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Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Eiram awaits the others from the stands as he starts to tune his Lyre. A familiar sound for the dragon as he has oft played and sung from the stands before. He is dressed in his performing clothes of a purple pants and shirt with a bright yellow vest over the top. His shiny shoes replaced with sturdy boots for the time on the hot sands. Perhaps his audience ‘can’t see him’ but well…dress for success and all that. He looks from the gold out on the sands out to the entrance and back again before he begins to do some vocal exercises to warm up his voice. He might get a few curious looks from anyone else in the stands, some to see the eggs and some to just hide away from the cold weather outside.

Leuka isn't really concerned about how he's dressed, his clothes are well made and he looks good in whatever he throws on. It's the music that matters. He's already adjusted his cello and several other Harpers have gathered at the entrance to the sands. A small army of helpers, some are manning a couple of rolled blankets. Others are ready to rush to the edge of the sands and set up a couple of chairs for those playing. Leuka cast about for Eiram and the Hunter, before ending one of the other apprentices off to hunt them down and drag them both to where everyone is waiting. Soon though, the group starts creeping to the edge of the sands, rolling out carpets so chairs and cellos and the piano won't sink in the sands. Once those preparations are done, those not playing scatter.

Riohra is here for the heavy lifting, he helps move the instruments along with the other harpers and once in place he will go about double checking with others if they need anything else. He will then move to the back of the wall and wait, this is too good a thing to pass up and not have a front row seat.

Once Leuka arrives, Eiram rises from his seat and moves down to the impromptu stage set up for this performance. There is a look to Riohra as he heads down, “Joining us with your guitar?” He asks of the fellow candidate curiously perhaps having given him the title of honorary harper in his mind. He grins and heads over to stand by one of the seats and nods to Leuka. “Here we go, eh?” First ever concert to the eggs? Making history here! There is a clear excitement from the lad that is certain. This is the stuff of dreams!

It's not like Inri dressed up, anyway! She's always wearing pretty much the same loose, comfortable clothing that is what happens when you spend your winter on hot sands. Someone is a wee bit resentful, being the sort of person who thrives on cold and enjoys winter sports. Kouzevelth is appreciating both the lack of cracked-cold hide and the company for her growing children. One egg (this time it's Manic Pop) gets overturned and reburied as dragon and rider both watch the Harpers assemble curiously. The show isn't for them. Doesn't stop them from paying attention. (Kouzevelth, at one point, put the edge of her paw on one of those carpets and tried to make it sink, just a little, but was immediately chided.)

Leuka looks to the preparations being set up, rugs being stretched out, chairs arranged and even the piano placed 'just so' on the carpet. It would be very hard to miss the queen dragon coming closer and trying to sink the carpet, but it's a magic carpet that is unsinkable. Maybe. The Harper grins and gives Kouzevelth and her rider a quick bow as everyone takes their seats. Yes, even Riohra. Once everyone is settled, he peers around to the group, whispering a few quick words. "Calm down, it's just another practice session, like any other day." It's not really, but well, if it calms the younger ones down whatever works right? "We'll start with the dragon song." Then bow is placed on the strings and after silent mental count, the first egg concert begins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7lmAc3LKWM (Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary)

Riohra got told apparently, so sitting he will go, not really knowing how this fancy stuff works as he is an amature among masters at this point. He does sit there with Eiram though that way the younger man can correct him if he messes up. When they start playing the dragon song he will nod to the gold and her rider while he watches to see if the eggs actually respond..

They won't, not in any way that anyone but Kouzevelth could tell — there's no way to tell what they're doing without touching them, which Inri will not allow while there are musicians and instruments on the sands — but she looks very pleased, and that's got to be a favorable response, right?

As they gather, Eiram bows with Leuka and the other musicians here present. All very formal and well practiced. The masters at the hall might even be proud. His seat is taken and he pops the lyre in his lap and adds in his own melody of the song with the plucking of strings. Then his voice adds the words. A song sweetly sung by the boy in a voice that resounds around the caverns. Those familiar will note where he has eased or forced his way past the cracks of his voice but at least there is no horrible squawking. He plucks out the notes on the Lyre with what is now practiced ease. He has settled into the music now and the nerves have washed away.

