Nyalle and Kayeth's Weyr

Nyalle runs down to her weyr, bare feet freezing after the trek through the slush on the steps, and throws herself against the fiery gold hide of her lifemate. Curling around her, Kayeth nestles her rider in against the crook of her neck, making her sit on a foreleg to get her cold feet off the stone floor, and curls protectively around her. Then, the queen's mind reaches, focused, stretching to the north west to High Reaches, seeking the thoughts of the one who just left. « Zhirazoth, » she says as she reaches, seeking his mind. « Can you come? Mine needs yours. »

Zhirazoth's mind expands over the distance, starting only as a hint of pressure before swelling into an thundering, gathering mass of clouds and wind. « We are on our way! » he assures Kayeth, concern filtering through his words and fed by his rider's alarm at the summons. Moments later, the bronze appears high over Fort Weyr and dives so fast and so swift that he has the Watchdragon in near alarm before the bronze remembers to give his name and rider's name. Oops? Settling on Kayeth's ledge, he will wait for Mr'az to dismount first before slipping in with him. "Nyalle? What's wrong?" the bronzerider calls, a touch breathless from his fast flight. He looks a bit rough around the edges, hastily dressed and readied. He must have dashed from his weyr.

Nyalle is crying, tears running down her cheeks. She's still dressed in that stupid black night gown too, the blanket hastily wrapped around her shoulders. "I'm…I'm wrong," she says, shaking her head, her expression bewildered but her eyes hurt and yet angry. "I'm…what…what did they do to me, Mr'az?" she whispers. Whimpers. She's lost, and Kayeth croons softly while her tail shifts to brush against Zhirazoth's side.

Both Mr'az and Zhirazoth can see and hear that Nyalle is crying and the young bronze is quick to settle beside Kayeth and lean against her supportively, adding his own croon to hers. It's alright! Mr'az steps forwards, his eyes roaming over that black night gown and while part of his mind is doing the male thing and finding her very attractive, the rest is on high alert, concerned and very worried for his close friend. "What has happened? What did he do?" Obviously he immediately thinks the fault lies in Th'ero, not Nyalle. Her whimpering has him approaching, provided Kayeth or the goldrider do not protest. "Shh, it's okay. What are you wrong about? Tell me, Nyalle. I'm here now. Do you want me to get you another blanket?" She must be cold, even with the one.

Kayeth does not protest, /glad/ that Mr'az is here. He always fixes her rider. Soothes her rider, when Kayeth is helpless. It's an odd feeling for the young queen and she does not handle it well. The tip of her tail twitches as Nyalle shifts down from her foreleg, and into Mr'az's arms if he'll have her. "Nothing," she whispers. "He did nothing. I went to his weyr, I was waiting for him, I…he came home with that bluerider…and they…they were…" She takes a slow, deep breath, trying to calm herself. "He didn't want me. At all. They looked at me like I was crazy. Like…like I was broken. They pitied me. I was just doing what I'd been told. What they told me was my duty." One guess who 'they' are in that last sentence. "What did they do to me? Am…was everything a lie?"

Mr'az will take her into his arms and support her in a strong, firm grip. He'll listen too and his heart will twist and sink when it hits him just what she had tried to do. What he had in vain tried to warn her against. Sighing, he leans back a bit to wrap the blanket more firmly around her and then gently takes her hand. "We need to get you inside," he says softly, "Before you catch a chill." Plus the inside of a wallow is no place for the conversation they need to have. Zhirazoth will stay with Kayeth, comforting the fiery gold and assuring her that her rider is safe and protected now with her and his rider to help. "You're not crazy, Nyalle. Don't ever think that! Kayeth would not have chosen a crazy rider." Mr'az murmurs, his hold on her still quite firm. What did they do? He can only sigh and give her the truth. "They lied. Some of it may be truth but most of it is… warped. Twisted and perverted." And he tried the warn her.

