Who K'vir, Vossrik, Rulayn, Am'ry
What Socialising before Kayeth rises.
When Afternoon, Winter, Turn 2711
Where Shenanigan's Lounge

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Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Another hour, another day and another unusual sighting of Rulayn within the confines of Shenanigans. This seems to becoming a habit for the stable girl, who is once again sitting at a coffee table with her usual mug of klah. Three times in the last sevenday might seem scarce to any frequent patron, but for the young woman, it's borderline addiction. However, rather than doing anything in particular today the girl is sat upright with her drink clasped firmly between her hands. She's dressed casually, but there's nothing 'casual' about her. In fact, she's frequently looking in every direction, as if expecting something to pop out at her. First her gaze darts to the door, then to the bar, then to any other person hovering nearby. Something has her on high alert, for certain!

K'vir isn't the one that Rulayn is dreading, is it? Because the bronzerider appears from one of the entrances, brows knit and looking a little cagey himself. What's he doing back in Fort so soon? Aside from the fact it used to be his home and all his family is here. Brushing the snow from his jacket and doing his best to stomp his boots clear of it too, he'll stride towards the bar and order a warm-something as far as drinks go. Is it alcoholic? Probably. Just like his dad in that respect! Wearing Igen's colors, he looks all innocent and forgettable, if not slightly out of place as an 'Outsider'.

CLANG! BOOM! BOFF! Is Batman fighting behind the bar? Judging by the sensible boots that stick out from behind, probably not, and with a final BANG! (no ZZLOPP though) Vossrik gets to his feet and grabs his tools, all in one fluid motion. "There ya go, that oughta hold ya up a bit better back there for cooling," he announces, slapping his hands against his be-aproned front. "Oh, jeez, when'd people … sorry! Sorry, guys. Didn't mean to, uh, disturb your … drinks?" Blinking, he rubs a handkerchief against his sweaty brow, offering a small smile, eyes cast down. A tap on his shoulder gains his attention, and a drink is offered to the vaguely grody Smith. "Ah, uh… thanks."

Perhaps the loud noises coming from behind the bar would have drawn the girl to her senses in normal conditions, but Rulayn really isn't feeling 'normal' today. In fact she looks downright worried about something. A brief glance is given in the direction of Vossrik as he hops into view, and her gaze falls upon K'vir. The thought of calling the Bronzer over to her table seems tempting, but she holds off. Hands shaking, she takes a quick drink from her mug of klah, then settles her gaze back upon the doorway.

K'vir startles for the noise coming from the bar, almost spilling his drink in the process as the bartender hands it over. "…sorry." is hastily mumbled and then he's quick to drop a few marks on the bar top. All while he peers at Vossik like he's some strange, alien curiosity. "Didn't bother me!" he states, attempting to behave casually but too much to be taken seriously. Him? Startled easily? PFFT. Lies! "What broke this time?" See? Friendly bronzerider is friendly! Unlike his dad. Turning in his seat a bit, he'll glimpse Rulayn from the corner of his eye and beam, surprised for the second time. Yet since he's already engaged with Vossrik, he'll just give her a quick wave! Spared, she is, from him joining her at her table — for now.

Vossrik bobbles off a quick, awkward sort of half-salute. He starts with his dominant hand, only pausing when the realization dawns faintly in his eyes that he's sending his cup on a collision course with his forehead. "Um, cooling unit had a cracked housing on it. Needed to be fitted with a new front. I… I made it. The front, I mean!" Faster than a hummingbird's wings, he blinks nervously. "So 'course the Master said I oughta be the one to stick it on there."

Any eyes on the doorway will see Am'ry enter, with his hair ruffled and slightly damp- perhaps suggestive of being under the helmet that would go with the riding gear he's wearing. The bluerider unbuttons his flight jacket as he approaches the bar, giving Vossrik and K'vir a sidelong look as he leans up against the counter to order himself a grog. He only catches the latter part of the conversation, which leads to him squinting at Vossrik with a teasing smirk on his lips. "Normally kids your age are talking about sticking things in, not on… but each to his own, hrm?" He winks and clicks his tongue at K'vir, raising the mug he's just received in a cheers to the teenager.

