Who Sephany, Z'ki
What Sephany attempts to inject some design into Z'ki's new weyr.
When Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2715
Where Zki's Weyr, Igen Weyr


Igen Weyr - Jizunoth's Weyr
This weyr is plain and utilitarian, with little personality.

It's been a pleasant day at Igen — winter means it's cool, but no where near cold enough to require the furs-and-leather of day to day wear at more snow-inclined locales. Earlier in the day, Z'ki would've been found at the stores, poking around without much enthusiasm, and the second he saw her, he would've promptly co-opted her to "help" decorate his weyr, as promised. Now, later, Z'ki's descending from Jizunoth with Sephany and whatever she's brought with her in the decidedly sparse looking weyr. "I quite like it like this," the bronzerider admits, "But, I've been told there's a certain standard riders are expected to display," with the briefest of grimaces.

Though she may be a weaver, and therefore more inclined to design clothing than interiors, Sephany is still a creative person at heart. And so, this opportunity could not be passed up. Although the items with her are certainly of the 'accessory' type, rather than the larger, furniture variety, she is still laden. Two bags, one for each shoulder, balance her out and provide some hindrance to dismounting the large bronze. But she managers, well enough. "It's certainly, um… clean," decides the blond with a bit of trepidation. But she soldiers on, moving into the space with a critical eye that examines each and every utilitarian item. "Pft," she huffs, rolling her eyes. "Who is going to be seeing your weyr? And why would they care?" Nevermind that she is still going to try and decorate the heck out of it. "I can see why you would like it, though. It is very… you."

Z'ki can't help it; he actually laughs at Sephany's reaction. "If I'm honest, I barely know what to do with so much space. I've never actually had a place to myself ever. Used to share a room with my brothers, and then the barracks at the Hold, the barracks at the Weyr, the candidate barracks, and," the spread of his hands concludes, here. He stays at Jizunoth's side, carefully unstrapping each item of furniture and setting it down somewhere out of the way. He, at least, has a bed, and his trunk — but there's nothing fancy in the weyr, not a surprise for a fresh-out-of-weyrlinghood rider. Still, the view is something. "I… don't know," Z'ki's brow furrows. "I mean, you have. My wingmates, probably." The latter comment earns a brief flicker of a smile, her comment received in the vein it's given: "Thanks."

"I don't count," decides Sephany quickly. "I don't know about your wingmates, though… not sure they will care if you don't have the most chic weyr in Igen. I suppose if you end up with a fancy knot," and she glances back with a grin, playful, "you may have to entertain some sort of visiting dignitary. Or at least a foreign Wingleader? Weyrleader?" A shrug. Because she really has no clue. "I have a room, at Fort," she offers. "First time I had my own space. It's wonderful; so quiet. But small. Certainly smaller than this." She's made her way around the weyr and finds the center, exhales in a quick huff, plasters a very 'alright then' sort of expression on her face, and decides, "You can use a partition to section off the weyr; Set up a seating area. Definitely couch there," and she points to a seemingly random spot of stone. "Bed there," waaaay over there, away from couch. "Plants," of a hearty, drought-tolerant (aka, Z'ki can neglect them and they will still live) variety, over yonder. "Are you sure you don't want a set of curtains?" nevermind there is no window… or is there?

The bronzerider's clearly trying to imagine such a scenario — hosting a Weyrleader — given he pauses with a chair in hand, brow furrowing. "Doubtful," Z'ki finally says, after a shake of his head, setting the chair down. "I haven't even got family that are riders." Next is a box of stuffs, that are probably decorative, but Z'ki doesn't even try and pry. "A couch?" he's eyeing Jizunoth and doing the mental calculations. Should fit. "I don't know about the plants, though—" because he's clearly thinking of the sort they'd seen at Monaco Bay just recently. "Curtains? Uhh.. for what?" Yeah, no. Even if there was a window, which there isn't.

