Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr

Morning drags on and so does the odd weather. Flurries continue to fall and the wind continues to pick up in force, rising and falling in powerful gusts. The ground outside, despite the efforts to keep it from doing so, has iced over and a light powdering of snow makes it impossible to tell where ice may be lurking. Th’ero does not have far to go, mercifully and he is quick to return to his ledge and the weyr he shares with Kimmila. Slipping inside, he utters a low curse about the weather and begins to brush the snow off his jacket and out of his hair. “Wingmate? You awake?” Or even home?

Kimmila is awake and home, the bluerider curled up on the couch and gazing at the hot flames of the fireplace. “Here,” she identifies herself with a small hand wave, before she turns her head to sneeze into her sleeve. Uh-oh? “How’d it go? Did she see you?”

Th’ero smiles as he looks up and happy to see her away and already curled up on the couch. “Did you get any of the klah?” he asks, only to frown when she sneezes into her sleeve. Maybe that should be tea? “She caught me,” he mutters. “Just as I was preparing to leave when she walked in. It was awkward and she…” he smirks. “… assumed I had accepted her offer. Though I think she was frightened that that was the case. I explained the gift, she liked it and we seem on reasonable terms now at least. Spoke briefly of Breakwater Hold.” And all while he speaks, he is moving about the weyr, grabbing a few mugs (or a mug, if she’s already helped herself). “How are you, Wingmate? The weather out there is awful. You’re not going out with your riders, are you?” Don’t make him forbid it!

Kimmila looks around and shakes her head. “I didn’t see klah,” she admits, huddling more deeply into the blanket and the couch with a sniffle. “That woman…” she says, shaking her head. “At least she asked?” Snort. “Glad she liked it and it worked. And I was supposed to, but,” sneeze, “Varmiroth won’t let me go.” Harumph. She’s sulking, but more that she seems to be sick than she’s being prevented from working.

The klah is forgotten once Kimmila begins to sniffle and sneeze and Th’ero sets the mugs down on the counter in the kitchenette. He’s much bigger concerns surfacing and he immediately comes to sit beside her. Without asking, he reaches forwards to place a hand against her forehead, just for a brief moment, to check for her temperature. They’ve been together for so long now that he does not bother masking his worry. Talk of Nyalle has been set aside too and he only murmurs, “Varmiroth has some common sense. It’s not good weather, air or ground right now, love. A good day to be indoors.” Resting. He doesn’t say that but it’s implied. “Are you comfortable? Would you like anything? Klah?” For now. Rising from the couch again, he steps around behind it and silently he calls his firelizards to him and fishing around for a scrap of paper he scrawls a quick note and sends them off with it. What is he doing?

Kimmila scowls at his checking for her temperature, but it’s more instinttive than any actual irritation. “Indoors,” she agrees with a small frown. “Klah would be good, thanks.” She watches him send off firelizards with another frown. “No Healers.” Just to make sure /that/ isn’t what he’s sending for!

He’s almost insulted by her assumption that he’d send for Healers! Even when she was burning up with fever and delirious Th’ero never sent for Healers (he sent for her mother instead… even better?). He busies himself with pouring her a mug of klah and one for himself and offers her share when he comes to sit next to her. “I’ll keep you busy. We’ll both need to keep busy.” he murmurs over the rim of his mug and takes a careful sip. “No Healers,” he promises. “I sent them to Southern Boll Hold. To Kenali.” For?

Kimmila takes her mug and sips it, eying him askance. “Busy with what?” Then she’s genuinely surprised, staring at him for a long moment. “Why? For what?”

“You can help me work out the details concerning the Wing restructuring? Boring, I know but… I’d appreciate the help and if we need references it’s not like the record room and archives are far… And we can always have someone fetch what we need.” Th’ero murmurs, eyeing her right back. What? For her surprised look though he only smiles a small wry smile from behind is mug. “You’ll see, Wingmate.” Which means: you may not approve in Th’ero-speak.

Kimmila /frowns/ at him, already grumpy and sulking because she’s sick. “I can do that,” she relents with a nod. “That’ll…yeah, I can do that. Get all the ideas in order copy them nicely…” And she can sit. Relax. Baths whenever she wants them. If she’s still /wanting/ to help him after whatever he sent to Boll for.

