Who Riohra, S'ndri, Leuka, Eiram, Kaitlyn, Jaelyn
What Riohra declares it party time!
When Hard Winter
Where Harper Practice Room at Fort Weyr.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Lunch time, and the living cavern is in a frenzy, why? because there is still so much snow on the ground that the littles haven't been out side in a month or so. Nannies are currently corralling the little monsters back into the lower caverns but it is as always a work in progress. Riohra the tall hunter-candidate is sitting in a little corner of the room with a new bronze hatchling on his lap that is currently curled up and asleep.

Ierne is so much nicer than Fort. There's like no snow and stuff and its like warm and you can chill on the beach and stuff. So why did S'ndri come over again? Oh yeah! It was to check and see how Rio was doing and to find Fort chicks but mostly to visit Rio. As he makes his way into the living caverns he gives the children a wide berth since there is is no way he wants to get tied up in that mess. Instead he makes his way toward Rio, "Hi Rio. I'm here! Bask in the awesome!"

Riohra grins and chuckles and salutes saying "Like a ray of sunshine in this snowy expanse Sir, How are you S'ndri?" Good thing he is a candidate so no fear for the blue rider poisoning him again. Rio kicks a chair out in offering to the visiting rider.

Petty rules do not stop the S'ndri! There is always time for a good poisoning. S'ndri takes a seat in the offered chair and shrugs, "I'm doing well. Still kicking." he grins. "I was thinking that with the eggs getting ready to hatch over there that we should have one last bash before you are possibly stuck here forever." Maybe weyrlinghood isn't forever but it can feel like it.

Leuka makes his way into the cavern, not looking at all happy with how his ladt few candlemarks have turned out. The Harper, still bundled up and huddling in his coat, makes his way owards the hearth, hands extending towards the flames. He keeps his gloves on for now as he flexes fingers slowly and mutters under his breath. He thaws out over there for a bit before even beginning to peer around the cavern. His feet move towards the food tables, tugging his gloves off as he goes. It doesn't take long before he's got a bowl of some hot stew and heading towards Riohra and S'ndri in the corner.

Riohra grins and nods to S'ndri "Oh I am sure we can get one going" he looks over at the approaching harper "and here is the man who can make a party happen. S'ndri have you met Leuka?" He looks down checking on the sleeping bronze in his lap.

S'ndri glances over to the arriving harper, "Yep." he says simply. Not that he knows him well but he's seen him around a couple of times. "Hi." he throws the harpers way before turning back toward Rio, "I have little doubt of that. We are going to get you both so drunk that you won't know up from down." And if they can manage to break a few other rules along the way so much the better. A rule breaking grand slam! "Unless you are both so whipped that you wouldn't dare."

Leuka drops down into a seat at the table, a hint of irritation in his voice as he speaks up most likely cause he's still have frozen. He eyes Riohra who seems who seems very free with the claiming of Leuka's freetime. What little he has of it. He just nods to the bluerider "Yea we've met a couple of times." He keeps his hands wrapped about the bowl, sapping the heat from the stew right through the bowl itself. He does perk up at the mention of gettting drunk though and glances between the two men "I think as long as we don't 'enbarrass the weyr' we should be alright. At least that's how that bluerider put it to us in the stables, remember Rio?"

Riohra nods with Leuka "yep we can enjoy ourselves but don't make a scene" so drinking in private it still and expectable out come right?!? He narrows his eyes at S'ndri "How did you ever survive candidacy?" no really tell us the story!

"Really you are going to try to hamstring me like that? Embarssing the weyr is every candidates Pern given right. It's in the manual somewhere." S'ndri says with a huff. How can Fort's candidates be expected to have a good time with all these restrictions placed on having fun? Rio gets a look, "You are so good at making a scene though. Shall we be deprived of a Rio scene just because someone somewhere said you can't?" Bah humbug. The question gets a smile, "With style. It helped that there were a few hot girls in my candidate class. Gotta have something that keeps bringing you back to the barracks."

Leuka just laughs at the other two as he finally digs in and spoons up some of the stew. Glancing between them he peers to S'ndri after Rio's question and just rolls his eyes in amusement. I suppose we could always go hole up in that hole in the wall you stumbled into before Rio, the rusty one." He glances to his fellow candidate then, before flicking a curious gaze to the Ierne visitor "Oh yea, do tell." Give the Harper more fodder for the Ballad Of The S'ndri. "

Riohra grins and nods with S'ndri's view on that "Well it just so happens there is a lovely little fire brand that has moved into the barracks. She dances, man does she dance" He glances at Leuka for confirmation of the one he is speaking of, "I am sure you could find your way to having a few dances with her, it would only be the gentlmenly thing to do right?" Rio chuckles and grins at Leuka "We could use that hole in the wall, but we could just use your practice room with all that sound proofing and everything to keep the party in a better location."

Other people will always be jealous about the fun that S'ndri has. He saw that eye roll Leuka! SAW IT. The bluerider just shakes his head, "What is there to tell? Do you seriously want the details? Put two and two together. Lets just say I had a very good candidacy." S'ndri may be a flirt and like his women but he isn't crude. You can't cross a line into creepy and still have fun. Rio catches his attention with his talk of the dancing lady, "If she's hot enough yeah." Not that S'ndri's standards are really all that high.

Leuka does indeed roll his eyes now, both at Riohra and S'ndri. Riohra for daring to think Kaitlyn would be a welcome addition to a party, and S'ndri for…well being S'ndri. "Don't be daft man. I was taking about something actually worth the telling." He's talking to the bluerider of coarse and scoops up a little more stew now that he's mostly thawed out now. He nods after a moment though "Practice room would contain most of the noise." That several drunk guys would no doubt make.

Riohra grins and nods as he pets the now sleeping bronze firelizard in his lap, totally evil-villain status "Oh she is a looker my friend, and some one who is in desperate need of a good time to as she seems a bit stuck in a rut" He reaches for his Klah, "Unless you have gone tame on me now S'ndri, I hear living with a pretty girl can do that to a fella." Hey it isn't a party till someone gets Slapped, ask Re'a!