For a moment, Am'ry's entrance is given the highest amount of scrutiny by the seated stablegirl, and a particularly long stare as he unfastens his jacket. Only when he decides to settle at the bar do her eyes wander back to the doorway. Whatever could she be waiting for? Another sip of klah is taken, although in her haste she practically inhales the stuff. Coughing frantically as she chokes on the beverage, and with eyes watering, she sets the mug back down and takes a moment to thump her chest to aid in clearing her airways. Choking on klah would be an embarrassing way to go, after all!

"… new front?" Pardon K'vir here as he looks lost after Vossrik mentions 'cooling unit'. He's tech illiterate and it shows! "So you're a — tech crafter or Smith?" he ventures on to ask the other teenager, only to turn in his seat again as Am'ry makes his appearance. There's a bit of a spluttered, half-cough, half-laugh for the bluerider's comment. "I'm not even… going to answer that." He lifts his hands up and everything. NOT touching that! He's about to enjoy some of his drink though when the sound of Rulayn's coughing pulls him away. He's off like a flash too from the bar and at her side. Typical bronzerider! "Hey, you okay?"

"I…" Am'ry earns himself a fish impression, courtesy of Vossrik's face. "Well, um, sir, I don't know, sir," he stammers out, the fish-face turning decidedly crimson. "But I fabricate stuff. Work metal and all that, so 'cause this isn't the part that does that, I got to put it on there?" As his sentence ends in an upswept pitch mimicking a query, he quite suddenly becomes VERY INTERESTED in the contents of his glass, staring at the ice that swirls at the bottom, the corners of his mouth twitching almost imperceptibly. "Um, no choking, ma'am."

With flustered young men in his wake, Am'ry straightens up from his lean against the bar so he can drink down some of his grog, while peering over the rim at the choking Rulayn. He doesn't rush to her side, though he is at least keeping an eye on Rulayn - enough so to signal for a glass of water from the bar tender. Once he's got that in hand, he gives Vossrik a parting nod of his head and steps away, passing Rulayn's table and sliding the glass of water onto it with a raised-brow look from the girl to K'vir. "Slow sips. Don't choke yourself." K'vir's given another look, and then the bluerider continues on his way to join a table of people his own age.

Rulayn continues to cough for several seconds as she regains her composure, barely noticing K'vir rushing over. She tries to wave him off in a dismissive gesture, just to indicate that she wasn't about to choke to death yet. "I'm.. Fine.." She wheezes, reaching up to wipe her eyes afterwards. Of course Vossrik's words are ignored - there's no time to be telling her there are rules against choking! The water is gratefully accepted though and with a small nod managed to the Bluerider, Rulayn takes the glass and raises it to her lips, taking small sips to regain herself and wincing against the sting in her throat.

"You're sure?" Cue a hovering K'vir that doesn't exactly fuss over her but looks very much like he's tempted to. Nope, those hands stay at his side and he'll look back at the bar where he'd abandoned his drink. Am'ry gets a passing nod, but it's to the girl his attention shifts again, "Why don't you join us? Or we can join you?" Yeah, he's totally just volunteered (voluntold?) an invite for Vossik too. Complete with a look and a nod sent to the teenager. S'cool, right?

Oh man! The BIG KIDS table! You don't gotta voluntell him twice! "Thank you, sir, I could use a sit-down," Vossrik replies, a smile flashing across his face. There's a loud protest from the chair's legs against the floor as he pulls in to settle, and the smile is replaced by a moritified sort of grimace. "Sorry. Sorry. I uh, do that. Sometimes. Heh. Ummm…" Clearing his throat, he casts looks around, squinting slightly against the light in search of a distraction. "So is this where people… go? A lot? Here? I just got sent over to help with metalworking for a time. So I'm still sorta learning the, ah, lay of the … weyr."

Considering that Rulayn was the only 'adult' at the table, Rulayn still didn't seem to mind Vossrik joining them at the table. Eventually the woman was breathing smoothly again and she places the glass down once more. With the threat of potential choking out of the way, the girl is free to look back at K'vir and she manages a smile. For now, she seems content to forget about the troubles she previously had prior to Am'ry's entry. "I am. Thanks." She shifts in her seat slightly to give space for the Bronzer to join, then looks across to Vossrik to examine him. ".. Friend of yours?"

