Who K'vir, Rulayn
What K'vir comes looking for answers from Rulayn and almost destroys a friendship instead.
When Winter, Turn 2711
Where Forest Beasthold, Fort Weyr

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Fort Forests - Forest Beasthold
This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

Another wintry morning and the stables are likely to be just starting to stir with activity as the daily chores begin and those that work here have finished with breakfast. There's only one who stands out and maybe there will be gossip soon enough with the frequency of the foreign bronzerider's visits. Never mind the snickering about his bronze having chased Kayeth but that's already starting to wind down. K'vir strides towards the building with purpose. For once the young man has a reason to be here and a short time frame to do it and he's hell bent on finding the person in question that has lured him, yet again, from Igen Weyr.

Of course Rulayn had heard the rumours about K'vir. It was hard not to when most folk in the stables had little else to talk about to pass the time. She had, for the most part, ignored the comments made regarding the Weyrleader's son and simply continued about her business, although not without a stern glare here and there. This morning had been no different and as Rulayn led one of the runners into a stall, fresh from the fields, word came buzzing through that a certain Bronzerider had made an appearance at the Beasthold. Again. Already a few of the smarter stableboys had taken it upon themselves to made snide remarks to the young woman, and she had been loathe to try and deny any involvement with K'vir. Especially upon being warned of a certain bluerider's wrath should she find out! As Rulayn finished bolting the stall gate, a passing young teen promptly blurted "He's here!". A few stares were thrown Roo's way, but she did her best to ignore them. What she couldn't ignore, however, was the footsteps growing louder in her direction.

K'vir is ignoring the stares and muttered comments from the other stable workers too. They're not why he's here and he'll let them think whatever they want. Finally he comes upon the stall Rulayn has just bolted shut and while he'd been so confident before, it now begins to waver. Hands stay stuffed into his pockets but he tries to offer her a warm smile; the tell-tale that something else is lurking there is in his eyes. "Hey. Got a moment to talk?"

Rulayn is staring very hard at the bolt she's still gripping, despite it being shut and secured. When the footsteps finally come to a halt, there's sound of faint giggling coming from a far end of the stables where no doubt some rather nosy individuals had gathered to watch the 'display'. Pale hands tremble as they're quickly jammed into her armpits, arms folding across one another against the woman's chest. Is she cold? Maybe. It is still winter, after all. "Bronzerider." Rulayn responds quietly, although she's doing her best to appear formal and respectful in the eyes of others. Without making eye-contact she nods towards the entrance, permitting K'vir to lead on. "Of course." Anything to be out of earshot of the other stablehands.

K'vir's expression falls when she uses his position rather than his name. He gives her a curious look, studying her for a moment and taking note of the change that has taken over. Damn it. With a sigh, he'll motion for her to follow him as he leads her to as quiet a corner as they'll get here in the stables. "I'm not here because I'm mad, or anything like that…" He's just going to get that out there now as he frowns down at her. "I'm worried though. That's why I'm here." Right. "What the hell was that, between you two? Is she the one that's had you on edge?"

There's few spots in the stables that are quiet during the busy morning but Rulayn follows along, casting nervous looks at any person they might pass as he directs her to a more secluded spot. At least here, there's no place for gossiping folk to spy on them. "I.. I know you're not mad." Rulayn speaks softly, arms still folded and her gaze low. She doesn't really know what to say, in fact, and instead shakes her head as a reply before summoning the strength to speak. "You don't need to be worried. The Weyrleader's son shouldn't be lowering himself to deal with the problems of us common weyrfolk anyway." Her words are picked carefully, especially with the chance of any one person deciding they wanted to stop and gawk at the pair.

Well she picked poorly because if there's one thing that really pisses K'vir off? It's being constantly reminded or labeled as the Weyrleader's son. "Cut it out, Rulayn," he mutters darkly, completely out of his usual bright and cheery disposition. "I'm my own person and I do whatever the hell I want! And what would it say of me if I didn't show some concern?" There's a steadying breath and then a slow exhaled sigh. Hackles smoothed, he'll try to reach to place both his hands on her shoulders. "You can trust me. What's going on?"

Rulayn hesitates at first. She even flinches at the raised voice. "Look.. It seems like everything just happened at once." The girl slowly looks up, clear concern in her own eyes. "The girl is from Igen. She used to get involved anytime I was.. With someone. Because she was jealous." The last part is added as more of an afterthought - clearly more had been exchanged between the pair after K'vir had fled the scene. "She isn't the one I was worried about. That.." She pauses and looks away as if shamed to admit it. ".. That was your mother."

