There's nothing like coming home after a long gruelling day out in the freezing cold to find a worrisome note waiting for you. Nothing quite like it to read it and find out it's about your son! That's what Th'ero comes home too and that's how Kimmila will find him, standing at their modest little table with the note in hand and the most stunned, blank look on his face. Even Velokraeth rumbles from the wallow as he settles.

Varmiroth touches down outside and immediately the empathetic blue realizes something is up. He warbles curiously to the bronze as he settles in beside him, and Kimmila moves inside. "What is it?"

Th'ero has no words or is trying to keep control and calm because he doesn't answer Kimmila. He just foists the note on her and half growls: "Read it." It's written in the Headwoman's hand and states simply: 'An Igen Searchrider was in Fort earlier today. His blue Searched your son and Kyzen accepted but had to leave immediately. I tried to convince him to wait, to ask the rider if he could be transported later but the boy wouldn't hear of it. I'm sure you're both proud but I am sorry you had to hear belated.'

Kimmila stares at the note. Blinks. Reads it again. And then she crumples it into her fist and quietly - ever so silently - begins to cry.

That wasn't quite the reaction Th'ero was expecting but isn't entirely surprised. "Wingmate…" He murmurs softly as he steps to her side and slips his arms around her in a gentle embrace. She has that effect on his temper.

Kimmila sniffles, leaning heavily against him. "He…just…he left? To…to IGEN?!" Right. /That's/ why she's upset. Sure. "He's gone? He…Searched…but he's supposed to Stand for Fort!"

Th'ero gently strokes her back, letting her cry and vent as needed. He sighs heavily, brows knitted in a scowl. "He'll never learn about being impulsive. He was probably excited. Not thinking." Still doesn't make it right and he's just as stung as Kimmila is. "I know. This was always a risk though." A very very small and almost impossible one.

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head and peeking up at him. "Is it…horrible that I hope he's left Standing? I…I wasn't ready for this. He's still…he's a /baby/." Of course he'll always be her baby, but still.

Th'ero looks down at her and he is silent, his expression difficult to read. Conflicted for sure. When he does answer her, speaking softly, he's in agreement. "No. Part… A lot of me hopes he does not Impress. You're right. He's so young. Too young. He's only a month over twelve Turns!"

Kimmila nods with a wince. "Far, far too young…" Then she exhales softly, closing her eyes and leaning into him. "We should go visit…I mean…right?"

Th'ero supports her easily, holding her close against his body. "Of course. Maybe when we're… calmer." Or when HE'S calm. Unless Kimmila asks to go now.

Kimmila shakes her head, stepping back to wipe her eyes. "I'd like to go see him now." She suddenly misses their firstborn with a palpable ache. Simply knowing he's not in Fort is weighing heavily on her. Already.

"It'd be late if we went now, Wingmate. We should wait… Just a little longer." Th'ero murmurs and gently rests a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" He asks softly.

Kimmila sighs heavily, shaking her head and wiping at her eyes again. "I suppose…" she mutters, exhaling heavily. "No, Th'ero, I'm not okay. This…he wasn't…" It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Or ever. "I need dinner and a bath." Of course. So predictable.

Th'ero leans in to try and draw her into a kiss. Yes, she's predictable but it's reassuring to hear her ask for these things. He'd be very worried if she had just gone silent or said 'nothing'. "Did you want to go to the bathing caverns then and I'll see about getting us food? Or did you want me with you?"

Kimmila huffs, looking around their little weyr. Right. No bath up /here/. Sigh. "I…I'm fine by myself for a bit." She needs to think, to adjust, to calm herself down so when she sees Kyzen she doesn't start crying. That'd be bad for the poor boy.

Or it would be good for the boy to realize what he's done and how much his brashness has upset them! "You're certain, love? I don't mind…" Waiting with her.

Kimmila nods. "I'm certain. Thank you, Wingmate, I appreciate it. I'll see you in there okay?" And she moves away from him to begin gathering her things to take with her to the baths.

