Who Sephany, Z'ki, R'az, Triven, Laria, S'dny, Lyzaen
What Z'ki and Sephany go exploring in Monaco Bay Weyr.
When Month 1 of Turn 2715)
Where Living Caverns, Igen Weyr. Then Watchtower, Monaco Bay Weyr


Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

It's winter in Igen, which still means its pleasant during the day, not stiflingly oppressive, and certainly no snow like Fort's experienced recently. Night however brings a sharp desert chill, and so it's probably no surprise that Z'ki's dressed in riding leathers as he enters the caverns. He's carrying helmet and gloves with him, like he's recently back from between, striding over towards the hearth in search of some post-dinner food.

They certainly saw a lot of snow at Fort recently. Enough to delay Sephany's arrival by a few days. But she is here now, settled in and looking every bit the Igen-born that she is, dressed for the weather and with a recent addition of a shawl to protect from the chill. She is also, at this point, obviously pregnant despite attempts to hide such with clever folds and layers of fabrics. But as she is tucked away at a table near the hearth and there's enough physical surface (in the form of a table) between herself and the public to stave off well-wishes and curious inquires as to her due date. She has a book, a bowl of stew, and a glass that is now empty. Her nose is in the book, but she's aware enough of her surroundings to catch the approach of a dragonrider, grey eyes glancing his direction in quiet curiosity. Recognition comes quickly, and a bright smile accompanies her quick and cheerful, "Evening, weyrling."

Habit — now nearing a turn and a half worth's of habit — means that Z'ki responds, perhaps unsurprisingly, to that address with a, "Good evening, ma'am," and a half salute as he's moving past, before he realizes, slows, stops and stares at Sephany with a momentary expression of dismay. Clearing his throat, he makes a brief face — as much at her as himself, then amends, "Hi, Sephany. Just grabbing myself some food — want anything? Another drink?" he asks, glance dropping to her glass, briefly.

That bright smile of hers turns distinctly amused, becoming more of a grin when the response is so routine and proper. Sephany was, for her part, just teasing a little bit with that greeting bestowed to the bronzer. The salute is brushed off easily enough, though that brief face has her smile wobbling for a second. "Hi," which is maybe a more proper way to greet a friend. "Um. Water, if you don't mind," she decides, glancing briefly at her empty glass before turning toward her book to mark her page and set it aside.

Z'ki's flickered hand gesture seems to suggest he doesn't mind at all, and then he's moving again, over towards the hearth. He's collecting a bowl of stew for himself first, then a glass of water — presumably hers, since he collects no other drink. And then he's headed back towards Sephany's table, setting the water down in front of her first before dropping onto the chair opposite her. "Was down at the Hold most of the day," he says, with a brief smile. "Helping some of the miners out with this structural collapse. Was hoping maybe we could get away to another Weyr today, but I guess it's late for you…?" although not so late, as Fort accounts it, anyway.

Her own bowl brought closer, Sephany is actually eating her food when Z'ki returns with his own meal. A glance up as he drops into a seat follows a spoonful of stew vanishing into her mouth, so it is a moment before she can offer a quick, "Thank you," for the water that has been brought. "A structural collapse? Hopefully no one was hurt," she offers with mild concern. Consideration is given her bowl for a moment, and she hmm's thoughtfully. "It's not terribly late," she decides. "If you are up to it, I would be more than happy to go visit another Weyr with you. Did you, or maybe I should ask 'did Jizunoth', have anywhere specific in mind?" A swish of her spoon, a brief hesitation to ascertain the temperature of the contents, and then a bite of stew taken.

"There were some people taken to the infirmary, but nothing too serious, I think," Z'ki shares, slowing down his eating to answer thoughtfully. "I'll check in again tomorrow," he adds, as he eats. Her words earn a flickered smile from the bronzerider, as he admits, "He was thinking Monaco — I think just because he wants to go somewhere warm, not that I should blame him, but I quite enjoy Igen in the winter."

There is the briefest sort of knitting of pale eyebrows for the mention of people being taken to the infirmary. But Sephany's concern is the abstract sort; a concern from someone who does not have friends or family or even acquaintances in the area of the mishap. Polite worry for the well-being of others, without the deeper concern of someone involved. She offers a brief nod of understanding and agreement for his assertion that he will check in. The trip south has her attention quick enough, and the corner of her mouth twists upward in a growing grin. "I've never been to the Southern continent," she notes. "Ista and Half Moon Bay are as far south as I have gone." And they don't count, says her tone of voice. "I enjoy Igen in the winter, as well," she agrees. "Once the heat has dissipated some. Even if the nights are rather chilly. Even if there's no snow," she continues idly. "And a visit is not nearly the same as moving. Surely he doesn't want to relocate to the South?"

