Who Rulayn, K'vir
What K'vir's intentions are interrupted by an unexpected arrival.
When Afternoon, Winter - Turn 2711
Where Shenanigan's Lounge

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".. You can't just let her wander off in here, she'll get stepped on.."

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

While not usually the type to wander in such a location, Rulayn had been feeling far more adventurous lately. So much, in fact, that she had dared to wander into Shenanigan's by herself rather than with her usual company of stablelads who enjoyed betting on the runners. Of course, the Lounge isn't quite as busy at this hour, so maybe the young woman is just playing it safe. Regardless, Rulayn is seated at one of the many coffee tables placed around, a mug of klah in one hand and a letter clutched in the other. She seems intent on reading and for once, far more relaxed.

Shenanigan's sees its fair share of customers (mostly riders) and it's true that the afternoon hour is one of the slower periods but there are a few souls who haunt the place. Winter draws them in, rider and weyrfolk alike as the Gemstone remains too cold a walk to reach. K'vir, now mended from his injuries and an extended stay in Xanadu before returning to full duties in Igen, is… visiting Fort, now. No doubt to assure his parents that he is not, in fact, crippled. He's probably endured a lot from that visit and it may be no surprise that he's here to "recover". How? A few drinks and a game of darts between two older Wingriders. From the laughter, K'vir has won and he leaves the group with a bemused smirk and a slightly heavier purse of marks. Gathering his stuff, he almost leaves if it weren't for him catching a familiar face. "Rulayn!" he greets her brightly as he approaches her table. "Hey! Want some company?"

Rulayn has perhaps brushed off her previous company, it seems, for her expression isn't too favourable as she scans through the piece of parchment in hand. It's almost as if she's waiting for something hidden to pop out of the words inked on the paper. Her expression falters at the sound of a familiar voice, however, and her gaze lifts to the familiar sight of K'vir passing by. For a moment Rulayn blinks as if not recognising the young man, before she straightens up in her seat and returns his cheerful greeting with a friendly smile of her own. "I didn't think I'd see you after our trip! Where've you been?" She neatly folds the letter and tucks it into one of the pockets of her tunic before gesturing for him to be seated.

K'vir gives a curious glance to the letter but doesn't ask her about it as it's tucked away out of view. He would have been so SAD if she'd not remembered him either; even if she couldn't be blamed for it. They really did only meet once! "Busy! And uh… injured. Pretty bad." he admits with a grimace as he slides in to the seat next to her. "I'm okay now!" Obviously. "Just — heh. Learned a valuable lesson. You? I'd heard the restrictions on being down here or inside," He flips a hand vaguely to indicate the inner tunnels. "Had been lifted. You must be a lot happier now?"

After another quick swig of her mug as K'vir seats himself down, Rulayn drains the last of her drink and pushes the cup away. "Injured? How?" She blinks, pausing briefly to wipe her mouth. Far from the muddy and messy appearance she has in the stables, Rulayn actually seems to be dressed in a far different manner today. A closer inspection would reveal she's forgone the usual hide clothes in favour of something more befitting a Gather - a tunic comprised of a far softer fabric in shades of pale yellow, and a long skirt coloured white. "We've moved back in, yeah.. But I'd forgotten how cramped my room was. I guess it's nice to be warm again, though."

Before he answers that, K'vir will point to her now empty mug. "Want me to get you another one?" he offers. She might need it. He's probably noticed the way she's dressed too but is making a valiant effort NOT to stare at her except for what is deemed polite. "It's good to know you and the others won't be facing the worst of winter stuck in those makeshift camps." And his injuries? He gets back to that, with a sheepish dip of his head and a shaky chuckle. "I tried to break up a duel between two men. They've put me under Guard training and I thought I was doing the right thing. Instead I got my ass handed to me and they ended up killing each other regardless. So…" He shrugs. "That was a lost cause and I spent several weeks recovering from various bruises, a broken nose, bruised ribs and a good knife wound to my leg. Oh and a lot of lectures and 'how could you be so stupid' sort of berating so… Spare me that?" It's bitterness and teasing both in his tone as he gives her a sidelong look.

