Who Sephany, Inri, Lu'ka, Kaitlyn, R'hra, V'sri, Kassala, Z'ki, I'am, Ila'den, R'hyn, S'dny, Quinn, Jaelynn, Kelani
What Eggies get shake, rattlin', and rollin'!
When Month 2 of Turn 2715, Winter
Where Hatching Sands and Galleries, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Public Announcement from Inri: Any second now, Fort's eggs will start shaking and intruding upon Fort Weyr's dinner hour to reveal the dragons within! Come watch in our galleries: +go FOW, nb, hc, g

It's actually a little bit unusual, but this hatching isn't at a really strange time like three in the morning, and the weather outside is rather nice (snowy, but not TOO snowy) and the only thing that's possibly being disrupted is dinner when the vibrations on the sands set Kouzevelth to humming. With the hum spreading to Teimyrth and then to the entire Weyr, it's unmistakable: those eggs are definitely hatching, and soon the whole Weyr is vibrating. Inri has abandoned her hammock for a standing lean against her dragon's leg, appreciating that she can be in a long purple dress and sturdy-but-fashionable boots rather than candidate issue sandals. She's got a clipboard, because just because she's out here and not in the galleries doesn't mean that her records job isn't still her job. Work's gotta get done.

With the call to the sands, the candidates have been gathered together and dressed in their white robes and sandles. They enter in a neat line, each bowing in their turn towards the dam and sire and then arraying themselves in a semi circle around the eggs. Groups formed in the candidate group form in clusters but still the line is maintained.

Not Yo Momma's Hip Satchel Egg gives a little shiver, and then settles back into its sandy wallow.

//100 Layers of Egg twitches. That's right. It's not really moving so much as it is starting to move, stopping, thinking about it, twitching once or twice in place … holding still again. Time's not right. Soon. Very soon. But not quiiiiiite yet.

Pair of Bodys Egg starts to tremble, tumbling gracefully along the sands in twists and turns that signal the creature inside is fighting to get out. The hardened shell seems to stretch and expand in places, giving the impression of elasticity that endures imprints of talons and tails before going still.

Fantastical Whimsy Egg //vibrates with excitement, a full-bodied (full-eggied?) wiggle that sends ripples across all those wonderful colors on its shell.//

Riohra walks in having hastely dawned his robe as he was just sitting down to dinner before all the fun started with the humming. He looks about at the others, good thing he is tall now as he stands more toward the middle watching the eggs shake and tremble.

Eiram settles into the line with the boys in between Riohra and Leuka, though he reaches behind their back to give Jaelynn's hand a squeeze. Though as the eggs start to tremble, he looks from his fellow candidates and back out to the eggs. "There they go." He exclaims and tugs on his oversized tunic to try to neaten it up. A rope belt keeping it on around the waist at least, though nearly looks like a dress on him for its length.

And there's Ila'den, striding across hot sands on booted feet to join Teimyrth, Kouzevelth, and Inri with the sticky remains of a bubbly that probably got smashed being wiped without ceremony on his riding jacket (yeah, he's still got that on, don't judge him). "Would it hurt you dragons, or your progeny, to be reasonable for once?" Ila'den murmurs to Teimyrth, who rumbles a low growl at his rider, but lifts his head to watch the entrance of the sands. "Evening," comes Ila's greeting to Inri, but his attention is shifting to the candidates who file in as well and bow.

100 Layers of Egg twitches once, twice, thrice more, before a prominent diagonal crack runs through its side, making it appear as if several of those layered features are unfolding. White giving way to blue giving way to gold giving way to orange, black, red … and what might be a dragon talon visible from inside. That could just be part of the egg, though. It's pretty hard to tell, but with the way it's moving, that dragon is coming out sooner than later.

More Intense Than Ordinary Egg rolls, the entire egg quivering as the dragon trapped within stirs, shakes, bumps into his sire and goes still.

Jaelynn follows out after the other candidates glancing to the stands slightly before her attetnion is back to the eggs rather quickly. She clears her throat a bit an lets her hands clasp lightly before her as she stands with the others. A smile offers to them. "Good luck everyone." Is said with a soft tone. She looks to Eiram and offers him a smile as she gives his hand a squeeze back.

Not Yo Momma's Hip Satchel Egg shakes more violently, hopping a bit against the hot sands. Cracks begin to appear across its shell.

Leuka eyes the eggs as some seem to be moving a little. Nothing too exciting, unless you're in there trying to get out. He'll pluck at his new robe, and edges closer to some of the candidates he knows better than others. "Eiram, remember the Harper tales about the smaller candidates getting mauled during hatchings?" He looks straight ahead, trying to keep the amused grin from his face as he messes with his young friend's head a bit.

Velourve Machine Egg sways back and forth gently in the sands, a slow and rhythmic motion.

<Galleries> As soon as the humming starts, Kassal beats feet towards the Galleries, her own lifemate going up to get a good view on one of the ledges. Once she hits the actual entrance to the galleries, the redhead pauses, touches her hair to straighten, and then walks quietly up into the stands. Nevermind her flushed cheeks and a bright gaze that look out to see the candidates filing out onto the sands.

Riohra is glances at Leuka, "you sir are not funny" but he grins anyway. Hey just because he has done this before doesn't mean he isn't still nervous as the the first timers. "which egg was the one what punched you guys again?" because lets just avoid a violent dragon.

<Galleries> Sephany is late, but not too late, and that is the important thing! Her punctuality issues may have something to do with her rapid changing of clothes; Igen garb swapped out for a Fort-winter appropriate thick dress, cloak, boots, scarf, hat, etc. She's bundled up, but quickly unwrapping layers as she moves from the bowl to the galleries. "Kass!" because who could miss that red-head of hair, on the tall goldrider. "You made it!" As if she had any doubts.

Fantastical Whimsy Egg takes a turn for the darker, fracturing with a resounding CRACK that can probably be heard clear up in the stands. Despite the violence of the move, the egg tries to keep up the energetic, happy facade, wiggling tremulously before stilling again.

100 Layers of Egg ceases all of its motion. The incessantly building twitching and cracks have stopped. It is nothing but contemplative stillness, until that talon that may have been seen once before emerges, followed by another, and a full bronze paw before revealing the entirety of the determined hatchling carefully and meticulously climbing out of its debris.

