Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

From evening on well into the night a snow storm raged. The winds howled and gusted and the snow fell heavily. Come morning and there's not a cloud in the sky and the sun shines brightly (blindingly so) off of several feet of fresh, fluffy snow. Drudges and workers have been at it all morning shovelling the bowls clear and other pathways throughout the Weyr and as a result the lake shore has turned into a bit of a 'dumping' ground out of necessity. It'll be carted away later but for now the weyrbrats have taken over and proceeded to shape several of the larger piles of snow into a makeshift sledding run, while others have burrowed out their own forts. Out of place in all of this is Th'ero, though the Weyrleader stands off to the side where the children play. He has no cane with him and his arms are folded across his chest, shoulders hunched against the slight nip of cold in the air and though his eyes are turned towards the group of children playing, it's clear he's distracted.

Kimmila is going in search of her wayward Weyrmate, and lo and behold…finds him out here? "Don't slip," she calls as she approaches, both to tease him and to hopefully not startle him into what she just told him /not/ to do. "Is Kyzen out here?" Because why else would he be watching them play?

Th'ero does startle but doesn't slip and he frowns at Kimmila, "And how would you have felt if I had slipped because you snuck up on me like that?" he mutters and then smirks, only to blink. Now he looks almost… suspiciously sheepish. Like he's about to pull out a bouquet of flowers for her or something. "Kyzen's out there. So is Elladyr and Aranthi but they're with the nannies on the other end." Where it's safer for two Turn old toddlers where they won't get trampled by the more agile and energetic children. "And Ellie and Ezzie. You missed Kiena." Surprise! They've got… a five child brood? Mercifully, three can go to their foster family. But what of his nieces? "She said her caretaker for them fell through and she had some urgent business to see to. So…" Why not? He's still on restricted duty.

Kimmila snorts. "I wasn't sneaking up on you," she teases, slipping an arm around his waist. "Excellent! Oh, did I? That's too bad…so there's five we're looking after, now? Excellent." She smirks. "Ah. Well, that was nice of you to watch them… urgent business with what, I wonder?"

Th'ero leans against her side and tilts his head to look down at her curiously, "You're not upset? We can have Aranthi and Elladyr go with Tlazio? Kyzen can stay with Ezzie and Ellie since they're roughly the same age," And can keep themselves occupied if Th'ero tells them to go play and leave him and Kimmila alone. "I offered to watch Keruthien too but she said that she had a nanny for him. It was the girl's who fell through." He blinks, "You didn't know?" Of the 'urgent' matter. He sighs, realizing now that in the wake of all that's happened here, he forgot about the letter he got from his sister.

Kimmila blinks up at him. "Upset?" Pause. "How…long are we watching them?" Since she assumed it was just…right now. There's another pause. "Didn't know what?" And a slight frown. Obviously she doesn't know, since she's /asking/ about it…

And here comes the second surprise! "Until next morning?" Th'ero braces as best he can, wholly expecting a good elbow to the ribs or a shove since he's trying to give her a little hug at the same time. Please don't be mad? He's quick to answer her once she frowns at him, clearing his throat slightly. "Kiena and Mur'dah have gone Independent. Apparently he bought land in Ierne Weyrhold and so they're in the process of building their new home. Kiena said she's still taking shifts with her Wing in Xanadu though and, well, it's a hectic and busy time…"

Kimmila blinks a few times and then exhales a soft sigh. "It'll be fine. The three of them can camp out in the living room or something…maybe we build them a little fort. It'll be alright." She's convincing herself of this. She's distracted by the further news, though. "Independent? Shards, they left Xanadu? Wow." She looks, well…impressed! "Good for them. I thought about going independent for a while…" No surprise there. "That takes a lot of guts."

