Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

This afternoon is gentle and calm. While still cold, there is no wind as a gentle snow falls, coating the weyr in a fresh blanket. While ice makes things treacherous, the drudges and workers have done a fairly good job at keeping pathways clear - plus the dragons are good at stomping their way through the drifts to clear the way. Down by the lake shore Nyalle stands in a thick winter gown and leggings, with a heavy cloak over that and her hood up, muffled and warm, gloved hands clasping and unclasping as she watches her lifemate bathe. The autumnal queen is vibrant as she bathes, lounging in the water among the ice chunks that drift from the shore. The water streams along her lithe, muscular curves, adding a shimmer to her hide as she gives herself a shake and then hunkers down to soak with a contented rumble.

This afternoon is gentle and calm. While still cold, there is no wind as a gentle snow falls, coating the weyr in a fresh blanket. While ice makes things treacherous, the drudges and workers have done a fairly good job at keeping pathways clear - plus the dragons are good at stomping their way through the drifts to clear the way. Down by the lake shore Nyalle stands in a thick winter gown and leggings, with a heavy cloak over that and her hood up, muffled and warm, gloved hands clasping and unclasping as she watches her lifemate bathe. The autumnal queen is vibrant as she bathes, lounging in the water among the ice chunks that drift from the shore. The water streams along her lithe, muscular curves, adding a shimmer to her hide as she gives herself a shake and then hunkers down to soak with a contented rumble.

Spiriling downwards from one of the ledges that have a view of the lake comes a bright green speck. The afternoon light twists the neon and the somewhat darker green around her hide in a beautiful display. Or perhaps it is the fresh coat of oil that glistens brightly. "Mmmhmm. Yes I see she's down here but…" her words trail off with little doubt she's discussing the autumnal queen though the remainder of the thought goes in her mind. Once down the green side, Anique shivers a bit as she works on the straps. "Freshly bathed and oiled and you want to go to the lake." grumble mutter. The green approaches the edge of the water though seems to be considering if she should actually plunge in or not. However she does warble a pleasant greeting towards the queen. « A beautiful afternoon to you! » Anique groans a bit. Seems all the dragons are enamored with the newest gold. She approaches where Nyalle stands. Unbidden she snaps off a salute along with a greeting. The salute naturally will be given once she's actually got Nyalle's attention. "Good afternoon! Brisk day isn't it?" she asks politely.

Velokraeth is already there above the lake, on one of the higher ledges and not minding the gentle snowfall and allowing the flakes to gather on his hide before shaking them off. His oversized head is canted slightly and there's no doubt of where his focus of attention is drawn. He'd been contentedly preening his talons and wings, observing the Weyr below but now Kayeth is bathing and something has indeed caught his attention as she hunkers down to soak. Below, Th'ero comes striding in at a brisk pace and it's evident enough why when a toddler dressed in thick winter gear dashes ahead of him. Not that Kyzen gets very far before toppling over into a bank of snow and not to be stopped, he rights himself after a bit of flailing and awkward splaying of hands and feet. But it allows his father, and Weyrleader, to catch up. "Don't run off on me like that," he chides the boy, before motioning for him to stay close but play. "You remember?" he asks and Kyzen pipes up. "Don't go near the water." Th'ero nods. "Good." Kyzen turns to go tromp through some of the deeper snow (to him) and on spying Nyalle he beams at her. "Hiiiii!" He's exempted from saluting right? Anique off course gets the same treatment before he's staring wide eyed at both dragons. "Bright and pretty!" he exclaims, where as Th'ero just shakes his head with a sigh. "Afternoon, weyrwoman. Afternoon to you too, Anique."

