch before we get back to it. I doubt I'll be staying for dinner, but it is nice to see you."

Kimmila breezes in from the outside, boots covered in the mud that plagues Fort during the transition from Winter to Spring. Her hood, pushed back, sends drifts of late winter snow to the ground. Either it's snowing or she was in the forests. Probably the latter, especially given the bow and quiver she carries, and the string of dead avians.

Rulayn nods as she listens, far too busy with food in her mouth to respond. Only when she's finished does she wipe her mouth and speak. "The winter clothes you made me were just fine. I still don't know how you managed so much on such a small budget." For now she doesn't notice Kimmila's entrance - perhaps for the better, too.

Gerazal shakes his head, "Trust me with the tips and tricks I'm getting from the journeymen here I feel that I over charged you. I could have gotten them done faster and better quality. Speaking of that I better get back up there. It was good seeing you again and good luck with your firelizard you'll need it." He finishes off his klah and the small portion of his sandwich he had left. "See you later Rulayn." He gives a wave and nods politely to Kimmila as he passes her on the way out.

Kimmila passes off the avians to an eager drudge, who scurries up the stairs to the kitchens to deliver them to the cook. Kimmila stomps more mud from her boots at the entrance and walks to the drinks table for some hot cider, breathing a sigh of relief as it warms her. She looks up as Th'ero enters, giving her Weyrmate a small smile, which shifts to a frown as he's instantly called to a table to discuss some wing matters or somesuch. Oh well, such is life being mated to the Weyrleader. Kimmila scans the area for a spot to sit, and then her gaze settles on Rulayn. Hmm.

Rulayn gives Gerazal another small smile and wave as he departs, but doesn't hesitate to sigh once the man has gone. She turns back to her own table and resumes eating, keeping one eye on the firelizard gobbling away at the meat left there for her. Finally her gaze starts to wander around the caverns and she spots the Bluerider nearby getting a drink. Uh oh. Quickly she ducks her head down, trying to remain inconspicuous and unnoticeable. Maybe Kimmila didn't know who she was?

Kimmila squints a bit, still staring at Rulayn. Then, never one to hesitate or be bound by normal social nerves, the bluerider strides over. "Are you Rulayn?"

Double uh oh. Rulayn keeps her head down as footsteps come her way, and she adamantly tries to remain facing her meal. "Y-.. Yes, ma'am. Can I help you?" Eye-contact is being stubbornly avoided at this moment in time.

Th'ero has a few matters of his own to tend to, having just enough time to meet Kimmila's gaze and return her small smile with a nod of acknowledgement. Once he's done speaking with the folk who demanded his attention, he'll join her. Which is a lot quicker than one would think. Poor, poor Rulayn. Of course, his attention is focused more on Kimmila at the moment and, unaware of any tensions, casually slips an arm around the bluerider's waist. "Are you frightening the weyrfolk again, Kimmila?" he dryly remarks with a smirk.

Kimmila leans briefly into Th'ero's embrace before she straightens up again, never one for much PDA. "Is this the one?" she asks Th'ero, nodding her head at Rulayn. Well that's…rude.
Just as the interaction between Kimmila and Rulayn is joined by Th'ero, Thys makes her way into the living caverns with Heart, her huge canine, close to heel. The goldrider's dressed in something other than her typical leathers - a sporting outfit of sorts, which, along with her rosy cheeks and wet winter gear, suggests she's just come back from a walk. Heart is made to sit by the entrance while Thys asks a drudge for some towels to dry her, which gives her time to watch the two-on-one scenario unfold.

Clearly there's no escape route here unless Rulayn throws herself over the table. While she was entertaining that thought, the question strikes like a loud bell inside her head. What could that mean, 'this one'? When her own question is unanswered the young woman slowly turns in her seat to face the pair, and Petite crawls up from the table along Rulayn's arm, perching on one shoulder and staring at the two Riders with an eerie silence.

Th'ero isn't much for displays of affection either and he will soon lower his arm and step away from Kimmila a bit. Rulayn's obvious silence just brings a slight smile and a look between her and his weyrmate. "Don't be like that," he murmurs low to the bluerider. "Can't you see you have her spooked?" Which is code for: Yes, dear. That's the one. Taking a slow breath, he'll address the girl next, as he's not entirely rude. "Relax, Rulayn. You're not in any trouble." At least not from him. He doesn't seem to care or hasn't really cared since he put two and two together. His annoyance is more focused on his son for that stunt with letting Zekath chase Kayeth.

Kimmila smirks. "Good," she replies, only half teasing to Th'ero. Of course she has her spooked. That was the idea, after all. Pulling out a chair, she sits down across from the girl and pushes out another chair beside herself for Th'ero to take, if he wishes. A brief nod to Thys, lingering look for Heart, and then the bluerider looks back at Rulayn again. "So you and my son, hmm?" A brow lifts.