Nyalle is easily led into her weyr, shivering as her bare feet touch the cold stones. Kayeth curls up with Zhirazoth, content and relaxing now that they're here to help. "Why would they lie to me?" she whispers, looking at him with a hurt expression as she walks towards the couch. Thankfully, a fire is still burning, though it's banked and low. She wasn't expecting to come back here tonight. "How do I know what's truth, then? And what was twisted and what's an outright lie?"

Mr'az leads her towards that couch and sees her settled comfortably, even going as far as to tuck that blanket she brought with her around her. A selfish part of him wishes he could see her, but no. Not now, not tonight even when he's here to support her. Stepping back, he doesn't go far. Only as far to the hearth to prod and feed the fire back to life and warm her weyr up again. "We're talking about High Reaches leadership, Nyalle. Of course they will lie! Why? To control." he mutters bitterly, only to turn to face her and give her a helpless look. Helpless and apologetic. "I'm not sure. You may have to just… learn. Sadly, you had to learn very hard and harsh lesson tonight." Approaching her, he will sit down gently and almost tentatively on the edge of the cushions. "You went to Th'ero, intending to be… his mate, right?" Putting it lightly! "But he was with his mate, wasn't he? Do you understand why they reacted as they did?" he asks her softly and gently, encouraging her. There is no right or wrong answer. He's just trying to get her to talk it out.

Nyalle nods with a sigh. "I did what I was told to do. What I was told Weyrleaders…liked. Wanted. I was waiting in bed, had the lights dimmed, whiskey ready…" She sighs. "I just…I was told that I had to offer myself to the Weyrleader. I've…been told and I've believed that the winner of Kayeth's flights became my mate. That even if he already had a mate, he could still have me too, so I should offer. But…I guess…I don't know. I wanted to do something well? To do something right?" And she failed. She watches Mr'az come and sit down, and she doesn't seem to mind it one bit. "He doesn't want me," she says, and she's not sad about it, or happy. It's just a flat fact as she struggles to understand it.

Mr'az ducks his head a bit, trying to hide his grimace and the emotions that flicker in his eyes. Emotions like seething anger, which at the moment is boiling to breaking point. How much trouble would he be in if he returned to High Reaches and challenged R'lor? The temptation is great and the bronzerider flexes his hands a bit. "You did as you were told yes and no one could fault you for that," Though they will and Mr'az knows this. He won't though and he reaches out to gently take one of her hands in his. "Don't you see? They were teaching you this so they could have control over you! Pandara AND R'lor both. It's sick and it's wrong… and it saddens me that even here you are hurt by their twisted ways."

Nyalle sits up a bit when she senses the change in him, and she reaches for his hand just as he's reaching for hers, squeezing it tightly. "But…" There's still a but. It's hard to erase all that training in one night. "But it worked out for us. Our dragons mated, we mated…" It all seems so simple!

Mr'az squeezes back tightly and turns his head to look over at her sadly, with a strained smile. It is hard to erase all that training. It won't happen in one night or one month. It will take a long, long time. Yet her last few words just leave him looking at her, expectant and curious. Surely… she knows? Or can figure it out? "We mated because we already had a bond of sorts, Nyalle. We were… are friends. Clutchsiblings."

Nyalle sighs softly. "So…that…we just got lucky? That wasn't how it was supposed to…how it usually works?" She seems very small. Vulnerable, confused, lost. Not at all the proud, brash Senior who challenged Th'ero earlier this very day.

"No, no… Nyalle," Mr'az soothes her, sending how lost and confused she is. It pains him to see her like this and he will be the bold one now and sit further against the couch and drawing her into his embrace. Stroking her hair, her back but with the blanket still wrapped around her body. "Sometimes the riders of a winning flight DO mate and stay mated. Neither of us had other relationships… we were already friends. So it worked, you see? But with Kayeth being caught by Velokraeth, Th'ero was your mate for the flight only. He belongs to Kimmila and you… are free to choose whoever you wish to take on as a partner. Short term or long term. Any man…" he murmurs softly.