Nyalle is pulled from her reverie, a bit startled at the approach of others into what was a quiet moment of thoughtful reflection. "Good afternoon, wingrider," she says, her smile warm and swift and /pleased/ when the salute is offered without prompting, and she returns it before offering one to the Weyrleader. Though for him, her expression flinches ever so slightly. "Sir," she adds. "It's a lovely afternoon, I think." Then Kyzen has her attention and she coughs softly, nodding. "Yes. Bright." HMM. "Is this your son, sir?" she asks, peering from Kyzen to Th'ero and back again. Has to be, right? She can see a few curls poking out from beneath that hood. Kayeth lifts her head when the green approaches, rumbling a happy, contented sound as she shifts in the water, allowing the small, young (and still unnamed) bronze firelizard to skitter over her hide to tend to an itch. /His/ queen. Rawr. « It is beautiful, » she agrees, her voice chiming on many levels, almost hazy as her thoughts drift into focus. Her beach is clear and warm, the sun at the noontime position and her distant island cloaked in a hazy, playful fog. Shifting, she senses Velokraeth and widens her thoughts to include him, but she does not look. Instead she simply extends her wings to their fullest, stretching and arching her neck, and then settles again with a low rumble of pleasure.

Anique shifts as another pair of voices approach them. A weak smile is cast towards the tromping child. "Hey there Kyzen…" egads. A child! Anique pales a bit but manages a weak smile as she looks now to Th'ero at his approach. "A good afternoon so far. How are you both?" she includes both Nyalle and Th'ero in the question. Typriaeth seems uncertain about getting in the water still so she waddles over to sprawl out where she stops.

Th'ero notes that flinch in Nyalle's expression and it brings a brief frown, only to have his dark eyes swiftly focus on Kayeth in the water. Is she? He can't quite tell and so he just sweeps his gaze back out over the rest of the lake in as natural a manner as possible. Maybe the weyrwoman didn't notice that little peek? "It is a good day to be outside, winter or not," he agrees as he takes a few steps to approach both Nyalle and Anique, though he keeps Kyzen in view. "I'm well. I had to take Kyzen here for a few candlemarks as his foster family had some pressing matters. How are you?" The toddler is oblivious to how his comment may have been taken, focused more on Typriaeth as the green sprawls out before he resumes playing in the snow and crouching down to pack some of it into odd lumps and shapes. "He is Kimmila and I's son, yes." Th'ero goes on to inform Nyalle and though his smile is reserved and warm, there's no missing the pride that flickers briefly in his eyes. Above, Velokraeth welcomes Kayeth's sun warmed beach and adds his own smooth and sweetly crisp white-gold wine that cools and yet warms in a mellowing way. That heralds his descent from the ledges and he is careful to land far enough away as not to disturb either Kayeth or Typriaeth. He does so with surprising grace though it taxes his skills to put forth the effort, but it allows him to sweep his wings - ironically enough close in shade to Kayeth's entire hide - in a lingering display before he folds them against his side and dips his head low to gold and green alike. « Afternoon, ladies. You are both looking resplendent this afternoon. The sun has certainly brought out your colours. » Oh yes. Yes indeed it has!

Nyalle clears her throat softly, looking for a long moment at her queen. It's coming. She can tell. She /knows/ and she can't deny it. No matter how many non-sexy thoughts she thinks… She flicks her gaze to Th'ero for a beat too long, and then turns them quickly back to Anique. "I'm well," she says, though her voice is a little breathless. Looking at Kyzen again, her smile warms. "He is adorable, sir. I see a lot of you in him. Is he your only?" In the water, Kayeth shifts again, watching Typriaeth before she offers, « The water is nice, though perhaps not wise with your hide recently oiled? I already itch. » And that sends the firelizard scurrying to another spot, and Nyalle fidgeting a bit on the beach, though her dragon does not demand the rider tend to the itch. Watching Velokraeth arrive, Kayeth's focus is keen on him, watching how he moves despite his deformities. « Has it? » she asks, peering up into the cloudy sky as the snowflakes continue to drift down. Her thoughts are amused, mental sunlight sparkling against her mental sea. She fans her wings again and stretches, her gleaming body shifting easily through the water as she exits, letting it stream from her hide. Moving up onto the snowy shore, she turns around once before settling regally, her gleaming hide vibrant against the snow. In this light, with the stark contrast of gold on white, she /almost/ seems to glow.