"I'd never either — not before all the visualization training," Z'ki admits, as he continues to make a decent dent in the contents of his bowl. "And we didn't get a chance to land and look around, which Jizunoth was very disappointed with," he adds, wryly. "Relocate—? Uh. I don't think so," the once-guard says, a furrow appearing in his brow as his gaze goes distant for a moment. "He's just curious, I think." But there's enough of a hedge there to suggest he's not completely certain, either. He takes another mouthful of food, before setting the spoon down and exhaling. "Are you sure you'll still okay to travel?" he asks, carefully.

"More than I've seen," she teases, though Sephany's predominant expression is one of eager anticipation, not animosity or jealousy. She's clearly delighted at the prospect of a visit, working to finish her own meal as quickly as politeness allows; no slurping or splashing over here! There is a momentary pause in the consumption of her food to allow for a sip of water to chase it all down. "There are bugs," she decides, grinning. "And I am sure the dragons find them as annoying as the humans. So perhaps you can use that as an argument, should he change his mind and decide a tropical location is where he'd like to be?" It's mostly teasing at Z'ki's fondness for Igen rather than a serious concern for the bronze dragon suddenly deciding he wants to relocate. "It is," she decides, speaking as though she has some authority on the matter of her safety. Or at least knowledge. "I am about… six months along. Should be OK until I hit the end of month eight." A wrinkle of her nose accompanies a roll of her grey eyes. "
Though by then, I doubt I'll be able to walk without waddling, let alone climb up Jizunoth."

"Bugs?" Z'ki echoes with a considering tip of his head. "I'm not sure that'll dissuade him either way," he says, with a brief, flickered smile. "But I'll keep that card up my sleeve, just in case." He settles back in his chair, chuckling briefly. "Well, best make the most of it then. No ice-skating, though," he warns, with a wiggling of a finger, "Though we can take you to Telgar or High Reaches if you want a break. Or even back to Fort for a visit," he adds, after a moment.

"Well, it definitely dissuades me from moving anywhere tropical," decides Sephany with a grin. "That and the humidity; Ista was terrible. But I am excited to visit Monaco," she adds quickly, lest her inadvertent complaint be seen as disinterest in the offer. "And I think… it may be late enough to avoid the worst of the humidity," she considers, though really she has no idea at all. Somehow, she actually managers to finish her meal between comments and conversation, finding the bottom of the bowl with her spoon in a moment that almost surprises her. There's a somewhat irritable sounding sigh for the 'no ice-skating' comment, though it is accompanied by a half-grin and a mischievous glint to those grey eyes, suggesting perhaps it was more playful than honest disgruntlement. "Fine, fine. No ice skating. And I have been extremely good about that. I haven't touched my skates in months," she declares, in a voice that says 'the struggle is real' rather clearly. "But a visit to Fort may be nice," she continues honestly. "The eggs are due to hatch within the next month, I believe. I am hoping I can catch it… will you be going?" to Fort's Hatching, she wonders.

"Good. Plenty of time enough for that next winter," Z'ki says. "Plus, it means I don't have to take you to cold places, which — is a bonus for me," the Igenite clearly doesn't love snowy climes. "The hatching? I definitely want to go. Jizunoth's curious about it. He said he made contact with the dam the last time we were in Fort. Hopefully you can still travel, though…?" he wonders. With an exhale, he pushes to his feet, leaning over to collect her bowl as well as his, and his glass. "Well, how about I meet you in the bowl in ten minutes or so, so you can find something warm for the trip?" he suggests.

"As long as they choose to hatch in the next month or so, yes," decides Sephany, once more sounding authoritative, as if her whims and willpower alone will dictate her safety. "Though they are cutting it rather close. Interesting, though… that I am due to have a child around the same time the eggs are due to Hatching. There is probably a joke in that," she decides with a small laugh. Bowl collected by Z'ki, she stands a moment later and nods her head in agreement. "I will," meet him in the bowl. "And I've some items in my room that will suffice. I will change and be out to find you shortly," she determines, collecting her book even as she is pushing her chair back and moving away from the table.