Satisfied that Rulayn isn't about to expire on both of them, K'vir takes a seat as well after fetching his drink and with only minimal wincing for the loud protest from Vossrik's chair. "Don't worry about it," he assures the other and then grins a bit to Rulayn. "Nope! We just met, actually and I don't even know his name." Cheeky, this one. "K'vir, rider of bronze Zekath from Igen Weyr. Formerly of here." There's a hand extended to Vossrik to take as introductions are shared. If there's anyone to ask about the Weyr, it'd be him! "Shenanigan's does see a lot of patrons and activity. Doubly so in the winter. It's where everyone goes… the Gemstone is too far. There's other places, down the lower tunnels but nothing quite like this." His makes a vague gesture to there room.

"Um, Vossrik, sir, my pleasure!" The hand is taken and shaken (not stirred) firmly, the brief embarrassment making way for a bright grin that includes Rulayn in its warmth. "Oh, jeez, isn't Igen warmer than this? Or is it one of them arid things where you get all freezy on account of ain't no water being in the air?" As the nerves thaw, so too does the cork on his dialogue. "Truthfully I… haven't been real far from Telgar since I started doing my thing with the craft'n all. Never got to explore here as much as I'd've liked. You're serious that there's more'n one place where you go and have, like… darts and stuff? Do they have snacks here, 'cause I am just STARVING."

Rulayn was soon settled again now that the three were at the table, abandoning her klah for the glass of water instead. As she listens she takes more frequent sips until the glass is empty, studying the less familiar young man closely. "I'm Rulayn." She interjects once there's a free moment between Vossrik's chattering. She lets the pair with her converse rather than speaking further, since K'vir is the expert here on Igen. As for Telgar? Never been there! Slowly her eyes are drawn back to the doorway and it's not long before Rulayn is staring again.

K'vir isn't used to being called 'sir' and his nose wrinkles a bit. "You can just call me K'vir, Vossrik. Or Kyzen? 'Sir' makes it seem like I'm old… and I'm not. Not even close," he muses, teasing himself a bit. Normally his age is a sensitive issue but not today! There's a brief laugh, "Yeah. Fort's full of taverns. This lounge is popular among the riders, but more of the Craft-folk and travellers go to the Gemstone outside the Weyr walls. There's another tavern up in the hills and other little places among the cotholds." How does he know all this? Probably all overheard, at some point. Or it's just a given! "Just flag a server down and order," he states about the food, making it seem so easy. Noticing Rulayn's silence, he'll peer at her again and catch her staring. "… everything okay?" he asks her again.

Vossrik boggles, bumpkin-like, at… well, everything. Middle Earth is full of wonders. "I'll try to do that, but I'm so used to callin' everyone 'sir' or 'ma'am' still, being at kinda the bottom of the freshly forged smith-chain and allathat." Every so often, his eyes inadvertently follow Rulayn's gaze, then snap to some bit of memorabilia on the wall. Then back to the door again. Then to somewhere in the polite middle. "Hey do you guys want, like… a thing? I have a bit of a stipend for my work here and I've just been eating what's put in front of me. None of that… fried whatever they got going back there. What ARE those? The lil sticks with the crumbs on? And, if you don't mind me asking, Rulayne, are you looking for someone? Or am I missing something goin' on out there?"

Gradually drawn back to her senses again, Rulayn looks back at the pair she's seated with. "It's nothing.. There's just something I need to remember.." She lets her gaze settle on Vossrik as he tries to explain some kind of edible delicacy and her stomach seems to speak for her, growling loudly. ".. I could eat, though. In fact, I'm starving." She again allows her attention be diverted (and thankfully so!) and she delivers the same polite smile to the Crafter as she would to any other person. As if suddenly remembering something though, she gives K'vir a sidelong, concerned glance. ".. Why are you stil here?" Certainly not for Rulayn's company, she assumed!

"Some riders like it, but I'm not that hidebound about formality. I mean, I'm just a Wingrider?" K'vir shrugs with a grimace. "Ahh, so you're an Apprentice then? Kind of?" He's probably trying to spy out any knot that Vossrik is wearing at this point. Belatedly, on Igen's weather? "It's cold in Igen right now too. Winter brings temperatures not far from what Fort sees. Weird, when you think of it, huh? Given Igen's mostly desert. Zekath wanted to come though," he points out to Rulayn as if that's answer to everything. K'vir is oblivious. "I'm here to see my siblings, really." Honest! Glancing back to Vossrik, there's another broad grin. "The one's filled with cheese? Those are amazing. I heard it was brought over from Half Moon Bay. Fort really didn't have fried stuff before." As Vossrik calls Rulayn out on her distracted state, K'vir will peer at her curiously too. "… doesn't seem like you to forget? Is something bugging you?"