With towels brought to her, Thys has an excuse to move a bit closer with her canine. Possibly into hearing range, given where she chooses to settle - a few steps past the trio, each of whom get a nod of greeting as she passes… though Rulayn also gets a little wink. Perhaps she's paying attention as she starts rubbing Heart down to dry her off, as the goldrider does look up every so often to see what's going on.

Rulayn doesn't seem to calm down even with Th'ero's reassurance. After all, he was just as intimidating as Kimmila right now! Following the woman with her gaze as she sits down opposite her, Rulayn swallows nervously. So they knew. Well, they would have found out sooner or later, right? "We're.. Just friends." She replies quietly, gaze dropping back to the uneaten food on the table. She'd lost her appetite by now. Petite snakes down Rulayn's arm and practically slithers across the table in the direction of the Bluerider.

"Kimmila…" Th'ero's tone says it all. He says little else, but he figures by now she knows what it means. Be good! He really doesn't want more of the weyrfolk terrified of either of them. It's not good for morale! "Which is fine," he adds after Rulayn attempts to explain while taking a seat in the chair Kimmila pulled out.

Heart is getting a good towelling to dry her off… maybe too much of a towelling on her rear end as Thys would seem to be paying less attention to the oversize canine than she is to a certain conversation. Not that Heart seems bothered; her tongue lolls out and she makes a happy growl-like sound as her tail wags.

Kimmila eyes the firelizard and then dismisses it from her attention, lifting her cider to take a slow sip of the hot liquid. "Just friends?" she presses. I do not beliiiieve you.

Rulayn shrinks into her seat slightly as Th'ero sits down, looking between the pair nervously. "That-.. That's what he said." She replied. Oh, she didn't need introductions with this Bluerider! Rulayn knew very well who Kimmila was from word alone and was now secretley praying that the extent to which she had heard of Roo's 'relationship' with her son was limited. Hopefully no rumours had reached her ears! "He's been nothing but kind to me.." She adds in to both parents, trying to slide in just a little compliment to try and ease the tense situation.

"You're not in any trouble, Rulayn." Th'ero attempts to reassure the girl again and even attempts a vague smile. He really doesn't understand the sport of terrifying the stablehand… or any of the girls that may draw the attention of his son. Of course, if it gets out of hand, he'll have to have a talk but for now? The Weyrleader has bigger issues. Namely the next set of people vying for his attention. Sighing, he'll push to his feet. "Excuse me for a moment." And off he stalks to go see what the problem is NOW.

Kimmila snorts. "I would sharding /hope/ so!" she replies to the comment of K'vir being kind. Her eyes flick up to Th'ero as he leaves, and then settle back onto Rulayn. "And what do you say?" she presses. "Just friends?"

Oh to be young and ignorant. Or possibly stupid. Rulayn nervously rubs the back of one hand with the other as she avoids Kimmila's gaze, deciding how best to reply. "Well.. I.." The girl begins, struggling with her words. Eventually, though, it's honesty that seems to win the girl over. ".. I do like him." She admits, "But not because he's a Rider or.. or the Weyrleader's son or anything!" She quickly adds in, hoping to prevent any assumptions. "But he isn't interested in me like that. He.. He just wanted to be friends." Of course, the 'benefits' part isn't going to be expanded on here, because Rulayn values her life, thankyou very much!

Kimmila frowns a little bit at that. "Well, don't let him take advantage of you. If you like him, you need to tell him that, and if he says he just wants to be friends, then keep it at just friends. No extras."

A little too late for that! Although, the concept of being taken advantage of hadn't crossed Rulayn's simple mind. "Take.. Advantage? What do you mean?" Well maybe it was obvious, but Rulayn seemed to find it difficult to believe that. "Would.. Would he do that?"

Kimmila shrugs. "He's a man. A boy. Whatever. If you let him, he will, and think it's fine because you haven't said no. You have to figure out your own boundaries and stick to them. Friends are different than lovers. There's no mixing the two." At least not in her world view.

Rulayn couldn't deny she enjoyed all the 'fun' she shared with K'vir, but to give it up for the sake of friendship? A difficult choice! "What about when Zekath flew? We were still friends and we still had sex." And there was the magical 's' word. Oops. Maybe she'd said it intentionally, or simply overlooked it in her idiocy.

Kimmila shakes her head. "It gets very complicated when sex is in the mix. Friends. Or lovers. One or the other."