Rulayn nods to his offer of a refill. "Well it'll be getting warmer out soon enough. Still not as cosy as a Weyr, I'd wager.. Anyway, want me to get them?" She asks politely, brushing back her hair and pushing it away from her eyes so that she can get a proper look over K'vir after his mention of injuries. Each thing he lists causes the girl to wince slightly or make a somewhat pained, sympathetic grimace. "That's a shame. But at least you're alright. It sounds like you were trying to do the right thing." She smiles, trying her best to sound genuine and honest.

"You'd be surprised. Some of the weyrs are small and bare. Nothing more than a hollowed out cave with a few crude shelves carved into the rock. Mine in Igen is nothing to be bragging about," K'vir is quick to point out, shaking his head when she offers to fetch the drinks. Lifting his hand, he'll signal one of the servers and motion to her empty glass. One refill and he'll order his own drink. No, she'll get to stay put and… did he just shuffle a little closer to her? "You've been well, then?" he asks after her first, before his grimace returns and he exhales. "Yeah, well. That's holders for you, I guess? We've got some stubborn ones out in Igen's coverage area. I learned my lesson… not to play the hero."

With a polite passing smile at the server who approaches, Rulayn gratefully holds up her mug for a refill. Setting down the steaming hot cup after it's topped up, Rulayn again brushes her hair back, combing her fingers through the knot-free locks. With K'vir shuffling closer, the odd smell of a sweet spice is soon evident around the girl. Either she's been hugging a chef, or directly bathing in the stuff! "Mhm. I was at Igen for the Hatching with a friend. Cheered a few folk on." She doesn't linger on the subject though, instead turning the conversation back on the lad. "I suppose your parents weren't happy with the news?"

The server will be back with K'vir's drink in short order too: a cider, by the looks of it and of the alcoholic variety. Sure, it's only the afternoon but that's close enough to the dinner hour to have a drink, right? He'll catch himself watching her too when she brushes back her hair and then promptly pretend to be interested in the content of his mug. The spicy scent is duly noted too. "Were you? I was there too! I wish I'd known… Though if you were already with a friend?" Just a friend or that type of "friend"? K'vir's tone implies as much before he grins. "Did the ones you cheer Impress? I never got to know the Candidates well, but I was shocked that a gold Hatched! There was a gold in my class too." Mention of his parent's reaction to his news brings another grimace and a good, deep swig, of his drink. "Not really. My dad was a Guard before Impressing and my mother is… Well, to say the least they were disappointed in me." Ouch.

"It's a shame we missed each other, then!" Rulayn did indeed sound rather put-out by the fact they'd not bumped into one another. But perhaps that had been for the better, considering the recent company the stablegirl had been keeping. "Well he's.. It's complicated." Better to let sleeping dogs stay in the kennel and far away is Rulayn's clear decision on that matter. She even casts a quick look around, almost as if wary that the friend in question might be sitting at one of the nearby tables. ".. But the people I were cheering for managed to Impress." She finally turns her attention back to K'vir and grants him another smile. "Well, I don't see how they could be too disappointed. You were really brave." Is that a blush on her cheeks?

K'vir has latched on with some hope to that put-out hint to her voice. She wanted to see him! That's always a good sign, right? Until the mention of that friend brings on a comment about it 'being complicated'. Cue his slightly deflated manner and slight withdrawal. "Ahh… is that right?" What IS it with K'vir honing in on the potentially taken (and completely taken) ones? Not that it's entirely stopped him. Bad bronzerider. Bad. "If you ask me? Most relationships are complicated things." he teases her gently. "Is your friend in Igen?" Don't read too much into that Rulayn. He's not the jealous type. "Good! That's great. It's always hard to watch a Hatching when you know some of the folks Standing. Now I think I know how my parents felt." Brave? K'vir chuckles at that and… she's blushing! That's a good sign? His earlier withdrawing is replaced by him leaning in again, if she doesn't scoot away. He's getting bolder now or maybe it's because Rulayn is familiar that he risks so much in being so forward. "You're one of the few who'd think so. It just didn't seem right to stand by and not try something to stop them."