S'ndri might have settled down ever so slightly but S'ndri is still S'ndri, "I once snuck in a whole barrel of booze into the barracks by pretending it was oil for firelizards. We had the best party and I never got caught." Sure the whole class might have been the worse for wear in the morning but the barrel was empty. "You just have to be smarter than the staff. Which isn't all that hard most of the time. Bribes also work really well." The bluerider shifts his gaze toward Rio, "Those are the best kind." he grins, "I assure you that I've not gone tame. Re'a would want me to help a poor gal in a rut." It's almost noble or something.

Leuka laughs to S'ndri as he tells a tale of barrells and candidates. Glancing tothe little bronze Riohra is caught up with, he gestures with a spoon "When did ya get him?" He doesn't recall seeimg Riohra with a little flitter before. And just as quickly, he's peering to the Ierne visitor "Hmm, they may not still be there, but there were a few small cask of rum off in the stables." He smirks a bit "Found them when I was rummaging around when most everyone headed to the bunkhouse." He gives little shrug "Might not still be there." And then again, just may be just right where they were left, hudden under the mound of hay.

Riohra should feel bad, he really should for being able to manipulate the Brave and Pure S'ndri but well everyone tells him he should be a bit more fun! "Oh I know of a few places where the good stuff is stashed away around here" like his room for one. Looking over at Leuka he grins "When I went for my morning run down by the lake, I think he was meant as a gift for someone because his egg was all curled up in a blanket but he hatched so i am stuck with him"

Brave yes. Pure not really, no. "If you stick with me Leuka I will teach you all that I know. You can become my apprentice." Because Leuka really needs the help it seems. S'ndri grins toward the harper, "We don't really need to worry about rummaging. I'll get us whatever we need. It's worth it." If only to see Rio passed out again. "We'll just go to the bar and I'll get you what you got last time Rio." That went over well enough the first time.

Leuka nods to Riohra when he explains how he came across the flitter "Good thing ya came along when you did then." His attention goes back to S'ndri, snorting in amusement "More turns as an Apprentice, that hardly seems like a good arrangement for a Journeyman. Exactly what skills would you be teaching anyway? If it's trying to keep down that poison ya were pushing on Riohra in the tavern, I think I'll pass on that. Riohra looked like he was having a hard time just breathing for a bit there."

Riohra did have a hard time breathing, and thinking, and well anything else, but what doesn't kill you makes others laugh! "It was pretty bad, Still have no idea what that was do ya?" Not that he expects the blue rider to know at all. He chuckles at the though of Leuka as an apprentice again "Well hold your runners here bud. He has a lot of other great talents besides trying to make me see the inside of my skull."

"What skills don't I have?" S'ndri asks rhetorically. "My good harper there are so many things you could learn from me that you could spend turns and turns as my apprentice and never learn all of them. Skills that you need to live a happy and full life and yes part of that may be surviving drinking whatever that was." He gives a look toward Rio and shrugs, "Haven't the slightest. But he's right I do have all the talents."

Leuka cracks a grin to Riohra when the Hunter admits the mystery potion was was 'pretty bad.' He does flicker a skeptical gaze between the two, when they both boast about these so caled awesome skills that S'ndri has to pass on. "Why do I get the feeling that whatever skills you have to teach will cause my hard earned skills and tlanets dribble right out of my brain?" Then again, that could just be the alcohol poisoning.

Riohra grins at Leuka "or they could fortify your already basic ground work and make you better than what you are". Hey it could happen, "So when can you get this party going there S'ndri" yes lets get the debauchery at hand so there might be time to recover before either the eggs hatch or Kassala graduates!

"No one really needs a brain that badly." says S'ndri. "If things dribble out they weren't all that important to begin with but try to keep whatever you got on the inside on the inside. Thats lesson number one." Because that ruins a party. There will be no dribbling today. "See Rio's ready." he says pointing to the hunter, "We just need to go grab Kassala and bring her to the party." S'ndri can do that. Have blue will travel, "You can't have a proper party without at least one girl. Though we can invite this other candidate you suggested as well."

Leuka snorts at S'dnri, who says he doesn't really need his hard earned skills "Speak for yourself. Lots of people would be very disappointed if I suddenly forgot how to play." Finishing his stew, he glances to Riohra and shrugs as if to say /Sure, why not./ But he does seem less than pleased at the insistance to invite /Her/ "Why are you pushing to invite the whiney one. You dod realize the minute you take your eyes of her, she'll run right to the nearest rider to complain and turn us in right?" Leuka glances between them both and shrugs "Fine. Use the practice room but I'll maim ANYONE who touches my gear." He's looking at you Riohra.

Riohra nods and holds up a hand saying "I promise I won't touch you drums, and the reason i say invite her is that if she is there and then goes to tattle as you are so afraid of, then she will again get into as much trouble. Also I am sure S'ndri here can keep her entertained enough so that if she does decide to fink, then we will have all the evidence gone by then." He grins and nods at S'ndri "if you could convince her weyrlingmasters to allow it that would speak to your skills".

"Alright then. We have the place and the people. Let the party commence!" S'ndri says getting to his feet to let the group lead the way toward where they are headed. One of the downsides of partying in a new place is you have no idea where you are going. Rio's thoughts on things are met with a nod, "Yeah. Invite the tattlers. Those are the best sort of parties. I promise I can keep her entertained."

Leuka gives Riohra a long look before finally nodding "Gonna hold you to that." He pushes to his feet and points to the bluerider "And you too!" Meaning Kaitlyn is S'ndri's responsibility to keep in line, and the rest of them out of trouble. I'm gonna swing into the kitchen and grab some supplies and meaty bones." Grabbing up his bowl, the Harper waves to the duo and heads off to vanish into the kitchen.