"Involved how? Harassing you? Threats?" K'vir is still fumbling to piece the whole thing together and it doesn't help that Rulayn continues to be cryptic. He's not his father in that regard and those types of games elude and frustrate him. "Did… the two of you share something once, too?" Yeah, he'll not be forgetting what Doktah warned him about. Not that he's sure to believe her or not. Mention of his mother has him visibly startled, "… what? What does my mother have to do with all of this?"
Rulayn again seems hesitant to just lay it out bluntly, and she quickly looks around again. "N-no. We were friends. We just.. Had a few issues. She liked me but I didn't like her. B-but it's sorted now! We talked!" She tries to give some form of reassuring smile to the Bronzer, but it falters when he brings up the topic of his mother. "That-.. It's a different matter.." This time she seems a little more bold in her actions, trying to gently coax his hands away from her shoulders. ".. I spoke to one of the weyrwomen. She said I shouldn't.. do things with you. That your mother wasn't going to approve. I don't want to get in trouble with her."

Ahh, now some of it starting to make sense. "So you're both on okay terms now? I won't be coming across the two of you picking fights?" K'vir's voice picks up a bit of an amused note there near the end. Of all places to have a spat, they had to choose the bathing caverns! It was incredibly awkward, but the bronzerider is already shrugging it off. "So what about this D'esh guy and the other one who nearly killed you?" Sorry, Roo. He didn't miss those parts either. He's not a terrible person and when Rulayn coaxes his hands away, he'll let them fall back to his sides without question. Again, he's startled and his mouth gapes wordlessly until he eventually finds his voice again. "… I — The weyrwoman? Which one!? Jajen?" He's becoming upset again but trying to keep calm with mixed results. "I am not a child!" he all but growls in frustration. "And it's a JOKE, Rulayn! And old one. My mother has a reputation but she'd honestly not do anything to you!" Well… there's a 50/50 chance of a very awkward talk? "And even if she didn't like it, it's too bad! I'm allowed to have friends of my choosing! And what I do with them is no one's business!"

Glad to be finished on the topic of Doktah, Rulayn breathes a small sigh of relief and reaches up to rub a hand across her face. She looks frazzled by this whole mess, with her hair already sticking out in odd places and an exasperated expression to boot. "Friends?" Do friends really sit and make out with one another in the Lounge? Perhaps so in the weyr, but clearly Roo seems to have been living under a rock for the past nineteen years. "It was Thys. She said not to pursue you. I think we can both agree that.. That I'm not what your mother would want. Or what you would want." And as soon as the words leave her lips, there's suddenly a far colder front washing over the young woman. Arms are folded again and she makes a point of staring off in another direction, her expression trying to remain devoid of any emotion. She's not really in the mood to talk about other men now either!

K'vir is going to have WORDS with Thys! First things first, though? "Yeah. Friends. Aren't we?" K'vir tilts his head a bit with a worried frown. Did he missunderstand something there? Then his expression darkens, "She doesn't have the right to tell you that! Even as a joke, which it WAS!" Honestly! He scoffs then, "Again, what is WITH everyone focusing on my rank and not ME?" He's K'vir, NOT a knot or defined by his status! Oops, there he goes again, sticking his foot in his mouth. Sighing, he tries to reach for her again but this time to touch his fingers to her arms. "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked about them. I'm just worried, okay? You seemed really upset. It's what friends do, right…? Help each other?" Trust and confide in each other? Did K'vir get that wrong too?

"So.. All that time we spent together was because we were just.. Friends?" Surely the Bronzer couldn't be ignorant enough to realise that he'd been leading the girl on with all those ventures into the lower caverns? Clearly Rulayn is holding back tears at this point, keeping her chin high as she turns her gaze upwards. Anything to avoid looking directly at K'vir right now, for fear she might actually unleash the waterworks. The attempt to touch her is allowed, but even from a visible standpoint the girl is shaking. "D'esh was a Bronzerider from Ierne. I haven't seen him since Doktah.. Got involved. And Derek.." She pauses herself to wipe at one of her eyes. She isn't crying! ".. Just a guy with a broken heart."

K'vir really does suck at this! He's too young to know any better and still 'new' to all the subtleties of relationships. Maybe he had treated his time with Rulayn too casually and not been up front about it enough. "Well… yeah? I mean — oh. Oh, damn it. You thought?" K'vir at least looks the proper amount of ashamed and guilty? "It's not that I don't care, Rulayn! I'm just… I'm not looking for anything serious. I thought you knew?" Just friends who can enjoy a few benefits. Her crying definitely makes him look miserable and he fidgets uncomfortably before trying to reach out to draw her into a hug; if she doesn't kick him where it hurts instead.