Nyalle shakes her head a bit as she's drawn into his embrace. But it's not to protest it, as she leans against him and takes a shuddering breath. And the tears start anew. "I made a fool of myself," she whispers. "They're going to think what Reaches said I was…they're going to think I'm a Weyrleader stealing whore…" As for the rest…she just sniffles and buries her head against his shoulder. "I don't know what I'm doing," she whispers.

Mr'az strokes the back of her head, fingers working through her hair in a familiar gesture of comfort. He does not try to stop her tears, though it saddens him to see her in such a state. Then her words hit him like a slap and he makes a disgruntled sound in his throat, moving to lean forwards… He shouldn't, but he does. He can't help it and he will seek to brush his lips to hers. A brief, light kiss and the next is placed to her forehead before he rests his head by hers. "You are not a whore, Nyalle and as much as my own views on the Weyrleader here and some of his staff, I do not think they will see you as that. They know how… corrupted High Reaches is." he murmurs firmly to her.

Nyalle turns her face when he leans forward, just enough to meet his kiss, and she blushes. Then she rests against him with a soft sigh. "I'm acting like one," she whispers. "I just…I…it's…it's so hard to believe that they would /do/ that. That they would…teach me, train me, to just…be their…their…" She can't even say it and she huffs a disgruntled sound and buries her face against his tunic again, breathing in his calming scent and letting his embrace settle and ease her.

Mr'az supports her and holds her against him, his hands resuming their slow strokes and caressing along her back and sides. "You are not acting like a whore, Nyalle!" he states again, his voice firmer and edged. Don't say that! He hates hearing it from her. "You are anything but that type of woman. Anyone with a lick of sense can see that and can see that it's what High Reaches has done and fed to you that fuelled your decisions." He sighs then, "And I am sorry that you were their pawn and that we… I… did not do more to stop it." He tried. Oh, how he tried!

Nyalle stiffens slightly when his voice shifts, but she relaxes a moment later. Safe. She is /safe/ here. "This isn't your fault, Mr'az," she says firmly, shifting so she can lift her eyes to try and meet his. "You did everything you possibly could. And you've always been there after…" To pick up the pieces. "You tried. /I/ was the stubborn one…believing what I'd been told…"

Mr'az tenses too when she stiffens in his arms, figuring he has overstepped himself but she relaxes and then so does he. Safe. She's always been safe with him. His eyes meet hers and there is guilt there and he can only shake his head sadly. "I could have done more to protect you," he murmurs and then sighs. That would have required he step over boundaries though that they had set between them long ago and agreed upon. "Of course I'd be there for you." To pick up the pieces. He doesn't care! "How could you not go on believing? When you knew nothing else? And it's not as though what you have been taught is all wrong, Nyalle. Some of it is good but it has been… twisted."

Nyalle shakes her head. "You couldn't have," she says softly. "Did you know?" she asks then, looking up at him. "Did you know, while I was learning, that not all of it was right?" There's another sigh, shifting to move a hand, brushing at her hair and pushing it off of her damp face. "I don't know how I'll learn to tell the difference…without making a fool of myself again…"

Mr'az is silent for a moment, his mouth tense and grim set. Guilty. "Yes, I knew." The entire time. His gaze lowers, apologetic and ashamed. "Part of learning is to make mistakes, Nyalle. You're going to make more… but you will recover and become stronger for it." he murmurs.

Nyalle frowns, shifting a bit to sit up again, though she doesn't intentionally try to free herself from his embrace. "Why didn't you tell me? Then? Straight out?" Or did he try and she wouldn't listen?

Mr'az won't try to snare her back into his embrace. Not yet. Even though it's clear he wants to and desires it and is struggling to keep himself on proper terms. "I tried to, Nyalle!" he tells her, honest and true. Straight out, as he always has. Is she listening now? His voice is firm but soft spoken, sad and yet caring. "I tried to warn you, to guide you… I was doing my best to protect you but not smother you or warp you or… or overstep any bounds."