Fort Weyr - Harpers' Practice Room
This room has the best acoustics of anywhere in the Weyr, intended for Harpers to have a place to practice when they want and as loud as they want. The thick doors hold back alot of sound, muffling the more obnoxious of tunes from innocent ears when the Harper's are doing their thing. In general, it's a large open room that has several large storage cabinets along some of the walls. The cubbies vary in size depending on the type of instrument they are meant to hold. Some hold things as small as flutes, while others hold things as large as guitars and cellos. On the wall and corner nearest the doors, a couple of large sturdy desk are reasonably stacked with a few stacks of unruly papers. It looks like they are all trying to escape in a different direction. A mishmash of assorted Harper tools and needed thingamabobs are there somewhere under the pile. A few worn but well-padded benches and stools are scattered about, and a good number of folding chairs are stacked off to one side. All along the wall are racks and instrument stands to keep a few things more readily at hand. Several comfortable couches are arranged here and there, away from the walls where racks store gear. One couch looks to be longer than the other two, a couple of rumpled pillows and a little throw show that someone uses it for naps often. A sign on the walls points to the couch that warns //** That's Leuka's spot ** Taking up a large portion of a far corner of the room, a large drum set has been delivered. This is Leuka's pride and joy. It's adjusted for his size and enthusiastic playing style. Painted on the wall in big clear letters behind the drum set, big enough to read across the room, the wall reads. ** This is my baby! Touch it, I will KEEL you slowly! Leuka ** A couple paces off to the side, another drumset waits, ready for Apprentices to practice on. A few paces away, a large well cared for piano sets, ready to be used. Thankfully, it has wheels to move the massive upright where it's needed.//

It is a little after the noon meal now and the harpers room is currently being rearranged, Riohra and Leuka are moving a few things around just so stuff doesn't get damaged. "I thought you liked the idea of a good party, aren't you always harping on me to take you places were you can drink and not have to work?" says the hunter with a grin as they move a couch around to accommodate more people and block access to the scared drum kit.

Leuka snorts "Yea, that's going somewhere else. Not inviting trouble, meaning a bunch of drunk candidates, getting sick all over the place." He doubts a few of them will be able to keep their liquer down. "Any damage will be on your head Rio." Leuka's helping move stuff out of potential danger areas. Though there are several chairs left around and theee are couches and tables to be used. "Since we're here though, might as well get a little practice in."

Riohra nods as he goes back to check on his newest little flit, the bronze is currently sleeping curled up in a blanket with Qorten the larger brown firelizard acting like a guard and extra heat source. "I will except full responsibility, but there is to much sadness going on here lately and we need a good time." He walks over and pokes his head out the room quickly to check for S'ndri and his party supplies but doesn't see them.

Leuka looks around the room and heads over to the sack he brought from the kitchen. He pulls out a bog bone, meat still clinging to it and that has Fizgig's complete attention. He plays tug of war with the huge pup for a moment while giving a curious frown back to Riohra "What sadness are you talking about. Bout all I noticed is everyone beng soo tired every day they barely remember to eat."

Somehow the laundry didn't learn their lesson the first time around and Eiram ended up with them again today. Well at least it only took half the day before they kicked him out this time. Splotches of blue dye on hands and even a bit on his face perhaps give evidence of his time there. When he arrives to the practice room it is with a platter of deserts, pastries and cookies. "Good afternoon Gentlemen!"

Riohra looks over as he had put himself on a couch to relax and listen to the music of Leuka, Grins and waves Eiram in saying "just in time my friend, we are about to have a little get together, saves me the trouble of hunting you down" And makes it a better bet they won't get caught if the young man isn't scurrying around telling people.

Leuka glances to Riohra and the arriving Eiram briefly before Fizgig's vicious headshakes pull his attention right back to the tug of war game. "Hey Eiram. Oh, good call on the sweetcakes." He gestures with his chin to the sack he dropped on his couch "I brought a batch of warm meatrolls fresh from the cooks." They's probably still even hot wrapped up in the bundlebox. With no warning, he laughs and pouces Fizgig, wrestling with the growing canine a bit as he changes the game.

Eiram looks around as it looks like the men are preparing for a party in the practice room. Rio's words confirm it and he sets down his platter. "Well indeed, I have arrived just in time." He says with a grin that accentruates the blue splotch on his cheek. "So what we celebrating?"

S'ndri finally manages to make it into the indicated place. He is carting with him a keg of something. He wasn't really very particular about what it was. He managed to find someone to help him carry it down to the room, "Here we are." he says as he drops this off, "This should be good for starters." he says surveying the relatively small group. "I'm going to go get some more." And he's off again to go find some more.

Riohra grins as the booze arrives saying "Because we can and we should, and according to Leuka it will be my fault anyway so I might as well have a good time" He is the first to tap the keg of drink and thankfully it isn't that stuff that almost killed him the last time.

Leuka grabs Fizgig's paw and pulls the pup forward a bit, getting to spend a little time with his own pup for a change, rather than everyone else in the Weyr. Laughing at the play, he glances around as the Ierne rider plunks down a keg, only to head back out for more. "Thanks, come back ANYTIME!" The Harper calls out to the retreating visitor. Finally, he gives up the 'toy' and lets Fizgig bound around with his meaty bone prize from the kitchen. "I'll take one of those." Leuka snorts and reaches as if to try and take the one from the Hunter's hand. He'll shrug to Eiram "I don't know. Riohra seemed to think everyone was too sad for some reason and declared a party."

Well there is a rider delivering alchohol, so it should be fine, right? Eiram gives a little wave to the rider as he leaves then looks back to Rio and Leuka. As Fizgig bounds past with his prize, Eiram reaches down to pet him, barely getting a stroke in. "Well missing friends can make someone sad, and well facing a change in our lives soon..so yeah, lets celebrate while we can! In a few sevendays we might all be together still or on different paths.."

Riohra chuckles and grins "Well I don't know about you two, but dragon or not I still live here." he passes his cup to Leuka, then pours one for the young Eiram to have as well. He gets his own and steps over the dog before finding a spot on the couch to relax in. "So guess who I saw on my kitchen mandated runs to the infirmary today.." he is out right teasing the younger man now.

Leuka nods and takes the cup then steps back a couple of paces and flopping on the couch. A drink is taken before he laughs over to Riohra "Oh leave the poor boy alone Rio." With a look to the young apprentice he simply nods to everything he says, even if he doesn't reply to them. Besides, he's probably too embarrassed by the Hunter's words to even notice.

Eiram settles at the table with his glass of beer and grabs up a cookie. He dunks the cookie into the beer, because why not? "Oh I wouldn't know…" Eiram starts before he realizes that Riohra is teasing him about the apprentice in the infirmary. "So…how is he today?" He asks just trying to sound casual.