Lost Everything He Ever Loved Or Feared Bronze Hatchling
Well-framed and not ill-formed, he is none the less no city-slick prettyboy of a bronze. From over-pronounced headknobs to sure-footed paws, from the flare of canvas-stretched 'sails to the emphatic punctuation point of his tail, he is sturdy, solid-hulled. It is clear he was constructed with care, though by no master's hand: the striated variation in his hide carved with the grain, rather than against. While gifted with an expressiveness ranging from sardonic to sincere, there's something in the lines of his broad-planed face that says clearly: this dragon's heart will be alwaysfaithful.

<Galleries> V'sri lets out a loud series of Arsenio whoops, complete with arm pumping. "YEAH BUDDY!"

<Galleries> S'dny is sitting somewhere not too near the front but not in the back either. He'd gotten there early to get a decent spot. Syd watches the sands intently as the dragons make their exit from the eggs and join the larger world. There is a bronze right off the bat, a good sign!

Jaelynn glances over to Leuka and eyes him slightly. "Sok.. I'll just make sure to push you out in front of Eiram if one comes charging this way. Anyway you are a bigger piece of meat." This said with a teasing tone before she is looking back to the eggs at the cracking noise of them well falling apart so to speak.

<Galleries> A few steps behind Sephany is Z'ki, holding his folded flight jacket over one arm — it's warm in the galleries — and picking his way carefully down after the woman. "Hey, Kass," he adds to Sephany's greeting to his fellow Igenite, a flickering smile appearing as he casts about for a seat. "Quick, we've already missed the first—!" he's shooting a glance down at the sands, something wistful, or maybe reminiscent, in his gaze for a moment as he gestures for an empty row of seats.

Kaitlyn came out with Riohra and Eiram, and now is ranged near them…the white-clad, tall and aritocratice candidate looking wary, maybe a little hopeful. When Whimsy egg moves, she casts almost loving looks at it, though she's careful to pay attention when the new bronze belches forth from his own egg. Nope, not gonna get dragonet-mugged today.

<Galleries> Quinn is standing in her usual spot beside S'dny. She's doing that whole bodyguard routine again.

Double Blue Blues Egg isn't one for a flashy performance. Flakes crack off of the shell, leaving blue riddled with hints of shadow and the occasional methodical claw still not entirely sure how to move like a thing that…moves. It'll get there eventually.

<Galleries> Kassala lifts a hand as she hears her name, looking around until she spies Sephany, "Hey!" Threading her way over to where the other is sitting, she'll take a seat near Seph, grinning, "I've been here off and on for the last several days. Knew it was getting close. Hands rub at her leathers atop her thighs as she just catches sight of the bronze that has exited an egg, "Oooh.. that's Riohra's favorite egg there.. and it's a bronze!"

<Galleries> Would R'hyn miss his weyrmate's dragon's progeny as they pour forth from their shells? No. No he would not! Especially not when there are candidates he knows, and friends that bodily drag him to the stands as though he didn't have a choice. "Come on come on come on we're missing it," Syn chants rhythmically as she tugs the oversized Half Moon weyrleader along, dragging him right up front to elbow for seats. "Man, we missed the first! What a nice bronze, am I right?!" R'hyn can only laugh and manage a nod of agreement before Syn is off and prattling again, surrepitiously wiping bubbly off his hands and onto the material at his thighs as he watches on.

Leuka snickers to the Hunter and holds his fingers really close together "Admit it, was a little funny." At Rio's question, he instantly points out the offending face punching egg. "That one." Darting a look to Jaelynn, he nods "See Eiram , she's got your back, she'll use me as your meatshield." But there's cracking now, and the first of the eggs dump a hatching onto the sands.

Eiram looks up at Leuka's threat wide eyed for a moment before the other candidates come to his defence and he just grins and looks back to the cracking eggs, "It is all going to be fine." He says perhaps trying to reasure himself as well. As a bronze reveals itself he looks to the dragonet and points, "Look…" Then quickly drops his hand in case that draws extra attention from hungry dragonets.

Not Yo Momma's Hip Satchel Egg shatters like a cannon blast, leaving a hatchling in its wake.

Highway Patrolman Brown Hatchling
The broken egg spills a dark, bulky brown to the sands. He rises slowly, shaking himself off with painstaking grace. Looking around, his first looks are to his clutchmates. Checking on them, watching them. Good? Good. Only then does he move forward to find his lifemate in a young guard recruit named Jaella. "Perrineth!" the girl cries, wrapping her arms around his neck before straightening hastily. "Blood, yes. Yes."

With a triumphant cry the Highway Patrolman Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Pair of Bodys Egg vibrates, its shell splitting in fissures like great arcs of lightning-made patterns that stretch — and stretch — and stretch — along the shapely curves of this not-quite ovid. It quakes, the entirety of its broken armor expanding as whoever stirs within tests the strength of its confines, then settles again.

Riohra was looking else were, probably up in the stands but hey dummy it is the SANDS time, and just like that DRAGON! The tall hunter watches at the bronze dragon bursts forth from the egg. "Well looks like your time as a shield has come…" he grins at Leuka and nods to the others then the brown breaks out and then there were two new babies to deal with.

Lost Everything He Ever Loved or Feared Bronze Hatchling may look tentative, but that's not tentativeness there: it's tenacity. He's standing at his full if not very impressive height and getting a lay of the entire Sands before moving at a regimented step. Is he marching? He might be marching, a little bit. The first candidate he stops near — not sitting down, or even hesitating longer than a couple of seconds — is a girl, immediately deemed to be Somehow Wrong. Just how is percolating behind those curious eyes as he continues the hunt.

<Galleries> Is definitely way too hot for all the layers, so Sephany is shedding them like crazy now; cloak over an arm, scarf soon to join, gloves pulled off with her teeth. "I suspected as much," is her reply to Kassala, grinning. A flash of grey eyes to the sands catches sight of the first to Hatch. "Oh! A bronze!" Definitely good luck. She flashes a grin at Z'ki, catching that expression of… nostalgia perhaps? before following his gesture toward the row of empty seats. She settles at the edge, leaning forward, scanning for familiar faces. "There's Eiram! And Riohra and Leuka!" There's a shift, a little lean, and a squint. "Oh, a brown now!" and then a glance for her Igen escort. "Does it take you right back to Jizunoth's hatching?"

Manic Pop Egg is probably still just sitting there, but is one of the shapes on the shell at a slightly different angle than before?