Nyalle sighs, wrapping the blanket around herself again and pushing hair away from her face, sniffling with her hand running beneath her nose. Then she's getting to her feet, shivering a bit when bare feet hit the cold stone floor again. "Be right back," she murmurs, vanishing into the bedroom. When she returns she's without the blanket, but she's replaced it with a robe and put on some thick socks, and gotten a handkerchief for herself. Settling onto the couch again, legs tucked beneath her, she faces the bronzerider and sighs. "I wasn't listening," she murmurs. "I…thought I was right. Thought /they/ were right. I thought…I don't know. I had some romanticized view of my life…"

Mr'az pushes himself off the couch but only to sit on the edge of the cushions when she stands. His eyes lift and follow her and it's all too visible how much he desires to follow her when she walks away. He won't though and only dips his head when she excuses herself. Once she's gone, he will scrub hard and frustrated at his face, exhaling and letting some of it out through a rough exhale. A few steading breaths and he's sitting up again, having bent forwards to rest his head in his hands as he struggles and then regains control. He has to be strong and supportive for her, like he was and always has been. When she returns, Mr'az looks on her with concern. "You don't have to lose that view. Not all of it…" he tells her softly.

Nyalle dabs at her nose and watches him, her eyes studying his face. "What do you mean?" she asks softly. "What parts are good?"

Mr'az can only shake his head and spread his hands helplessly. "I'm not sure, Nyalle. It may be for you to discover on your own? I suppose what I meant was that… you don't have to give up being a romantic." he tries to explain as he lowers his hands again to rest them between his knees. His gaze has lowered to the floor and he keeps it there for now, his expression distant.

Nyalle ohs softly, frowning in concern when he takes that posture. "What's wrong, Mr'az?" she whispers, glancing towards the door. "Do you need to go? You can, if I'm keeping you…I'm sorry, I…thank you so much for coming but you can go if you need to…"

Mr'az looks up sharply when she is apologizing and then… dismissing him? He frowns, confused and glancing towards the door as well. But…? "I don't need to go," he tells her and briefly his smile returns, his gaze lingering on her and then lowers again. What's wrong? Where can he even begin? Half of what is on his mind has no place to be brought up here and now. "If you still desire my company, I would be happy to stay?"

Nyalle ohs again, pushing hair away from her face. "I…you know I enjoy your company," she says, soft but no less genuine. "Talk to me?" she encourages, getting to her feet again. "Can I get you a drink? I have a little bit of wine left. Pickings are slim at Fort right now, but I have some dried meat too, and some cheese." Yum?

Mr'az smiles warmly but her encouragement is met with silence. He's aware of the slim pickings in Fort and so to her offer he replies, "A little wine would be nice." He will pass on the food, even if his stomach protests a little bit.

Nyalle gives him a concerned look as she goes to get a skin of crisp white, Telgar, and two glasses. Pouring them each one - his more full than hers - she settles into the couch again. Close, but not too close. He has his space. And she watches him, concern plain on her face.

Is it the space that upsets him? Probably. Mr'az is all too aware of the promises he made but now is wishing he could just break a few and cross that space she's set between them. He won't though because it will lead to things he isn't sure he wants to press on her. Not after the night she's had and the flight before it. As much as he'd enjoy giving her happier memories to reflect on, not that she doesn't have some already. Taking his glass, he will nod and murmur his thanks. Where to begin? That won't come off as a selfish request? He sips at the wine, swallows and… silence. "Nyalle…" he begins, glancing to her sidelong and seeing her concern he only smiles soft and sad. "… are you alright?"