Th’ero frowns when she frowns, sensing her grumpy and sulky mood and if she knows him well enough, she will know that he hates seeing her like this. “I know it’s not terribly exciting work, but I do value your help.” he murmurs, reaching out to gently place his hand on her leg or her arm. Anywhere where he can caress or stroke gently to reassure and comfort her. And though she doesn’t ask or pry it from him, he adds in a softer tone. “I sent the firelizards to Boll to Kenali because I requested some of her chowder. It’s seafood based,” Not his preference! “But it’s thick and hearty and was a welcomed comfort food for us during the winter.” And when they were sick as children, but he doesn’t go that far into his elaboration. No doubt it’s laced with herbs and other good stuff. Stuff that Fort Weyr is likely very low on.

Kimmila nods. “And I’m good at it,” she reminds. She shifts to lean against him, cradling the mug of klah between her hands, savoring its warmth. “Ooh. That soulds delicious,” she murmurs. “Is it something you got when you were sick?” She’s going to ask for that elaboration. Plus, she appreciates him sending out. Pernese take out? So that she’s not depleeting the wey’rs resources with her silly, piddling cold.

Th’ero shifts as well so that she can nestle up against his side and he will rest his arm along the back of the couch, with the other curled around and still holding his mug of klah. “You are very good at it,” he muses with a crooked smile. “And yes, it was something she made for us too when we were sick. So it is medicinal but you cannot really taste it. She’s very good at balancing the flavor to keep from tasting the herbs too strongly.” he explains softly and rather fondly about his mother. Pernese take-out, for the win! Just then another firelizard appears, but not one of Th’ero’s trio and the message it swiftly delivers is simple: Kyzen is being dropped off — or it’s the request to ask if the toddler can be dropped off. “Would you be okay with him here, Wingmate? He can entertain himself now and if he gets too wound up I’m sure Velokraeth wouldn’t mind a second oiling…” Nothing like putting your kid to work to entertain him!

Kimmila smiles gently. “I look forward to trying it,” she murmurs, adjusting herself more comfortably against his side. “Kyzen? No, I wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to get him sick, so…maybe it’s best if he works on Velokraeth…” Though she frowns. Cuddling with her son sounds like something nice, right now. But…she sneezes again and mutters curses under her breath as she reaches for a handkerchief.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Th’ero murmurs back and even though she is sick, he will lean in to gently kiss her cheek. Not her lips, as he does desire to do but he figures she may not be up for that sort of contact. “For all we know, he gave that to you and is already immune.” he drawls with a smirk. “But I can keep him out of your hair and occupied and we’ll try to work on the Wings? For all I know, he’ll just want to play with his toys.” Like a good, quiet little child. When she sneezes again, he frowns and tries to hold back his concern. In good timing though, his firelizards return with a few more as backup. They likely belong to Garan and Kenali and between them all they carry a Between-safe insulated container, another with what smells like fresh bread and a small bundle. All are carefully deposited on the table, with Th’ero having to get up to find some dried meat to feed the hungry mouths as payment. His trio go out to the wallows to keep the dragons company while the others go back home. “Here we are. She must have had some already made…” And that brings a frown too to Th’ero’s features.

“Is she sick?” Kimmila asks as she gets to her feet and shuffles to sit at the table, tightening the blanket around her shoulders. “It smells…” Sniff. “Well, I can imagine it smells delicious,” she murmurs with another small, irritated frown. She can’t smell! Sadness. “Possible he gave it to me, silly kid.” They’re gross, little things. “And /bread/.” Breeeaaaad. She’s very excited about that.

“Could be her, Garan or all of them. It’s the time of Turn and season for it,” Th’ero murmurs and when she gets to her feet, he also stands and strides to her side. Gently taking her into his embrace, he places another kiss by her temple, light and gentle. It’s also a silent way for him to tell her to go sit. He will serve her! Pamper her. But also give her breathing room so as not to smother her. “Oh, you may be able to smell after eating it. She does spice it a bit.” he muses before gently ushering her back to the couch. Go on! He begins to upack everything and pull out a few deep bowls. Th’ero works fast, serving her portion first. Fresh and hearty chowder and extra bread while it’s still warm. Handing it to her, he will then unwrap another packet and he sighs. “Damn it, she sent her tea blend too.” he mutters. “And some of the dried stuff for ointment…” Even with his mother far away, she’s being… motherly! Groan?