Typriaeth preens under the compliments from the bronze. « I feel resplendent! Unlike my rider who seems to be ill whenever she eats. I offered her a bloody wherry but I fear that didn't help. » she says pointedly. Anique shoves her hands in her pockets once all the saluting seems to be done, though she missed Th'ero, and she glances as well to the gold again. A longer flicker of a look this time. Her thoughts falter a moment and therefor anything she would have had to say is blown completely from her mind.
« I do not think I will do the water. I will enjoy the sun from here. » comes Typriaeth's rely towards the Queen.

Along the path down to the beach K'drozen walks slowly, his hand stuffed into his pockets and a hood pulled up over his head. Behind him crunching along down the beach Rhyrith strides slowly, the large, skeletal looking brown seems to be enjoying the weather today. K'drozen shakes his head and looks up to his brown, "REally know Rhy, I am sure.." before spotting the weyrleader and Jr. Weyrwoman. Pulling his hand from his pocket he snaps a salute, "Sir, Ma'am." his tone somewhat formal as he greats the pair. Spotting Anique he simple says , "Anique." his voice taking on a diffrent quality as he greats the green rider.

The young goldrider knows it and so does Velokraeth and if he knows… Th'ero doesn't jerk or just suddenly gape at Nyalle but after eyeing his bronze's display with a wary look it doesn't take him long to puzzle it all out. A quick brush to his life mate's mind over their link and… Yep. The Weyrleader's shoulders roll a bit and a subtle tension lingers there and he does his best not to allow his gaze to linger too long on Nyalle or Kayeth. Stay natural. Don't spook the poor girl. "I'm glad to hear it," he murmurs to the goldrider and then flounders for a half-beat for discussion. SAFE discussion. "How is the inventory looking? I've not had time to truly study the reports…" Okay, that may be a half lie? He was busy with his pre-dawn patrols, then a brief check in with the Wingleaders before returning to his weyr for some, ah… quality time with Kimmila. He may have glimpsed his stacked paperwork in his office and then there was the issue with Kyzen. "He's trouble," Th'ero drawls to Nyalle with a smirk and then a soft exhale. "But thank you. And he is my only child, yes." Hearing his name, Kyzen turns his head to stare with startling blue eyes at the adults but his attention wanes for a moment and then he's pushing to his feet to toddle towards Nyalle. "Is the fire-gold yours?" he asks brazenly as he peers up at the young woman. Then without skipping a beat. "She's bright kinda like her," Point to Typriaeth. Sorry, Anique, the poor boy just can't quite speak all names. He's still saying 'Velo' and 'Var' after all. Th'ero will dip his head politely to K'drozen as the brownrider approaches, though his eyes are quick to focus back on Kyzen. "Afternoon, K'drozen."

Velokraeth chuffs low, his usual behaviour when "laughing" though his mind ripples with the amusement he can otherwise not display. « Even when covered in clouds, the light compliments. » he informs Kayeth. Oh, has it ever. The pale bronze will watch as the young gold exits the water and his tail twitches against the snow as he all but (leers) observes her. « Would you mind some company? » he asks, even as he moves forwards in careful steps. Careful but determined steps.

Nyalle tilts her head slightly as she watches her lifemate, and then she looks sharply at Anique. Studying for a brief moment before she blurts out, "Are you pregnant?" And after she asks it she's gasping, a hand clapped over her mouth. "I'm /sorry/," she gasps, mortified at what just came out of her mouth. And she shoots a narrow eyed /look/ at her queen, who is preening, nuzzling one of her wing sails with that wing extended. When Rhyrith arrives, the young gold pauses to study the skeletal brown for a moment before greeting him with a happy sounding croon. « No, that does not sound pleasant for a rider, » she answers Typriaeth. « Mine does not care for that either. » Nyalle turns to watch K'drozen's approach, clearing her throat softly. "Wingrider," she greets, returning the salute with a small smile. Looking back to Th'ero, there's another subtle flinch to her expression. She knows, oh yes. And…now she knows that he knows, because of his bronze's behavior. "Sir," she adds, dipping her head down slightly. Which then has her looking at Kyzen. "Yes, she is," she says softly, with a soothing pride to her voice. Talking of Kayeth is always pleasing to the young woman. "And, ah. Yes." She turns to look at her lifemate and exhales softly. "She is beginning to glow." There. She's said it. Faranth help her. Lifting her head from her wing, Kayeth watches the bronze approach and considers his question for a moment. « Not at all, » she welcomes. « You can get this itch along my neck. » How helpful of him!