Leuka taps his foot gently to the soft melody as Eiram's Lyre joins with his cello and Riohra's guitar and the instruments of the other apprentice's adding their skills to the unique serenade. He grins to Eiram as the young man's voice, thankfully not currently squeaking, drifts across the sands and over the eggs. He nods as the younger Harper delivers the song with with enthusiasm, his attention drifting around to the other players as the song progresses.

Riohra still has to look at his hands but he is keeping the beat rather well as he strums with another guitar player. He does glance to the galleries but doesn’t see who he is waiting for so goes back to concentrating. The song is one he has been practicing so at least he isn’t doing bad notes or off key.

Eiram finishes the first song with a flourish of notes on the Lyre before nodding back at Leuka and Riohra. “So far so good..” he murmurs before rising from his seat and setting his Lyre down. “I have a dream you are there, high above a cloud somewhere..” He starts to sing and moves through the eggs as he sings, his voice directed to them but up to the mother dragon as well. He does not touch them in his movements, though he is close enough his clothes brush past them. His gestures are expressive, arms spreading wide to show flying as he gets quite lost into the song about flying on dragons.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiVWvrt6jKw (INTO A FANTASY (How To Train Your Dragon) - Alexander Rybak)

Leuka nods over is cello, a smile flashed around to the others who are playing. But as the song comes to and end, Eiram does the unexpected. And without his lyre no less. Eyes widen and the Journeyman begins to seriously worry about his Apprentice when the boy gets up and starts wandering around the eggs "Are you crazy!? He hisses out. As the young candidate gets a bit too close, arms spreading even closer. It's probably enough to get any mother dragon nervous. Doubly so for any fools that happen to be too close when the muck hits the fan. Leuka cast a worried look to Riohra and the others sitting and playing but turns his attention back to Eiram quick enough. "Get back here!" He tries whisper-hissing to the boy getting lost among the eggs. The Harper keeps playing, all the while trying to get the youngest candidate's attention and get him to come away from the eggs.

Riohra on the other hand will egg him on, as he picks up the song with the rest nodding and whispering to Leuka “You trained him to put on a show, let him try”. The tall hunter chuckles and follows along with the song, No risk no reward as the saying goes and it is clear just by his run on the chore board Eiram has all the luck this candidacy.

And okay, so maybe everybody hadn’t arrived just yet, but it’s better late than never, right? Right. So onto the sands they come, a trio one can hardly call mismatched: Ila’den, Risali, Teimyrth. The bronze is behind his rider (and his of his), breaking away once there’s enough distance safely between them for that massive hide to move beyond them, beyond harpers (who do get the disdain of bronze sire in the form of a bone-rattling growl as he settles) to somewhere near Kouzevelth. And as Ila’den leans in to press a kiss to Risali’s temple, pulling her arm away from where it’s been tucked away in the crook of his so that he can give that delicate hand a squeeze, the goldrider dips into a bow the same way Leirith tries to SLIP IN ON THE SHOW (not physically; SHE LIKES LIFE) with bass, and drums, and all manner of beat and rhythm for the songs already in progress. But Ila’den breaks away from his progeny, making for Inri as Risali comes up from those deep bows and moves on booted feet with a brilliant smile to join the harpers. Risali knows your pain about winters on sands, Inri, because she’s just spent her winter with Leirith’s (and okay, Garouth's) clutch in that very place. And now here she is again, not even her dragon this time! But she’s finding a chair and pulling it up close behind Leuka, leaning in as grey eyes watch Eiram’s daring performance. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she whispers to the journeyman harper, reaching out to brush fingers against Riohra’s shoulder in hello before joining in with Eiram and adding harmony. She'll go get that piano LATER, after she's said her hellos.

Teimyrth brought food, right? Kouzevelth has been watching the harpers very closely, and she's even been tapping her tail to the beat a little bit (it's totally hitting one of the eggs, but the egg doesn't pay it any mind), but every bit of her that had become tenser and more alert as Eiram began wandering about relaxes and looks just perfectly satisfied as the sire returns. Hopefully with snacks. Inri just laughs a little as goldrider and bronzerider make their appearance, and gives everyone a nod-and-wave. "Plenty of room in the slightly-less-warm section for sitting," she points out, though Risali is being all craftery so she'll have to miss out on Visiting Goldrider that Sands-Sitting Goldrider Actually Likes privileges for now. Kouzevelth isn't ignoring Leirith, on the contrary, her mental touch is appreciative. Great mental rhythm there.