"I heard it often said during candidacy that, like dragons — eggs aren't to be rushed. That seems truer the more I learn about being a dragonrider," Z'ki admits, with a brief smile. While her comment about her pregnancy and the eggs is noted, he certainly doesn't seem apt to come up with a joke himself, perhaps no surprise. Instead, he's moving on his way to put away their dirty dishes, before heading outside himself. Jizunoth is settled there, bronze tones gleaming in the light from the glowbaskets, eyes luminescent in the gloom of evening. Z'ki's already got his gloves and helmet on, though his goggles hang from his neck where he's seated atop the bronze, waiting there to give Sephany a hand, should she need it.

There is a glance and a grin, a bit of a twinkle in her grey eyes, for the inadvisability of rushing eggs and dragons. But no comment, as Sephany quickly slips away from the table and down the hall to make good on her words. And true to them, she appears in the bowl soon enough; a heavier leather jacket worn, along with black scarf and a pair of gloves. She's swapped out her sandals for a pair of boots, but still retains the dress from before. Jizunoth is found with little effort, his size easily recognized despite the dim lighting, and she makes her way to his side as quickly and safely as she can. A glance up, and then practiced movements as she scales the unfamiliar bronze side. But she's practiced enough at climbing dragonback; even if Jizunoth is rather larger than her normal green escort and she's a little unevenly shaped given the whole baby-situation. But soon enough she is within reach of Z'ki, taking the offer of a helping hand with a grateful smile, and settling herself atop the bronze dragon's neck.

There's somewhat of approval in Z'ki's gaze as she manages to scale Jizunoth's bulk with ease, holding tight to her hand and lending his strength to help her climb up the last little distance and settle into place between the bronze's neckridges. Habit — cautiousness — probably both, make him double check her straps, then his own, before his, "Ready?" precedes the drop of his goggles into place, and mere heartbeats later, Jizunoth's tensing and push skyward. The dragon isn't overly showy in his flying — he knows who is is and has nothing to prove — circling upwards to a safe distance. Z'ki's slight touch of gloved hand to Sephany's leg serves as warning — rather than shouting over the wind — of their impending transit into between. It's that empty cold, ever unchanging, that passes in a few heartbeats before the warm, tropical air of Monaco surrounds and welcomes them. Jizunoth is in no hurry, taking a long, leisurely circuit of the skies as they descend, allowing them a decent view of the Weyr proper.

Monaco Bay Weyr - Main Clearing
The main clearing of Monaco Bay Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.

Sephany may not be a dragonrider, but she knows her stuff when it comes to riding them. Or at least, being a passenger on them. A quick nod of her head, likely lost, answers his 'ready' before they launch upwards. The warning of *Between* is met with a brief tensing of muscles, anticipation for the leap into darkness that comes with dragon-travel, only to be released in a quick exhale when they appear over the tropical Weyr. She is confident enough in the straps that hold her, apparently fearless as she leans to get a better look of the Weyr displayed beneath them. There is certainly a comment to be made, on the beauty, or the perspective, or simply the joy of flight, though nothing passes her lips. It would be lost to the wind, anyways. And so Sephany is silent, though there's a friendly squeeze of his arm; a gesture of delight or satisfaction, or perhaps just appreciation for the safe trip.

The Weyr looks busy, below — plenty of people about their morning tasks. Even in flight, the heat's already pressing down, pressing away the cold of between like a distant memory. Maybe that's why Jizunoth's circling speeds into a tighter descent, though his landing is cautious enough to suggest it's unusual behavior, barely a dislodgement as he settles into the bowl. Z'ki's already pulling off helmet and goggles, tugging at his straps as he takes a deep breath. "A much wetter heat than Igen's summer. Oppressive, almost," he muses, as he half turns to assure himself Sephany can manage the straps. "Need a hand down, or are you good?" he asks, solicitously.