"Ohhhh, man, I am way into cheese." Thanks, Vossrik. I'm sure that's a surprise to basically anyone. Anyway, he shifts in his seat and, with a muttered conversation to a passing worker, secures the table's dairy destiny. "Maybe eating'll help your brain do braining better. I know I work better on a full stomach, and those things smell like they could inspire amazing works in someone, not gonna lie. Got a big ole platter of 'em on the way. Told them to 'just mess us up'. Hopefully they get the idea." Clapping his hands together quietly, but enthusiastically, he then drains his cup. "Mmm, siblings? Are you two, um, related?"

Cheese isn't a favourite of Rulayn, but she'll eat it happily. Especially if it's deep-fried. Her recent trip to the Southern Continent introduced her to all sorts of crazy edible things, after all. Giving another look back to K'vir, she tries to reassure him with a shake of her head. "It's.. Someone. It's fine." She smiles, but that smile is quickly exchanged with a look of surprise as she turns back to Vossrik. With raised brows, she looks down at herself, then the Bronzerider, as if comparing herself to him. "Siblings? Do we look similar?" She sincerely hoped not!

K'vir chuckles, "I hope we don't come to regret your request for food, Vossrik! They might get real creative in there." It's totally a joke, honest! He's about to drain more of his cup and almost ends up like Rulayn earlier. Thankfully he only chokes once and manages to swallow the rest before it ends badly. "What? Shards, no! We're not related! No offence or anything, Rulayn. I mean…" He gives her a look, remembering their time spent and… "No. No, definitely not! I'm — my father is Th'ero and I've a younger pair of siblings who like to see me on a regular basis: one brother, one sister. I try to keep up to that promise, since I just up and left them." He was a very willful, if not naive twelve Turn old boy once. "Someone?" There's a darted look between Vossik and Rulayn. Did he catch that too? "You're… not in trouble, are you? This "someone" isn't harassing you?"

Vossrik spreads his fingers and shrugs. "Idunno, my cousins're related and don't look nothin' alike. The whole… baby-face-looking thing gets weird." Those are the actual, scientific terms there. Gregor Mendel, eat your heart out. "I'm not a Healer or a Cook. If it ain't metal, I just kinda stare at it blankly and wait for someone else to handle it. So far, it works real good. And if K'vir's got a point and you're being harassed, I can swing a hammer pretty good if need be. And hit, y'know, what I mean to."

Rulayn doesn't take offence to K'vir's words. In fact she gives the Bronzer a chuckle and leans in to plant a kiss on his cheek. That's totally an indicator, right? Riiight? Maybe not. Maybe Roo just wanted an excuse to lay a smacker on K'vir's cheek. "I said it's -fine-." But is it, really? "I can handle him." And perhaps realising that she's given more information than necessary, she falls silent and reaches for her mug of klah. Of course, by now it's freezing cold, but the girl takes an experimental sip anyway. Anything to change the topic!

"Guess you got a point," K'vir reluctantly agrees with Vossik about cousins and would've elaborated further if it weren't for the kiss Rulayn plants on his cheek. Well, then! That earns her a near face-splitting grin. Until the words 'can handle him' bursts that little bubble. Grin falters to a grimace and he'll look again at Vossrik. Did he hear right? "Maybe you will need that hammer. Rulayn…" There's a bit of a sigh. "Seriously, if you need help—" Oh, but what's this? Did anyone else notice the quiet exit of a few riders? Is it suddenly hot in here (K'vir feels hot)? Or that the atmosphere is suddenly… charged. K'vir looks like he just swallowed something painfully bitter and got punched upside the head. He's blinking far too rapidly, shaking his head to clear it as he hastily stands. "I — I have to go. Sorry! I'll… catch up sometime later! Just… can't be here right now." For REASONS. That'll be clear enough later. For now things are still ambiguous enough that no alarms have been set. K'vir just gets an advanced screening because he needs to have WORDS with his bronze who has now gone to stubbornly ignore his silent pleas. Exit stage left and K'vir is gone.