"I'll see you in the living caverns." Th'ero promises and delays her again just long enough to kiss her once more before gathering his flight jacket and heading to where Velokraeth is resting in his wallow.

Kimmila lingers for a few minutes more in their weyr to compose herself and gather her things, before she heads down to the living caverns, searching for Th'ero.

Th'ero will be easily found and once he spots Kimmila, he will walk over to meet her. "I can wait out here, while you go wash up?" he offers. The caverns are relatively quiet right now, with the dinner hour gone and past. Perfect timing.

Kimmila nods, leaning up to offer him another kiss. "That'd be perfect," she murmurs, hastening off to the baths, where she will soak for a little bit before dressing and returning to the caverns to seek him out, looking refreshed and at least less weepy.

Th'ero returns her kiss and once she's off to the baths, he'll secure them a table. Somewhere quiet, though really it is unnecessary. No one is really around to harass them or eavesdrop. Which is fine by him and he'll wait until Kimmila joins him again before he bothers with finding them a late dinner. Just as before, he'll ask if she's alright and subtly fuss over her — as much as he dares in public. Someone might get a cavity if they witness too much. When they're done, they'll return home and sleep. Or try too, in Th'ero's case. Of course he doesn't sleep well and by morning, the day just gets even BETTER. Their plans to skip off to Igen are thwarted. Mr'z's meddling has gone and made some mess, somewhere and of course being Wingriders under his tyrannical rule they, and others, are thrown into the fire to Fix Things. Gone are the days they could just escape on a whim! It'll be another day and a half before the opportunity arises and who cares if they leave right after duty?

Kimmila is quite grumpy by the time they are /finally/ able to leave…or at least that's the plan, right? "Can we go now?" Kimmila asks somewhat sarcastically as she stands in their weyr.

Th'ero is checking Velokraeth's straps again and adjusting a few before he turns to Kimmila with a grimace. "Don't blame me. You've our Weyrleader to thank for the delay." he growls before motioning that he's ready and about to mount up. He'll wait for her to do the same before sending Velokraeth off the ledge. That would be a 'yes' to their leaving! Best they hurry up now before something ELSE happens!

Kimmila rolls her eyes and snorts, moving to tighten Varmiroth's straps as well. Then she mounts up and sends her blue to follow the bronze to Igen.

Even with Igen in winter, the weather is starkly different and Th'ero will waste little time in getting Velokraeth to land in one of the bowls with the least traffic. Faster they can get out of their riding gear, the less likely they'll fry under the sun. Dismounting, he stores his extra gear away and then sends the bronze off to mingle somewhere on a ledge. Igen is the one Weyr he so rarely visited… but how hard can it be to find a young Candidate?

Kimmila glowers at Igen. Stupid weyr. Stupid weather. Stupid Search. Dismounting, she sends Varmiroth to follow Velokraeth and walks after th'ero. Glowering.

Th'ero will rest his hand against her arm. "Wingmate," he says softly, almost a warning. "You can't go glaring everyone down. Save that for the Searchrider…" Because that so makes things right! He will wait there with her, standing to the side of the bowl and will only move on when she seems calmer. At least a little.

Kimmila sighs. shaking her head. "I can glare at whoever I want," she mutters, but she does at least put on a small smile.

"Later, Wingmate. Let's just focus on finding our son." Th'ero murmurs and his hand rests gently on her back now and just for a few lingering moments before slipping away. He starts to walk, seemingly aimless but he has a purpose to his path. Just a matter of eliminating all the possible places a Candidate may go! Which… can be many even for a desert Weyr. In the end it'll be Kyzen who finds them, just outside of the living caverns. "Mother!" Kimmila gets pounced on first and hugged fiercely and enthusiastically. Kyzen's a little more reserved with Th'ero but the boy is just as excited to see his father. "You came to visit!" And he seems so HAPPY! And sunburnt. But happpy! So is Kimmila going to burst his little bubble of joy?

Kimmila is excited to see their son, bending to wrap her arms around him very tightly, and hanging on until he's the one who lets go first. "Of course we did," she murmurs.