Kimmila wavers a bit and then turns back to the couch, her trek to the table being useless. “Good. I want to clear everything out,” she murmurs. “Then take a hot bath and maybe sleep again.” That’s the plan anyway. “Ointment would be good when I sleep. Tea…” He knows how she feels about tea. Yuck yuck YUCK. Please don’t make her drink it. /whine

Th’ero does know how she feels about the tea but he will be stubborn on it if she doesn’t improve. For now, he is content to let her eat the chowder and having the ointment but if she worsens… it’ll be tea time. And to make up for the torture, he’ll have some too. They’ll suffer together! “I was going to ask if you’d prefer to have a hot bath now or later,” he muses, handing her her share of the chowder and extra bread once she has settled. He joins her on the couch and tucks into his bowl, using the bread as a scoop to start. True to his word, the food does have a bit of a kick to it and the more one eats it, the more the spices and savory flavoring will come through. “Kyzen should be here within the next few minutes, Wingmate. Best eat now and it’s best while it is hot.”

“Later,” she answers quietly, taking a slow bite of the chowder after blowing across the steaming spoon. “Mmmmmmmm,” she says happily as she swallows. “So creamy, soothing,” she says, turning her head to cough. “And you weren’t kidding about the spice, either.” Which she seems to appreciate and enjoy, because her next few bites are swift and large. “Mmm,” she says in a silent agreement to Kyzen’s arrival, dipping her head as she eats.

Th’ero smiles while he eats, pleased by Kimmila’s reaction to his mother’s comfort food. “No, she makes it just right in that sense. It’ll clear your head but not be so overpowering as to be difficult to eat.” he muses, having to pause to cope with his response to the spice too. Minutes pass in comfortable silence and Th’ero is just moping out his bowl with the last of his bread when there’s a sudden commotion out in the wallow. “Shards… Cranky can’t be proddy already…” he mutters around a mouthful of bread, only to start coughing when the agitated sounds grow louder. He scowls, annoyed and is half risen from the couch and setting his bowl aside when suddenly Velokraeth warbles in alarm. « The little one has fallen on the stairs! » The bronze informs Varmiroth and sure enough if one strains to hear, there is the sound of wailing coming from outside. Th’ero shoots forwards and grabs his riding jacket, turning to Kimmila as he unlatches the door. “Stay here!” he orders and then he’s out, jacket not even fastened and the door closing but not clicking shut. The wind can be heard, as well as the scrabble of claws on stone as Velokraeth hauls himself onto the ledge, the agitated chittering of firelizards and… wailing.

Stay here? Yeah right! Kimmila is on her feet in an instant, but the sudden movement has her head spinning and sets her to coughing, and she has to sit down again. Varmiroth scrambles to the exit of the wallow, peering around the bronze’s bulk as he croons in concern and watches. Inside, once she’s not about to pass out, Kimmila puts some water on to warm and starts to gather their first aid supplies…

Th’ero wasn’t really thinking on that part or perhaps he was. It’s miserable outside and she’ll be able to get involved plenty in a few moments. Velokraeth’s eyes whirl with alarm but he shifts on the ledge as Varmiroth joins him and edges aside so the blue can see. It’s right then that Th’ero is climbing the stairs, hurrying as fast as he can on the slippery conditions and carrying the wailing bundle that is their son. Details are hard to see with the wind whipping up the snow again and with Th’ero cradling Kyzen so protectively against his body. The door swings open again and Kyzen’s pained cries echo off the walls. He’s really giving it and it’s a wonder if others haven’t heard. Tlazio must be somewhere nearby, either right behind Th’ero or on his way up. Th’ero is trying to sooth the toddler but his voice is all but drowned out as he strides to the couch to put Kyzen down carefully. There’s a tiny scrape on Kyzen’s face, right above the brow and a good bruise to go with it, but the toddler is also holding his left arm against his chest as if to protect it even as he writhes in pain and discomfort. Poor, poor kid probably got bumped and bruised good.

Tlazio is there swiftly behind Th’ero, closing the door behind him and yanking off his hat in pained frustration. “I told him not to run,” he says with the strained, pained voice of a parent who still feels responsible even though it’s clearly not his fault. “What is it?” Kimmila asks, sitting beside Kyzen and brushing back his curls, frowning at the cut and then noticing the arm. “Let Mommy see your arm,” she says, trying to gently take it in her hand. Broken, is her first thought and her first worry.

