Fort Weyr - Guard Training Field
Separated from the guard area by a pocket of caldera, this field is enclosed and devoted to those being trained in emergency response. A noteboard is tacked on the rockwall nearest the entrance into the grounds, where scenarios can be posted up, conditions to be fullfilled and the environmental conditions to be played through described there. Props scatter the wide open area, allowing for the training scenarios to be constructed and staged for greater realism and there is enough space for several dragons to land and take off with ease, allowing for ariel training alongside ground manoevers.

Bow, target, Ha'ze. The sunset has happened long before, so Ha'ze is working by glowlight now, the guard area lit by their faint glows. He's marching arrows into targets at various distances, all without a sound He's alone in the glowlight for now.

Rynn doesn't frequent the guard area, which is a little surprising considering this would be an excellent place for continued training throughout the winter (since Mazz sleeps a bulk of the time anyway). She notices the pin board first, lifting her basket of glows to read the posted scenario. "Interesting…" she murmurs to herself, turning on heel to peer out through the obstacles she spots a faint glow off in the distance. Calling out her voice echoes slightly. "Hello-ooo-oo-o…"

"Rynn." Ha'ze places the brownrider's voice, but doesn't lift up his gaze to place where she is. Unless she walks into the line of sight along his arrows of course, at which point, he'll stop and hopefully not shoot her. "Out late aren't you?"

"Ha'ze? What are you doing out here after nightfall?" Then again he could very well be asking the same of her. Rynn wanders over-ish, though knowing she should be vigilant as the sound of whirring arrows zip by and stimulate her auditory senses. "I was just trying to get out a little bit since Mazz won't budge. Gotta stay active for the both of us. How are ya?" Coming up to a suitable talking place she leaves room to not get shot by any arrows.

There are fresh footprints drawing a very obvious path to the guard area, even in the evening gloom. Br'enn, being of a mind to head to that very place tonight to get in a little bit of target practice - yes, in the dark; good hunting waits for no time preference, after all - was headed there anyway…but now he finds himself trying to guess who the prints belong to as he follows them, much like he does when he's out tracking. The size differences lead to him not being surprised to see Rynn at the end of one set. Ha'ze being at the end of the other also makes sense. "Ha'ze," the Phoenix bronzer greets the other man, giving a nod. Rynn's greeting consists of a squeeze about the shoulders and a quick smile and quiet, "Hi," down at the petite brownrider. Then he's unslinging his bow and settling his quiver. "We all thinkin' the same thing tonight, or just happenin' into the same space?"

"I'm here most nights, Br'enn." Except for when Ha'ze is off who the hell knows where. "Haven't seen either of you for a space." His voice is quiet, and it holds more life in it then it has in recent weeks. Ha'ze is finally returning to normal after the chaos of the trial and finding out he's up to be twice a father.

Rynn wouldn't be surprised if Br'enn recognized Rynn's tiny prints through the snow - not always is a huntress worried of being tracked, otherwise he would've had nothing to follow if she had tried. The familiar voice that calls through the night gets a giddy response. "Br'enn! Finally get you back off the sands, eh?" She throws her arms open for a hug and a smooch if he will oblige, though they are quickly dropped when she's given the 'shoulder squeeze'. "Umm, hi…" she says in response, attempting to move on and not take that 'friendly' greeting personal. Looking to the other bronzer she nods. "It's been a crazy adventure post graduation you know. But it's really good to see you again. I've been hoping we could shoot together again some day."

Br'enn can hear the confusion in Rynn's tone when he doesn't outright sweep her up into a hug, though he's just as dismayed when she doesn't wait a moment for him. He was getting his bow out of the way, darnit! Now that his bow is out of the way and carefully leaned aside, however, he does catch her into a bearhug and gives her a proper greeting. Well, as much of one as he can get away with considering Ha'ze is right there. So the hug, and a kiss, and she can smack him for confusing her later. "Off 'n' free," he affirms, and then his attention is for the other bronzerider again. "It's been a while, for sure," he says with a nod, and he smirks a bit. "Though rumor has it y've been off wanderin' around, so that'd help the 'not seein' people' factor a good deal." He's curious, but he doesn't press for details about the other man's whereabouts.

"A bit of a walk about." The rumors had spread that Kainaesyth was alone, but… Ha'ze is back. "But I'm back for a space now, till winter calms." He sets his last arrow into a target and then lowers it to turn towards the two. Whatever he might feel about that greeting is kept under wraps. "Mazzolyth have the winter blues like Kainaesyth?"

Rynn is impatient some times, this is true, especially since the two haven't had a lot of time together due to their hectic schedules. He must remember that Rynn evolving into being a girly girl means she some times has girly emotions - whether she likes it or not. The bearhug washes any glumness away quickly and she'll beamingly squeeze back. The pair are considerate and reasonable when it comes to PDA, and quite honestly Rynn would squeeze Ha'ze something fierce if he weren't bow-wielding right now. Attentions turn on the wandering bronzer, hands on hip and Rynn adds, "Ya! We've missed ya around here. How have your travels been? It's good to have you back." She apparently presses, but not rudely so. Continuing on she adds with a nod, "That's one way to put it. We should just hole them up for the next three fortnights. Even sweeps are a struggle some days."