A little lean to the side, perhaps trusting those straps just a bit more than she ought too, allows Sephany to pat affectionately at Jizunoth's neck. An appreciation for his landing. "Much smoother than Aedeluth," she notes absently, once the wind does not threaten to steal her words away. "Though perhaps comparing them is unfair," considering the other dragon's deformity. Regardless, she is appreciative of the smooth descent and landing. A small "Mm," in agreement for the heat, a murmured, "That's humidity for you," offered in a resigned sort of way. As for the offer of a hand? A quick consideration has Sephany politely deciding, "I think I can manage," before cautiously swinging her leg over and working her way down. The climb to the ground is much slower, and much more tedious, than her climb up had been; each booted toe seeking out the next foothold cautiously before she continues, pausing now and again to make sure she's not tangling herself up in straps or skirt. But in good time she is on the ground and peeling herself out of that jacket, scarf and gloves, stuffing fabric into pockets as she is able. "It's… huge," she decides, looking toward the trees first before glancing around the clearing. "It feels a little weird, to not be surrounded by stone walls."

There's a rumble from the bronze by way of response — whether acknowledgement or coincidence isn't clear, and Z'ki, being taciturn at best, perhaps doesn't think to share, either. "Every dragon is different," is all the Igenite rider assures her. "I've been on greens that live to show off how fast they can land without unduly jostling their passengers. But," he leans in, whispering with a knowing grin, "He's normally not so concerned about landing with me on, so I'll credit you with his good behavior." As Sephany descends he keeps a close eye in case he needs to intervene, following swiftly on her heels and landing on the ground. Almost immediately, he's unzipping his flight jacket and shrugging it off. "Do you want to leave your things here?" he offers, reaching out a hand for them, before following her gaze around. "It's… different all right," he allows. "Definitely strange, not to be surrounded by stone."

"I certainly appreciate it," says Sephany, glancing between Z'ki and Jizunoth briefly. "So thank you, Jizunoth," she offers the dragon. "I have certainly been a passenger one a dragon or two that was not so courteous." The offer of leaving her things here is met with instant acceptance, a grateful nod of her head given as she hands over her jacket and accessories. "Yes, thank you. I'd rather not tote all of that around." The second that her hands are free, they work at taming her blond hair, pulling it back and twisting it into a knot that magically managers to stay put as she works it into a bun at the back of her neck. "Xanadu is like this as well," she notes, glancing around curiously. "Open, though they do have a cliff and I think… stone caverns. But the dragons do not sleep in weyrs." Book knowledge, recited helpfully. "I don't know if I could live so… open!" But she's certainly excited to explore. "Where should we go, first?"

"I'm not sure if it's courtesy, or…" or what isn't elucidated on, as, presumably, Z'ki is distracted by packing away her clothing, along with his jacket and helmet, into Jizunoth's saddle bags. Meanwhile the bronze is not looking at either of them, instead across the clearing, eyes whirling at speed, as Z'ki frowns momentarily, gaze distant. "Hm." But whatever's distracted him is set aside as he steps back to Sephany's side, smoothing down his shirt. "I think I'd find it very difficult to adjust to," he admits. "Well," he casts about, like he knows any better than Sephany where to go in a new place. "Maybe, that way?" he selects a random direction, with a decisive wave.

Sephany does not have the privilege of hearing dragons, or being bonded to one. But she did grow up in a Weyr, and seems to find nothing at all odd about Z'ki's interactions between himself and the bronze. Or the trailing off of sentences, or the distant gaze that comes with silent communication. All is taken in stride, with very little in the way of glance or commentary from the weaver. A quick "hm?" to answer his own, before she's ascertained that it was meant for the beast and not her. Grey eyes follow the departing bronze curiously before she's turned back to the task at hand… whatever that task may be. "Sure!" because 'that way' looks good enough to her. "I will let you lead, however," she decides with a grin. "It is beautiful, though," she remarks of the tropical location. "Similar and yet so distinct from Igen… certainly a different sort of lush than Fort." Rambling, somewhat, as she steps carefully through the clearing.

Monaco Bay Weyr - Watch Tower
Standing on this tower, you can see an unobstructed 360 view of Monaco Bay Weyr's territories. The dragons landing just below the enclosed peak. Inside the peak's tower. there are a number of bunks, a few lounge chairs and one or two stools nearest the windows. This area serves as the meeting/onduty area for the Weyr's police and patrol squads and for the fire safety. Beyond that common area far to the back lies the Armory and the Cell block for what few criminals this weyr collects.

R'az is sitting with Laria and he has his hands on her shoulders and is gently rubbing them as they are talking to Triven. There is a bronze dragon happily playing with the dolphins in the water below. "Do you have a firelizard to send to her Triven? I know bronzes and browns and golds are good at finding people to deliver messages. Blues and greens not so much."