"Or we give them my private office after everything in there is under lock and key? It's a room and… the fort idea may be perfect." Th'ero admits with a crooked smirk and another hug against his side. See? Not so bad! And she may have come up with the best plan to keep the trio of children occupied until it was time to sleep! "Yes, they left Xanadu. And did you?" he murmurs and yet doesn't seem wholly surprised. Instead he just chuckles dryly, "It does but we both know Kiena has enough of that and then some to cover for Mur'dah and her both. She seemed — happy about it."

Kimmila nods. "Sure, we could do that too, but…I'd imagine they would want to be closer to the fire." She chuckles. "Of course, wingmate. When I got demoted to Weyrling…I was very close to abandoning weyr life alltogether."

Th'ero smirks, "The office stays warm enough on its own. Stuff it full of furs and extra blankets and they'll be fine!" Th'ero mutters and seems to want to keep the living area child-fort free. Maybe he plans some cuddly-fun time in the bedroom? Yeah, probably not happening tonight. "Mhm, yes. I remember that…" he says and turns to face her. "And I'm glad you chose to come with me instead."

Kimmila shrugs. "Either way." She won't argue with him about it. She smiles up at him and slips both arms around his waist, leaning against him happily. "I am glad I did too, wingmate. I still don't know why it took me so long to come back home."

"It's difficult to take that leap. It was probably for the best that you took your time," Th'ero murmurs and leans his head down to try and draw Kimmila into a kiss. Only just at the moment the kiss would start, there's the sound of young girls giggling and Kyzen making an exasperated sound. "Eeew, not here!" he groans, while his nieces Ellie and Ezzie don't seem to mind at all. "You three," Th'ero sighs and mock growls. "Go back to playing!" The trio run off again, Ellie and Ezzie now affectionately teasing Kyzen who is dragging his feet behind them. Ugh. Girls! Overnight saw another storm bring more snow but the day has begun bright and clear. The weyrbrats are currently making good use of the excess snow being piled into the lake shore while the drudges and workers clear the bowls and other important passages and Th'ero's been "exercising" his leg by watching.

Kimmila is about to kiss him back, but the arrival of the kids has her stopping, nose wrinkling. Eh. "Go play!" And she looks up at Th'ero. "Just for tonight, right?" she murmurs.

Abigail is out and about at the moment, and why not? Snow all around, kids out having fun and the like. She is wandering on towards the lake, there was some talk of something going on in the area, not that she plans on staying outside in the cold all that long. Her hands rest tucked into her jacket which is zipped up nice and tight to keep her warm during her traves. A soft smile is seen as she catches sight of the ones here and is slowly moving on towards where Kimmila and Th'ero happen to be.

Th'ero grimaces as he looks down at Kimmila, "Just for tonight." he reminds her and then mutters under his breath. "And Kiena owes us for this favour. I'll see to it." Maybe he'll pay her in kind and dump their kids on her and Mur'dah's hands for a night! HA. Glancing over, he'll spot Abigail approaching and dip his head respectfully to her. "Good day, Wingleader! Everything alright?" he inquires, while the sound of weyrbrats and children at play drift all around them. Overnight storms brought plenty of fresh, fluffy snow and with the day bright and clear, the drudges and workers are hard put clearing the bowls and pathways, leaving the lake shore as the 'dumping' area. Perfect magnet for young and those young at heart!

Kimmila looks around and smiles at Abigail. "Evening, Abigail. How are you feeling?" She looks up at Th'ero, and then grins mischeviously. "Well…the real reason i came out here was to take a dip in the lake…anyone care to join me?"

A dip in the lake? Sharp-eared Russall overhears that while patrolling amongst the little ones - and, since that's far appealing than judging who's won what snowball fight, he meanders on over to the little knot of riders. "Sir, ma'ams," he greets them, firing off a smart salute. "I'll join you in an ice dip, if the offer's open?"