Nyalle sips her wine and gives him a gentle smile. "I am," she says after a moment's thought and a slow, deep breath. "I'm…yeah. I'm still mortified. I don't know what I'll do if he brings it up. Or what that bluerider will think of me…" She sighs again. "I have things that need mending. But right now?" She smiles, reaching out to rest her hand gently onto his arm. "Thank you /so/ much for coming, Mr'az. I'm so glad Kayeth called. I…have no one, here."

Mr'az smiles again but this time his is warm and reassuring. "Maybe they won't bring it up. Let the whole thing pass… as a misunderstanding. Which blurider?" This brings a frown. More trouble? That frown eases as she admits to needing some mending and he nods his head, having expected that. "You know that I am here for you. Zhirazoth will always answer Kayeth and I will always be here for you." he promises her and he will lift a hand to rest it over hers and squeeze firmly.

"Kimmila. Th'ero's weyrmate," Nyalle says with a small frown. She lets it go to smile at him though, turning her hand to squeeze his tightly. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asks softly. "I've…this can't have been easy on you, and you've been nothing but supportive of /me/. It's time I return the favor…"

"Ahh, yes. I've heard about her," Mr'az remarks dryly, finishing the last of his wine and squeezing back with his other hand. Now the conversation switches back to him, despite his effort to turn it away. He sighs softly, "No, I'm not okay." he admits to her honestly. "It's been a hard few days, yes but… I'll cope." He gives her a look then, sidelong and lingering. "Of course I am supportive! I'm your friend, Nyalle. Your…" he falters. "Was… your mate."

Nyalle tilts her head slightly at his quick shift to past tense. "I've abandoned you," she says softly, brows furrowed as she begins to see how this has all played out for him.

"Abandoned me? You haven't… why would you say that?" Mr'az asks in a tone that is surprised and confused. Yet… does he feel abandoned? His brows knit and he turns thoughtful as his eyes lift to hold her gaze with a curious and anticipating look.

Nyalle nods. "Yes. Yes I did," she says quietly. "It wasn't my choice but I still did. I left the weyr, came here, then we…stopped being mates, because Kayeth was going to fly… I've just…dropped you, Mr'az…"

Mr'az frowns, "You haven't dropped me." he protests again. "You called for me when you needed a friend. Someone to trust! You still wrote to me, Nyalle." And he still has all those letters tucked away in his weyr somewhere. Little momentous and memories. He sighs softly, "Leaving the weyr wasn't your choice and even if you did protest it would not have done any good. And I've always respected your choice concerning Kayeth's flights. You know this." Even if it turned out so badly for her here.

Nyalle shakes her head slightly, a thoughtful frown pulling at her lips. "But I have no mate now," she murmurs. "Th'ero does not want one. So…" And she glances at him. "So where does that leave us, Mr'az?" What does he want?

Mr'az chuckles dryly and shakes his head, "Nyalle… Th'ero has a mate already." The Weyrleader didn't want her, but the bronzerider isn't about to rub that in her face. What does he want? He looks at her, his expression open and vulnerable then. Surely she would know or at least be able to guess? Conflict bubbles up and he wavers for a moment between being cautious with his words or just outrightly honest. He goes with honesty and throws all his cards down on the table. What does he have to lose? Zhirazoth already lost Kayeth's flight. "I still love you." he admits quietly. "But I am being… respectful. In case you wish to find your own mate now, one not tied to the fate of Kayeth's flights. One you can chose for yourself." She knows what he wants, but he leaves it to her choice, offering her that freedom.

Forget about Th'ero, they're moving on. Nyalle's heart thuds when he looks so vulnerable, so conflicted, a painful pang in her chest. "I still love you too," she is quick to say. That, at least, is not in doubt. "I…but…can it work? The distance, the difficulties…"

Mr'az looks relieved by the lack of hesitation on Nyalle's part but neither is he exactly bursting with joy (okay, maybe he is a little). He's cautious, feeling guilty that he is is but there is so much uncertainty in the air. But he's laid out the stakes and there is no turning back now. "I could leave High Reaches. I've no reason to stay in a Weyr so poisoned as it. There are some who would take up my rank in a heartbeat and I am certain that if I leave, the few riders loyal to me may follow." Let Pandara and R'lor choke on a mini exodus if it comes to it! "The difficulties?" he peers at her. Explain?