Eiram either doesn’t hear or ignores the hissed warnings from his teacher as he continues his song, though the growl does give a pause to some of his movements and he restrains himself once more bringing arms to his sides as he finishes out the song moving back to the ‘stage’. He finishes with a bow next to his chair before picking up his Lyre again and sitting down. There is a little shrug for the looks of Rio and Leuka, but he just grins. “It was fun..” He murmurs before giving a little wave to Risali and settles back into play the next song.

So many people showing up for this, one would think there are flyers somewhere.. Riohra is doing his best to play along and keep an eye on young Eiram, Leuka maybe his mentor but the tall hunter turned candidate is still fairly sure the boys mother is going to come after him with some sort of sharp instrument of her own should something happen to him. Risali gets a grin and nod in greeting as well as a raised eyebrow as this is the first time he has got to hear her sing.

Leuka cast a slightly worried look to Riohra as Eiram stretches his arms wide and comes very close to knocking into some of the eggs. At least from his perspective. Grumbling a little from the Hunter's words, he simply watches the young Harper drifting about as he sings to the eggs up close and personal. The late arrival of Risali gets a little grin. "Figured my message didn't get through. Thanks for coming." He'll point out the piano with his chin before turning his attention back to the eggs, Inri and Eiram floating around the sands. When Eiram makes his way back to the group and sits, Leuka leans over and mutters to his Apprentice 'Nearly gave me a heartattack.' Leuka gestures at the young Harper with his bow once the song comes to an end. A moment passes. Silence except for the Harpers making adjustments, moving in some cases. After another few seconds, Leuka's cello seems to bellow out a demanding question, before he continues on with the next song as everyone else joins in.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBcsCn9QyUQ (Let’s Get Rocked -Def Leppard)

What do you think this is, amature hour? Of course Teimyrth brought food - fat, bleeding, very (recently) dead cadavers that drip blood from his maw in a grisly show of predatory dominance. The bronze drops the offering before the queen, a brush of winter and forest pines aa he rumbles a hello riddled with affection; as eyes whirling with agitation lift to settle on the harpers singing songs to his progeny. But worry not, performers; Teimyrth has always been the kind of dragon that no one would venture to call pleasant. It's nothing personal - really. And Ila'den's tilting his head towards Inri as he approaches the weywoman, slowing near and @stopping beside her without touching as he holds out water for her to take. "She came to play with the others," Ila'den informs in that husky growl. "But she wants to see you." And Risali is here for that - both, reaching out to give Eiram's upper arm a squeeze when he returns, smiling at Riohra for those raised brows because Risali is a harper, one who knows her voice and has alarming control over what she can do with it. She is a good singer, a right powerhouse when it comes to song, but she didn't just come to sing. When the song is over, grey eyes stray to where Leuka indicates the piano waits, and the goldrider's breathing out, "Thank you," as she rises to her feet and moves. Grey eyes turn to Inri, a smile on her lips as she raises fingers in a quiet hello. She settles, fingers finding ivory, and she leans into those keys once the music calls for her touch. Leirith? Well, she's sunbright, effervescent delight, continual bass and drums and compliments like, « Your eggs are badass! » Because of course she is abusing her minions' eyes to see them. And it's exciting.

A few people have joined in the stands as word of the concert spreads no doubt, among them Eiram’s parents and a certain young healer apprentice. The young man finding a place near the front to watch the concert, or at least one particular young harper. Eiram catches sight of him and can’t help but smile and wave in between songs and then to his parents as well. Then Leuka is muttering at him and he looks back with a shrug, “I couldn’t help myself, and look I didn’t get eaten. I was careful.” The Lyre is picked up again and while maybe it is not the most obvious instrument for the song he tries to make it work, plucking out a drone tune behind the beat. He joins his song into the chorus, letting the more ‘manly’ singers sing this one out.