A quick shake of head from Z'ki seems to dismiss the unvoiced thought he was in the middle of. Instead, Sephany's grin earns one in turn from the Igenite, adding: "If we get lost, Jizunoth can always swoop in from above and tell us how to get out. One advantage of this place being so open," he's saying, even as the bronze launches up and into the sky again, trailing a lazy path out over the river. Z'ki picks a path that leads them through a surprisingly brilliant garden — an oddity enough for an Igenite — and from there towards a tower. "I wonder if the view is as good as when we were up there," he's staying as they reach the top of the stairs, glancing back to make sure the pace isn't too fast for his companion, before his gaze shifts to regard the occupants, and then the view beyond, though it quickly strays back towards the occupants. Even a great view can't up-end turns of habit.

Triven nods and says "Well I should go ask a friend of mine about using his then… thanks for the idea R'az" He packs up his things and will give a smile to the pair of expecting parents saying "Congrats again, let me know if you need more of that balm as you expand" He turns and nods to the other bronze rider and woman he is accompanying before he heads back into the jungled area.

Laria leans back against R'az as she sits on the dragon ledge. There is a fresh hatched firelizard in her lap. So fresh there is even his egg shells still scattered in the corner of the ledge in an abandoned nest. "I am sure she will be fine Triv and I will." She offers to the man with a roll of her eyes at the last before he heads off. She looks back out over the water and dolphins and dragons playing below. A moment of quiet before she hears the voices of others. As they find their way up here Laria looks over to them and offers a wave of the hand to the unfamilar people. "Come for the view?" She asks of the rider.

"There is that," Sephany agrees, of getting lost, though she seems not at all concerned. At least outwardly. The garden was certainly cause for hesitation; grey eyes seeking out those large and tropical flowers as Sephany drinks in a sight that is rather unfamiliar; Fort and Igen certainly do not contain such things. Currently, she is dressed for Igen weather, though heavy boots have replaced sandals; but her fair complexion may speak to a different home altogether. Unfortunately, she has forgone identifying markers, so there is no knot to designate where she may call home. The ascent up the tower is taken in stride, booted feet making her steps heavier than typical, and her rather obvious pregnancy assuring that by the time she reaches the top, she is slightly out of breath. Never mind her, though. Like her companion, Sephany's eyes go straight for the trio already present, glancing over them with a curious rather than appraising gaze, tossing out a quick, "Good afternoon! Igen's greetings to you and your… bronze," for she certainly caught the knot on R'az's shoulder, however brief she looked. "I believe we did," is her polite answer to Laria, and soon enough she is turning her gaze toward the view in question. "Oh… dolphins!" which appears to be a rare enough sight to grab and maintain her attention.

R'az nods, "I'm sure she will too. Good luck Triven." He looks over to the new pair that come up and he gives a wave, "Hello there. Yes it's quite a view from up here. You made quite a climb, please come have a seat." He says as he goes to get up to get a chair for sephany, "What brings you to Monaco Bay? The weather and the view?"

"A happy accident," Z'ki admits, in response to Laria's question, though he gives a flickering smile all the same. "We're visiting from Igen, just wanted to look around. That's some view," he adds, admiringly — and his gaze does go to the view, though it doesn't stay long, shifting after the departing Triven with a furrow of brow like he's recognized him, before it shifts back to the other pair. "Igen's duties," he adds, with a salute. Unlike Sephany, he is wearing a knot — one bearing Igen's colors, and a streak of bronze for his dragon, looped simply in the knot of a weyrling. Sephany's distraction with the dolphin's earns another brief grin, as he introduces them: "Z'ki, bronze Jizunoth's of Igen. And Sephany, apprentice weaver, also of Igen." He doesn't seem to hesitate in giving Sephany her new home designation, at least.

At least for Laria there is no identifying marks on her as she is wearing a sleeveless crop top, shorts and sandles. Her curly hair is down around her shoulders. She twists to face the others as R'az gets up to get a chair for the pregnant woman. "Goodness, got the belly on ya. How far along?" She asks of the woman with a hand tapping lightly on her own flattish tattoed abdomen. The baby flitter in her lap tumbles out as she moves and Laria scoops the little blue up and deposits it to her shoulder, "You are alright Phin." She says as she rises to her feet. "Welcome to Monaco Bay. When you want the heat but also humidity…you have come to the right place." She says with a half smile.

