Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The snow may lie deep throughout the Weyr this late afternoon, but a little white stuff has never been a deterrent for Br'enn when he wants a bit of fresh air. Nor has it been for Tovihasuth, but not much stands in his way. He's a bronze, after all. The pair have wandered out to the lake, the frozen surface of which has become a point of fascination for the bronze. Full grown he may be, but he's still very much as curious and exuberant as he's always been, maturity only giving it a bit more focus. Right now, Tovihasuth is testing the ice with his talons, trying to decide whether or not the ice will take his weight while Br'enn crouches down on the lake shore to watch his lifemate's footing, quiet amusement giving a slight tilt to his lips.

Velokraeth doesn't mind the snow but rarely will he go down into it on a whim. He's well along in his Turns now that it has ceased to fascinate him so much, even if his memory (as with most dragons) isn't so great. On this afternoon, he is sprawled out on a ledge above the lakeshore and has three greens keeping him company — for "warmth". Yeah, right. Luckily for all none appear to be showing signs of glowing but that doesn't stop the bronze from keeping his charming ways sharp and today he's wooed those three to his side. He'll watch Tovihasuth though, idly amused. Th'ero is out and about, again venturing to the lake shore in an effort to cure the restlessness that plagues him. His leg is growing stronger now and he no longer has the cast on or walks with a cane but the Weyrleader is still not back to full strength. Spying Br'enn crouching by the lake shore, he'll approach the young bronzerider. "Afternoon, Br'enn." he greets.

Kkk…kkkrrrk…kkrrrEEEKK… The ice complains as Tovihasuth decides it's as good a time as any to find out what he's dealing with, easing his weight onto his forepaws with the yellow-orange regard of concentration turned down upon the cold, solid water beneath his talons. A few faint cracks appear deep at the bottom of the ice, but otherwise, it's a good start. It is cold, and that just proves it. Br'enn's eyebrows slowly rise as he watches, and then Th'ero is there, distracting him enough to stand back up with a salute touched to his brow. "Afternoon, sir," the younger bronzer greets in turn, glancing quickly back to Tovihasuth before smirking at the Weyrleader. "Decided he needed to figure out the ice. Good to see ya without the extra help gettin' ya around." Tovihasuth is aware of Velokraeth, by the way. He's just concentrating that hard on the task at hand.

Th'ero dips his head in return to the salute, but otherwise the Weyrleader is keeping their conversation more towards the casual side. "Curious about it, is he? Might be a good thing, if he breaks through it." Yet there's doubt in his voice that the bronze will manage. "And I'm glad to be a little more… independent in my wanderings." he admits with a dry chuckle to his voice. "And you? How've you been?" Since he's not had a chance to talk to Br'enn since that tense and grim meeting after the failure of capturing Vossler alive.

Br'enn appreciates casual, and falls easily into a nonchalant, arms-folded pose as he continues watching his lifemate. The ice creaks and groans a little more as the bronze adds more weight and lifts one hind leg from the sure traction of the shore to move it toward settling with the rest. "Might be," Br'enn concedes with a chuckle, nodding to Th'ero's further comments. "Been feelin' like my head's gonna explode from all the readin' I've been doin' lately," he replies with a bit of dry chagrin, "but I can tell ya about that later. Though I will say Rayathess offered to help researchin' about the cotholds 'n' fires 'n' such, if it's alright by you." Touching on just that little bit isn't talking too much about work during a relaxed moment, right?

Not too much at all! Th'ero grimaces, "It wasn't and isn't going to be any easy task. We've been at it considerably here too in our own archives and so far…nothing. Only glaring signs that something is missing, only we don't know what or where or when." How frustrating! It certainly colours his voice though he only shakes his head. The Weyrleader isn't going to dredge them too far into discussing work. "Of course it's alright if Rayathess offered help. He's trustworthy."

"Missin'?" Since he's only been poring over what he brought back from the Harper Hall Archives, Br'enn hasn't heard about this. "Y'mean in lookin' through it all for any fire information?" He assumes that's what people have been looking through on the Weyr's end anyway. He pauses, considering this, and a frown begins to crease his brow. "If there's somethin' missin', that might imply someone here's involved with the rogues responsible, eh?" Why would something so recent get so conveniently misplaced, just in time for this investigation?

Th'ero nods his head slowly and sighs, "It would seem so? From what you, Dtirae and S'ai informed us by what little could be puzzled out by that man's insane babbling, we've either overlooked something somewhere or something is missing. I find it hard to believe that the Weyr and Holds would just turn a blind eye to an entire cothold burning to the ground." he mutters, careful to keep his voice lowered so only Br'enn is privy to the conversation. So much for separating work from casual talk? He grimaces, "I'd like to hope there isn't an insider here within our own." It would open far too many dark corners that he hopes they won't have to explore.