Nyalle looks surprised - shocked, even - that he'd leave. "You would? You'd give up Wingleader? Your duty?" Damn the duties though. "I meant…the distance. We both work so much, when would you have the time to visit? And it'd always have to be you, coming here…would it be worth it, with the distance? You could never sleep here, your duties…" And she stops rambling then, a blush on her cheeks.

"It'd be worth it," Mr'az says without hesitation and with a crooked and small smile. "I'd give it all up. Wingleader and High Reaches Weyr if I had too." Yet? Something is making him pause and he shakes his head, chuckling a little as she blushes and rambles. He licks his lips, nervous now. He's treading into waters he's not entirely certain of. "Nyalle… I want you to choose though. For yourself. We don't have to be a mated pair… not right away. I am… I'd be happy to remain a friend, a very close friend. But I would also…" How does he put it? "… if you desired me or anything, ah, intimate than I would be pleased," Honored. "to be that man and lover for you."

Nyalle blushes crimson, shaking her head. "I…that's…I can't believe…" she whispers, at a loss for words. "That you'd do that for me." And for him, c'mon, High Reaches SUCKS. But still. "I…" she whispers, swallowing thickly. "I would love it if you were here." Poor, poor Velokraeth! But then she frowns. "I want you to choose too, Mr'az. I don't want you to move here for /me/. That's…what if it didn't work? What if we just stayed close friends forever? You're so good at making sure /I'm/ cared for, that…I worry…that you don't do what /you/ want, sometimes. Because…because you don't want to let me down."

Now Mr'az is blushing darkly too and ducking his head sheepishly. His secret is out! "It's worth the risk," he murmurs and means it. He smiles then, touched by her concern and he shakes his head. "You shouldn't worry. If… I felt I couldn't accept the risk and fallout if things didn't work then… I'd not do it. But I am confident that I could handle any outcome." After all, he did weather Nyalle's transfer here! And their farewell that night was extremely difficult. Most would not be able to bounce back and yet he did. Maybe one day Mr'az will push himself too far and he will break and it will be Nyalle's turn to pick up the pieces but for now he is stable and sound. "In truth, Nyalle… Leaving High Reaches may be long overdue for Zhirazoth and I. Yes, I hold Wingleader but that was by fluke and there are days when I don't wonder if we wouldn't be put to better use elsewhere. Like here, in Fort. Even we we must work our way back to Wingrider and up again… we do not mind. Zhirazoth I know would enjoy that challenge…"

Nyalle nods slightly as she listens, her heart pounding. "I would love it if you were here," she repeats softly. "Kayeth has missed Zhirazoth. I have missed you. It's so lonely here…" Selfish. It's for selfish reasons she wants him here. And, of course, to get him away from the poison of High Reaches. "We can…try?" she asks slowly. Hesitantly. "Everything is changing for me now. I don't know if I'll stay the same…

Mr'az listens too and tries not to let too much hope shine in his eyes, though his heart beats rapidly now and his hands curl tightly against his legs. "Zhirazoth has missed Kayeth and I have missed you." he murmurs and does not seem to mind the selfishness behind her words. If it means leaving High Reaches behind… and a chance for her, well… he'll do it! "We can try." he agrees softly and then in a lower, soothing tone. "But there will be no pressure. We do not have to be mated right away… just take it slow." With possible benefits. "As slow as you would like."