"Oh…" for the offer of the chair, a curious little sound as Sephany seems to debate how best to interpret this gesture. And how best to respond. There's a small waffling, a little teetering back and forth as she shifts position from foot to foot, but eventually she gives in with a polite, "Thank you," and moves to accept the offered seat. She settles down as gracefully as possible, posture rather upright rather than slouched. It still affords her a view of the dolphins and dragon below, so that at least is not lost to her. Z'ki's introduction for the pair of them is met with a glance, a little turn of her head as she smiles briefly toward the weyrling, the corner of her mouth curled up into something playful for just a moment there. The attention for her condition brings another hesitation, a definite wobbling in that smile, though a moment later it's plastered back on (if a bit forced) and she offers a pleasant enough, "Six months," in reply. Discussion of the weather is much preferable, given the way her features smooth into something a lot more natural as she says, "Igen is hotter, though perhaps not at this time of the year. It is lovely, though," for Monaco. "If a bit… oppressive in humidity," she echoes back to Z'ki's previous statement. "And I do miss the coast. Something that Igen is unfortunately lacking."

R'az clears his throat, "Sorry where are my manners I am R'az and the bronze that is swimming out with the dolphins is my Dolth. We are sort of in between weyrs at the moment. Hoping to transfer here from Ierne Weyrhold. It's nice to meet you both." He says as he moves back over to sit with Laria, "Yes I've been to Igen a bunch of times. It was one of my regular stops when I was a transport rider. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Monaco Bay it's very lovely."

"It was dark and cool at Igen, so it's quite a change of pace," Z'ki confesses, of the heat and humidity. The way he studies the other occupants rather suggests a recent past as a guard — giving each of them a careful once-over of assessment before he allows his gaze to wander again. Once Sephany's settled in the chair he steps up beside her, content to stand and regard the view. "Igen has plenty to make up for it," he, perhaps obligated, counters Sephany's words on Igen, "You'll never see undulating dunes, or those brilliant desert flowers, or the brilliance of an oasis in the middle of nowhere anywhere else." He gives another nod towards R'az, though not a second salute, at least, "A pleasure, sir. Ierne's another one I've never been to," he says, with a querying glance at Sephany to see if she has, either. "Maybe we'll add it to the list." He catches sight of the tiny firelizard Laria scoops up to her shoulder, brows rising, though he doesn't say anything.

S'dny makes his way up the stairs toward the top of the watch tower. It isn't a spot that he often comes to visit since he has little real need to be there but the view is quite spectacular and after Kalen had showed it to him not all that long ago he thought it might be nice to show Lyzaen the view too if she hasn't seen it. He doesn't expect to find the crowd that seems to have gathered though. "Hello." he says as he gazes over the gathered group. All people he knows except for the Igenites.

Lyzaen follows the weyrleader up the stairs, for once asked if she'd visited it yet, she'd said no and gotten curious. Promised to be the best of views, the petite dolphineer is excited to see what can be seen from way up here. Like S'dny, she's surprised to find the group here, laughing softly, "Seems we're not the only ones here to look at the view.." The quiet words are given aside to S'dny, her expression amused. Dressed currently in a sundres and sandals, she's relaxed and happy.

"Laria, Dolphinhealer here." She finally gives as the introductions go around and extends a hand to each in turn. There is a faint appraisal in her gaze but not to the level that Z'ki offers. "There are a few lovely surprises about the place here. Such greenery can't be had anywhere else." As R'az settles back down, Laria settles back down to sit in front of him, leaning back against his chest as a backrest. As the Weyrleader joins them, Laria finger waves to the man, "Hey hottie, how you doing sir?" She asks with a wink for the man, enjoying the little teasing it seems. She finger waves to Lyzaen, "How are you going? Have you seen Atlas lately…" She says and motions down to the bay where the big dolphin is swimming with the pod around the Bronze Dolth.

R'az hmms, "That's right Igen is most active at night because it's so hot right. The first time I did a delivery there I thought I had gotten the time wrong or something. It was just amazing to see people all activate that late." He gives a salute to S'dny, "Good day Weyrleader." He nods to Lyzaen, "Good day to you too. It is a lovely view up here. He's doing great at least from what my uneducated eyes can see."