Riohra grins as the new song starts, still not a singer but he can at least keep up on this one, he nods to Eiram and gives the young man a wink. “I see your fan club is here” he teases the younger man gently. He does look to the sands to see if his own red headed healer and her gold made the trip but it doesn’t look like it.

Not much of an audience is going to be allowed to form; after more than ten or so in the galleries Inri's going to start kicking people out. Or have someone else kick them out, but if A'ster isn't around guarding the area (which he often is, at least) it might end up being Teimyrth. Speaking of the bronze, Inri notices the change in his eyes and pipes up, "Oh, don't worry, she's been very insistent about how careful they are. They'll be okay, try not to bite anyone." But just try; if he really feels the need, it'll be okay. Kouzevelth is staying out of the persuading part of the discussion because she's distracted by showering Teimyrth with mental praise instead — it's rain and hummingbirds but that's definitely Zel-language for praise — and beginning to enjoy her snack, regardless of how the audience might feel about dragons chowing down on dead things in the midst of performance. Or how performers might feel. As regards a visit from Risali, Inri's pleased, reaching out to take that water and adding with a tiny shrug, "We're pretty easy to find, I think. I can't remember the last time I left these sands, but you've all been great about bringing me things." Her dragon lets her leave to bathe … a couple times a week. Her dragon who has a younger gold complimenting her eggs, which actually gets words back: « Much appreciated, » and then after consideration, « we did not get to see yours. Next time. » Next time actually bring HER to Xanadu instead of riding with someone else, Inri, geez.

Leuka concentrates on the song for a time, alternating between plucking base notes and using his bow to send unusual sounds from his cello to drift over the sands. He's grinning the whole time, every so often peering around to the other players and noticing they are enjoying themselves quite a bit as well. He follows Eiram's gaze with his own and chuckles at the little gathering that's snuck in since they started playing. Glad that his friends are getting to show off, Leuka turns his attention back to his playing and of course, the eggs they are serenading. Word must be getting out cause there are actually a couple more people over by the weyrwoman now. This song is a bit more in your face and obnoxious than the previous ones, and the gathered group of Harpers and would be Harpers are putting their all into each note. Anything in order to entertain such a unique audience and introduce themselves while they are at it.

Teimyrth is down for kicking people out; he’s not a friendly bronze by a longshot, even when he’s happy. But the bronze does tilt his head to Inri, listening to her with a tilt of those knobs in her direction, saying nothing even as Kouzevelth imprints images in his mind that tell him he’s done a good job. And Teimyrth responds with his own pictures: a flurry of snow, a hint of fire that says he’s pleased, but nothing more substantial as he shifts his weight and settles. And now it’s Ila’den’s turn to tilt his head towards Inri, listening to the Fortian Junior speak as he smiles and then emits low, husky laughter that’s silenced as quickly as it’s come. “Syn’s happy, at least. We both have Ibsyglei in one place. Though, I admit, carrying around all three of those women…” Is what? He doesn’t finish that sentence; he takes a swig of water and turns that grey eye back to the entertainment, watching through his remaining eye with a posture that gives away… nothing. “Let me know if you need anything else.” And Risali? Well, she’s laying into that piano, joining the boys for their entertainment while her lifemate beats out a rhythm that’s laughter, rattling and deafeningly loud as she parts with words of, « Yes! They were badass; they hatched into even bigger badasses. » SO DEFINITELY COME AND VISIT NEXT TIME INRI, GEEZ.

Eiram is jamming as hard as the rest of them in this wild song, fingers plucking at the strings of his lyre and head bopping to the music. He finishes the song with a hard flourish on the strings. He leans back in his seat for a moment looking around at the fellow harpers and candidates there with him before looking around to those candidates in the sands and next to him then back to the queen and the eggs. “This next song is for the eggs, but for my fellow candidates as well.” He starts to pluck the sweet melody of the song setting the tune to follow nodding his head to the beat. A song about standing together against all the odds and supporting each other. His sweet young voice carrying the song throughout the cavern, alternating between playing the Lyre and tapping out the beat on the soundbox.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0rxq_5zb8&list=PLuqFHvVAz9M8E-3wjk7k9-iWyRvJW57Mq&index=110 (I'm Gonna Stand by You)

