Fort Weyr - Weyrleaders' Offices

Have things settled down? Kind of? Maybe? It's calm this morning at least, with clear skies and a faint hint of warmth to the air. Spring. Spring is on the horizon and the more sensitive can finally begin to feel it. Nyalle is in her nook of the Weyrleader Offices, working with the door open and sipping on tea as she finishes up some paperwork.

Since Nyalle and Ha'ze last interacted things HAVE settled, at least, for Ha'ze they have. He's spent increasing amounts of time away from the weyr, and more often than not he does take Kainaesyth with him. Today though he's seeking out leadership (which is weir) and thus knocks on that open door. "Weyrwoman?"

Nyalle lifts her head and her expression is at first surprised, and then concerned. Why else would he come to see her? "Ha'ze?" she asks, motioning. "Please, come in. What can I do for you?"

Ha'ze is dressed for a day at the weyr, namely, he's not bundled up for flying. He still does wear the brown flight jacket though, a hint there is a chance he might head out that day. "I had a question for you. About Jajen."

Nyalle looks a little bit surprised by the topic of discussion, but she nods and gestures for him to take a seat. "Go ahead."

Ha'ze takes the sea, and leans forward just slightly. "She's about seven months along Weyrwoman."

Nyalle nods, her expression polite and bland. 7 months. Nyalle /desperately/ wants to be pregnant. Hasn't been able to get pregnant. Doesn't know why. Even /Jajen/ is pregnant. Maybe it's Mr'az's fault. Ha'ze clearly has what it takes… She hastily shakes off that thought, blinking a few times and nodding again. "Yes?"

Yes, please have Nyalle ask Ha'ze to father her child. That would be awesome character torture. >< Ha'ze has no clue to the inward thoughts of the weyrwoman, and so he shrugs. "I was wantin' to ask if maybe she could be comin' back to the weyr to have the baby."

Nyalle frowns slightly, looking down at her desk. "Does she want to?" Or is this another Ha'ze-idea?

"We ain't exactly on speakin' terms most of the time." Ha'ze's voice is a bit dry. Nyalle was there the last time they traded more than a handful of words. "But that cabin of hers ain't set up to hold a baby." He pauses a second, licks his lips, then shrugs once. "She'll be alone."

Nyalle shakes her head slightly. "Not alone." There are others on the island. "I'll think about it, Ha'ze. And then offer, if I decide that's what's best. If not, I can promise that a Healer will be there with her."

"Only rider." When you're the only one of your kind, then it's alone. "She can't make much trouble if she's pregnant. And could be goin' back after the baby is born."

Nyalle's smile is faint. "One would think…" Did she say that out loud? Whoops. "I'll think about it…"

Ha'ze pushes himself to his feet again, and brushes a hand through his hair. "I don't want to miss her givin' birth. But she and Abbey are pretty close together." Please don't let them go into labor at the same time.

Nyalle shakes her head with a gentle smile. "I don't think that'd happen, Ha'ze. That would be an incredible coincidense…"

"Even a few days would be hard. I'd best be stayin' for a space after." Even if Ha'ze doesn't exactly know what IS needed after baby is born, he's going to assume he'd be needed? Stabs in the dark here.

Nyalle shrugs a shoulder and gives him a frank look. "Well. Nothing to be done about it now." Maybe he shouldn't have slept with them so close together.

"No. Nothing to be done but the right thing." Ha'ze really isn't one to talk about the right thing, but he does anyway. With regular females this wouldn't be an issue.

Nyalle nods. "So you want her here in part because it'd be easier for you?"

"Because she deserves to be here. And Abbey doesn't deserve to be abandoned if she's goin' first, or if Jajen's goin' first." Ha'ze isn't actually sure which kid is older.

Nyalle sighs softly. "I'll have to think about it, Ha'ze. We can't be having drama with the queens in Jajen's last months of pregnancy…"

"Kainaesyth'll stay by (insertjajen'sdragonnameherecuzIcan'trememberit)'s side the whole time if needed. Distract her. Keep the drama down. Anything we can be doin' to make it easier."

Nyalle nods again. "I'll think about it."

Ha'ze nods once and then gives a slight salute. (See, he does know how to do it.) "Thank you."

Nyalle dips her head once more. "You're welcome. I'll decide soon, so she has time to pack and travel while it's still safe."

A flash of a frown, "When is it not safe any more?" Ha'ze didn't realize that it stopped being safe at some point again.

Nyalle pauses, and then nods. "Yes. Women can only travel between during the middle of their pregnancy.

Ha'ze reaches up to rub his hand through his hair again. "She's at seven months soon." It doesn't seem like Ha'ze is actually talking to Nyalle, and more to himself. "I should've come sooner."

Nyalle can only nod again. "I'll let you know and you can deliver the message." Muahaha.

….. That's the sound of silence. "Right." Because THAT is going to just go over oh-so-well. Ha'ze scratches his head having not quite expected that particular curve ball.

Nyalle nods. Because /she/ isn't going to do it. All she can do is extend the invitation.

"I'l… be goin'. Kayeth can be findin' Kainaesyth to be passin' your decision along." He rubs as his neck and steps away before pausing and looking back. "Is Thys doin' alright?"

Nyalle nods. "Clear skies, Ha'ze." There's a pause. "Thys? As far as I know, yes."

"Right. Just makin' sure she got back safe." And…. then Ha'ze is out and he'll just leave Nyalle with that.

Got back safe? Color Nyalle confused. Ha'ze isn't getting someone /else/ pregnant is he?