Riohra chuckles and is a master hunter, all things land and sea are his prey, and it seems young apprentices are easily hooked as well, "He is doing good, asked about my scars and if I was planing on getting new ones." it is a casual conversation but easily moved away as Leuka seems to be the grump at a little teasing… wonder why they need a party!

Leuka stretches to take up a little more space and eyeing Eiram sorta oddly when he starts dunking cookies in his beer. Brows lift at that sight and he just gives his head a little shake. "So, you never mentioned how your Kass liked our playing the other night." He smacks the spot on the couch next to him and calls fizgig, the pup scrambling to hop up next to the Harper. Scribe is cozied up on a shelf out of canine range. There's several flitter friendly perches or soft spots to settle on. He'll turn his mug up again before grinning to Eiram's too casual inquiry about the Healer. Since the boy asked for it, then he just gestures for Riohra to have at it with the teasing then.

Eiram touches on the faint scar on his thumb where he 'nearly amputated it' and can't help but smile a bit, "So he likes scars?" He asks with a tilt of his head to the hunter. He takes another bite of a beer soaked cookie, seeming to enjoy the combination. Of course he would. The question about their performance the other night does cause Eiram to lift his head curiously. "We certainly had fun, I hope she did too. I would love to encorporate more dance music and get Kaitlyn involved…I mean if the two can avoid throwing stuff. She was amazing." He grins over at Leuka with a twinkle in his eyes showing perhaps he is giving his own go at baiting.

Riohra grins "He might just don't try to look me me ok?", there is a nod as Eiram picks up the game saying "I was just saying that she should come and join us, don't you think that would be a stellar idea Eiram?" He will try some of that cookie in beer combo because why not.

Leuka just snorts as he picks up on the doubleteam concerning whiny Harper with violent tendencies. "Then you two can keep her entertained by nodding and smiling to her endless complaints." He gives them a look that clearly says /suckers/ "I've better things to do with my time." He tips his mug back again, then reaches for one of the pastries. Fizgig licks his muzzle thinking he's gonna get another treat, too bad he's out of luck though. Leuka ain't sharin it cause he tries to stuff half of it in his mouth in one bite.

"Yeah yeah, I think Leuka would tan my hide if I damaged my fingers any more." Eiram responds to Rio's comment and waves a blue at him. "Maybe some alchohol will help her relax and be less whiney?" He offers to Leuka with a hopeful grin as he lifts the mug to his lips and takes a tentative drink and wrinkles his nose at the taste, then takes another drink.

Riohra chuckles and nods "see out of the mouth of babes as the saying goes" He looks over at Eiram and says "you know talking to the boy, isn't against the rules." Another sip of his beer goes down smoothly.

Apparently Riohra has decided that evryone is been too depressed lately and declared a party. And what better place than the sorta sound proofed practice room. There's meatrolls, pastries and cookies on the little tables around the couches. And there's popped keg by Riohra. He and Eiram are currently dunking cookies in their beers before eating them. Leuka is stretched out on his couch with Fizgig. The older Harper is trying to stuff a whole pastry in his mouth while rolling his eyes at the other two. After a few chews he gestures vague "If you two wanna get that one drunk, have at it. At least her complaining the next mornign would be genuine from a hangover." Leuka kaughs and lifts his mug again. Seems they just happen to be talking about she who must not be named. The diva dancer. Who REALLY needs a bell around her neck so at least someone has a little warning. Even tunnelsnakes give a hiss.

Eiram is dunking another cookie in his beer and tilts his head to Riohra's encouragement, "I know I know..I talk to him..just well, I haven't told him that I think I like him is all and don't you go doing it for me." He says to the hunter before looking over to Leuka. "How many drinks does it take to make a dancer stumble?" He asks with amusement in his voice, "Can you toss me a meetpie?" Already his eyes look a little bright from the little alchohol he has partaken in.

Kaitlyn has brought her seven-string guitar to the practice room this day so she can actually *practice* some between rounds of obnoxious chores. Having others in the room isn't a surprise, but the presence of a certain putz in makes Kait's lips twist a little. A more neutral expression is donned, the tall redhead nodding pleasantly to the Rio and Eiram, then moving to some comfy seat or another to settle her rump upon it, to open up her lovely, deep brown guitar case, and smoothly pluck forth her even more lovely hardwood seven-stringer. The thing has 'Master work' written all over its ebony fretboard, rosewood body, mahogany neck the wood patterns are lovely, as is every bit of work, down to the finest detail. Apparently someone knows somebody, somewhere. The sight of cookies being dunked in beer brings a roll of grey eyes from the woman. After a moment, Kait sets aside her 'beauty' and stands to avail herself of some of that beer. Cookies and pastries? Sure. But NO DUNKING will occur. Leuka's words of her gain him not a single comment, nor even a look. It's as if he's not even in the room. Might as well be dead. If she had her way.

Riohra nods and grins at Eiram "I was just thinking of sending him a little note to come and visit here is all" When Kaitlyn makes her entrances he nods to the red head with the case saying "Hey Kait, welcome to the party." He may not be drunk but knowing S'ndri this beer is going to have something it it that will kick in later. He raises an eye brow at the cold war that has just taken place saying "Still mad at each other are you?"

Leuka sets his mug down a moment and sits up to grab another pastry. Anything he might have said before now couldn't have been heard by someon who wasn't inthe room. Not true for what he says to Eiram's question next though "Hmm. Two probably. Three and she'd probably end up on her butt." And f anyone has a problem with what Leuka just said, take it up with Eiram. He's the one who asked how many beers to get Kaitlyn to stumble. As he's taking another bite from pastry, he spots said dancer coming in and tries to refrain from rolling his eyes to the cavern ceiling. Mug is quickly taken back up, drained and extended to Riohra "I'm gonna need a refill on that."

Kaitlyn may be a beautiful woman its the arrival of the masterwork guitar that gets the most of the lad's attention, "Now that is a beauty! How well do you play?" He asks of her as he slips from the stool to have a closer inspection, bringing along his mug of crumbly beer with him. "Leuka look at this, ain't it perfect. 7 Strings!" He looks back to Kaitlyn and back to the guitar and back again, "Can I touch it?" He grins at the comment from Leuka and giggles taking another drink from his mug of beer. The chiding from Riohra gets him a look, "I think he is on duty just now.."