Nyalle nods her head slightly, exhaling and inhaling, reaching out slowly for one of his hands to cup between both of hers. "I just have to know you're doing this for you too. Mr'az…I /know/ you. You give /so/ much of yourself away…and I would never forgive myself if I believed you moved here for me, and things did not progress between us into anything more than friends. I do not want you hurt…"

"I am doing this for me," Mr'az promises her, looking her in the eye and then down to where she cups his hand. Turning it, he will try to grasp hers firm and tight, warm and reassuring. "Believe me when I say that… that no matter what happens I will be happy. My time in High Reaches was nearing an end… there is only so much even a man such as myself can take. As for what may come between us, Nyalle, I am willing to take that chance! Regardless of where it may go. I will be here at least, closer to you either as a friend, a lover or as a mate."

Nyalle lets herself smile, just a little bit, her pulse visible in her neck. "So…you're going to move?" Oh how she /wishes/ she could see the look on R'lor's face when Mr'az resignes!

Mr'az opens his mouth, ready to ask her if that is what she wants only to remember what she told him. His choice, not for her. For him. "Yes, I will. I'll have to speak to Th'ero, of course, to be sure he can or is willing to accept another bronzerider into the Weyr…" he murmurs. Oh, she may not be able to see R'lor's face but he will tell her all about it!

Nyalle wants to see R'lor's face /rearranged/. But…she likely won't see that either. The Senior weyrwoman grins at him, not hiding her exuberant excitement at this sudden turn of events. Her best friend is coming with her! All of a sudden the move from High Reaches doesn't seem like such a negative thing. "Now?" she asks, before biting her lower lip and blushing at her eagerness.

Many would like to see that about R'lor! Mr'az can't help but grin in return, picking up on her exuberance. Her eagerness is met with a soft laugh and he boldly reaches over to cup her face between her hands. "We'll have to wait until morning, Nyalle! It's night both here and in High Reaches and I do not think Th'ero wishes to be disturbed this late." Not because he's sleeping either. The bronzerider has his doubts on that.

Nyalle's cheeks are blushed red beneath Mr'az's hands as she grins sheepishly at him, but not apologetic for her energy. Th'ero was awake a little bit ago! But…no. Not tonight. Biting her lower lip, Nyalle's smile softens a bit. "Would…you like to stay?"

Mr'az shifts a little closer to her now on the couch. Slow and a bit cautious as he lowers his hands to her shoulders and gently holds her there. "I'd be more than happy to stay with you tonight, Nyalle." he murmurs.

Nyalle smiles up into his face and she shifts closer, leaning against his side again, with her head on his shoulder. "Thank you," she whispers, nestling close. "Do you need anything? Does Zhirazoth? He is welcome to feed if he is hungry." Fort has limited stock but a Weyrwoman must always offer the best to the guests.

Mr'az slips an arm around her as she nestles close to his side, lowering his head to nuzzle and kiss against her hair. Smiling, he whispers back. "Thank you as well. Zhirazoth will feed later though I think he is content where he is now." he admits. No guesses as to whom he is with. "And I am fine, Nyalle. What about you?" What does she want?

Nyalle closes her eyes and sighs softly against his tunic, snuggling up close against his side. "Better than I was," she answers with a soft laugh. That is obvious enough. "Much better than I was. Excited. Cautiously excited that you might be moving here. Nervous, too. Tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after…I am Senior and it is difficult." Then she peeks up at him, a blush touching her cheeks. "Will you…join me? To sleep? I…just…" She sighs. "I just want to be held, and feel safe and feel secure, and sleep." She's had a rough few days and it's telling, the tension around her lips, her eyes, dark circles and strain.

Mr'az chuckles a bit for the obvious reply and he listens, smiling but some concern flickering in his eyes when she sighs again. Looking at her closely now, he can see that strain and tension, how the last few days have worn on her. "Come on," he says softly and her answer will come as he slips from the couch to stand but his hands carefully draw her along with him. Stroking her back and holding her close, he will begin to step towards her bedroom. "Let's get settled in before the night grows much later." Yes, he will join her and hold her. He will do whatever it is that she desires in order to be relaxed and comfortable.