"Or… perhaps a few chairs, instead of a couch?" wonders Sephany, glancing toward Z'ki briefly before walking toward the space she had previous indicated for the large piece of furniture. "Maybe four chairs, around a table? Though, a couch would allow more… sprawling." If he sprawls. She's pacing, more or less, wandering from one side of the space to another, no doubt visualizing. "They're safe," she tells him of the plants. "Desert plants. Cacti, mostly. Something that doesn't require much attention…" hm. "The curtains would soften the space, visually," but she's already tossed that idea aside with a flick of her hand. "But I don't know if that's really… you." And now she's going back to the bronze, to peek at the furniture being unloaded, finding the chair with a reach of her hand though she doesn't move it yet. "I kind of like the simple… empty space. It's just a little too empty right now. It looks deserted."

"Four chairs, for my many visitors we've already established are coming," Z'ki muses, with a little twitch of lips. "I'm sure I saw a couch underneath some things in the stores. If it's still there, it could fit easily there," he gestures. Looking vaguely relieved when he's assured they're plants even he can't kill, he says, "Okay. A few plants then," relenting, as he nudges aside one of the boxes with his foot and reaches for the chair she has a hand on. "Let me get that," a beat later, "Uh, whereabouts?"

Sephany makes a face. It's not a terribly disgruntled face, but it's definitely a face. "It's for… balance," she decides. "One would look really funny. Four makes… sense." Maybe. "The couch then," she decides. "If JIzunoth can carry it, I think it will look better." She gives up the chair easily enough, removing her hand from it and settling it at her hip instead. "Mm…" a considering look, a little tilt of her head. "Over here…" and she will lead the way, though she doesn't go very far. "It can go around here." A tap of her foot to indicate the location before she flits off towards her discarded bags and boxes of accessories. "There's a few maps… I thought they would look nice as d├ęcor. Plus… they are actually useful items," she notes, rummaging around until she's found what she wants. "Do you like books?" wondered suddenly.

"He seems pretty confident," Z'ki says. Apparently they already had this conversation, clearly recently enough that there's no hesitation. Dutifully, he lets Sephany lead him, still carrying the chair, over the position he sets out. He seems somewhat baffled by the idea of maps, but neither does he verbalize it, so it's probably tacit acceptance. "I've never been a big reader," he admits. "But I guess you could put one or two around the place to make it look… uh, smarter?"

The maps are useful decorations; it seems to make perfect sense to Sephany, who doesn't bother to explain further. She's already found and unfolded the first map, working on the second, as she glances toward the bronzerider. "Well… the thought was that you could have a library, if the idea suited you. But if books and reading is not something that you would enjoy, I'd rather find something else. You're smart enough; no need to put books into a place only to have them collect dust and be ignored." A soft 'hm' of consideration. "What do you enjoy? I am sure there are small things that could be used to demonstrate your hobbies. Did you have anything specific, as a guard, that could be used as decoration now? For example," and she straightens, absently rubbing a hand at her lower back. "My brother was a butcher, and while he sold his expensive carving set after he Impressed, he kept the cleaver and has it displayed in his weyr as homage to his former life."

"I haven't given up that life," Z'ki says, slowly. "But, I don't know — maybe I can get a nice sword commissioned, and hang it somewhere," he gestures vaguely at the wall, then looks towards Sephany as if to get her opinion on the matter. "I, uh, should go try and grab that couch before any of my clutchmates. I'll leave you to," he squints, waves hand, "Decorate? Shouldn't be long," he says, as he moves towards Jizunoth.

"Of course not," agrees Sephany quickly, an attempt at reassurance. "But it would still be nice to pay tribute to your past. It will be different, now…" and she glances toward the large bronze on the ledge, letting her sentence trail off. The idea of a sword has her briefly frowning, though it is more in consideration rather than disapproval. "Hmm. Perhaps…" She will think about it; that is what her tone of voice says. She is already turning back to the box of decorations when Z'ki mentions fetching the couch before another steals it, earning a quick nod of the blonde's head in agreement. "Alright," she decides, glancing up briefly. "When you return, I ought to have a bit more done, so hopefully you can get an idea of what I'm talking about." Maybe. Or maybe he will return to a giant mess as Sephany literally unpacks every single item, lays it out on the floor, and runs into a total mental road-block with what she wants to do with it all. RIP ORGANIZATION.

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