To Rio, Kaitlyn notes in moderate tones, "All of us are candidates, are we not? We must learn to at least tolerate each other when *working*. On our off hours… Well, some people apparently will do as they will." Like be rude idiot-putzes. "*I* choose to simply conduct myself as moderately as is possible." If that means not even acknowledging Leuka, then that's how it is. Again to Rio is mumured, "Thank you… How was the rest of your birthday evening?" The thought of it still manages to bring a small smile to her face for some moments. Eiram's joy over 'Beauty' soon captures the flamehead's attention, her smile warming more. "No food or drink near her, please, Eiram. Of course you can… but only if your hands are clean, please." It's a reasonable request, given the guitar's importance to Kait, the work of the guitar itself. "I play it moderately well. Dane will always be my primary study… but I had to choose another, more typical instrument, as well… and the guitar fit my style." Beat, sip. How's the beer? After her taste, Kait continues to Eiram, "I primarily study the gypsy caravan songs, as well as the flamenco from Earthly Spain region."

Riohra chuckles and grins saying "see Leuka, she knows Guitar she can totally take my spot on Karokee night and we can charge the craft" Just full of idea's tonight is Rio, he turns back to the lady and says "It was great, thanks for your part in it. Though now I am afraid you might get asked to dance for a gold dragon sometime soon."

Leuka glances around to Eiram when he goes on excitedly about how pretty the guitar is. "Yea. I've seen it, it's a nice one." speaking of Kaitlyn's seven string and finishes the pastry he was working on then taking his mug back. "Well if she takes your guitar spot, then you need to learn another instrument." He glances to the other Harper briefly when she starts playing and turns his mug up.

Eiram gives a nod to Kaitlyn as he sets his beer down and wipes his hands cleans on his shirt. Well other than the blue dye staining his fingers but at least it doesn't look like its coming off anytime soon. "We all play guitar as well." he informs her and settles down to sit with the guitar. Hands slide over the instrument with an admirable look in his eyes. Only a harper could take this much pleasure in just touching an instrument. "I mostly do theatrical tunes and the like, but could be fun to do a quartet." There is a look at Riohra and he shakes his head, "You ain't getting out of it Rio. We have practiced!" He declares in a slightly overloud voice.

KAITLYN smiles back at Rio, murming to him in her whiskied alto, "It was my pleasure. I'm glad you founf it enjoyable." Wait? "Uhm… I don't know about that…" Is noted of Rio's words of her substituting. Huh? "Dance for a dragon? Please explain that a little more…" One of Kait's brows is slightly cocked. Really? Leuka is, of course, ignored, though Kait recognizes his words, anyway, Eiram's touching of 'Beauty' watched with cautious eyes. That guitar was her present from her family when she walked the tables to Journeyman, and she's protective of it. "Out of what, if you please, Eiram?"

Riohra nods and does explain "Well me or someone plays music and you can dance, because Xerosaeth who is the life mate of Kassala is fasinated by arts and dance and music. So she might ask you to dance so she can see what we saw the other night." He chuckles at Leuka and grins "I could learn the drums!"

Leuka looks imediately to Riohra "I will seriously hurt you if you go near my set again Rio." He points to his eyes then to the Hunter as if to say *I'm watchin you* "If you want to learn though use the old set over there." He flicks fingers towards the second set the apprentices use. He would normally make some comment about Eiram smearing cookie crumbs all over Kaitlyn's pride and joy. But even he's not that vicious. He's the same way voer his drumset. Instead he just smirks at the younger Harper griping to Riohra and pushes up from the couch. "Yea Rio. Sounds like you're trying to get out of playing my song at the Lounge." He grins around the group, yes, even to she who must be ignored. Leuka will move around the room and get his own guitar before going back to his comfy couch spot.

Eiram gently strokes the strings on the guitar, fingers placing correctly at least for a six-string. A few more light strumming and Kaitlyn's question gets him to his feet again and putting the guitar ever so gently back in his case. "It is a bit of a rowdy song, but it should be fun." Eiram swigs down a bit more of his beer before heading to his own instrument cases and pulls out his purple guitar and starts to play the song. Harmless enough if a bit rowdy with just the instrumental portion. He looks up as Leuka speaks and grins, "Maybe he is not brave enough to do it?" And maybe the boy is a little drunk from the look of him.

Kaitlyn looks rather surprised at Rio's words of this Xerosaeth, the redhead inquiring of him, "I didn't know dragons could be interested in human activities other than their rider's…" Sure is new to *her*. Smile. "I would be honored to dance for a queen…as long as she doesn't accidentally try to squish me or drool on me or something…unappetizing, like those." Cause OW and EW. At least Kait and Leuka have one thing in common: reverence for instruments, no matter their owners. Song at the Lounge, eh? Grey eyes take note of Leuka's grin, but she remains flat-featured in response. Eiram does receive a response - Kait wincing only faintly when he strums 'Beauty's' strings, but she restrains herself. "I can dance, play to 'rowdies.' They are music, too." If not her chosen sub fields of study. She's a Harper, she can and will play/dance. Once she's nipped away at all the pastries and cookies she wants, the woman walks her beer back over to Beauty's side, sets her drink down far enough away to make certain nothing bad can happen… and then lifts her guitar up to inspect it.

Riohra is still here and the party is still going, there is a keg of beer set up with snack foods and such on a table. While the musicans are playing what ever they want. Rio is relaxing on a couch watching his friends at least try and have a good time.

Leuka shakes his head to Riohra "Oh no you don't get youself up and go get a guitar. You're gonna join in too Riohra. Now move it, you who insisted it was a party." He laughs nd strums out a few bars before tweaking a couple of the pegs. "Since Young Eiram here has called my bravery into question." So it's on Eiram's head when everyone ears are bleeding from Leuka's scratchy voice later.

Jaelynn is late for the party? Because really why would she be on time. She glances around curiously with a faint ah escapes her. "Seems I missed some fun." Thi said with an amused tone while she is moving on towards the others, a smile and slight wave seen. "Hey guys."

Eiram rolls his eyes at Leuka, "Its your song, I was talking about Rio…but it could be fun to hear you sing." He says with a cheeky grin. "Just sing song it and the voice will be ok, you have a good speaking voice." His eyes are already bright from the drink and he has a goofy smile on his face as he drops back onto the couch.