Nyalle leans against him with an exhale of breath. "You're sure?" she asks, glancing up at him with concern in her eyes. She's exhausted and paranoid, feeling that he'll be insulted she's not leaping into bed with him - not in /that/ sense, at least. Inside the bedroom she sheds her robe, once again revealing that black nightgown, and crawls between the cold sheets. She hadn't put warmed stones between the blankets this night, not expecting to be here.

"I'm sure," Mr'az reassures her and at her concern he goes on to elaborate. Normally he'd bite his tongue but he wants her to be certain that no offence is being taken. "Being with you, just holding you is worth it. I am not going to ask you to sleep with me, Nyalle. Not after all that you've been through over the days. I won't lie, I desire to but I can be patient." Very, very patient. "Tonight though, you need your sleep. And I will help you by being by your side." Which will start with him crawling into bed with her. Keeping his eyes modestly adverted while she strips down, he will undress too and carefully set his clothes aside before slipping under the covers with a sharp shiver. "Jays. Cold!" he murmurs as he reaches for her.

Nyalle shakes her head, blushing slightly. "You're too good to me, Mr'az," she murmurs as she scoots up next to him. "Sorry," she murmurs for the cold sheets. Clearly she did't expect to be /back/ tonight. Another stupid mistake. "I don't know why you're this good to me."

"Don't apologize. Would you like it if I got some of the heating stones?" Mr'az asks just as she scoots up next to him. Slipping his arm over her, he then blinks and exhales softly. "Because you are my friend Nyalle and we have shared… we have shared a lot between us. Why should I not treat you well and with the respect and honour you deserve? I'd make a terrible friend if I did not help you when you needed it. And I know you would do the same for me, in my time of need."

Nyalle nods her head swiftly as she nestles close to Mr'az, snuggling in against his side with her head on his shoulder, her hand against his chest. "Of course I would," she murmurs. She has too many thoughts in her head, and outside, Kayeth croons softly. « She is agitated. I will try to soothe her. She needs sleep and is not making sense with her thoughts. » Paranoid.

Mr'az relaxes against her, trying to coax her to do the same and slowly, almost carefully, his hand begins to stroke along her back. Just a gentle touch, meant to sooth her. He smiles for her answer but is unaware of her troubled mind. Zhirazoth, however, is being informed by Kayeth. « Can mine help in some way? He is very eager to help her and would like to see her sleeping and resting. He is worried. »
Electricus> Nyalle shifts closer and closes her eyes, trying to relax her swirling, exhausted thoughts. Kayeth rumbles softly, offering Zhirazoth a gentle nuzzle. « He is, just by being there. Ask him to just stay there, do what he's doing. His warmth and holding will help. » Then her attention shifts to fully focus on her rider, drawing her gently to that private mental island. Safe. Nyalle is safe in mind and body, with Kayeth and Mr'az there.

Zhirazoth returns that nuzzle and whuffles. « I have told him and he understands. » he reassures the gold. True to his word, Mr'az shifts under the covers and he turns slightly, drawing Nyalle with him so that he can slip his arms around her and hold her. Safe. She's safe with him and he will continue to stroke his hands along her back and give her that reassurance she needs along with Kayeth's presence to relax.

Slowly, Nyalle finally does relax. Mr'az will know, too, the instant she falls asleep, because her body sags and it's almost startling how much tension she was holding - only truly visible once it's gone and she's limp, relaxed, and deep, deep asleep. Kayeth exhales softly, her thoughts extending to the bronze once more. « She sleeps. »

« Good! » Zhirazoth rumbles, satisfied that he and his rider could be of some help tonight. Smugly pleased, he will settle himself to sleep too by Kayeth's side. Inside, Mr'az will continue to hold her and stroke her, trying not to sigh sadly when he feels her sag and only then noticing the difference. He's relieved though when she sleeps and with a gentle brush of his lips to her hair he wishes her a quietly whispered good night sleep before he too is allowing himself to drift off.