Rulayn seems keen to correct herself and perhaps give K'vir a little more information than anything that would leave him looking so deflated. "It's not really a relationship. He just happened to be there at the right time." She tries to give the poor Bronzerider a reassuring smile and those pink cheeks start to turn an even darker shade as K'vir leans in. Memories of their night together come flooding back and she doesn't resist or deny his advance. How could anyone resist such a charming young man? "He's.. um. A traveller. Although I think he was planning on staying in Fort for some time." Clearing her throat after answering his question, and perhaps to distract him from any devious thoughts regarding her words, she herself scoots just a few inches closer, to the point where she's almost sitting on his lap!

K'vir quirks a brow, "So I won't have someone hunting me down to flay me alive, then?" he teases her once more. Good. Very good! Not that he doesn't have his pick of girls if he's looking for that sort of company but he likes Rulayn. There has to be something to lure his attention and while he's made no hint of commitment towards her, he does enjoy her company. Both conversationally and… well, what he's about to allude to. Shenanigan's is aptly named and the few souls who are lingering about don't even bat an eye to what's going on at their table. Worse has probably happened here! "I'll try not to visit then during his…stay…" he tells her, sincere and amused both. Almost sitting in his lap? No, no. That won't do. He doesn't exactly pull her there either but he'll make good on her hint and slip his arm around her to draw her in. Let the not-so innocent making out, begin? Surfacing for air, he'll laugh breathlessly. "We should—" Go somewhere, maybe? Only his suggestion is interrupted by something moving underneath his jacket where he'd left it draped over the far end of the table. Whatever it is? Is making noises. Cracking noises. Scrabbling sounds… and then struggling. "Shit!" K'vir curses. Damn timing! Loathe to let her go, Rulayn may find herself still held in place even as he attempts to flip his jacket up and release the indignant tiny little hatchling underneath it. It immediately spits and hisses at him, talons clicking and scraping over the table as it seeks to evade him.

Flaying -him-? Rulayn seemed to be under the impression that K'vir would do the flaying! Of course, there's no time to dwell on his comment either, simply because she's too busy getting cosy right there and then in K'vir's arms. This spot? Perfect. Not exactly inclined to be found kissing in public, the girl is initially shy of any sort of intimacy where other people can see. But you only live once, right? Evidently so, since she seems pretty keen to let herself be swept up in all of that innocent business. Although his laugh is accompanied by a small giggle of her own, the sudden scratching and squeaking noises give the girl enough pause to look in the direction of the moving jacket. "What the-.." She has to practically latch onto the Bronzerider as he tries to handle both her and his jacket, blinking in rapid confusion over the sudden darting green hatchling. ".. What is -that- doing here!?"

K'vir is going to be one frustrated person if this ends up ruining plans! He still hasn't quite let go of Rulayn, even as he swears at the hissing green and goes to brush his hand at her. Go on then! He definitely doesn't want her, having a fair of four of his own. "Sage, my green? Had flown awhile ago and clutched. I'd meant to bring the egg for my sister but was told not to because she's "too young"." he mutters and would have turned his head to resume where they'd left off only… The green firelizard is making a beeline for Rulayn, quiet as a whisper (really, she is creeling but it's so soft, soft). YOU! You look like the perfect vic—- err, person to love her forever. Right?

Rulayn is probably going to be a little bit annoyed too if their potential evening is ruined-.. Hey, look at that! Rulayn, despite being clutched by the man, seems to take note as the scrambling little Green darts towards her. And that noise? Unmistakably adorable! "But look at it-.. her!" The young woman doesn't budge from K'vir's lap, but she does lean across the table to practically scoop the Firelizard up in her hands. "She's so tiny! Don't we have anything to feed her with? You can't just let her wander off in here, she'll get stepped on.." Clearly the compassion for runners has spread to the small and scaly as well!

Well… the entire evening doesn't have to be ruined. K'vir can be patient as Rulayn sees the green fed and settled! Someone must have seen or heard the commotion (or really, there'd be at least a few firelizards humming here!) but a server comes by with some meat scraps. "There! Feed her those," he instructs, not daring to bring his hand too close to the hatchling. His hand will go… elsewhere. Like to her hip or thigh. "Feed her and I think you already got the rest in the bag, really. She took to you, I think." Which brings a sigh of relief to K'vir because… he REALLY doesn't want another one.