"Oh, uh, guess y'aren't … siblings." Thankfully, to cover up the bluster and fluster, cheesesticks have arrived. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. "Ah! Yum. Thanks." Pulling a leather satchel out from his apron pocket, Vossrik counts and doles out the proper amount of fundage for the successful foraging (rather absently, as he watches the Flight of the K'vir (notice his vibrant plumage)). "Huh. Well THAT happened. Does he always react that way to women? Because I thought bronzeriders… well, y'know. Liked them. Women, I mean."

Rulayn had perhaps planned to bother K'vir some more - she'd heard rumours that the Queen was due to rise soon after all - but was halted in her tracks when the Rider abruptly rose from his seat. "Wait—.." She's cut off as the Bronzer flees the scene in a hurry, leaving Rulayn to watch him go with a somewhat concerned look. Only when the Rider has vanished from sight does she look down at the cheese sticks and quite cheekily help herself to one. "He's got a lot on his plate, I think.." She pauses mid-chew, giving Vossrik a shrug. ".. He's competing with his father, after all."

Vossrik hmms around the cheese stick that points straight out from his mouth, cigar-like (only way more delicious). Then he bites. Ohhh, if he could grow wings right now, he would fly. The sheer bliss on his face is writ large in the way his eyes flutter closed and his lips turn upwards. The only thing that changes his expression is when, biting down and pulling away the rest of the stick, it remains connected by a long string of melted cheese. "Rrf. Rm." Tug. Stretch. Frown. "Mmm crp hold orn." A few moments are taken to break the string, which, because physics, snaps up and slaps against his cheek before being slurped in and swallowed. "Uff. Sorry. Didn't … didn't expect that. Oh yeah, didn't he say his dad was the Weyrleader'r something? Doesn't that, like, get weird if you have, Idunno, cross… contamination? Like if you accidentally, um, fly the same flight? Or dragon?"

Rulayn admittedly can't resist a small chuckle at the sight of Vossrik tucking into his cheese sticks, watching the long strong of yellow melted goo stretching out from his mouth. She herself seems to eat more for the pure fact that she's hungry, and doesn't hesitate in eating quickly. A second fried treat is picked up and shoved greedily into the girl's mouth as she pauses, then continues to speak afterwards. "I dunno how it works. But they're both Bronzeriders and their dragons are probably both after the prize." She picks at her teeth momentarily and then glances around the Lounge. It seemed as if the place was a lot emptier now that K'vir and a few other Bronzers had slipped out. "What are your plans then? Goldflights tend to have an influence on folk.. You got a place to go?"

Now it's Voss's turn to choke a little. He pounds on his chest, wheezing out a few coughs until a crumb goes flying into the distance. "Urk. Um. I've never…usually I'm at Telgar but 'cause of the repairs and fittings needed, I, um." He clears his throat a few more times, more for the delay it provides than any residual aspirated food. "I didn't really think about it, but probably the Masters'll throw us apprentices on a dragon and take us as far away as possible. If not… uh, Idunno, probably I'll spend the afternoon poundin' away more than usual." Pause. "At the forge! I mean! On metal! With a HAMMER!"

Rulayn can't help but laugh as the poor lad stumbles over his words. "You think hammering some metal will distract you enough?" Rulayn grins as she takes up a third cheese stick, tearing it in half. After popping one piece into her mouth and chewing it, she continues. "Normally I'm out at the Beasthold when things like this happen.. But if I don't get there in time.." She shrugs and pops the second piece in her mouth, chewing again for a few moments. ".. Guess I'll have to find K'vir before he finds someone else." Is that a hint of determination in her voice?

Looking around, his eyes wide, face flaming as if his poor deceased mother may be listening, Vossrik scoots his chair in further, leaning over the table and dropping his voice. "Is it for real that … bad?" he whispers conspiratorially. Then his voice finds itself again. "Oh JEEZ, you two are? Oh man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you his sister maybe. Oh criminy, I am SO sorry. That is … gosh. But you can, like, DO that? You just find someone and, y'know…?" His hands ascribe some kind of shape in the air over the table, spinning around each other. "That's it?"