Riohra is getting a bit winded as this musical rollercoaster that seems to keep changing drivers takes him on. But he soldiers on as he plays and even joins in a little with the singing as he helps bring the song to a close he will look to Leuka who seems to have the next song already lined up and just shakes his head probably wondering -where do they get the energy for this?!?!-

Leuka grins and moves quite vigorously throughout the fast paced song, the whole lot of musical players are beginning to sweat from their efforts. The heat from the sands only increasing the sweat factor from the entire group, even the newly latecomers. But all too soon, the song comes to an end. There is little time before Eiram's voice begins ringing out across the sands, which brings a chuckle to the older Harper when he recognizes which song the young one is starting. He flashes and amused smile around to the other candidates as the more mellow songs offers soothing notes, leading those listening, on the sands and those above in the gallery into a false sense of security that the harshest of songs have been played. He grins over to Riohra, noticing the Hunter is starting to look a bit tuckered, but Risali is still energetically tickling the keys at the piano.

Eiram’s voice sings out with earnest as he looks around the cavern taking in eggs and candidates with this performance. When finally the song ends a hand may come up to his eyes, surely just the wipe the sweat away. How hot is it? Sniffle. He gives a bow of his head when done and looks to Leuka to lead the next song.

Riohra takes advantage of the pause to rub his hands and get a drink from the bottle of water next to him because no one wants to pass out on the sands. He makes sure others are hydrating as well, handing young Eiram a bottle of water to as he was using his voice a lot along with all the movements. To Leuka he looks for the next song but also he glances at the eggs to see if there is any kind of reaction.

Leuka sways and dips his head in time with the song Eiram sings, his attention drifting around the sands and around him to those adding their skills to the music being offered up. When the sedate mellow song does reach it's conclusion, there are a few minutes of silence from the group of musicians instruments. Leuka leans to either side speaking a few soft words. "Two more and we'll go cool off." He also drains a bit of water, even splashing some over his head. And while he's at it, he'll drizzle some over the heads of the musicians on either side of him with a chuckle. He grins with a mischievous wink "How about we pick up the pace a bit hmm?" There is a bit of shifting round among the group, some instruments set aside while others are taken up. A drum box appears and sorry Risali, the piano is gonna be serving double duty as an apprentice uses the top of it as a drum while you play. And then quite suddenly the silence is broken. This is exactly what the older ones back at the Hall feared, that Leuka would represent them with such…loud obnoxious noise. The eggs just may be vibrating from the sound waves they are being blasted with. If the players thought they were sweating before, just wait.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQFEo5pj-V8&index=14&list=PLuq0qv2jY_zuFhR1MUctvaZwFmSb14THf (Rock 'N' Roll High School - The Ramones)

In the break of song Eiram takes the offer of water gladly, taking a few long swigs before passing the bottle back to Riohra. “Thank you, needed that.” He says before readying for the next song. There is an arch of brow as the next song is set up but he nods to the Journeyman and flips his lyre around to use the soundboard as a drum. He taps out the rhythm on the back of the lyre and lets his voice join in the song. He puts his heart into the performance just like any of the other songs.

It's been a wild time, playing for the eggs, but like everything it reaches the inevitable conclusion. When the last notes are played, they are still echoing across the sandy chamber as instruments are lowered. The sweaty players, mostly Harpers but many of them candidates, fall back in their seats and seem to be trying to catch their breath. Well, mostly the singers of the group, but all of them look as if they have run several laps hurriedly around the entire Weyr. They each rest a moment right where they sit, but son enough the group start to gather themselves, and their instruments. When Leuka has finished storing his cello away, he'll gives everyone a moment to finish before gesturing them to follow his lead. The older Harper circles around the eggs and heads over to where Weyr Inri and others have gathered to listen to the unique concert. He dips his head to the group with a pleased grin "Thanks for letting all of us play for the eggs, Weyrwoman. Sir." Gaze slips to Ila'den then before he gives another nod and steps aside, Giving everyone else a moment to speak their piece returning to collect their gear and clear the sands.

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