<Galleries> As Z'ki settles into his seat, he catches sight of the Monaco Bay Weyrleader, giving the older bronzerider a salute. He's no longer a weyrling, but it habits form the guard's mannerisms. Quinn is given a curious look, too — perhaps he recognizes the stance of a bodyguard — before he settles into a seat. He reaches to take Sephany's heavier items — her cloak, at least — off her, piling it on top of his jacket at his side. "It… it does. It's very different from up there though, don't you think?" That last might be directed as Kass as much as Sephany, gaze tracking the bronze, then darting towards the familiar figures on the sands.

More Intense Than Ordinary Egg is… dancing? Can eggs dance? //This egg most certainly is. It's rolling again, in a great big circle, shimmying (eggs can totally do that now) right into its dam where it's entire shell splinters into dark crevices that look suspiciously like the complicated tangle of tree roots. Or maybe that's just your overactive imagination.//

Jaelynn takes in a soft as the bronze is up and moving. "Look at him… So pretty…" Is murmured softly before he looks towards the blue egg that really got her attentions once it is moving. "THta's the one I liked the most."

<Galleries> S'dny can only smile at Quinn's protectiveness, "It's fine." he says to her softly. No need for her to worry about such things. "You can sit down and relax and enjoy the hatching." he says with a chuckle.

<Galleries> Kassala nods her head as the question is thrown her way, "It brings back memories… and yet so different from being down there on the sands. You don't hear or see anything but the eggs and dragonets when you're down there." The redhead answers, still smiling as she finds her seat, removing her flight jacket and leaning in to see where Riohra has gone, and where the current dragonets are. "That one got a girl!" The brown, that is.

Eiram watches the bronze that is inspecting the group, a curious look as it goes up to one of the girls, "Well this could get interesting." He murmurs before he notes one of his favorite dancing eggs is starting to crack and he watches the Pair of bodies again curiously, then to the Intense egg dancing on the sands. "We put the music in them I reckon."

<Galleries> Sephany is happy enough to give over her cloak to Z'ki, though the gloves and scarf remain, twisted up in her hands as she fidgets with some mix of excited nerves. "I would imagine, from up here, it is going to feel as though it passes much more swiftly than it did when you were standing on the Sands," but she cannot speak from experience there, though she's happy to contribute her thoughts. "I am almost as nervous as I was for at the Igen and Half Moon hatching," she laughs, rolling her eyes at her own self. "Oh! So he did," on the heels of Kassala's commentary about the brown.

Pair of Bodys Egg seems to contract inward and then explode outward, raining pieces of shell that stick to newly-hatched wet hide and drip from the dragon fighting their way out from within. There's a shake of that newly-emerged body, a twist of neck and tail, and a moments reprieve to gain bearings before curiosity turns towards waiting candidates.

<Galleries> Quinn doesn't budge an inch. Or maybe just enough to brush the few strands of stray blonde away from her left eye's vision. Although she notes her Weyrleader's words, and even spares him a glance, her attention is soon drawn back to the other guests watching - and occasionally sparing a glance to the Sands too.

Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling
Everything about him screams streamlined power — from his overlarge size to his sturdy proportions, he is the epitome of the perfected fighter. On the cusp of being the largest for his color, he is an adonis of lean muscles and raw strength. Sculpted features are masked by dusky turquoise framing his narrow-shaped eyes, further accentuating his blunted muzzle and squared jawline. Colors darken as they span the length of his neck, a gradual fade of moonlit night down to his broad, heavy muscled chest, chasing long limbs and sweeping back to powerful haunches. He wears this nightshade like a form fitting suit, dark hide flawed in the subtle play of light and shadow that gives the illusion to creases, and lines, and a spattering of nebulous stars. His flaw is in the sense of aged weariness, hide marred in places by ‘scars’ — thin, almost invisible, slashes of white against the deep midnight of his body. Wide wings are sweeping and tapered, balanced perfectly to give him a keen edge in the skies. Notably, however, his tail is short and just barely long enough to keep him from being too top-heavy.

Leuka looks away from the increasing chaos among the eggs to Jaelynn, nodding in agreement to the Dragonhealer. He shrugs to Eiram "Can't say I didn't try to warn you, right Riohra?" Turning to the Hunter, who's paying attention to something in the galleries, he smack the man's shoulder "Pay attention." He looks around quickly, feet shifting like he's about to dodge either way if needed.

<Galleries> There's a loudish snort from V'sri's general direction, and, shifting in his seat slightly, he gives Sephany a bright grin. "Man, I was so dang nervous I almost PEED when I was on the sands, y'know?" He flings out a gesture, nearly smacking an unexpecting spectator (unexpectator?) with a meaty hand. "Oops, sorry, dude. But yeah, at least it's warm in here today. And, y'know, not five o'balls in the friggin' MORNING."

There's fierce writing coming from Inri more than anything, as she makes notes of which hatched in which order while occasionally offering some commentary to Ila'den and the dragon-parents. Kouzevelth's humming never actually got quieter, unfortunately for people who wanted the ground to stay still.

"It's almost…dancing…" Kaitlyn notes to Riohra of the Intense egg, the woman almost chortling, if a bit nerviously. She Nods her agreement to Jaelynn's words of the baby bronze, then looking about to the girl that Impressed that solid brown… and finally back to Whimsy egg. Hopeful are her eyes, again. then that blue breaks shell…and her eyes are just drawn to him like a candleflame's magnetic flickering warmth. To Eiram is whispered, "He's…" Wow? Cool? "Magnificent." Wow. Something actually impressed (ah-ha-ha) the redhead.

<Galleries> "Anyone you know?" Z'ki asks, of Sephany, since he only recognizes a handful of candidates down on the sands. With a sharp exhale, he says, "Oh, I don't know. It felt like it was over pretty quickly down there, too. I mean, I remember watching, but…" he trails off, leaning forward to watch the progress of the various hatchlings. "Harder to keep track of them up here, I think."

Manic Pop Egg isn't doing this right, is it. It's definitely moving now, a steady vibratto creating cracks, but it's also rolling in such a way that it appears its patterns are shifting. Don't look too closely, it's an eyesore, but looked at from the side it's really kind of pretty. Provided anyone has time to pay attention to it with everything else going on.

Riohra finches as he gets hit, blames it on the nerves not the actual hit as he looks at Leuka. But now there is that bronze, oh look at the pretty Blue "hey Eiram, tell me what that one reminds you of"

Lost Everything He Ever Loved Or Feared Bronze Hatchling is moving across the sands in a calculated fashion, though giving off an air as if he's done it all before: he completely knows what he's doing and has been through this a million times, says the swing of his shoulders and the lift of his wings. A couple of local boys fall to his intent inspection, a sniff from chest-level down to foot level, before he moves off again. Not them either. Everyone's falling down on the job here.