Rulayn glances up as a plate of meat is brought over and slowly she reaches for a piece, barely having time to lift it up before the little Green snaps it out of her hand. Someone's hungry! Another scrap of meat is picked up and fed, then another, then another, then-.. Is that K'vir's hand on her leg? She turns her head with raised brows at the young man's actions, but she doesn't reject his advances. "Wait-.. me? I can't look after her!" Rulayn looks a tad shocked, pausing in her feeding of the hatchling. The Green already seems to have figured out the puzzle, however, as she begins to devour the final few strips of meat left on the plate by herself.

"Too late now. She's impressed to you," K'vir can't help but laugh a little for her reaction to the news. Can she not feel it, the connection? He doesn't focus so much on the green now that she's not his problem. His attentions are all for Rulayn and yes, that is his hand on her leg but it stays there and does not wander. Just a gentle reminder that he's all for picking up where they left off… if she doesn't become entirely absorbed in her new little partner in crime.

Rulayn frowns slightly, looking back to the little Green nuisance, now with a fat belly as she curls up to sleep on the warm table. Any further protest is silenced by the feeling of content radiating from the sleeping beauty. Gradually, Rulayn smiles and resigns with a shrug. "Well, I suppose I can't turn her away now." She admits, settling back against the young man and letting her back rest against his chest. Of course, she can't turn him away either! Turning her head, K'vir is rewarded with a brief and playful kiss to his chin. "Thankyou!" Of course, it's not like K'vir handed her the hatchling. And speaking of hands, she places one of hers atop his and gives him a brief squeeze.

K'vir chuckles, "Nope. She's yours forever now. They're not that hard to care for, really. Keep her fed and oiled when her hide dries out and she'll be good. Training though? That's the headache. Wish you luck, there." he teases her. Having her settle back against him brings a bit of a surprised look to his features but he's quick to adjust and settle her comfortably, with his one arm slipping around her. The kiss was unexpected too but welcomed with a grin. "You're welcome!" No, it totally wasn't but he'll roll with it! Squeezing back with his hand, he'll let her have a moment of peace to absorb the moment and grasp that the green is hers now. Then? It's right back to his original plans. "So…" he muses with a bit of an accented drawl. "… you said you had a room?" Smooth, K'vir. So smooth.

Rulayn keeps an eye on the sleeping Firelizard now happily dozing on the table, but her attention seems drawn back to K'vir all too quickly. He earns himself another smile and another quick kiss. Where were they again? Oh yes, the room. "Mhm.. But the cot only has space for one." She mutters in response, leaning her head back against his shoulder. At this distance, that smell of spice seems to be coming from the girl's hair and is almost intoxicating. And of course, at this distance, lucky K'vir has a nice view of what's down Rulayn's tunic too. "Maybe you have a bigger bed.. ?" Rulayn seems to know right where he's coming from.

K'vir returns the affection given to him and if he can glimpse what's down her tunic? Well, he'll get a good look without leering at her. There's a low exhale that gradually changes to a laugh and he's already beginning to shift under her… and before there's any thoughts on that, it's because he's seeking to stand and draw her with him. After she's figured out how to collect the sleeping green, that is. "I do but I don't feel like flying back to Igen right now." One, it takes time. Second? He's been drinking. Case in point, he's draining the last of his cider and grinning down at her. "I know of a place though. Lived here half my life… know of a few spots no one really knows about. One's even got pillows." He's not lying either. Such a place exists in the forgotten recesses of the Weyr's lower tunnels!

Although she's loathe to move when so comfortable, some sacrifices must be made! When K'vir gradually begins to rise (no pun intended!) so does Rulayn, although she doesn't let herself leave the Bronzerider's company at any point. With careful hands the young woman gently collects the sleeping bundle of Green and tucks her into her tunic. K'vir will have to wait until later to see what's under there. For now, she turns and gives K'vir a grin, waiting for him to beckon, lead, or drag her off to whatever secret place he'd uncovered!

K'vir's impatience to head elsewhere may be justified. If there's to be anything of the sort, he's wanting to be well out of the public's eye. He's young but even he knows better! He won't drag her off, but gently lead her, slipping one arm around her waist once more and holding her close as he "escorts" her back to her room… which is totally a front to show the other patrons. Gentleman? Hardly. It's off to that hidden alcove and it's there he'll stay with Rulayn for however long she wishes to remain in his company but he does not seem in any rush to part with her and head home to Igen.

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