Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr

Silence in the weyr. Nothing but the low crackle of the fire in the hearth, the light of which casts long shadows through the living area and plays in a flickering dance of shifting orange and yellow across bare smooth skin. Nothing but the sound of Kimmila’s steady breathing as the bluerider sleeps soundly, still curled with her back against him and his body curled behind her as they nestle on the couch. Th’ero had begun to doze a little himself, lulled by warmth and the closeness of his weyrmate, exhausted from another long day and, if he were truly honest with himself, from the wild romp they just shared between them.

Yet his mind just will not cease with it’s wandering and racing thoughts. Not enough to allow him to drift into that same deep sleep Kimmila is in (or he presumes she’s in). He wishes to touch her, to caress his fingers over the curve of her side or down along the smooth skin of her stomach, a nuzzle to the neck… but he won’t. He will not wake her and so he hovers in that half-dozing state of his.

What troubles you? Velokraeth’s voice drifts into his thoughts, followed by the heavy and mellowing scents of wine, spice and smoke. All to help sooth Th’ero’s mind so that his rolling and honeyed toned voice can be his focus for now. Nyalle. Is all the Weyrleader answers with and the pale bronze’s rumbling can be heard faintly from the wallows. Ahh yes. It bothered you and Kimmila that she was waiting here. What it was that she offered. You know, it wasn’t that undesiring an offer? She was practically throwing herself at you and ready. All you had to do was get in there and… Oh, would you just ease up! Velokraeth’s tone takes on a brief sharp tone as he chastises his rider, sensing in Th’ero’s mind when the bronzerider begins to tends up and bristle in offence. I am just stating the truth of it! I know you are faithful to Kimmila, though it puzzles me as to why. You could have women, a whole harem of them at your feet and willing to see to every one of your desires! You could have even sired as many children as I have from them!

Velokraeth. Please! This isn’t helping. With a long suffering sigh, both physically and mentally, the bronze relents. Oh fine! Spoil sport. It just baffles me and I admit I do not understand your preference for one mate, though I can respect it. Varmiroth’s rider is very well matched for you and she does do a lot of good for you. There’s a pause, which usually signifies a mental sort of wry or wicked grin on Velokraeth’s part. More than just warming your bed, that is! And the bronze’s mind ripples with laughter, none of which his rider echoes back.

Honestly, Velokraeth! Th’ero is beginning to grow frustrated and annoyed by his bronze’s behavior and soon finds the bond he shares with his lifemate saturated with a heavy and honeyed, mead-like scent and feel. Mellowing, warming and soothing. Be calm, be easy. Th’ero only mentally snorts at that. Be calm, be easy? When a few sore spots have been prodded and pushed? He’s still feeling uneasy and troubled by Nyalle’s behavior and rankled by Velokraeth’s sarcastic teasing, he lashes out. And it’s not as though you haven’t taken one mate. You were rather fond of Zuvaleyuth yourself until she left.

So I see you’re not in a joking mood tonight. Comes the bronze’s reply and his tone is suddenly quite flat and dry. Th’ero knows he’s pushed too far and touched a spot that is still sore, despite Velokraeth’s memory of the pale gold beginning to fade. I’m sorry. That was cruel of me.

And perhaps I was being a touch callous myself, Velokraeth admits by way of indirect apology and just like that all is forgiven and they move on. But it is true, I did take Zuvaleyuth as my mate though I still chased after greens. But she was mine. Kayeth will be mine too, in time. Th’ero rolls his eyes a bit in the semi-darkness of his weyr. You’ve caught her once and already you’re so self assured she is to be yours!

You’ll see. Velokraeth replies again with that same mental shift that indicates the bronze is quite amused at some private thought. Th’ero knows better than to pry, unlike his lifemate. What troubles you then concerning Kayeth’s? Aside from her being in your bed and offering to mate with you.

It troubles me that she had been so thoroughly warped by High Reaches. How she honestly felt it was her duty to… to service me and sleep with me. There is so much wrong with that, Velokraeth. It’s as though she believed she had no choice in the matter. Th’ero explains, sensing that the pale bronze is listening intently and by his extended silence he knows by now that that is silent permission to continue. I thought I had made it clear enough to her that I am bound to Kimmila and nothing would change that. Now… now this has happened and part of me feels guilty.

Why? It is not your fault that she was mistaken. That her twisted beliefs led her to think she’d ever be warming your bed. Do you feel guilty because she fled from your weyr mortified and humiliated? Velokraeth asks and Th’ero frowns as he mulls it over. Yes.

But that is not your fault either. You showed her the truth and it is not your burden to carry that it was not the truth she wished to see. Velokraeth intones gravely and with a touch of sympathy and sadness to his tone too. Such a pity that she has been led to believe such lies. he agrees, plucking the very emotions and thoughts from Th’ero’s mind well before the bronzerider can even piece it together.

Th’ero sighs as he settles himself comfortably against the couch, dimly aware that he will be paying for sleeping on it this night. If he is not stiff and cramped in the morning, Kimmila will likely deal him a few good kicks in her sleep before the night is through. Yet he does not move or try to wake her, though at last he begins to feel sleep edging its way into his thoughts. I cannot have our newest Weyrwoman terrified and awkward around me. Yet I do not know what to do… It is not as though I have to apologize.

Give her a gift. Velokraeths offers without hesitation and his mental voice echoes with amusement at his rider’s groggy confusion to such an idea. A gift? How… would a gift help? Won’t that just confuse matters? Since the gifts he usually gives are ones to Kimmila. Small ones to very extravagant ones and all to show the emotions he is usually very awkward and fumbling in expressing otherwise.

Gifts can be neutral. Clearly yours will not be from emotion but it could perhaps be seen as a… political gesture. One of well meaning. A truce of sorts — to start anew and forgive. Velokraeth goes on to elaborate and Th’ero exhales heavily as he considers it. That may just work and it is not necessary for me to be present when the gift is delivered. He is beginning to like this idea very much! What could I get her that is “neutral” enough? Th’ero asks and Velokraeth is as equally stumped, made obvious by his silence. I will ask Kayeth. She would know her rider’s preferences.

You sure? Th’ero inquires and feels more of his mind slipping away to sleep and his body beginning to sink deep and heavily into the cushions of the couch and around Kimmila’s resting form. I am very certain, Th’ero. Now, sleep. Morning will come all too soon and we will have to rise early. As always. Th’ero begins to protest but the need for rest wins out and he is soon drifting off into an uneasy sleep, not entirely reassured that all will mend so easily but he has to try. At the very least, he has to try.