Rulayn seems to be getting a little more bolder now that the first question has been asked. Shifting in her seat, she straightens up and looks Kimmila in the eye. "Have you ever asked him what he wanted? Or what he's happy with? You don't need to speak for him as if he's a child anymore."

Kimmila lifts a brow. "I'm trying to give /you/ advice, Rulayn. I have no idea what he wants. And if you don't either, then that's your first mistake and the first thing you need to talk to him about."

Thys has been listening in on the conversation this whole time, and Rulayn's posture shift to look Kimmila in the eye is what triggers her to actually get up and involve herself… sort of like a meddling aunt. Heart comes alongside, keeping to heel as Thys settles in a half-rested perch on the edge of table next to Rulayn. "Relationships between riders and those without dragons are never easy, Rulayn, and Kimmila's giving you some sound advice. I recommend you listen."

Rulayn doesn't seem to want to accept this 'advice' no matter how sincere it was. "Me and K'vir are just fine. We already talked about this stuff. We're happy!" She protests to both older women with an exasperated, irked expression. She felt backed into a corner here with two opponents and no escape route again. Petite, picking up on Rulayn's increasing frustration, let out a shrill chirp of protest.

Kimmila shrugs, leaning back in her chair and taking a sip of cider. "Alright." And that seems to be the end of it, with the bluerider totally dropping the line of conversation. "How're the runners?" Kimmila also looks at Thys with a smile.

Thys takes her cue from Kimmila - it's the woman's son they're talking about after all - and she gives a little shrug in compliance with the current mood. Topic One killed, march in Topic Two. "Actually, Rulayn's recently been reassigned to the dragonhealers, to get a taste for what they do. Is it what you'd hoped it would be?" The latter part is spoken to Rulayn, while Thys strokes Heart's heart and the canine slobbers in her lap.

Rulayn is extremely grateful for the change in topic, before it got to the point of no return. Looking back down, the green firelizard crawls slowly in a winding pattern across the table to coil up between the girl's resting hands. "It's been.. Interesting. So far I've only dealt with strains and pulled muscles." Her voice is still carrying a slight edge to it, but for now she seems calm. "Did you manage to get that dress you wanted?" She looks back at Thys.

Kimmila pushes to her feet with a nod. "Excellent. Best of luck to you with that, Rulayn. Thys," she says with another nod for the goldrider, before she's moving off to try and find Th'ero.

Thys gives Kimmila a casual salute as the bluerider gets up to leave, then she turns her gaze back to Rulayn. "Hopefully you'll have to deal with nothing worse than strains and pulled muscles," she says in a serious tone, brow creased. After a moment of contemplative pause, she exhales a little breath and smiles softly. "Ah, yes. I did. Though I've not had the opportunity to wear it yet… like I said, relationships between riders and those without dragons can be complicated." Thys's smile grows a tad, though it's less warm and more sarcastic. "Anyway. I'll just have to make the time to go to the Hall, I suppose."

Rulayn watches Kimmila leave silently, giving the Bluerider no form of farewell. After all, that conversation hadn't left Roo in the best of moods. She turns her head back and then looks down, running a finger along her firelizard's delicate spine. She nods silently at the talk of injuries, and smiles a little more at the mention of the dress, but it's still K'vir she has on her mind. "It's only complicated because other people are making it that way.." She mumbles.

"I'm speaking from personal experience, Rulayn." Thys strokes Heart's head, ruffling the large canine's ears. "I was weyrmated in a fashion for a few turns, to a Journeyman. It was difficult for him to understand that he could never be a priority in my life, and it was even more difficult for him to understand whenever Rhenesath rose. Worse, though, is that I would feel guilty for sleeping with someone else in uncontrollable circumstances." She frowns, breathes in a deep breath, then exhales it. "So from my experience, I don't think it's possible to have a successful relationship between someone who is a rider, and someone who isn't."

Well, that was certainly enough. Rulayn pushed herself up from the table quite suddenly, leaving just enough time for Petite to scamper up onto the young woman's arm as she moved. The exprsesion on her face was a mostly hurt one, but it was probably inevitable that the girl was going to have her heart ripped to shreds after Kimmila's little visit. Of course, noone would want her to be around K'vir, right? "Thankyou for the company." She mutters abruptly, choosing to ignore any attempt (if made) to stop her as she turned and quickly headed for the lower caverns. Of couse, she'll wait until she's out of view before she starts bawling her eyes out.

Thys doesn't make any attempt to stop Rulayn. Instead, she just watches the girl's departure with a look of bemusement and disappointment, before turning her attention to Heart, instead. There, at least, her gushy baby-talked words are met with a waggling tail and excited yips, as the goldrider and her companion stroll out of the living caverns and into the bowl, no doubt to get to work somewhere within the Weyr.

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