<Galleries> Sephany offers a quick bob of her head to Z'ki, flashing another smile his direction; a fleeting glance of grey eyes before she looks back to the sand. She leans somewhat in his direction, the better to speak over the din and remaining hum of dragons. "Those three," and she tries to point to the trio. "You know Riohra," and the two near him are Leuka and Eiram. Eiram's the short one," she explains. "Leuka and Eiram are both Harpers. There was, apparently, quite a few in this candidate class." As for V'sri and his pee-ing comment, she just rolls her eyes and lets it go. Really. What's she gonna say to that? "There is that," she agrees, for the time. "Better to interrupt dinner than to wake everyone from their beds."

<Galleries> Kassala laughs at hearing the other rider, nodding, "Almost… I remember clinging to your hand though." That is thrown over to Z'ki, a smile shared with her fellow clutchmate rider, "And having to remind you to breathe at one point." Yep, sharing all the secrets! Back to the sands, she watches as dragonets are joined by a lovely blue, "He's quite lovely.." No doubt, the youngest gold on a ledge above, is crooning and watching with some fascination.

Jaelynn ahs softly as a blue appears next and she smiles. "They are all just lovely arn't they?" Hearing Riohra she glances over to Eiram before catching sight of thebronze stll about and watches him once more curiously. "He is really checking everyone out."

Velourve Machine Egg begins to fracture, the cracks racing from the apex to the base.

Eiram's attention is divided between the bronze almost warily of his calculated movements to the newly hatched blue. "I knew it was a boy.." He says with a grin and almost hopeful look in his eyes for the blue. "He is going to be so big and manly, you can already tell!" He says with a firm nod and he glances back to the bronze as he makes his way down the line. Another tug on his tunic gets it almost falling off one his shoulders.

Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling tilts his head, whirling eyes taking in robes of white and the faces that they belong to. He's still a long moment, a broad-chested and magnificent sight to behold despite the bits of dragon-birth that cling to his night-woven hide with enviable tenacity. There's a hint of movement: a ripple of muscle that moves with sensual fluidity along bulging arms to chest, traveling the tips of wingsails until an echo of that energy manifests and is released in the flick of a short tail. But then he waits, still as death, patient as any predator, careful before he starts the hunt to select his prey.

Leuka watches as the brown hatchling picks out one of the quietest girls among the candidate group. "One down." He mutters and keeps his gaze flicking round. Kaitlyn's comments has him focusing on the Intense egg, that seems to crack when it rolls into the the clutch queen. As the little bronzling sniffs and dismisses one after another, he looks to his fellow JourneyHarper "That one's all you Kaitlyn." Is he sidestepping away from the violent woman, most certainly he is.

You Wish You Were This Cool Egg shivers and stills almost immediately, righting itself with a delicate air. What? No. You saw nothing.

<Galleries> Now, instead of nearly giving a high five to someone's face, V'sri's tipping his hand back and forth. "Idunno, dinner's pretty good stuff. So is sleep though," he pontificates, inasmuch as the beefy bronzer is capable of doing so. "Oops! There goes the brown! Huh, I didn't call her goin' brown, but you never know."

<Galleries> "I've met both the harpers," Z'ki admits, after Sephany points them out. "Eiram the first day we met — he's the one with those tall tales, as I recall," he says, with a twitching of lips. "And Leuka just the other day when I was visited Riohra." Kassala's words earn a grin. "Hey — I wasn't going to mention it. You're going to spoil my," with a gruff attempt at a frown, not reallyworking out well though, "Reputation." Soon enough a smile =is alighting again, because… hatching!

Kaitlyn instantly notices when that nasty Velouvre egg rocks around the clock, and she hisses softly to those around her, "Watch out for *that* one. It *punches*." Scowl. Leuka's words of having the bronze look to her has an opposite reaction to what he might wish: Kait smiles broadly, looks proud. "I'd be happy to Impress him. The very first female bronzerider. And he's rather handsome in his own way."

More Intense Than Ordinary Egg can't be stopped, won't be stopped, BURSTS with bits of shell and egg goo that are positively indiscriminate in who they land on. YOU get some egg, and YOU get some egg, and YOU GET SOME EGG! But what does a bit of miracle yuck matter, when the wet hatchling within is revealed? … and is falling sideways. Onto his head. Oops. Don't worry. He'll figure it out.

This Dragon's for Hire Bronze Hatchling
They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and seldom is that more accurately represented than in this bronze. He's a formidable dragon, all sharp edges and lean angles, stunted of maw with deep-set eyes that peer from beneath a long, sloping brow. Headknobs are viciously twisted, more akin to horns or the warped branches of a tree than traditional telepathic receptors. It is not the first hint of arboriousness to define him - indeed, his very hide appears variegated, strong, ageless bronze streaked over and over with lines of sepia and umber, tracking across his flesh in markings akin to the armored bark of an ancient tree. Neckridges rise in jagged crags, surging from his spine like so many axed stumps, ending as abruptly as they rose. His wings are no less grisly, bent and twisted things that prove themselves flight-worthy in their vast expanse alone, for thin, finger-like spindled excuses for wingspars certainly lend them no credence. This dragon's tail operates much like his every joint and knuckle, knobby to a fault, ending in two long tailtips with a fondness for creeping groundwards. Only the crest of his head seems to harbor any sort of softness of physical demeanor - nestled in amongst dips and valleys of striated color are pale shoots of springtime green, dank crusts of feldspar, mottling over his brow like so much moss, containing within their nurturing depths small hints of leafmatter, perhaps hinting at a gentleness to his nature that can't help but break ground.

Riohra looks at the bronze and how he is acting with a grin saying "Yeah, I think he is." Hey dragons are weird just ask his friends! He turns his head to the arguing harpers saying "ok you two, keep it together." No one wants to the the clutch sire and Dame eat a pair of canidates.

Double Blue Blues Egg is, also, not daunted by the progress of its siblings. Instead, there are loudly encouraging trills coming from the network of large chunks now missing from the shell. You're doing great! Don't worry! Hatching is fine, this is normal, probably. If only it could manage to figure out how to get the egg…off. Completely.