Riohra grins and gets up for his own Guitar and nods to Eiram, "You start it off and I will follow" The little brown firelizard in the corner pops his head up and looks at Eiram then back at Rio for a moment before laying back down and watching. To Jaelynn he says "grab a drink and relax!"

And here comes Kaitlyn, rushing through the door in a flurry of a more sedate gown than when Rio last saw her in one… though this one, too, is lovely. The redhead looks divine in deep green, and her perfectly fitted dress is excellent for Fort's current weather, though not ornate. Just…tasteful. She has 'Beauty' with her in the guitar's case, and then soon out of said case with flips of tabs, swings of well-oiled hinges. Nimble fingers soon are very gently tuning Beauty, the flamehead nodding at all her fellow Harpers…though scowling a tad at Eiram. "Drunk?" she murmurs to Riohra.

Jaelynn looks on a bit amused as she catches sight of Eiram falling asleep it seems. "So what's the party about or did I just miss the memo?" She questions while picking up mug and sniffs at it a bitbefore taking a sip and she hoping up onto a seat. "Hello Kaitlyn." This said with a smile and wave on over to her.

Leuka plays the song intro a few times so everyone should be able to catch onto the melody and find their place, and range. Leuka can't help but laugh as Eiram 'falls asleep' just before he starts to sing. Taking a moment to stifle his humor, he doesn't quite sing the song so much as say the words softly in the proper timing. "And the Sign said, long haired freaky people, need not apply." He glances to the Riohra and Kaitlyn as Eiram's soft snoring makes a nice replacement drumbeat. "So I jumped the fence and yelled to the house HEY!, what gives you the Right!?" He continues sharing the words to the song that nearly got him kicked from the Hall on a few occassions. Riohra and Eiram have heard the song many times by now. Kaitlyn, probably not so much at all.

"Hello, Jaelynn… Come to enjoy whatever it is we're about to try out?" Kait murmurs in her smokey alto to her fellow candidate-cum-Healer, a smooth smile given, as well. With a listen to Leuka's words and the general mood and timing of this song, she quickly picks up on the chords and strumming. She may be a specialist in dance, but the redhead's got some decent chops for guitar playing. She utilized the 7 string 'Beauty' in her arms more like a six string. adapting in that fashion, as well. The sound of the lyrics make her grin wickedly for some moments - lucky you, Leuka, that you're not on the receiving end of it, this time! - and the blue-blood settles in smoothly not so long after she begins. A natural this way, as well.

Riohra grins and starts to play along with the two other harpers, nodding at Eiram he says to the others "I wonder if this is going to affect his dreams or not" Because lets face it Leuka's selection is always interesting at best.

"Seems that way, from the sound of it was like a party was going on in here." Jaelynn offers with an amused tone. She takes another sip from her mug and looks over to Leuka once he goes about starting to sing and looks a touch amused.

"*His* loss…" Kait murmurs to Rio of the passed-out Eiram, the woman shaking her head for such tackiness. Tsk-tsk. She gets into playing in a more positive fashion, however, enjoying this trio that really should''ve been a quartet, Oh well.

Leuka grins over to Riohra, fingers still finding the notes while he strums, even if he leaves off the lyrics a moment "Then it'll make my job teaching him a that much easier." A few seconds go by before he picks up the lyrics once more at hte proper music cue. By now the other two should have the main jist of the tune, and he switches to gently tapping the back and side of his guitar to keep the beat and slip in variations. He nods to Jaelynn when the dragonhealer grabs up a beer and he speaks out the least couple of new lines to the song before the group chorus takes over a last time. By now he suspects even the lastest to arrive to the party is joining in the singing. Cept for the passed out ones.

Riohra grins and nods, he doesn't sing so he can talk "well it is, and as long as S'ndri keeps dropping off booze it won't ever die" Hey he can dream can't he, but as the song keeps going he smiles slyly saying to Leuka "hey do you remember that one song, i heard it a few times the one where it talks about being lost and not knowing where you are going?"
You paged Riohra with 'What song?'

"Who drops off booze?" Jaelynn questions with a curious tone and glance over to Riohra. She lightly taps her foot in the air as she enjoys the music. Oh she'll help with singing, but she preferes to do the dancing part then the singing honestly. "I liked that one that Risali was singing the other day in the barracks."

Kaitlyn doesn't know the lyrics well enough to sing them while also adapting to playing differently, so she simply hums in the proper chords to back up Leuka's song, the flamehead's fingers dancing over the strings at points, strumming rhythm or perhaps even lead at others. She likes to change things up just a bit, grinning over at Rio, bobbing her head a few times to Leuka. Her slipper-clad toe taps softly, her body leaning a little over 'Beauty' with her efforts. She remains quiet except for backup vocals, the woman concentrating primarily upon the music, though the Harper takes in wht Rio, Jaelynn, even Leuka has to say. Between moments of humming comes her whiskied, "I know a blues tune that sounds wonderful…"

Leuka grins to Jaelynn "Which one, she sang several." At mention if the visiting weyrwoman. His brow lifts to Riohra, giving him a curious look for a minute, leaving it for him to explain to the dragohealer "Yea, but need my cello for it." He gets up, practices his balance for a few seconds then goes to store his blue guitar before coming back with an old cello he's abused for turns. Canting his head to Kaitlyn, he simply nods to the diva "Alright, we can do that next." He wasn't snarling so that's progress. Dropping back onto his seat, Leuka starts a couple of seeming pointless plucks of the string, taps and drags of the bow on the strings. He watching Riohra as he plays "This one?" He continues on, expecting Riohra to show Kaitlyn her guitar as he draws the oddest noises nd sounds from the cello in a hurried urgent manner and grinning ashe glances to see if the sleeping apprentice is twitching yet.