Abigail smiles a touch and nods to the pair. "Aye, everything's fine sir." As far as she knows at least.. No one has told her anything was wrong. "I'm doing alright. How are ye all doing?" A curious look is sent to the lake and then over to Kimmila and she looks amused. "Maybe in a few months or so.." Ha'ze nor the Healers would not be happy if she did such a thing it seems. She looks to Russall and nods to him.

Th'ero's brows knit and he gives Abigail a lingering and searching look. A few months? Then it clicks and he chuckles dryly, "Ahh, I see. So you'll be joining me as a spectator then? Doubt my leg will be strong enough for swimming, let alone ice swimming." he drawls, smirking to Kimmila for her mischievousness. And 'lo! They've lured in a Guard recruit! "Of course the offer is open. Isn't it, Kimm? Not afraid to be challenged by one of the Guard, are you?" Oh, who's being mischievous now? Th'ero keeps his smile reserved however and so it's hard to say if he's playing along or not.

Kimmila snickers, smacking Th'ero's side as she flashes a grin to Russall. "Absolutely," she says, dropping her satchel and beginning to peel off clothes with a shiver. "Should be a good dip…" She grins to Abigail and laughs. "How far along are you?"

Russall follows Kimmila's cue and starts slipping out of his own clothes, starting with kicking off his boots and socks. "Your leg still not better then, sir? Maybe some ice'll shock the bad out of it, or something like that." He's definitely no Healer to know whether such a thing would be good or not. When he's down to just his skivvies, he grins from Abigail to Kimmila, standing with his arms crossed over his chest. "After you, ma'am? Or d'you wanna race in?"

Abigail sends a curious look to Th'ero, a brow raised could he have possibly not heard? She seems a touch amused while nodding. "Aye, I get to just watch and cheer from the sidelines where it is cold but at least /dry/." At the talk of the guard joining in she can only grins. "My moneys on the guard." Once a guard always a guard! "Finally able to not worry about losing my breakfast. At least I know what to expect this time around."

Th'ero grunts softly when Kimmila smacks him in the side. "I think you're both a little mad to get into water that cold," he mutters but… does anyone see him stopping them? Nope. To Russall, the Weyrleader chuckles dryly, "Oh, it's mending and that's exactly why the Healers warned me off anything… too adventurous. Having been in a cast, it's weakened now. Can't rush it or it won't ever be the same — or I could break it again." So, reluctantly (so reluctantly), he's going to listen to the Healers. He shakes his head when the two strip down, "Probably best Abigail and I watch! Easier to summon help." He's teasing them, right? Abigail's talk of wagering has Th'ero giving her a sidelong look. "You know where my marks are," he mutters with a hint of a smile. "Well… Congratulations then." A brow quirks and there's the silently implied name: Ha'ze?

Kimmila grins at Russall, and then she just bolts for the water. So…race, then? Only she totally cheats and splashes in before she dives, emerging a moment later with a yell that amuses the kids no doubt. Hope Th'ero has her towel and warm clothes ready.

Cheat! Russall sprints after Kimmila, but he's not fast enough to catch up. What he cando, though, after he's taken his own dunking, is turn around to double-armed scoop water up at Kimmila, to give her an extra soaking as she emerges. Take that! Perhaps to try and prove his, ah, manliness, he stays submerged a moment longer than the bluerider, before bolting back to land. "Ffffff," he shivers, teeth chattering as he reaches for his discarded clothing. "It's not warm." Sarcasm, of course.

Abigail chuckles softly as she seems to agree with Th'ero. "A bit crazy but sounds like fun to me honestly.." She would jump into that water if she could at the moment. The comment from Th'ero on where his marks rest only makes her grin. "Of course.." Though the rest makes her pause a bit, a slight smile seen. "Thank ye sir." That silently implied name is easily caught while she watching the Weyrleader a moment before there is a nod. Yes.. Ha'ze would be the correct guess there.