"Well met, R'az," offers Sephany, once a name has been given. A glance is spared the Ierne bronzerider, a flash of a smile that is polite without being overly friendly. Z'ki has already defended Igen quite wonderfully, and so the blond feels no need to add her two cents on the matter, though she does flash a grin and a quick, "I love Igen," to the weyrling, perhaps to remind him of her sentiments on the desert, and the Weyr in particular. "It is unique in all the world." And though her tone of voice is honest enough, she will leave it at that forgoing any more debate on the merits of Igen vs Monaco. A little shake of her head in answer to the silent question. No, she has never been to Ierne. "I hear that it is like Monaco and Xanadu, though. Open and… airy." Devoid of cliffs and caverns, perhaps. "I suppose it is a southern thing," to mean the southern Continent, "to avoid the traditional Weyr environment?" But once more, distraction arrives, this time in the form of an emerging Weyrleader with companion. Duty dictates that she rise, and so she does as gracefully as possible to offer a pleasant and earnest, "Igen's duties to you and your bronze, Weyrleader." But only a moment is spent standing on ceremony before she sinks back down into the chair provided for her, finding the rest welcome after the trek up the stairs. "Dolphinhealer?" repeats Sephany, grey eyes seeking Laria with curiosity. "How interesting! Do they appreciate such things? Or, is it a struggle to make them mind as you try to tend to them?" Dolphins. She knows nothing about them.

"A pleasure to meet you, Laria. A dolphinhealer?" Z'ki sounds intrigued, brows going upward as he glances towards the creatures in question. "I've never seen them up close," he admits. Probably not a surprise, given Igen is landlocked. "There's something to be said for a siesta in the middle of the day. It really is very refreshing," he says, in response to R'az's words. Sephany's assertion about Igen, nonethless, earns her a genuine, hearty smile from the weyrling. Half turning even before the new arrivals come into view, Z'ki is watching as the pair appear, gaze flickering over them in much the same way as the others. It's no surprise then, that he takes note of the knot of the man, throwing out a salute that's habit at this point of his training. "Igen's duties to Monaco Bay, sir. Z'ki, Jizunoth's of Igen." A nod, too, is given Lyzaen, though not a salute.

"It would seem not." Syd says just as quietly to Lyzaen. No matter though. He offers a smile to the present gathering. There is Laria of course who is being as inappropriate as ever though her closeness to R'az doesn't fly beneath his notice, "I'm fine. Thanks for asking." he says. Though he offers a glance back toward Lyzaen who may or may not have something to say to Laria. Though he doesn't let his attention linger long on Laria before giving a nod of greeting to R'az, "Hello." The young lady from Igen gets a smile before he says, "Welcome to Monaco." This is directed first at Sephany but could just as easily be meant for Z'ki as well whose salute he returns, "Ahh yes. I was made aware that you were here. I'm S'dny. It's good to meet you both."

Stepping off the stairs, Lyzaen keeps close to S'dny, if only because the slowly dwindling room up here. As introductions are given, she pipes up, "Lyzaen, dolphineer, partnered with Dori." No dragon for her, but a dolphin is just as good, if you were to ask her! Nods are given to all the visiting people before she offers a smile, "Hope you enjoy your visit while here." As for mention of Igen, she shakes her head, "I haven't been there, but then… kinda hard since there's no coast or anything.." Dolphineer with a dolphin, needs the water! As for Laria, she but gives the other dolphineer a look, some amusement to pass between them.

"It is one of our specialities." Laria responds to Sephany with a grin,, "Well I suppose they are as bad as human patients some times with their fidgeting, but they are inteligent creatures and mostly can be reasoned with. You should come down to the beach later, the pod loves meeting new people." She can't help but laugh at S'dny's comment to Z'ki, "I imagine your bronze is down there getting the third degree from his. He takes his duties seriously." She says with a nod to the man before catching the look from Lyzaen and she smiles with a little shrug. Fingers resting on her tattood belly button and giving it a little tap. Phin moves along Laria's shoulders and peeks through the hair at R'az and gives a little squeek before moving back to her shoulder and looking curiously at the people in his view, curling up against Laria's neck.

"Nice to meet you," to Lyzaen for the greeting. "Sephany, of… Igen Weyr," she continues, with only a bit of a hesitation before naming her place of residence. Z'ki may be watching the group, but Sephany is stealing peeks toward the dolphins below, caught up in this interesting creature that she does not get to interact with much, though she does spare an amused glance for Z'ki. "That would be nice," to Laria's offer of visiting the beach. "I haven't been near dolphins. My brother's best friend is a dolphineer, but I haven't gotten much chance to… visit lately." She is happy enough to settle into the view and allow the conversation to unfold around her, though there's a curious glance between the pair of dolphineers, though no commentary to be had.