Kyzen’s eyes are filled with tears, most of which are streaming down his splotched face and when Kimmila strokes back his curls he will look up at her, confused and hurting but for a brief moment his cries are lowered to hiccuped sobs. “Hurts…” he manages to choke out and despite her taking his arm gently, it’s as though she broke it from the way he screams. It’s not broken, but only a sprained wrist but to a toddler who’s confused and scared he may as well be full of broken bones! He screams and yells at her, in near hysteria and Th’ero grits his teeth against the sound to turn to Tlazio and give the man a look. Not in anger, just a look that says it’s not his fault. Kids are kids. But they will have to discuss this later, when Kyzen isn’t loosing his mind over being touched. “Hey, hey… easy, Kyzen. Calm down. Calm down,” Th’ero soothes to their son as he carefully perches himself on the armrest of the couch and leans forwards to stroke the toddlers hair and try to comfort him or give him something else to focus on. “Look at me, Kyzen. Let her see your arm, okay? Let her see…”

Kimmila flinches as if struck when her son starts /screaming/, and she lets his arm go, shifting to pull him into her lap. “It’s okay, I won’t touch it again,” she murmurs. “Call for a Healer.” Let /them/ deal with it. Let Kyzen hate /them/, Kimmila is just going to cuddle the child. “Calm down, Kyzen, I know it hurts but it’s not going to hurt forever.” Big thoughts for a little kid. “I’ll get the Healer,” Tlazio says, turning and leaving quickly - but not too quickly on those damn stairs.

Kyzen tucks his arm up against his chest again the moment Kimmila lets him go and he will not protest to being cuddled. He curl up miserably against her, still sobbing but no longer screaming. “It hurts now,” he protests between hiccuped gasps and sniffling and then buries his face into her tunic or whatever it is she’s wearing. He’s calming, but it’s slow going. Th’ero just looks uncomfortable and upset where he sits on the couch, scowling when there is mention of the Healers. Tlazio moves too quickly though and he sighs heavily. “Isn’t your mother a Healer?”

Kimmila holds their son close, rocking him gently. “I know it does,” she murmurs. “I know. And yes, she is,” she says, darting a look at Th’ero. “But she’s not the only Healer.” Plus, Elara would /stay/ and make Kimmila drink tea. Selfish decision on Kimmila’s part to send for someone /else/.

“Would he not be more comfortable with Elara? He knows her,” Th’ero protests but does not push it any further than that. Kimmila asked for a Healer and Tlazio is gone to fetch one (or an army) and he can only sit there and try not to look as helpless and lost as he feels. Kyzen’s sobbing has quieted to whimpers now, comforted by Kimmila’s closeness and the rocking. “Am I in trouble?” he mumbles miserably. Last time he hurt himself, he was being ‘bad’ by fooling around when Th’ero had a mug of klah in hand.

Kimmila doesn’t answer Th’ero’s question, because he’s probably right but it’s too late now, right? “You’re not in trouble,” Kimmila soothes softly. “But you know now not to run on the stairs, right?”

It is too late now and even Th’ero knows that. He’s not about to go out there and try to chase Tlazio down or stop any Healers from coming in. Instead he stays right where he is and watches over Kimmila and Kyzen, like any over protective and concerned father would. “I wasn’t running!” Kyzen protests with a whimpered cry. He wasn’t! “I was hurrying,” BIG difference, right? “Cause it was cold and I hate the wind and… and my foot slipped and I hit my head…” The tears start up again and he sniffles, trying to lift his left arm up to wipe at his face but the movement of his wrist has him yelping in pain and discomfort and he whines pitifully. “Hurts…!”

Kimmila hugs him gently and close, shaking her head. “You need to not hurry on those stairs,” she murmurs. There’s no difference, but she’s not going to argue with him about it. “Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.” And in comes Tlazio again, the big Smith hanging back while the cute young Healer he brought with him sweeps in with a soft coo when she sees Kyzen. “Hi there, Kyzen, do you remember me? Will you be a big boy for me?” she asks, offering him a sweetstick. Suck on this, kid, keep quiet.

Kyzen frowns, his tears having stopped again but his eyes still glassy with pain and red rimmed from all his crying. Sniffling, he just mutters and groans something but otherwise is calm in her arms. Even when Tlazio and the cute young Healer return. Her cooing has him eyeing her with a wide eyed look but sweets apparently win his heart and he will awkwardly reach for it with his right hand. His left he keeps pinned. Th’ero slides from the couch, but hovers close by and he will dart a look to Tlazio. Come here? Time for that talk, however brief it may be. Th’ero’s thoughts are likely to be divided now.

Tlazio edges forward towards Th’ero, giving Kyzen’s hair a gentle ruffle. Kimmila shifts the boy in her lap so he faces the Healer, while the woman gently gets to work, starting with the minor injuries first. The cut, the bruises, and finally she gently coaxes Kyzen to let her see his arm.