Th'ero sighs under his breath as Kimmila pulls her little stunt and Russall tries to pay her back for it. He'll catch Abigail's nod and he adds with an amused tone of his own, "Another winter then, we'll have to try it. At least we should both be mended by the time the mud wrestling begins?" Well, he will be! He's not sure how far along the Wingleader is in her pregnancy. Suddenly he looks up as a familiar dark curly haired boy is rushing towards the water, "Don't you dare!" Th'ero calls and Kyzen skids to a stop, visibly pouting. Aww, but MOM'S doing it! NOT FAIR. "Why don't you, Ellie and Ezzie go back to the caverns and see if Headwoman Talicia won't give you some towels and blankets for them? And send a drudge back with some hot drinks. DON'T carry it yourselves!" Nothing like using your own son and nieces as couriers? He makes a shoo'ing motion with his hand and the kids run off, likely racing each other to see who gets there and back again for bonus points. Russall's sarcasm is met with another chuckle, "What'd you expect?" he drawls.

Kimmila yelps and tries to splash Russall back. If that doesn't work, she owes him a kick to the shins as she emerges, shivering, running barefoot through the snow towards Th'ero. WHO WANTS A HUG. "Where's my t-towel?" she chatters. He was supposed to get it out of her bag for her…did she not tell him that?

Strolling along the lake shore is D'ani, probably in preparation for Dremkoth to drop from his ledge and head off somewhere. He doesn't seem awfully rushed though; he's not even wearing his helmet and goggles yet. The sound of shouting and laughter draws him closer, trudging through the deep snow here, around snow forts there, until he can see what's going on. Hailing from the tropical western islands, he's blanching at what he sees, can't help but shudder even while a grins sneaks across his mouth. "All over red, chapped skin. The healers'll be fussing, tsk." And he nods to the lot of them.

Kimmila manages to land her kick, and Russ grunts in complaint. "Hey!" To Th'ero he just laughs and shrugs - sure, he didn't expect it to be warm! When Kimmila gets distracted with trying to spread the cold around, though, the guard bends down, picks up a hearty handful of snow and forms it into a quick snowball… to lob at the bluerider's back. Take that!

Abigail chuckles and grins at the talk of a mud wrestling bit. "Hey.. I might be able to do that honestly. Looking forward for another go at ye honestly Th'ero." It was amusing, fun, and let's face it how many time can a rider try to take the Weyrleader down in such a manner? There is a pause as she glances back to the water with a soft laugh escaping her once Kimmila and then Russel come running out from the cold waters.

Th'ero smirks as Kimmila comes running towards her and while he doesn't hug her (please, no), he does slowly crouch down to pick up her satchel. It's an awkward movement, given he's still cautious on his one leg but she'll get her towel AND her jacket too. "There." Now, whether or not she gets them on before Russall's sneak attack is another matter! The Weyrleader blinks and then whistles soft and low. "Shards, man. You shouldn't have done that." Run? While he just… steps back and watches. Where's the popcorn? "Aren't going to try it for yourself, D'ani?" he remarks to the Weyrsecond and chuckles. "We'll see how time is on us both, then, Abigail."

Kimmila yells when Russ gets her in the back, and once she's got her blanket on, she pulls on her coat, flips up the hood, shoves her feet into her boots (still no pants) and /bolts/ after the guard. "Hi, D'ani!" She calls as she races after Russall, intending…to shove him into a snow drift. Or something.

Of course the lack of clothing and coats, meands they did, but, "You mean… they did that on purpose?!" Another smirk from D'ani. Crazy Fort people and their 'it's not cold' when in fact it's freezing out! He sort of side-steps the mahem, but he's waaaatching. "Hey Abbey, Kimm, Russall." For the moment, he's a spectator.

Abigail holds her hands out slightly to try and avoid any water that could perhaps come flying her way. A soft laugh escapes her . "Looks like they got out in one piece, just really cold now I bet." She grins and then glances to D'ani and nods to him. "Hello D'ani.. You want to go for a dip in the lake like Kimmila and Russall? Seems it is the new 'in' thing."