There's a slight twitch of lips from Z'ki — just as likely the beginnings of a smile as a grimace — when S'dny indicates he was aware of the bronze weyrling's presence. "Jizunoth is inquisitive. He's the reason we're here — he was quite fascinated when we did the visualizations and visited here during between training. I hope he didn't disturb your bronze too much, sir." To Lyzaen, with a flickered smile that is nonetheless genuine, "It's worth a visit, if nothing else. Everyone has a vision of what a desert is like — but there's beauty in it, too." While his weight shifts, he nods his head in agreement to Laria's suggestion they visit the beach. "We'll make sure to do so before we go," he assures her, as much as Sephany.

At least Lyz looks more amused than angry to Syd. "There could be sand dolphins though." Syd says to Lyzaen. Of course he's only kidding there is no such thing but a person can tease a little bit. "I'm sure that you've seen them Laria." he adds since there are two dolphineers here. "Not at the moment." Syd says with a shake of his head toward Laria. Marzoth is in fact in his shelter doing a whole lot of nothing at present. The pair from Igen are once more given his attention, "No he didn't." Not by Marzoth standards anyway, "As long as he keeps his nose clean he'll be fine." Ahh the beach it is a great place, "You can't visit Monaco and not visit the beach."

Lyzaen is amused, yep. Not angry. Lucky Syd. Slipping her arm through his, she ohs softly, nodding as mention of visiting the beach is made to the visitors. "You'll love the beach. The lagoon is quite lovely. And yes, meeting the pod could be arranged, if you wish to see one of them up close. They love it, especially when it means they might get extra petting." Listening as the two bronzeriders discuss dragon conversation, she chuckle softly at Syd's comment to that.

R'az chuckles a bit at Phin as he gets squeaked at, "No need to worry there little one." He says to Phin as he listens to the others and he snickers, "Sand Dolphins that would be amusing to see. Dolphins that could glide through the dunes." R'az smiles, "Nothing wrong with being inquisitive and enjoying seeing new places it's one of the reasons I was a transport rider. I loved getting to see new places every day, even if it's only for a little bit while doing deliveries. You really get to see a lot of Pern."

"Maybe I will try to visit when I can." Laria says as she reaches up to tickle the blue curled up against her neck. "I have only ever lived on the water and in the south. I have not had much chance to go north…but to see the infamous sand dolphins of the great desert…surely it will be worth a visit." She says with a bemused look at S'dny. She leans her head back on R'az's shoulder resting against him. She looks back up to the Igenites, "Well they love meeting new people, especially if they got babies on board. If you want a proper exam there are a couple that are quite adept at it."

Sephany yawns softly, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth to stifle it, and doing her best not to draw attention. It is certainly not meant as an insult to anyone present, but perhaps is simply a reflection of the time change. Or perhaps it has more to do with the changes of her body and that obvious baby growing in there. Darn energy-sapping children. The exchange between Z'ki and S'dny is interesting enough to have her glancing between them, curiously following the conversation in a distant, non-dragonrider sort of way. But her words are for Lyzaen, a quick and cheerful, "I would be more than happy to doll out pets and compliments. I've always wanted to touch one," confessed only a little wistfully. "You should," is encouragement to both dolphineers, despite the distinct lack of dolphins that the desert may provide. "Surely you can leave the dolphin for a day, to get a good tour in. And now is the time to visit; when the temperature is a bit cooler and the dust storms have died down."

"I'll take that as a lesson then, sir, from both you and your dragon to follow orders," Z'ki seems genuine enough in the words — as a former guard he's used to them, after all — stretching out a hand in offer to Sephany shortly after that yawn, "Shall we take a turn around the beach, Seph?" he inquires. Then, to the others: "It was a pleasure meeting you all. Please excuse us?"

A nod of her head accompanies the placement of Sephany's hand in Z'ki's offered one, allowing the assistance from the chair if just this once. "It was a pleasure to meet you all," she offers, sparing a glance and a polite smile for each in turn. And then away, to the beach, if just to wiggle toes in foreign sand before heading back to copious amounts of familiar sand in the desert.

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