"I'd like to hope it, too. So let's keep hopin' until somethin' forces us not to," Br'enn says to the idea of an insider somewhat grimly, shaking his head. There's another round of groaning and squealing ice nearby, and the bronzer snaps his gaze out to his lifemate, somewhat grateful for the distraction. All four paws are planted on the ice now. "Well, there 'e goes," he notes, smirking. "Got yer answer now, y'crazy oaf?" Tovihasuth snorts, following it up with a warble that seems rather smug. Unfurling his wings for better balance, the young bronze attempts to turn himself around a bit so that he can look up at Velokraeth. It may take a bit. This stuff is a lot harder to move on than he anticipated.

Velokraeth rumbles approvingly and chuffs with amusement from his ledge above, his ugly head craning forwards slightly to survey Tovihasuth's work. The three greens also seem to take avid curiosity and one may trill sweetly to him. Big strong bronze! Yoo-hoo! Th'ero is grateful for the shift in topics as well and he will chuckle dryly, "You'd be surprised in what little things will fascinate them even when you think they've grown well beyond those Turns." he muses and tries not to focus on the fact that HIS bronze is entertaining a harem of greens. Again.

Tovihasuth is starting to get the point about female dragons now, especially now that he has a gold catch under his…wings. So that little trill from one of the greens surrounding Velokraeth definitely gets his attention, and he manages to turn a little more, flashing bright wings at her with a deeper croon of his own. « Watch this! » If only he had some marbles, he might be able to do a trick that's a little safer than what he's about to try. Alas, he does not. He may have to convince Br'enn to show him how to make snowballs. Instead, he hunkers down a bit…and then springs from all four legs from all four legs, landing straight back on the ice. There's a great KRRRREKK, and massive cracks spinnerweb out beneath the bronze's bulk…but the ice still doesn't give. That's some thick ice. Proud of himself - and more than a little relieved - Tovihasuth cranes his neck and warbles up at the four dragons. « Hah! » Br'enn flinches as his lifemate lands again, chuckling when Tov still doesn't break the ice. "Jays," he says, shaking his head. "He'd better know what'll happen if he tries one more time." From the looks of things, that's all it will take. "'m thinkin' his fascinations'll be endless." Shifting on his feet a bit, he drops his arms to clasp them behind his back. "I was wonderin', before we got on to more serious topics…mind if I ask ya a bit of a personal question, sir?" Uh oh. Personal? Br'enn's not normally one to ask such questions, so there must be a good reason.

Velokraeth chuffs in a way that is almost like laughter for Tovihasuth's antics and two of the greens churr in a similar fashion. That one green though trills again and will leap over to another ledge, teetering on the very edge of it. She's a pretty little thing, richly coloured and sleek in build. « Again, again! » she croons encouragingly, amused and entertained. Th'ero winces a bit as well for Tovihasuth's landing on the ice and he smirks, glancing sidelong to Br'enn. "Doubtful he does and by the sounds of it, he's getting plenty of encouragement for an encore," he murmurs and there may be a slight apology in his voice since Velokraeth is partly behind the green's flirting. Now they'e into personal questions? Th'ero quirks a brow and nods, curious. "What's on your mind, Br'enn?"

Fortunately, Tovihasuth is generally a smart boy, so he doesn't try to jump on the cracked ice again. However, with such encouragement - especially from that particularly pretty green - he's loathe to just leave off. « Uhhh…okay. Hang on! » With a few powerful wingstrokes, he plucks himself off his precarious perch and flaps over to an untouched part of the lake, doing his best to settle himself delicately back upon the ice. Is it just as thick here? It seems to be! And why didn't he think of coming down onto it from the air before? Jeez. Spring…KRRRREKK!! …And also a bit of a sploosh as a spot beneath one of his hind legs proves to be a bit thinner than anticipated. « Ehehe…heh! Whoops! » At least he didn't go all the way in. But she's still impressed, right? He'll give a hopeful warble, anyway. Br'enn can't help but laugh and shake his head again. After a moment, his attention is back to Th'ero, and he clears his throat a bit. "'s about…weyrmate stuff. I, ah…" A hand comes up to scratch at a stubbled cheek. "When y'first were 'mated to Kimm, did you two have much trouble readin' each other at times?" Apparently a certain incident from a few nights prior has stuck with him - even if things are really fine.