<Galleries> Kassala watches as the first bronze continues to make his way down the line of Candidates, shaking her head, "He's sure looking them over one by one." And then there's the blue… and another bronze? "Oh, look…. I think it's a bronze. Maybe a brown." She can't see it very good at first. That smile flashes over at Z'ki, laughter escaping her, "I think your reputation is good… Everyone excuses what happens on the sands on hatching day, I think."

<Galleries> "Even if you pee," V'sri interjects, somewhat absently.

Kouzevelth is certainly eyeing Kaitlyn and Leuka as if they might be IN TROUBLE, but it's not … quite the glare of someone who wants to eat them. Teimyrth, though, he might eat you.

<Galleries> "It is… but if I had to choose whether or not I would give up my meal, or my sleep," says Sephany, "I would choose the meal. I can always eat it after." Or even bring it along, really. "Oh, that is right! Eiram was part of that skating disaster…" over a Turn ago now. "I didn't know you'd met Leuka, though…" and however she feels about that is rather hard to tell, though there's suddenly a guarded sort of expression, a little straightening of her shoulders and fleeting tension in her jaw. Thankfully, there is distraction in the form of the Hatching down below. "Oh! That blue is just beautiful…" is murmured in all honesty, grey eyes pinned to the new hatchling before flashing to the next bronze to grace the sands. "I would agree," for reputations. "It is not as though anyone up here is going to know… and I am sure your fellow candidates have just as much they would prefer others not know. Even if you pee." Mutual blackmail? "Though, if I recall correctly, from the Stands you looked just as grounded then as you do now," she notes of Z'ki, a glance spared his direction that lingers a bit longer than necessary.

Leuka raises a brow to Kaitlyn and shakes his head at her odd enthusiasm, but smirks to Riohra and replies with a nasaly "Yes dad." But his attention remains mostly on the roaming dragonets and eggs, holding his ground when hatchlings go cruising by and continue on. He does lean his head to Eriam a bit "Stop trying to pull your robe off." New eggs twitch and a couple more start cracking and Leuka begins to go quiet a the sands get more crowded and possibly dangerous.

Eiram's attention is divided now between the three dragonets now revealed on the sands. His hands reach out to the men beside him to grab their's. Breath is held as the bronze inspector gets close before finally a big breath is taken again. The youngest candidate by far and the littlest, he stands out on those sands, still he tries to stand as tall as his 5 foot 2 will allow! His gaze is drawn to the blue dragonet again, curious who his former dance partner will go to!

Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling finally moves, the embodiment of poignant grace if not for the fact that two steps forward nearly does him in. He stumbles, stills, twists his head to glance behind as he takes in that two-pronged tail meant for balance and gives it another flick. He stumbles again, rights his footing with a rumbling sound that starts in his chest as a warning, and then shifts his attention back to that waiting congregation of white-robed hopefuls. That moonlit dappled nose rises, scenting the wind, tilting his head in the direction of his intended before moving with a still clumsy, but slightly more stable gait.

M'icha has been here the whole time, honest! He's just his usual snappish, heavily sarcastic and no BS self as he orchestrates his AWLMs to tend to the new pairs, while he keeps a heavy scowl on the rest of the Hatching going down.

Velourve Machine Egg cracks before splintering, the shell falling away in a gentle shower.

**Okay, so This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling's feet didn't quite agree with this whole existing thing. It's fine. He'll figure it out. See? Look. He's already mastering how to use those overlong toes of hi— annnnnd he's down again. Okay, listen. He's totally got this. THERE. On his feet, proud and… tilting sideways… HA! TAKE THAT, GRAVITY! Not again! Speaking of gravity, is it possible for dragons to dance? Because this little guy is. He's bopping his hindquarters in time to a beat that only he can hear (or is that Leirith, somewhere in the distance, thrumming enthusiasm down the line?), crossing one foot over the other in a two-step that's surely not the product of this magnificent bronze attempting to keep his footing. He might start off going in the wrong direction, but a (totally on purpose) stagger sets him onto the right course, ambling past potential lifemates with maybe a little too much inertia. Move back, candies! Here. He. Comes!

Jersey Girl Green Hatchling
The broken egg leaves behind a sweet, curvy little green, her neck arched and her eyes bleary. First she yawns, then stretches, and then she gets to all fours and sets off, seeking her lifemate. She finds him in a man just on the edge of being too old to stand. He looks shocked when she approaches, but an expression of adoration and love blooms across his face. "Gillianth! Yes, of course I'll be yours!"

With a triumphant cry the Jersey Girl Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jaelynnshakesher head and glance over to Leuka. "She's ben totally fine. Your just tepting your own fate at the moment." She murmur back to him. Her gaze is back to the eggs and hatchlings that have made it out from the eggs so far with a light nervous breath escaping her. The staggering bronze does get her attention and she ohs softly.

Lost Everything He Ever Loved Or Feared Bronze Hatchling has done almost the entire circuit and hasn't found ANYTHING yet. Except people not even bordering on good enough. They're all slouching, or looking the wrong way, or have a ridiculous haircut or some other thing he just would never be able to live with. But as he rounds on the next one, something seems more satisfactory. Instead of the sniff and move on, upon inspecting Riohra, the bronze sits.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lost Everything He Ever Loved Or Feared Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Fantastical Whimsy Egg finally gives up the ghost, perhaps in the most literal of senses. Bright colors give way to a beast of almost no color at all, wraithly-seeming if not for a fine, healthy snarl and a roll of agitated hues through faceted eyes.

Bad Desires Blue Hatchling
Darkness personified, this blue is the endless deep of the sea floor, the living embodiment of a starless night. Only the most umbrous of phthalos dare break the stygian depths of his hide in eerie ripples and nebulous drifts that only just manage to lighten the edges of his angular form. It curls about the hard features of his face in a fanged mask, spikes his spine in angry rakes, delineates each rib in a dance most macabre. These skeletal glimmers glitter with the dampness left behind by his shell, a creature of much agitation from so pleasant an egg, but it isn't distress that lightens Liyara's features - that's a smile as the blue executes slow, deliberate, inexorable steps, knowing already whose his is, was, forever will be. "Strychnith," now-Lyra breathes, features softening with a smile as her hands find the blue's face. "Of course. I'll never tell. Come now, let's get you fed," she says, leading her new lifemate towards the weyrlingmasters by a single wing.