Rulayn shrugs again. In all honesty she's been fortunate enough (and perhaps unlucky?) that she's never been too close to the Weyr when a Queen's risen before. "I've heard stories of naked folk running across the Bowl and through the Caverns when Queens rise. I guess things can get pretty crazy?" Or maybe those are just highly exaggerated stories. With a smile to his apology, she waves it away. "It's fine. We're not weyrmates." Yet. "If he has to drag another girl to his bed I don't really care. Lots of people are going to get some loving tonight either way. Maybe you will too?" And of course, Vossrik is given a standard wink, accompanied by a cheeky grin.

"Oh… oh I don't know about none of thaaaat," Vossrik manages after a significant pause wherein he contemplates the state of his mangled nail beds and turns an alarming shade of red. "Prob'ly we'd get in all sorts of trouble if things happen and accidents… y'know. Babies." Wiping a hand over his suddenly dewy brow, he squints at Rulayn quizzically. "But people do the streaking thing here? And it's not, like… weird? People don't lose their knots or nothing? 'Cause a friend of mine, he did that at the hall and oh jeez, he got all sorts of chores on his plate 'cause of it. Granted he was holdin' up two hammers and roaring out 'WOOOOOO'. But I'm thinking that's not the same, right?"

Rulayn seems entirely at ease talking about the subject. Being weyrbred has some advantages, one would suppose! "Folks who don't want kids talk to the Healers. They can make things to stop it happening." Rulayn responds, admiring the mud-like consistency of her leftover klah. "When a Gold rises it makes everyone act crazy. Noone's really to blame for it. I've never seen anyone running around naked though." She admits, giving Vossrik an amused look as he recited the story of his 'friend'. She shifts in her seat slightly, and glances around the Lounge again. If the Queen was rising now, surely the other patrons would have noticed it by now, right? "I guess it's different. Yeah." Her reply is short and abrupt as her attention is drawn to another patron leaving the Lounge in a hurry.

Vossrik's gaze automatically follows Rulayn's, one fuzzy eyebrow arching upwards. "It's not, like… happening now, yeah? I mean, where's everyone runnin' to? And like, do they schedule some kind of… giant… weyr… sex party?" Once again, his eyes flutter in a series of rapid blinks. "I don't know much about riders, sorry, save for what my p… what I learned when I was real little, and I don't think that was none too accurate. But a scheduled thing'd make sense so, like, you don't got gross stains all up in the, Idunno, kitchens or something?"

Rulayn had been about to reach for another cheese stick, but is quickly put-off by the remark from Vossrik about the kitchens. "I think folks value privacy still. The kitchens are probably shut when it happens.. Speaking of.." Again the young woman pauses, watching as yet another patron hurries out. Again she fidgets, slightly uncomfortable in her seat. She felt a bit warm - was that normal? "I think it might be.. 'Cause if the Bronzeriders are gone, there's only one place they're going to.." And boy does Rulayn hope that poor K'vir doesn't end up in some awkward situation with his father over this! Looking back at Vossrik, she scratches her neck awkwardly. ".. You feeling okay?"

"No more weird than usual, y'know? I think?" Voss looks down at his hands, turning them over a few times with a frown. Then: his watch is noticed. "Aw, criminy, I'm late! I was supposed to be back to report, like, awhile ago!" Firing to a stand, he knocks over a chair in his haste and acks expressively. "Ding DANGIT, sorry… you can have the rest of the sticks, but oh jeez I'm gonna get flayed to strips." Quickly, he bobbles the seat to it's full and upright position and pats it rather extraneously. "There. Say, though, it was nice meetin'ya and, um, good luck finding that K'vir guy and, um, doin' the do." He gives a double thumbs up to Rulayn, then quickly hurries out, as if his butt is on fire and he needs to find a lake.

Rulayn doesn't seem at all surprised that Vossrik has to leave so suddenly. She was probably expecting that at this time anyway. Looking down at the cheesesticks, she collects the final few remaining pieces and crams them into her mouth as she rises from the seat. By now the Lounge is practically empty, with people having darted out in the wake of the Queen's rising. Deciding that she'd risk her luck finding K'vir, the girl wipes her hands upon her pants and quickly follows the last few patrons out of the Lounge, in search for the Bronzerider. Of course, if she doesn't find him? Then it's back to the stables for another lonely afternoon alone.

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