The dainty little green will watch, flinching slightly when Tovihasuth hits the ice again and ends up getting his hind leg wet for his efforts. Still, she's impressed! « Well done! » she praises and then with a shy croon, tries to coax him up to the ledge. Come here and warm up, big boy? Th'ero shows some amusement too for the young bronze's antics and then focuses back on Br'enn. Weyrmate stuff? He shifts a bit, lower jaw working slightly as he tries to puzzle out how best to answer the bronzerider. "Yes, in the beginning we would misunderstand each other and often butt heads." Mostly HIS fault, for being so cryptic and brooding! "Is everything alright?" he ventures to ask and while awkward perhaps, the Weyrleader is sincere in asking as it's part of his duty to follow up on his riders, even when crossing the line into personal territory. If it could be potentially affecting two Wingriders (or more) he will need to know!

He still gets a croon? Awesome! If only dragons could grin, Tovihasuth would be wearing a fairly dopey one right now. Except he's supposed to do something more than just stand there looking pleased with himself, he realizes. « Oh! Uh… » Winging up off the ice again, he flaps up to the ledge where that pretty little green is, settling himself next to the green…a little further away than she'd probably like. « Hi! This is, uh…a nice spot! And you're nice too! I mean, you look nice. You sound nice. » All the while he's sidling a little closer, eventually ending up shoulder to shoulder with the green, rustling his wings and juuuuust starting to unfurl toward her invitingly. This is how this goes, right? Eyes whirling emerald flick over to Velokraeth, he tilts his head a bit. This is kind of fun! Br'enn just arches a brow as he follows Tovihasuth's path upward, unable to help a momentary grin. Alright, then! Th'ero's answer seems to satisfy the younger bronzer a bit, some tension leaving his shoulders as he nods. "Oh yeah. Everythin's fine," Br'enn assures the Weyrleader. "'s just…interestin' sometimes. Rynn 'n' me. Not fightin' or anythin', but we confuse each other sometimes. Easy stuff to fix, but we've both changed a lot since comin' here. Sometimes we don't read each other as clear as we'd like, but I think it'll get easier. Guess I was just wantin' to know if it's normal."

« Thank you, » The dainty green answers with just the faintest giggle-like tone to her mental voice. She cocks her head a bit to the side when Tovihasuth settles so far but when he gets around to unfurling that wing, she'll sidle up to him and cuddle. Just cuddling! She's not too affectionate with him, as she's not glowing but the green enjoys a bit of social company. Velokraeth only bobs his head in a smug and knowing manner. Isn't it? Th'ero chuckles dryly to Br'enn, "It's perfectly normal, especially if you and Rynn are just starting to get to know each other. Even when you DO know the other for Turns you'll still be surprised. I'd not let it worry you, unless you're finding that it's not being fixed as easily as before."

Cuddling is nice! Especially when it's cold. Tovihasuth could get used to this. Though he may eventually have to find a trick other than showing how light on his feet atop the icy lake he can be pretty soon. There are only so many bronze-sized indentions the ice will take, after all. There's a bit more cheek-scuffing from Br'enn, who smirks. "Well, we're not just gettin' to know each other; we've been at it for a couple Turns now. But…mayhap it's sorta like y'start all over with that when ya 'mate someone, eh? On certain things? Like y'said - still findin' surprises." He chuckles a bit ruefully. "I won't worry too much. 'specially since we seem pretty good at talkin' things out. Everythin's just still so…new." The smile he gives Th'ero is sincere. "Thanks. Needed to hear that."

Hopefully Tovihasuth will find other ways of impressing the ladies! At least for now, the dainty green is content just to stay warm beside him and he doesn't even have to talk! Lucky day! "Weyrmating is a big step and it can change things," Th'ero agrees quietly and with a small smile for Br'enn. "If you've both managed to work out the whole bit about talking then you're already doing well off than most couples. That's the key. Talking, understanding and… forgiveness." Not to mention a slew more but the Weyrleader keeps it simple. "You're welcome, Br'enn. I've best be getting back. Promised I wouldn't be on my leg too long today and I best not push it." He's in hot enough water with the Healers these days! "Clear skies and good luck. Give my well wishes to Rynn, will you?"

This is one situation in which Tovihasuth is perfectly content not to talk because it might come with a whole pile of awkward. And he doesn't want to annoy his pretty cuddle-companion. So he's content to settle down on the ledge with her tucked under his big, warm wing and be quiet for a change. There's further relief from Br'enn in knowing that he and Rynn at least seem to have a pretty crucial element of this whole weyrmate thing down. "I will, sir. Clear skies to ya, too," he answers Th'ero, and then he's looking up to his lifemate… Ah well. He'll let Tovihasuth have his fun for now, rather than demanding a lift. The bronzer himself will just trek off to the living cavern in search of a mug of klah to warm back up in the meantime.