With a triumphant cry the Bad Desires Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Galleries> "Still," Z'ki says, "Let's keep that between us friends, shall we?" with a wry smile. The normally observant guard misses Sephany's expression, because he's leaning forward to track the progress of the bronze, so close to the candidates as he is now. With a somewhat gruff smile, Z'ki adds, "Let's stick with 'grounded' for now." He prefers that descriptor, clearly. And maybe he'd add something else, but… "Riohra?" he sits up, sharply, as the bronze stops near his friend, straining to hear.

Oh crap, Kouzevelth's eyeing them rather unpleasantly, or so it seems to Kaitlyn. She bows a little to the gold dragon, shuts her yap about that nasty egg, focuses on dragonets moving about. The new bronzeling gets a stare, and Kait notes to Eiram very very softly, "He looks like one of those twisted tree relics. Interesting." Then the 'nasty' egg hatches out a green…and Kait smirks roughly. "Figures." When she chooses her human - a man to perhaps bully - the redhead whispers to Leuka, "She picked the wrong guy. Had *yours* written all over her." And then Rio is claimed by the bronzeling, and Kait's first backing off to protect herself, just in case, then grining hugely at the hunter. "Congratulations!" And then Whimsy egg explodes, drawing her attention away from the man…and another blue steps forth. A strange blue that doesn't see to fit the egg's presence…but still, Kaitlyn steps one, two paces forward…until said blue picks another girl. Finally, the Harper-Dancer slumps a little bit, retreats again to Eiram's side…and watches Rio get acquinted with his newset, bestest buddy.

Riohra holds Eiram's hand, hey no shame on the sands, ask that V'sri guy who peed where Kaitlyn is probably standing. He would glance at the stands but then there is at bronze hatchling coming by and who inspects him more which makes him stand straighter for somereason then he flinches like just got slapped on the back of the head and says "Yeah I think the food is over this way, Wiliyeth". Shut put he isnt crying you all are crying, ok Riohra or R'hra as he is now named is crying but they are manly tears as he heads over towards the Weyrlingmasters.

Leuka looks down quickly when something suddenly has a death grip on his hand. "Ease up there little dude." To Eiram who's more tense than he's letting on it seems. And now he's being scolded by Jaelynn, he'll have to figure out what he said to deserve that one later. Now, he's gotta be ready to jump this way or that. His attention s caught by one of the young dragons, who sems to be dancing….backwards.. No, forward. Wait, sideways now? Either way he decides to move, he's certainly got a killer beat to dance to. He looks ovr to Riohra to point the odd looking bronze out, when the Hunter is being sized up already.

You Wish You Were This Cool Egg can contain its coolness no longer. It fractures along one side, dark hide streaked with silver showing through the edges.

Eiram looks to the bronze and grins as it settles in front of Riohra. After a moment he remembers to let Riohra's hand go so as to not interfere with things. There is a look of anticipation for his friend as he gives him space. The other dragons continue to catch his eyes and each impression made there is a growing excitement in his eyes. The staggering blue catches his gaze again, "You can do it.." he murmurs his encouragement as he absently pulls the tunic back up to cover his shoulder once more.

Okay, so that would have looked a lot more cool if he hadn't staggered and nearly fallen again. How about you try looking this good in egg-y Faranth-knows-what with shell clinging to your snout and feet that want to go left when you tell them to go right? That's what we THOUGHT. But This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling doesn't care what you think about his (totally amazing) inability to balance. He is on the prowl for that someone who's going to give him music to dance the rest of his life to. Just you wait. Or, you know, give him the benefit of the doubt because his entire body just drooped, head to the sands, before his entire body went with it.

Manic Pop Egg has FINALLY stopped with the weird gyrations, and if anything it seems to somehow pulsate in place around those cracks, garish dark lines throbbing until they all break apart at once, egg-bits and inner-egg-goo anywhere as a blue hatchling emerges from the carnage.

Go-Kart Mozart Blue Hatchling
He is a bright, azure blue at base, matching the brilliance of the water of his clutchdad's homelands. Dark streaks splash across his wings, punctuating their uncomfortable largeness as they are dragged across the sands when he moves, highly reminiscent of his dam in her weyrlinghood. His underside is pale and almost shimmering when light touches it, and he bounds along with large paws that miraculously aren't tripping over his own expanse of wing. It takes him only moments to find and then barrel into the legs of and knock over tall, slim Rosalita. "Oof," is what comes from the candidate's mouth first, and a yelp from the hot sands, but in the end she's got her arm slung around his neck and is using his back to help her stand: "That's okay, Rugarth, I forgive you."

With a triumphant cry the Go-Kart Mozart Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling is nighttime cloaked in stars, all supple hide with infinitesimally small imperfections that seem to stand out with increasing clarity the more he moves — no, not moves, stalks. He files along the rows of those lifemate-eagers as they shift against the heat of the sands, ignoring every wistful glance and expectant stare that follows his movement as he wanders by without a backward glance. But then he stills before one male candidate, a wuffle of hot breath as he turns one whirling eye onto an apprentice harper and extends his neck to press snout into belly. You're a dragonrider now.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Darkness on the Edge Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Galleries> Sephany's attention very quickly goes back to the sands below, drawn there by Z'ki's mention of their mutual friend's name, grey eyes quickly finding the tall hunter and… "Oh!" and there's a brief look of shock, then delight, and then mild concern as she glances towards Kassala.

<Galleries> As the bronze makes his way, only to pause there before Riohra, Kassala holds her breath for a moment. Could it be, might it be? By the time she hears the name, she lifts her hands and fingers go into her mouth, and a sharp, long whistle, is given much like one that rang out when she impressed back in Igen. "Yesss.. Riohra!!!" There's tears running down her cheeks as well, her body dancing as she cheers he and his bronze on towards the Weyrlingmasters! Sitting back down, she grins at Sephany and Z'ki, "Bronze.. a bronze picked him. I kept telling him.. and telling him.. and he didn't believe me!"

Kaitlyn staggeres a little out of the way when Eiram is claimed by that lovely blue dragon, the woman looking surprised, then warmly happy for the once-apprentice. "Congratulations, Eiram. He's lovely!" is murmured to the kid. She sees another blue nab a girl, a nod coming from the dancer.

Jaelynn won't go about explain why or why not she wuld be scolding dear Leuka, let's face it she could perhaps figure out a few things. She glances over to Rio once th ebronze is stopping before him and she blinks. A soft clap escaping her and she smile. "Good for you Riohra. Then there is more hatchlings and some getn impressed and then there is the bronze stumbling about which gets her gaze lifting once more. "Aww… Poor guy."