Maybe Russall knew what he was getting himself into with his attack on Kimmila? Maybe so, because he winks at Th'ero for the warning given… and he doesn't quite have time to get anything more than his arm in a sleeve of his jacket before the bluerider comes after him. Off he sprints in his sodden undies, barefoot through the snow, attempting a part-stumbling effort at scooping up enough snow as he goes to lob a snowball over his shoulder at his pursuer.

"Kimm, you should have at least let him get his pants!" Th'ero calls out as both she and Russall really get into it and it's obvious he's struggling to keep from laughing out loud. How dare the Weyrleader show positive emotion! "They make it seem decently fun," he mutters to D'ani and Abigail and then he's looking down as Kyzen, Ellie and Ezzie return with towels, slightly out of breath from running. "Good. Now, set them down carefully here… that's right. Next favour? Get some snow… and go get Kimmila…" Is he sic'ing the kids on the bluerider? Yep. So poor Russall can get a towel and his clothes! That drudge will be along soon too with some hot drinks.

Kimmila doesn't have /her/ pants, why should Russall get /his/ pants! She dodges the snowball, and catches up just enough to trip him into a snowbank, evil woman that she is. Then, smug and satisfied (and freezing), she turns back towards her weyrmate…only to be set upon by her own son and her nieces. "GAK!" Payback's a bitch. The kids will learn /that/ as well as Kimmila is quick to dump them all into snowbanks and hasten to get herself clothed again. /Eying/ Th'ero. She knows what he did.

D'ani sort of stares at Th'ero. Fun? Did that word just…come out of the Weyrleader's mouth? Ha! He grins after the running pair, then blinks at Abigail's question. Was that invitation or threat? Because she could totally throw him in if she'd a mind to. With a rushed, "Nothanksgottagobye!" Dremkoth is there and he's hauling his ass aboard. He's definitely fleeing. At least he's not screaming like a girl though. Yet. Fly, Dremkoth, fly. And they're away in a flurry of snow.

Abigail blinks as D'ani is fleeing… yes /fleeing/ from the idea of a ice swim. A laugh is escaping her at the sight of this. "Well… There is one way to escape the idea of swimming in a frozen lake." She looks back to Kimmila and Russall and at the talk of snow getting tossed around before a soft chuckle escapes her. "I think thiat is my cue to get going as well." She would really rather not get attacked by snow. A nod is seen and she waves to the ones here before she is moving off heading back towards the Weyr.

Russall ends up tumbled into a snowbank, flipping himself over onto his back before quickly pulling himself out of it. Are bits of him blue with cold right now? His wet underwear can't exactly have thermal properties. Shuddering, and yet still looking amused, the guard recruit makes his way stiffly back to where his clothes are, scooping up his jacket along the way and slipping into it. "Ffff-" The word he was about to say through chattering teeth is cut short because of the presence of little ones, and he reaches down with increasing stiffness to scoop up his trousers, shirt and all. "Gonna… gonna hit the baths," he manages to say in between the shivering and teeth-chattering.

Might be best to flee before the snow really starts flying! Because all this activity has the little ones - not just Kyzen and the twin girls - watching with growing curiosity. Uh oh? "Grab something to drink too," Th'ero informs Russall as the drudge arrives with something hot and stimulating for the Guard Recruit to drink on the fly! He'll watch as D'ani flees and Abigail slipping away too and the Weyrleader chuckles, shaking his head. "Baths would be a wise idea. Clear skies," he murmurs to Russall, then eyes Kimmila back with a feigned look of innocence. What? He's going to get it later, isn't he? "Kyzen, girls. Come along. Time we all got out of the cold." Letting the children rush off ahead, Th'ero will try to approach Kimmila and slip his arm around her, soaked or not. Hey, at least he's warm?

Yes, yes he is. Once Kimmila regains feeling in her limbs.