"You can call her Tie if you want, kiddo." sure Anique isn't all that great among kids but the alternative is a gold rider she barely knows who has a Gold who may or may not be glowing soon. "And Tie is always bright." adds Anique. Subconsciously she brushes her left hand against the ever present belt knife at her side as if ensuring it is still there. Perhaps its Nyalle's known aversion to woman bearing weapons that makes her think of it. Then she's blushing a deep red as suddenly Nyalle blurts out the question. Three shades of red in fact. "…er…um I…" eep? "I don't know. It's probably nothing. Just a bit of…" she stops suddenly. "Why in the shells are you even asking that??" still embarrassed she tries to cover it by being unhappy at the question. "I'm fine!" someone's likely in denial. She does boggle a bit though and now it is her turn to blurt out since she is still a bit out of sorts from Nyalle's question. "Then that means she'll rise next of all the Queens? But you're just…" now she does bite her tongue and finishes lamely. "You just transferred here from another weyr…"

K'drozen stops and frowns slightly as he hears the word glow and looks about before steping over to Anique, "I am sure you are fine Anique." trying to completely ignore the glowing question as he nears. Rhyrith for his part looks over to the queen and warbles a soft greeting.

Th'ero 's expression goes blank when Nyalle blurts out that question to Anique. What? Surprised (maybe even shocked), he turns to eye the greenrider closely but keeps his lips firmly pressed shut. That's not his business! "I'm sure it wasn't intentional," he tells her, glancing sidelong to the young goldrider. Right? "And I'm sure you're fine, Anique. Could be a mild illness. With how the winter weather has been fluxing between warm and cold, it's the season. Captain Breshir's wife, in fact, was just recovered from a bad chest cold." he murmurs. Denial is the theme for this little gathering! Glow? What glow? Th'ero would have been content to just let that discovery go unheeded but… there Nyalle goes and acknowledges it. He sighs softly, "So it would seem. And that may be," he begins, eyeing Anique again. Just what? Turning his gaze to Nyalle, is that some sympathy there in his eyes? "But she has proven herself a capable goldrider." The Weyrleader supports her? Another shock! Meanwhile, Kyzen is oblivious and only makes a happy sounding giggle. "Tie!" he tests out Typriaeth's new 'nickname' and points to the green. "Velo," he points to the pale bronze, who pauses on his waddling way over to Kayeth to lower and crane his head to gently whuffle and ever so lightly and carefully nose-bump the toddler and despite his caution almost sends the child flat on his rear. Not that Kyzen minds from his delighted laughing. "What's her name?" he asks of Nyalle when he's recovered and stares at Rhyrith too, only to clap his hands. "Where's Var? We can have ALL the colours!" ALL.

« Of course, m'lady. I'd be more than happy to help. » Velokraeth rumbles, his mind rich in a bouquet of mellow and honey-sweet tastes and warming scents as he approaches Kayeth and promptly begins to tend to her and her itching hide along her neck. Smug bronze is smug!