<Galleries> "Wiliyeth, did I hear?" Z'ki's eyes go distant for a moment to confirm his guess through Jizunoth — or maybe he got it from Ji in the first place. "A good fit," his cheerful smile is probably the equivalent of a normal person's version of cheering, leaning over to press a hand against Kassala's arm, grinning at her.

Double Blue Blues Egg has got it! The top half of the egg, finally freed from almost all sides, is tossed aside like the useless thing that it is now. The dragonet that tumbles onto the sands doesn't need her egg, any more! She's here, and she's ready to get going!

Don't Waste Your Time Waiting Green Hatchling
Shadows of barren umber are only barely held off by scrubby sage, clinging stubbornly to the rangy form of this new-hatched green. Juniper and long dry lichen brighten a drab hide here and there, adding splashes of hopeful color. Too-large wings spread, shadowed below in deep olive drab that fights for prominence among the brighter shades — above, scorched by a sun's harsh rays into near-yellow. The harsh glare shines down heavy shoulders and a short, sturdy neck too, but can't match the evergreen shadow that clings to her neck and belly. The same dry, dusty pine dapples the strong features of her tiny face, now turned towards the stands in dazed confusion. One step, two — thump! Even as she stumbles onto the sand, baby roman nose thumping hard into the sands, a tiny girl who looks barely old enough to be Standing jolts, suddenly not at all as nervous as she's been since the start of the hatching. "Kalahrith?" The girl squeaks, and darts forward, righting the little green with a steady hand. "Yeah, I know." Tyreahli - now Tyr - breathes, voice shaking only a little as she nods at the Weyrlingmaster who's come to take them off of the sands. "You'll get better. Nobody walks good at first." Off they go, the girl talking the whole way to the sun-touched green.

With a triumphant cry the Don't Waste Your Time Waiting Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Galleries> "Wiliyeth…" murmurs Sephany, trying the name on for size as it is confirmed by those around her. She doesn't have time to linger there, though… delighted as she is for Riohra, it's Eiram's impression of the magnificently night-cloaked blue that has the very-pregnant woman on her feet. "EIRAM!!" Surprise. Delight. Joy. ALL OF IT! As thrilled as she had been to see her flesh and-blood brother Impress back at Half Moon. "Oh! What's his name?" she demands of Kass and Z'ki, looking to the pair of dragonriders for them to supply the hatchling's name to her.

Eiram stands still as the blue stands before him and he just holds his breath again. The memory of their dance still in his mind. Even when he tries to breath again he seems a bit constricted, a little panic in his eyes for but a moment. When he can move, when he can breath again he stumbles forward and touches the face of the blue and puts his own face to it. "Oh Toskavath…let us eat, we are hungry. I'am? Yes…I am." He walks over to where the weyrlingmaster is waiting, the rest of the world forgotten just now.

<Galleries> Kassala is happy, practically bouncing on her seat. Nevermind the tears. They are happy tears, promise! "Wiliyeth. Yes." A bob of her red head is given to the question, seconded by the gold above. But then it's back to the sands as Seph calls out Eiram's name, and she spies the lovely blue there, "Oh man.. he got the pretty blue! " A pause, a cock of an ear, and she hmms, "Toskavath… yes.. that's it.." A glance to Z'ki, just to make sure, though why she would be questioning her own lifemate is anyone's guess. Then again, the gold is delighted at all the dragonets, and how small they are and… so many questions being asked.

<Galleries> V'sri would pose, but he is too busy doling out high-fives like someone announced an Amazon Gift Truck full of 'em.

Leuka is starting to sidestep away from S'dny a bit, then he stops and just backs away from Eiram now a well when a blue seems to be studying the younger Harper a intently. He'll try to shake off the deathgrip on his hand and gives his friends space with what seems to be their dragonmates. Edging away, he's now near Jaelynn and Kaitlyn. Well, Jaelynn he can deal with when he's sober, so he's got that going for him at the moment. Wincing at the hatchling seems to try planting himself in the sands. "Maybe he needs a good watering?" Leuka's hand begins to tap on his leg, some odd pattern to a song no one else is listening to. When Eiram leads his young blue away "Congrts Eiram." He calls after his departing Apprentice.

<Galleries> Sephany will forgive V'sri his lack of pose. <3

This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling meant to do that, you guys. He just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention, like he's paying attention now, as he reclaims his knobby-kneed footing and stands akimbo, whirling blue eyes focused on the candidates with a gentle kind of patience as if he's trying to gauge just how to get from point A to point B. He puts one paw in front of the other, then the other, then the other, gaining speed until he's barrelling forward and looks like maybe he doesn't know how to stop when he digs hindquarters into hot sands, sending it spraying in great arcs outwards, then comes to a halt by smacking into the knees of one of those white-robed candidates. But he found you, didn't he? And there's a muzzle being butted against a chest that's a much a claiming as it is a gesture of relief. He found you. Hopefully he didn't hurt you.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the This Dragon's for Hire Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<Galleries> You are too kind.

<Galleries> Kelani has been here the whole time, yep, sitting with her father from Harper hall. She is leaning forward watching the hatching but mostly her cousin Riohra out on the sands. When he impresses she jumps from her seat in an uncharistic outburst from the young healer. "Yay Rio!"

<Galleries> With a nod of confirmation to his fellow Igenite, Z'ki confirms Kassala — or rather Xerosaeth's — words, "Toskavath. Great name!" he says enthusiastically, gaze following Eiram for a moment or two. Jizunoth is perhaps less vocal than his clutchsibling, though curiosity does drive him to touch each of the hatchlings, albeit briefly, once they've impressed, a light greeting of welcome and nothing more.

Jaelynn blances over to Eiram who well isn't there anymore. "There dropping like flies…" She says with a faint amused tone while smiling clearly appy for her friends to find their lifemates it seems. The approaching bronze is seen and a faint ah escapes her as she glances to Leuka and actually side steps away from him. She'll just be over there to see what may happen now!

Kaitlyn no longer has the support of Eiram or Leuka nearby, so she moves towards Jaelynn, eschewing Leuka totally. "Hello there…" Is noted to her fellow candidate. More dragons hatchings, Impressings are eyes, but by now, the dancing Harper looks a little aloof in some way from the goings-on around her. That Leuka is claimed by a bronzeling is reason for the woman to roll her eyes, shake her head a little in disgust, but he's no longer *her* problem. Let the Weyrlinmasters whip him into line…hopefully. Too bad his lifemate didn't roll over him in his enthusiasm, cut off Leuka's legs.