Riohra chuckles and grins as he shows Kaitlyn the lower and mid notes he plays so she can do the other mids and the highs as he moves the stand a little closer to Eiram. He says in a hushed tone because one can not really whisper and play this song "I really love the boy, but rules are rules no falling asleep at a party with out getting some form of prank"

"Does anyone have… an electric guitar handy?" Kaitlyn inquires quietly, looking just a little guilty for a moment, then recovering her usual aplomb. There's looks at Rio and Leuka for what song is coming up next, the woman then nodding once politely to Leuka's words, looking over to take her cues from Rio. As she gets into the feeling, chords of this new song, the flamehead murmurs, "If not, I have 'Beast' in my lockbox. Take me only a handful of minutes to retrieve it. It'd go best with the tune I intend to play…" Soon she's winding her higher and middle notes from Beauty aroung and among Rio's mids and lowers, the woman enjoying this jam session… her pleasure showing on her features…even though Leuka's here. WHo'd have thought. There's a smile for Jaelynn as the other female listens, drinks. For the moment, Kait eschews drink.

"You can play a cello?" Jaelynn questions before looking a bit amused. "I suppose that would make sense being a harper and all." So say the one that tends to keep her nose in books rather often. A faint glance is sent over to and she smirks a bit while wavvng a hand at him a bit. "Don't prank him, let him sleep."

Leuka nods to Jaleynn "Of course I play the cello, it's my favorite instrument." Then a barking laugh at her insistance to not continue "Too late." and keeps playing what's probably the oddest tune they've played in the practice room. He's grinning throughout the strange nearly haunting melody. He watches Riohra for the changes until the song winds down to an end. He laughs and rubs his hands a moment before grabbing a few gulps from his beer. "Start your song Kaitwyn and will jump in." He gestures a bit sloppily between himself and Riohra. Grinnig to the other candidates "We need to teach Jaelynn and instrument." He points right at the other JHarper then "Yes you too."

Riohra grins as the song finishes, mischief managaged and then goes to sit down as he probably hasn't heard this song before so he will want to learn it. Picking up a beer he looks to Leuka "so where you going to go if the chore board gives you a day off?"

Kait's enjoying playing this new, unknown song, her tall body moving supply with the music the three Harpers coax from their instruments, the redhead getting more and more into it. She's actually smiling at many points. Surprise! Once they're done with the haunting melody - which leaves Kait's hair standing on end for a moment - she excuses herself, and paces quickly out of the room. Give her about ten minutes, and the woman returns with another guitar case in hand, and with a drudge hauling her small amplifier from its tough handle. Once all's set up properly, the woman finds a plug in the wall - a rarity in the Fort area given its dislike of much technology, but more likely in a practice room, really - plugs her amp in, thanks the drudge, who goes on his way. And then she moves to adjust inputs, outputs, knobs, volume, and pedal…finally settling back into a chair again to check the 'Beast' is tuned properly. The amplified six string sounds lovely.

Jaelynn chuckles oftly and offers a smile. "Yeah… I figured you all would most likely know a few instruments. My father played a violin, not to sure if he does anymore." She takes a sip from her drink and sputters at the thought of her learning one. "I'm good. You all are way better at it then I after all."

Leuka just shakes his head at Jaleynn "Too scared to even try?" Go right for the ego. Taking another drink of beer and finishing his second one, he frowns and leans to get it partially refilled before slurping from it again. Riohra's question gets a grins. "Taking Fizgig to a beach." He thinks a moment "Probably around Monaco." He nods at that thought before setting his mug down and starts following his fellow Harper's cues at the new song. He picks it up quickly though and starts swaying with the melody.

Riohra has no idea how to play this yet but he is watching Kait's fingers to learn the chords, not actually being trained he doesn't learn like normal people so has to mimic till he has the song down. "That sounds nice, you could go to Ierne too and see that ink man of yours as well. I hear his shop is right on the beach now."

Leuka's words to Jaelynn earn him a sour look, but Kaitlyn's not willing to break this truce of music. She soon is picking out from 'Beast' the smooth blues notes of 'Can't Find My Way Home,' playing it longer than usual so that the boys can pick it up well. And finally, when she settles into the whiskied singing part of the song, the redhead's voice sounds a near-perfect fit with it. "Come down off your throne and leave your body alone. Somebody must change. You are the reason I've been waiting so long. Somebody holds the key." She's already swaying with the blues music, her eyes closing as nimble fingers pick that somewhat complex lead..and Beast and the amplifier output it richly, smoothly.


"I… would say I'm scared just don't have enough time in the day honestly to pick something else up." Jaelynn offers back to Leuka with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "My exam was put on hold because I was searched. I'll have to do it if I don't impress right away so I need to keep my stuides up with that." She looks over to Kaitlyn and smiles as she starts to sing and play. "Yeah… Can go see his shop and tell me what it looks like Leuka." She's yet to get a free day since being here.

Leuka grins to Riohra and Jaleynn, nodding "I'll see if I can talk the rider into beach hopping with me. Though I suspect Triven would rather see Jaelynn walk through his door than me." Pause briefly in playing to reach over an grab a meatroll, stuffing half of it in his mouth and setting the other bit close at hand. While he chews, he resumes playing, giving a half hearted little shug to Kaitlyn for the interuption. "Wha, I'm hungry." There aren't any more interuptions throughout the rest of the song though, other than Eiram's surprised snorts and snoring. Leuka smiles to the others around the circle, then starts eyeing his beer and wishing he had stuck his tall swirly straw in there earlier.

Kaitlyn's slowly opens her eyes as she looks down to 'Beast' to make sure her fingers are where they're supposed to be - she's not as superlative of a player as she is a dancer - and in the process the redhead catches Jaelynn's smile, the Harper woman flashing a quick bit of a grin back. Leuka's temporary stop leaves her staring at him - tacky! - before she returns her concentration back to the song, again. She's loving nearly every moment of this improv session, and it shows. When the time comes near for her to sing again, the flamehead notes to both boys, "I need a harmonic duet here, if possible… Hum, since you don't know the words," as she plays. "It's a standard fourth down from my part, and I'm singing in the main chord." If they can do it, she's willing. They heard the previous lyrics, so they have an idea of what she'll sing in. After a leading change of instrumentals and then back, Kait whiskies out, But I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time, And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home. Can't find my way home! Oh no, and I can't find my way home." She puts her heart into the lyrics nearly as much as into her dancing, the rich tiredness and earnest love in the words reverbing from her vocal chords onto air.

Jaelynn blushes a bit and smiles to Leuka. "Well, if I could get a free day I would go for a visit. Though so far I'm stuck around the Weyr. Somehow I think someone has it out for not allowing free days to certain people." She nods a bit, as if that was the truth, most likely not but still! She'll look back to Kaitlyn and smiles as she continues. "That is very lovely."