Th'ero quirks a brow when Kimmila seems well in control of her emotions. He half expected her to demand from their son what he was thinking! He's not interrogating the boy either but he can barely form a question before Kyzen is babbling on about his 'adventure'. "I'm happy to see you! Isn't this Weyr different? I've learned so much… even though I still get lost. A lot of the other Candidates are from Igen so they kind of help." Kind of? "We've had to care for some dunecat kittens and now there's talk that some artist is going to dye one of the dunes outside the Weyr and folks can help. I dunno if us Candidates can but…" And it goes on and on. Someone stop him or they'll be standing there for hours!

Kimmila isn't going to stop him - she's just so happy to /see/ him. So she just listens, watching him silently. And slowly aching.

Kyzen goes on with his tale then. "… and folks have been nice. One Candidate I talked with not long after getting here. Her name is Arva and she's a Weaver. It feels weird, being the only Fortian." Just wait. His so young age will come into play later too. Right now the AWESOME is still so very strong and the boy is swept up in the adventure of it all. Beaming at both his parents, he'll then outrightly state: "I'm happy you're not mad and even came all the way here!" He knows how busy they are. It makes him feel special! Oh, what little he knows.

Kimmila blinks a little bit, opens her mouth and then closes it, looking over at Th'ero. Are they mad? "I…I wish you'd told us first, Kyzen," she finally says, looking at him and trying to meet his gaze.

Th'ero isn't as angry as he was the day he found the note but he's still disappointed and trying hard not to lay it down too heavily on the boy. He gives Kimmila an approving look for her approach, reaching out to gently touch her back while their son ducks his head a bit and does look reasonably apologetic. "I know and I wanted too but Ch'y had to get back and there wasn't time…" Ahh, so there's a name!

Ch'y. Noted. Kimmila chuckles quietly. "Kyzen…sweetheart. There's always time. The eggs aren't hatching right now, are they? There is always time."

"Yeah, I know that but you're supposed to go with the Searchrider, right? It'd be weird if Ch'y left without me! How'd I get to Igen then or… it'd just be strange!" Kyzen rambles on in protest, though he pauses long enough to glance between his parents. "Right? And Etoth was a really nice blue. He even told me his name." The boy taps the side of his head. Th'ero frowns a little at that but most know the bronzerider never approved of such things but a name being shared is so minor his concern is never voiced.

Kimmila has to laugh at that, gesturing to Th'ero and herself. "You know…we ride dragons too, right?" It's only half teasing, that, because c'mon. How would he get to Igen? She frowns too when Kyzen says the dragon spoke to him, but…she also says nothing.

Kyzen's mood brightens when he at least makes his mother laugh, grinning back at her before gaining that innocent and sheepish look he's all but perfected now. "Yeah I know that too but I didn't want to bother either of you. I know you're so busy…" Of course his intentions were 'good' and not at ALL entirely impulsive! Yeah, right. Th'ero finally chuckles and shakes his head. "We're just glad you're doing alright, son. And that you gave us quite the surprise." And you totally made your mother cry, you silly boy!

Kimmila rolls her eyes. "Not /that/ busy," she mutters, and yes, that's a dig at Mr'az there, but who knows if Kyzen will pick up on it.

"But you guys are always gone or busy!" Kyzen counters with just a hint of pouting in his voice. No, he doesn't understand the subtle things of politics yet. His knowledge so far is that his father is no longer Weyrleader, that Mr'az is now and he's been taught to respect Weyrleaders though he's not completely oblivious as to pick up on the dislike some openly show. Kimmila's dig at Fort's Weyrleader thus goes right over his head.

Kimmila arches a brow at him. "Kyzen," she says, more seriously now, "have we /ever/, ever told you we didn't have time for you?" Sure they're busy, but they've never denied him their attention.