That Rynn accepts his fix for the stilted greeting has Br'enn grinning in turn. Relieved. They'll get the whole reactions thing sorted out at some point! Giving a quick rub to her shoulders, he moves away and picks up his bow again, standing at a safe point aside and nocking it. Aim is taken at the pale form of a target down the range and he looses, a satisfying thump marking the impact. "Gettin' yer head back in line after somethin', eh?" he notes about Ha'ze's walkabout. "I can understand that." Over the matter of sleepy dragons, the bronzer just laughs quietly. This is one thing he definitely can't relate to. Tov loves winter. And every other season, too.

"Aye. Ustrr dead. Trials finished. Abigail's pregnant." Ha'ze pauses while Br'enn shoots, his weight settled a bit on his bow. Not enough to put any strain on it, but he's clearly not set on his own feet. "Jajen too." The last is added more quietly, so that they can ignore it if they wish.

Ah new Weyrmates - isn't figuring out all these intimate details fun?! Rynn eases and melts in to the shoulder squeeze then watches as Br'enn heads for his bow. She is…less prepared than the gents and finds it quite nice to just watch for now. Field research! Yeah! That's it! Ha'ze's confiding is listened to intently and with an open heart. "S'been a whirlwind that's for sure." She smiles to her friend and looks the leaning bronzer over, head tilting at the mention of Jajen - someone whom she knows little of.

Br'enn lets another arrow fly in the meantime, though he listens…and pauses when Ha'ze mentions Abigail being pregnant. That would explain the interesting mood he'd encountered her in not long ago. Mention of the exiled goldrider doesn't go unheard, and Br'enn might have ignored it…if he hadn't picked that moment to put two and two together. "Both of em?" he asks, lowering and leaning on his bow in turn beside Rynn. "Yours?" Well, why else would the other bronzer bring it up? He realizes that a bit too later, but there's no reeling the question back in now.

"Both of them. Before Jajen was exiled." SLowly, slowly, slowly is Ha'ze coming to grips with this. It might help that all of Kainaesyth's stories have been about fatherhood lately. "Jajen…. allows me to go down and help out on rest days. Rest of it… Abigail has me doin' some stuff with Thunderbird what takes me out and about a bit when I can be gettin' Kai to be doin it."

The look on Rynn's face when she puts two and two and Ha'ze together is priceless. "Ohhh…" she says, blushing a bit while awkwardly adding "Well done!" because that totally seemed like the right thing to say. Ok- maybe that wasn't the right thing to say. Too late now. "Umm let us know if there's anything we can do to help k?" Yep, Br'enn definitely just got bulked in to that. More watching of arrows flying happens.

"Congrats!" It's voiced more like a question from Br'enn as he lifts a hand to rub uncertainly at the back of his neck. That is what you're supposed to say in situations like this, right? And then Rynn is volunteering them both for…something - hello! - and the bronzer just blinks at his weyrmate for a moment. "Er…yeah. O' course. Anythin' y'need." Is she putting them in for future babysitting duty or something? Because Br'enn has zero practice on that count.

Maybe Ha'ze will call on them when Abigail wants to keep flying after a certain point in being pregnant. "Thank you both." His voice is quiet as he looks from face to face. Maybe later Ha'ze will express that it means a lot to him that they would even offer. "I need to get back to Kainaesyth." He'll look one last time before gathering up his bow and heading out into the dark.

Rynn smugly smiles at Br'enn with a good dose of gratitude that he's agreed to be willing to help out too. Even if her intention was more intended to imply help with ferrying goods and such, it could potentially involve babe-watching too - that is if Ha'ze and any babymamas would trust the hunting pair to not teach them about different kinds of bows or knives at too ripe an age. Sleepiness starts to set in as the later parts of the evening give way to the grasp of night time that takes over. "You're quite welcome, Ha'ze. Its the least we can do." Anything for the clutchsibs! Mazz would be all about it! "Same here. Mazz is finally up. See ya back at the Weyr?" she asks of Br'enn then adds for Ha'ze, "Don't be a stranger. Maybe you me and our sleepy dragons can get together some snowy day." With that she gives her gent a quick smooch on the cheek between arrows and offers Ha'ze a squeeze and company for as long as their paths will travel together on their way back.

"See ya in a bit," Br'enn replies with a nod, returning the peck on the cheek before getting back to emptying his quiver at the target downrange. He watches Rynn and Ha'ze for a moment before doing so. It isn't long before his goal is accomplished and his arrows are retrieved, and then he's quite eagerly back to the weyr to warm up and end the day for good with his weyrmate.