“Did you see what happened?” Th’ero asks Tlazio, careful to keep his voice lowered to a quiet murmur. Kyzen squirms against Kimmila and sweetstick or no sweetstick, he’s clearly upset and afraid. “No… No! Don’t touch.” he protests, looking up at his mother for safety and reassurance. Can’t he just be left alone? Good luck trying to get the kid’s jacket off. Likely that will start a fresh wave of tears and cries and more time spent soothing him back to relative calmness. He’s got bruises and a few scrapes, but his left arm is fine. What’s hurting him is his wrist but there is no evidence of broken bones and he’s likely just sprained it but does not have the knowledge yet of how to explain.

Tlazio nods his head to the Weyrleader, grimacing. “Aye, he was hurrying up the steps - I told him not to, but for a rough and tumble kid he really does /hate/ the wind, and he slipped and went down face first. Probably tried to catch himself with that arm…” Over on the couch, Kimmila whispers softly to the boy as she helps the Healer get his jacket off, weathering Kyzen’s tears and being gentle but firm so it’s not a drug out process. The healer gently touches the boy’s wrist, and when he starts crying as she gently rotates it, she gets the numbweed and a wrap, assuming it’s a sprain for the time being. It’s starting to swell too. “Ice it, just like you would a normal sprain,” she says, eying Kimmila when the bluerider sneezes into her sleeve. “Do you need -” “NO.”

Th’ero frowns, “Wonder why he hates the wind,” he mutters and then sighs when Kyzen begins to fuss again when the Healer begins to examine him. Looking up to Tlazio, he will reach across to clasp the bigger man on the shoulder. “It’s not your fault. Kyzen’s… just got to learn. He is a rough and tumble kid and so we’ll just have to expect this.” Kids will be kids! Th’ero sees no reason to quell Kyzen’s energetic spirit. Not yet anyways! He looks up when Kimmila says no and eyes the Healer. “She’s already had some medication,” he tells the young woman, nodding to where the packets of tea rest and the kettle and empty mugs. Never mind they had klah in it… She doesn’t need to know that! “How is he?” Th’ero asks, turning hte conversation back on their son. Kyzen has quieted again, watching the Healer work with the curiosity of any child and once that numbweed is on, that blessed, blessed numbweed, he visibly sags against Kimmila. Ahh, much better!

Tlazio still looks guilty, but he nods at Th’ero’s shoulder clap just the same. “He’s fine, some bumps and bruises and looks like a sprained wrist, but he’ll be okay,” the Healer says. “Treat it like any other sprain. Keep it iced as much as he’ll stand, and keep it wrapped.” Kimmila cuddles Kyzen close when the boy sags, kissing his curls gently. “I think you need a warm bath, kiddo,” Kimmila murmurs. “Maybe Daddy will give you one, while Mommy rests.” She looks exhausted now, worn out and sagging in her own way against the couch as the Healer leaves.

Th’ero will see Tlazio out, no doubt having a few more quiet words with the Smith before sending him off. “He’ll be back in two candlemarks, Wingmate.” he murmurs, locking the door now that the Healer is gone too and they’ve been left with instructions. Seeing how much Kimmila is sagging against the couch, he strides over and offers to take Kyzen from her. “You sure?” he asks her softly while cradling their son against his side. Frowning, he adds in a softer tone. “Are you alright? Do you need anything before I see to settling Kyzen?” The toddler is already beginning to semi-doze, worn out too by his little misadventure. “Don’t wanna bath.” he protests through half muffled mumbling. Th’ero hushes him softly as he lingers to wait on Kimmila’s answer.

Kimmila nods, passing over the toddler to his father. “No, I’m fine,” she mumbles, her voice eerily like Kyzen’s. “I’ll just…” scoot, shift, lay down, tug on blanket, fluff pillow, “be here…” Zzzzzzz.

Th’ero will see to her settling comfortably on the couch and even with Kyzen balanced awkwardly on his hip he will lean down to kiss Kimmila on the forehead. “Rest easy, love.” he whispers and then steps away to the bathroom to tend to Kyzen. Despite his son’s protest, he will have a bath but a very gentle and quick one, just so he can see for himself where the boy is bruised and scraped and maybe slather a bit more numbweed on. Then it’s off to the bedroom, where Th’ero fashions the sheets and blankets into a sort of makeshift bumper-nest and lays Kyzen in the center to rest. At some point Th’ero fetches some of that fresh bread too and some water for the toddler and he will sit by his side until he slips asleep. That will be how Th’ero spends most of his “snow day”: tending to Kyzen and Kimmila both, seeing to their comforts and somehow squeaking in some of his duties and work in between. By the time Tlazio comes to gather Kyzen, Th’ero is exhausted himself and will seek some rest and recovery with Kimmila beside him.