Kyzen shrinks back a little at that serious tone his mother adopts and receives a similar look from his father. Th'ero is backing Kimmila up here! Sorry, kid. "…No." he drawls out in an abashed tone. Apologetic once more and, being the (sometimes) smart kid that he is, he'll try to give Kimmila another hug. See? All better, right? "I didn't mean it like that." He's come to realize, even vaguely, how lucky he is to have parents like him after hearing some of the other Candidates talk of theirs. Most are weyrbred too, but not all know their mothers or fathers (or both).

Kimmila is happy to return the hug, satisfied that he gets their point. "So what have you been up to?

Kyzen snickers as he steps back from Kimmila. "I already told you!" Silly. Though who could've kept up with his rambling story… who knows. "Chores, mostly. They let me settle in the first night without doing much but now I gotta do my part…" He gives a sort of half-guilty look over his shoulder back towards the caverns. "… and I better get back soon." It's at least admitted hesitantly. Maybe he's realizing he doesn't really WANT his parents to go back home.

Kimmila glances towards the sky and then back down to Kyzen. Is she thinking 'good, he /should/ miss us'? Likely. "Well, we'll let you get back to your chores then…"

Th'ero is probably thinking similar things. That'll teach their son to be less impulsive in the future, right? Kyzen hesitates a little longer, before quickly hugging them both again. "Come visit again, okay? Tweak is getting better with his flying but I can't really trust him to send messages or Dunno." That'd be his bronze and blue firelizards, respectively. "I gotta go. Say hello to Elladyr and Aranthi for me too, huh? And tell Ara that she can take care of Boo, but neither of them can have Cal, okay?" Not that either of his twin siblings are old enough to ride the runner.

Kimmila has to laugh at that. "We'll tell them," she promises, hugging him tightly in return before stepping back and slipping her arm firmly around Th'ero's waist.

Kyzen grins brightly to them both and offers a parting wave before he trots back into the caverns and disappears. Th'ero breathes a heavy but quiet sigh as he pulls Kimmila close to his side and tilts his head to look down at her. "Feel better?" he murmurs.

Kimmila shrugs. "Not really," she murmurs quietly. "I wish I could just strap him to the back of Varmiroth and sail home with him…"

Th'ero can't help but chuckle at that idea and he begins to turn away, drawing her with him. "Well, you could but you would start a cross-wear situation. Not that you'd be the first parent to disapprove and try to forfeit a Search but you'd probably be the first rider and weyrbred to do it." he muses.

Kimmila snorts. "It's not the Search I'm frustrated with, weyrmate." It's /where/. Meaning…it's not at Fort. Nothing against Igen, but. It's not Fort.

"I know, Wingmate. I know… there's not much more we can do about it." Th'ero admits with a grimace as he walks along the bowl and back to where they first landed. "At least he seems happy and is adjusting well." So far.

Kimmila nods. "Yeah. He's a resiliant kid. I think he'd be happy and thrive anywhere…" There's quiet pride in her voice for that.

Th'ero shakes his head and he feels some of that pride too but he's wondering just how far Kyzen's tolerance goes. "I don't know, Wingmate. Let's wait and see but he's awfully young and this is his first time alone. And so far away." Is he expecting Kyzen to be writing them with homesickness? Oh you bet he is. Calling Velokraeth, he'll give Kimmila a swift hug. "Shall we go home? Probably best we're seen in Fort soon before our fearless 'Leader worries." Yes, that's dripping sarcasm there.

Kimmila rolls her eyes. "Sure. Might as well go pretend to be useful," she mutters under her breath, also calling Varmiroth to join them in the bowl.

Th'ero was hinting more along the lines of how he KNOWS Mr'az is having riders watch them but he bites his tongue. Maybe Kimmila hasn't picked up on that? And the last thing he wants is her feeling even more caged… "Come on then. We'll try to visit him again soon. At least send letters…" And with that, he'll give her a loving kiss before stepping to Velokraeth's side and mounting up. He'll let her and Varmiroth take the lead, as always, as they return home to Fort Weyr.

Of course she's picked up on it. And it pisses her off to no end, especially since she knows the riders Mr'az is following them. One shouldn't feel betrayed by one's own weyr. Mounting up, she and Varmiroth lead the way back home.

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