You Wish You Were This Cool Egg's fissure only spreads, circling the shell before both edges fall away to reveal the sad little hatchling curled within.

Waitin' on a Sunny Green Hatchling
This poor little green looks like she could use a hug. Her hide paints her forever as something morose, cool, milky greens dripping along her hide and pooling about her ankles. Misty-murky clouds of mossy green drift along her spine, shedding silvery streaks like so much rain down the slim arc of her wings. Her tail fades to a shade so dark it's almost upsetting, as though drug through a puddle of mud from which she could not muster the will to clean it. This same dark color circles her neck in a single band of deep-dark emerald. Her steps reflect her mood, slow and timid as she sneaks her way closer to the human destined to be her sunny day. "Oh, Eucosiath, no, I love you and I always will," Darenski murmurs, the blonde boy dropping to his knees to wrap his arms about the hatchling. "I'll be your E'sk forever no matter what. Come on, let's go get you cleaned up. You'll feel better after you've something to eat."

With a triumphant cry the Waitin' on a Sunny Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

M'icha makes a quick tally of the color spread while his AWLMs fan out to collect those newly Impressed pairs. At least it'll be kinder, as they're likely to greet them with warm smiles and genuine words of congratulations and encouragement. Guided to where meat has been prepared for that crucial first feeding, they'll have their hands full in no time!

<Galleries> "Toskavath!" Sephany is practically screaming it, she's so danged excited. It's the rather large baby-bump that prevents the otherwise tiny weaver from jumping up and down, though she's on her feet and bouncing on her toes, cupping her hands around her mouth and shouting toward the sands with wild abandon, cheering indistinguishable words of encouragement and love. It is because she is soon out of breath (shouting and bouncing and being seven-months-pregnant will do that to a person) that she takes a seat, face flushed and eyes bright.

Which leaves Inri, also having been note-taking, to make the speech. You all know the one, but she doesn't seem too melancholy about making it. Somehow, she manages to make it upbeat. "So," she says, using Kouzevelth's foot now as a stand to get her voice to carry easily across the group, "For those of you who haven't Impressed, I would like to remind you all that you're welcome to stay on at Fort, be it to Stand again or simply to remain. Your dragon not being here today does not minimize the impact of your Search. Regardless of what you choose, dinner should be getting a fair bit fancier, so — " she has to stop mid-sentence to sneeze, how unbecoming, "— please join us for the celebration." And that's that.

Leuka looks away from the sandplanted hatchling to keep an eye on what the other chaotic young hatchlings are doing, and where they are darting too. When he peers back to the odd looking bronzling again, it's up and on the move, and it seems to be picking up speed, this way. "Oh shell!" IT's gaining momentum when suddenly a wall of sand is flying their way. Even though Jaelynn and the evil Diva bailed and left him to face the perils alone.He's back stepping a bit, arms raised to shield face from the sand. Thankfully he did back up, else he'd be hurting quite a bit, but as it is, only his legs will be bruised tomorrow. Managing to keep his feet under him he reaches out to help steady the unsteady bronzling. "Careful Roth!" He seems to nod at something hea hears and grins broadly "Hmm, you're right, Lu'ka is a fine name." He helps his lifemate get his knobby legs back under him and gets him moving int he right direction for food "We'll work on your rhythm after we fill your belly." Then the new pair are shuffling after an awlm.

<Galleries> "Ah. A group full of harpers. Fort's Weyrlingmaster is going to have their hands full," Z'ki says, grinning as he spots Leuka near the bronze. After a moment of conferring, he reports, "Roth," for Sephany's benefit, presumably.

<Galleries> Kassala watches as the last few dragonets make their match, only to peer, "Sephany.. look.. Leuka got bronze too!" Lookatthat! She cheers as well for the harper, laughing as she makes the comment, "Those weyrlingmasters are going to have their hands full with all three of them." She almost pities them. Lots!

Jaelynn wasn't about to get between Leuka and a bronze, so sorry! She watches as the two impress though and chuckles a bit before glancing back to the sands a moment as well the others have found who theyhad been looking for. She looks to Inri and offers a polite bow to her and the others before turning to make her way off the sands along with the others that didn't find a lifemate either it seems.

<Galleries> As focused as Sephany may have been on the apprentice harper-turned weyrling, she certainly does not miss the Impression of that bronze to Leuka. "Leuka!" No matter what may have gone down between the pair, she can't help but to be thrilled for him. "Roth…" with a quick 'thank you' glance to Z'ki for the name.

Kaitlyn listens to the words from Inri that she *knew* must come, the dancer bobbing her deep-fiery head to the junior weyrwoman and Kouzevelth, the sire and his human rider, the woman waiting for just the right amount of time as is politically correct to begin moving off the hot Sands. She doesn't look disappointed, or upset. Cest la vie.

<Galleries> Poor R'hyn has been used as a battering ram for Syn this whole time, patted and half-punched with each impression until finally the last is made. "Oh, but she looked so sad. I'm glad she found someone. That bronze, though. Leia searched him, I'm sure she's so proud. Probably about choked whoever she was sitting with. He helped her deliver her baby, did you know? Well. 'Helped.' Still. I've got to chase Pish down and congratulate him, myself. I knew he had the makings of a rider in him. So much potential even as a young gun. Maybe that handsome blue of his will go to sleep quickly and we'll get to see him at the feast. Come on," and she's off, tiny blondeness hauling the bronzerider away with a cackle and everything but a click of her heels.

<Galleries> As the hatching comes to a close S'dny gets up from his chair offering smiles and waves all around as he departs the galleries to head back homeward.

<Galleries> Rising, Z'ki holds out Sephany's cloak with the intent of settling over her shoulders. "Shall we head on to the feast?" he asks both her and Kassala, with a glance between the pair.

<Galleries> As people begin to file out of the galleries now that the new weyrlings have been guided off to the barracks, Kassala turns to Sephany and Z'ki, "Are you two sticking around, or heading back to Igen?" The question is asked, as it's obvious that she's going to stick around, hopefully to meet up with Rio… R'hra.. once he finishes feeding his new dragon.

<Galleries> Clearly, great minds think alike. Cloak settled around her shoulders, Sephany offers a "Thank you," for Z'ki, along with a head-bob of affirmation for both. "Yes. Dinner sounds great… and it would be nice to see the weyrlings, if we're able to." Her well-wrinkled scarf is quickly wrapped around her neck, tucked beneath the cloak that she fastens at her throat.

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