Leuka shrugs unapologetically to Kaitlyn's glares. She should just be glad he's chewing with his mouth closed rather than saying more on the subject. He does laugh at some of the words though "Poor Eiram already beat ya too it Kait." He smirks over to the youngest of the group, who's passed out his his lyre. He nods agreeably with Jaelynn about his fellow Harper's song, but not like he's gonna tell her that though.

Riohra tries to sing the song, but well lets face it he isn't a vocalist and his range is surprisingly low, not like a bass but still down there. So it might not sound right but who cares it is about having a good time and enjoying the music.

Kait bobs her head once to Jaelynn's words, appreciative of this ancient form of music Pern almost lost forever. Leuka's too intimate addressing if her earns him a stare, her gaze shifting to Rio's try at vocals, the woman shrugging, then returning her gaze to 'Beast.' A small change in lyrics from the first ones sung brings the female Harper all the way around again: beginning to end in the blues song, the woman giving a faint moaning plead to her whiskied tones. "Come down on your own and leave your body alone. Somebody must change. You are the reason I've been waiting all these years. Somebody holds the key. And I can't find my way home! Nooo… Can't find my way home." Her plucking fingers draw the close to the song in rich, sad notes, the song fading out with a last strum, the woman giving a small sigh as she still Beast's strings, looks up again with a small smile. "Thank you for that…" is murmured politely to Rio and Leuka, the spell of the music still lingering within her. It must be, since she's not scowling at or totally ignoring Leuka.

Jaelynn smiles and finishes her drink setting the mug to the side and gives a little clap once Kaitlyn has ended. "That was lovely." She offers while standing up. "I hate to leave but I should go, need to get some reading in before other things happen." Cause there is no telling around this place. "See you all back at the barracks." She offers with a slight wave as she is off heading out of the room.

Leuka goes still for a few seconds as the song draws to a close, then grins around to the others. Leaning his cello against the couch, Leuka gets up and stretches some, grabbing his beer and sipping a time or two. Another sip and he'll place mug on the table and start gathering Eiram's lyre. He laughs when Eiram grumbles and tightens his grip on his prized instrument "Strong little bugger when he's asleep." Finally though he gently pries the grasshoppers fingers free and tucks the lyre away in it's special case. That done, he looks to Riohra a moment, grumbling because of an earlier conversation then rolls his eyes to the ceiling. A deep breath is taken then released before he peers to his fellow Harper "Kaitlyn, would you like to join us the next time we play at the Lounge?"

Riohra is about as shocked as if someone dropped snow on him, oh wait Leuka did that already, he holds his breath as the other harper extends the olive branch him and Eiram have been asking for.

Kaitlyn seems to approve of Leuka not razzing or pranking the young sot, instead putting away Eiram's lyre, the woman nodding a few times. Ah well, at least he's not on the job. She's not be able to forgive Eiram for being drunk *then*. Wai-whu? Leuka's talking civilly to her? And asking her to join the little group? Well, perhaps the Red Star has finally frozen over. The woman hesitates for just a moment, assessing Leuka with knowing grey eyes, and then finally bobs her plaited head to him. "I accept. My thanks." So proper, so polite! Rio's shocked look earns him a loft of one of her brows, a small tic of one side of the flamehead's mouth into a ghostly hint of an almost-smile, but that's all.

Leuka just nods to Kaitlyn and leaves it at that, before she starts complaining about one thing or another. Looking back to Riohra Leuka will set about stowing away his instruments "What are the chances we'll be able to get him back tot he barracks unnoticed?" Leuka's expression seems to think the chances are small "Might be easier if some of us crashed here." He gestures around to the old couches scattered about. They'd old, but very comfy.

Riohra really loves it when a plan comes together. where is that damn cigar!!! He turns his head to the sleeping young man saying "I can carry him easily enough" he has carried heavier game from hunting. "We can just wrap a blanket around him and say it is for some of the younger ones who still can't handle the cold" hey it is Fort and it is Frakking cold here.

The redhead adds in on the tails of the boys' words, "You should turn Eiram on his side." Yep, she's actually being decent to Leuka. For NOW. Wait until he turns into a putz again. More to Rio is murmured, "Toss a blanket over him, and call him good." Crashing here? No way is *she* going to. Her cot (which she's had secretly stuffed with comfy nice rushes between mattress and wood) is much more her speed. This comes out as a polite, "I should really head back to the barracks. Young mouths and eyes enjoy spinning yarns." Making rumors, too.

Leuka eyes Riohra briefly before wincing at a sudden thought "What if he gets sick down your back?" Everyone together now… /ewwwwwwww/ He glances to Kaitlyn having figured she'd be running for the barracks by now. He just nods flicks a wave to the departing Harper. Probably waiting til she leaves before tossing out "She's probably right, just toss a blanket over here and we an crash here." Another gestures around "We got soft couches, snacks if we get hungry and the hearth keeps it warm enough." Plus, he gets to snuggle up with Fizgig and have warm feet for a change.

Riohra chuckles "you must be an only child, I have had more than enough drunken family and friends puke on me besides, what about bed check unless the lovely ladies are going to cover for us?" Yeah Leuka only squeaked by last time because Rio made it look convincing enough, and there is a lot of doubt the staff will fall for it again. "It will be fine" he turns to Kait and bows slightly "Thank you for coming to my little get together, and for adding your wonderful music to it."

And Kaitlyn eyes Leuka for a moment at his words of having Eiram get ill down RIO'S back. Some friend, can't carry Eiram himself and take the chance. Putz. Rio's response to his friend makes the redhead smirk brightly, then bob her head to him. "Thank you for having me, Rio. I enjoyed myself…and I'm glad you did, as well." A little curtsey that's clearly only for *Rio* sees the dancer stepping out for some moments. After a couple minutes, she has another drudge helping her remove her amplifier from the room, while she lays Beauty and Beast back into their cases, closes them, and finally walks to the private stores with her instruments, drudge in tow. She would never chance leaving them in the barracks, so they're under lock and key of her and the headwoman and weyrwoman only, here. Street smarts; she's got some.

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