Too late, the damage is done. And poor K'vir isn't helping his case either. The hug is recieved, but judging from how stiff and cold the woman had gone, he might as well have been hugging a rock. That alone is probably a better indicator of her emotional state than compared to a kick to the sensitive parts! Words fall on deaf ears and as soon as he releases her she drops back against the wall in a lean, shoulders drooping in defeat. This time there's more tears, but she's quick to dry her eyes again. "You should go back to Igen." She mumbles. It's not a threat, more of a dismissal.

K'vir can tell she's not being receptive at all and so he won't linger with hugging her. Letting her go, he ignores her dismissal too, though he shifts uneasily. "Roo," he uses her nickname, soft spoken, so as not to be overheard. "Please? I'm sorry if I hurt you. I really didn't think… I NEVER meant to lead you on! Honest. I swear it by Zekath's egg, that I wasn't meaning to hurt you." Now it's his turn to scrub at his face but more in a frustrated manner as his hand sweeps up and through his curly hair. Looking back at her, he'll quietly ask: "I still want to be friends with you, Roo."

Let this be a lesson for K'vir in the consequences of leading a girl on! Rulayn is a prime example of what happens when said girl is taken with a guy, and not just because he's a rider either! "Just friends.." She repeats as softly as he does, giving a slow shake of her head and a long sigh. ".. I don't know. Maybe it's better if we don't-.. You saw how folk acted around us. They're going to.. Assume things either way." As if reputation mattered in a weyr though, right? Still, it looks as if the stable girl is trying to find excuses now. "I'm not good for you. As a friend or as.. as a lover." she adds, directing her gaze to the floor.

K'vir wasn't leading her on! At least not intentionally. "Who care what others think! We're allowed to have friends, Roo!" he exclaims again, keeping his voice in a hushed but terse whisper. He's clearly frustrated and upset, marked further by the way he gestures with his hands. More of his mother's temper than his father's control. "What… makes you say these things, Roo? I think I know who is a good friend… or lover. Both." He'll try to coax her to look up again, preferably at him. "I think you're more than good enough!" Here, have some cheese, Rulayn.

Rulayn cares what other people think. Maybe. She's so used to ignoring the remarks that it's nearly second nature to the girl. But if those people are weyrleaders and riders and other higher-authority folk? "But they don't see us as friends. They.. They think we're.." Rulayn swallows hard. ".. One of the girls here asked me I was pregnant yet." Yep, there's definitely rumours circulating about the pair beyond the friend stage! Slowly looking at him, her more defensive stance slowly relaxes. Her arms drop down to her sides and then quite suddenly she tries to hug him in return. This time it's Roo who doesn't care if anyone is watching! "I.. I don't want to be just another girl."

K'vir is the opposite in that he SHOULD care but he doesn't because he's young and impulsive and a bit of a stubborn teenager. He'll learn his lessons, often the hard way. As it is now, with him fumbling to repair things between them but failing oh-so miserably. He visibly pales when she shares that gossip. "Oh… shit. Roo, I'm sorry! People can be so… stupid! They need to go stick their noses in other people's business." See? He's not even going to ask if she IS pregnant! At least he's that smart. She'll be welcomed when she hugs him, his arms wrapping around her firmly. "You're not just "another girl"! You're my friend. I treat my friends well." Even if that means he moves between friend and bedmate and back again. He's a player, but a respectful one.

For now it seems K'vir is forgiven as the hug goes down. Nothing like a little physical contact to ease some stress, as these two would surely know! "It's fine.. I guess I didn't think properly.. I let myself get caught up in it all. I.. I still want to be friends though." She confirms, head laying against his shoulder. Well at least that's one thing mended! She'd more than likey continue to take any offer of 'bedtime activities' too, but that's only natural, considering how persuasive K'vir the Player can be. There might be regrets afterwards too, but Rulayn will cross that bridge when it comes to it! For now, she's reluctant to let go but does so, leaning her head back just enough to gaze at the Bronzerider directly with a small smile. "Thankyou." She mumbles, leaning in to give K'vir a quite harmless kiss. No sooner do their lips meet, there's a loud gasp of shock coming from nearby. Yet another nosy stablehand has seen it all! And before either of the pair can react, she's scurried off again!

K'vir is really enjoying that hug and he's relieved when things mend between them, despite his awkward fumbling and the misunderstanding between them. There's no pressure from him and he doesn't even try to joking around or hint at anything more. He got his answers, more or less, about that incident in the bathing caverns. When she kisses him, he kisses back and jumps at that loud gasp of shock. Really? He'll be so caught up in glaring at the would be interloper when Rulayn makes her escape. Damn. Another sigh, but this time he grins and he'll head off in a different route to find Zekath and head back home.

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