"I know!" is Nyalle's swift, sharp and frustrated response to Anique's trailing off statement, as she clenches her hands together. "And I don't know why I asked that, I'm sorry!" She is blushing too, though the dip of her head tries to hide it behind her lifted hood and her dark hair. She would toe-scuff and kick at a rock too, if there was a rock available. All she does though is stand there, stiff and mortified. "I'm glad she's recovered," she says, her words almost bland, almost mechanical in their delivery. She glances up at Th'ero's vote of confidence and bites her lower lip, taking a slow breath. "Thank you, sir," she murmurs in the end with a small nod. The toddler is watched for a moment, but Nyalle seems to be at a loss for words other than, "Kayeth," especially when Velokraeth starts to nuzzle her queen's neck. Nyalle frowns, sharp and swift, but then relaxes with a soft breath. Kayeth seems /delighted/ with the attention, rumbling softly. Coy gold is coy! « You do that almost as well as my last mate. »

Anique steps closer towards K'drozen. She had heard his first greeting, honest! But various remarks had her attention drawn elsewhere. Sneaking her hand towards his she leans a bit against his side. "Course I'm fine." she mutters almost rebelliously. She spares a quick glance to Th'ero and she's all over his reasonings. "Right. I'm sure I just caught something." there's nothing about the timing of this 'sickness' that is roughly a month after Tie's last flight. However deciding that perhaps her foot is already well enough into her mouth she lapses back into silence though her gaze sweeps towards the coy Gold and the smug Bronze. Hmph. Someone seems glad that she's on a simple green!

K'drozen smiles to Anique before looking back to the weyr learder and weyrwoman and says, "Sir i did have a request….I was wondering about leading another group down south for another hunting trip for the new little bit…"

"We all say strange things sometimes," Th'ero goes on to say before allowing that topic to dissolve and drift. Nyalle has apologized and Anique no longer seems so affronted by it. Everything is good? Good. The Weyrleader nods his head to the gold rider's bland and mechanical response concerning Breshir's wife but her thanks has him dipping his head respectfully to her. Awkwardly however he says nothing further or in return. What COULD he say? It'll be alright? No, it won't be. Should he sympathize with her? That would be just as awkward. Pitying her would just be bad. So what does Th'ero do? Why, he begins to escape. Especially with Velokraeth putting on the 'moves' towards Kayeth. Time to go! "Kayeth!" Kyzen parrots and the Weyrleader reaches down to clasp his son's shoulder and pull him close. "Very good, but we better get back. Kimmila will be returning shortly and we need to get you inside." Before he freezes! Kyzen begins to mutter sullenly but one firm look from Th'ero and he quiets. Fine. "Bye…" he says to all of those gathered with a little flapping hand to wave farewell. "Be sure to see a Healer, Anique, if you feel worse." Th'ero asks of the greenrider, though his gaze lingers on her just a little longer than he should. Oh, he's playing along for now but the Weyrleader has his suspicions too. "If you'll all excuse us? Enjoy the rest of your afternoons. And yes, K'drozen?" he pauses, frowning a bit as he considers the request. "Clear it with Wingleader Nishka first to be sure you're not required on your schedule shifts. Otherwise I see no reason why you cannot have a group go south. Just be sure to keep a proper inventory of what you gather or hunt and from where." Then with a brisk nod, he gathers Kyzen up to rest the toddler on his hip and strides away through the snow.

Velokraeth however stays by Kayeth so long as the gold is willing and he works out those pesky itchy patches with a tender and attentive focus. « How kind of you to say! » he muses, not a single flicker of jealousy for her mentioning her previous mate. Why should he fear some bronze from High Reaches? Pfft.

Nyalle glances between Anique and K'drozen, noticing the hand holding with a low cough. "Ah. Well. Yes." This is /very/ awkward and the goldrider takes her chance to flee as well. "Wingriders," she says with a polite nod to Anique and K'drozen. "Sir. Little sir," she says for Th'ero and for Kyzen, the sight of the toddler bringing another faint smile to her lips. "I need to check the inventories." With that, she's turning towards the caverns, following far enough behind Th'ero that it's not awkward. And Kayeth? She is content to linger on the beach and soak up the bronze's attentions, though she'll likely move on to some /other/ bronze at some point. Sampling her options, much to her rider's embarrassment.