Who Th'ero, Thys, Jajenelja cameo (NPC'ed by Th'ero)
What Th'ero: Weyrleader and Hangover Hero.
When Winter, turn 2711
Where Council Chambers, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Council Chambers
A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

It's a wet wintery morning outside - grey, dark, and as miserable as the goldrider sitting at the table in the council chambers. Thys is early for the day's leadership meeting, nothing too unusual there, but the fact that she's looking rather green and nursing an enormous mug of klah isn't typical of the Weyr's youngest junior. She looks ruffled, from her unkempt short hair to her wrongly-buttoned shirt, and there's no way her bloodshot eyes are focusing on the ledger she's apparently trying to read. No way at all, given that her head starts to droop forward… and she snores.

Miserable day is right and Th'ero's already spent the pre-dawn out in that mess in his usual routine of patrols with Velokraeth. He's changed now out of his riding gear and into something far dryer. The Weyrleader is his usual self: stoic, brooding and rather grim. Really, he should wear color sometime. He's about as dreary as the weather out there. Setting the reports he'd brought with him on his side of the table, he'll give Thys a look as she snores away. Smirking, he steps towards her seat and gently rests a hand on her shoulder. "… Thys?"

… that hand makes Thys sit upright, snorting softly as she opens her eyes and reality hits. Hard, by the look on her face. She squints, turns her head slowly around to look at the Weyrleader, and then groans, sinking her forehead down into her hand. "Morning, Th'ero." Croaky voice and all. Her other hand snakes out towards her klah, drawing it in close but not bothering to pick it up. "Black Damnation should never be mixed with Cromese Curse." Which would be her whisky of choice. Thys groans again, making a half-attempt to lift her klah mug before giving up.

Good thing Th'ero rarely laughs or Thys would've had her fill of it; as it stands, he just gives the barest of amused smiles when she sits upright at his touch. Almost instantly he withdraws his hand and he'll observe her carefully. "Morning," he drawls in that low voice of his. At least it won't grate on her hangover much? A brow quirks at the alcohols listed and now he does huff, bemused. "The names should have been warning enough. You might want to try a restorative tea, not klah." he suggests. "Elara has a good blend." And, because he can't resist at least hinting at teasing her? "What was the occasion?" For drinking herself into oblivion.

"Elara. Tea. Mmhrm." That's about as much agreement with that idea as Th'ero will get from Thys, though she at least manages to quirk up one corner of her lips after she says it. As for the occasion? "So many Miners here, still. They were playing songs from home…" She pauses, drawing in a deep breath and pulling a face as if she might, just might, be trying not to be sick. After a moment, Thys exhales and continues. "It reminded me of being home. No occasion other than getting swept up in the moment." And if Th'ero speaks to anyone who was in the Gemstone the night before, he'll hear exactly how swept up in it all she was. The goldrider lifts her head, turning a red-eyed gaze onto the Weyrleader. "It was a good night. I couldn't even climb up on Rhenesath."

Th'ero nods his head subtly, likely in understanding as Thys explains her reason for so much drinking. Not wanting to remain looming over her shoulder, he'll step back and pull out one of the chairs; which promptly grate and squeal against the stone. He flinches, giving the goldrider an apologetic look. Sorry? Settling himself with a creak of leathers, he'll exhale softly. "I think we've all been there, at least once in our lives." he admits and is guilty himself of it. Could be he'll hear rumour of it, eventually. He always has a way of learning just about anything on his riders (blame Velokraeth). "One perk of our ranks are weyrs accessible by stairs, hmm? Next time though, be careful. I'd hate to have you slip on those stairs…" Because there's not enough trouble in Fort as it is! Noticing her struggling, he'll add belatedly: "Do you want me to send word to Elara?"

Thys smirks softly. "Oh, Rhen got me home… with me curled up in her foot. Don't ask." She starts to shake her head, then stops quickly and winces. Ouch. "I'll find Elara. Later, after the meeting. I think a pot of tea while soaking in the tub sounds blissfull right about now. If Nyalle can spare me today." Thys closes her eyes with an 'I hope so' expression, as she pinches at the bridge of her nose. Then, she looks sideways at the Weyrleader, a hint of a smile about her as she says, "Y'know, Th'ero, I bet I could outdrink you in your Black Damnation."

Th'ero won't ask and won't chide her either, even if the temptation to his written all over his expression until he blinks and it clears again to that stoic mask of his. "Nyalle… might be gentler on you. You've not noticed?" Your boss is proddy, Thys. That thought brings a frown, "You might want to hold off on any more drunken benders. If Kayeth is due to rise, you and Rhenesath will have to leave." And that won't happen if Thys is drunk, will it? Don't drink and pull a Jajen here. Now he does chuckle dryly, "You know it's dangerous to challenge me, Thys and you're lucky Kimmila isn't here. She'd probably volunteer me." Yet? "We'll see." So that's a maybe! He's not entirely a stick in the mud! At the sound of approaching footsteps, Th'ero will rise and quietly move to the head of the table; his spot, but still close enough to speak to Thys. In walks in a drudge, carrying a tray of foods that smell good but probably nauseating to Thys. Behind the drudge? Jajen and she has a far too smug look, a far too haughty walk as she glances sidelong to Thys on her way to her seat. I know what you did last night!~ literally sing-songs from that stare. Figures the youngest junior knows ALL the gossip. Gemstone IS her haunt, after all.

"We'll see," Thys replies with a tiny nod, which is stilled quickly when the sound of people approaching reaches her. She stiffens up a little in her chair, giving the drudge a forced smile - forced, because the smell of that food hits her like a punch to the gut - and gives Jajen the best glare she can muster. After a moment of looking broodingly down into her cup of klah, Thys suddenly pushes back her chair, pulling a face at the sound it makes, and makes a sudden lurching step towards Th'ero. She leans on his chair to support herself as she gets in close enough to whisper: "I need to… I've got to… oh Faranth, I'll be right back." And as she ducks behind his chair, she actually ruffles fingers through the Weyrleader's hair - hastily, though, because she's got somewhere she needs to be right now… not that her staggering and stumbling into a chair is going to get her there quickly.

Jajen doesn't even have to start mentioning the food! Awesome. Her wry smile and behaviour says it all: she's far too pleased in watching Thys make a run for it. "Don't puke outside the council chambers!" she calls too-cheerily after the fleeing goldrider and only smirks for the glare she receives from Th'ero. What? The Weyrleader just sighs. He'd tensed up at the hair-ruffle from Thys but allows it to go uncommented on. "If you'll excuse me? I'll be back shortly." Which is code for: don't start shit. Pushing to his feet, he'll either go hunt Thys down or meet Elara on her ledge above for some of that tea. There's Nyalle too and he may try to intercept her and ask that the goldrider be excused.

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